The eight amendment has also been set aside

I have an aunt, the sole survivor of my mother’s family of seven sisters, who is now 99 years old, and on her way out. The family is around her, and one of her daughters quit her job to move her to a place closer to other family members. Imagine, however, that she was alone, in virtual quarantine in a nursing home, relatives not allowed to visit. She would die (or would have already died) in utter isolation.

In my letter to the our Governor Polis, a low and unworthy human being, I used these words:

“… orders from your office have already superseded the 1st (right to assemble), 4th (privacy) and 9th (travel) Amendments to the US Constitution, Amendments that delineate rights that are inalienable. I guess they are not.”

I should have a added another amendment that is gone out the window, the Eighth:

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Everything we see going around us is cruel and unusual, but what they are doing to people in nursing and retirement homes is by far their worst – in my view, sociopathic, and brutal. The people behind this hoax, including Governor Jared Polis (CO), Gavin Newsom (CA), Gretchen Whitmer (MI), Steve Bullock (MT), and Jay Inslee (WA), to name a few, should not only be removed from office, but should be  placed in isolation, in jail. (Bullock is a goner now, having served his term as governor and lost a promotion to US Senate. Montana’s high offices were entirely swept by Republicans, causing me mirth and laughter not because it improves things, but rather because I love seeing Democrats in pain and agony. Is that cruel and unusual enough for you? Have I mentioned that while Republicans can be tolerable, Democrats are repugnant to me.)

I offer two views of our current situation, the first provided by long-time friend of the blog, Brandon, a podcast by a guy going by the moniker “The Quash,” a lawyer of thirty years, called “Constitutional rights are BARNUM statements/BS. I had never heard that expression before, Barnum, and see that it is a psychological term meaning personal aspects we think unique to us that are actually vague and generally shared. If you listen to the podcast be warned, Quash likes to use the f-bomb and other swear words. He uses them well, however. There’s a right way and a wrong way.

The other view, not far off Quash but more optimistic is Jon Rappoport, in a post titled Open Letter to Patriots Everywhere, which contains the following:

There is NO state of emergency that justifies sweeping away Americans’ basic freedoms. No war, natural or manmade disaster.

NO emergency can override the meaning and spirit of the Constitution.

There is a line that can’t be crossed for any reason. Otherwise, an official or legislature or court could, armed with an excuse, cancel the Constitution.

Quash says the Constitution is meaningless, and always has been. Rappoport still imagines it affords us some protections. However, seeing the ease with which it has been swept aside, I don’t know, I am leaning towards Quash.

And you? Do you see what I see? 98% or more have capitulated.

41 thoughts on “The eight amendment has also been set aside

  1. “Quite simply, man’s creation of lower (legalistic) law hinges on his ability to convince or fool another into allowing them to play god and thus create law over his own legal creation of empire. A master must have his subjects, or his title is meaningless and his foundation (artful source) will fail.” – Clint Richardson, “Strawman,” pps. 130-131.


    1. All of this, and the quote from Richardson below, strikes me as “too clever by half.” It’s all well and good for “philosophers” to discuss these kinds of points, but practically speaking, the majority will never be philosophers. And if they must have a cult, I much prefer the cult of the “powdered wig men” to that of the Branch Covidians. Give me more passionate true believers in the Constitution, and we would wipe this blight from the land over the course of a weekend. Or two to three weeks, at the outside…


  2. From what I’ve learned from Clint Richardson, the gist is that you and I are not “the People” of the United States. We are citizens of The United States corporation, each of us with the legal status of “person,” and subject to US code.

    From, “I Am Not The People, And Neither Are You,” by Clint Richardson:

    “Ever wonder why a petition never seems to work? That’s because a petition is not created by all the People, but only by some persons. Persons are not the People. In other words, a petition may be considered as legal evidence, but not as the will of the People. The People is a legal concept that the People can’t seem to access, though We are supposedly the People.

    “I’m not sure how many other ways I can say this, but it should be clear that I, you, we, and us is not the People. It’s a physical impossibility, which is part of the strategy of control. The government knows that the People can never be together in one room, acting as its true self – all the millions of actual voters. It’s a gloriously impossible feat. And that’s why the legal god that has been named the We, the People as a representation of the People is so powerful and seemingly immutable.

    “The only last fallacy to be consumed in the fire of this fractal debtor’s hell is to dispel the notion that the People created the government. Here again, the romantic patriotic view is that the People all voted for the constitution. Of course this is a verifiable untruth. Very few of the People could vote, because they weren’t good enough to vote due to blood, status, lack of land-holdings, and of course color. The People who created the constitution were clear on this 3/5ths of a point, which makes it humorous to see a patriotic ‘negro’ man eager to wave the flag.

    “While it is accurate to say that the group of Free-masonic men who signed the constitution were certainly a specific, proper noun group of People, it is not accurate to say that they were all the People of the entire nation, any more than it is accurate to say that the legislature actually represents the will of every person in the United States as the People. It is more accurate to say that the individual states as body politics’ were the things that made up the People, and not the men within acting as citizens, slaves, and voluntary or involuntary servants. The People, as defined above, are the states of the nation and therefore is the nation itself. That’s not real People, that’s just an incorporated thing. An idol. A god.

    “How could there have been a People if there was no nation? Was there a specific day that all men became the People? They certainly weren’t natural born at the time they became the People. Could the People of a nation exist before the nation was created? Obviously, if none of us out here can represent the People in court, then we are not really the People.

    “If government disappeared tomorrow, there would be no place for the People to legally appear as a legal body. For the People only exist as and in a fictional jurisdiction. Government creates and becomes the People, and the creator controls.”


    1. and thus, having learned from Clint these things, the logical conclusion is to understand that there is no longer any need to discuss the is all a fiction, and to take it seriously is to ALREADY BE DUPED.
      solution? Not anarchy? So then what?
      there is a solution but if you do not know then stop complaining.


    2. Interesting and succinct! Thanks for the link it’s always good to add another blog to the list. I don’t believe I have encountered his stuff before.


  3. It’s absolutely heartbreaking that they’ve targeted the most vulnerable and fragile people of this world whilst smirking smugly and mocking the very people they are here to SERVE.

    They’re criminals and murderers and should be hanged for treason – perfidious, racketeering , loathsome traitors.

    So pleased your family are around Mark, to gently and with love, help her to die peacefully without fear.

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  4. I’m so glad your aunt is not alone Mark.
    Terrible times to die for the elderly, really.

    I agree with Marlaine, these criminals should be hanged and kept hanging for days as a warning to future governors.

    Who has voted for them monsters though is also responsabile for all what’s happening, let’s not forget that.

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  5. If the current estimates on the worldwide human population are to be believed, how do THEY get from 7.8 Billion down to the neighborhood of the 500 Million etched into the Georgia Guidestones? Well if you take 7.8 Billion times by .0666, you get about 520 Million. You know what THEY say about that which is “written in stone”. Now recall FLIGHT 93 supposedly crashed into the soil of Pennsylvania, killing ALL SOULS ABOARD. The number 93 was no doubt chosen as a reference to the 93% of people who must perish to achieve a reduction to 500 Million. BTW, life expectancy in the united States of America had been rising for many years through 2008, then the big crash happened. 2009 brought the H1N1 vaccine which resulted in a multitude of “unplanned abortions” or i mean “miscarriages” (laced with RU486 perhaps?) It is estimated that 40% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and that is not including intentional abortions. These sorts of shenanigans have allegedly gotten the GATES FOUNDATION (baby killers?) kicked out of many a country, but KING WILLIAM HENRY GATES wants to address inequality once BIDEN is firmly shitting in the OVAL ORIFICE. Meanwhile, life expectancy in the States has now been dropping every year starting with 2009. Coincidence? Not a chance. All of the supposedly “new” vaccines have been ready to go for quite some time. Brace yourselves and plan accordingly. It’s gonna be a prickly future indeed and we are all on needles an pins waiting for the next pan de mic to the left then the right.

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  6. I’ll add Governor JB Pritzker to that arrest list. He seems to enjoy telling everyone to mask up and closing businesses down. He also enjoys getting billions of dollars in Federal funds.


  7. all the amendments are but an illusion of law. They only exist as long as one does not ask for them. Also the law-breakers if they are breaking the law on the “right” side, never get punished. The same applies for democracy and many other things that give us the illusion of not being slaves. Corona may be over faster than we think. More and more people with names and titles behave like they have nothing to lose anymore and tell the truth. Mainstream still ignores them so far but the truth is being told more often now. In my Aldi there wasn’t any masks today and personal couldn’t tell me, when and if they will get them again. Not that I need it. I just asked because the usual place was empty. I’ve recently seen many internal letters calling 2021 the post corona time. It’s collapsing faster every day.


    1. By the way, not too many understand here in the States, governors and county health agencies have no powers over us as individuals. They only control businesses, and that control boils down to threatening them with other offenses like cleanliness, which they can find at will, like police planting drugs and then finding them. This is just US, but if we enter a store without a mask, the store can ask us to leave, and we have to do so. Otherwise we are trespassing. All we need do is organize into a group of fifty twenty or so, enter a store maskless, and they cannot do a thing. Police cannot arrest, stores cannot force a mass exodus. It doesn’t happen because we are atomized, unable to hook up.


      1. Mark, this is what’s so devastating about all of this. It boils down to a very simple equation – they are united, we aren’t. How successful they’ve been in pitting us against each in myriad ways.


        1. They are ORGANIZED… we are not. They operate from a place of fear and loathing rather than love and caring.

          There is a worldwide organization which requires its members to take an oath to obey their “superiors” in the organization. This organization courts and entraps its members from every walk of life: govt, industry, police, military, media, entertainment, etc – and they are most often high achievers with low moral standards – sociopaths and psychopaths. Clubs per se are not a problem as long as their members and leaders are good, upstanding citizens. The problem comes when they are infiltrated and then filled by those who undermine life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness , specifically, Luciferian cults, which hold interests that clash with the natural rights and values of good people everywhere.

          That is where we find ourselves right now. The atrocities we see – election fraud, riots, arson, child sex trafficking, organ harvesting, wars, etc – are not designed by normal, natural, logical, loving, caring, well-meaning people. They are designed and perpetrated by people who believe they have a chance at great wealth, power and fame if they sell their souls to the dark side and join together to commit heinous crimes against the people. These people do not play fair or play nice. They are the bullies on the playground.

          Main problem is, we don’t know the rules of their game – only they do. Good people cannot even imagine the depth of their depravity. Secrecy has been their survival tool; stripping away that secrecy and broadcasting their secrets is what is occurring now in the “drain the swamp” movement.

          Two big whistleblowers who were raised in the cult are: and – see especially Kerth’s video on the JFK murder ritual.


      2. Mark, if the store asks you to leave they are discriminating and breaking the law. You have every right to be in a business that is open to the public. No business has the right to force you to wear a muzzle.


      3. I put a mask in my Aldi on not because I’m not aware of that it is not illegal not to wear a mask. I do it because the cashier lady is scared and her boss is scared too and I just want to buy my groceries and leave and put the mask off again. You can’t fight such things directly on your own. A shop owner by the way should always be allowed to choose his customers as he likes them. If he wishes customers with masks, let him do so. This Corona situation demonstrates perfectly how the chain of command really works. It took a few weeks to make the entire world put the masks on. The entire world Mark, just by spreading news. I’m still convinced, this will be over very soon. Of course TPTB will do it in a way the masses will not even recognize it as what it is.


        1. How do you know they’re scared? They may hate the mask cult themselves. Brian at HITV defends the right of store owners to refuse to serve customers if they don’t like them for what they’re wearing/not wearing and I agree although he wasn’t universally popular for that stance.

          Trouble is. the business owners can fall foul of the law even if they don’t agree with it and don’t enforce these crazy laws and then get shut down. And if your employer forces it under threat of being fired, again there’s little you can do. Many stores are forced to put up official notices about wearing of masks inside anyway, they have no control over it.


          1. None of these covid rules are laws. Nobody needs to comply with unconstitutional restrictions. Almost no one has the sense or the courage to do what is right any more. Just worthless order followers.


            1. Here’s how it works, with masks anyway – the governor of our state has no authority over me and cannot order me to do anything. His only authority is over state agencies. He orders them to order businesses to comply with his edicts. So they are in trouble if not squeaky clean. But when it comes right down to it, they can get shut down for not enforcing masks too, as it is way too much trouble to fight them while no money is coming in.

              If I go into a store without a mask, as I usually do, and am left alone, no harm done. If, however, the store demands that I wear a mask, I either have to comply or leave. If I stay when they order me to leave, it is trespassing, and I will be in trouble.

              The news around here treats all of this as if police have an option of forcing someone to wear a mask, and simply opt not to. They say they would rather “educate” the public. That’s a lie. They cannot force a mask on anyone. They can only enforce trespassing. So don’t do it.


              1. You tell them you are exempt. If they continue to harass you, they are breaking the law. If they are open to the public, they cannot discriminate. Bring a copy of the orders with the exemptions highlighted and ask them to read it. Educate them that no one has to wear a muzzle.


                1. I wear a button that says I am exempt. It generally works, but not always. The problem is that my button is a bluff. If pressed, forced to push the issue, being in perfect health, I have nothing to push with. You make it all sound easy. It is not.


        2. You reinforce that there is something to fear by participating in this disgusting psyop. This will never end as long as assholes like you continue to comply. Nobody has the right to force you to muzzle yourself. Businesses that attempt to do so are discriminating against the sane.


          1. You be required to wear a mask even if you don’t fear the almighty covid. Why? Because they fine you in some locations for not wearing a mask. Not only that, they lay a heavy fine on businesses that allow you in their doors without a mask, so businesses are very protective of themselves.

            What is to “fear” where i live is:
            1) to be fined and
            2) to be confronted by a bouncer at the doors of businesses that are also fined for not enforcing the “law” or “whatever it is”.

            Do you live in a city or county that has passed some sort of ordinance requiring masks? It’s nuts, indeed, but it’s folly to park downtown and not feed the meter, or to throw trash from your car, or to play your stereo loudly at night in an apartment building where people are trying to sleep… My solution is to wear a mask that is loose and “flowy” on the sides, so i can breathe. But the last time I parked downtown and put money in the meter, it turned out to be the “wrong” meter, because they are very hi-tech, computerized meters – it cost me more than i cared to pay for parking downtown… dig? Let’s sue their pants off and go the legal route rather than be individually targeted for crossing them… i understand some people are already filing suits.

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            1. You have allowed them to intimidate you into submission. The virus is fake. These orders are unconstitutional and have broad exemptions.
              This will not end unless you grow a spine and tell them you are exempt and stop harassing you.
              All of you order followers who do what you know is wrong disgust me.


    2. Hi Barb,

      Is it collapsing? You’d never know that here in Los Angeles. But then again (insert LA joke here).

      When you talk about “a post-corona time beginning in 2021” (paraphrasing; correction welcome), couldn’t the writers of those letters, using that phrasing or one of equivalent meaning, be referring to the period that begins once mass vaccinations have begun? In the minds of modern people, isn’t the vax the end of the affliction’s reign of terror and the beginning of the “post-coronal.”

      Thus, the people using that phrase might not have been referencing a period after the Hoax falls apart, but the period after the mass vax have been begun. That’s the version of post-corona I am guessing a lot of folks are seeing as their future. “Once I’m vaxed, no mask, no lines, no hand sanitizer, no lockdowns. Free as a bird: parties, concerts, romance. All the vaxes kept me from getting something no one I knew ever got anyway; this vax gives me my life back.” Not me, of course, but others see the future that way, I think.*

      [To me, the CV19 Hoax is the highest artistic form, the ne plus ultra performance of the Hegelian Dialectic (Problem, Reaction, Solution) … EVER. I can think of no more pure demonstration of the dialect’s raw power over the masses than an operation in which the purveyors of the fraud didn’t actually have to DO anything at all. To stampede earlier populations up the slaughterhouse ramp, Hitler had to actually burn down the Reichstag; the Towers actually had to be demolished, for example. Something had to happen. Those risky difficult actions, and a jillion others back through history, had to actually be committed to get the population to rush up the ramp toward proffered “safety.” This time all the fraudsters had to do was pretend — to tell a lie and make it stick. No burning wreckage; no physical evidence; no video of an ‘event;’ just application of lesser magic, word and number sleight of hand. Assertion, assertion, assertion: then amazingly the victims initiated themselves, performed greater magic upon themselves, enacting isolation and purity rituals and donning symbolic coverings to signal their assent to what was being done to them. Fauci, Gates & WHO just had to say their lines, and Anderson Cooper his, repeat them every ten minutes, and then reverse themselves, before once again returning to theme (push-pull gaslighting), while utterly nonsensical numbers flashed onscreen. It was a show; quite literally Dustin Hoffman’s “it’s a pageant, a spectacle” from Wag The Dog. It was trauma based mind control by fraud; while the fraud purveyors’ performance was and is mimetic: An imitation of people who know something, scaring the shit out of people who have been trained to believe they themselves don’t.

      [The audacity is breathtaking. Somehow they managed to assert the existence of a worldwide Problem; That elicited a global voluntary Reaction that unleashed real pain, hardship and destruction, achieving for the controllers in the process undreamed-of, technological, political and societal social-engineering goals in mere months; Creating a traumatized population clamoring for whatever Solution is offered, “just to get my freaking life back.” And here it is, right on sked: The vax.]

      From there, vax certification becomes the passport back to personhood, the golden ticket, the travel document for returning to Normal-land, where (slightly tailored) civil rights and human dignity (minus bodily sovereignty) wait to be reunited with each obedient citizen. For the dissidents without one: no fly, no buy, no job, no entry, no exit, no shoes, no shirt, no services, no travel, no bank account and no money to mount a court case to fight any of it. National passports won’t matter, only WHO’s will; the nation-states have been demoted to mere enforcers of a UN certification. Alex Jones was right; amazing, really.

      Even if the vax were harmless sterile saline solution, the inflection event I’m describing would be a spectacular self-selecting partitioning of society into two groups. As a piece of social engineering by the control structure, it’s genius — getting the troublesome portion of society who opposes The New Normal to voluntarily self-identify by refusing the vax and foregoing certification. Thus will the dissidents be putting themselves into a one-down position by choice. (The messaging is already abroad about anti-vaxers being sociopathic and selfish, implanting in the average mind that the dissidents refused not out of principle but malice toward society. Projection and inversion work!) What are the vax-cert-holders to do at seeing our plight but shrug without qualm, explaining to their kids: “They chose it, dear. They could be like us like that! (SNAP!) if they’d just do the right thing.”

      I hope I have this scenario all wrong.

      *The word is that one of the magic vaccines needs to be stored at -70C. Whaaaat? Is that true or Barnum statement? Why, when most vaxes can be safely kept at 33 to 40 F, standard refrigerator temps? And why -70C? Does that number delineate a proven standard for some sort of medical objective, task or process? The only study I could find that describes and demonstrates what that temp does effectively in a medical context is this one:

      Click to access Long-Term%20and%20Short-Term%20Stability%20of%20Viruses.pdf

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      1. Such a great comment. The only change I would make would be to spell magic as “magik”. Mag-ik
        With “ik” being the 9/11 numbers.


      2. Wow, very good. Thank you.
        In a similar vein. Some of you may get this. With apologies to the late, great “Professor” on my rewrite.

        2020 (92 Years Early)

        And the Elite shall take over the world….

        We’ve taken care of everything, the news you see, the thoughts you think
        To keep you from uncovering the lie,
        We’re safe inside our Silver Towers
        While down below your lives are ours
        And you never even noticed how or why!

        We are the ‘Priests’ in the Towers of Syringe, Inc.
        Great shelves of vials line the hallowed halls,
        We are the ‘Priests’ in the Towers of Syringe, Inc.
        We have the ‘Gift of Life’ – you best be ready when we call…

        Look around this world we made – we locked you down in just one day!
        Welcome! To the NEW Brotherhood of Man.
        You’ll need our ‘Tat’ to be allowed the world
        Now let our banners be unfurled
        Which holds the Needle proudly high in hand…

        We are the ‘Priests’ in the Towers of Syringe, Inc.
        Our great computers know everything you do,
        We are the ‘Priests’ in the Towers of Syringe, Inc

        This has been the plan – to assume control of you….

        To the people of the late, great Planet Earth

        We have assumed control – We have Assumed Control

        We had no idea it would be so EASY
        Land of the free? Haha, not anymore
        Home of the brave – hardly – all we had to do was float the IDEA of a deadly virus and you all ran into the corner like frightened, whimpering, masked little puppies..
        Excellent!! Now keep your mask on, your head down and do as you’re told…

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      3. The Pfizer vaccine has to be stored at such a low temperature because its delivery system into the cell is via lipid nanoparticles which break down (become soluble) at even very cold temperatures.


  8. Yes, a great comment. I’m already working on a way of getting a ” pass ” without actually having the vaccine. I suppose I could get a forgery or even pay someone to get two vaccines once in his/ her own name and once in mine! Just kidding.
    No doubt the PTB have been working up to this point for some time now with the creation of that faux ology , virology, and the practice AIDS, SARS etc. etc. runs.
    I find it hard to believe that the Globalists just jumped on a handy passing bandwagon to further their aims. More likely , they ordered, built and drove that bandwagon to its destination, taking millions of gullibles along with it for the ride. This has all been planned a long time ago.


    1. Hey, Me,
      Concur. There’s reason to think the ramp on this particular four-play long-con (virus, communicability, vax & (return to) slavery) pre-dates the Salk Show to even before the Spanish Lady, all the way back to Pasteur.
      Many would pooh-pooh that as hyperbole, as giving too much credit to the Capstone Group, but I don’t think so.
      The vax needle is the thin edge of the wedge delaminating bodily sovereignty from the rest of the block of our human rights. Once you allow someone else to legally decide what enters your body, they own you. Your progeny will not enjoy their generations-long slide down the slippery slope.
      I think it’s all there to be seen.


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