Riding the 33: Doom and Bloom

“I love dandelions. They make me feel like sunshine itself, and you will always see some creature resting on an open bloom, if you have a little patience to wait. This vital source for all emerging pollinators is a blast of uplifting yellow to brighten even the greyest of days. It stands tall and proud, unlike all the others opening and swaying in the breeze. The odd one out.” 

~ Dara McAnulty, Diary of a Young Naturalist

This past weekend was the convergence of holidays spanning three Abrahamic religions — Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It seems this occurs . . . every 33 years. (Uh oh, there is the 33 — once again.) April 15, 2022 was Good Friday, and also the first day of Passover, concordantly marking the time of Ramadan.

Amidst this concurrence of religious faiths, there have been seeds of doom and gloom wafting over the media airwaves. One alleged incident of doom this week occurred in the NYC subway. And what do you know? It was infused with the cryptic 33 (see here and here). Imagine that. Do you also see the 33 coding in this reported incident of gloom on April 16, 2022 at Columbiana Centre in Columbia, S.C.?

If the conniving, 33-obsessed controllers can ride the 33 this week (ostensibly, a time signaling religious faith and renewal), then, hey, why can’t we?! Perhaps there is an occulted hint in exploiting the vibrational template of 33, but for beneficent aims (?). While I surmise that occulted numbers — such as the 33 — can be utilized to manifest imprints of doom and gloom, I suggest that ordinary, well-intentioned individuals (including an ‘odd one out’ — such as myself) may also be able to access the natural vibration (an inherent, universal energetic template) of the 33, with which to harness and manifest intentions of bloom, as well as reckoning, restitution, and reciprocity. 

Personally, I find my spiritual and energetic practice in Nature. I have faith in the inherent capabilities, genuine narrative, and grounding support of Nature. By incorporating and embodying its wholeness, I am able to join all of my disparate pieces, learning to be more patient, kind, humble, collaborative, and playful. Through this reciprocal relationship of mutual listening and experiencing, I learn my real story — as told through a life-giving woven tapestry to which I am authentically tethered and anchored.

On Friday, April 15, I spent the day with my dear friend, Alison McDowell. We trekked to Princeton, NJ — to the historic sites of the Delaware & Raritan (D&R) canal, Carnegie Lake (also called Lake Carnegie), and the Institute for Advanced Study — for a reflective and energy shifting journey. 

In an uncanny twist of coincidence (particularly related to timing), this week also marked the filming of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie, “Oppenheimer.” Prior to our visit to the Institute for Advanced Study, it was reported that he was filming on-site. Readers may recall my March 2022 blog post featuring Nolan’s time-bending film, “Tenet.”

Please see here the video footage that Alison compassionately created and compiled, explaining the purpose of our trip. Accordingly, she demonstrated our sprightly (albeit quirky) style of rectification and transmutation; as we boldly, yet peacefully, asserted our non-consent to the attempted digital and mechanized takeover of humanity and Nature — originally evangelized in 1937 by H.G. Wells with his notion of the “World Brain” (and, subsequently, echoed in 1946 in The World Sensorium, by Oliver L. Reiser). Alison integrated lovely stated intentions that were shared with her prior to our various excursions in the Greater Princeton area. 

In a nutshell, my research efforts over the past five years synchronously intersect with Alison’s. I suppose it is this convergent contemplation and non-consent of the counterfeit, digitalized (and militarized) global brain that has brought us together. [For a supplemental perspective on the world brain agenda, please review this very informative Twitter thread, in addition to this Twitter thread, and this highly astute analysis by Drew Hempel in 2003.] Thus, it seemed fitting to gather during a unique time of conflux — typically hallmarked by reflection, seasonal change, and energetic shifts — as well as to situate ourselves in a locale imprinted with a rich, interdisciplinary history of scientists working in enigmatic fields of study. It is our position that the outcome of some of these studies may possibly be leading us down the wrong path — away from our intrinsic connection to Mother Earth, and the intercommunication that we already embody and share.

Along our winding way, Alison and I took some photos (see here and here) — amongst the early spring perennials of daffodils, spring beauties, skunk cabbage, and of course, dandelions. A friendly frog kept us company on one of our jovial jaunts. 

Alison and I set out to pollinate messages of love and peace, as humanity engages with an accelerating presence of AI and nano-neuro-electronics, aiming to hijack our innate sensory circuitry. Conjointly, we do not wish to transmit intimations of doom and gloom. By leaning away from warrior and victim mindsets (and what may have initially stemmed from anger and fear), we are attempting to lean into a more positive, emboldened, and transmutative engagement — as we face the ever-present influence of digital domination. 

In unpacking the details of this overreaching cybernetic post-human agenda (actively exposing what is appearing before us — in nearly every sector of our lives), we are packing away our doubts and doom-infused fears.

Seeds of hope, empowerment, confluence, and clarity are blooming. May we ride the sacred vibes of spring; adapt and flow with the supple rhythm of water; and fertilize our faith in the natural progression of humanity. 

[Writer’s Note: There were two additional site visits on our planned itinerary. I had to leave early to attend to my outdoor animals (I am on a homesteading schedule). Fortunately, Alison was able to complete the last legs of the journey. In the video I linked, you will see that she stopped at the historic site of Grovers Mill (famous for the hysteria-inducing radio broadcast of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds,” which was adapted and presented by Orson Welles as a prank). Alison concluded the trip at the Princeton satellite branch of SRI International — organized around pioneering work in AI, robotics, electron microscopy, signals intelligence, and other advanced technologies. Significantly — prior to merging with SRI — this site was originally Sarnoff Corporation, which was a pivotal developer in electronic communications.]

Addendum (April 18, 2022): I offer a belated acknowledgment to Jennifer Lake. Her many years of diligent digging into the history of synthetic scientific domination intertwines serendipitously with the efforts of both Alison and myself. Recent e-mail exchanges among the three of us have proven fruitful and supportive. Most resonant with this post are her Timelines, that provide a helpful framework with which to better grasp the scope of influence in building the artificial structure of the world brain. Thank you so much, Sofia Smallstorm (another collegial powerhouse, whom I owe much overdue gratitude), for connecting us to this treasure trove.

32 thoughts on “Riding the 33: Doom and Bloom

  1. It was a wonderful and fun outing Stephers. I look forward to another round of play in the future. Thank you for the book gift – I’ve been making my way through Oliver Reiser’s “World Sensorium: the Social Embryology of World Federation 1946,” and it offers useful insights into their misguided plans for us as neuroblasts in a “World Brain.”

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    1. Steph, I’m glad you had such a nice time, You write so elegantly Poetic; it takes us on a journey. There’s much to take in…Thanks.


    2. Dandie Special

      I love dandelions too, as well as just about every other plant. To prove it, I have posted a collection of dandie pics that I’ve taken over the years. As you can see by looking at the pics, I am especially fascinated by the images of seed-making, and of course the seed production can symbolize fertility and the passaging of life itself to we humans; and the dandelion itself, ever present and always bloomin’, is a reminder of simple wholesomeness in harmony with the natural world.

      Here is the link to the gallery containing 15 dandie pics: https://www.juzaphoto.com/me.php?pg=326860&l=en. The thumbnails are above average, but I recommend clicking each individually to really appreciate the picture quality and impact….and a ”technical note”, although I use a digital camera, I use only old manual focus lenses that render images I like.

      The posting of these images is inspired first of all by Alison McDowell. I have wanted to offer these images to her for a couple of months, and Stephers’ post today has finally pushed me into action. Here’s to Alison and all you dandelion lovers out there.

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      1. OM,

        These dandie pics are SUPER special. Simply spectacular. Thank you SO much, my friend. Here’s to bloomin’ and seedin’ . . . (I passed your photos on to Alison, and she is very grateful.)


  2. Interesting that you mention H.G. Wells. A commenter on Rappaport’s blog led me to an incredibly predictive futuristic short story written by E.M. Forster in 1901 called “The Machine Stops.” Forster said this story–which predicted not only the Internet and the hive mind of social media, but also social distancing and self-imposed lockdowns, climate change lies, globalization and the homogenizing of the world, and (I would argue) A.I. Forster said the story was “a reaction to one of the earlier heavens of H.G. Wells.” https://lithub.com/how-e-m-forsters-only-foray-into-sci-fi-predicted-social-distancing/ As Gabrielle Bellot notes in that LitHub link, “The comment is telling. Wells is often popularly thought of as a writer whose stories captured the wonder of technologies that did not as yet exist, associating scientific innovations with societal progress as a whole.”

    You can read the full text of “The Machine Stops” here, and I recommend everyone who frequents this site does read it. It’s 25 PDF pages, and I found it stunning:

    Click to access Machine_stops.pdf

    In this story, most of the world is entranced by The Machine, which started out as a way to connect and serve people, but evolved into something that controlled them. Everyone lives in separate rooms underground. The rooms are connected by tunnels and railway cars, and people have the option to fly to other parts of the globe via airplane, but few people do unless they are required to do so, because every place in the world looks exactly the same, and people prefer to communicate with each other through The Machine.

    SPOILER (I really encourage you to read the story before reading my spoiler.)

    At the end of the story, the main character discovers that a few people DO live above ground. They exist separate from the system by which everyone is mentally and physically enslaved underground. At the end of the story, as the title alludes to, the Machine simply stops functioning–for reasons that are not explained. This means horror and death for most of the global population. Forster leaves it to the reader’s imagination what may happen with those who live outside the machine, beyond the system–those who have managed to hang on to their humanity.

    The ending of the story strikes me as being quite likely the only possible ending for the situation we now find ourselves in. I’d love to read other people’s thoughts on it.

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    1. Sounds fascinating, thanks for the link/ info.

      Btw, you made a comment a few threads back that I was too slow to reply to – I think I was just mulling it over a few days later – what you said about most of your friends seeing through the absurdity of the Covid narrative, and not really buying it, but then eventually succumbing to the drumbeat of pressure to conform and go along with it. I am probably misstating a bit, but something to that effect. Anyway, it just got me wondering about what my contacts “really believed” at different points and (though I’m no clairvoyant), as best I can tell, they “really believed” in it from beginning to end (albeit with different feelings/ views about appropriate measures/ responses throughout.) “Conservatives” (or Democrats with any shadings of old-school views/values) were more likely to be uneasy, suspicious, skeptical, cynical, etc. – but still not likely to question the fundamental claims of experts and officials. Just put off by it all, and seeing the absurdity and contradictory stories. I have no conclusions about any of this, just some musings : )


  3. ScottRC –

    Ah, yes. I align with your insights/conclusion.

    I never read Forster’s story, but I did watch the 1966 BBC-TV adaptation of it: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060643/. (I tend to cheat that way. I will prioritize reading the original story – now that you gave me the nudge.)

    It was recommended last year by Matt of QoC, and I previously linked to it in December 2021 (at the very end of my post): https://pieceofmindful.com/2021/12/14/the-stench-of-digital-dung-virtual-variants-trigger-events-and-blockchain-cults/.

    Following is a direct link to the episode (which I highly encourage watching): https://archive.org/details/out-of-the-unknown-series-2/Out+Of+The+Unknown+S02E01+-+The+Machine+Stops+-+1966.mkv.


    1. Thanks for the link. Just from watching the first few minutes, it looks to be a very faithful adaptation, and I’ll watch the whole thing. I still highly recommend the original story though. The visual language of the BBC adaptation, though dated, is nevertheless familiar enough to be a little numbing. The original story, written in nineteen-oh-fucking-one–is all the more mind-bending, to me, because of the way it arises from and sees so far beyond the time period in which it was written.

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  4. From p. 141 of Oliver Reiser’s, The World Sensorium (referenced in my post):

    The world we live in today is moving so rapidly in its recurring and increasingly critical social difficulties that we can no longer leave it to evolution, unassisted by man’s intelligence, to produce the needed social cephalization. Human beings are the neuroblasts, the embryonic nerve cells, of the emerging world cortex. To facilitate the cosmic maturation of the world brain it therefore rests with us to take the fate of biological evolution into our own hands and refashion human nature to meet the needs of the great society. I shall not here venture suggestions on how we may attain a creative control of conscious evolution, but content myself with the observation that only thus will the New Humanity come to inhabit the New Earth.


    1. It’s the same old problem–reaction–solution model, with zero acknowledgement that the elites who created the problem are creating a solution that benefits them and no one else. Is it the fault of all humanity, or a relatively small group of self-serving parasites, that “the world is moving so rapidly in its recurring and increasingly critical social difficulties?” It is their psychopathic brains, not those of the majority, that are in need of “cosmic maturation.”

      In the link to Reiser’s “Earth Portals” page you provided, Reiser is quoted as saying, “What confronts us, at the present time, is an immense problem in programming.” True dat. Yet, somehow, he doesn’t blame the programmers.

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      1. ScottRC,

        Precisely . . . Darn gaslighting, elitist eugenicists.

        “A few hundred brains do the creative thinking for the two billions.” (p. 117 in The World Sensorium)


        1. That’s a highly intriguing page/ passage. It at least reads as if it’s the author’s sincere view, so maybe an insight into what “they” really believe.

          To my view, evolution and mutant geniuses seem speculative and unfounded in evidence, so far as what I’ve seen in the public sphere. And only a few hundred brains? I wonder which particular “knowledge workers” he means, that’s pretty rarefied.


  5. Stephers

    Seeds of hope, empowerment, confluence, and clarity are blooming. May we ride the sacred vibes of spring; adapt and flow with the supple rhythm of water; and fertilize our faith in the natural progression of humanity.

    Definitely !

    You are right about the need for discernment & clarity to reach that good space..

    The Machine Stops – thanks for the pdf Scott – was chillingly accurate & got me wondering whether Forster was just a prescient storyteller giving a warning of sorts, or a spook in-the-know putting things in plain sight for the future.

    I thought this link
    might be of interest, highlighting connections between some who would appear to be truthers (want to be seen as/have appeared to be & might not actually be).
    Andrew Kaufman’s face split on Mark’s recent post is interesting in this context.

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  6. Kath,

    That’s funny – I had intended to place the April 19 “Hugo Talks” presentation in this thread (as I had in the comments thread at MT’s Sacramento 3+3 post), but family life diverted me. So, I am glad to see you did, and that you also seem to have resonated with the analysis. I highly encourage readers to watch it. Thanks Kath!


  7. Speaking of “33” templates (including the lunar 33-year cycle) – and synchronicity – as well as time (related to my “Tenet”/palindrome post) . . .

    After publishing this post, I began watching (with a family member) the German sci-fi thriller Netflix series, “Dark,” released in 2017: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5753856/. (Interestingly, I had never heard of it until a few weeks ago.) Before plunging into it, I only knew that it centered around time travel, and was subtitled in English. That is about all I had to go on.

    I am only four episodes in, and do not wish for any spoilers – nor to offer any spoilers to others. That said, little did I know (I had no clue) that the streaming series (which is highly intricate) rides the 33 – and thus far, it seems to ride it significantly. I am curious to see where it goes.

    To get a sense of the “33” touchstones embedded in “Dark” – in so far as it does not reveal the plot – readers can see this link https://dark-netflix.fandom.com/wiki/33.


  8. Stephers-

    A little off-topic, but….

    Finally saw your link to the Institute for Advanced Studies. Having lived in and around Princeton for 25 years, I was well aware of the Institute, and the Al Einstein connection, and the pride that Princetonians take in all of that, but I had no idea that Abe Flexner was the founder. His name would have meant nothing to me back then, anyway, as I was just beginning (late 1990’s) to come to grips with the fraud of HIV-aids, and then polio, etc. Now, seeing Flexner’s name attached to the Institute adds to the mosaic, web-like structure that can properly be called the Rockefeller Medical Empire and Rockefeller influence, and I can’t resist retelling a bit of the Flexner story.

    Brothers Abraham and Simon Flexner were instrumental players in JD Rockefeller’s construction of a world-wide medical/pharmaceutical empire, an empire based on greed, desire for control, and pseudoscientific research into disease and disease causation.

    Simon was a champion of that fraudulent science, which spurious work was needed to help establish JD’s new empire. In one of his most important stunts, designed expressly to cement the concept of pathogens and viruses into the minds of all, he performed a pas de deux with Landsteiner and Popper, of Vienna, Austria.

    L&P’s stunt was to inject toxic material (vaccines, anyone?) into two monkeys, making them sick. One died. L&P, with zero evidence to support such a claim, said that this showed infection with the polio virus. Unfortunately for them, a concoction made with spinal cord material from the dead monk did NOT cause disease in the next set of monks, which should have immediately scuttled the contagion theory they were wanting to demonstrate. Not at a loss for words, though, L&P stated that the virus had simply lost its virulence somewhere in between the monks.

    About a year later, Simon joined the dance, to rescue L&P, and showed that the toxicity was best applied to the monks via DIRECT INJECTION INTO THE BRAIN. Simon’s method worked marvelously,, and now “disease” could be passaged through multiple monks by this neat trick. With these little dances of deception, L&P and Flexner actually proved that toxicity is real, but is especially effective when injected into the brain. The history that was written, however, is that our dancing Rockefeller boys isolated the polio virus with this monkey business…..let it be noted that Simon Flexner was appointed head of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Reseach in 1901, nine years previous.

    Back to brother Abraham. At about the same time (1910), he performed one of his greatest services to JD’s fledgling new empire, by delivering his “Flexner Report” to congress, acceptance of which laid the groundwork for installing Rockefeller style medicine and Rockefeller education as the only valid choices for medical training. This outcome was assured by the acceptance of the report by congress, and the lavish funding provided by Rockefeller to obedient institutions across the country. Much of this is clearly stated on JD’s wiki page….renegade “alternative” healing schools were mostly shut down, or simply forced out of business, disallowed from “practicing medicine”.

    JD is called a philanthropist, mostly because of this funding of his own empire interests. In reality he was a criminal, much like his daddy, old William Rockefeller, who sold Nujol, which was crude oil, as a curative medicine. JD first built his massive oil empire, and on the coattails of that began construction of his great medical empire, using oil (benzenes) to develop his pharmaceuticals. Oily drugs and surgery, the Rockefeller way. And don’t get in the way, or the latest Rockefeller virus will get you.

    In Princeton:

    There was something I loved about the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and that was the institute woods, a wonderful woodland with Stony Brook flowing through it. And, the woods gave me something special every year in early spring, a bountiful crop of morel mushrooms.

    Carnegie lake was always Lake Carnegie to me, and blessed me with good ice many a year, and wide open space to fly on my blades. Nothing was as special, though, as dancing on ice skates at Mountain Lakes with someone that I loved, with only the light of the night sky to grace us.

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      1. Great link, thanks. If I’d had this yesterday, my comment would have been longer. Here’s a relevant quote from your link re Abraham Flexner’s “Flexner Report”, and the complete takeover of medicine by Rockefeller:

        “The Flexner Report was a critical review of medical colleges that was used to force reform and close-down many proprietary schools that did not adhere to the “German Model” of standards. It’s estimated that near 1000 schools were reduced to 160 in the decade following the report. Many of the urban proprietary schools were absorbed into larger universities. Flexner was said to have had a representative of the AMA assisting in some of the surveillance. In 1912, A.F. became the Director of Carnegie’s General Education Board, and he also directed Rockefeller’s General Education Board between the years of 1912 and 1925 which made him the most influential educator in the US. A.F. personally negotiated large grants from the Foundations’ trusts. He founded the exclusive Lincoln School in NYC where David Rockefeller (son of JDRJr.) attended as a boy.”


          1. Thanks to you as well, SMJ. I did not know this character, but wiki gives us a heaping plateful of intriguing info in it’s first few lines:

            “Gilman was instrumental in founding the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale College, and subsequently served as the second president of the University of California, Berkely, as the first president of Johns Hopkins University, and as founding president of the Carnegie Institution. Eponymous halls at both Berkeley and Hopkins pay tribute to his service. He was also co-founder of the Russell Trust Association, which administers the business affairs of Yale’s Skull and Bones society. Gilman served for twenty five years as president of Johns Hopkins; his inauguration in 1876 has been said to mark “the starting point of postgraduate education in the U.S.”
            “Gilman was also active in founding Johns Hopkins Hospital (1889) and Johns Hopkins Medical School (1893).”
            “a member of John D. Rockefeller’s General Education Board”
            “In 1897, he helped found a preparatory school called ‘The Country School for Boys’ on the Johns Hopkins campus. Upon relocation in 1910, it was renamed in his honor and today, the Gilman School continues to be regarded among the nation’s elite private boys’ schools.”

            Flexner and Gilman. Just two (both part of the Rockefeller consortium) of the pivotal creators of “education” for the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

            Developing empire requires a supportive, well educated working force, a populace that supports and agrees with the rulers. Empires are not accidental.


  9. “In this conversation with David Sloan Wilson, Josh delves into some of the details of how and why the evolution of Greek democracy 2,500 years ago is so relevant to the evolution of a global superorganism today.”

    https://youtu.be/492D8FEVZss [David Sloan Wilson & Josh Ober]




    https://youtu.be/GdSPYN_P_OE [D. S. Wilson & Francis Heylighen] (Global Brain; the “Third Story”)


    https://www.adbusters.org/full-articles/the-third-force (“Third Story”/Triforce) [W. Webb has Zelda music as intro-outro of podcast]

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    1. Simon,

      This is VERY important material – mostly new to me. The links are incredibly helpful. Thank you very much. Alison and I (along with Jennifer Lake) are in discussion about this. I am familiar with the work of Heylighen from my research into stigmergy, which I have written about previously here at POM.


      1. @Stephers:

        Speaking of stigmergy, I just finished writing about the shared origins of the world’s religions and fraternities and the closely entwined world of hierarchies that this has produced.

        I would be honored if you could find the time to critically examine this and perhaps add to it. It’s too big to post (10 pages).

        I could send it to you via Mark’s email address if he is okay with that but I have lost that. Another option could be a throwaway account.


  10. Michael Hoffman’s new book ‘Twilight Language’



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