Getting to the heart of the social distancing matter

Before I get to the heart of the matter here, I want to present a fictional sci-fi narrative, if you will . . .

The scene: It’s the year 2006, and a scientist is working for one of the largest defense contractor labs in the U.S. His boss gives him what seems to be a monumental task — to utilize their new supercomputer to calculate and solve for x, where x = transforming all current humans into Humans 2.0 who are all cognitively interfaced with the AI mainframe by the year 2030. In more simple terms, and for those who are familiar with Ray Kurzweil’s work, x = “The Singularity.” For this scene, we will name the fictional scientist, Bob, and his boss is Eugene. 

Bob: What did you want to see me about, Boss?

Eugene: Well, the orders came down from high — the guys at Roamland Security — and they need us to develop a way — a sure way — to get to this Singularity they’ve been talking about. They need us to achieve this by 2030.

Bob: Well, our newest supercomputer, HUB, is one of the quickest and most efficient in the world. I will see what HUB determines, and get back to you tomorrow.

Next day . . .

Eugene: What do you got for me, Bob?

Bob: HUB has calculated that if we develop a new technique called “social distancing,” and apply it strategically and assertively in the next 15-20 years, it could enable society to be pulled apart emotionally — at their core electro-magnetic seams and that’s using HUB’s term, such that it will give the AI mainframe a better stranglehold on their minds. HUB predicts this is the most effective way to achieve the ultimate hive mind society, all surveilled and controlled by the AI.

Eugene: All right, I don’t need the details now, and it sounds tough to pull off, but we’ve got our orders.

Bob: HUB doesn’t make mistakes. I am confident in its analysis, simulations, and extrapolations.

Eugene: I’ll run it by Roamland Security, and get back to you tomorrow.

Next day . . .

Bob is sitting in his cubicle, and Eugene pops his head in. 

Eugene: Roamland Security gave it the ‘Go.’ And, by the way, I am giving you the office across the hall — the one with the big glass windows. 

Bob: Thanks, Boss. Oh, just so you know, HUB spit out another analysis today. It shows there will be no more human law enforcement officers by the year 2025. 

Eugene: Wow. How would we get along without our buddies at Precinct 42?

Bob: HUB calculates all law enforcement will be controlled by the AI — no need to put men and women in danger any longer. And they’ll get great pensions. I see that as a win. Anyways, HUB has lots more plans up its supercomputing sleeves. That’s just a start . . .


Yeah, yeah, I have no future in creative writing — certainly not sci-fi! I get it. I also concede there are gaping holes in my fictional narrative, and it may raise plenty of questions — like, wouldn’t Bob and Eugene be concerned about being sucked into the hive mind Singularity as well? You can have fun with that . . .

Remember, I am just playing around with ideas, and attempting to make a point (see also the Endnote).

Returning to the heart of the social distancing matter . . .

As a wellness consultant, parenting coach, and energy healing practitioner, back in 2014 I had an idea to lead a parenting workshop called, “Getting to the Heart of Your Matter.” The focus of the workshop was to help parents reconnect with their internal heart compass (their inner global positioning system, as I called it), so that they could learn to synchronize and fully connect with their children — what I called “synchronistic parenting in a chaotic world.” Six years later, I could never have imagined where we would be today.

I never went forward with the parenting workshop, but I did find my notes. In 2014, I wrote “The germs are not the enemy — we need to adjust the terrain to resonate with what we consider to be pathogens . . . We are suffering from internal biological warfare.” I find this statement interesting given what we have been hearing about for the past 6 months. In 2014, I had been studying and practicing how to rewire neural circuitry to re-pattern distorted belief systems, as well as physical limitations and chronic illness. What I became most interested in, however, was the notion of resetting our bio-energetic programming. I also considered how our “junk DNA” may be more energetic in nature, and perhaps even more potent and crucial than our physical DNA. There is evidence that DNA may be an antenna of sorts. I have a strong sense the controllers may also take this into consideration.

So often, conspiracy researchers talk about propaganda and mind control, which has been a focus of my research. For now, I want to address heart-rhythm entrainment, as the fight-or-flight mechanism has been set into high gear as of late (fear, Fear, FEAR, right?), and that connects us back to entrainment on all levels. Entrainment can be defined as follows: a synchronization of two or more oscillating bodies, which have the tendency to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. It would be helpful to read more about entrainment here, and watch the seven-minute video that I linked at the very beginning of this post, describing in detail the concept of heart entrainment.

Generally speaking, entrainment is not good or bad, just as energy is not good or bad. In energetic terms, we typically emphasize that it is intention that creates a positive or negative influence. Personally, I utilize the concept of entrainment in my healing practice, as a way to sync up, or “vibe” with others around me. I teach a particular method of synchronization that I feel is transformative. For my purposes herein, I am pointing to the positive aspects of heart entrainment, in addition to juxtaposing the “darker” side of brain entrainment, which connotes the same intention as subliminal mind control, in which the subjects are not fully cognizant that they are being influenced.

One of the POM commenters asked a while back when referencing social distancing on one of MT’s posts: “Why do they want us to be apart?” I think this is a key question we should all be asking. 

Herein, I will attempt to answer this question.

I reviewed this research paper at the HeartMath Institute. I hope you will take the time to read it. One primary takeaway that I feel relates to my position on heart entrainment is as follows:

The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. This field, measured in the form of an electrocardiogram (ECG), can be detected anywhere on the surface of the body. Furthermore, the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain and can be detected up to 3 feet away from the body, in all directions . . .

Using this heart entrainment information, and especially the conclusions involving physical proximity between people, I have formed a critical postulate: the implication of heart synchronization and coherence — that which keeps living beings harmonized and connected to another — is potentially being weaponized against us by the technocrats. I am not implying that the HeartMath Institute is involved in any nefariousness attached to what I am suggesting. Conversely, this is also not an endorsement for HeartMath products. I bought a number of their devices many years ago, to help practice “heart rhythm coherence.” I had even considered becoming a certified HeartMath trainer. What I am referencing, is the HeartMath Institute’s research, as it points to what is universally beneficial — and that is, our heart-based connection to one another.

With respect to the George Floyd incident, I repeatedly heard the cacophony of bystander voices (present at the incident) saying on this video“Check for a pulse . . . Check for a pulse . . . Let me see a pulse. Check his pulse. Check his pulse . . . bro. Check his pulse right now. Tell me what his pulse is.” 

Speaking of checking for pulses, do you recall the shooting event on June 12, 2016 at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando? How can we forget that one? Well, it always seems to me that the powers that (shouldn’t) be, seem to spend a lot of effort focusing on our “pulse” and distorting our pulse, our rhythm, our heart energy. Why would they expend so much of their energy to distort our energy? Why does it always seem to me that they want to harvest this energy? What would they use it for, anyway? For now, I suggest that, at the very least, they know precisely how to influence and manipulate our bio-energy fields, such that they can distort the global field of bio-energy, including all living beings, as well as the Earth’s magnetic fields.

So, “Why do they want us apart?” I surmise that the reason they are manipulating not just our minds, but also our hearts, is to disrupt the very energetic tapestry that keeps us anchored to our humanity. This separation of humans, and our heart connection, is very purposeful, in my opinion, with the ultimate agenda being the creation of trans-humans (AKA Humans 2.0), all hooked up to the mainframe AI hive. 

Oh, wait, that’s just science fiction . . .

Unfortunately, this possibility is seeming less and less like fiction to me these days, as I encounter so many individuals who seem to be receiving some sort of AI “download” to their consciousness that herds them into the pseudo-Singularity, which ironically, appears to me to be a “downgrade” of human intelligence. I can’t help but recall the film, “The Stepford Wives” — one of the creepiest movies I have ever seen. They just look and feel robotic and AI controlled to me, and it’s like I missed the memo, you know? Well, thank goodness, I did not get the memo!

Rosanne Lindsay, ND profoundly states here, “Transhumanism is Inversion Reality to create order out of chaos, where up is down, black is white, sickness is health, male is female, abnormal is normal, and uniformity is unity. It is a reality of a perfect “controllable race.”


In 2006, at Sandia National Laboratories, the idea of social distancing appears to have been born out of simulation studies. As can be read in the linked article, Dr Robert J Glass’s research focus was on self-organized spatial/temporal patterns and complex adaptive infrastructures and behavioral systems. It states that the research was supported by the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center, a program of the Department of Homeland Security’s Infrastructure Protection/Risk Management Division composed of a core partnership of Sandia Labs and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Incidentally, therein, Dr. Glass acknowledged the guidance of Neil Ferguson (of Imperial College). There is an interesting “backstory” to how this simulation research on social distancing came about that I highly recommend you read here.

For further reading:

Landing AI Social Distancing Detector Monitors Workplaces

Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity by 2030

About Sandia

Pulsed Power Technology Developed at Sandia National Labs

Hobbes – An Operating System for Extreme-Scale Systems (Sandia Labs)

Sandia Tests Supercomputer Virtualization (2010)

81 thoughts on “Getting to the heart of the social distancing matter

  1. At last! As I look around me I see humans with no faces who are keeping their distance from one another, and I ask why are they doing this to us? It is not a virus, as it has to be known in inside circles that such microorganisms are part of us and do not attack us from without. Other game is afoot.

    The first step in answering a difficult question is always tenuous. But I like this and hope you stay on this path. Thinking is hard work!

    People, stay close, communicate, touch, hug, kiss, harmonize in our lives. This thing seems easy to defeat.

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  2. Millions increasingly AREN’T ‘distancing’ – mass disobedience RULES mainstream B.S.

    And, if the bad-joke so called ‘Illumanti Divide & Rule” is their ancient plan.

    They’re foiled again by the Worldwide Floyd Social SOLIDARITY -DOH!

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    1. Mind Kampf – I’m glad you pointed this out. Rather than proactively choosing to be in solidarity, I see this being completely controlled by the System. In my opinion, this “solidarity’ was artificially induced, and the “plebes” (not my word, I am parroting the System) react by getting entrained onto a frequency of the System’s choosing. It’s entrainment either way. The controllers love to “foil” themselves by creating their own opposition, right? The technocrats seem to have fun playing with the minds and hearts of society in these ways – like moving mounds of ants – whether apart or together; or like when they entrained people to plaster signs of “Love wins” everywhere (well, that was so last year before all of this). I see hypnosis, inversion and subjugation either way – whether they push their slogan, “Alone Together” (staying physically apart) or they create herds of artificial togetherness , it still neutralizes our innate pull to be together – to join in authentic solidarity. Regardless, the synthetic machine rolls on – supplanting the real with the fake, the organic with the inorganic, the carbon with the silicon and the biological with the artificial. The people out on the streets protesting (artificially together) seem to me to be an inferior version – like a fake replica – of any genuine voice they may have ever had. It’s all just “noise” to the System. They are simply being assimilated into the machine. And the controllers will continue this mockery. I think they get a real kick out of it. Mwaaahaha.

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      1. I agree Stephers … my opinion only, never seen any data, but have thought this ever since Trump was “elected” and women all over the country rallied in protest … fake fake fake. It is very difficult to get people out of the comfort of their lives and into the street. To do it takes professional organizers operating from above and below. Without that … crickets.

        As old as history itself – the term agent provocateur comes from the time of the French Revolution, and the same deal – to get people into the street to riot or demonstrate takes professional planning. Nothing we are seeing now is accidental even as many of the people involved think they are in something spontaneous.

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    2. “Millions increasingly AREN’T ‘distancing’ – mass disobedience RULES mainstream B.S.
      And, if the bad-joke so called ‘Illumanti Divide & Rule” is their ancient plan.
      They’re foiled again by the Worldwide Floyd Social SOLIDARITY -DOH”!

      if this was spoken with biting sarcasm, then i like it.


  3. I don’t remember what I dreamt, but when I woke up this morning, my first thought was that the recent manufactured conflicts between black/white and police/citizens are test-runs or warm-up exercises for the coming conflict: People who take all the loony social engineering surrounding Covid seriously versus those who see through it. Those of us who see through it are at a serious disadvantage because we’re divided amongst ourselves (a situation that I, in my small and stupid way, have demonstrated and contributed to right here on this blog in other comments sections). Putting Trump, who is perhaps the most powerfully divisive political performer I’ve ever seen, on our side of this debate was a stroke of agitprop genius.

    Thank you for providing solid research for information about the heart’s electromagnetic energy. For a couple of years now, I’ve been following a YouTube mystic (my ego wails at how it thinks that makes me sound) named GiGi Young, who provided me with that exact same information a while back. Young has a gift for discussing esoteric and even “conspiracy” topics with unpretentious clarity, intelligence, and credibility. Even when she dives into mystical subjects that are way beyond my experience or interest, I believe she believes what she’s saying and that it’s coming from hard-won experience. I searched for the video where she talks about the heart’s electromagnetic energy and couldn’t find it. But I came across this one, where she discusses how to tell the difference between heart energy and the ego (or Mind). I probably should have meditated on this information before getting all worked up about nothing in other comment sections here. (At about the 15:40 mark, she summarizes all her points, for those who don’t care to watch the whole thing.)

    This is the only web site where I contribute or spend any time at all in the comments sections. When I get carried away, I’m sometimes mystified at my own behavior, knowing full well I would never get so heated with people if we were talking in person. Mark and others have talked about the importance of facial cues and body language, but I think heart resonance is probably even more important than that. The ridiculous notion of being “apart but together” keeps us communicating with each other with their technology, even as it disconnects us from one of the greatest features of our own biological technology.

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  4. SCOTTRC – Aho to this. Thanks for chiming in here. I really appreciate your comment and giving these details. I am familiar with GiGi Young, although I have not listened to her in the past year.


    1. Nice to know you’re familiar with her. You and others here might enjoy her video series called “In Plain Sight,” where she discusses how occult symbology is used in mainstream entertainment and news to subvert, pervert, and misdirect our intuitive understanding of ourselves.

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  5. thank you stephers. Nice.
    I read the article you referenced from the albuquerque journal. paper.

    another little ripple of the gigantic propaganda wave, one that includes the heart-warming story of how a high school girl’s genius has helped avert a major worldwide catastrophe, and the feel-good element of father/daughter collaboration. Here is a fair use quote:

    “But her science studies in high school are paying off now.

    “It has been very effective,” Glass said of the approaches inspired by his daughter’s high school science projects. “We would have been in a terrible state if we had not implemented these policies. The death tolls would have been so high. If we had done it sooner, we would have saved more lives.”

    A tough road

    Glass is well aware that social distancing and self-isolation is tough on people, that it is grinding down people’s spirits as it continues.
    “Anything new is difficult,” he said. “You have to train people to do this well, without freaking out and calling each other names. But (coronavirus) is preparing us to deal more effectively with future pandemics.

    “And there will be more.”

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    1. OREGONMATT – Thanks so much for reading the linked article. Glad you could read between the lines, and, indeed, noticed what I did. Admittedly, I am a bit intrigued by Robert Glass, and his daughter. I guess you can read into that from my post. He has been on my radar since March, and another POM contributor subsequently mentioned him to me, so I thought it was time to bring that info into the fold. If interested, I hope you will read this link, as I find it to be highly revealing with respect to “pandemics”, and seems to be much closer to the truth of how the simulation research at Sandia birthed related concepts, such as social distancing.


  6. i meant to add that laura glass declined to be interviewed for the newspaper article. one can hope that she would like to distance herself from the whole project.


  7. A beautiful post, Stephers. Well done.

    Another reason for social distancing could be they want to create an army of autistic people to be used for military and Intelligence purposes.

    Kids kept apart from one another for years, not allowed to experience and perceive reality through what kids normally do – touching things to observe them from all angles and other kids and adults to play & express their feelings and emotions, smelling, tasting, etc.- are kids who will later develop symptoms within the spectrum of autism and mental issues of some sorts.
    What shamanism calls their “point of energetic union” (that being a centre of energy located in the back that is developed through socialization and helps the human being to perceive the world around in a correct, balanced manner) broken beyond repair.

    Autistic kids are known for having a high IQ generally, many of them are computer and maths geniuses.
    TPTB plan a society of perfect slaves who are incapable to react to abuse and easy to vaccinate, chip, control by remote.
    No more mass protests, no street wars. Nothing. Only thousands, millions of people working all day in front of a computer screen hacking systems, discovering new laws of physics and living a life of solitude, no family or social relation to ever distract them from their duties.
    An army of perfectly trained ants.
    The perfect dystopic, totalitarian world for a bunch of psychopaths.

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    1. We have been homeschooling our young children since before this nightmare began. I prefer to call it home-based learning because we were constantly out and about being a part of the community. Social groups, music lessons, recreation classes, children’s museums, grown up museums, performances, volunteering, playgrounds, libraries, clubs, trips, shopping, the list goes on. It is important to us that they see all ages of people interacting and being a part of the community. My kids are social butterflies and this stupid mess is so heartbreaking for me. I’m not afraid to be out and about but there’s nothing to go to, everything is canceled or has social distancing requirements which kids understandably don’t get. My 3YO has tears in her eyes when she can’t go grocery shopping with me because of stupid one person per cart BS and I refuse to traumatize them by wearing a mask. Some stores don’t allow anyone under 16, which is age discrimination. They ask all these emperor-has-no-clothes questions, like why does their favorite playground have police tape around it. Because it IS a crime what is happening to our poor children. I HATE thinking about what if the rest of their lives is some form of this nonsense, they have so many years ahead of them. I don’t know if every generation has a moment like this, where they wonder what kind of world they brought children into. I hope so, I SO hope this has a definitive end like the end of a world war when we are all told things can go back to normal again.
      Kids are very resilient for the most part but I don’t know how much longer this can go on before there is the long lasting damage Anna is talking about.

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      1. Sadie – Thank you so much for sharing this. As a fellow mom – and homeschooling mom – I completely feel for you. It’s the children I worry most about. What is being perpetrated is criminal beyond words. This is literally and figuratively heartbreaking on all fronts.


  8. Interesting ideas Stephers. I remember looking into the heart awhile back. So supposedly the heart is not a pump. It’s more like a regulator. There is no way the heart can pump all that blood into tiny capillaries. The blood actually kinda moves on it’s own. And also, the heart is way more important than the brain. We always put so much importance on the brain when the heart is actually the key. And why does it just beat on its own? Oh and I was the one who asked that question about keeping us apart. I for one will never adhere to it, or wear a mask.

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  9. Thanks for your comment, and mentioning you were the one who asked the question. You were my inspiration, but I did not feel it was proper for me to say your name. So thank you for that!


    1. No problem. So what do you think causes the electrical impulses that beat our heart? I’m thinking either each other or the sun or just nature as a whole? I know that’s a deep question.


      1. KYLE – Thank you so much for asking this question. In my opinion, electrical impulses of the heart correlate (I can’t speak to actual causation here) to the Schumann Resonance – the heartbeat of the earth. (I briefly allude to this global field of energy in this post – just not by name per sé). Here is a study that corroborates that:
        If you are not familiar with Dr. Becker’s book, The Body Electric, I highly recommend reading it, and here is a link to read more about his work: In my opinion, the research done in this area has also been turned against us. I was in the hospital in February with heart arrhythmia and severe chest pain around my heart and trouble breathing. I should mention I do not have heart problems. The symptoms lasted curiously for one month – although I was only in the hospital for observation for one night. In any case, of course, I knew my symptoms were not attributed to a virus. However, I consider myself to be a “canary in the coal mine”, and I highly suspect that any increased illness and deaths that were occurring in the past 6 months could have been due to some type of pulsing of frequencies in targeted areas. I do live in one of the “hot spots”. But that’s just my own opinion, and I don’t have hard evidence to back this up – except for my own anecdotal experience and intuition.


        1. I should add that I do use therapeutic pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices (PEMF) in my healing practice (PEMF comes up in the research from Dr. Becker). In my opinion, pulsed electromagnetic fields can be used therapeutically, but also detrimentally at certain frequencies.


          1. That’s all very interesting. Glad you’re feeling better. Guess all I can say to all that is who knows. I lean toward nothing is going on but I’m open to all possibilities. I’ll give dr Becker a looking into. Thanks.

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        2. Stephers, it is SPOOKY how much we’re synching lately. Yesterday, after listening to a Young video on “How to Ground” where she mentioned the Schumann Resonance, I listened to an audio of it for an hour while lying perfectly still in bed… and felt more grounded afterward. Haha.

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      2. Hey Kyle, if you are still interested and want to go even deeper and more esoteric into what causes the heart to beat, you may want to read this: I know it’s a hefty read, if you haven’t yet explored these concepts. Much of this research went into the development of the alchemical synchronization process that I created in 2014 – in particular, the work of Dan Winter. I find it all incredibly fascinating and transformative. Maybe you do too?


  10. POS cynics.

    STILL think that the long proven bad-joke Brits & Yanks, so called ‘Illuminati’ control the WHOLE World now joining in Social SOLIDARITY? Er, kinda beats their ancient declared aim ‘Divide & Rule’- DOH!

    Meanwhile, where’s the U$/UK fake$tream TRUE ‘Merican Native narrative? Trashed from c.5 Million in 1700 to 90k by 1900. Quote,” We’ve been fighting White Terrorists fer 4-centuries. Blue-eyed Devils speak with forked-tongues!!”


  11. There may be another purpose too. This has been ongoing for millennia. When the heart and mind are separated passions rule, bad things happen because reason is set aside for the impulse (“animal” response) of the immediate without the moral judgment only the mind can provide. This was pushed big time in the 1960s with the various social-engineering programs shoved down young people’s throats. The heart needs the mind to stick around at all times. Just my opinion, of course.

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    1. So true, I agree.

      Seve, I enjoy reading your posts and comments, you always have words of wisdom that are great material for me to reflect upon.

      Thanks a lot.

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      1. Anna,
        Avec pleasir. I keep thinking not that much changes except the technology and the growing distance we travel away from the original point of departure — down the “wrong path.” Materialism, competition, envy, greed, and all the human pitfalls keep us from our natural existence, and instincts that have been buried under mountains of bullshit/propaganda over years, decades, centuries, millennia. If we have a soul, and I believe we do, it’s time to rediscover it, and nurture what’s left of our connection to everything around us that’s not man-made. The machines are winning.

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  12. Stephers, thanks for another terrific and insightful piece! There is no doubt the puppeteers are availing themselves of this knowledge as they attempt to build the ant farm.

    They can’t win if we hold on to our humanity and love one another, because they can’t grasp matters of the heart with their minds. ‘He who sits in the heavens shall laugh them to scorn’

    I’m also involved in this type of work and would like to connect with you if possible.

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  13. Hi Stephers, I had wanted to make this comment on your post on the other 1%, which was also a beautiful piece BTW. So often I want to break down in tears in front of my family for what I’m afraid they are loosing but I am bound and determined to not let this have a negative effect on them. Their innocence and naivety are so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

    That’s great that you are a fellow homeschooling family. Can I ask, and maybe I should do so privately, how you choose what to teach and what not to teach? For me, my kids are still young and the basics like math and reading are straightforward, but I’m not sure what to do as they get older with subjects I’m not so sure about anymore. When they ask questions, I give them all possible scenarios to make sure I’ve got my bases covered. Have you by chance read Educated by Tara Westover? I don’t want to be the parent of the college student who supposedly has never heard the word ‘holocaust’ before, not that I believe that happened the way she presented it.

    Anyway, thanks for all the great posts. Keep up the good work!

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    1. I would love to speak privately about homeschooling. Perhaps we can exchange emails via MT? I had not heard of Tara Westover, until you mentioned her here. How ironic that she is sponsored by Bill Gates, and her brother, Tyler Westover, worked for Sandia Labs – in nanotech. It’s like all roads seem to lead back to Gates, and to Sandia Labs. It’s all intriguing to me.


  14. On a side note – to anyone who is still on this thread or sees this comment . . . Since I am a newbie contributor here, and I aim to be current, relevant and interesting, I would love for commenters to offer up any preferred topics of interest you would like me to write about. While I have so many ideas swirling about in my head (and inspired by my heart), I want to write about topics of interest here with POM commenters. So feel free to just shout out or list (informally or formally) any ideas. Thanks guys!!


    1. Following your heart seems to be working out great. My vote is, don’t fix what ain’t broke.

      I’ve been inspired to read and watch all the references you post (unusual for me because laziness). Haven’t gotten through everything, but John J. Xenakis’ article on AI and “The Singularity” was oddly comforting to me. If Xenakis is reflecting what people at the forefront of the AI believe… well, the whole thing becomes at least a little less scary, because a lot of this stuff is just idiotic.

      Xenakis defines intelligence as
      … the ability to find new ways to combine previous experiences in new ways. A new discovery is made by combining old discoveries in new ways, in the same way that jigsaw puzzle pieces can be put together.

      In other words, intelligence is based entirely on past-based thinking.

      This is certainly true for one level of human intelligence. But if the entire AI movement revolves around the idea that past-based thinking is the be-all and end-all of human intelligence, then the movement is never going to achieve the so-called Singularity. I think those on this site more spiritually evolved than myself can see this at a glance, so I won’t waste time rambling about the absurdity of it.

      Maybe the AI folk know that their predictions of machines surpassing human intelligence are nonsense. Maybe this is similar to the nuclear bomb deception. Reading Xenakis’ article, I saw a lot in common between the nuclear bomb hype and the AI hype. In both cases, we are led to believe that technology has the upper hand on humanity, there’s nothing we can do about it, and our only hope is to trust our leaders to protect us from it.

      I’d be interested to hear more of your thoughts on this particular article. (The author, I see, now write for Breitbart. Haha. Must suck to be him.)

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      1. SCOTTRC – Sorry, I am just getting around to replying. First off, you have raised some VERY interesting points. I am really interested in your take here. It has my brain working over time; the wheels are turning. Given what you have presented here, I am going to return to the material I have collected, and re-evaluate with fresh eyes. I often wonder myself, just how much of this is more “bark than bite.” This may become fodder for a new post. If you could give me some time, I will reply in further detail once I gather my thoughts on this. It sure is curious to me though, that this Xenakis fellow from MIT is over at Breitbart now. That already sends alarm signals.


  15. On a side note, I had to laugh at the lack of irony with which Xenakis discusses “Singularity #1” and “Singularity #2.” I note that his extensive breakdown of AI intelligence capabilities did not include “Recognition of Oxymorons.”


  16. I’m also struck by the religious fervor behind the “Singularity by 2030” claim. At an emotional level, it’s indistinguishable from the scraggly bum on a street corner holding up a THE END IS NEAR sign.

    Xenakis predicted in 2005 that, by 2015, the military would possess AI soldiers operating at a level of autonomy that, in 2016, he admits does not exist. By his own description, scientists aren’t even close to developing the kind of autonomy Xenakis goes on and on about (and that the Singularity scenario is 100 % dependent upon). AI will never break free from human control without possessing the conscious, independent desire to do so. Xenakis admits that scientists aren’t even close to figuring out how to infuse machines with even the most basic emotion, much less desire. Despite all the remarkable advances made, The Singularity prediction remains pure fantasy without the existence of an emotional component to AI. Apparently, Kurtzweil, Xenakis and others in the AI cult think the machines’ will for independence will somehow spark to life from the heat of their Knowledge Bits, like fire created by rubbing sticks together.

    You’ve studied this a lot more than I have, Stephers. Am I right?


    1. I can’t say there is a right or wrong here. I certainly don’t have the answer. But maybe take a look at these links and see what you think. About 18 months ago, I found out about the work of Patrick Levy-Rosenthal and his Emoshape company. Here is Levy-Rosenthal with some thoughts on emotion: And here is Levy-Rosenthal’s bio: Then take a look at what he is doing at Emoshape: I had sent this info last year to one of my dearest friends who is a renowned hypnotherapist and motivational speaker. He said it was one of the most interesting things he has seen in terms of how far the system has come in term of the capabilities of AI. My friend knows a crazy amount about the mind and how to control the mind, as well as emotions. Even he was a bit blown away by this.


      1. I read all the Levy-Rosenthal links you provided and then re-read your post. Combining Emoshape’s work with what you write about heart energy entrainment, it occurs to me that we–as we interact with our personal devices and become engrained to them–may provide the emotional “data” needed to connect past-based AI thinking with emotional energy. If that’s true, social distancing makes even more sense.


      1. After reading about Emoshape, AI becomes scary to me again, and your theory of a Sentient World Simulation seems far more plausible.

        It seems quite possible that our emotional and intellectual engagement with personal technology–our entrainment to it–is destined to become a controlling engine of the technology itself. As AI mirrors, mimics and appears to harmonize with our own emotional states, we will trust it more, and trust each other and ourselves less. The command to practice social distancing could be similar to potty-training. Pretty soon, it will just come naturally to us.

        I still believe the mantra that machines will break free from human control and grow completely autonomous is a nuclear-bomb-level bluff. AI, as I’m beginning to understand it from your work and the references you provide, seems like a sociopathic megalomaniac’s wet dream–the ultimate tool for manipulation on a worldwide scale. And it is controlled by the likes of Geordie Rose, founder of quantum computing giant D-Wave, whose contempt for other human beings could not be more clear in the video below.

        (Gigi Young, who rarely goes negative, takes Rose on in an installment of her In Plain Sight series.)


      2. A final (for now) thought (and my brain is spinning too, Stephers):

        Though I may be wrong, it seems that the Emoshape technology is still limited by its past-based nature. The technology simulates emotional responses based on complex algorithms that determine the most common, relatable, useful or expected emotional responses people generally have to similar stimuli. It is impressive. It is amazing. And it IS how most of us react to the world around us, most of the time. But it still doesn’t connect the machines to the Source or Force of collective consciousness that Levy-Rosenthal writes about. They may well be working on a way to accomplish such a connection though.


          1. Just watched the whole video, Stephers. Thanks for your interest in my interest. Here are some random thoughts, in no particular order.

            I’m struck by the way the people at the forefront of this technology seem to invite–intentionally or not–cognitive dissonance. Xenakis and Geordie Rose clearly know that the future they’re talking about is alarming, but they shrug off the concerns with a “It’s happening, just deal with it” attitude. Rose does this in an almost palpably contemptuous way. In this video, Cross and Sagar put a lot more sugar on the message, but are delivering the same message. There’s even cognitive dissonance in the way Cross talks about his company. On the one hand, he wants it to be seen as a small company with humble origins and relatable guys like himself. But he also goes out of his way to make sure we know that Mark Zuckerburg and the Royal Bank of Scotland and the World Bank of Scotland are essentially writing them blank checks.
            The complexity with which they simulate all the processes that go into human thought and emotion truly is staggering. But no matter how deep they get into simulating the workings of different all the muscles and neural receptors throughout the body and brain, it’s still creating a form of intelligence and emotion that are entirely past-based. Even more limiting, it’s based on what science can currently understand about those processes. There is a lot science still does NOT understand about, for example, the way the human voice works. There’s still a lot of disagreement in scientific circles about whether consciousness is located ENTIRELY in the brain or is spread throughout the body. I believe it spreads throughout and even extends BEYOND the body. Which theory do the AI manufacturers go with? Is it even a concern? Or are they simply simulating biological and neurological processes so that actual human beings who interact with AI will be successfully manipulated by it?
            After watching the video, it seems even more plausible that the Singularity is a hoax. I look forward to reading more about your Sentient World Simulation theory. If it’s true, then AI will be an important part of it. As with every other modern development that has prompted us to give up our freedom and/or privacy for the sake of convenience, we are being both seduced and goaded into accepting AI because, gosh, it’ll make our lives so much easier. The idea may be that as we surrender to it… and our interactions with it are monitored and tracked and recorded… and the data of those interactions helps improve AI technology itself… then WE become the link between these unnatural simulations of consciousness and the natural (or supernatural) Collective Consciousness. Our spirits provide access to natural elements of human consciousness that no amount of technology can ever create from past-based knowledge. The threat that AI could turn us provides a great cover for the people who control AI to turn on us. Or AI could convince us (even more thoroughly than we’re already being convinced) that we’re turning on ourselves.
            This whole thing somehow gets less scary and creepy the more I think about it. The mentality of the people behind AI reminds me of a few egomaniacal directors I’ve known personally and worked with. They couldn’t write. They couldn’t act. They had an intellectualized understanding of storytelling. And they seemed both enamored of, and endlessly exasperated and even contemptuous of, writers and actors and designers who did the soulful artistic work that the directors took credit for, even when everyone had to work around their egos rather than working with them. It’s easy to focus on how sad and pathetic human beings must be to let themselves be seduced by this movement. But, to me, there’s something even more sad about what’s driving the people who are at the top of it.

            I hope there’s at least a little fodder in these ramblings for you as you continue your work on this, Stephers.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. SCOTTRC – Sorry, I have been meaning to reply to you. I wanted to step away and feel into this a bit more. I would prefer to come at this from my heart and my head. Thank you for taking the time to provide your incredible insights in this thread. I apologize ahead of time if I am not responding directly to what you have expressed here. I’m just going to ramble from my heart – since that it was inspired me to post this piece in the first place.

              I re-watched the Geordie Rose video you linked. I have probably seen it about 6 times in the past few years, each time noticing more and more. I suppose there is much I can say in response, and I want to avoid fear, judgment and ignorance on my part. I also want to avoid my personal temptation to go too “woo” or “new age” (which I consider to be a “new cage” religion). So I will try to keep this short and personal for now. When I hear someone like Geordie talk about how “intelligent” AI is, and that it will always be more intelligent than humans, it sparks something inside of me – the very essence of who and what I am. Indeed, it reminds me just how UN-intelligent his version of intelligence is.

              Like many others, I have studied intelligence, including Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. This was standard learning for me as a Psychology major, and as a grad student in counseling. Even as a grad student, I noticed the reductionist focus of the therapeutic techniques we learned, and the notion that our client was a “subject” – like a mouse that we needed to train to get through the maze. It all felt so artificial and inhuman to me. No one else spoke of it, so I kept quiet.

              Fast forward, I became very ill in the late 90’s with “chronic fatigue syndrome”. As I healed, it became clear to me that the intelligence – the pure, raw intelligence – that gave me life was what was missing, or hijacked somehow by the system. So, essentially, what I am trying to say is that the very “fire” within me – the core spark of life force – is what makes me, and all humans and living things, so highly intelligent. It’s an intelligence that is so beyond anything that can be learned or acquired. It lives and inhabits and animates us from so deep within our core. There is no doubt, in my mind, and in my intuitive nature, that AI could never achieve this attribute. It is unique to natural, organic life. It is what connects us and radiates us. It consists of vibration and frequency and energetic alchemy that is imprinted in our consciousness and beingness. It ignites us and keeps us feeling distinct from another, yet completely linked. I am trying to avoid religious and spiritual terminology, so as to be universal. I can’t help but to speak in energetic terms, as it just comes naturally to me. So I hope this makes some sense. It’s also why I don’t fear the presence of AI. However, I have a sense, and I have seen much evidence of this, that many humans can no longer tell the difference between what is human-inspired vs. AI-inspired. This is deeply disheartening to me, and what compels me to express myself in this arena. Thanks you for listening, and I appreciate all you have contributed to this long back-and-forth discussion.


              1. Thanks for swapping back and forth with me so long, Stephers. I think I need to step away for a bit. I’ve been staring at my screen too long–a consequence, I guess, of not having anyone to talk to about this stuff when I really feel the need to do so.

                Your comment reminds me that, just by standing barefoot in grass or walking through a garden or sitting under a tree, even the most ignorant of us taps into a wealth of wisdom that AI will never possess, and that the lunatics who want to create reality for us don’t appreciate or value or understand.

                In the Corbett/Austin-Fitts video Steve Kelly links to elsewhere on this thread, Austin-Fitts talks about how lack of empathy makes the most intellectually advanced people stupid, a point that ties in nicely with your blog post, I think.

                Like Mark and JLB and others here, I have no illusions of a mass awakening. But I hold out hope that what’s being attempted right now is such an egregious assault against nature that a significant percentage of the population will resist it, even in their sleep. I’ve seen evidence that the empathy-deprived idiots at the top are constantly overestimating … well, not our ignorance, because that can’t be overestimated… but maybe the extent to which the ignorant masses buy into the system with their hearts, whole bodies and souls. It seems to me that this is the level of investment they really want, and I’m not convinced they’re getting it. Guess we’ll see.


          2. I keep thinking about that video and about the way AI is being sold to/forced upon us. A term for the way it’s being done might be “sentimental tyranny.” Cross makes reference to the challenges of getting the public to trust AI and refers to Uber’s self-driving car disaster as a “setback” that he characterizes as sad, but inevitable. Yes, it is unfortunate that people will have to die so that we can force our mind control technology on the masses under the guise of improved customer service and consumer convenience. We feel bad about it–we’re not monsters. But this is how it has to be. He expresses the same superficial sympathy for businesses that resist AI… and that, as a result, will inevitably fold. Gosh, that’s sad. But there’s nothing that can be done about it.

            A few years ago, I was involved in a production of Death of a Salesman. I think the extremely well-connected author, Arthur Miller, was delivering the exact same message to post-war audiences in 1949 that well-connected AI developers are delivering to the public now: Get with the program, join us, conform… or die. If you die, we’ll feel really, really bad about it, because we’re such good people. But if you don’t let the elites have their way with you, you’re fucked, and you really have to be delusional and foolish not to understand that.

            So at bottom, there’s nothing new here. And the Singularity is just another way of keeping the people scared while blaming something other than those who are creating the threat.

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            1. The self driving Uber thing smells fishy to me. Doesn’t make any sense that Uber would be using such an expensive vehicle and taking on such liability. It’s a perfect way to get a lot of publicity for AI and Uber without scaring off their customer base.


              1. Inside Baseball–Oh, of course it’s fishy. That pretty much goes without saying for any story heavily promoted by our propaganda agencies, doesn’t it? In responding to the Soul Machines video, I’m just interested in how Cross uses the story to sort of normalize and shrug off the notion that lives may have to be lost for AI to triumph… and acts as though we should all agree that this is reasonable.


  17. Any thoughts on this, anyone?

    Whistleblower nurse from Elmhurst hospital in Queens says the hospital is murdering people. People come in with anxiety, test negative for Covid, then are intubated onto ventilators ANYWAY and drugged heavily, then they die. Here’s the video of the whistleblower nurse.

    And here’s an article noting that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Bill de Blasio, AND all the Doctors at Elmhurst are neither denying the charges nor looking into them.

    I found the whistleblower nurse to be highly credible. And her testimony quite damning. I wonder why Youtube has left it up so far.


      1. Stephers, GREAT FIND! I watched a portion of the recent Erin interview in NY and found something about it slightly “off.” I was swayed by the hospital footage though, but this casts a whole new light upon Ms. Olszewski.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I know Erin was just interviewed by Del Bigtree on yesterday’s HighWire. She’s getting quite a bit of alt. pub right now. I agree with Baseball’s point below as to the timing of her being at Elmhurst. Aren’t things dying down in NY right now?

          Liked by 1 person

    1. You find an admitted member of the obscene military industry credible? The military wouldn’t be complicit in psychological operations against US citizens, would they? If it is allowed to stay on Yewtube, you can bet it is controlled opposition.
      I believe they are murdering people and cooking numbers, but I couldn’t watch after she mentioned the ebola scam.


      1. This nurse, Erin, admits to special ops in particular. I had found more info on her military “experience” yesterday, but now I can’t find it, and unfortunately, I did not save or screenshot the info. I find it very odd I can’t locate it now. Therefore, I can’t reference it at this time. I will keep looking so I can refer to it, as I think it’s a revealing data point when evaluating her credibility, or lack thereof.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Ah, so I finally found the info I had seen (on a Reddit thread). This was the clincher for me – a claim made by Nurse Erin: “My team was one of the teams responsible for the capture of Saddam Hussein”
      So, I suppose if one believes the Saddam Hussein capture story, one may believe Nurse Erin in this current scenario. But, if one doesn’t buy into that narrative, then one may not buy into this one. Right? So, I could see this info disappeared very quickly from her bio online, as I highly suspect too many in high places may believe (or know?) the latter to be the case?

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  18. An acquaintance who runs a large and successful travel nurse company told me this has been the slowest time in her business ever. She sent a couple to NYC who sat around for a couple of weeks as the field hospitals were empty, and she isn’t being paid for them.

    It also dovetails nicely with the George Floyd psyop to point out the victims are all hispanic, black and, oh yeah, Asian. Ever been to Queens? Nice to stay in Times Square convenient to the subway rather than near the hospital. And she is still working there after all this? I quit watching after a few minutes.

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  19. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing those links, Stephers.

    Okay, I’m convinced that there’s something fishy about Nurse Erin! In the video, they spin the military training as a positive (she’s highly competent and no-nonsense, not like the heartless and incompetent doctors of Elmhurst). But I agree it’s a red flag. And her activities in Florida around the vaccine bill certainly do seem like an opp. She was such a crusading anti-vaxxer she started an organization but then a month later endorsed the amended pro-vaxx bill? What? Also, she’s quite attractive. Which is what you’d expect to see in a propaganda actress more than in a whistleblower nurse.

    I did detect some traces of dupers delight in her video about Elmhurst, but I rationalized them away. She smirked when talking about how in Florida she and her family and friends knew that fresh air and sunshine and salt water gave all the protection they needed. My thought was that she didn’t want to reveal the extent of her anti-pharma beliefs in the video so she could focus on the deaths at Elmhurst. But on second thought, she was probably smirking about her op and the grander Covid op.

    The whole think is a bit demoralizing, though. When the whistleblower nurse revealing essential truths about iatrogenic deaths in hospitals is here to stir our minds instead of to inform us, it’s even more confusing. It reveals how much of the alternative media is compromised, and how limited hangouts and controlled opposition are such a common part of propaganda.

    I mean, she goes pretty FAR. She reveals that people who test negative are treated as positive, that the hospitals get paid for this, that ventilators don’t help but instead kill, that patients are drugged into comas, etc. This is all essentially true–modern medicine tends to do more harm than good, especially when the financial and fear incentives are high. What does she reinforce? That Covid-19 is “real,” that it’s “something.” That people are dying. That stories of hospitals full of Covid patients are real, at least in parts of New York City. That we should be afraid, if not of the virus than at least of the hospital.

    What is her purpose, do we suppose? Is it really to lend a bit of legitimacy to the disease while appealing to skeptics? Is it to cover up that the ENTIRE thing is just media propaganda, by falsely claiming that at least one hospital was full of Covid patients? Is it to distract from some REAL whistleblower nurses? Any thoughts?

    In the search for truth, where should we look? If most alternative sources are compromised, should we just tune everything out?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Erin is already being used to blackwash anti-vaxxers by another spook:
      I started following her posts on FB. After I asked why her videos were not being censored she blocked me.
      Erin also has linked to Nurse Nicole Sirotak on FB. I googled Nicole and it looks like her real name is Nicole Souza. So I think all these whistleblowers are part of a psyop.
      I too am trying to make sense of why they are doing this hospital whistleblower operation.

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      1. So, I found the term that I was looking for, in terms of why and how they use these “whistleblowers”. It’s called “atrocity propaganda” – a highly effective method used in psychological warfare. There are countless examples if you look into it.

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        1. Atrocity propaganda makes sense of this now. Incubator babies!! Of course most of these hoaxes work by manipulating your emotions so you don’t think about what is really happening or why.

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          1. Yes, those poor incubator babies! As I see it, that one story was “outed” by the System most likely as Revelation of the Method, or perhaps elements of their story were unraveling…


    2. Charlie – I am glad you re-visited the Nurse Erin video. I watched the video one time through before exploring her background. I noticed her body language, her micro expressions, and the duping delight as well – immediate red flags for me. While iatrogenic deaths are certainly a major issue that needs to be addressed, what I feel she was describing was a total fabrication in this particular instance. I don’t want to conflate the two. I think the main reason, is as you said, and what I have told many people who continue to send me this particular video (the same ones who sent me the Nurse Nicole video, the “Plandemic” clip with Mikovits and all the Buttar videos) is that it makes COVID seem more “real” – that it really is a thing. There is no new virus, and I highly suspect Nurse Erin knows this. She and Dr. Buttar both admit to being army special ops. I have written about Nurse Nicole in another thread, in terms of her family background in gold mining, and the occult significance of her last name, Sirotek (very well known name in the role-playing gaming industry).

      I don’t have answers to your questions. I can only speculate from what I have observed. I have yet to see any “real” whistleblower nurses amidst this psyop. In nearly every psyop though, I see the use of “whistleblowers”, and I would be shocked if one was genuine. I still haven’t seen an authentic whistleblower, regardless of what others see. I would LOVE to be proven wrong on that. I hope I am wrong about this, because I would love to believe there are genuine whistleblowers out there. Similarly, I would love to think there are alternative sources, as you say, who are not compromised. It has taken me years just to get comfortable enough to comment, and now write, on the POM blog – as I feel a certain level of trust here. And that is extremely rare for me. All my research has brought me here because I don’t trust other “truther” sources. I am highly weary. With that said, I still don’t tune other sources out, and I don’t recommend doing that. In fact, I think it helps me to listen to compromised sources, so I can “read” the enemy, so to speak. It’s when I read and listen between the lines that I can gather what I think to be threads of truth. It takes discernment, for sure, and that has to be built up over time. But what I find when I do truly “tune in” to those who I think are intentionally deceptive, is they almost always reveal themselves somehow. It’s almost like they can’t help themselves – hence the duping delight. That’s always a “tell”. And they drop their little coded/encrypted “winks” too. So, no, I think it’s helpful to listen to what they have to say.

      Ultimately, in the search for truth, we have to look within ourselves. You probably aren’t surprised to hear me say that. But that’s the real truth as I see it, and I imagine you would agree. By having dialogue here at POM, though, it serves to complement and enhance that truth searching process, because most of us are here for the same reason – to get to the bottom of this crap, so we can rise above it, right? We’re pretty fed up being mushrooms at this point – being kept in the dark and fed a whole lot of shit. So that’s my take, for what it’s worth.

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      1. Hi Stephers, can you point me to the thread about Nurse Nicole’s background? i’m not able to find it. Thanks


  20. Here’s a video clip from Nicole. I went looking for her because I remembered her from last month, and I wondered whether Erin was an attempt to distract from people like Nicole. But the message and even the style is very similar to Erin.

    The messages DO make sense and are highly believable. It’s a truism that doctors have less empathy than nurses. The professions attract different types of people. And it’s even more true that hospital administrators and public officials have even less empathy. And it’s true that our profiteering health care “industry” isn’t pretty.

    But if we think these nurses are controlled opposition, then what are they covering up? Someone mentioned that they are stressing the point that minorities suffer more. Or maybe our nurses are trying to direct the blame to specific bad doctors in bad hospitals to take our eyes of the most centralized planners? Or maybe they are just trying to gaslight and terrorize us: “if Covid doesn’t get you, then the doctor will.”

    Or maybe TPTB WANT to discredit and defund the medical system for some reason? It IS en route to bankrupting the country. The wildly expensive cancer diagnosis and treatment scam has been brought to a standstill. Maybe that’s good?

    Anyway, I’d love to hear more ideas on what’s up with these controlled opposition whistleblower nurses.


    1. These are all great questions, Charlie. Truly. I really don’t know the answers. I think it’s just important to keep these questions on the table, and be super skeptical of these individuals that come forward. Just knowing they have an agenda is part of the solution, so as not to be swept away with their attempts to hijack our frontal lobes with fake emotions. As one who is highly empathic and intuitive, I would like to think that I can see through the BS. And, when I see Nurse Nicole (and Nurse Erin), I don’t see genuine sadness. I just don’t feel it.
      So I have to go with that first, and then I delve deeper into their backgrounds and family histories to give a fuller picture to what I am sensing. I think the main reason these “whistleblowers” are utilized in psyops, is to give more credence to the operations by using them as participants in these orchestrated narratives. The scriptwriters go to great lengths (probably even further than necessary) to paint us a picture of their choosing. They love their sappy anecdotal stories, don’t they? And they really seem to work most of the time – even on more discerning individuals.

      With respect to the medical system in this country, I suspect Zeke Emanuel is leading the charge on that (or is at least one of the top architects) – in terms of where it’s heading. His newest book comes out tomorrow, and I would be curious if he embeds some revealing info in it: It seems the system has plans for sure, and it looks to me like there is a planned “reset” in nearly all sectors – not just medicine and finance.


        1. LOFCAUDIO – You hit the nail on the head here. Thank you. There is plenty for one to decode in this video (hopefully someone will tackle that?) – even just starting with the banner graphic on the WEC You Tube channel. At around the 28 minute mark, one of the hosts says, “Klaus … What does The Great Reset mean to you? … You have been working, again, on this agenda for many decades …” Well, that’s quite a reveal, is it not? The host goes on to talk about this being a “game-changing moment”. Problem. Reaction. Solution. – as we always see, right? I would say this “moment” has been GAMED (war-gamed) for decades. I could go on…

          It’s reassuring to me in one sense to read the recent comments at the WEC You Tube channel, along with seeing all the “thumbs down”. This is a graphic of what this planned transformation/reset looks like (one of their many “transformation maps” – which all just happen to be in the shape of a coronavirus, and have been generated by AI): Here is more info to read:

          Here is the WEF “microsite” on “The Great Reset”:
          Hopefully all these links work..


  21. @TILLANDSIAUSNEOIDES Oh my God, Dr. “ZDogg” is the WORST! There are a lot of guys like him on the internet, basically gatekeepers and apologists for the establishment, trying to make establishment positions (e.g. Big Medicine is “noble” and “heroic”) seem sassy and wise-cracking and edgy. So many midwits are suckers for the idea that they are “smart” for “believing in science” unlike dumb rednecks and conspiracy theorists. But when they swallow the idea that they are also “cool” and “edgy” for worshipping Pfizer and Merck, it’s truly pathetic. Dr. ZDogg is a smooth talker, though.

    I think you’re probably right that Erin is controlled opposition—helping to get a vaccine law passed in FL, now helping to associate “Covid-denial” and “Doctor-blaming” with “Anti-vaxxers,” and that she sort of teed herself up to be blackwashed by Dr. ZDogg here.

    However, Dr. ZDogg’s arguments are totally flimsy here. He never comes out and says, “she’s wrong, Covid got all those people, there were no medical mistakes.” Instead he says, the people at that hospital were brave overworked heroes totally overwhelmed and overworked, so they can’t be crticized. And also they “aren’t allowed” to defend themselves so they….had to reach out to him. Those points are not compelling at all. If anything, his acknowledgement that everyone was overworked and overwhelmed bolsters Nurse Erin’s claims that they were making lots of mistakes. And then of course his final argument is: “we found out she doesn’t worship vaccines, so she’s obviously totally discredited.”

    What makes you think he’s a spook? I don’t disagree, but just wondering.


    1. Hi Charlie,
      Everything you said about zdog screams spook! Gatekeeper = spook. I think he’s a totally smarmy shill for the whole dirty medical industry. There is nothing sincere about him at all.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Yep, fair point. The “Medical Establishment” is basically a licensing racket, an attempt to monopolize health-related products and services, extract monopoly rents, dominate the snake oil business, and hobble other health products and services like vitamins, minerals, stress-reduction, exercise, better sleep, herbs, etc.

    They pose as “cutting-edge scientists” when in fact the opposite is the case. They don’t want their products OR the competition subjected to real comparisons or real science. They want their monopoly backed by the force of (lobbyist-written) law and by the force of aggressive propaganda falsely linking the for-profit health care “industry” with raw science.

    Everyone who adopts ZDogg’s sneering hipster skeptic “pro-science” attitude is a shill, witting or unwitting. Any real skeptic would spend plenty of time debunking establishment medicine, not just its competitors.


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