Odds and ends

Just a few matters here, some loose ends to clear up.

A writer using the pseudonym Dagen D. Proveritas submitted an essay at the Miles Mathis site called I’ve Been Considering Matthew Shepard and I Believe His Murder Was Faked. It’s a good piece of work, a bit longish for my taste. Because it is Mathis, Mathew is linked to the actors Sam and Cybill Shepard. On what evidence? The last name. However, there is no mention of anyone being Jewish.

I am not in competition with anyone, but I did write about Mathew Shepard in December of 2017. (The Mathew Shepard Killing Looks Like Another Hoax.) The two pieces together cover a lot of ground. Proveritas makes no mention of AIDS, but does connect Shepard’s allegedly being HIV positive with the brutal murder. At that time I had done a boatload of research on AIDS, and suggested that part of the reason for the Shepard hoax was to advance the myths that HIV causes AIDS, and that AZT cures it. It was also based on the myth of redneck homophobia. The two alleged killers, Aaron Mckinney and Russell Henderson, are perfect caricatures for the myth, two men who hated the young man because he was gay.

Anyway, read both pieces if you’ve time. Both are, in my humble view, worthy. We both figured out, using the same evidence, that the event was a hoax.

In the comments below Faux’s recent piece on the phenomenon that shows so many famous actors having matching facial plates, I put up the photo below. These are the identical twins, Max and Charlie Carver. I thought that they bore a strong resemblance to our hero at this blog, Matt Damon. I said I could just mail it in – this from a guy who says that we should never rely on just our eyes in analyzing faces.


Surprise – as it turns out, the boys, while strongly resembling Damon, do not line up with precision as the others in the Damon Group have.

Funny thing, when I first came across Max and Charlie in an episode of a dark series on HBO called The Leftovers, I was not struck so much by their appearance as mannerisms. They sounded like Damon, had his idiosyncrasies. Something is up here, but Max and Charlie (I don’t know which is which) are just slightly off in terms of Damonism.

Steve Kelly gave us the photo below of a couple of identical twins who both played professional football, Tiki and Ronde Barber.

Barber twins

My first thought was they they reminded me of Duane (The Rock) Johnson. I immediately backed away, thinking it was just a mindless impulse.

That’s Tiki on the left, Duane on the right. Man, is it close, so close that I think that were not Duane’s smile a bit narrower in depth, this might be a hit. I am going it leave it there.

There was talk in the comments of the Bokanovsky Process in  Brave New World being used to dumb people down so that they could perform various chores dependably, never suffering ambition or boredom. At this web site we have identified people who share the same facial plates in acting and athletics (Tom Brady is a Matt Damon lookalike). Of course we don’t know how this is achieved, but why assume it is just highly visible trades like acting and professional sports? Why not corporate executives, golfers, scientists as well?

And who ever said that our Matt Damon Batch is made up of smart people? We only claimed they look alike. They could be dumb as stumps.

PS: Bonus points to anyone who can identify the two men in the photo below, only so slightly an imperfect match.

Sheen Brosnan

17 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. Sheen and Brosnan is a really good one. Bottom line here is that this is way, way too easy. It is statistically relevant. Whether a perfect 7 or 8 facial feature match is truly 1 in 10 million or 1 in 750,000, we are still seeing WAY too much alignment among a group of a few thousand people. Attractiveness is not it. Coincidence cannot be it (unless you’re willing to swallow the 1 in whatever trillionth percent chance it IS coincidence). Familial explanations cannot be it, unless you believe these people are all cloned from the same egg (still genetic manipulation).

    What we’re left with is the idea that these people are BRED to have beautifully symmetrical faces. Not via natural selection (see Olivia Wilde’s parents), but through an artificial selection. Eugenics hyper-accelerated by technology. Beyond just the face, imagine all the genetic advantages these people must have that we can’t see with the naked eye. All kinds of advantageous selections against diseases, acne, and a million other things. My belief is that these people are truly a different breed than us, and the who/why behind it is the only real question left to ponder.

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    1. Tell me again how you guys make the decision of how to scale each face? You set the eyes equidistant, but on what basis do you size the faces themselves? Since people have different head sizes.

      What are the 7 or 8 features that you look for matches on— could you highlight them on an example, say on the Sheen/Brosnan? I can see where things “match” down the center line, but for ears etc, are you making measurements or just eyeballing it?


      1. For me, I think of how the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, upper lip, chin, eyebrows, forehead, and hairline match up. Those are 9 features right there. It does seem to work in terms of odds a bit like the lottery, where there is an exponential relationship with the number of features to be found in alignment. Finding a 3 or 4 feature match is nowhere near as unlikely as finding a 6 or 7 feature match. We would need to officially define “match”, as you point out, but the wild thing that Mark can attest to are the way these top tier matches truly seem to just flawlessly drop into place. Eyeballing it alone really does show the quality of the alignment, but it would be nice to have better defined parameters. Mark is very open about the ways the methods could be improved, but too much has been made about these deficiencies in terms of dismissing the phenomenon outright.

        My match (Paris Jackson and Olivia Wilde) really honestly was my first attempt and only used some deep background logic to guide those two people as selections. It is just way, way too easy for us in that way. The evidence just keeps piling up that this is something relevant. I think Mark would have dropped it long ago if he hadn’t kept finding these unbelievably strong top tier matches, one after the other.

        Mark, I know, has said that he sets the pupils an inch apart. Myself, I have tried to find software to help. If we were ever going to give this the full treatment of a top-level research study, I think we would need the aid of software to help us out. I was able to find an app called “Mixo” which I find very helpful. Really though, I need more practice manually using Mark’s method. Mark took what Mixo told me was a flawless match, and his method showed the same…so I can attest to his method being as strong as a software designed for facial comparisons.

        These are good questions, and honestly I wish we had the time and technology to attack this question under strict scientific parameters. Even without that, I still see a firm basis of a very real phenomenon with implications that go beyond what the average person is willing to consider.


  2. The paper before this one the proveritas character did on the ships is full of holes saying all those ships were the same. I remember googling on them and there’s a guy with a nice ship website and he shows the shops mentioned in that paper they are all different ships. Ship lines tend to make several of the same ships its that simple.

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    1. There are so many problems with that Edmund Fitzgerald paper. First and foremost: Mathis claims that the date of the sinking, 11/9/1975, is an obvious clue. But tell me: how in the hell did the hoaxsters manage to conjure up the biggest November storm in living memory on precisely that hoaxy date? Talk to any older Yooper in Marquette or the Soo, and they will tell your their memories of that ferocious storm, apart from the ore ship sinking. The storm was as real as can be.

      Of course, then they will serve up unsubstantiated claims about top-secret weather control machines back in 1975, that could create such conditions on demand. Evidence, please?

      If you were going to sink a ship in Lake Superior for the insurance payout, there are plenty of deeper spots than that location off Whitefish Point. Why choose 530 feet of water when you can lose it in 1300 feet further west?

      Then there is the claim that the Gordon Lightfoot song is part of the ploy. But if he was hired to sell the story by tugging on heartstrings … why did he start amending the lyrics after the wreckage was finally examined?
      If the sinking was faked, why would “they” need to change their tune about the details???

      The author also questions the plausibility of a ship traversing the length of Lake Superior in heavy seas, only to sink a few miles from the eastern end. He obviously knows zero about the geography of the Great Lakes and the nature of wave action. Waves generally grow larger as they approach shallower water. The two ore freighters took a more northerly route than usual that day, through deeper water, instead of following the southern shore. It was when the Edmund Fitzgerald came into shallower water, close to a known shoal, that the sinking occurred, probably as a result of two huge waves first encountered by the Arthur M. Anderson.

      Ultimately, that paper, like most MM offerings, relies on sketchy connections traced through similar names. That ain’t proof; that’s pleading. It cannot be the case that everyone with certain last names is in on the con.

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          1. It’s definitely bucket list-worthy. I highly recommend taking the late (evening) departure from the Michigan side, as you will get a terrific view of the sunset over Lake Michigan. A tremendous sight to behold…rivaled for me only by having once witnessed the sun rise over the desert horizon. The Badger is a very smooth ride too, especially compared with any competitors. No sea-sickness to worry about. I definitely enjoyed the ride, if only to have experienced it once.

            I think we can all agree that the MM paper on the Edmund Fitzgerald is the type of paper that leaves us scratching our heads regarding that particular author and wondering what game is afoot.


  3. Ooops, CRISPR blow-back in Brazil.

    “The claim was that genes from the release strain would not get into the general population because offspring would die,” coauthor Jeffrey Powell, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Yale University, says in a press release. “That obviously was not what happened.”

    Texas and Louisiana want to release GMO animals (Jurassic Park model mosquitoes). Will they, or won’t they?

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