Be still, my beating heart

First, I recommend to everyone that you read this comment by Paso Robles. After reading it, even though it is kind of a downer, I thought … he nails it.

Second, I am wondering if everyone understands the what and how of this hoax. If so, read no further.

There are two elements that are essential to pulling this off, a kind of Manhattan Project of compartmentalization that allows the criminals behind it to enlist the services of honest people, doctors and scientists, nurses and lab technicians. They all imagine they are doing God’s work, saving humanity from a new and novel virus.

First, the virus. It does not exist. But by means of news and agitation propaganda and massive censorship at every outlet that might highlight this fact, I imagine 98% of the public is bought in.

The National Center for Education Statistics did a study on adult literacy in the United States, the one I am looking at done in 1993 and updated in 2002 – it doesn’t matter much as these numbers do not change much over time. They found that 80% of us are not able to read and process long tracts, with only 3-4% of us functioning at the highest level, able to read, understand and process complicated data. (Jump to page 41 of the PDF, page 17 of the actual report contained therein for this data – actually, the entire report is loaded with fascinating information but it is neatly summarized there.) The essential take from this is that 80% of the public is easily fooled. That means that no matter what they do, be it moon landings or tower demolitions or fake viruses, the people in charge of public information own us at the outset. Thereafter, I think the remaining 20% erode under pressure of isolation, never having any reinforcement of their views in media and being surrounded by dumbasses, but wanting to belong.

So the idea of selling a virus that does not exist was going to be easy for most to swallow, as our education systems teaches us, instead of how to think, to adore authority figures, political leaders, and especially people in white lab coats. We here have all seen the videos that tear apart the shoddy science behind all of this. It’s comforting, intended for us, and does not fly beyond these boundaries.

Second, the polymerase chain reaction machine (PCR), is the beating heart of the hoax. This paper, The Scam has Been Confirmed,  details how they are pulling this off. First, the authors show that no corona virus has ever been isolated. That is no surprise. Various individuals we promote here and in our blogroll, like Lanka, Kaufman and Cowan, have stated that there has never been proof that viruses cause disease (or even exist). So how are thy pulling this off?

PCR is an amazing machine. When used for its intended purpose, matching strands of DNA, it is accurate in the extreme. If police find blood at a crime scene, and using PCR match it to an individual, that’s proof that that person, and no other human on the planet, was at the crime scene. In my own life, I saw it used to release an innocent man from prison after serving 14 years, and later to identify the actual criminal. PCR is the mainstay behind DNA matching, and of course, in the wrong hands, is very dangerous. It is in the wrong hands and has been since the beginning.

It was first used maliciously in the AIDS hoax. That was the forerunner of the current hoax, and it worked like this: Rig it to find a virus that probably does not exist or may be just harmless, HIV. Associate HIV with a real syndrome, AIDS, caused by other things, not a virus. Once that association is made, when a person dies of anything AND is “HIV positive,” that person is said to have died of AIDS.

In the current hoax, SARS-Cov-2 is used in a similar manner as was HIV. The PCR machine is rigged to find genome strings, and the authors of the paper linked above have identified these strands as existing in the human genome and in a hundred or so microbes that can be found in our bodies.

So why do just a few people “test positive?” For that, I can only guess that the primers they chose for the PCR would guarantee a few positive hits, but also that as they increased the number of tests, the positive hits would increase too. Increased testing gives the illusion of a virus that is spreading.

In real life for its intended use, PCR takes a strand of DNA and amplifies it by doubling it, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and on out. Eventually it magnifies that strand by 2 to the 25th power and more, a 2 followed by 25 zeroes. Dr. Kary Mullis, its inventor, said it was not trustworthy beyond thirty amplifications. This is akin to making copies of a photograph, each one blurrier than the one before. The data becomes less and less reliable. (Mullis also said that the machine should not be used to diagnose disease, as finding one virus or gene sequence is essentially meaningless. But who listens?)

We have got new data now, a study published by Oxford Academic, by Rita Jaafar et al and with a name too long to print here. It is short and accessible to the layman. Their conclusions: after 25 amplifications, PCR reliability is 70% and declining with each amplification. At 30 amplifications, PCR is only 20% reliable. At 35 amplifications, it is only 3% reliable.

Does this matter? Not as much as it appears. The work being done is sloppy, but is not even intended to be reliable. They don’t care. All they want is to find positive tests, which are meaningless, and then to do more and more testing to give the illusion of a pandemic.

After all, they are not looking for a virus.. They are looking for a gene sequence that they know we all have, and that will reliably turn up.

Technicians, nurses, doctors, scientists, and surely politicians do not know this. They trust the white lab coats to be honest and really, really smart. As we all know, giving someone trust gives them permission to lie.

This past month or so, behind closed doors, laboratories have surely been ordered to ramp up … not amplifications used, a red herring, but rather just the amount of testing. This is what has created the second wave. It has been planned from the outset.

I close with the Paso Robles comment again, as he addresses the matter of a vaccine that cannot exist for its stated purpose. I have read and seen evidence that the vaccine might involve electrolysis, to actually enter our cells and then reproduce. That is surely above my pay grade, but I have to ask, to what end?

I don’t fear the vaccine. Maybe I should, but with me, it is redundant. I suspect that the effect of the vaccine will be to sterilize or reduce sperm counts in men. I cannot speak for women. If PCR is the beating heart of how they are pulling off this scamdemic, in my view, population reduction is the ultimate goal. This gives me a sense of optimism, as if it is as I suspect aimed at culling the herd by having us produce fewer babies, I am no threat to them anyway. It means I can resume the wonderful life my partner and I had, traveling and seeing the world.

I could be wrong, of course.


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  1. It’s funny… you wouldn’t see any collapse here where I am either. The only indication of anything wrong are the masks that people are wearing. Like China – the masks do nothing.

    I’m in no hurry, but time will tell.
    What happens – happens


  2. It doesn’t appear that one will be able to receive a single dose of the vaccine and then carry on merrily with their life, traveling the world. At least two doses will be required for this first round of MRNA vaccines, taken a few weeks apart. Going forward from there, we’re probably looking at a profitable system of annual vaccination like the flu shot only this time it will be mandatory in order to maintain your “immunity passport.”

    There is much to learn about MRNA vaccines, Mark. I’ll provide some links when I’m no longer traveling (enjoying the Central Coast of California as much as is possible under the scamdemic. Even The majority of beach-goers are dutifully wearing their masks despite the open air and mild wind). This is new technology, rushed to market to combat a supposedly new virus, and no one knows its long-term health consequences. From what I’ve learned, it appears insanely risky to sign up for an MRNA vaccine. You’d be a serving as an experimental guinea pig as no one publicly in the mainstream scientific community knows what the hell these things are capable of long-term. I wouldn’t be surprised if the military, however, knows something about the long-term health effects, given that “Operation Warp Speed” is largely a military operation. Interestingly, on the Wikipedia page for “Operation Warp Speed” we find this under Budget and leadership:

    “Operation Warp Speed uses BARDA as the financial interface between the U.S. federal government and the biomedical industry. The program was initially being funded with $10 billion, with additional funds allocated through BARDA. Funding was increased to about $18 billion by October 2020.
    Rick Bright, the BARDA Director was reassigned on or about April 22 following his resistance to ‘efforts to fund potentially dangerous drugs promoted by those with political connections,’ In May, Moncef Slaoui was named Operation Warp Speed’s chief adviser. Slaoui is a vaccine researcher and, formerly, Chairman of Global Research and Development and Chairman of Global Vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline, where he led the development of five vaccines. General Gustave F. Perna, who served as commanding general of Army Materiel Command, was named Operation Warp Speed chief operating officer. Retired Lieutenant General Paul A. Ostrowski, who previously served as Director of the Army Acquisition Corps, is the Director of Supply, Production, and Distribution.”

    So BARDA had to reassign their director after he resisted ‘efforts to fund potentially dangerous drugs promoted by those with political connections.’ Strong dissent in the ranks. How about that?

    Under “companies receiving research funding,” we learn that:

    “ On November 16, 2020, Moderna announced preliminary data from its Phase III clinical trial, indicating 94% efficacy in preventing COVID-19 infection. Side effects included pain at the injection site, fatigue, muscle pain, and headache. The Moderna results were not final – as the trial is not scheduled to conclude until late-2022 – and were not peer-reviewed or published in a medical journal. It remains unknown whether the Moderna vaccine candidate is safe or effective in people under age 18, how long it provides immunity, whether it requires a booster shot, or whether it is effective in people of color.”

    Awesome. The Moderna trial isn’t over until late-2022 and latest results weren’t peer-reviewed or published in any medical journals. What’s not to like? I guess we’re supposed to take Moderna at their word regarding their vaccine results.

    Lastly, I came across the following comment while visiting James Howard Kunstler’s latest blog post:

    November 27, 2020 at 11:26am #

    “ Just wait until the so called COVID ‘vaccine’ is mandatory, but ONLY if you want to fly, work, or go into the grocery store. Not a true vaccine; a true vaccine is a live, attenuated, or killed virus that is NOT self replicating, that is injected to elicit an antibody response to a specific set of viral proteins on cell surfaces. The Mrna ‘vaccine’ is a self replicating viral strand that goes into potentially ALL cells and cell nuclei in order to generate a new DNA code to send messages for intracellular ribosomes to make COV cell surface antigens (possibly on ALL cells). The Mrna strand is wrapped in and augmented with PEG (polyethylene glycol), which makes squalene (formerly used in vaccines until it was shown to elicit genetically latent auto immune disorders) look like a weak augmentor. PEG, and to a lesser extent, squalene, dramatically pumps up the GENERALIZED immune response by ALL antibodies, not just those to the virus or virion. Good luck with that ‘distant’ family history of Rheumatoid Arthritis, hyperthyroidism, psoriasis, and a plethora of other diseases you think you didn’t have and weren’t going to get. To make it worse, the Pasteur Institute people have shown that there are AT LEAST 4 COV mutations (with different viral protein spikes) in the US and Europe; the Hong Kong Med U group has found 30+ mutations. One so called ‘vaccine?’ No chance. Many will be required, perhaps annually like the flu shot (which was only 10% effective in the past two seasons).

    And by the way, I disagree with the so called ‘anti-vaxer’ movement, and I support use of all the real vaccines such as MMR, HepB, Pneumo, etc. They are real vaccines.”

    Wardoc, 30 yrs experience as an Academic MD Physician.


    1. It is hard to imagine that they had to rush this thing out, as the pandemic has obviously been long and well planned, perhaps years, perhaps decades. So the vaccine, which will have nothing to do with a virus not even proven to exist, surely has some other purpose.

      I for sure will not be first in line. I am surrounded by people waiting for the magic elixir. I’ll see if it kills them. But with Gates at the head of this effort, population control has to be part of it. I suppose they could just start killing people off, but I think it more likely they are bending the curve with the vaccine, more likely a sterilizing agent. It is, after all, Agenda 2030, ten years out.


  3. I agree with you that they didn’t rush the development of the vaccine. In fact, it may not even be possible to produce a vaccine for a (genuine) novel virus in less than a year – although the public is expected to set aside this kind of doubt. They could’ve had their vaccine waiting in the wings for years, for all we know. Rather, they’re rushing to get their vaccine approved and into the marketplace. Their urgency is supposedly motivated by their desire to end the scamdemic and save lives with their vaccine. I think it’s safe to say their urgency to vaccinate the world is motivated by something far less altruistic.


      1. Of course it’s much bigger than that. Population control, ensuring the next generation of chronically unhealthy customers for Big Pharma, eugenics and a trans-humanism agenda via MRNA biotechnology.


    1. Please do. Does Gallatin County have a testing facility? I doubt it. If Jefferson County here in CO with 600,000 does not have one, it is unlikely that there is one in the State of Montana. But it would be nice to find out, maybe via FOIA, the number of amplifications that testing labs are using to back up the regulations. I think with Jaafar, even if we know the test is bogus, that we can hold them to the wall.


  4. Of course I agree with all you and Paso say, Mark.

    The only problem though, a big one the way I see it, is that 99% of people are not ready to understand or accept the fact that viruses do not exist, so we can keep stressing that until 2050, it’s useless with the majority of people and we won’t get through to them with arguments like this, I know that for a fact.

    That’s why I do not try and talk to people around about this scam anymore, it’s time wasted I’ll never get back. I’ve come to terms long ago with the fact that people have mental barriers, prejudice they’re not ready to let go of, and are scared shitless about feeling lonely in their pursue of truth, so they prefer to accept anything that keeps them within a group and gives them the illusion of safety and normality.

    Actually this is one of the rare alternative blogs around where the blogger himself and some commenters do not believe in viruses and their trasmission as we were told and taught by a fraudulent science, all others talk about a fake pandemic but the very existance of the virus itself is not even discussed or doubted, you get banned if you do.
    Cognitive dissonance much?

    So guys, we’re very far away from a real awareness of the lies we’re been fed all our lives for thousands of years and generations, the layers of Maya are still so many to unveil it’s painful.

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    1. I wonder if it would be possible to throw a wrench in the gears by using their own tactics against them. For instance – I envision a PR campaign through social media, pushing the idea of N95s for high risk groups… Now hear me out – the premise makes sense to normies I think, but it gets the camel’s nose in the tent…

      That is, N95s are believed to offer true PERSONAL protection. If that becomes the goal, the whole guilt trip of EVERYONE wearing masks “to protect others” crumbles. Like most health issues, it returns to being about “personal responsibility” and the degree to which one is personally germophobic or a “health nut.”

      My framing for this would be to have personal testimonials from “at risk” people, with touching photos of them in their N95s, saying how, yes it’s a little more burdensome for them, but now their grandchildren of school age or college age can live normally – their adult children who lost a job or have pressure juggling child care can return to normal – their friends and neighbors can enjoy football or family gatherings, etc. And they don’t have to worry about a risky new vaccine for themselves or family, because Covid can spread through the healthy population and achieve herd immunity, orburn itself out, something like that.

      I’m just spitballing here but maybe that would short-circuit some of the “arguments” officialdom uses? Of course, I can make the “ad campaign”, not too difficult with some graphics software – but it would depend on whether it’s spread widely through social media – if others see the same utility in such a gambit that I do?


      1. Many healthy younger people do of course fear covid for their own sake – so I guess the campaign would have to emphasize the survival stats for those under 75 being so excellent. 99 point whatever %.


        1. To me it depends on the dynamics of social media, and whether anything grassroots can ever take off. I assume it would have to do with how much innate appeal or interest there is in enough people, whether it could overcome suppression and become a part of the general conversation or not.


          At the above link the Rockefeller companies Blackrock/Vanguard own shares in most of those 6 companies that own all the media. Comcast, Disney, Sony, News Corp, for instance, as well as banks, pharma, electronic, railway, cheesecake (my favourite), etc.


          1. Jackie – There is a major difference between assets owned and assets under management (AUM). AUM represents assets in funds owned by a lot of people with 401ks, IRAs, etc. Such funds are simply managed by Vanguard and Blackrock. They don’t actually own as much as you are implying they do.


            1. Who manages Vanguard and Blackrock?
              J. P. Morgan at the time of his death in 1913 was thought to be the richest man in America, but his will revealed he owned only 19% of J. P. Morgan companies. The rest was owned by the Rothschilds. Was he a manager?


              1. A long time ago I wrote a post on the most powerful man in Montana, Dennis Washington. At one time the state was pretty much owned by Anaconda Copper, which also owned the biggest newspapers in the state. That company owned the Berkeley Pit, a huge open pit copper mine in Butte, still there and filling with toxic water, a massive liability that will someday (if not already) be foisted on taxpayers. Then ARCO bought them out. There were two major railways used to haul goods and ore out of the state, and both were bought out by Burlington Northern, now BNSF. One small link was left, now called Montana Rail Link. As far as I know.

                The newspapers were eventually bought by Lee Enterprises. Dennis Washington became the biggest road builder in the state, and eventually bought the Berkeley Pit and formed Montana Rail Link. His name is no coincidence. My suspicion … these companies never really change hands. They are merely appointed new managers. That’s all Dennis is/was, the new caretaker. With the newspapers, they were just tools under Anaconda Copper, and under Lee Enterprises, no change.

                This has only ever happened once, that I am aware of. While working on something else, involving a Washington (John Brown supposedly kidnapped a Lewis Washington), I went to review the Dennis W piece, and found it had disappeared! It was completely erased. Fortunately a friend (actually an enemy) of the blog went and retrieved it from the Wayback, and I reposted. That has not happened before or since. My suspicion, someone got word to DW of the piece, and he ordered it removed. I suspect that WordPress had a hand in it. I do not trust WordPress.


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              2. Jackie – You aren’t understanding. Assets under Management refers to assets owned by millions of different investors, not owned by Vanguard & BlackRock! The equity positions belong to investors who are in control of shares and can vote for Directors and such. In no way does a company like Vanguard actually own Assets under Management. If investors withdraw or switch to cash in their 401ks, IRAs, etc., Vanguard is forced to sell some of the AuM because they are just the fund manager, not the owner of the assets!


    2. Anna, I’ve been thinking of making a list of hoaxes and ranking them, and of course, Covid-19 was going to be at the top. The more I thought about it, the more I came to think that Germ Theory has to be among the leaders. Other hoaxes, AIDS, Zika, Covid-19, MRSA, Ebola … all hinge on germ theory. It has to be the biggest scientific hoax in human history. Even bigger than the moon landings.


      1. Well that’s an excellent idea Mark, a database of hoaxes based on the biggest and most criminal hoax ever: Pasteur’s fraudulent germ theory.

        We’ll have to start somewhere as I really dunno what else to do, say or show at this point.
        My white flag’s ready but I’m not ready to give in just yet, there has to be a way to break through this mass hypnosys.


    1. MT – I agree with Fakeologist. This is an excellent analysis. To echo your work here, following is a paper that was posted on the same site from which the paper you cited appeared: Please note this paper is a translation from German, and is a “bumpy” read in some parts. That said, POM readers will get the gist, and thanks to your cumulative work on this psyop, will be able to more readily absorb the information.

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    1. This is the presentation that Dr. Genevieve Briand, MS in Applied Economics Assistant Program Director, gave on 11/11 to JHU. The data she presents is evidence of “misclassification.” Hard to dispute this.


  5. Excellent piece and some terrific replies already so far.

    At the risk of belaboring a point I’ve made elsewhere, it seems to me that a lot of people are still struggling with the ‘why cant other people see the hoax’ question.

    This troubled me for a long time as well, going back years, to a time when I first discovered the Handy Sook Hoax, the Boston Hoaxathon, and other clearly-fake events.

    Only in the last couple of years, especially in 2020, thanks to the scamdemic, have I been able to internalise and accept something I guess I’ve known for a long time: ‘humans beings’ are not all the same.

    It sounds so simple when you put it like that: not all the same. But think about the amount of programming and conditioning we have received from a young age to convince us that there is some ‘essence’ which all ‘human beings’ share.

    If I can see that the ‘pandemic’ is a scam, why can’t the others? Because, it turns out, they are not capable. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. They are biological automatons who will believe whatever the authorities and the crowd tell them to believe. About anything. Be it the existence of a magical place in the sky (outer space), scary extinct monsters (dinosaurs), invisible little particle things which if you ‘split’ them, they explode (atoms), so on and so forth.

    I’m still just as frustrated by the scamdemic and its consequences as anybody else. I’m over not being able to travel, I’m over the general discourse (both in normie circles and in conspiracy / alternative circles) being based around something I know to be a hoax. I’ve had enough of it. And I don’t like where it seems to be heading…

    However, I no longer spend time worrying about or getting impatient with the opinions of the lemmings, especially on an individual level (friends, family, etc). They are what they are. And they’ll always be this way. ALWAYS. That’s the reality.

    Those who refuse to accept this, even after what we’ve witnessed in 2020, have every right to remain in their delusional framework of ‘we’re all the same, the others will wake up eventually’. Perhaps there is more hope or peace or happiness for some people in this framework. But it comes with the toll of cognitive dissonance: believing that the masses are ‘the same’ as you, while they behave like dribbling special people.

    So I say to those of you who read these words, perhaps it is time to come to the ‘dark side’, embrace the NPC concept, enjoy a new day in which the people around you behave the way they do because that is what they are here in this realm to do (believe their authorities, and go along with the herd).

    I can’t say that I’m necessarily any happier on the ‘dark side’ but I can tell you this: everything makes WAY more sense now. WAY more sense. I am not like these morons. On a fundamental level, we are different. Period.


    1. Spot on Jon.

      I bumped into the mother of an old friend in town yesterday, and she was wearing the filthiest facial-covering. It looked like she had spilt tea or coffee multiple times on the damned thing. I told her how it’s useless, how it can damage your brain, lungs, etc, but to no avail, she kept repeating you can’t go on a bus/shop/see the doctor without one, so I said ‘say you’re exempt, rather that than damage your health, why risk it?’ Nothing would change her mind. Zombie nation!


    2. ” A considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It is fortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it. If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror.”

      G. I. Gurdjieff


      1. That’s a nice quote (although I’m not sure which of his writings it is from).

        Gurdjieff is also quoted as having written:

        “I ask you to believe nothing that you cannot verify for yourself.”

        Right now the masses of the world apparently believe in invisible demons which can (and will) possess them, unless they follow the instructions of their leaders. These demons may cause permanent harm and even death to their hosts, and to make matters worse, once they have possessed a person, the invisible demons then attempt to possess those who their host comes into contact with.

        These demons can only be seen by the authorities, who have access to special gadgets which can SEE what we cannot see. The demons have a particular fondness for old people but they can possess anybody, even animals and fruit.

        To combat the demons, the governments of the world have followed expert advice and closed down small businesses, because that is where the demons are known to do most of their possessing. Certain governments have even banned outdoor exercise, you know, to protect our health.


    3. John,

      You are a good man. I’ve enjoyed your content for some time. You and Dave turned me on to “Nobody Died, Nobody Got Hurt”. Love that saying.

      I’m with you regarding outlook on “normies”. I walk through the stores etc. and just know they are not me, and (thank GOD) I am not them. This outlook even applies to family.

      Regarding travel…there are a few places left in the world where one is free to travel. Not many, but most that allow it require a “certificate” where one “proves” negative within say 72 hrs of arrival. Because, you know, the virus has an accurate time keeping function.

      I found Turkey to be pretty nice. Spent 5 weeks out and about there. I took in as much as I could, not necessarily running around like a chicken, but just taking it in, period.

      I got the old Rock n Roll pickup an oil change and am heading out to Arizona. I’m escaping the upper latitude for some deathly silence, peace and warmth of the desert.

      People, you can still hit the roads…they haven’t taken that from you just yet. Get out and try to take in what you can. The @#%$@’s of the world would have you in chains if they could.

      Fortunately, for the people of this blog, they haven’t stolen your minds. You are an extreme minority.

      God Bless to All 🙂


      1. Your kind words are truly appreciated, thank you.

        I had considered traveling to Turkey, I’ve read positive reports, however right now my eyes are on Bulgaria. Sadly I read recently that they too have succumbed to the lockdown mindvrius, so I’m not sure if I will be able to make if there, or if airlines will start canceling soon. Imagine beginning an indefinite overseas sojourn just one year before the world’s greatest pandemic hoax on record.


    4. yes john, you are right!
      it is either them or us;
      awake or dead;
      smart and stupid
      right or wrong
      weak or strong
      eyes open or eyes closed
      there is no middle ground..
      no people that are confused and doubt and wonder
      and go back and forth and see but are scared to look and then peek out and slowly make their way over to the other side..

      and i am sure that if you had a monopoly on violence, you would do horrible things to those morons…as they are now doing to us…
      ah, but …but…
      You are a sheep in wolves clothing.
      “Democracies” tend to create such people.


      1. there is no middle ground..

        I didn’t say that, but I will say this:

        A person who, as of December 2020, still hasn’t figured out that the changes we’ve seen in 2020 are NOT a result of some guy eating a bat in China…

        Such a person is beyond all hope at this point. Period.


    5. I think it is noonesflower on youtubecwho said that after 4 years of trying to get her dad to see 911 hoax he finally got it. I really do not like the npc label, many will never wake more than likely but I do not want to give up on anyone. I was a zombie just 4 years ago, very happy people helped t9bwake me.


      1. We don’t know if her father really ‘got it’, or is he simply started nodding in agreement with his daughter to get her to stop going on about it. Or if he ‘got it’ one day only to revert to regular programming the following day (which I’m sure most of us have witnessed among friends / family before).


    6. A few years ago, I took an Ethnobotany class (yeah, I’d never heard of it either) and learned about how pre-civilized man took cues from the earth about nature itself. A lot of that info escapes me, but, for example, the shells of walnuts–which nourish the brain–actually look like miniature brains. We are so cut off from Nature now that it’s impossible to imagine the relationship we used to have with it. But apparently, when we tune into it, Nature tells us what to do. It seems we are genetically programmed to obey forces greater than ourselves.

      Another writer here–was it Maarten?–talked about how the Rockefeller family collected information from all over the globe about the healing herbs and plants used by the shamans of primitive tribes… then created less effective synthetic versions they could patent… and then demonized or trivialized the original, and obviously far superior, models their shitty products. I believe television, the Internet and personal technology do similar things to replace natural features of our consciousness with carefully researched, though obviously inferior, substitutions.

      There have probably always been people like us–people who refuse to think and do what everyone else is thinking and doing. If we lived in primitive tribes where everybody was happily and prosperously obeying the laws of nature and we said, “Fuck this shit, you stupid lemmings–I think for MYSELF!’… well, things probably wouldn’t go so well for us. Actually, I’m not sure that mentality serves most of us particularly well in the current world, where most people’s genetic predisposition to obey Higher Authority is being systematically exploited by psychopaths.

      Come to think of it, those psychopaths may be the progeny of the original conspiracy theorists. The ones who broke away from the herd only to come back and turn its natural instincts against it.


      1. I’ve also been thinking, lately, about a Slinky my mother bought when I was five. She told me I had to share it with my three-year-old sister. No way in fucking hell was that going to happen. So I told my sister if she let me have the Slinky, I would MAKE her an even BETTER one. She consented, enthusiastically. I grabbed a sheet of typing paper and a pen, drew a squiggly line in a semi-circle, cut it out with scissors, and presented it to her with great fanfare. One of my fondest childhood memories is of watching my little sister throw that piece of paper down the basement stairs, squeal with delight, and then run down to get it so she could throw it down the stairs again.

        Jesus, if I could fool billions of people like that for my own material gain day after day, year after year, century after century, would I forego the temptation? I’m not sure that I would. But I’m pretty sure my amusement would turn to boredom after a while. After a few hundred or thousand years, it would no doubt harden into profound contempt and loathing. I think that would be a pretty miserable existence. And since I don’t have billions of dollars to offset that misery, I’ll leave the loathing all of humanity to the Elites. Oh, and to JLB. 🙂


  6. The vaccine COULD be relatively harmless and just be a way of funnelling money into the overflowing pockets of those who already have too much. Its REAL value is as part of the drama ………………the antidote to the virus that can kill us all. It perpetuates and gives credibility to the germ / virus theory of disease. Allopathic medicine is lucrative beyond imagination, there’s no end to its creativity . They really need to keep THAT one going. The VIRUS is the new bioweapon. A new one invented every time the PTB have plans for us . Every time we get a little uppity, they’ll roll out an ever more frightening imaginary virus.
    Rocky times ahead unless the foundation on which all this is built …………………the existence of the invisible virus…………………is brought tumbling down. Expect huge censorship, the odd early demise and the demonising of the still small voice of truth. Big time.


  7. There is another aspect, the vaccine could make you a GMO, and these can be patented and owned.
    This operation is multi purpose, one could be to change the legal status of people.
    Oh, it comes with a passport…
    Revisited Gemstone these days, did anyone have a look? The latest Crow777 interview touches the subject.
    PS Got a positive Test in my circle, gonna see what happens. Serious inconveniences so far.


  8. One item of push-back as my whole family showed various symptoms and all of us over the age of 12 tested positive. (My 12 year old daughter who had similar symptoms tested negative.) There is something different out there…the loss of taste and smell is pretty unique and has affected half of my family. My wife and 16-year old son have not regained those senses. We all had some weird back and hip pain for a couple of pains. So something was bothering us…

    As for the vaccine, I sincerely believe that there is something sinister in these vaccines but I don’t have a shred of proof. One possibility that makes sense to me is that the vaccines have a birth-control device similar to the old Norplant technology which releases a hormone in women which affects ovulation and prevents sperm from making a successful journey. What’s unique is that this new technology can be turned On/Off by electromagnetic waves by whoever has the remote control. Sounds pretty dystopian, but that’s our present reality. These goons at the WEF are just the types to want this in every woman.

    We’re on our way to Children of Men being non-fiction. Or Snowpiercer.


    1. Lofcaudio – In terms of the vaccine, I am in the process of gathering research for an upcoming post. In the meantime, the scenario you mention may seem to be sci-fi to some, but may rather be more sci-FACT. According to this article (linked below) dated May 08, 2020, “The Brave New World of Bill Gates and Big Telecom”
      By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dafna Tachover, Esq:
      “Gates will even control your body, your bedroom, your medicine cabinet and even women’s menstrual and ovulation cycles. He invested approximately $18 million in MicroCHIPS, a company that among other chip-based devices, develops birth-control implant chips with wireless on/off switches and chips for drug-delivery that allow a single implant to store and precisely deliver hundreds of therapeutic doses over months or years. The implants will be operated wirelessly by the patient to deliver medication. Knowing of Gates’ missionary zeal for population control, however, some customers might worry that the system could be remotely activated as well.”


      1. A word about Gates – I operate on the assumption, as originally put forth by MM, that Microsoft, Apple, Google, Tesla, Facebook are Intelligence fronts and are backed by DARPA technology, and that the head of each, Gates, Jobs, Pichai, Musk and Zuckerberg are fronts. So I don’t imagine any of them are as rich as they are made out to be. Gates, in my view, has never written a line of code. All of the money he is supposedly doling out is coming from a source behind him, but not from him.

        Chomsky used to write about this, but I think he got it wrong too. He was right that new technologies are crazy expensive, and so have to be done by government. Private investors want no part of it. Payback could be decades. But at that point Chomsky says that the new technology is simply given over to the private sector. It appears that way, but I imagine it more likely that the technology changes hands but not ownership.

        [PS – this reminds me of something Chomsky repeated many times over the years, that in the early 90s when the Internet was taking form, Gates refused to attend meetings, as he did not see any future in it.]


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