To Isolate a Virus, to Eliminate an Ice Age

This post is experimental. I am using Nuance Dragon software that allows me to speak and write at the same time. This is a newer version that I just purchased yesterday that coordinates very nicely with Firefox, allowing me to use the same software as always when writing a blog post, but while dictating rather than keyboarding. I am wearing what looks like an oven mitten on my right hand, so that the only digits available to me are the index and thumb of that hand. Apparently the hand is going to be out of commission for at least a couple of weeks, so this software is coming in incredibly handy.

I refer you to a paper entitled Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI) written by Sally Fallon Morell, Thomas Cowan, MD, and Andrew Kaufman, MD. The concepts in this paper should be familiar to everyone here, so this is an exercise in formatting and using various tools offered by WordPress. I will quote the opening section.

Isolation: the act of isolating; the fact or condition of being isolated or standing alone: separation from other things or persons; solitariness. (Oxford English Dictionary)

(Note) when dictating using this program, I have to be very careful. If it doesn’t understand the word I use, it makes up a word or phrase to take its place. For instance, from other work yesterday,  “pre-Estes on” should actually be Pleistocene. I tried several times yesterday while dictating from a book by Patrick Moore to get the program to memorize that word. It just won’t do it. Above, the word “solitariness” came out garbled.

Anyway, moving forward, our authors start their paper by noting that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been isolated or purified. Given this fact, the logical consequences are, quoting, as follow:

  • the structure and composition of something not shown to exist can’t be known, including the presence, structure, and function of any hypothetical spike or other protein;
  • the genetic sequence is something that has never been found can’t be known;
  • “variants” of something that hasn’t been shown to exist can’t be known;
  • it’s impossible to demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called Covid-19.

An important thing for me in rereading this is to commit to memory the procedures that virologists actually use to do what they call “isolation” of a virus. Since 1954, and a Nobel prize won by Franklin Enders, virologists use the following procedure. It does not vary from laboratory to laboratory. They take un-purified samples from a few people, and they minimally process the sample and inoculate them on to tissue culture containing from 4 to 6 other types of material – “all of which contain identical genetic material as to what is called a “virus“. (Original emphasis.) This tissue culture is starved and poisoned and disintegrates into many types of particles, some of which contain genetic material. My understanding is that virologists then look for what is called cytopathy, or death of cells in, usually monkey kidney tissue in which the toxic soup is inoculated. This is called proof or “isolation” of the virus.

Note well that virologists in doing this experiment could very easily do the same experiment without the sample taken from people supposedly suffering from a viral disease. This would constitute a “control.” If they got the same result, the experiment would have proved exactly nothing, and isolated exactly nothing. According to Dr. Cowan, Enders in 1954 in fact did run a control experiment next to his original experiment and noted that there was cytopathy in both experiments, the one with the sample taken from sick individuals and the one without. His experiment proved nothing. Nonetheless, he was awarded the Nobel prize.

Speaking of corruption and Nobel prizes, the 2021 prize in physics was awarded to Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann, and Giorgio Parisi for construction of a climate model that, according to the Nobel committee, can be used to predict future climate change for the entire planet. Science has gotten so corrupt, and the Nobel so meaningless, that the climate model constructed by these three people is one of the far outliers in the following screen grab.

That rather complicated vertical graph, as I understand it, is a report on various climate models and the difference between tropical ocean surface temperature and the troposphere temperature. Almost all of the precipitation that falls on Colorado, for instance, originates in the  tropics. Note the black line to the left, and to the right of that are seen some round objects with lines pointed out to be the side. I assume those represent ranges, but ranges that measure actual temperatures using balloon data. The spaghetti to the right of it is computer climate models, and if you take note of the orange line on the very far right that goes off the chart, that is the one that the Nobel prize was awarded for. That is how crazy science has gotten. Climate scientists actually claim that climate models are more useful and accurate than actual on-the-ground results.

We will live through this period of insanity, not knowing how much damage they intend to inflict with their crazy schemes and unspeakable dishonesty, but I do hope in my lifetime normalcy is restored to science. Did I just say that? I should say rather that normalcy will be introduced to science.

Back to the Enders Nobel prize, we can see here in 2021 that the Nobel prize is corrupted, so it is not hard to see how in 1954 it was corrupt too. Even at that time the Rockefeller Foundation and cohorts realized that they weren’t going to be selling very much petroleum-based medicine or vaccines without the existence of viruses. So to this day we have virologists repeating an experiment that was meaningless anyway, and claiming to have isolated countless viruses. If one purpose of viruses is to enhance the sales of drugs and vaccines, at least another is to protect certain industries from lawsuits for things they introduce into our environment that harm people. For instance, poliomyelitis was caused by pesticides (lead arsenate and DDT) used to get rid of the gypsy moth, and the pesticide in children settled at the base of their intestines and then migrated to their spine. This caused paralysis. We call it polio, and claim that it was caused by a virus and has been eradicated by vaccines. It is still with us and rampant in India, now labeled AFP, or acute flaccid paralysis. Symptoms are identical.

Morrell, Cowan, and Kaufman close out their paper in thunderous style. I urge that everyone download and read it. It’s very short, 2 1/2 pages, and it might just disappear as things go these days***

… questioning these virology techniques and conclusions is not some distraction or divisive issue. Shining a light on this truth is essential to stop this terrible fraud that humanity is confronting. For as we now know, if the virus has never been isolated, sequenced, or shown to cause illness, if the virus is imaginary, then why are we wearing masks, social distancing and putting the whole world into prison?

Finally, if pathogenic viruses don’t exist, and what is going into these intractable devices erroneously called “vaccines,” and what is their purpose? The scientific question is the most urgent and relevant one of our time.

We are correct. The SARS-CoV-2 virus does not exist.”


Well, that was difficult. Some of the problems are with me, as when using my left hand to operate a mouse. Others are with the cast that I am wearing, which has a nasty habit of hitting the wrong key, even deleting large portions of text already written. Thank heavens for control-Z. And, Nuance Dragon software has annoying habits and glitches. It has not yet trained me to think like it thanks. You see that? I said “think like it thinks” and it wrote down “thanks.” Little errors like that are difficult to detect and correct. I will be very glad to get back the use of my right hand.

*** (I just learned yesterday that the Pleistocene Ice Age, part of which includes our current times, has been ruled by the climate change community to have ended 11,700 years ago. They now say that we are in the Modern Warm “Epoch” rather than “Period.” It is one of many such periods within our current interglacial period, called the Holocene. These warm periods bear names like Minoan, Roman, Medeival … note that in each, as the names suggest, civilization advanced. We thrive in warmth. But  that’s correct… climate “scientists” now claim they have the power to end an Ice Age. (In case this is news to anyone, we are currently living in an Ice Age. We know this because both poles are covered with snow and ice, miles deep in Antarctica.. We are in the Modern Warm Period. There have been 44 such periods prior to our current one within the Pleistocene Ice Age. I do not imagine that in any of the previous interglacial periods we have ever encountered such corruption and blatant fraud and psychopathic scientific dishonesty as in the current one. Our current era is unique.

25 thoughts on “To Isolate a Virus, to Eliminate an Ice Age

  1. Speaking of Nobel prices, the Physics Nobel was corrupted a long time ago as argued by Alexander Unzicker in “The Higgs Fake” – the thesis of the book is basically: all the new “sub-atomic particles” are remnants of the noise in the data, and are not real.

    But back to the point about viruses;
    I have recently come to the conclusion “what starts as a lie, ends as a lie”
    This holds true for:
    Anthropogenic climate change – Guy Callendar
    Manned space missions – Apollo
    Diet heart hypothesis – Ancel Keys
    And many others

    I world consider the modern germ “theory” to have originated from Pasteur, and we now know Pasteur committed many acts of fraud and data manipulation, partially revealed by “The ‘Private Science’ of Louis Pasteur”. Now why should we believe in a theory touted by a fraudster? Because it is supported by the other “research”? When the same research are reliant on grants that are only given to those who support the narrative? A narrative that is beneficial to the profitable pharmaceutical and health industry?

    Once again: “what starts as a lie, ends as a lie”


    1. To add on the origin of viruses:
      I recently read a rather interesting thesis that argues “viruses” are endogenous – the existence of virus particles is a symptom of a disease, produced within our cells, instead of having an external origin; the paper argues mutagens in the environment caused our body’s mitochondria to malfunctions, which leads to the disease, and as a by-product of the mitochondria disease, viral particles are generated as waste

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      1. Can you post a link to that thesis?

        I’m digging into Stephan Lanka’s work. He also believes that viruses are made in the body to help microbes clear toxic tissue when the toxicity is too concentrated. In response, cells would create tissue-specific viruses to dilute the toxin.

        In what must pass for virus isolation today, the virus particles are clearly debris of dying cells but according to Stefan Lanka and Tom Cowan, it is possible to isolate viruses.

        The way they say this can be done is more like creating an isolate than isolating a virus in my layman’s eyes.

        This is a link with commentary on the book “The Contagion Myth” by Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell:


          1. Prompted by your comment, I searched a bit on Lanka’s views
            Given that I do not speak German, I can only find a few limited interviews/videos that I understand
            In any case, there are a few points he made in an interview that caught my attention

            “ It normally takes a team of virologists two weeks to sequence and align the millions of genetic fragments that make up any given viral genome. Zhang and his team accomplished that in 40 hours. Of course, the resulting sequence was very crude, very unpolished by the usual standards, which led several scientists to raise their voices and say that “such a genetic sequence cannot exist in nature, it must have been created in a laboratory”. These critics are therefore right: it was created in a laboratory, but not in a test tube but in a computer by means of sequence alignment using a bat virus construct generated years ago as a reference template. And it could not be otherwise since there is no such thing, there are no viral genomes. The genome they showed has anomalies that they could not polish since it involves a lot of manual work and compliance with a series of rules that virologists have implemented over time. And all that was not done so the word spread that it was an artificial virus created intentionally in a laboratory. No wonder Montagnier claims to have found sequences that are present in the supposed HIV genome. After all, he carried out the same procedure to construct the HIV genome and, consequently, the supposed SARS-CoV-2 genome has the highest proportion of sequences in common with the HIV genome. This is logical because they are all made from the same soup, from fragments of common genes that are created when animal tissue is destroyed in a test tube to which fetal bovine serum has been added, which in itself has an extremely high amount of nucleic acid identical to that found in the human body. The sequences may be aligned differently and the result will look different but the starting pieces are the same. With the genetic material used to sequence the SARS- CoV-2 genome they could have sequenced and aligned the HIV genome and the other way around. This is why Montagnier says he finds HIV sequences in the SARS-CoV-2 genome and other people say similar things with other genomes.”

            “ all known sequences that are available on the internet are removed from the set of what has been sequenced and only then alignment begins. This is why so few actual known sequences are found in the virus genome and only those that were unknown at the time of creation are found. The known ones cannot be found because they were filtered out and what later appear are only a few fragments since the length of their sequencing is only 150 nucleotides. Large pieces of microbial genetic information never appear due to the technology used which carries out a conceptual mathematical sequencing of the virus genome”

            The second quote reminds me of the fraud committed by modern particle physics (that I mentioned in another reply) – by filtering out the sequences that are known, and labeling whatever remains as a new virus/variant. This is fake science – and can be used to prove anything (If the dna/rna sequencing is really as Lanka claims).

            I must note, there are things that Lanka believes that I have entertained before, such as the possibility that all diseases are psychosomatic; but his theory cannot explain how (infectious) disease seemingly spread from person to person, or how viral particles/antibodies seem to be consistently found in people with the “disease” – if, as he claims, the particles are no different from normal cellular products.

            3-part interview

            Click to access Stefan%20Lanka%20%27Viruses%20are%20not%20microbes%20and%20have%20no%20infectious%20capacity%27%20I%20of%20III%20DSalud%20%28mobile%20version%29.pdf

            Click to access Stefan%20Lanka%3A%20Viruses%20are%20not%20microbes%20and%20have%20no%20infectious%20capacity%202021%20%28part%20II%20of%20III%29%20%28Mobile%20version%29.pdf

            Click to access Stefan%20Lanka%20%22Viruses%20are%20not%20microbes%20and%20have%20no%20infectious%20capacity%22%20%28III%20of%20III%29%20DSalud%20%28mobile%20friendly%29.pdf

            Transcript of a presentation

            His control study – dubbed


            1. I was able to print several in-depth articles by Lanka from Wissenschafftplus in English, and now I cannot find the source again. One is called The Misconception called VIRUS, another THE VIRUS Misconception Part II, another The Causes if the corona crisis are clearly identified: VIROLOGISTS who claim disease-causing viruses are science fraudsters and must be prosecuted, and finally, THE VIRUS Misconception.

              I have to go to an appointment across town but will search for these on return.


              1. Thank you for the source! I gave them a read, the contents of which agree with what I have read in his other interviews/lectures.

                From the articles, I was prompted to find out the details of “the measles virus trial”, which ultimately I must conclude the court decisions has no bearing on whether it proves or disproves the existence of the measles virus.

                In any case, I gave a cursory reading of the “6 key publications” of the “measles trial” (listed in, indeed it seems the experiments, starting from Enders, did not contain controls; so Lanka was probably right on this point.


          2. Thanks, it is striking how theories of scientists who do not believe in pathogenic viruses are sometimes at odds with each other and contain untruths.

            It seems that here too theory is often presented as fact.


        1. XS

          “He also believes that viruses are made in the body to help microbes clear toxic tissue when the toxicity is too concentrated. In response, cells would create tissue-specific viruses to dilute the toxin.”

          Where did you find Lanka expressing this view? From all the articles I found, I have not seen this sentiment mentioned anywhere. Do you have a source?


          1. No, I can’t find it anywhere anymore. Perhaps I am mixing up some things.

            What I do know is that Lanka received his PhD on a study of a virus in an alga that seemed to be very benificial to this alga.


  2. Viruses and climate seem to me to be the latest in a long list of distractions from the action happening in the back rooms at Davos, or in the City of London. The global financial, economic, social, cultural and political (I am leaving out some, I realize) systems, all based on usury (debt with interest) have been failing, and continue to fail. The 2008 failure created debt that will/can never be repaid. Usury requires perpetual growth, or the lending stops. When growth stops, lending stops, and the whole global system “our betters” have been building for centuries, is at, or past its peak. It’s all downhill from here, unless some new, emerging markets can transform the global system before it collapses. This is the race we’re in, like it or not. Aristocrats are facing a narrow window to transform life on earth as we have known it, into a radical, new perpetual growth system based on total fiction wrapped around climate and medical fraud.

    The future profitability of oil and banking are facing impossible odds. People are rejecting medical martial law. The centuries-old dream of a unified global system, run by a handful of nut-jobs, is facing a dilemma. Too much authoritarian violence and the carefully-crafted national government vassals could fall to unruly mobs, as is already happening in Europe and around the world, although largely censored in USA media. If the elites don’t push hard and fast enough, people are going to see the fraud in the virus scam as humans and microbes adapt to whatever is being thrown at them. Higher energy prices, and “green energy” isn’t less expensive, nor is it more efficient or effective in the current infrastructure system build around oil, hydro and gas.

    If we have reached “Peak Davos” we have only one job that remains, get out the popcorn, hold fast to your personal power (sovereign) and just say “no I do not consent.” Once you can see that the dream for what it is, there is no more that needs to be done.

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  3. “ Too much authoritarian violence and the carefully-crafted national government vassals could fall to unruly mobs, as is already happening in Europe and around the world”

    Care to explain more? Do you mean the rise of populism, or…?

    Speaking of financial crisis, I think there is reason to believe we are in the middle of a crisis that started in November 2019 – as indicated by the actions in the repo and reverse-repo markets; as documented by WallStreetOnParade


  4. *** (I just learned yesterday that the Pleistocene Ice Age, part of which includes our current times, has been ruled by the climate change community to have ended 11,700 years ago. They now say that we are in the Modern Warm “Epoch” rather than “Period.” It is one of many such periods within our current interglacial period, called the Holocene.

    The Climate Alchemists (Paul Crutzen a.o.) have bombarded our age as even a new one, they call it the Anthropocene, or translated “New Age of Man” (from Greek andros + kainos)


    1. I think it a good idea whenever we talk about our current disreputable people calling themselves climate scientists, to always put the word “scientist” in quotes. That says the story.


  5. Sekito,
    November, 2019 could be a milepost. However, we never recovered from 1913, 1971, 1999, and 2008. We’re still printing money as fast as we can to prop up unprofitable transnational corporations that do not, and cannot pay taxes. The devaluation of the dollar has been steady, and downward since Nixon’s decoupling from gold. Hyperinflation is the last stop before financial collapse. There are no safe havens, none. Art, gold or silver, gemstones, land, what is not at risk if the system gives up the ghost?

    Typically, a war works to distract the masses from the elite’s messes. Who will volunteer? Who is the enemy, if it is not ourselves?

    House arrest can only work for so long. Being banned from the grocery store only works if there is a “work-around” for the hungry. Hungry people become angry enough to cross the legal lines that have kept “order” in times of plenty, or even times of struggle, if some hope remains in the minds of those most impacted. No one can un-see the growing gap between rich and poor. There is a breaking point, and then it’s only about survival. The benefit/risk norm most people adhere to goes out the window, and the whole social-engineering project that has taken decades to fine tune is out the window. I feel a tipping point in the not to distant future — I consulted my crystal ball — and am pretty sure the fancy-pants geniuses (Davos geezers) can feel what I am feeling. Push too much and chaos could take an irretrievable toll on all those best-laid plans. COP 26 was a bust, apparently. What next, more cops, more national guard? The last thing the control freaks want is one, giant ungovernable global ghetto.


  6. Sekito,
    Same, same but different.
    Just read the following comment on a very parallel track over at The Saker:

    A. Dane on December 04, 2021 · at 11:13 am EST/EDT
    Dear Demitri Orlov.
    “I’m shure that you do not have Nordic ancestry, because it is uncommon for Nordic people to glee over the misfortune of you fellow man. Besides that, Vikings do appreciate dark humor.

    For a man born in 1968 in Sct. Petersburg during the former USSR, and who moved to Chicago in 1974 (12 years old), to get your BS in Computer Engineering, I think that there is something you didn’t learn while living in Russia. I guess Aleksandr Solsjenitsyn was still deported to Siberia, before your parents sneaked you through Checkpoint Charlie and into the American dream.

    What you didn’t learn (or have forgotten) is what caused the Russian Empire to collapse in 1917, and then again in 1992.
    What is happening in the west today is caused by the same Dynastic Elite and their Freemasonic agents that caused the French Revolution in 1799, the Russian Revolution in 1917, the collapse of Weimar Germany in 1920, the Wall Street Crash in 1929, the collapse of the USSR in 1992, and the current collapse of the west.

    Neither the French, Russian, German, nor American population deserved this destruction of their lives. Nor do any of the people in Nations attacked by the Imperial wars and color revolutions, deserve the destruction of their lives, they have received since 9/11.

    In 1974 I was taught about these major events in Europe, including the generational imprisonment of the Russian people, but one thing I never understood, is why the German population went into collective insanity during the rise of the 3rd Reich. Today the whole world should know why.
    The Germans in the 1930, were subjected to the same Totalitarian insane MO that we have been subjected to in the west since 9/11, and it was the same MO revolutionizing Russian back in 1917.
    The only difference is that in Russia it was called Communism, whereas in Germany it was called (NAZI) Fascism. Either way both isms are Totalitarian subjugation of humanity.

    When the NAZIs attacked and occupied Denmark in 1940, the Danes stayed in Denmark to sabotage and assassinate the German forces. And as Central European Fascism has been revived via the EU, The Danes will still stay in Denmark to once again force Fascism out of our nation.

    I suppose You will move back to Russia, now that Russia has been the new beacon of freedom. Russia was liberated because all of its former Dynastic Commissars left the collapsing USSR for Brussels and Washington, to pester the western population, when the Berlin Wall came down.

    Instead of sending these dynastic satanic snakes back and forth through the Iron curtain, it would be more intelligent to clean house Globally, once and for all.
    To rephrase a quote by one of the former Russian Commissars for the Globalist Fascist Elite, Madelyn Albright: I think it will be worth it.”


  7. Great job, MT!

    Several relevant links: (Dr. Sam Bailey reads from the paper below, asserting no isolation of a virus) (November 11, 2021) (Part 2 of Bailey’s series – again, asserting no isolation of a virus)
    “Dr Tom Cowan: Pandemic Of Not Thinking” (with Sam Bailey)
    (November 23, 2021)
    (see first 25 minutes)


  8. Mark, what should pass for evidence of the presence of a virus after the preparation of a culture as you describe in your post is not the same as what is called isolation.

    There are a few more steps to go after making a culture before it is called “virus isolation”.

    The culture that is supposed to contain the virus particles is filtered or centrifuged (density gradient
    centrifugation). This would separate (isolate) the particles that are supposed to pass for virus particles from the rest.

    The DNA or RNA of these particles is puzzled together by a computer program and the missing pieces are filled in by calculation.

    This yields about a million (literally, not exaggerated) different possible sequences of nucleotides from small to about a 30,000.

    The longest sequence is then selected and fine-tuned by “scientists”, after which it is claimed that a new virus has been found.



    The Gray Man
    by Jon Rappoport
    December 6, 2021

    The Gray Man
    Reads the New York Times
    He watches CNN
    So he knows who the traitors are:
    The ones who refuse the vaccine
    And want to infect the world
    The night is long
    And only the injection will deliver us from evil
    The Gray Man is beginning to believe
    The virus has always been here
    And only by some miracle have we managed
    To avoid it until now
    The violators must be punished
    They must be thrown into camps
    The kinder and gentler age is over
    Now comes the hammer of reason and science
    And if the backward and uneducated cannot grasp
    The fundamentals they will pay the price
    They will be sacrificed on behalf of all of humanity
    And the survival of the species
    The Gray Man reads the New York Times
    He watches CNN
    The night is long
    But the injection will deliver us from evil
    It is unthinkable that the State itself is corrupt
    And is controlled by banks
    It is unthinkable that the virus itself
    Does not exist
    And a story about a phantom is the pretext
    For a tyranny behind the bland assurances of bureaucrats
    The Gray Man reads the New York Times
    He watches CNN
    He understands the phrase “anti-vaxxers”
    Applies to unhinged lunatics
    Who cling bitterly to their guns and religion
    In the hills of unincorporated territories
    The military must be called in
    To hunt them down and put them in camps
    Where data can be collected from certified medical experiments
    The prisoners must wear prominent marks of their status
    Civilization when all is said and done
    Is a system
    The system is well organized
    It favors The Good
    If no one who is official can be trusted
    Then there is chaos
    Thus and therefore and ipso facto
    The mandates can be deduced
    The Gray Man reads the New York Times
    He watches CNN
    He knows what he knows
    He is eager to serve the force that drives progress
    He will be outfitted with government currency
    And codes of behavior
    This is a permanent emergency
    The police and the courts and judges are backing him up
    We are biological machines awaiting signals
    The night is long
    The injection will deliver us from evil
    The Pope can be trusted
    He is a banker
    The Gray Man reads the New York Times
    He watches CNN
    He knows all there is to know
    There is no other information
    That which has been censored and blacked out
    Would have eaten into his certainty
    It would have served no other purpose
    It stands to reason that corporations and governments
    Are working together to filter out contrarian
    Impulses that spring from
    Lower branches of the evolutionary tree
    Give us your huddled masses
    Yearning to be vaccinated
    The Gray Man
    Knows what he knows
    He reads the New York Times
    He watches CNN
    The ship is coming into the harbor of safety
    Gold bars are moving in tunnels under the streets of New York
    In coordination with Swiss algorithms
    Which govern the inflections of global currency
    The digital framework is building out day and night
    The individual human has always been
    Unreliably programmed and
    This will change
    Money the constant, the human the variable
    “This is to inform you your account is overdrawn”
    The Gray Man reads the New York Times
    He watches CNN
    He knows what Davos and Brussels and the City of London
    And Beijing give him to know
    The medical cartel is neutral
    It flies under no political banner
    It alters all populations
    For the sake of
    Survival of the species
    Stimulus response
    The Gray Man reads the New York Times
    He watches CNN
    He knows what he is supposed to know
    He is educated
    He grasps the essentials
    Every datum proceeds from prior data in an unbroken chain
    The system nods at the Gray Man
    “You’re on the right track, you’ve always been on the right track”
    When the Gray Man hates
    He knows who to attack, who to go after
    He wants to become a sharper instrument
    In the war against the ignorant
    He wants to enlist in an army and wear a uniform
    He dreams of clicking his heels and saluting
    He wants to stand a post
    The Gray Man reads the New York Times
    He watches CNN
    He drives his children to school
    Wearing masks, they enter a shroud of plastic encasing the building
    And disappear
    Inside the gymnasium they stand in a long line
    To receive their shots


  10. If you can find it online and outside the book “Scientocracy” edited by Michaels and Kealey, an essay titled Science and Liberty: A Complicated Relationship, by these two gentlemen, hits hard on the subjects aforementioned. I spent a good number of 3M flags reading it, so many that I should just commit the whole thing to memory. Francis Bacon and Vannevar Bush play large.



    “The Global Future Councils serve as a brain trust for leaders from government, business and civil society, and support the Forum’s mission by bringing together experts bound by a shared mission to discuss the most critical issues, generate insights and analysis, and collaborate in shaping agendas.”

    Wonderful, a bunch of grave-diggers “shaping agendas” behind closed doors. If you’re not in, you’re non-essential dead meat.


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