Rush Limbaugh’s real purpose

RushI remember the date, November 7, 2016 because it was the day before the presidential election. I was driving down into Denver, and turned on the radio. When the other channels are nothing but ads, and it is between 10 A.M. and 1 P.M., I often tune into Rush Limbaugh.

On this particular day, Rush was going on about oddities in the election campaigns. He said the Trump rallies were always full and enthusiastic, while Hillary Clinton’s were not. He went on and on about that and other signs, and I did not know what he was doing or why. Like most people, I assumed Clinton was the anointed one. After all, we had a black president, so it was time for a woman.

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Why Hillary will win the nomination

I listen to Rush Limbaugh when out and about these days. I find him less abrasive than in years past, even a little more open and honest.

It appears his primary function is to keep the eyes of his right-wing audience on the ball, focusing on Obama and the Democrats as evil lefties. This reinforces the illusion of two parties. Whether he knowingly does that it is just a useful idiot – who knows?

But he said one thing of interest, if just in passing. He noted that Hillary’s campaign appears to be collapsing, and of course finds Bernie repugnant, as do I. But then he said “Hillary will get the nomination, of course, as she owns the superdelegates.”

I had forgotten about that facet of the nominating process, the backstop in place to prevent real delegates from choosing someone upapproved by real power. I’ve been away from fake politics for too long!