Actors in blackface

Hidden FiguresI am more than a trifle curious about a movie I have heard about but not seen, called Hidden Figures. The plot is easily seen to be contrived by the movie’s closing. There we learn that mathematician Katherine Johnson did some of the calculations that got astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon and back.  Since neither man left this planet to set foot in that one, no calculating (of the mathematical variety) was needed. Therefore, shall we just set the movie aside?

I would do so but there is another facet to it of interest … a delicate subject which needs cautious introduction, that of the dignity of African-Americans, allowing them to partake in the rich hoaxes visited upon us along with the wealthy landed gentry who own us and our world. Why not deal them into the game too?

This post is accompanied by a delicate fuse and a bomb that can easily go off in your face. Treat it with caution. Comment at your own risk.

Obamna smokingI have noticed the near sainted devotion that people who call themselves Democrats pay to Barack Obama. (The photo to the right is a Photoshop job, the cigarette added by someone as a joke, which I enjoy.)  No small part of it is tied to Obama being half black. His ascension to the presidency is a testament not so much to his own efforts (he, like all before and since, was placed in the slot by higher powers), but to the nobility of his Democratic supporters. They are, you see, validated in their own higher and better natures by their support of a black man. A black president validates them, lends them their damned annoying imagined moral superiority.

On Obama’s end, he is untouchable. This is in part why he was chosen for the role. His wars became just wars, his murders righteous. (I say this knowing he was nothing but a figurehead.) I see this often in politics … an agenda is cleansed merely by re-branding it. The Afghanistan War, which as I view it is merely the use of soldiers to protect the poppy fields, became Obama’s war, and thereby a noble effort.

The crown jewel program that was put forward under this man is called “Obamacare.” He had nothing to do with it, of course,  other than stand on a podium reciting his lines  now and then. All of the calculating was done by others. The act, called Affordable Care, or ACA, represents racketeering and criminality at its worst. No “Republican” could ever have pulled it off. But to have a black man front for it brought out all of the noble instincts of morally superior Democrats. The health insurance industry, a criminal enterprise that has never so much as provided a bandage for a cut finger, was able to stick it to us by this carefully contrived ruse. Street Democrats to this day believe that by sticking us with Obamacare, they did something good and noble. After all, Obama is a black man! He gave us his name for our health care system.

I’ll lay it out, though not in detail, as it pains me to write about how criminals got away with their crime and how we can do nothing about it. Most know the definition of racketeering, but I’ll demonstrate what it is by example. Suppose you own a small bakery in Brooklyn, and are visited one day by a thug, obviously armed under his heavy clothing. He offers you a deal: If you pay him $500 each month, your store windows will never be broken. He’ll see to it. He’ll protect you.

Of course you know the underlying truth, that if you don’t pay him, your store windows will be broken. You want to stay in business, and so agree to the extortion. There’s nothing you can do, as cops are on the take too.

That is racketeering … to create a problem in order to solve it.

How does this apply to Obamacare? What problem did Obamacare solve? People were being denied health care and dying in droves due to “preexisting conditions.” Who created this problem? The health insurance industry! Who solved it? The health insurance industry.

They solved it by writing and passing some of the most onerous legislation in human history, burdening every citizen with a mandate that they purchase overpriced and crappy insurance products from private racketeers. They could not have pulled this thing off save one particular psychological facet … Obama is black. Noble and stupid Democrats stopped thinking properly, if ever they did so before.

Imagine the same wretched program renamed “Trumpcare*.” Would Democrats support it? Need I answer? And this is a lesson in how politics is done on us for real. It is a clever and calculating enterprise run by thugs and carried out by paid actors, some in blackface.

But what on earth does the movie Hidden Figures have to do with Obamacare? It’s only a parallel, as I see it. This year is the 50th anniversary of the massive hoax called Apollo 11. This movie is part of a larger enterprise now underway to cleanse that enterprise. The tactic of introducing black actors sets us back on our heels, making us reluctant to criticize it. That is why the movie was created. It is not the whole of the cleansing enterprise, rather just a small part.

Can you see why this is hard to write? Right away some will accuse me of racist impulses, and will claim this post has those overtones. But I am not racist … I bear no hatred or dislike or low regard for any race, blacks, Jews, Hispanics, even white Europeans (though I am not enamored of the Irish). But I see sly and conniving con artists at work with this movie.

So let’s jump to my conclusion: No one went to the moon, ever. I doubt anyone ever occupied any vessels called Mercury, Gemini, or Apollo. Ergo, there were no mathematicians of any race behind any of it. It is not just blacks who did not participate in the crowning scientific achievement of the 20th Century. It’s all if us.

Hidden Figures is just a movie used to play on our sense of decency, allowing blacks to partake in our crowning fake achievement. They gamed us in preparation for this year, the 50th anniversary year of the hoax. They did so by use of the race card, just as they used that card to advance ACA.

Proceed with caution. This post is trip-wired.

The picture used at the top is a photo of a poster used to promote the movie Hidden Figures, and is used here only to accompany commentary on the movie. I am not sure I am allowed to do that, but Wikipedia did, so I did too.

*Trump has played his part in the charade, campaigning against Obamacare, pledging to at least get rid of the private mandate, and then doing nothing. That too is by design. He led his followers nowhere. He’s the Republican version of Bernie Sanders.

23 thoughts on “Actors in blackface

  1. Add to that that “Rockefeller medicine” is a racket as well, for the cherry on top. It would be interesting to know the real benefits of modern medicine vs doing nothing (or using alternative or traditional home remedy etc treatments.)

    It’s almost like they wanted to get more people in the system so they could experience those wonderful “benefits” of medicine as well…


  2. “Benefits” are the bait in the debt-trap. Remember, nothing is free. So, once a benefit is accepted and received, man (yes, women too) is subject to all rules, laws and conditions of that contract. Now who wants to become collateral (property), like livestock, to obtain state benefits? State health care carries a price paid in lifetimes of servitude. We are all, or almost all of us, victims of our own (legal) demise by exchanging (slavery) debt for benefits that amount to way less than the asking price.


    1. I see no “benefits” with Obamacare. It is a financial obligation of individual citizens to racketeers, with only enough “benefit” to make it seem plausibly moral. Man I loathe Democrats! So utterly easily fooled.


      1. Many of the procedures of modern medicine have been plausibly described as ritualized torture. That people can’t see that, or cant bear to listen to those who expose its shaky foundations, goes to the bias people have in favor of the status quo — “any institution so giant and victorious MUST be a legitimate winner in the battle of ideas. It MUST provide real health benefits… Can’t possibly be a fraud from top to bottom…” Etc.


        1. I hear what you are saying here … we need to avoid generalization. There are certain procedures that doctors use to solve problems. They deal generally with things that go wrong with our bodies … broken bones, strained muscles, or what I underwent this morning, removal of an ugly cyst from my shoulder. Don’t mix up this basic health care with the nonsense of chemotherapy or prostate surgery or AIDS and the like, the fake side of medicine. Doctors are useful. “Rockefeller medicine” is not.

          As I see medicine in practice, it is focused on the elderly, and is a regime of drugs that make us sick, treated by more drugs that make us sicker. Then we die. That is Rockefeller medicine. I love and enjoy the drug free life. I turn 69 this week. I feel great. When I die, it will not be due to anything other than unavoidable aging.


          1. You’re rather thick … does your anger prevent clear thinking? I have no problem with the Irish, other than the part-German mostly-Irish wench I married in my youth, some kind of punishment for unknown deeds, I suppose. My mother was a wonderful person, and full Irish. She told me as a youngster that it is always wrong to hold any race or ethnicity above any others.

            So now do you see any humor? Do you own any? I am half Irish myself. When I attack the Irish, it is not the entire Island, but only one witch and one foolish young man.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Yes it’s a mixed bag, no doubt doctors help in some cases. My bias is that any success or neutral outcomes are sort if incidental to the overall systemic issues. I could be wrong, maybe it’s more mixed than that.
            Dr Daniels has an episode critiquing even the treatment of broken bones, and car crash injury patients, that is eye opening. Most would think that the system handles those well, but even there one should be wary.

            Liked by 1 person

          3. Gaia-“what-ever-sphere”, it’s cool to let to our “Peace flags fly” and to stand up for whatever we believe in. I’ve got Irish blood runnin’ thru my veins as well. But there comes a time when you have to stand up and look beyond ethnology, and face the rest of the world eye to eye. Two things are never ending; “The universe,and human stupidity”
            …And I’m not sure about “the universe”.


  3. Irish? Is that still a thing? (I guess an L-O-L is called for here)
    A black time traveler in a show I once wrote about, “Timeless”, finds himself at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 where Aunt Jemima pancake stuff was first introduced and he wonders out loud how in the hell is Aunt Jemima is still a thing. It will always be a thing in one form or another. Black v. White is good for action.


    1. I had a terrible experience in a Chinese restaurant one time. It was there I proposed to my first wife, who claimed to be full-blooded Irish, as if that were some kind of a thing. I don’t hate all Irish people however, just those who think it is a thing.


  4. Good topic, good article, I’m mostly in agreement. I could only add that that poster is so saccharine and treacly in its pandering to identity politics and the constant playing of cards and pushing of buttons that we endure nonstop from the media. Sure to elicit (and in fact I have heard) all the cooing of approval from NPR and the usual voices of all right thinking apparatchiks.


  5. Just to pile on, Timeless did have an episode where the team saves the mission to the moon and the black lady in the movie is also in this episode. They even reference the movie when they get back to the present. Wheeee…


      1. Maybe Hulu or some streaming thingy. It’s not that good. I watched it with my mother when I visit every week. The first season was intermittently engaging, but they never were very consistent with the internal rules that sci fi needs. The Butterfly Effect would factor in sometimes and at other times not. I found the sprinkling of conspiracy candy* amusing; they do read sites like ours, I’m convinced. We’re trendy. When we were doing face chops, the visual concept did appear in ads for some shows, especially history related programs.
        *The Elon Musk of the show who built the Masonic-like eye/time machine is named Mason. It’s that subtle.


  6. Post-Columbus (never existed) North America.

    Is a four centuries ongoing huge hoax perpetrated by native Shaman Redskins (plus HollyWeird John Wayne) for fake sympathy.


  7. Gaiasshere and Trigger boy you two crack me up. Both of you jockeying for position to sharpen Mark’s pencils in hopes to avoid him steamrolling both of you again. Always good stuff. My take on the use of the women above in the poster is to now make insecure the white woman who’s use in a recent project was anointing them the smartest people on Earth while making the white male appear as the dumbest. Now the project of the white woman’s run as a smartest is coming to a close? Not only that but now those oh so genius white women have to worry about their replacements above attracting their oh so dumb white man to which I would say have a taste of your own medicine… and yes be worried.


    1. You sound quite prejudice against white people,there “SUZIE-Q”…especially against “White Women”. What’s your angle there ?


  8. Okay, let’s dig into OBAMACARE. First thing to note is that it took the last thing that was LEGAL (breathing) and made it ILLEGAL, but technically it only applies to PERSONS, and a PERSON is a GOVERNMENT CREATED IDENTITY, not a living being in any way shape or form, The HEALTHCARE is all tied to the ALL CAP NAME and the accompanying SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. The PERSOn is a DEAD thing, not living, but as long as the “living” do business “through” the DEAD PERSON, “THEY” got ya by the short hairs. THEY = The Hierarchy Enslaving Yoo.

    Now as for the name OBAMACARE, the word, we have to look at the word CARE and it struck me that it no doubt connects to the ancient city of ACRE, which is in modern-day ISRAEL, and is now called “Akko” and was known to the Greeks as “Ake”, a Greek word meaning “Cure” and then the Latinised word is “Ace” .,_Israel

    Now, in my travels through the truth community for more than a decade, I came across the concept of ADMIRALTY LAW or LAW OF THE SEA and the ancient word ACRE was a reference to the rising sea which had presumably flooded the original settlement of ACRE founded circa 3000 BC, so the new settlement was named ACRE, “Ad koh” in Hebrew, which means “up to here” meaning that the “sea” borders the “acre” and in modern times, land is measured in ACRES and using the “archaic” meaning of “Acre”, is all “land” bordering the “sea” and subject to ADMIRALTY LAW?


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