GMO Plantations are NOT Forests

I cannot play the video without the link to the organization(s) who produced it — so they can use it to make more money, grow more staff and send emails to unsuspecting contributors. They probably sell their mailing list to Democrats too. It’s a good video if one can ignore all the crap surrounding it.

More evil from the evil bastards.

There’s not much more that needs to be said. This video has all the important points covered in triplicate. Evil exists in most forms of commerce and trade. The planet, and everything living on it is under attack. This is how far it has come. How far it goes is up to all of us.

Do not consent. Do not remain silent. Do something, however small to thwart these evil bastards.

5 thoughts on “GMO Plantations are NOT Forests

  1. The first 3 minutes alone made me nauseous Steve. These people truly are evil; they are evil beyond comprehension. They are mentally deranged as well, they must be to do this knowingly

    Resistance is the only possible option. Everybody who has this knowledge should resist these madmen. Mask rejection is one small part of that resistance, but it is an important part because it is so topical at the moment. I’ve never worn a mask here in the UK and I’ve never backed down when challenged either. Then again I’ve not been put under much pressure, there is still some sort of residual respect for elders like me. I’ve had plenty of dirty looks thought. This the best that the, naturally reserved, tight-ass Brits can usually manage to show their disapproval. It’s all civilised stiff upper lips here old chap; a caricature I know but still true…

    This week our government has announced a £100 billion “Test and Trace” coronabaloney programme, £100 billion! To put that in context it is 70+% of the total annual budget for our socialised medicine system here. All of it to be spent in the next few months! The £100 billion has been conjured out of thin air as usual and all of it is going going to large corporations of course. And all on the citizens tab too [I really should say the subjects tab. We don’t have citizens here, we are all “subjects of the Crown”]

    To anyone who is half awake then, this is obviously just theft from the national treasury, on a massive scale. But the current levels of fear have eliminated critical thinking, and there is not even a murmur of protest, not a murmur. I expect that the masses will readily comply with this embryonic medical big brother system, which is clearly a forerunner for social credit. The system is based on their smartphones and the younger generations have been thoroughly conditioned to view the world through their precious devices haven’t they. They love mostly their precious devices with a passion

    So yes, resistance is absolutely essential now, before it is too late. Everyone who knows anything about this should kick back as much as they possibly can, and in any way that they possibly can.

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  2. Pete, always good to hear from you. You are so right, machines and their ever so proud inventors have used and abused us to near oblivion, yet few are aware of our disassociation from reality (nature) and that fundamental connection to our mass psychotic condition. All roads (and subjects) lead back to the Crown Corporation and City of London — another obviously huge influential force dictating away to the masses daily, hiding in plain sight.

    A loss of discernment, for sure . “… a lot of things are happening…” that don’t amount to squat.


  3. Last week, the power company in my town hired a local tree service to once again, amputate the huge old trees lining my street. The power company did not send written notice to home owners like they did a few years ago. Long story short, I went out there as they were cutting down an oak on the corner of my property and yelled at them to stop and to not touch my 5 old large cedar trees that followed. The foreman then sent one of his workers to my door as he wanted to speak to me. I was basically reprimanded and given the choice of signing a non-consent waiver which included paying minimum 20K if a power disruption were to happen between that section of line and the next. At the end of the discussion, he seemed to have some empathy, and allowed me to watch as he carefully trimmed only the tops of the cedars. If I were not home, my trees probably would have looked like the rest of the street, hacked w/out any respect for size, age, beauty…because time = money and utility companies now have eminent domain.
    With regard to the video and a recent comment I made about pine trees disrupting 5G and seeming to be scarce @ the local nurseries, maybe the GMO pine and eucalyptus were created to allow for 5G, especially with their their branchless trunks. Both the REAL pine and REAL eucalyptus also have many medicinal qualities. Certainly the ‘franken’ version removed that gene sequence in round one.
    So I tried to stop them from cutting down trees and I also told the census guy, after his 4th attempt, that I refused to answer any of his questions, that it was an invasion of privacy and pointing to my iPhone said, they already know everything about me, if you want to know more, go online, goodbye and have a great day!!
    It’s not much in the grand scheme of things, I’m no one on the org chart, but maybe the trees were in some weird way grateful for my intervention (the census man, not so much 🙂


      1. no apologies Steve!! Nothing better than some J Geils on a post summer Sunday! And a pleasant reminder of many full throttle boating days gone by. Thanks for sharing!!!


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