Coronadulting: Thoughts on Adulting in the Age of Covinfantilization

The undiapered aren’t a threat to public health. They are a threat to the power of the Gesundheitsfuhrers, who need to create the image of general sickness in order to maintain the fiction of its reality. ~ Eric Peters

My first stab at writing this rant came across as highly smug and sarcastic, with a reactive approach bordering on victim and martyr. Ugh. So I needed to check myself, because my goal is to model and define what it means to be a mature adult in the wake of deceptive agendas.

I have enjoyed Eric Peters’ commentary since the beginning of the Coronavirus psychological operation. His most recent discourse resonated deeply. Peters states that “. . . healthy people wearing Face Diapers is as silly as continent people wearing actual diapers.”

Individuals who have cowed to this event (and who may be sanctimoniously enabling its oppressive architects to milk hysteria from the terror-stricken herd), are posting “how-to” videos on making face masks from actual diapers. You can watch them here, and here

I recommend that these individuals — who surely have good intentions — read up here, and here, on the alleged dangers of conventional disposable diapers. But my rant is not about the potential physical harms of diaper wearing — whether on our faces or elsewhere. My aim is to provide examples of individuals who I perceive are coronadults, and to highlight the seemingly planned humiliation of this face-diapering ritual, as it demoralizes and degrades us into subservient children.

First, let’s review a few definitions:

Adulting: (defined in Merriam Webster)

To adult is to behave like an adult, to do the things that adults regularly have to do. This includes things like having a job and living independently, sure, but also such mundanities as taking clothes to the dry cleaners (and remembering to pick them up), making and keeping dental appointments, getting your car registered, doing yardwork.

Infantilize: (defined in The Free Dictionary)

To treat or condescend to as if still a young child: “The Victorian physician infantilized his patient” (Judith Moore). To reduce to an infantile state or condition: “It creates a crisis that infantilizes them—causes grown men to squabble like kids about trivial things” (New Yorker).

Coronadulting definition: No results found for “Coronadulting”.

As there were no results from my search, here is my definition of Coronadulting: Devising potential solutions collaboratively with others who preserve freedom (amidst rulers unlawfully usurping personal liberties, such as health freedom, bodily autonomy, and food sovereignty). For example, these may include driving without a face mask, shopping in a store without a face mask, hiking without a face mask, doing yard work without a face mask, and most important, thinking independently — again, without a face mask. Moreover, coronadults consider options outside-of-the-box such as creating like-minded communities (whether in-person or online) for mutual aid and support. Coronadulting may also include such other mundanities as picking up face masks and disposable gloves littered by non-coronadults.

Simon Gottschalk, professor of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas explains in his essay, “The Infantilization of Western Culture,” “While we might find it trivial or amusing, the infantilist ethos becomes especially seductive in times of social crises and fear.” Yes, I would say so. 

I surmise that a primary method of instilling infantilization is the propagation of the Pasteurian-based germ theory paradigm (promoted by Rockefeller medicine to become the basis of current allopathic medicine). This medical dogma keeps society belittled, as it injects — literally and figuratively — the notion that we are not responsible for our health, and that a pathogen outside of us is going to attack and kill us, regardless of our actions. It keeps us dependent on the medical cartel to provide their “drug for every bug.” If you have been listening to any mainstream news over the past five months, did you hear any mention of how to naturally and safely boost your immune system, to defend from said pathogen? What if the current lockdown strategy, accompanied by mandatory face-masking and physical distancing, is misguided based on an artifact of the tenacious creed of contagion (and infection transmission), that may have been designed to oppress society from its inception? I suggest reading Good-Bye Germ Theory by Dr. William P. Trebing for potential answers. I also recommend “Scamdemic: Truth Be Told” by Rosanne Lindsay, ND, for more information in this regard.

Andrew Lobaczewski echoes a similar sentiment in Political Ponerology when explaining that some government officials are “like a virulent pathogen in the body.” He succinctly stated, “ . . . the psychopath is a predator.” His motto in his book is: Ignoti null curate morbid (do not attempt to cure what you do not understand). Well, I would say that is entirely applicable on many levels at the moment. Lobaczewski warned in his book that “ . . . nations that now think they are free will soon find they are paying still . . . It was terrible to learn that the overt system of suppression I had so recently escaped was just as prevalent, though more covert, in the United States.” 

What are we to do if our politicians (whether elected or selected) with unhealthy world views cause suffering to us? I would say one option is to learn more about how these individuals think and operate, and to practice strong psychological and moral hygiene ourselves by preserving our inherent goodness — our lack of evil. Whether evil is a sickness or not, the fact remains — we need to protect ourselves from its spell-binding influences. 

I have found a number of coronadults who also desire to preserve our self-determination, but it has not been an easy task to identify them amidst a sea of disempowered individuals (AKA compliant citizens) who have had the wind knocked out of their sails. It is extremely disheartening. 

Herein, follows a modest compendium of coronadults, if you will . . . 

Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD, recently posted on Instagram, “We have been conditioned by authoritarian family structures and control-based parenting to conflate goodness with compliance. Conventional medicine is not your mommy, government is not your daddy, and it’s time to learn how to take responsibility for yourself . . .” Dr. Brogan provides stunning, comprehensive insights in her article, “Masks: Have You Been Captured by This Psyop?”.

Peaceful non-compliance is also a form of coronadulting. Peggy Hall (of The Healthy American website) delineates ways in which we can peacefully and lawfully resist the “emergency orders” (i.e., testing, masking, and social distancing). Here is one of her recent videos in this regard. In another video, Hall astutely explains how the diapered masses are being mocked by the controllers.

Dr. Robert O Young, Ph.D., D.Sc., ND, outlines here how to transcend the system of medical fascism, and step into our full power of health freedom.

Matt McKinley (of Quantum of Conscience) describes his “Personal Declaration of Non-Dependence,” as a method of declaring one’s personal sovereignty amidst this engineered suppression of truth and freedom. 

In 2015, John Bush created the concept of “Freedom Cells.” Bush hosted the 4th International Freedom Cell Conference Call on July 1, 2020, in which he explains how Derrick Broze, his friend and colleague (of The Conscious Resistance) was instrumental in giving the Freedom Cell Network some “legs.” I met Derrick Broze years ago at a Free Your Mind Conference. While I don’t agree with him on all matters, I have been impressed with much of his work — particularly with respect to 5G awareness and opting out of the technocratic control grid

The idea of the Freedom Cell network, of which there are now more than 2,000 members, is to unplug from the current matrix of external coercion and top-down control, and to step into our power as cooperative citizens — not of the “state” (or rather, the developing “nanny state”), but of a cooperative, free society of informed, empowered and emboldened individuals.

I won’t go into detail about Freedom Cells, but I encourage people to explore their website — even if simply for inspiration of methods of local cooperation. Their decentralized, peer-to-peer model, while well-constructed, is certainly not the only way to achieve a shared goal of connectedness and empowerment.

Nevertheless, when listening to the 4th International Freedom Cell conference call, many of the participants acknowledged a feeling of urgency for finding other like-minded individuals given the current climate of fear and accompanying restrictions. A main concern was how will those of us who may not conform and comply with unlawful contact tracing (and possibly upcoming vaccinations) be able to provide for ourselves if access to products and services is restricted as a form of coercive punishment? One of the participants was Doug McKenty who operates a You Tube channel, “The Shift”. McKenty recently facilitated a roundtable discussion with Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Judy Mikovits.

On the conference call, I noticed several coronadults in the “Zoom room,” including McKenty, and here are some of the adulting takeaways:

  • Being self-sufficient in terms of growing food and having construction skills, and skill-sharing in general 
  • Building up an “underground economy” to exchange and barter goods and services (like food, farmed animals, herbs, medicinal plants, seeds) to reduce reliance on stores 
  • Considering moving to a geographic area (possibly with other individuals and groups) that may have less overt restraints on freedom
  • Leading by example 
  • Making ethical agreements among cooperative individuals
  • Considering the notion of achieving consensus (or approximating consensus) to make group decisions
  • Pre-emptively devising methods to address group interpersonal conflict (applying Non-Violent Communication methods)
  • Trusting one’s own gut and intuition 
  • Willing to want to grow and better oneself
  • Realizing that if we are so focused on fear of dying, then we are not really living 
  • Acknowledging we are very powerful beings, and we can find legal “cracks” in the power structure 
  • If looking for a solution, realizing that WE ARE THE SOLUTION
  • Taking charge of our own destiny

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD, explained at the conclusion of an elevated discussion, “It’s a system of programming and indoctrination . . . which has lead to a passivity . . .  and an acquiescence to central authority . . . This situation is presenting an amazing opportunity to re-order our society into one of personal responsibility [and] personal morality . . . the true nature of humanity is to cooperate and support each other.” 

Dr. Kaufman continued, “We’re treated like infants and told . . . we are not responsible enough to make our own decisions, and so we don’t . . . It is a little bit scary in a way taking responsibility for yourself, but it is so empowering.”

Therefore, it seems one of the key solutions to transcending this infantilized existence, as designed by the authoritarian controllers, is to take personal responsibility. Now is the time to reduce our co-dependency on the system, which appears to be moving into a more tyrannical, and presumably abusive model. See this recent video, “Is This Torture?” 

One coronadult I have seen, well-known comedian JP, pointed out the current idiocracy. It’s worth five minutes of your time. And here JP is again, highlighting the nature of infantilized adults who will gladly run into the arms and bosom of their nanny rulers, and cede just about any freedom imaginable in return for promised safety and security. It is a slippery slope on which they seem to glide so easily. 

Perhaps one prime example (unfortunately, “this video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines”) of coronadulting that I saw this past week was exhibited by a child — yes, an 11-year old boy, Ever — who is the son of Del Bigtree. In my opinion, we can learn from Ever and what he had to say about his 5th grade classmates unanimously wearing face masks, “It kind of felt sad that kids are getting influenced so much by the news and everything and how they’re terrified of the world . . . and also they have to wear these stuffy masks that I really don’t see the point . . . not really much point . . .” When his dad asked him what he thought about what the mask wearers think when they see his family not wearing masks, Ever continued, “Honestly, I think they feel a little bit jealous. They try to stamp it out, by like, you need to be equal with us, wear your mask . . . I feel like people don’t want the mask, but they feel like they have some sort of like burden if they don’t, they get punished. Kind of like a brainwashing . . . if you don’t do this, they’ll punish you or something like that.”

Could those of us who are independent, critical thinkers serve as painful reminders to the diapered masses — of a time when they were only mentally diapered, but now wear the symbolic shackles on their faces?

Coronadults tend to focus on the present, and take time to observe, listen and self-reflect. They learn from past mistakes, such as getting ensnared in the ouroboros of fear and induced trauma. Sadly, those who take up coronadulting may run the risk of being outcast by friends and family (who are easily persuaded by leaders mandating potentially illusory protective measures). Watch Melissa Dykes (of Truthstream Media) echo these sentiments here.

Lastly, coronadults ask keen questions and challenge seemingly false narratives set forth by ill-informed or corrupt puppeteers. Such inquiry is precisely what Dr. Vernon Coleman, MD, models in his presentation, “Who is Pulling the Strings?” We can learn much from him. I sense he carries a heavy burden in his spirit (as he educates from his iconic chair), which it seems many seasoned, compassionate adults do. Dr. Coleman’s recent discussion, “What did you do in the war?” is also a pertinent and insightful piece reflecting on our current struggle.

It is time for us to speak with powerful, informed voices (sometimes kind and gentle, and sometimes blunt). It is time to put on our adult pants, spit the pacifiers from our mouths, and properly discard them along with the diapers that are smothering our minds and spirits. 


Note: I realize I did not define “covinfantilization,” so perhaps some of you may offer ideas in the comments on how you would characterize it, based on your personal observations. Feel free to add to the definition of coronadulting. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Coronadulting: Thoughts on Adulting in the Age of Covinfantilization

  1. Agreed, if we can’t be trusted to cover our sneezes (like we always have been expected to), then everyone ought to be wearing diapers too. And gloves. And goggles. Public restrooms should be government operated.

    Speaking of which…

    Once again, South Park makes my point much better than I could.


  2. Ultimately, “the puppeteers” are after your soul. Our imprisonment is voluntary. One either worships Creator (all of nature) or one worships and loves the laws of man, which have no reason to exist other than to oppose the fundamental laws of nature. There is always a choice to be made and the responsibility always rests with the individual. It’s basically a choice between heaven (on earth) or hell (on earth).

    “Never mind your name, just give us your number, mm
    Never mind your face, just show us your card, mm
    And we wanna know whose wing are you under
    You better step to the right or we can make it hard”
    Eagles: “On the Border”

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  3. Thank you Stephers, for a well-written piece full of useful links. It is comforting to know so many others have spoken out.

    This is a long-running theme with me in education, the testing regime, ACT and SAT. It can be no accident. In years past I had an occasional dispute with a Montana blogger, Don Pogreba, not worth talking about (or linking, but if you must, he’ll turn up), but often noted that “Pogie” would attack dissenters from his views by demanding to know the sources from which they gathered information. If it was not credible and mainstream, he denigrated it and chastised them. The thing that struck me most about Pogie was that he was a highly praised (perhaps award-winning) teacher in the Helena, Montana school system.

    This is not where it starts, but it is perpetuated in schools, that we should not think for ourselves, but rather use the brains of others. What are SAT and ACT if not rigorous exercises in memorization in order to supply the “correct” answers? What does a high score mean? A very good memory. That is indeed part of intelligence, but also a way to derail independent thought. The brightest kids are thereby compromised, and enter college knowing better than to question authority. This must be by design. Look around – who thinks their own thoughts? Who?

    Our two best teachers are those who insist we think for ourselves (I had such professors on occasion in college), and mistakes. I would put the latter above the former.

    I have a table saw that seized, I could not move the blade up and down. Knowing nothing about it, but being unwilling to take it to a repair shop, yesterday I disassembled it, found the problem, fixed it, put it back together. I now know how the machine works and that I can fix anything else that goes wrong. But man what a pain that was! It is difficult to confront a problem knowing nothing, time-consuming and frustrating. It is what we all do here.

    I ramble. I am so pleased you are aboard here and offer us articles like this. Keep them coming.


    1. Your encounter with the table saw resembles my latest lawn mower experience. Took it apart, and discovered the problem was a $4 bushing and another $4 set of washers. The old, worn-out parts caused the gears which drive (transmission) the mower to disengage, slowly over time/wear and tear, to self-destruct. A $70 dollar part. Add shipping. Ooops, the transmission is on “back-order.” No date given for when that part may be shipped. I reassembled the broken mower, recycled it and bought an identical, new one for $325.

      This lose-lose proposition (game) is embedded in every machine on the market today, best I can figure. Planned obsolescence is a critical constituent element of our “economic/financial” system.

      It also seems to be fundamental in the designed life-span of empires. With the end of “growth” logically comes the end of empire, at least the one we’re all living and dying in today. When empires collapse, populations crash. The conditions are being arranged so we will be “forced” to “buy into” the terms and conditions (lesser of evils) of the new order, already designed for us, but kept under wraps until all our other options APPEAR to be exhausted. Don’t fall for it, like I did with the mower incident. You could be paying for convenience and a false-logical solution with your life (if, as I believe, all life has a soul).


      1. I went to great length to make sure that I had registered my table saw (RIGID) when I bought it, as it carried a lifetime warranty. I wasn’t expecting anything, as I take care of my own stuff to the degree possible, but when I got to my account with them, I found that the saw had been eliminated, and I had no coverage anyway. Later I found a link to an owner’s manual to it, and it said “Obsolete”. Customer reviews for it were mixed, mostly middle to bad. I think the machine turned out to be a lemon, so they ditched all the people who had bought it.

        Sorry to derail the thread here, Steph, talking about tools. I see in our current situation that everything taken away from us will be given back conditionally, if we carry a Covid-19 card. I don’t see what choice we have. I only hope the supposed vaccine is like all vaccines, ineffective.


            1. LOFCAUDIO – I feel like such a dunce. I read over your blog post two more times, and can not find the Fletch allusion. Sorry! Can you point it out to me, or give me a hint? Thanks!!


      1. I have Dumbing Us Down here, unopened. Something about the guy, his writer’s voice doesn’t harmonize with me, a bit too squishy. I have the same problem with Aldo Leopold, Isabel Allende. Must be the accountant in me.


  4. Thanks, Stephers. Excellent piece, loaded with great minds working toward a better way. I enjoyed Matt’s July 4 declaration quite a lot, and the comments there hold an extra bonus for those who care to take a moment.

    The mask symbolically represents so much of what is wrong with our system. The present planned disruption has exposed this (mask) subject for all to see. Love how your essay examines the view from a variety of vantage points in a way accessible to newcomers and seasoned warriors as well. That’s the beauty of your “telephoto-lens” approach, I think.

    Several of the words used in the links keep coming up; I think the following might benefit from further clarification: 1) “democracy,” and 2) “people,” and 3) “human(s).” Important words, used in many ways, most commonly to distract, deceive and misdirect, IMO. I know this may sound trivial, but teachers have an even greater responsibility to define terms precisely when possible, and lay out examples of where and how the meaning of certain commonly-used words and phrases have often been inverted deliberately to keep us from the truth, especially the truth about ourselves.

    Took me a while to get through all those video links, but glad I did. Looking forward to whatever you dive into next.

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