The curious case of the smirking cop


Photo analysis is tricky, as I have seen family photos that I know to be real that look fake. So I offer this up with that cautionary note – this photo could be real.

That said, it’s an odd photo. Much has been made of the book Assange is apparently holding, Gore Vidal’s History of the National Security State. That comes off as misdirection. If Assange is, as I suspect, controlled opposition, then any book he sports will be chosen to enhance his stature as opposition. Vidal, a close friend of the Kennedy’s and himself part of the families (the name “Gore” a hint?), surely knew that the JFK Assassination was a hoax, but spent his public life telling us it was real, and that Oswald did it. So Gore Vidal was also controlled opposition. The book, then, is put there deliberately. (Its sales on have spiked, by the way.)

But set all of that aside. Who took this photo? It’s not a police booking photo. We are led to think that a news camera was on the scene to capture the event, but that does not happen in real life. The photographer was told to be in a certain place at a certain time to capture this image. (I always try to place myself in the shoes of the person with the camera. It can be revealing.)

Now look at the angular momentum of the men in the photos. The four men surrounding Assange are each moving to the right, the lead man in gray obviously preparing to negotiate some stairs. (Another man can barely be seen, his ear poking out behind the large man in black.) So what about Assange? He is stiff and straight, as if being carried. But where are the hands of the men who arrested him? ? The two men on his left (our right) appear to be carrying something directly between them, but not Assange. The man in darker gray in the very back is not in a position where his arms would have much use in carrying Assange. The bald man in blue on the left (Assange’s right) is looking down as well, perhaps at the same object as the others, beneath sight line?

It looks as if these men are all  involved in carrying something … a casket? Does this look like a funeral? Is that why they blacked the entire are around the Vidal book, to blot out the object being carried? Is that why they put the book there to begin with, as an eye-stop?

So what is Assange doing? He is looking directly at the camera. The only thing I can make out beyond his face are two hands, properly placed to be his and sporting what appear to be cuffs. I am not an expert on arrests, but don’t they usually cuff a prisoner from behind while not allowing him to hold anything that might be a potential weapons, like, say, a book? The hands don’t look right, but I cannot can’t say why.  Maybe they appear girly, but that might be right about him.

What is that ivory-colored board-like thing that is right next to the Vidal book? It appears to vanish into the man’s pant leg. Its color matches the door frame in the back. Is it part of a railing?

The smirking cop, lower right, makes a nice eye-stop. I wonder if he is also pasted in the photo, just to add a real cop to a scene that is not an arrest.

I do make mistakes with this stuff, but it appears to me that we have a photo of some men carrying something large, perhaps a casket, down some stairs, and that Julian Assange’s face was pasted in the midst. There was no arrest.

In my view, Julian Assange was never held under siege at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and is not now under arrest. Wikileaks was an Intelligence front. Perhaps Julian will now join Chelsea Manning in Santa Catarina, a honeymoon.

Footnote: After seeing video given us in comments below, a number of possibilities arise. The strange thing is Assange making direct eye contact with the photographer. That could be just burst photos, or selection of a best frame from a movie camera. But it is eerie. The book is deliberately placed, maybe even Photoshopped in, part of the selling of the project. I am sensing maybe choreography, as in everyone being in on it, cops, Assange, camera operator, so that when they enter on the public stage as the camera comes alive, the last words they all hear is “And … action.” Everything about it seems fake.

15 thoughts on “The curious case of the smirking cop

  1. Long before and much since JFK.

    The vitally controlled opposition’ has always been the dangerous but useful shallow ignorant masses many of whom couldn’t even read. Yet mainstream controlled by mouthy demagogues not to question what they were and are mass deceived to believe.

    Until it’s far too late in the deadly trenches when a few smart Alecs finally noted “We are their mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed Bullshit!!”

    Quote 1930s U$ True Patriot Major General Smedly D. Butler, “” I spent 33 years and 4 months in active military service..during that period I spent most of my time as a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. Thus, I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1902–1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927, I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Our boys were sent off to die with beautiful ideals painted in front of them. No one told them that dollars and cents were the real reason they were marching off to kill and die.”


    1. Smedley Butler was outed in 2017 by Josh G as controlled opposition. The ’33’ years of military service hints at that. Josh in fact outed the whole of the “Business Plot” to oust Roosevelt as a con job. No way to insiders do such things to each other, and FDR was a Wall Street insider.

      Click to access butler2.pdf


  2. The invited camera was that of Russia Today [Ruptly] which kindly allowed the BBC to show it. Such generosity. You can see the laughing policeman in the video. He’s real enough, smirking at the phoney drama he’s been told to guard. Note the uninvited photographer in the light suit @1.16…he doesn’t have the same card as Ruptly.


    1. Thanks for that – apparently the photo was real, though it is hard to see by this brief clip. His face is visible for less than a second in the arrest footage, and the smirking cop’s head blocks it for the most part. The could be choreography. Indeed there is an unauthorized photographer at 1:16, meaning that what was seen on TV was authorized.


    2. No chance that picture is real. I can tell just from one glance. Are we sure that footage is real? It looks like Assange was pasted in that too – would not have been a hard job. Would explain why we see so little of him in the footage. His head seems to float there in the beginning and the edges on the coats of the guys handling him do not look right. Also why is he so short and who the hell is he talking to? He seems to be just mouthing off and shaking his fingers at a camera in a studio. And he’s moving down the stairs sideways by the look of it?


      1. Who sent you here to muddy the waters, Biggins? Cluesforum?
        What IS more interesting is how RT seemed to have the scoop with not a single other news outlet catching it ! In central London! If you search, you’ll find the Wikileaks-complicit Guardian’s streaming of the “scoop” footage from RT in better definition. The carpet roll ejection of Assange is pure theatre. RT was in position to stream at an earlier false alarm which still exists online.

        The “arrest” video was put online by Ruptly field producer Barnaby Nerberka on Twitter at 9.45 AM UTC on April 11 – his barrister Jen Robinson tweeted the arrest at 10.44 AM UTC
        Here come the invited or imagined “independent witnesses” –
        [From the Evening Standard]
        Mark Smith, a black cab driver, said: “I saw them scuffle someone into the police van and drive off. There were two vans, one with police. It was a little bit of a scuffle. Two chaps were trying to get nearby to him.”
        Florian Poenaru, a delivery driver who was waiting nearby, said: “I saw three big police vans, there were loads of police and they got out of the vans and put someone in.”


        1. Hi Grahamsdiffusion. No, not sent here by anyone. Were you sent here to ridicule others out of using their own eyes?

          To be honest, I wrote “are we sure that footage is real” in self-consciousness, whereas what I actually meant was “that footage is absolutely fake”.

          A few other points – look at how the edges around Assange’s hand in the still photo look kinda withered and slightly off-colored. Anyone who’s done chromakey in Premiere will recognize it instantly as the kind of artifact you get when you’re working with an imperfect colored background and you are forced to over-use Premiere’s various compensatory tools to avoid seeing a green outline around the subject. The rest of that photo looks like it was done in Photoshop, as I don’t see any other major edge issues, but you’ll notice in the footage if you freeze-frame that various other figures also have outlines that look either unnaturally shaped or very blurry – a sure sign of chromakey. The man with the 80s rockstar haircut and green jacket in particular looks strange – his hair appears to have been blurred at the top, and you can see very faint green chromakey outlines in a few frames (e.g. 1:05-1:06 on the right side of the hair. At 1:07 part of his head disappears as another man’s face appears behind him).

          Also who is mop-top, and baldy behind him? They’re not media, not police, certainly not protesters – why are they allowed to get that close to Assange – and yet, like in so many of these fake things – mop-top doesn’t even turn to look at Assange being taken away? He turns about a second after Assange goes past, but only to talk to baldy in the blue jacket. More interested in the door? Most likely he’s just another conveniently-placed head that’s been pasted in to ensure we can barely see Assange in this. Actually, definitely because when the camera zooms out at 1:11, baldy, mop-top and the man closest to the door are GONE! Vanished into thin air! Case closed – this is a horrible fake.

          And btw, despite the abundance of heads, note the cameraman makes absolutely no attempt to get any closer, despite being apparently free to do so – and does not move position until about 2 seconds after Assange has disappeared behind the van – conveniently arriving too late to catch him going in! When you’re the only person in the world capturing this great scoop, you’re going to be operating completely on instinct, and that instinct is going to tell you to get your camera as close as possible to Assange and keep it on him for as long as possible. There’d be no waiting around 2 seconds to pick up your camera and move.

          Btw thanks for posting the RT “aborted release” footage – as it gives us another clue. This is their explanation why there were no other media reps there, despite other pics where we see throngs of cameramen. I guess they were given the wrong time once then just gave up and moved on, all of them! It doesn’t explain why the protesters are gone though, so we must assume they either refused to pay them overtime or couldn’t figure out how to comp them into the footage convincingly.

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  3. The Culture War never ends. Social engineering follows its own script: Propose the unthinkable/radical, and “settle for” movement in the political/cultural frame. Reagan mastered the “shoot-the-moon” tactic with “Star Wars” and other off-the-wall national security campaigns. Trump does the same weekly, daily sometimes. The pace has quickened, but the tactic is the same.

    Moving the “Overton Window” is SOP, and has been since the early 1970s, when the anti-Vietnam War movement and Civil Rights movement were dismantled with one cultural psyop after another. Now, it’s just one continuous shit-show.

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    1. The Seething Frog piece had a bad feel about it. As he was talking I was traveling down memory road, back to the days when I believed in Smedley Butler and Fletcher Prouty (and Frank Church and Wade (oops! Hale) Boggs). This guy is too smooth, Webster Tarpley Smooth. I was looking at his bookcases and that picture on the wall … the bookcases are set decorations, reference material, probably props, fake books never opened. I used to work accounting and tax, and know all about the reference book displays, done to impress clients. The picture to the right is some kind of 3D effect, but I could not make it out. If anything had moved, I would have thought it was a enclosed fish tank. Weird.

      Anyway, it was a big lesson in stuff we already know, a limited hangout, with the understanding that we know Saddam Hussein was a conglomerate, actors hired by us, as was Hitler, and he knows this too but assumes we are not in on the game.


  4. Multi-layered messaging. The bonus could be Bradley Manning (source of documents) with the transgender thing, which seems to be the new fast-food of cultural chaos.


  5. I remember the smiling lady to the left of the men (supposedly) placing Assange in the vehicle. She seemed pretty happy for such an event, especially compare to everyone else.

    If you start this video at 58 seconds in on the slowest setting, it definitely does not look right.

    As with all this staged media events, one has to wonder what they are trying to distract us from?


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