Quarantine Eureka: ‘Making A Murderer’ Victim Halbach is Not Dead

As many people are becoming acutely aware, being quarantined is an excellent excuse to watch an obscene number of movies and shows via Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and all the others. I am certainly finding this out. I have watched more movies in the last week than any human being ever should. One thing I specifically watched this week that I had not seen before is the “Making a Murderer” Netflix series. As “awakened” individuals, we can often view these things from a strange perspective. This series is no different. Guess what I have found? Making A Murderer does not represent a murder at all! It represents a disappearance.

Let me start out with my strongest pieces of evidence. The SSDI (Social Security Death Index) does not have a listing for Teresa Halbach, the supposed victim. Also, the Social Security Number (392-88-8986) on her death certificate shows up as having been issued in 1982, while according to the official story she was born in 1980. So we already have all the hallmarks we need of a sham. There really is a family named Halbach. Who knows whether Teresa is actually one of their daughters, or whether they were just recruited to be in on the whole charade? More likely, Teresa was a black sheep of her family and she took the opportunity to disappear to greener pastures.

I do not know about you, but I have an eye for “black sheep”. Seeing photos of Teresa Halbach, she sets off all the alarm bells of a girl who has “GET ME OUT OF THIS FARM FAMILY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD” written on her forehead. She majored in Photography in college. At the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. This is not a common major at this school, and not the kind of path a farm girl is expected to take. She was taking photographs for Auto Trader magazine when she was “murdered” for goodness sake. This is a girl who was not a match for her existence, and likely would have taken any path out of there.

The Netflix series makes clear that the local cops and District Attorney in Manitowoc, Wisconsin are crooked to their very core…this is no debatable question. However, the show presents a false dichotomy. The question is…if Steven Avery did not kill Teresa Halbach, then who did? This false dichotomy was also played up in Avery’s trial. The prosecution made many pronouncements about how abominable it is to imagine “our good ol’ boy” cops murdering some farm girl just to set up these objectionable Avery people. This is a false way to look at it.

The only evidence we have of an actual body are charred and cut bones that are debatable as being of a human nature. They are debatable as even being human, let alone specifically belonging to Teresa Halbach! The series details how the cops and the Halbach family actually FOUGHT AGAINST new testing methods that would have been able to test burnt bone for Teresa’s DNA. What does that smell like to you? It smells like people who know what that test would show. Likely that the burnt/cut bones belonged to Agnes Whoeverowicz that they dug up out of the local cemetery.

This dubious charred bone is literally the only evidence that someone ever died in this whole case. The rest of the evidence are the blood stains that have been thoroughly shown to be planted, by one of many means by the local cops. The cops are shown to have had NUMEROUS ways to access Steven Avery’s blood. The new attorney for Avery (in Season 2) showed definitively that the blood stain patterns make absolutely no sense. And let’s not forget the original attorneys finding a syringe needle hole in the top of Avery’s 1996 blood sample tube! Wow, that is some sloppy police framing.

Death certificate of Teresa Halbach

Further evidence that this was a sham at the highest levels includes the fact that the FBI came out of absolutely nowhere to do a test on the blood sample from the car. This blood test had not been done in a decade and had been shown to be unreliable. It was supposed to show that the blood could not have come from the blood tube with the syringe hole. In any other case, the FBI would have laughed at a request for this test. It is not a test that anyone really did anymore in 2005-2006 when this happened. In THIS case, however, the FBI was more than happy to oblige and help to bail out the local cops. Their EDTA test sandbagged a key piece of evidence for the Defense and rendered the syringed blood tube to be less than a slam-dunk piece of evidence for a frame-up.

The blood in the car was clearly planted, the burnt bones are evidence of nothing, and there is a huge mountain of evidence that literally ALL the evidence in this case was planted by the local cops to get Steven Avery locked up for life. For those unfamiliar, the local law enforcement hated Steven Avery, whose family was seen as “undesirables” and who was already suing the county for $36M for 18 years of false imprisonment related to an equally egregious rape conviction pinned on him. But if the evidence is so flimsy and clearly planted, then why do we then take for granted that a real murder took place? We absolutely should not.

My guess? Teresa Avery, black sheep that she was, got into some legal trouble with the local cops and was offered a part in this caper. Other idea? She was intelligence all along. Who knows? There are even rumors that she was a drug informant (see outside blog link). Either way, I think she would have absolutely jumped at an opportunity to get out of her boring farm existence taking pictures for Auto Trader magazine. She was probably offered a nice post as a photographer in Europe by Intel in exchange for going along with this caper. It makes WAY more sense than any other theory, yet we never get this idea presented to us by the Netflix series.

What is my final piece of evidence? Steven Avery’s mother, Dolores, has expressed this exact idea in a morning show radio interview. She does not believe that Teresa is even dead. Who would have tossed this case around in her mind more than Dolores? Nobody, except maybe Steven. If Steven’s mother believes that Teresa probably isn’t even dead, then you should absolutely take this seriously. Add in with that the fact that she is not listed in the SSDI, the SSN on her death certificate does not come back to the right year, and the evidence in her murder case is demonstrably false and planted, then the most obvious conclusion is that she is not dead at all! Making A Murderer is actually the story of a disappearance, not a murder.

Watching the court testimony, the only person who strikes me as completely nervous and lying is Ryan Hillegas (Teresa’s ex-boyfriend). This could be because he knows more than he should know. Season 2, episode 5 shows Hillegas to be clearly lying, and they spin this as being because he is the actual murderer. Another false dichotomy. For me, this is evidence that he knows something about what actually happened to Teresa. He made absolutely ridiculous lies under oath, sweating bullets, such as that he magically guessed the password to her phone records. Ryan knows too much. He is also implicated as having been involved with local cops prior to the murder. He turns up in all the wrong ways, and sweats bullets when asked all the key questions. Maybe Teresa sent him a postcard from Vienna, or wherever the heck she is now living happily as a fashion photographer with her live-in girlfriend. Wait, did I just make her a lesbian in this scenario? Ryan Hillegas is a person who we can only assume knows the real truth of this twisted tale, and judging by the flop sweat, it scares him to his core.

P.S.-Did the sage of Taos already do this one? I looked and could not find that he did.

P.P.S.-For those of you out there looking for spook markers, the murder took place on Halloween!

Looks like I am not the first with this idea!

The above linked blog is excellent and shows the fact that there were at least 7 sightings of Teresa Halbach after her supposed murder. It also points out the fact that they had no DNA from her to match with from things like combs, toothbrush, sex toys, etc. and let’s not even get into the voicemails that were deleted from Teresa’s voicemail box AFTER her death! You can’t make this stuff up.

I am completely in awe of this blog. It makes the same case as I do above, except with an unbelievable amount of detail. Please visit this site if you are interested in this case and believe that Teresa might still be alive. Someone has gone to amazing lengths to make the case that it is all fake and she never was murdered. There are links above and below. I came upon this theory independently, but I would be crazy to not link you to this resource.


Sneak preview from the link above. Fits the theory that Ryan knew too much! He knew she was alive after 10/31/05.

10 thoughts on “Quarantine Eureka: ‘Making A Murderer’ Victim Halbach is Not Dead

  1. To me, all the images of her are obvious photoshopped images, including the one in this blog posting. Just another made up story for our entertainment. Though perhaps using names of real people that either once lived or who are living actors.


    1. I completely agree with you, and highly encourage you to check out the blog site linked at the bottom of my post. It shows clearly that the images are manipulated and the whole case is basically a cut/paste sham.

      They made her a giant in that RAV-4 photo. The blog I linked to is an absolutely amazing resource. Here is the blog post for the RAV-4 photo analysis: http://georgezipperer.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-photo-of-teresa-halbach-and-rav4-at.html


  2. Excellent work. Very interesting. Nice to see this disappearing spook/fake death scenario happen at such a “low level” in the socioeconomic hierarchy. I consider the soundness of this theory in THIS case to be positive circumstantial evidence that “higher ups” do indeed fake their deaths.

    Our friend in Taos would argue that the very existence of a high profile Netflix series is itself evidence of promotion by Intel. If that’s the case, I wonder why they would promote THIS fake death? And expose it to exactly the kind of scrutiny you’ve just given it? Revelation of the method? Or an attempt to reinforce for the masses that charred bones DO equal murder?

    I wonder about the producers. Who are they? Did they set up the false dichotomy to make their show more salacious (murder sounds more intense than disappearance)? Did they resist this line of inquiry because it would ruin their “murder” show? Or are they (or at least some of them) “in on it,” fully aware that she’s not dead?

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  3. My mother watches “real life” crime shows all the time. There are so many of them, and they are so obviously fake, that one could probably do an entire blog exclusively devoted to exposing fakeries case by case, episode by episode. Wonder how long it would take for such a blog to be taken down?

    Gosh… That actually sounds like a blog I might enjoy writing. I would never run out of material.

    About a month ago, visiting my mother, I caught a bit of an “interview” where a supposed female “victim” of an abduction described how she was drugged and then carried “like a ragdoll” and tied up by her attacker. She described the whole thing in almost erotic language–using words and imagery no actual victim would use. Her speech sounded like how I would imagine a sadomasochistic bondage fetishist would describe the scene. Seems to me you’d have to be a really sick fuck to crank out these obviously fake shows.

    Hmm. I’m gonna think more on that true-crime takedown blog…


    1. You have got to check out the blog I linked to in the post. And the RAV-4 size image I pasted in the comments. It is INCREDIBLY detailed and provides thousands of images and documents behind this case. Their conclusion is the same as mine, that there should be no assumption a real murder took place. If there is all this fakery, why would there be a real murder?


  4. The accused had/has an ongoing civil suit right. Easy way to create fake stuff to rob state treasuries, taxpayers pay of course, awful.


    1. This was kind of an opposite case, where the framed murder was timed exactly with a $36 million lawsuit against Manitowoc County. Then POOF with the framed murder, they were able to settle for just $400,000…


  5. The Halbachs are the Krupps, full name being “Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach”, Krupp as in the big German corporation.Halbachs are German nobility. There are fewer than 1500 of them in the US making it a very rare name. Reminds me of the death of Cristina Grimmie, Voice finalist, shot dead by a lone wolf in Orlando, except that there is nobody in the world with the last name “Grimmie”, it’s short for Grimaldi, the ruling family of Monaco.

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