Winter for Poland and France

While we’re on the subject of seasons.

Can anyone venture a guess as to why coronavirus cases would spike Down Under? Ooh, ooh! (raises hand) Pick me!

Obviously, because cold and flu season in Australia peaks from July to September! Duh. Oh, and you know…how coronaviruses are highly seasonal.

But hey, let’s not expect that the media will ever become honest here in the United States. They will not let silly things like facts get in the way of their fear narrative. This fear porn is still being pumped out quite effectively in the United States, despite the fact that coronavirus is all but dead there.

They probably said to themselves, “Hell, if it’s gone, then we’re just going to have to run ten times as many tests during the off-season!”

Because they really are that shameless. Right now, the media is so far removed from presenting you with an accurate, reasonable account of events that they will never tell you that this was perfectly expected to happen in the Southern Hemisphere.

Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 or otherwise, is also known as a common cold. It can do some damage to those already heavily damaged, but for the rest of us, it ought to be business as usual.

PS: Let’s leave discussion on PCR and the viral cause of illness out. Whether the little RNA sequences are a cause or an after-effect, PCR seems to be able to detect it better during actual cold season. Then there will always be the good old false positives!

74 thoughts on “Winter for Poland and France

  1. We are headed into summer here – so this “virus” should be dying off. Sadly the numbers the media is pushing says something very different.

    ***I’ll have you know — I don’t believe the garbage the media is spewing.


    1. See this website,
      Click on the “World Health Sovereignty Summit” video

      It has a ” hippie” looking man named Sacha Cohen-the founder of ITNJ- on the screen of the video, just press the start button.
      First speaker is RFK JR speaking for about 6 minutes. Virologists, other doctors, Judy Mikovitz-lots of speakers talk about this “public terror campaign”. The presentation is 4 hours. I am on the second viewing.

      Get ready to get right to the heart of this takeover attempt and see there is hope.

      The speakers in the presentation and this organization -ITNJ -are people who, inspite of roadblocks like Fauci, the CDC & the media are trying to get us up from despair and that we do not have to go along with this pure garbage. Going along is just aiding their plan. “The few control the many”

      Everybody should watch this, 30 minutes at a time or however. It wont be a waste of time.


  2. Fair points here. Just today, Jon Rappoport posted a very insightful analysis. He points out that whether we debate the nonsense and fraudulence of this cv scam from outside the illusion (which I have implied and primarily implemented) or from within the illusion (as you have presented here), BOTH are valid approaches. In fact, it is just as valid to argue both ways concurrently, exposing the fraud from many angles. That’s been my take all along, and I was glad to see Rappoport echo this today.


    1. Probably just a preference, but I have always had very clear separation between the two. If you start throwing out wilder outside-the-box ideas when there is a perfectly strong inside-the-box idea, it is usually just going to make you look like a kook and they will stop listening to you.

      It depends on the strength of any individual argument, honestly. But I worry this is too much like throwing the spaghetti against the wall and seeing what will stick. I think I prefer targeted approaches where the argument itself is solid. For me that can be either inside the box or outside the box.

      [NOTE: The truth also really matters. If something leads me to firmly believe that an outside-the-box idea is actually the truth, then I would not sacrifice a better argument just because it was an inside-the-box argument.


      1. I agree with Fauxlex.
        I don’t see how an approach to the subject within the illusion can be of any benefit for the pursuit of truth.

        Who believes Covid is a real thing causing a real pandemic is still thinking inside the box and is ultimately dangerous for the entire community, as he will follow all the stupid rules set up by criminal governments forcing the rest of the society to do the same. These things calcify rapidly and become the norm whereas they should be seen as a loss of freedom and therefore, a crime.

        Truth usually starts where the delusion ends.

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  3. Can I bring up MM’s latest for discussion here?

    I don’t follow why he thinks everything is a cover for more massive looting of the treasury. It seems there’s always been looting, however many zeros you add. Besides, would it require such a big scam as rona to hide it? Anything would do, since they control the media focus.

    He says people were getting wise to looting plus rona, so they moved to race riots. I think pressure WAS building from shutdowns, threatening some widespread defiance by small biz and customers, and other unrest. The looting though just got some de rigueur grumbling about corporate fat cats, was my impression.

    Not sure MM understands the “money printing” side of the equation. A lot of this “looting” seems to be funny money that exists in the rarefied world of financial instruments and just props up a house of cards that maintains the power relations of the real economy. They build ever higher castles of sand. Not good, but is it new? And is it bigger than rona as social change? Especially if Mark is right that rona will just ramp up into further encroachment on liberty.

    MM did have some points I liked. Like, I could see “defund police” being used to get the middle class clamoring for more funding, eventually (and that working in tandem with rona measures, I would add.) But is he missing the boat overall? He does trivia nights and things, and goes to stores. And so on.. So must be personally impacted. But seems to think(?) we’re making too much of it.

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    1. My degree is in Economics, and I tend to agree that his reducing the whole thing to being for the purpose of Treasury theft is silly. You are right that it’s funny money. The equivalent of “Quantitative Easing”…just adding $3 trillion that did not previously exist to the balance sheet mostly earmarked to prop up businesses. We could probably figure out the ultimate destination of a lot of that money if we really tried. And that’s not ALL going to be a lie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there is a ton of graft going on there (I’ll take a million, thanks). However, the money is much more likely to be used to do something like prop up black budget military programs rather than just to immediately line the pockets of “The Families”.

      Also, I tend to view “The Families” as having wealth far surpassing much interest in the fiat American currency. Taxation itself annually creates revenue streams in the trillions, and if they can so easily steal the coronavirus trillions they would be able to easily steal trillions from regular taxation annually. In every major country all over the world! There isn’t really some special need for another one-off for them to steal from. If “The Families” are as wealthy as we surmise they are, they really wouldn’t have a need to skim another trillion off the top of fiat American currency here. They’re already wealthy beyond imagination.

      He is correct that this money does serve to make the rich richer, no question. It props up the whole system. However, he makes it seem like the vast majority of this money simply gets transferred straight into the pockets of the elite families. That isn’t true. It isn’t even necessary.

      He also did one of those misdirection chains in a recent paper where he listed pedophiles, 5G and aliens among a list of crazier topics. He said “Anyone pushing BLM or Covid or #Metoo or Qanon or pedophiles or 5G or aliens or anything else is either an agent or an idiot, and probably the former.”

      That’s a puzzling chain of items to list. I found that extremely suspicious. Equating someone who pushes BLM to someone researching elite pedophiles? That’s…odd…

      Melisa Smith would agree.

      As much as his followers don’t think this, he definitely is trying to act as cover for something. He’s no paragon of virtue for conspiracy writing. Not to say that I am, but I never acted like I was. He definitely throws cold water on certain topics in a way that I find suspicious. God help me for saying so. His followers get nasty when such things come up. “So what? So what? You have no proof!, etc.”

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      1. “…They’re already wealthy beyond imagination.”
        Good point. I agree. Many have enough money and look for other ways to amuse themselves and spend their time. Imagine not having anything to do except spend millions of dollars!


        1. Right. They have vaults of gold, vaults of jewels…but we desperately need to skim a fresh trillion off the top. Regular annual taxes aren’t enough. I find that to be a stretch. This is why I’m saying this $3T is genuinely used to prop up businesses (which is itself making the rich richer, isn’t it)? It’s the way M² makes you feel like this is going directly into someone’s pocket, and the way he makes you feel that this is the only scam. He says the rest do not matter, compared to this one thing.

          I don’t buy that…Treasury theft as being the end-all be-all explanation. I don’t buy that at all.

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          1. You don’t buy into it as you’re not the average MM group’s reader.
            None of us here is (I think).

            The bad side of the so called “alternative information” blogs and websites is that many people who claim to be truth-seekers usually end up buying into everything their favourite bloggers write or say without questioning things. There’s a dangerous passive acceptance of all the info provided caused by an excessive trust in who the bloggers are and what their real purpose is, that leading to a very weird cult like in MM’s case.

            We should never accept what other people say, even when it feels right, without doing our own research and asking ourselves who the message comes from.
            As I said before, knowing who the messenger is helps understand why they’re giving a certain message.

            In MM’s case we don’t even know how many people hide behind the single name and who they are, how they were recruited to do the job and why, so how could we possibly buy into what they write without a second thought?

            Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion long ago that only a bunch of the monikers that participated in CTTF blog supporting the group are genuine, the rest are all bots or created by the group itself to gain credibility.


            1. For me, the most fundamental unanswered question has always been whether the guy in Taos is actually the paper writer (or even just one of several writers). He could just be a random person who is knowingly serving as the face of the thing.

              Not that it really matters in the end. It bears repeating that this is just a hobby of mine…being a watcher of that particular site. Seeing some occasional attacks here has lead to some fascinating avenues of research in these areas. Things I don’t feel comfortable throwing out here in discussion, but it makes me admire their sophistication.

              They are extremely sophisticated, whoever they are. Hats off to you, members who are reading this…


              1. If the shoe fits, of course.
                SOPH’IST, noun [Latin sophista.] (1828 Webster’s)
                1. A professor of philosophy; as the sophists of Greece.
                2. A captious or fallacious reasoner.


              2. I am also a lurker for amusement purposes largely at any such site I frequent, no offense intended to current company. I can assure that I am a fanboy of no voice on the internet nor do I dogmatically accept whatever the screen programs its viewers. I am playing 5 dimensional mental chess trying to solve the REAL puzzles of who these factions are, their motivations, and so forth even as they call BS on “mainstream” I do not shrink from calling the same on them time and again.

                I must tread lightly because last time I commented here, soon thereafter I was called on the carpet by a “commenter” at CTTF to explain myself, if not outright threatened with a Torquemadaesque loyalty oath. Just like rubber-necking at an accident site, it’s hard not to be lured by the scene overall.

                I found it interesting a recent paper had british spelling of the word cozy. It occurred to me if one had learned English as a second language on the Continent, and I don’t mean any continent between the north pole and tierra del feugo, one may well have learned certain characteristic spellings which are hard to shake.

                In a totally unrelated note, it is funny to me that the Russian word for Saturday is literally “Sabbath” — even if you were chatting around the water cooler with Vlad P. Wonder how that works?

                It can go either way for me — maybe the “families” aren’t cleaning up so much as wetting the beaks of their second tier minions. They sure as hell wouldn’t be paying those gratuities from their own wealth when they can put it on expense account.

                When I am hauled before the Spanish Inquisition, let my words here resonate: truth is truth and lies are lies. I don’t look down on anyone of any nationality or persuasion for their culture or beliefs. I judge individuals based on their actions and disposition toward their fellow humans — again of all nationalities and persuasions.

                I can say what it feels like is that the shepherds have decided to thin the herd or at least cut back the rations, and they need massive stagecraft diversions, or so they think. I think they have gamed out all the possibilities and believe the current playbill best fits their objectives.

                However, I think also they overlooked the intrinsic limitations of AI as well as the contingency there may be yet a God in heaven who sees all and mercifully stays His hand in the short term. He slumbers not nor sleeps, but demurs to punish so that free souls may yet choose to make course corrections.

                For decades, I have had a sickening feeling that whoever controls things in the USA had gone too far, too fast and nothing was sustainable long term. So maybe other adults in the room of my level of cognition with more power are doing the expedient as best they know how. Noble lies?

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                1. I should clarify when I wrote “solve the REAL puzzles of who these factions are” I meant the authors of the various internet “truther” sites. Of course those actors are intertwined with the factions that run the world I suspect.
                  I did have another point I forgot to make in my earlier potboiler above. Why should we worry if there are more than one minds behind “M2” — after all there are many many humans behind 3M and we all use sticky notes and tape anyway…


  4. During the black lives matter business, the marches of which, like elsewhere, were immune from coronavirus attack, a prominent Australian aboriginal media personality reported he was racially abused at a railway station. That, duly, raised the temperature of the useful screaming idiots, especially in the state of Victoria, which has an abundant supply, and the state that has reported the spike in coronavirus cases. Every other Australian state has shut its borders to that state so it will be interesting to see what happens during the rest of winter. The quacks may even discover a case in country Queensland, which hasn’t yet had any, to excuse the police raids last week on a number of small family run country pubs/hotels, which are soon to be extinct due to the corporate/foreign takeover of agriculture in this country, to issue fairly significant fines for the owners not washing their hands or whatever other rubbish was made up to catch them out.


    1. It’s funny. I wonder if this spike is mostly related to a huge wave of testing that was done? It is highly probable that they would be able to find the virus wherever they wanted to find the virus right now in Australia. So like you say, location is important.


  5. Unrelated, but check out this WHO symbol. This SCREAMS “Welcome to 21st Century Fascism!”, no?


    1. ^^ The serpent in the bible was Lucifer/Satan & those laurels were worn by ancient Roman leaders such as Caesar. And Caesar was greeted? ‘Hail Caesar!’ And a flat earth depicted as well.


      1. Since my youngest childhood / pediatrician visits in the 60s, I have had a problem with the caduceus as an emblem for medical practice. My mom who had been to nursing school never satisfactorily explained it to me either. Why are you taking me to a place where they play with snakes and have sharp needles that don’t half resemble that “staff” was the gist of the question.

        Now in 2020 I know precisely why, at long last. Mom bless her as a retired RN still greatly buys into the current Covid narrative at face value and was very worried about her overworked former colleagues.

        Nevertheless, that design would make a great hood ornament on a Rolls or Bentley, you must admit.

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        1. These guys are telling whose in charge here. And The infamous Rothschild family has the same snake eating a baby motif at he entrance of one of their lair’s, err uhh ‘estates’. The Greeks that this staff/snake symbol originates from are yet another enlightened dynasty (die nasty) that still damages the worlds psyche today.


          1. Sorry but i just don’t see it — that is just an angel fish kissing puff the magic dragon next to a red cross blood drive near a pawnshop. And tutti gli Alpha’s left Rome long, long ago I think…


        1. I think people freak out too much when they see a global map projection like that. To me, it’s just among the simplest ways to display all landmasses of earth.

          Confession that I am a huge map geek, and I love the variety of global map projections throughout history.


  6. Red cross aka Knights Templars, hired killers for the Vatican City squad. ~Venice~ Also where there is serpent worship, there is human sacrifice.


  7. Oh wow, I completely missed that M² went full-blown megalomaniac yesterday. The Q project is all about him, guys! And it’s when “the POM project” started! Q is all about him???

    My goodness man, get over yourself.

    This isn’t the first time he has suggested this (about Q), and it sounds crazier every time he says it. I don’t even know where to begin. Complete megalomania. Delusions of grandeur bar none. It is such a ludicrously insane suggestion that I cannot understand why he would say it unless he were truly, certifiably nuts.

    It’s one of those times where I question whether maybe I’m wrong about the guy. Maybe he’s not Intel, because I can’t understand why he would want to seem so completely insane like this. You might say “to discredit himself” (as he suggests above in the paper about Ezra Pound), but he still seems like he’s trying to be coherent in other cases. I’m confused. (And not an agent, BTW)

    OK Miles, it’s all about you…All about you, all the time. Check your dosage, man!


    1. Another indication that this little project is soon coming to a close.

      Interesting … some of the things he advocates for are talking points for the trolls hereabouts.


      1. Honestly, I only call it completely insane because I’m trying to understand it from the perspective of a lone starving artist who lives in obscurity in Taos, NM and runs a moderately successful conspiracy and alternative science blog.

        It is indeed insane that such a person would think Q were all about him. I have said over and over and over again that such a person (starving artist in Taos, NM) would be INCREDIBLY easy for Intel to neutralize. There would absolutely no need to start some “parallel” conspiracy at the highest levels of government. None. Such a suggestion is indeed completely insane. There are thousands of ways that they would be able to do away with him.

        This is all looking at the situation from the perspective of a sole, unconnected artist in Taos, NM. This is always the filter we need to try to understand M² through because it often highlights inconsistencies. From that perspective, this all makes no sense. From another perspective, however…

        Perhaps they are miffed that another agency stole their brand of “shadowy lone conspiracy guy”? Maybe this is just one agency trying to signal another agency that they were “first”.

        The really funny thing is that they’re trying to use the POM criticism to their advantage by making it seem like it is a coordinated attack. Very nice narrative management there. It’s not what is happening, but it makes for a nice story. Just like his whole paper.


    2. Curious, isn’t it … that the MMC recommends everyone hire a lawyer and initiate frivolous lawsuits en masse. But for the “reams of incredible libel” that he accuses POM of, he can’t be bothered to hire a lawyer himself. Maybe the “libel” is not so incredible after all …?


      1. MiniMe would want the newer readers to be given the link to the “reams of incredible libel,” which can be found here.


    3. The Taos guy goes further and further with this insanity as he knows there’s a bunch of twats out there believing every BS he pours out and even supporting his work.

      Q is about him, and so is Covid of course.
      Nagasaki &Hiroshima bombing was about him too…no wait, he wasn’t born at the time, was he?
      And what about 9/11? I bet it was to push him to become a genius, a broke one but still a genius.

      Boy, if I didn’t know it’s all a joke I’d be seriously worried about the guy’s mental health.


      1. Oh I was forgetting:

        The guy keeps linking the Phoenicians to the Jews, showing no knowledge of history whatsoever.
        But I guess he does that on purpose, otherwise I have to think he’s a complete ignorant and his readers even more so (which they are, as they think his physics papers are pure genius. But if theoretical physics is mostly bullshit how can one refute it using the same bullshit laws?).

        He’s right only when he talks about the electric universe, but doesn’t really know how that works.


        1. The Phoenician fascination predates the MMC and his website. A guest author here gave a good overview of that psy-op.

          I have a theory about the roots of the Phoenician fascination. If I ever can find the time, I will write up my hypothesis as a post soon.


          1. “It is a remarkable display of unanimity.”

            My favorite observation from that entire piece.


        2. He doesn’t refute anything. He tweaks the wizards stories and calls them his own.

          I enjoy lurking on the fog. They’re so adorable when they worship at the altar of one stone’s discrete packets of light.

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          1. This is a fascinating bit of text. SMJ’s comment looks like it was written in English, translated by a machine into German, and then translated back into English. Here’s what the original English would have looked like [interesting terms in boldface]:

            He doesn’t refute anything. He tweaks the fairy tales and calls them his own.
            I enjoy lurking on The Fog. They’re so adorable when they worship at the altar of Einstein’s discrete packets of light.

            English “fairy tale” –> German “Zaubergeschichte” (Zauberer = wizard) –> English “wizards stories”
            English “Einstein” –> German “ein Stein” –> English “one stone”

            For those wondering, “discrete packets of light” means photon theory: light as both wave and particle.

            A review of SMJ’s comment history shows nothing like this previously. Something over which to puzzle and puzzle ’till the puzzler is sore …


            1. Wow–great catch, Maarten.

              I suspect AI text is increasingly infiltrating social media. My sister recently received a text message on FB, apparently from one of our uncles who never texts her, and they chatted for a while before “he” said something that she knew our uncle would never say, at which point she contacted said uncle and confirmed the fraud. The texts didn’t appear to be trying to scam her out of anything. Given FB’s history, it doesn’t seem outlandish to imagine this may be part of yet another psychological experiment perpetrated on the unwitting: How long can AI convince you that you are talking to a friend or relative? And what a wonderful tool it would be to sow discord on a site like this, where conversations already get easily fractured and confused. Maybe we’re looking at a collaboration of German and American AI tech that still has some kinks to work out? Puzzlinger and puzzlinger…


              1. First of all, credit to Fauxlex for grokking that “one stone” was “Einstein.” That insight (p.c.) led me to figure out the calque of “fairy tale.”

                Absolutely, a lot of the commentary here is bot-generated, with a human stepping in just in case a bot-comment is engaged in a complex way. On its own, the bot would only generate an all-purpose reply like “What do you mean?” When it is perfectly clear what was meant.

                This explains also why so many of our “foreign” commenters lose their accent over time. They start-out-a like they-a from-a Southern Europa; but then if you challenge their troll agenda even a little, they get all up in your grill with perfectly idiomatic American English. And they might counsel their fellow troll/bots not to engage with you. “Danger, danger, Will Robinson!” Or something as clichéd as that. Capisce?


                1. Capisced. I feel even more behind than usual since this is a dawning revelation for me, but hey, at least some of us actually are here to learn, however clunkily.


                2. I’m enjoying the smj is ai theory but I’m not sure I can take credit for the onestone thing. It might’ve been napoleon wilson that first typed onestone in ab’s discord. Then again it could’ve been me. I don’t recall. I do know I’ve been using the term onestone for einstein since at least 2017.

                  I was also confused by the conflation of fairytales with wizard stories. I use the term wizard because the father of nuclear psience had hermes the thrice great on the dexter side of his escutcheon field and because the last magician translated the thrice great for kicks and because of hustles like the schrodinger protein prep wizard and because of the shenanigans at rudolf’s alchemical court andwhatnot. Shite, I don’t even consider madame mercury a fairy but rather a witch or maga of course.

                  But like I said I do like the smj is ai thing y’all are working on. Matter of fact I’d like to help y’all expound on your clever theory so I was thinking maybe we could do a voice chat over on the fakeologist discord. Is tomorrow good for you guys?

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                  1. Your second paragraph above reads as complete gibberish to me, SMJ, even when I am trying very hard to follow you. So, please forgive us that you sometimes speak as though you are a badly translated bot. Your schizophasic manner of speaking is the true source of our curiosity.

                    And I really do not understand why you did not try to clarify like this in the first place. Perhaps you do not realize the way in which your word-salad manner of speaking is perceived by others?

                    Instead we got your (equally strange) “So what are you saying?” response, when it was perfectly clear that Maarten was suggesting…that your manner of speaking could be interpreted as coming from a badly translated bot. He even clarified that your past comments did not suggest badly translated German, so he was basically just confused by your comment. Myself, I suggested that you were speaking in some kind of strange code, as I have seen the same from you before (and we have seen more from you here again).

                    You have always spoken with spurts of schizophasia that I cannot understand, with exotic spellings and non-sequitur personal meanings. You run off in your own head and leave us far behind…not because we are incapable, but because you are unclear. Please forgive us for hypothesizing that you might be a rogue bot. To be quite honest, you can sound like one.


                    1. I apologize for confusing you fauxlex. I reckon I can walk you thru my gibberish.

                      My point in the second paragraph was that I typed wizards and not fairies because I consider the particle chasers that gave us nukes, quantum mechanics, dna andwhatnot to be wizards.

                      The father of nuclear psience is rutherford of course. I have no idea who else you thought it could be. Hermes the thrice great is hermes trismesgitus. Rutherford placed Hermes as a charge on the dexter side of his escutcheon field. I see nothing that seems all that confusing so far unless you don’t know what eschuteon means. It shares the same root as science, schizophrenia, and shit bytheway. And we both know who the last magician was. I remember you being quite impressed with newton’s hermetical musings when I brought them up some time ago. He had translated the thrice great’s emerald tablet(philosopher stone). The schrodinger protein prep wizard is straight forward enough. I suggest you google it and then schrodinger’s ‘what is life’ paper. I also suggest you google monster rudolf’s alchemical court in bohemia if you’ve never heard of it. I can see how you could be confused by madam mercury though but if you just say madam marie curie out loud you should be able to figure out what I was getting at. Hermes trismesgitus is mercurius ter maximus in latin of course.

                      And I asked maarten what he was saying because I didn’t know if he was joking or actually suggesting I was a bot. Not that it matters though seeing as I find the whole scenario quite amusing.

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                    2. Here it’s your third paragraph. Gobbledygook. You make so many uselessly complicated references as to be worthless. You are not worth slogging through if you’re actually going to TRY to be as difficult as possible to understand. It’s no damn wonder people think you’re a bot! You type like a schizophrenic with a degree in the history of physics. Learn how to speak to your fellow human. You haven’t explained your original comment as much as you have multiplied the irrelevant insanity behind it.

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                  2. There is no “SMJ is AI” theory. The hypothesis is:

                    (i) some of our commenters have multiple sock puppet personas;
                    (ii) some of their personas are meant to be from outside the USA;
                    (iii) for their foreign sock puppets, they try to accomplish an “accent” by typing their comment into Google Translate (or the like), translating it into a foreign language, and then translating that back into English as their comment (this gives the slightly off character that they try to pass off as an accent);
                    and (iv) sometimes they get confused as to which of their sock puppets needs his comments “accentified” and so they either forget to do the double translate (and sound perfectly idiomatic when they shouldn’t) or they apply the process to a sock puppet supposedly hailing from, say, Houston (and sound like a German).

                    Over the last year or so, I have turned my studies away from events in the media and towards behaviors by “Truthers” on the Internet. There is much to say, and all of it bad news for the soul that genuinely seeks the truth about our world.


                    1. Got it. So you haven’t done any research to test your assumption that I’m a sock puppet. Perhaps we should do an audiochat to test the assumption.


                    2. SMJ, I’m the one who brought AI into this thread, simply because I didn’t quite get what Maarten was getting at. I’m glad he clarified the possible reason for translating English-language text into another language and then back into English. AI bots are no doubt a thing too, but not applicable in this specific case.

                      Maarten, here’s hoping you’ll find time to write an entire blog post (or series of them?) on what you’ve discovered in studying the behavior of “Truthers” on the Internet, and how their online communities are subtly and not-so-subtly infiltrated. It’s something I’ve known happens, but have been somewhat willfully vague about, since I also perceive sincere truth-seekers accusing other sincere truth-seekers of being “agents” simply because they have different opinions and/or levels of awareness. The clarity you bring to this aspect of what we do here is refreshing.


                  3. Shite, I don’t even consider madame mercury a fairy …

                    I’ve known a few folks from TX. Never knew a one of ’em to say “shite.” Shee-it, maybe, in two syllables.

                    But use British slang? The Texans I know would say that would be talkin’ like a queer …


                    1. I added the e at the end to be polite. Don’t really care if your texas friends think I’m gay for it. You down for a chat?


                3. SMJ has called Einstein “one stone” before, so I knew what he was talking about.

                  I wasn’t sure about the “discrete packets of light”, as I’ve never heard this expression before, maybe it’s used in physics within English speaking colleges/ universities.

                  Regarding the foreign commenters, I’m one of them and anyone can think of me whatever they want. I don’t ask for money (although I too have cats to feed, ha!), I have nothing to sell and nothing to convince anyone of, neither here nor anywhere else.
                  Also, I’ve always respected Mark and his commenters and I’m not interested in futile fights with anyone, capisci?

                  Actually Maarten I think you act like a troll sometimes, but that’s just my opinion and I don’t question or analyse your comments in depth as this is not my blog and I honestly don’t care.


                  1. I do not think there was any suggestion of SMJ being a troll, necessarily…only that he was entirely unclear (which you yourself say as much above).

                    On the subject of Maarten as troll, I could not disagree more strenuously. To me, trolling is something we are all capable of if we are triggered in the right way…but to truly be “a troll” speaks to one’s intentions of being here. Do you share the blog’s aims of alternative research and reasoned debate along the lines of critical thinking? In this way, Maarten is as far from a troll as is humanly possible.

                    We have many sock puppets here and they seek the appearance of being earnest to mask their true intentions. Whenever the attacks or brigades are in, they will jump right on board and flame things up. They might even sow discord in their own subtle ways. Infiltration is definitely a problem here.

                    Maarten is not that. You will find no stronger mind on the site, which is a huge benefit when in agreement and an even bigger challenge when in disagreement. This is what the blog is for, and why Maarten is such a huge asset. He did no wrong here. This is where I should probably point out that Maarten was always my favorite commenter in my early days of following POM. I genuinely feel that you will find no greater asset to the blog than he.


                    1. Fauxlex, that’s exactly why I said that in my opinion, that meaning it is not a matter of fact or something universally accepted, Maarten acts like a troll, and NOT that he IS one.

                      My comment was pretty clear about it, wasn’t it?


                    2. Even more interesting was that OregonMatt had picked up a dialogue with me on the interesting topic of pathogenic disease. But once Anna cracked the whip, he fell silent and has not resumed the discussion.


                    3. I didn’t get that as being clear from your comment at all. My comment was the one that made clear trolling behavior can come from literally anyone. Not to mention seemingly normal behavior coming from the worst trolls. It is a funny, upside-down world, that one.

                      Your comment, from my side, was a totally out-of-the-blue chance to paint Maarten as a possible troll. In a chain where he had just been accused by SMJ of…something (still trying to figure what SMJ ever says). I did not understand why you would bother to randomly jump on against Maarten there, so I felt the need to remind everyone here that Maarten is the last person who deserves to be thought of as such. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt by saying that technically anyone could be considered a troll at times, but was certainly curious why you chose to signal Maarten there, of all people.

                      These are the problems we deal with on the site. The trolling behavior is both sophisticated and constant. People who will be around for weeks or months trying to ingrain themselves will suddenly lead a random charge against a main player. And go figure! 5 people will come out of the woodwork to agree with them! It never fails.

                      This is the whole art of real, actual trolling.


                    4. Here I must disagree. I have told you privately and say now for all to read: Faux, you are the best detective that POM ever had.

                      If some of the trolls around here knew even half of the goods that you have on them, they would skulk away, never to be heard from again.


                    5. Faux, would you mind indicating wherein the deletable record I typed anything accusatory at maarten?


                  2. This is a fascinating comment, too!

                    SMJ has called Einstein “one stone” just once before here at POM, back on March 16, 2020. So it is not like this is a memorable habit of his. In that same comment, he explains what he means by “discrete packets of light.” Funny that you would remember the one expression without the other. Especially since you engage in dialogue with SMJ about physics topics. I am not a physicist, yet I knew exactly what he meant. For all the thought have you put into his line of interests, you should have known, too.

                    My puzzler is still not sore yet …


                    1. You know what, Fauxlex?

                      Feel free to ban me, it’s happened to other people here before and that’s the main reason why I no longer follow alternative blogs anymore.
                      This was an exception, gone.

                      People are so used to lies that don’t recognise truth anymore, although they like to think they’re after it.
                      Not a chance.

                      According to Maarten, I’ll probably reappear as a 25 something beautiful girl from Czech Republic and my mistakes will be typical of a fake Czech trying to sound an American who writes like a Czech.


                  3. Many years ago I had a housemate who was Italian. Beautiful shoes. And when he made a cup of coffee, the aroma alone brought the whole world to a stop. When he had his Italian friends over, you really had a sense of what the word “urbane” meant.

                    From him I also got a sense of the kinds of mistakes that Italians make when using English. Once in a while he asked for my help in getting something that he was writing just right. After Giuseppe I had a housemate from Germany. He made mistakes in English, too, but they were different mistakes. And a French colleague in the department, along with her devastatingly charming accent, made other kinds of grammatical errors.

                    Sometimes it is in the prepositions, sometimes in the definite articles, other times in the false cognates. (Like the American trying to speak Spanish who wants to say he is embarrassed but instead says that he is pregnant.) There are dozens of little ways that each nationality gets English wrong … but all different from one another.

                    Yet all these ways are different from the “accent” derived by double-translating text back and forth. Here at POM, our putative Germans do not make German errors. Whereas, some who say they live in LA make the mistakes of a Frenchman. Accents seem to come and go. But they are never the real accent for the language in question. It is a beautiful thing to have access to the guts of the website, where I can comb through all of a person’s comments at once and watch the trajectory of their feigned accent rise and fall away.

                    On the Internet, anyone can pretend to be anyone in the world. A person can conjure up a persona of a lovely, young, dark-haired, fiery-tempered Mediterranean woman, on a sunny balcony sipping espresso and slipping crumbs from a biscuit to her cat. But the reality might be a 40-something baldy at a computer in his parents’ basement wiping Cheetos off his man-boobs.

                    From what I have been observing here at POM, my money is always on the latter as being closer to the truth.

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                    1. Of course Maarten, and that applies to you too, you know.

                      Does Mark know you in person, by the way? If not, why should we accept that you are genuine?
                      What makes you think you’re better than anyone else here? Why don’t you use you real name as myself and Mark do for a start?
                      I’ll tell you something: I’ve always thought that participating in whatever blog using monikers trying to hide one’s true identity is a ridiculous thing to do. First, cos there’s no privacy, second if you have an opinion stand by it with your own name or dedicate yourself to something else, as life’s so rich with activities you can do and carry on.

                      No offence taken for anyone here who prefers to use a moniker, I just don’t agree.

                      Ah, I don’t have a balcony, I don’t drink espresso or coffee in general, don’t feed my cats biscuit crumbs and I’m not that young, but most of all I’m not a lovely dark haired Mediterranean woman.

                      I could describe myself but won’t do as that’s what you expect of me, but I don’t feel the urge to justify myself in any way to please you.

                      I often wonder what you do here, as you’re credited as one of the blog’s contributors but your last post dates back to 2019, where you asked us all to imagine “there is no Wizard”.

                      That tells a lot about you.

                      Furthermore, you believe Covid is a real thing and keep asking for links in a very stubborn manner whereas loads of books and doctors names have been mentioned so far that clearly show and prove viruses are still to be isolated and photographed.

                      You take yourself a little bit too seriously and you end up being laughable.


                    2. Sorry, I forgot the most important question :

                      Basing on my written English, where do you think I come from?
                      Just curious.


            2. Come to think of it–from what I’ve read about and seen of AI writing software–I think it’s evolved to a point where you could plug genealogy lists and Wikipedia articles into an algorithm that would crank out text that almost sounded like it was written by a human being. Just sayin’.

              Also–some have wondered aloud (and I’ve wondered myself) why this blog hasn’t been taken down, where other blogs with legitimate, non-controlled opposition to the Matrix narrative have been. Why spare POM or Fakeologist? Perhaps because their communities make for useful test subjects.

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              1. “Genealogy lists and Wikipedia articles” … hmmm .. do those algorithms come with an Arrogance macro? If so, I think we just figured out MM’s prolificness!


              2. Blogs have been taken down? I didn’t realize that was an issue. Thought only video had much general impact, with so few people being readers. And so many people on social media sites too, rather than obscure personal blogs.


  8. I’ve been following the fakeologist blog since about 2017 and I’d say smj’s comments on this blog have been consistent with his comments on there and the audio chats I’ve listened to. Seems to me if it appears he’s being overly cryptic it’s only because he’s trying to get the reader to dig deeper into a topic and maybe approach it from an angle they may not have considered before. For what it’s worth, as far as I can recall he’s always referred to Einstein as one stone. Interesting this sparked an impromptu inquisition. Impromptu inquisition, now that’s a good name for a punk band!


    1. Oh I agree, my take was always that he was speaking in a strange coded language (and not a bot). But at the same time, I don’t blame anyone for thinking he might be a bot. He sometimes sounds like a physics major who just keeps hitting the auto-text button and letting the words pile out in a semi-coherent fashion.

      If you’re actually TRYING to sound as incomprehensible as possible, then questions such as these will arise.


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