Sunday fiddlesticks

On being oblivious

We were walking on a trail in Anchorage last week, the day before returning. We were looking for moose, said to habituate the area. Not so, not that morning anyway. As we walked the grandson and I were tossing handfuls of elderberries at one another, my objective with my stenosis-limited arm to land them somehow in the hood of his sweatshirt. There was a time when I had a good strong arm for throwing things, even if inaccurately, as my old softball team members would attest.

I was not doing so well at this improvised contest. When we arrived at the car I found that surreptitiously the boy (and my wife) had been loading up the hood of my rain jacket with elderberries. And I was oblivious to it all.

The thing about being oblivious is that I don’t know, cannot know things that others around me know. Maybe I am the butt of a joke, and that’s OK. I have a good sense of humor and do not take myself too seriously,. The elderberry event was simply more evidence that things are slipping away from me. So be it.

A blog with diminishing returns

There is a certain commenter, nameless but well known here, who loves to load up the comments here with his music preferences. “Get your own goddamned blog”, I think. But he won’t. It takes time to build up a blog and develop a following. He would rather just hitch on here to this blog and its diminishing returns.

Yes, diminishing returns. I have to remember as I write that the world is no longer attentive to the written word. More and more blogs are given over the podcasts, and I am not going that direction. I would have to line up interesting guests and do preparation, and even as I listen to myself on recent interviews done by others, I question my own value – am I interesting? My voice sounds old to me. I try to be interesting and topical, but just as that grandpa with a hood full of elderberries, I am oblivious to so many things. The word “oblivious” describes a situation that does not heal itself. Things are slipping from my grip.

The Killing of the King, Duck and Cover

That’s part of being 72 years old. I recently played a song that was popular in 1962, not because I liked it or thought anyone else would remember it, but only because it was such strong evidence that John F. Kennedy was being lionized in public media even while in office, getting ready for a recitation of the Killing of the King ritual. Major changes in our society were planned. It was no coincidence that but 80 days later, on February 4. 1964, the Beatles would appear on Ed Sullivan, and all of the contrived nonsense around them that followed took hold. Hair styles, manner of dress, fake and infiltrated protests movements to a contrived war, and ultimately a permanent rift between children and parents and a society that no one from 1962 would recognize in 1975.

That rift exists today. I see it with kids and their Air Pods completely shut out the world, controlled by music that is a tribal beat that has long, long lost my interest, which is why I quickly delete the music given to us by the man who wants to control the comments here. Kids in school are absorbed into the propaganda system, immersed, and placed beyond reach of ordinary sentient adults (diminishing in number). Schools fill their heads with mumbo jumbo, with enough math and “science” to make them somewhat useful in filling slots. They are given practice drills, which were in my day called “air raid” and are now called school shooting drills. School staffs completely buy into this bullshit, as brainwashed as their charges.

In my day it was “duck and cover”, to avoid nuclear annihilation by hiding under our desks. Even then we would joke “Duck and cover and kiss your ass good bye.” Protected from a nuclear holocaust by a wooden desk? Only a young child could believe such a fairy tale.

The purpose of the drills, then and now, is to frighten the children so as to make them ripe for brainwashing. And there is not a damned thing I can do about it. There were no nukes, and there’s never been a school shooter, not a real one anyway. That’s all contrived. The schools and music and media own the kids. The rest of us can only watch.


Suggest topics! Write them too!

This happens every time I sit down to write. My fingers go off in directions that my mind did not intend. My intention was this: Suggest Topics! This blog can adapt.

Better yet, write about those topics yourself, send it to me, and I will publish it. That’s all I ever did with Stephers, and she used the opportunity, developed her writing skills and developed her own style and following. Her piece on the color magenta, which hit me right square in my oblivion, was by far the most widely read piece this past month, generating twice the number anything I write produces. Fine by me, by the way.

There are things I can do, things I cannot, and when I say “cannot,” I mean just that. People talk about magenta, bots, artificial intelligence, and I am left out in the cold. They say we are going that way, that I am being taken that way without my knowledge, and that I need to put a stop to it. (!), I should add that “!” as the message I receive is emphatic.

So yes, I used Siri in Alaska to move about, and it did a good job for me. In the process, no spirals developed in my eyes. Back in the 90s, we had maps and plotted our courses, one of us guiding the other as we drove. Same result, and no eye spirals then either.

Climate Change hoax: Why?

I read, think (critically I hope), and have developed a world view that I like to think of as my own. Where once years ago I thought Global Warming (later Climate Change) was a real thing brought to us by real scientists, I now realize it is a massive hoax, and the only question to answer is why. I have ideas, but they need development. It would help if anyone else tried to explain the why as well, without regard to colors and bots. Real and sentient people need to understand.

How did I come to understand that it was a hoax? Reading. I read the Climategate emails, and it became apparent to me. (Click on “Climategate” over in the blogroll for a PDF and shortened version, and see where your perceptions take you.)

Right now, as we speak, India and China are moving forward with development, creating wealth and infrastructure using fossil fuels. If there is going to be innovation in our energy grid, which has to happen someday, it will come from those places. They may be as brainwashed as the rest of us, but out of their numbers come many real scientists, unlike the fake ones who dominate our society. There will be fresh ideas.

Fresh ideas ahead of us

What are these fresh ideas? I do not know. I ain’t that bright or prescient. I just know what it ain’t, and that is solar and wind.

I was part of a class in college, God only knows what subject, and we were asked to volunteer information on big changes that were in store for us. I raised my hand and said that I had seen something about a thing called a “CD” and that that might possibly be the future of music. (Did I mention that I am 72?)  Indeed, CD’s took hold and the music business was revolutionized. Then came … never mind. You know better than I what came next, then years down the road.

The people who are attempting to force changes on us, substituting solar and wind for fossil, are … whats the word … hmm, oh yeah, oblivious. For the most part they have no idea of the massive harm and damages they are going to inflict on us. A few of them, nameless, faceless gnomes guarding caves, know what is up, and what they have in mind for us is extremely harmful and malicious.

But these gnomes own the news media and the wall-to-wall propaganda that spouts therefrom. Their power is unrelenting lies spouting forth from unrelenting liars. I cannot defeat that. I can only keep hold of my own mind and ideas, and avoid magenta I suppose. I still know how to think for myself, after all. So I imagine.


Koonin and Dessler to lock horns

This reminds me, however, of two people who are going to debate each other in the very near future: Steven Koonin and Andrew Dessler. I’ve written about both, Koonin here, Dessler here. I regard Dessler as either a paid liar or a stupid apparatchik. But giving lie to that notion is the idea that he is willing to debate on a public forum. Apparatchiks do not do that, never granting an audience to their enemies. Dessler is acting out of the norm.

Anyway, I will bring that debate to us here when I can. It is scheduled for August 15, 2022 in Manhattan, and, I am told, will be available for public viewing a week later.


A musical foray into the power of bass instruments

I sat down here to write about the MTV-sponsored series called Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner. See how my fingers distract? Another day. That series is rich in symbolism and its own brand of lies, and is frankly senseless on many fronts. It reminds me, if of anything, Game of Thrones.

Here’s the intro to Yellowstone:

Here is the opening music to Game of Thrones:

Notice anything in common? Yes, doubles bases. Check out at marker 1:08 in this six-minute presentation of the instruments of orchestration to see what I am talking about. Coincidence? Probably. Someone charged with writing the music had a My Sweet Lord/He’s so Fine moment. Oops, there I go again being 72, obscure reference.

Have a nice Sunday.

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  1. Mark, I love this blog and read it nearly everyday. You seem genuine, which is rare today, and the fact that you are 72 and still trying to learn is golden. I learn a lot from you and the commenters/writers – keep it up!

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    1. MT,

      I always appreciate your humility and vulnerability (as expressed above), as well as your candor. I most cherish, however, your supportive and insightful mentoring ways, and the open receptivity you have shared bringing me on board here (even if only part-time, given my intensive family responsibilities) – despite my bold and esoteric (as you say, ethereal) way of thinking and expressing. I know, it’s a lot.

      I wanted to offer my input (for what it’s worth) in response to your statement above:

      Where once years ago I thought Global Warming (later Climate Change) was a real thing brought to us by real scientists, I now realize it is a massive hoax, and the only question to answer is why. I have ideas, but they need development. It would help if anyone else tried to explain the why as well, without regard to colors and bots. Real and sentient people need to understand.

      The following video is 18 minutes long. I highly recommend it (in its entirety for the full effect). I think it may offer some clues related to your inquiry: (July 24, 2022). Please take note of the Club of Rome’s Alexander King and his overt admission at the 7:00 timestamp about “control of the wavelengths and radio” ~ start at the 4:30 timestamp for context. (Contextual link on Alexander King: I hope his statement resonates somewhat, as it pertains directly to the type of mass mind control methods I am describing (related to my long rambles on color, and also the World Brain agenda, involving radio-eugenics).

      For further consideration (hopefully offering additional revelations), I strongly encourage review of this link at the Club of Rome: “Emerging New Civilisations” From that link:

      The Human Revolution is already happening, emerging in silent ways. ENCI’s mission is to open people’s eyes and contribute to its realisation in a way that is deeply respectful of the human condition and symbiosis with life at large. (my emphasis)

      That link leads us to a crucial document from the Club of Rome: “Learning New Ways of Becoming Human” There, we read the following:

      Published 2021 – The two poles of the lemma “Emergence from Emergency” are complementary: while the Emergency calls for immediate actions from existing levels of decision, Emergence is about whole systems change at all levels, and first of all the cultural one. The tensions between our ever-expanding modes of exploitation and the finiteness of the planet originate in a civilizational trap, due to our continuing attempt to cheat the relationships that are imperative to life: those with nature, people and time. (my emphasis)

      In the 1970s the Club of Rome gave an anticipated signal of the threshold situation in which we are. Emerging from it will imply a reconfiguration of our societal arrangements, through a journey into largely uncharted territories. Will the transformation be tragic? By paying attention to many pathways already alive, the Emergence approach can bring hope for the future of humanity. But how can we consciously change the way we think while we still think that way? This publication addresses key elements of the journey to enable people of all ages and conditions—especially those feeling helpless—to learn and act by themselves. It dreams with life-inspired learning, based as much on ancient wisdom as on modern science, and mobilizing all human capacities. Learners and teachers, citizens and specialists, people of all ages and backgrounds can learn together how to address humanity´s existential challenges in their own ways. The future is unknown and the Club of Rome claims that its exploration can be warm, provided we make it together. In words of Aurelio Peccei, it is more than time to “learn what it takes to learn what we should learn, and learn it!”. (my emphasis)

      A link to the full document: Because I simply cannot resist . . . please clock the color of the unnatural overlay of the “trees” in the very first image, and this color repeated in a few other images as you scroll down. Coincidence? (Also note the symbolism of the bridge and its direction – seemingly from the natural to the artificial.) Does the imagery in the second image – depicting wind and solar energy – give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, or do the accompanying images imply pixelation and artificiality?

      In a nutshell, MT, these people are WORLDBUILDERS – or more accurately, as described in my new series, W0RLDBU1LDERS – as they intend to reconfigure society (as they expressly admitted above), such that we become programmable (hence, 0s and 1s, and specific colors/wavelengths/non-wavelengths) at the very core of our being. This is not a problem-reaction-solution scenario. Rather, this represents the inverse – the world architects already have the solution, and then they need to manufacture the problem (whether real or fabricated), and even the reaction (most often expressed as agitprop by agents provacateur). Hopefully, this is somewhat helpful in your interrogation of the why – at least it may be a springboard for further food for thought (?).

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      1. The world architects, the myth makers, focus on the young and the vulnerable of all ages, being that is where the energy and potential live. I was on board with this in my youth and when I read their words from that place, I can feel how effective it is.

        Here is a very long video concerning how they infiltrate the important institutions—education in this case. I get that it is not the most exciting viewing, but there’s some really key insights here on the deliberate causing of trauma, real or perceived, in order to break down the psyche in order to re-program it. Just like our days of ‘duck and cover’.

        Of course, how do they control the opposition? By leading it themselves, through those who are successfully groomed, which becomes easier and easier to find through the lifelong tracking.

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        1. Thank you, Stephers and Kenshohomestead, for the homework assignments. I guess I can say that it resonates with me that they have created a problem already having a solution in mind. That’s a start, and I will be off and running later today. Right now I am cooking a beef and sausage dish, and then have an errand to run in my fossil fuel based vehicle. How long before stores are carrying crickets?

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          1. MT,

            I would say you could order up a cricket and cassava empanada at Denver’s “Linger,” but it looks like they may have removed it from their menu (since 2016).


            Perhaps it wasn’t going over well with the vaxxed/masked crowd there (note the strict vax/mask policy on their site).

            Nonetheless, I did find this at their site:

            Provides healthy protein sources that require less land, water, feed and energy than traditional sources because bugs are the future of food.

            I tried a health bar with crickets about 5 years ago – it was the most awful texture I have ever experienced. One bite from me, and it was in the trash. My family completely refused to try it. Good on them.

            Addendum: Synchronously, when I further explored the Denver restaurant conglomerate (pushing bug food, and of course, face diapers), I came upon this image (see #4 of 4 photos) at their “Vital Root” location: Does it resemble the artificial tree structures that I referenced above (see image #1 – and also image #4 – here:

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        2. Kensho – that’s a three hour video with a low talker … can you summarize for me? The word “woke” is fingernails on a chalkboard for me, as anyone who makes that self-proclamation has obviously (obliviously?) been side railed in life. “Side-railed” is a railroad expression referring to a box car that is removed from the train and set on a rail going nowhere.

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          1. Understandable. No one should be devoting 3 hours to that vid, sorry. It is good for some things though, and while I won’t re-listen, I will summarize in a paragraph what I got from it. There really is value to what this channel is doing, as niche as it probably is to most folks, she is analyzing the current k-12 programming and getting some voices who see through it, at least to some degree. I will get back to you with the brief summary.


        3. Here is something of a summary of the vid linked, longer than anticipated, trying to give what little backstory I know to it, as well as zoom out a bit to demonstrate the issue across academia that seems relevant to this group. I’m not sure how much interest there is in this, but I’m glad to offer more insights if there is interest, as much as I’m able to anyway.

          Some are certainly already aware of the issues in education because of the popularity of certain YT channels labeled as ‘far-right extremism’ and a lot of ties in to Alison McDowell’s work too because you can see the set-up for the life-long nudging and constant surveillance and evaluation. This also mirrors my personal experience in higher education as a teacher, which I left for some of these reasons.

          The interviewee is Christie Grace who is currently in litigation due to the treatment she received and the practices she witnessed (and recorded) during her Masters in Counseling program. Here’s a brief list of what she witnessed:

          —Treating classroom dynamics and individual counseling as a “Struggle session”
          —“Evergreen level madness” (referring to the much-publicized campus event linked below)
          —H. Marcuse—radical tolerance produces intolerance for norms
          —‘Trauma-informed teaching’
          —Being forced/coerced into sharing personal traumatic events ensured to be private with the professor who then turned around and forced the students to share them, where they were evaluated by the group and recorded.
          —Acclimatize students to constant surveillance and evaluation
          —forcing students to “Own my whiteness” — Critical Race Theory
          —focus on Social-emotional learning over content
          —“Social constructivism” — cultural Marxism
          —Normalizing pedophilia

          Here’s an article describing a similar situation that was well-publicized at Evergreen College:

          “Other factors were in fact key, but are largely invisible to most observers: Science has come to be funded largely by federal grants; because colleges and universities get a substantial percentage cut of all such grants, institutions of higher ed are increasingly dependent on researchers who bring in large grants; this in turn privileges Big Science—long-term projects that require expensive equipment and massive teams, in which both accountability for most individuals is lower, and there is less emphasis put on individuals being able to actually do complete science, from beginning to end. The way that science is now funded has thus created a tremendous number of highly trained, highly credentialed, cogs, who know one piece of a puzzle, or one methodology, very well, but are not good at hypothetico-deduction, or indeed, much of the logic inherent to the scientific method. Such scientists are more likely to expect to be treated as authorities simply because they have credentials, because if you ask them to explain complex ideas simply, or to consider the evidence for the claims they are making, they often cannot. This, in turn, leaves a populace that is simultaneously smitten with the idea of science—look at all it has done for us!; intimidated by the complex jargon and technology that seems to be necessary to do it, so often inclined to just trust the authorities; and also justifiably suspicious of yet another privileged class who receive goodies (like reductions in administrative tasks at their professor jobs) that other professors can only dream of, while acting arrogant and entitled with those who don’t share their credentials.
          Most people who have participated in protests, riots, or mobs on campuses or in the streets these last few years are unlikely to be aware of the changes described in the last paragraph. But some things are obvious to nearly everyone. We have increasing disparities in wealth and opportunity between those at the top and those at the bottom, with increasingly little space in the middle. Young people feel acutely the lack of opportunities they are facing. How can they pay for college, much less ever buy a house, and what meaningful work will be available to them in their lives, in this 21st century world?
          Into that landscape, enter demagogues who offer simple sounding solutions. Demagogues like Robin DiAngelo (author of White Fragility) and Ibram X Kendi (author of How to be an Antiracist), who preach division and encourage suspicion and hatred between people who look different from one another. And solutions like the BlackLivesMatter (BLM) movement, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) offices and officers. These “solutions” use so many glorious words, you would have to be crazy or evil to disagree with anything they propose—or so they would have us believe. Inside these movements and organizations we find, however, the policing of speech and behavior, encouraging spying on one’s peers and reporting unacceptable behavior, and discouraging the open discussion of ideas and solutions that don’t sound like the currently fashionable thing. This “equity agenda,” to use the language of Evergreen’s president, is a fast-tracked orthodoxy about which you are not allowed to disagree.”

          From article: Evergreen, looking back five years later


          1. Thanks Kensho. It seems that the generation that succeeded the generation that followed me is in charge now, and they appear not equipped to handle things.

            I know a young lady (now 46 actually) who went after a masters degree in political science. She allowed me to read it. It was poorly conceived, constructed, written, and yet based on such poor quality work, she was awarded her degree. I stood silently by, of course. My own degree, not a masters, was in business and accounting, and the tests I endured were not of the type that allowed the teacher to grade on anything but right or wrong answers. The CPA exam was 19 hours and very rigorous. I studied for months to pass it. My answers were judged to be either right, or wrong. My essay had to be of substance, even as I was so wet behind the ears. There was nothing soft about it.

            The soft sciences, as polysci and counseling and psychology are called, are open to abuse, and it should be no surprise that people soft on reasoning ability and ambitious for power often enough succeed. That’s all that is going on with Grace’s education … the inmates run the asylum.

            My older brother got a PhD in pastoral counseling back in the 1970s, as I recall. He had to write a thesis, but when asked about it never said much. He was a good man and a good counselor, I imagine learning a great deal in his program (at Catholic University in DC). I imagine that if alive today, and placed in Evergreen, he’d drop out. But his thesis, by today’s standards, would be outstanding.


      2. Regarding Good Morning Clown World, which is all I have watched so far, it is amazing how all these people speak with one voice, pronouncing things that are not true to he true. It is like you said, that they came up with a solution, and then invented a problem. Every one of them is lying through their teeth, yet none ever go off script.

        By the way, we are having a delightful summer here in the Colorado foothills, rain showers practically every afternoon. We are surrounded by lush undergrowth this year, and evenings are cool and delightful. “Climate” is a run of thirty years or more, and one moist and cool year is a variant, of course. So let’s look at the last 30 years:

        Thirty years ago our highest monthly high temperature for the year was 83°F. In 2018, the latest year I have available, it was about 84°F. We did have a hot year in 2003, when the highest monthly high temperature got up to 89°F, but that was an outlier, just as when in 1992 the highest monthly high temperature was 78°F. That is known as climate variability. The overall trend for highest monthly high temperature is .156°F per decade for the last 100 years.

        These are the facts that, of course, do not matter.

        We are not heating appreciably, and can easily adapt to such a slight overall increase in our temperature, which in fact has been going on for several hundred years, since perhaps 1680 or so. Given facts like this, alarmists have no choice but to lie, as it hasn’t varied much at all in the lower 48, or Canada or Alaska. So they do lie lie lie, but make sure that each is telling the same lie with the same “Sky Is Falling” language. Chicken Little all over again. Their target is fossil fuels, our primary means of wealth generation. Their overall goal is poverty and death.

        [By the way, and I have noticed this with Alison, as well, that the art of polemics to each of you is to spin off long video and reading assignments. I am involved right now in my own reading, so with all respect, I ask that you (and she) summarize for us the long pieces recommended. Kensho offered a three hour video. Who has that time? All of us, I suppose, but who among us will give up our own life in the process? When do I get to read my stuff, and then write about it? When I am writing for the blog, I am very much aware that people will not take time out either to follow links or to watch long videos, so I try, out of consideration for their time, to highlight a mere video highlight, and to describe the book I am reading, knowing readers won’t. It’s not that they don’t view videos or read – they do, of their own choosing. ]

        [Not to be in your face. You are a treasure house of links and resources and no doubt many of your readers travel to all. For me it is daunting, as I have such a hard time focusing for long periods at any time other than morning, when I do my own reading and writing.]


        1. Hey Mark!

          I can only tell you what I myself have gotten from the climate debacle, I’ve been watching it, feeling it and thinking about it extensively for about 8 years. Here in Germany where I live, we’ve head a couple of periods where there was no or very little spraying from planes. Especially when the C-show started, I thought back then that there was probably a significant shift in power in the higher control structure or maybe a new system being implemented. I wouldn’t be surprised if, at this point, large parts of this venture are completely automated and AI-controlled. So, that time, in March of 2020, we’ve had about 10 extremely clear days, the likes of which I probably experienced last over 30 years ago in my childhood. It was like toggling a light switch, that clarity came and went extremely noticeably. It gets so nicely cool at night with a clear sky, while with the extensive spraying, the nights are always warmer and a lot more unpleasant (to me), so I think they are actually creating something you could consider a global warming effect on purpose (but it’s a very complex issue and of course no scientist has the full picture as they always make sure that everything is compartmentalized. If I’d had an unbeliever by my side during those 10 days and I could have shown and explained him the before and after, I’m confident he would have gotten the gist right away.

          I believe at this point that what they called the greenhouse effect back then and marketed so heavily, was already an effect of the spraying. So, what I’ve perceived is that the spraying makes it so the air feels a lot more humid and sticky, while at the same time the soil and plants around you seem to dry out slowly. 25 degrees C (I’m no good in Fahrenheit, sorry :D) in these sticky conditions feel a lot worse than 35 with the clear (or just water vapor cloud covered) sky, the spraying is very taxing on health if you have respiratory/circulatory issues or are overweight, I am sure this artificial climate already kills a lot of people, especially now with the simultaneous problems from shots/rising radiation and so on. We’ve had large losses in forests here in Germany, my home town in parts is barely recognizable compared to 30 years ago, but it could especially be seen in the last 10 years. I feel like it’s a combination of the soil being devastated by the spraying and the trees then getting affected by it as well, while at the same time being more likely to be uprooted by the also increasing winds due to the unhealthy soil. This YT channel does a great job in explaining a lot of the components involved, especially the completely artificial weather cycles we now have, but there’s still a lot more to it.

          By now I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is going on, as I have watched and pondered it very thoroughly for so long.


          1. Interesting. What I see in my charts, which are official temperature data for the last 100 years, is that nights are warmer. But if global warming is not affecting daytime highs, it cannot be affecting nighttime either. That answer has to do with heat islands, cities, golf courses, airports and tarmacs, subdivisions, that retain more daytime heat.

            But I’ve never seen long term data (climate) concerning Germany. I would like to. The alarmist crowd wants nothing to do with data. They just like talking Chicken Little.

            [By the way, here in the US, Anthony Watts and company have examined weather temperature stations, and found 96% of them to be utterly mis-located so as to fail to deliver accurate temperature readings, and all err on the high side. As a result, since the alarmists want reporting to be too high, nothing gets done about it.



          2. On artificial weather, derechos, “Oz” programming, and gaslighting (and the color GREEN) . . .


            Yes, the sky was green. And not a light green – the green that’s the color of the sky before aliens arrive in a sci-fi movie. Or before the Wicked Witch of the West threatens Dorothy and her little dog, too.


            Are we seeing the effect of nanotechnology, engineered waveforms, and/or plasma toys? The earth is being terraformed via geoengineering (along with the physical and energetic transformation of its inhabitants à la genetic engineering, wave genetics, and radio-eugenics).

            These weather makers are Wizard of Oz-obsessed nature fakers (see a hot take here from my friend, Jen Lake

            How the nature fakers engage in gaslighting:

            For an esoteric take (spellcrafting) ~ words that can be constructed from derecho: echoed, echoer, recode, chord, chore, coder, cored, credo, creed, erode, ochre, Herod, Roche.

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              1. MT,

                The site links to the very same Twitter thread that I did. Out of the 125 comments below that post, not even one person suggested that there could be some geongineering influence taking place with this occurrence. It is strange to me. That is not to say that we have never witnessed a “green” sky over the years, but the intensity and magnitude of what was witnessed and photographed on July 5, 2022 in Sioux Falls seems to indicate technological intervention – at least in my opinion. At the very least, it should be on the table for discussion and interrogation. In fact, I would begin with scrutiny of the individual/entity on Twitter who was pushing the story, and why the thread appeared weeks after the weather event. In fact, it was presented on July 28, 2022 – the very day that I explained over on my thread that two new TV series (related to color vision) were launched – one show (Paper Girls) about an intense life-changing weather event (magenta sky, not green), and the other show (The Resort) heavily imprinted with the color green and the theme of survival.

                The individual from that Twitter thread (potentially offering us some clues related to this popularized green sky story):


                After Newsweek, Adam was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied urban ecology and the science of color.



                From kelly green to millennial pink, our world is graced with a richness of colors. But our human-made colors haven’t always matched nature’s kaleidoscopic array. To reach those brightest heights required millennia of remarkable innovation and a fascinating exchange of ideas between science and craft that’s allowed for the most luminous manifestations of our built and adorned world. Full Spectrum takes us on that globe-trotting journey, tracing an arc from the earliest humans to our digitized, synthesized present and future. We meet our ancestors mashing charcoal in caves, Silk Road merchants competing for the best ceramics, and textile artists cracking the centuries-old mystery of how colors mix, before shooting to the modern era for high-stakes corporate espionage and the digital revolution that’s rewriting the rules of color forever. (my emphasis)

                In May 2022, in the very same city (Sioux Falls, SD), there was footage of an intense dust storm turning the sky pitch black (a “haboob” – that’s a new one for me, that sent me down a most hideous and heinous rabbit hole – but that’s for another day to discuss on my magenta thread):

                Do people really think this is arising inherently from Nature? That notion seems almost as heedless as claiming it was caused by climate change. We are being played like a (Sunday) fiddle. I suggest the green sky story was the problem in this instance, while it seems Adam Rogers (as noted above) has previously laid out the solution (or at the very least, exhibits foresight in relation to the changing color spectrum – which is precisely my premise). The climate change narrative is simply window dressing, with the real story most likely being laid out in Rogers’ Full Spectrum. Now I have homework . . .

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                  Northern lights, visible just last week here in Montana, may give us more clues. New electromagnetic research has duplicated the phenomena.

                  “But auroras don’t form until the electrons are around 100 miles away from Earth, he said. At that point, the electrons slam into oxygen and nitrogen molecules, releasing photons — particles of light. In that process, oxygen atoms give off a red or green hue, while nitrogen atoms emit blue or purple light.”

                  Is HAARP really dead?


                  1. HAARP is being “revived.”

                    Here is how man creates a “green aurora.”

                    “Radiation from solar flares is one area of interest. “These things are really important because it is the radiation coming off the Sun that is the main cause of satellite failure or potential death in human space exploration,” says Michael Kosch, the deputy head of the communication systems department at Lancaster University, UK. Other areas include looking at the processes that cause an aurora — when electrons in the magnetosphere collide with the uncharged particles of the atmosphere, creating the optical emissions often seen as brilliantly coloured lights in the night sky. One of HAARP’s most cited accomplishments is the creation of the first artificial aurora visible to the naked eye5. On zapping the ionosphere, HAARP created a green aurora between 100 and 150 kilometres high — in the middle of a natural aurora. “That was something you couldn’t predict,” says Michael Kelley, a physicist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, who has been involved with HAARP.”

                    “Scientists want to better understand the processes involved in creating auroras. Credit: B. MARTINSON/AP
                    Other ionospheric heaters around the world include a lower-power US facility in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, which has been offline since a flood several years ago (although plans are under way to refurbish it), and one in the Russian city of Vasilsursk, which has struggled with funding issues. HAARP’s closest peer is a powerful ionospheric heater at the European Incoherent Scatter (EISCAT) Scientific Association in northern Scandinavia. EISCAT’s heater has cost roughly $24 million to build and operate to date, and was the first to create an artificial aurora, even before HAARP.”


                    It’s multiple “heaters.” Climate change, or global weather modification, or whatever it should be called, may have another aspect nobody’s talking about, yet. It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature.


                    1. In 2021 the Northwest experienced an extreme heat wave, with temperatures in Seattle exceeding 100 degrees. At that same time, July of 2021, I wrote about the HAARP site in Alaska being off-limits to aircraft at that very same time. This article below fills it out in greater detail if interested. Keep in mind that Seattle in July is generally in the 70s, so that 100 degree temperatures (along with Vancouver BC) are not just a swing caused by variability, but an unnatural event.



  2. Isn’t it interesting how ‘oblivious’ looks so close to ‘obvious’—I had to do a double-take on your post. I am curious about 2 things, if you please, MT. Were the elderberries ripe? This is awfully early for ripe elderberries in AK, they are just now ripe in TX. Global warming? :). If they were ripe, they must’ve stained your hoodie and your car interior, no?

    Why the diminishing returns on this blog? How do you score it? I guess I’m just curious what constitutes high returns for you, or any blogger? In my case, I’ve ‘almost quit’ every year for the past 8. When blogging first came out I did not take it seriously and told my students and clients they shouldn’t take it seriously either, that it was a passing thing. I still can’t tell if I was wrong or right.


    1. The elderberries were bright red and unripe. They did make a small mess in the back of the rental car.

      By the way, anyone thinking of Alaska, it is indeed the trip of a lifetime for us. Gasoline was about $5.60, restaurant food is expensive. When we were younger we would have lived out of a cooler, cold cuts and buns and stuff, but no more. By far the biggest expense, which we were prepared for, was the rental car, a practicality new Toyota Siena, which cost us $1,800 for six days. We were referred to COSTCO before leaving here, but COSTCO had no fleet available up there.


    2. Diminishing returns – I am writing less for less traffic. Ideas are sparse. Good sign, however, I sat down to write about one thing today, and five other things popped up in my head.


  3. That solo instrument in GoT is a cello, I’m pretty sure. It sounds similar to the double bass example you linked to because the bass player was playing on the G string to sound lyrical – and more like a cello. The cello in the GoT theme is instead playing pesante (heavily), and the tones (as in literary tone) and orchestrations of the two themes are “bassically” identical: ominous string melodies with brass underscoring and prominent martial percussion, one flavored faux American West with a dash of James-Bond Orientalism and the other synthetic Celtic. The melodies are even similar in shape. In this case, I think think it’s just symptomatic of the radically diminishing range of expression reproduced in mass culture. But for real My Sweet Lord/He’s So Fine moments, check out the theme from Willow (I won’t name the composer – he actually wrote a double bass sonata that I have played the piano part of, and like – and it treats the bass like a bass).


    1. Thank you, nice insight. My wife thought Y and GoT were different instruments, but I unwisely overruled her. I love listening to and reading people who know how music works.


      1. Your wife has an excellent ear! The Willow theme comparison is with the first movement of Schumann’s “Rhenish” Symphony, by the way, so, as you and Fakeologist noted, there’s at least no copyright issue. Also, in an episode of obliviousness I forgot that the sonata I played by the film composer was actually for tuba and piano, not bass.


  4. Not this evening, but tomorrow, I will listen to Schumann’s Rhenish and the Willow theme. As explained to me, it is alright to steal the original non-copyrighted work, but that currently alive musicians who play them have a claim. This is a non-monetized blog, so no one cares. You’re alive, have an ear. This Night, Billy Joel, and Pathetique, Beethoven. Joel had the decency to offer credit.


    1. On first hearing of Rhenish, and the Willow, the notes did not sink deep enough into my brain to spot similarities. However, Wikipedia, which is often reliable in non-spooky matters, offers this, a quote and further explanation from James Horner:

      I am a musicologist, a doctor of music. Therefore I listened to, studied and analysed a lot of music. I also enjoy metaphors, the art of quoting and of cycles. The harmonic draft of the Willow score, and most particularly its spiritual side, came from such a cycle, from such mythology and music history that I was taught, and that I myself convey with my own emotions and compositions.”[18]

      Eclectic influences on the score include Leoš Janáček’s Glagolitic Mass, Mozart’s “Requiem”, “The Nine Splendid Stags” from Béla Bartók, Edvard Grieg’s “Arabian Dance” for the theater play Peer Gynt, and compositions by Sergei Prokofiev.[18]

      “Willow’s Theme” purposefully (see Horner’s quote above) contains a reworking/alteration of part of the theme of the first movement (“Lebhaft”) of Robert Schumann’s Symphony No. 3 referencing it, while “Elora Danan’s Theme” shows a reference to the Bulgarian folk song “Mir Stanke Le” (Мир Станке ле), also known as the “Harvest Song from Thrace”


  5. Ahh the intro to Game of Thrones. One of the most creative and beautiful depictions of the Concave Earth that I’ve seen – and I’ve seen the original Koreshan globe in Estero! If you know to look, you’ll see the Concave Earth referenced frequently throughout popular media. Hidden in plain sight indeed…


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