Assange Arrested

If Assange is a journalist/publisher, not a “spy,” then all pretense of democracy/republic is exposed. State government, in other words, is a hoax. Free speech is dead. Government “for the people” is dead. No “freemen.” No rights as granted in the Magna Carta (1215/1297). No U.S. Constitutional rights exist.

Stay tuned as TPTB scramble to cover up their crimes.

20 thoughts on “Assange Arrested

    1. Assange, 47, caught my eye straight away. It was either going to be 11th or the 22nd, wasn’t it? (My father was buried yesterday, so you’ll have to excuse any cynicism, sarcasm, ecc on my part.)


  1. There is no doubt that Assange is an agent. In 2013, the film “The Fifth Power” was released with Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Assange.

    And then there is the real fake hoax Pizzagate (a hoax produced from pre-established evidence such as emails etc. and not false information from bad web trolls).

    Now it would be interesting to see what happens next with this “arrest”. What would be the objective? Strengthen Wikileaks as a protector of the truth? Push the public to revolt?

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    1. So, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, former Wikileaks partner, author of the book the movie is based on, is the last word? Movie producer: Dreamworks. Movie distributor: Disney. Movie budget: $28 million. Box office: $8.6 million. Source: Wikipedia. Oh, I trust their version of the truth, not.

      Can any version of this story really be confirmed? What does 47 and 11 mean? Clues, perhaps. Perhaps not. I know nothing, for sure. So glad everyone else’s mind is so at ease.


      1. 4+7=11
        “Saint Augustine stated that “the number 11 is the blazon of sin”.
        Eleven was considered a symbol of internal conflict and rebellion.
        It was compared to the unbalancing of the number ten, a pillar in the universe, number eleven represented disorder.” (or CHAOS)


  2. Each number is a symbol. Any number can be assigned by anyone, or any group, any additional symbolism it so chooses. My question is more about whether or not we give ourselves an automatic exemption from further inquiry simply because some group has its own use/assignation to a particular number. I get the arithmetic. And I get the popularity of various numbers. Some folks like to read tea leaves, study Tarot readings or astrological readings to give extra meaning to life. These practices, in my mind at least, do not qualify as rational thought processes, which may also be overrated. Just trying to keep an open mind as long as possible before passing judgment. No big deal, really, ’cause what will be, will be, most likely.


  3. Any particular reason for your “bigger tool,” “buffoon” opinion? According to you I seem to be missing some important data and analysis. Perhaps you’d like to elaborate, share your wisdom with some of the rest of us who are wondering just WTF you are talking about.


  4. Assange’s frequent meetings with celebrities over the years weakens his credibility in my opinion:

    “…Assange has hosted a star-studded lineup of visitors, including Lady Gaga, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, rapper MIA and John Cusack. And, apparently, a steady stream of women.”

    A hilarious deflection from Nigel Farage:

    “Nigel Farage visited Assange’s embassy hideout on Thursday. When questioned by a reporter from Buzzfeed, ‘Farage said he couldn’t remember what he had been doing in the building.'”


  5. I think that Assange is a limited hangout. The arrest yesterday was simply hilarious, so, so, fake. Complete with a book prop and smirking cops too, they knew that it was just for the cameras. Perfect timing for Treason May too. It took her off the headlines and she had just sold UK “democracy” down the river a few hours before……….

    If the arrest had been real then it would not have been shown on live tv in such a theatrical manner. All it needed was a couple of burly plods [Brit for uniformed police] to frog march him into a vehicle in the embassy basement. Then whisk him away to a cell nearby. Instead we got that ludicrous theatre with smirking plods, stage props, his granddad beard and hair. A farce for tv that will probably now run for years to come……

    Assange is an asset, I’m 99.9% sure of that. Here is a link from yesterday that exposes Julian the spook. A vid from a foul mouthed, but astute, commentator. He lays out the lies and deceptions quite clearly for you:

    “Honeypot Asset Julian Assange Stars in Street Theater Arrest After Years of Spying on Guests”

    If you want a more detailed expose of Julian the spook then look at Richard D Halls website, specifically:

    Show 240 from July 2017: “Wikileaks and Julian Assange”

    Yes I know that Mark has exposed Hall and Johnson but, like all limited hangouts, he tells a lot of truth. He eviscerates Julian in this one


  6. Thanks, Pete. This hero-to-martyr story has the complexity of a Russian novel. I particularly like the “honeypot” theory using asset Assange and Wikileaks as bait. Timing is perfect for the Brixet-weary. Exit stage left, or is it right? One thing for sure, there will be no freedom or democracy for the commoners in the UK, EU or US, and if that’s true, these silly notions are — same as it ever was — like the desert mirage.


    1. Steve, even Noam Chomsky raised flags about Assange, as I recall, feeling that he was being used by higher ups to release certain information for certain purposes. In that scenario Assange is genuine but a dupe. Far more likely, in my view, he made an appearance now and then at the Ecuadorian embassy, and then changed his hair color and lived a normal life. He’ll not spend a day in jail. It is otherwise too bizarre to imagine seven years of respect for diplomatic boundaries by a government that has no such honor.


      1. That’s right Mark, it is far more likely that he was only in the embassy for his scheduled visits and balcony appearances. The vid that I linked above shows how that was easily possible. Seems that the embassy has a basement that admits diplomatic cars. So tinted windscreens and a diplomatic vehicle in and out of the basement and, job done. Theoretically, even the UK government did not know who was in those cars but I expect that they are an integral part of the scam like you imply Mark. So my bet is that he didn’t spend a lot of time there. I guess that sunbathing was out of the question though……

        The vid also shows just who the likely spook handler for Assange is. And also the lies and deceptions of the Wikileaks management, and Assange’s lawyer, who he proves were lying in a press conference just the day before yesterdays drama.

        The honeypot aspect of his embassy visitors was openly admitted in a Guardian article a few years ago. The spooks secretly filmed all the visitors conversations with him apparently. I guess that none of the visitors could be surprised about that if they thought about it. I always assumed that these visitors must be in on the Assange psyop. But now I’m not so sure


        1. The honeypot probably extended to everyone who had email or message contact with Wikileaks via “backdoor” (spying software xagent and xtunnel) described in the Webb video. Webb runs a similar snare using the “crowd-source,” alternative media universe. Facebook, Google, etc. too; which internet platform is not collecting info/intel 24/7?

          Bingo, right on cue: WordPress won’t post the above comment is I do not confirm my email address and name associated with that address.


      2. Mark, I so hate to bring this up:

        Spy vs. Spy, oh my. “Deep State” assets working for rivals, perhaps. Not that much different than factional battles represented by Trump vs. Clinton(s) vs. Bernie — all sharing the same overall global goals.


  7. I get that … I was a Chomsky dupe for many years, only breaking free due to MMG … I brought him in because he acted as a kind if shield for Assange, allowing him to be genuine against a backdrop of even deeper intrigue.

    Consider this: The pressure a powerhouse like the US could bring against one like Ecuador during those seven years – trade, currency, media – would be unbearable. Ecuador would collapse if any if this were real. Assange would have been in custody years ago. It was allowed to to on because it was a psyop.


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