I tell ya, it was Trump all along-

This is an opinion from high atop the Grassy Knoll, so make of it what you will-

Professional film production is an elaborate affair, not just in execution, but in planning, funding, and especially, scripting; the entire process beginning years in advance of public release-

As we know, A-list film production is one of the most important tasks of Government Intelligence- The propaganda delivered in such seductive dress works our emotions and opens the gates to our subconscious where the real damage gets done- Our critical faculties are helpless against such star studded blandishments-

The “non-fiction” productions have even more impact on our perceptions as we assume what is labeled “news” is true, as opposed to the life-like fictions of the movies- 911 is “true” to most people even though some of us know it has not an ounce of truth about it- Most think they don’t need to suspend disbelief when watching the news- They are required only to emote, to feel sorrow for victims, to empathize with survivors and allow the despondency to slowly abate by looking for distraction, often at retail prices-

The recent Presidential election was an elaborate production, labeled as news, but staged like a sporting competition- There was a playing field, the map of the United States, team colors, Blue and Red, and a scoreboard tallying the point totals of both sides, the Electoral College votes of each state won-

There was a clear winner and a clear loser- The outcome was said, and assumed by most, to be a spontaneous expression of the eligible voters, the ones who actually got off the couch and voted- This particular outcome was also labeled an upset victory for Donald Trump, much like a team of underdogs taking down the presumptive champs in the last minute of regulation time- Days later the postgame recaps continue unabated-


HBO, the penthouse suite of propaganda, fictional division, has a new show running this fall: Westworld, based on the 1973 movie of the same name- The premise in brief: Rich people pay dearly to run amok in a vast amusement park decked out down to the tiniest detail like the old west, at least that version of the west shown in umpteen movies- The guests can’t be harmed but the extremely life-like robots, called Hosts, can be killed in any number of gruesome ways- They can also be raped and tortured- They can be used in any fashion by the guests, all of this existing within several pre-programmed narratives the Hosts act in-

The show is also a paean to the pseudo-science known as Transhumanism, a psy-op proposing that human consciousness can be uploaded into a synthetic host and, theoretically, attain immortality thereby-

It is episode seven, aired this last Sunday, just a few days after the election, that I want to focus on- Early in the episode, Theresa, an employee  of the parent company that owns the park, takes a meeting with a young, nubile, light skinned black woman, Charlotte, also an employee of the parent company and the superior of Theresa- Charlotte was in the midst of having S&M sex with one of the male Hosts when she dismounts, turns the robot off, and slips on a robe to talk casually to her underling about the espionage the two are immersed in: Attempting to steal data from the park to give to their corporate masters – Immediately I thought of the calling out by an NBA coach who likened America to decadent ancient Rome after Trump was elected- The scene was staged with cavalier sex and matter of fact plotting and scheming as seen in almost all movies about Imperial Rome- To add to the decadence, the two women smoke, something Hollywood has been careful to restrict lately, Mad Men not withstanding-

Running in a parallel time frame is the story of a guest named William- He is about 30, blonde, and is smitten with a Host, Dolores, a wholesome blonde farm girl of about 20 years of age who has an oval shaped face and a southern accent- William is the nominal good guy of the show and he confesses to Dolores that he is engaged to a woman in the real world- This nearly ruptures the budding romance but William’s angst overwhelms Dolores and they have sex- The way this is staged is to feel great sympathy for the illicit couple, thus applauding William for choosing fantasy over reality- And to get to the punch line, the couple is clearly made to represent young Bill and Hillary Clinton and the illegitimacy of their coupling, perhaps even that their sex life and marriage is also a fantasy-

Another plot line involves a Host, Maeve, a black madam of the local brothel who has become sentient, though only a couple of compromised technicians know this- Maeve wants to escape Westworld where she is in effect a slave and threatens violence towards the two technicians if they do not help her- She also represents the stereotypical violent black pimp so enamored of white racists- She also plays the uppity character who does not know her place- This is all staged as her liberation, thus giving false hope for the disengaged people of color who will not be able to leave our new Trump driven Westworld- She’s a field slave who wants to kill her master-

Another black Host, Bernard, is the right hand man of the top human, Robert, the man who designed and runs the park, played by Anthony Hopkins- Bernard does not know he’s a Host until the end of the episode when he is ordered by Robert to murder Theresa, which he does unthinkingly- Bernard is the slave that does his master’s bidding- He is portrayed as extremely intelligent, a good father and husband- Bernard, like a St. Bernard, is loyal to a fault- He’s a house slave that protects his master-

Robert, as portrayed by Hopkins, lets his inner Hannibal Lektor out in this episode, complete with a 3D printer creating a skeleton in the basement of a secluded house where the murder takes place- This skeleton will then be given synthetic skin and move about as a Host- This is an allusion to the the killer in Silence of the Lambs who has an underground “sewing room” where he is creating his false self as a woman with his victim’s skins- Theresa is dressed and coiffed like an older version of Jodie Foster’s character, which the producers make no effort to hide- This is presented as an homage, but white haired Hopkins also represents white haired Pence and the real power brokers behind Trump- Psychopaths that give their lives to creating a false world indistinguishable from the real one-

Theresa is also very much displayed in a pants suit, thus she becomes the conniving stand-in for modern day Hillary- Hillary’s loss in the election becomes a murder on the screen- A murder scripted more than a year before the election-

These tells fit lightly within the overarching plot, but nothing in a show as expensive and precisely managed as this has any room for spontaneity- I don’t think this is confirmation bias on my part-

The show’s creator is British, the star is a British knight, the co-star, Jeffery Wright, has all the earmarks of a celebrity bastard asset- The lead female, Thandie Newton, is also a British subject- Hell, even the other lead woman, Evan Rachel Wood, her father, Ira, is a major member of the Grassy Knoll society, publicity division- MI6 and Tavistock have their hands all over this one- Langley is only providing the green screens-

Speculation is that William eventually becomes The Man in Black, a character that appears 30 years after William and Dolores first meet (His timeline and William’s play in the show without any overt pointers suggesting the gap in time, but almost all fan forums have accepted this as the case and I see no reason to argue) He is meant to illustrate the real character of the young Bill Clinton, a violent psychopath that Dolores/Hillary first corrupted decades ago- Thus it is not just an Adam and Eve allusion, but Bill’s original sin was Hillary, as if Bill could have avoided his pathology if not for her- Boy how they despise the Hillary character-

One last thing: Apparently twice during the debates, a fly landed on Hillary’s face- She did not shoo it away- This fly on the face, no reaction, is a key plot point of the first episode of Westworld, which aired in those weeks during the three debates- This kind of apparent cross promotion does nothing to deter me from my interpretation above-

This episode is a confession on their part, given after the election hoaxing, to give us a chance to respond- And I must confess it’s a compelling page turner even as they rummage through my subconscious, finding only bottle caps and empties- I can only post this in response- My weekly geek session with fellow viewers around the water cooler is another effective venue- I am turning a few heads at work with this show, a tool they have given us to work with- Small action, but action just the same-

(Oh, and I get the show for free, so I’m not paying for an indulgence to free my soul- So take that, Virginia!)


Westworld was originally scheduled to wrap production in late 2015 but unexpectedly went on hiatus right at the point where production of episode seven was scheduled to occur- If I’m correct about episode seven being a reveal of the election, then it was at this point that Intel intervened directly to give the show time to rewrite the original concluding 4 episodes of season one- This would have been the moment when all parties finally agreed that Trump would win the election- From that point, parallel programming would have to synchronize with this new information- That would make the sick Hillary scenario Miles Mathis advocates* misdirection, a misdirection already well developed and ready for activation if/when needed as Straight’s Hillary=Sick findings indicate-

*I don’t think Miles is deliberately misdirecting- I think he’s just wrong in his speculation- Nobody goes yard every at bat-

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  1. As I wrote about in another thread, I’ve been finding clues of “Hillary = Sick” in several different movies and shows going back at least 20 years. These people don’t fly by the seat of their pants and they don’t change plans at the last minute. They captain a tight ship.

    I gave up on HBO after the last season of Game of Thrones that my ex-girlfriend forced me to watch with her. The episode with the battle was the most stressful viewing experience of my life. The good guys won and there was no good feeling about it. I remember turning it off when it was over and thinking about how traumatized I felt.


    1. It’s a sick show. Though my family members were fans, every time I tried to watch it with them, someone was getting raped or having their dick cut off. Sick.


  2. Wow that was deep. I don’t know why I’m reminded of that scene in the Matrix, of the woman in the red dress. I seem to keep falling for her from time to time, in spite of knowing better, and going against instincts, but those episodes are getting fewer, farther between, and the recovery is much faster 😉


  3. The latest episode of Gnostic Media talks about social engineering going on using an actual discussion with members if the Grateful Dead, including Garcia. They are not high as they probably do not use themselves. They are quire explicit about the Midwest values they are attacking. It is tedious but well worth a listen. GM is linked above.


  4. Fascinating. I don’t even watch the stuff, but now I’ll check it out. If I can get it for free, that is.

    Yeah, I shot off an email to Mathis after he wrote the Trump article. They’ve been running 8 years Democrat, 8 years Republican for too long to change the pattern. But, this time I think it also spells the end of the 30 year or so reign of political correctness. At least they were kind enough to change the channel on prison radio.


      1. Hilarious! I much prefer Trump and the Stones to Clinton and Fleetwood Mac’s Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow. It became a grotesque and torturous when Al Gore would dance his white guy shuffle to it.


  5. I always wondered why there wasn’t a huge trademark infringment lawsuit against Steve Jobs and Co. by Apple Records. Or, was there a signed agreement, hidden away from public view somewhere in Virginia or at the Home Office (HO)? We’re all on the same team here, right?

    All of this mind control activity manipulates mood and emotion using injected symbols and mythology. In that form it all sneaks past our conscious mind unnoticed. Our general disassociation from nature and intuition has made us relatively helpless prey to neuro-linguistic programmers who imbed words in rhythm (music) into our subconscious, collective mind. It is the music score as much as the visual effects and script that keeps the zombies drooling and coming back for another fix time and time again.


    1. In pop songs they’ll purposely pronounce words so that they sounds like something else, but still have plausible deniability.

      For example, in the Drake song “Controller”, the chorus sounds like “Control Her”. In the Meghan Trainor song “Me Too”, it sounds like “Mewtoo” which was a popular Pokemon character; the song was released at the same time as the Pokemon Go craze/psyop. It’s routine.


  6. “O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.” – Orwell, 1984

    Not that different from Trump’s parting words at his acceptance speech. The intimate crowd chanted USA, USA, USA. Trump said: “I love this country (while flashing the 666 hand signal).”


  7. anyone delve into #pizzagate yet? to understand this current presidential staging, I suggest the pedo-network that connects Trump to Clinton to Epstein to Podesta and far, far beyond is one key mechanism keeping the political puppets carrying out the deep state’s orders in line.

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    1. Don’t know your intent here, to ridicule or demonstrate a curious kind of ignorance. But taking you at face, the idea that political puppets have to be controlled by the “deep state” suggests you’ve an idea of some kind of steel fisted control mechanism in place the keeps people like Obama and Trump and Clinton in line. What we are finding is that it is a collegiate atmosphere, and that the players, who are all related and of royal lineage, are willing participants in a charade of republican governance, which has never existed. Ever. They simply participate in a game where commoners are allowed to pretend that we elect our leaders. That keeps us busy and out of their hair.

      They do not seem to hate us, but they have no respect for our intelligence, and honestly, looking the current charade called an “election,” a TV show on which votes were not even counted, I agree with them.

      That could be more answer than you deserve, as I don’t know where you are at in the learning curve and jumping ahead is not productive. You have to learn these things for yourself. I suggest you start asking different questions. That is the key.


      1. did you even read my comment? a control mechanism is pedophilia. child trafficking is not just a revenue stream for intelligence black budgets. if you want to be open minded, this reddit thread is a good place to start.

        also, I think your other contributors are more than capable to answer for themselves. they seem more curious and open minded, so I’d prefer to hear from them, not you and your tendency to be a thought cop.


        1. This is a little out of scope for this website and very out there, but I’ll give my thoughts on satanism and pedophilia.

          I’ve been coming around to a belief that is basically “if there was no truth to it, then disinfo wouldn’t be there”. They are always siting at the juncture of truth, always ready to misdirect you. Since pedophilia of the elite is one of the biggest conspiracy theories out there, there must be some truth there they are trying to lead us away from.

          Since the Podesta emails and Pizzagate are way too publicized and well known, just like Franklin Credit Union and Biden’s creepiness; and seeing how much of our work is downvoted before it has a chance, I know that it is being promoted by Intelligence. Regarding the occult, I am diverging from Miles Mathis on many points and I also believe there is something there, and I think MM is realizing that himself.

          David Icke is a major proponent of pedophilia among the elite, and is disinfo himself. It was while watching him talk that I figured out what they are trying to misdirect us from. He claimed that a child’s energy is “purer” than an adults. That’s why in horror movies they always say the monsters want a “virgin’s blood”. What they mean is they want a child. And since learning that all of these scary news stories are fake and all threats of truthseekers being harassed and killed are false, we know that those in power thrive on fear and not physical violence. They just want you to think they are killing and abusing people.

          This pedophilia isn’t going on as physical and sexual abuse, I believe the pedophilia is happening on an astral level. The same place the occult work is happening and the “alien abductions”. Now obviously this is a massive stretch for the logically inclined, and I am not pushing anybody in this direction, but these are my thoughts. If anybody wants to know why, then that will be another layer of the onion and I will go into it if asked.

          Again, these are just my thoughts and are outside the scope of this site. The most important thing I want to get through is that the world is not as scary a place as they want you to think it is.


          1. It seems with a lot of things, I’m guessing the truth is somewhere in the middle. Some aspects of the occult are clearly intel ops, the Temple of Set being a perfect example, with it’s founder, Michael Aquino being a military intelligence officer specialising in psychological warfare, wrote that book MindWar. There is also that Presidio child molestation scandal in the mid 80s surrounding that particular cast of characters. I think there is something to the occult, the ritual aspects, the significance of dates, and numbers they are trying to achieve, the ‘Enochian Magic’, harvesting of emotional energy and all that. There is some folks who have noticed some patterns with the numbers/dates/etc…trying to follow those further. Its an interesting rabbit hole for sure, but there is so much noise, disinfo, and misdirection on the occult subject it is hard to filter through it. I think about the difference between Satanists, and Luciferians for example. Is the former misdirection and the latter ‘genuine’? or are they both constructs? Just rhetorical questions.


          2. thank you for responding, straight. I don’t quite understand how this isn’t within the scope of what this blog is now trying to uncover, and judging from some of the subsequent comments, there is obviously some interest in this topic. if there are excessive use of twins or even clones to the degree this blog has asserted, that doesn’t necessarily touch on how the logistics of their control/manipulation is carried out. I suggest the depraved science Dulles and Co. brought over from Nazi Germany (thanks to paperclip) is a significant component regarding how intelligence assets are handled.


                1. I’d say Paperclip is definitely BS- First, the Nazis were a joint effort of British and German Intel so they were on the same “side”- (I say there were no sides, actually) Second, it’s a limited hangout to make you think that’s all the hijinx there was, plus it sells Nazis as an enemy, once upon a time- Plus, The NY Times promoted a recent book about Paperclip- That’s enough for me-
                  The MK stuff is under review- Not dismissing it entirely but there is a lot of “illumin****” like general purpose use made of it- Plus plus it supports the alternative idea that serial killers et al were possibly MK’d and that supports the idea that there were actual serial killers- MK as specific brain surgery-ish mind control is probably BS- Mel Gibson made a movie about just such stuff- That should be enough for me-
                  The work of Jan Irvin showing the PR side of MK ultra as a launch pad for the 60’s scams has more weight, IMO-


                  1. I agree MK Ultra is misdirection. But the social engineering I’m seeing in every form of media tells me that the “mind control” is really just subconscious suggestion. As always, they are trying to make you believe what they are doing is more overt than it really is.


                2. Sorry, I just saw this.
                  Okay, let’s think about this one. We now know or at least think we know that most if not all of “history” was fake, or at the very least embellished as to be unrecognizable. All of the “revelations” concerning Paperclip, MKUltra, Phoenix Project, and on and on, more or less leaked during the Rockefeller commission hearings and then later the House Select Committee supposedly looking into the Kennedy assassination.

                  If not, for all of those leaks, no one would even care any longer about any of those “secret” projects. They are kept alive by the very people perpetrating them. In other words, they want you to look. But, is there really any substance to any of it??

                  Who controls the CIA? Who are the researchers who actually use the FOIA to find these things out? It’s like Pesci said in the movie JFK, it’s all fun and games.


          3. I’d be interested in hearing more about how this works on the astral plane. There’s something going on, and it’s not what we’re led to believe, but the clues are in there somewhere…


            1. “They” feed off our life force and negative energy. Pre-pubescent children have “purer” life force, thus they prefer that type of energy.

              You’ll notice a trend towards veganism, and a psyop by Intelligence to blackwash it. That is because during this ascension everyone’s vibration is rising away from dense/low vibration foods like meats and towards high vibration foods like fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The more humanity ascends, they will no longer need food and will survive on light and energy (not for thousands of years). That is what the advanced beings survive on (who live on the astral and higher dimensions). However those that have gone far away from source energy (low vibrational beings/reptilian aliens/occult demons/the controllers/etc.) survive by feeding on finite energy (rather than the infinite). That is why they try to vampire our energy. If you look around, the entire world and it’s systems are based on creating fear and keeping us in a low vibration state. We are livestock farmed for our energy.

              Again, there’s much much more, and I 100% understand if this is a bit too crazy for some people and that’s fine. Not pushing this on anybody.

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              1. The vegan thing is interesting. I’ve seen quite a bit of esoterica on the subject. Being a meat eater, I haven’t given it much serious thought especially after having some of the best BBQ beef brisket in Texas, but I have considered going vegetarian from time to time, and vegan would be a step more difficult for me. No milk or cheese? Oh vey! Lots of interesting info on colon cleanses, and purging your body of toxins, which is one purported cancerous source etc… I don’t think we have a clear picture on how the body operates exactly. With all of the GMO food, and the elite constantly pushing garbage food, its worth investigating for sure and does make one wonder. At some point I may just go cold turkey and experiment with it for several months to see what happens. When I lived in Northern California for a time, there were a lot of vegetarians/vegans…frankly, some did not look healthy. Something was missing, I don’t know if it was some dietary component, or lack or sun, or something else, but some looked feeble and fragile, sickly. Perhaps they were in a transition period, but it seemed to me some were missing a key element. That was in an era (early 90s) where it seemed not as popular like it is today and with all of the various options that we have now. Much easier to do this today.


              2. Straight, the paradigm that you sketched out here has certain characteristics that should be noted by anyone inclined to dismiss it out of hand.
                1. It is at least two millennia old, and has been articulated in some similar form by spiritual leaders down through the ages.
                2. This paradigm has been articulated in the philosophies/religions of different cultures across the globe.
                It is about as universal as any idea in human history.

                Curiously, though, as most of the major religions evolved they experienced a subverting of their purpose away from addressing this paradigm and became more about social control or personal salvation from a wrathful god. Sort of like the Truther community gets subverted by shillery and psy-ops. My point is: this paradigm keeps resurfacing in human thought. Christianity used to be about this, too: read the Apophthegmata Patrum or Evagrius. Then Emperor Constantine came along and made it about the iota subscript …

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              3. Straight, thanks for the insights. I do agree there is something to all this, and the energy vampire thing is real at some level. My own belief is that we all have such powerful potential that is so locked down with confusion and conflict, if we ever learn to harness it we will do amazing things.

                The universe is rigged for us to win in the end, we just have to come into our own, so to speak. The stealing of our power is a negative way of showing it to us, and forcing us to wake up to it. Ultimately, there is nothing behind the vampires, they will blow away when we quit feeding them.

                Don’t know if you’ve run across the guy at http://www.oneballmedia.com/ but he’s done a lot of writing on the energy theivery. He claims that Icke steals his work, which I wouldn’t know about as Icke has never appealed to me and I’ve always assumed he had to be fake. But this guy has something compelling about what he does, and it makes sense on some levels. He seems just crazy enough to be sincere, or he’s a brilliant agent…

                He does push ayahuasca, which is a red flag.

                It looks like his Christmas articles aren’t posted there now, but they are interesting reads. He believes that all political rallies and major sporting events and rock concerts are energy harvesting events. The major Masonic monuments are receptors which is why major rallies are always held around them. Makes as much sense as any other reason to listen to the phoney windbags.

                I somehow watched a Tim Allen movie last Christmas, one of the purely secular, silly ones, where he decides to skip Christmas and take his wife to the Bahamas instead. In light of what the One Ball guy says about Christmas, it was really interesting for the first half, as all the neighbors tried to bully and cajole them into taking part. Very much like people act about voting. It’s divorced from all rationality.

                So keep sharing your ideas on this, there’s lots more than meets the eye.


                1. Inside Baseball, how did you find this website? Tell me a little about how you got to this level of the onion?


                  1. I don’t remember how exactly I did find that. In most cases I find interesting websites in the comment sections of other websites. For example, I found POM because MM mentioned Mark by name and I googled him.

                    My reading has always been a bit eclectic, which is why the loss of good used bookstores is so tragic. I had read some of the Traditionalist philosophers like Rene Guenon, who touches on these ideas in a more nuanced way. I liked his explanation of how the anti-Christ would collapse at the very peak of his power, because he would use up all the negative energies to get that point.

                    It’s been a few years since I’ve read anything by him, and would guess he is an agent of some sort, knowing what I know now.

                    Daniel Phoenix is another interesting character, with some way out stuff, but brilliantly written, and he touts MM. Don’t know what to make of him, really, would welcome any insight.

                    As far mind body stuff, I’ve been looking into energy psychology and related things for a good while, and know there is definitely something to it. But my background is traditional Christian, and I still hold to it with some divergence from a few doctrines that don’t hold water.


                    1. Daniel Phoenix is described as “David Wilcock’s well-known insider.” That tells me all I need to know about him. Which is that he must be full of it. By the way, I would not be surprised if there is a familial relation between Wilcock and the Olcott of Theosophy fame (the Olcotts were originally Alcocks, which I suspect is also the origin of the Wilcock name).


              4. I went down that rabbit hole for about 9 months. That’s all a bunch of malarkey. And, I’m someone who has had 7 out of body experiences, that I induced. It’s the spiritual package that usually comes along with liberalism and passivity. Again, it’s a total advertising game that keeps us docile. Veganism is such a load of BS and this idea of vibration. Think about the money they are making on the ultra liberal whole foods segment. If Tenderloin is $12 a pound, what do you think you’re paying per pound for a good Vegan meal??

                Once you get over it, you’ll find it to be laughable, just like Icke and the snake people. Total scam with just enough real info to be dangerous.


                1. Just like Pi=4 is a major thing for the spooks to blackwash, it appears veganism is right there on the list. Interesting.


                  1. I’m not sure about the place of veganism and vegetarianism in all this. Vegetarianism seems like it was heavily promoted by Intelligence in the 1800s. I have a footnote in my Gandhi paper about his involvement in the Vegetarian movement and the likely kinship between Henry Olcott (Theosophy) and the founder of the Vegetarian society, Amos Bronson Alcott. Also don’t forget that two Intelligence assets/frontmen, Paul McCartney and Steve Jobs, promoted fruitarianism, which is basically a variant of veganism. Another fun fact: Israel has the highest per capita rate of vegans in the world. So an argument could me made that Intelligence is or has also promoted veganism or vegetarianism. I have a post coming up soon (hopefully) that gives my take on social engineering.


        2. You generally come here to ridicule, that and you are hung up on the occult. The occult, in my view, is kind of like voting – something not real that is used to manipulate people. People believe in it, and they believe their votes matter. It is not stupidity, but mind control at work, nothing more.

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        3. There is definitely something creepy going on with those pizzagate people. They are actually blatant about it once you get past the first layer, it’s terrifying. The use codes and symbols. The owner of the pizza place responded to the people on reddit and he what he said was very strange. He gets mad because people used his publicly posted pictures of children in the informal investigation (he even tells their ages) and calls the kids pawns and underhandedly threatens reddit. No mention of how the kids are related or why the girl was taped to a table…
          And the Podesta brothers look exactly like the police sketches drawn for the madeleine mccann disappearance. She disappeared on May 3, 2007 and the Podesta emails begin May 4, 2007. There are only 4 degrees of separation between the podesta’s and the mccann’s aswell.
          It’s so much information and so many people in top positions that many dismiss it unfortunately and it’s happened like this before, the Franklin Coverup, Jimmy Saville…


          1. Someone here a while back brought in a photo of Jeffrey Dahmer’s “uncle” who bore a strong resemblance to him. I ran the photos side by side as I do, and found that the uncle was Dahmer, living his life like a normal person, hidden in plain sight. Jeffrey Dahmer was a psyop, as was Bundy, Son of Sam, Hillside, Zodiac, and most likely pizzagate, Franklin, Presidio – scan down the right side above and find JonBenet Ramsey under twins. Her death was a psyop. Take all of this stuff with a huge grain of salt. They want us to be afraid of each other, of strangers, of foreigners, Muslims, the “occult,” you name it. Fear is their game. It is a governing tool. There is nothing to fear.

            Burn your TV. Get all the news you need from the weather report.

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            1. Apparently, one of these Podesta boys of pizza gate commissioned a sculptor to recreate Dahmer’s body parts collection- This from the suspicious duo, Atwill & Russell, of the Postflaviana podcast- Priceless!


          2. Your comment prompted me to actually look up pizzagate. Looks like one of the more ridiculous “conspiracy” theories, right out of NSA down the street. Not to worry.


          3. Courtney, I also share your curiosity about pizzagate. I just don’t know what to make of it. Taken in isolation, I would say it is definitely a make-believe psyop. But when taken in the context of all the other stuff that has come out over the last several decades about elite pedophilia, ritualized child abuse, MK-Ultra, etc., it’s hard to just dismiss it. Also, if you’ve been following how pizzagate had developed on Reddit, it certainly seems like a grassroots, bottom-up investigation that appears to be stumbling on some rather disturbing stuff (and now with twittergate). I do not think it can be dismissed out of hand. But I am so wary of fakery and hoaxes at this point that I’m also very skeptical. It could all be orchestrated to appear real and bottom-up, but how do we know? It could all be manufactured.

            There is a lot of evidence pointing to the Podestas in the McCann kidnapping. But how much of that evidence is even real? Doesn’t it seem just a bit too pat that the police sketches match them so closely. How do we even know those sketches are really from the Portuguese police or really sketches that were produced way back in 2007 or whenever that was. Does it make sense to you that these two high-ranking guys would be directly involved in kidnapping Madeleine from her apartment? Wouldn’t they be more likely to have other people do their dirty work for them? The four degrees of separation you mention actually makes the hoax hypothesis more likely rather than less (as we’ve seen in so many cases that MM has unraveled, these people are all closely related). And yes, by that I mean that Madeleine’s abduction was also a hoax.

            For now I’m on the fence. It might be real or it might be manufactured. Mark suggests they are making it up because they want us to be afraid. But then why manufacture these stories that make them look bad? Because they want us to be afraid of them, I suppose. But I’m not sure I buy that. I think there are better ways of doing that. I think we know a lot less about how ‘they’ operate than we’d like to think we do. Honestly I don’t know how you’d be able to tell if any of this is true or not unless you knew someone very well who had been a victim in all this.

            In any case, I do think child pornography and prostitution are both real and very profitable. That by itself would be enough of a motivator for what we’re seeing, setting aside the satanic ritual abuse/MKUltra angle.


  8. Regarding the above comments concerning a curious lack of copyright infringement lawsuits I’d just like to point out that there is also the curious case of the “V for Vendetta” mask being used by Anonymous, the allegedly anti-government group, as well as numerous other so-called “protest movements” yet the rights to that mask are owned by Warner Bros per the wikipedia and other sources.

    To my knowledge WB has never taken any legal action against these groups for infringement of those rights so any time you see one of these …

    .. you can safely assume that are looking at a fake spook activity (probably just like the original “event” back in 1605 that inspired it).


    1. yeah, regarding Anonymous, kinda like WikiSpooks, they never do anything meaningful, just some emotional button pushers that never amount to anything, or changes the status quo. Kinda like those ‘terrorists’ hiding out in places like Iraq/Syria. They claimed to have a caliphate or whatever, and control large sections of territory, but are apparently afraid to show their faces even in the areas they supposedly control. There is that secrecy thing again that has gotten us into so much trouble…


  9. Re: vegetarianism. I know I’m a bit late and not sure if anyone will read. As a doc, I see many patients with a host of nonspecific symptoms (depression, fatigue, numbness, weakness, headaches, memory problems, etc) with negative testing for a known disease that appear to have metabolic dysfunction. There seems to be a key in this that can be explored in the work on this site. To explain further, many disease, especially neurological diseases, seem to be mitochondrial in that the cellular energy functions are impaired leading to a wide array of clinical symptoms. Diabetes for instance is actually a metabolic disorder in which the cells cannot use glucose appropriately. Many are suspecting that fake fat (polyunsaturated vegetable oils), fake protein (soy), and fake carbohydrates (high fructose corn) are major contributors to these mitochondrial linked diseases. Note that vegetarians are highly exposed to fake food – you need to be extra careful as a vegetarian to maintain healthy protein and carb intake to keep metabolism working. If any one reads and would like links to explore (we are all exploring as metabolism is no longer studied in medicine, now mostly genetic and molecular targeting is researched) I would be happy to pass some starting reading links along.


      1. Yes, although I haven’t read Hillman’s work, I suspect his view that cells are not what they seem to be in vitro is right on the money. Following this line of thinking, in my opinion, leads you right into Gilbert Ling’s work which should be taught as mainstream biological theory. How have you run across Hillman?


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