At-Home Coronavirus Test

Hello readers, I just wanted to share that I have discovered a 100% accurate at-home test to see if you are infected with COVID-19. Please read on to find how you can get your quick and accurate Coronavirus test results.

The process is as simple as this. All I need is your credit card number, social security number, and all passwords that you currently use on the internet. Please send that information to me in the comments below, and I will explain how you can easily and accurately test whether you are infected with Coronavirus! The test is painless, fast, and 100% accurate.

It is as simple as that. Simply comment with the pertinent information. Thank you. Stay home! Stay safe! Let’s Flatten the Curve!

9 thoughts on “At-Home Coronavirus Test

  1. Don Keedik
    33 Itrustmsm Blvd.
    SS# 078-05-1120
    Visa 4716059552951306 (121) 10/2020
    phone: 617-495-3238
    Banking Passwords: password, 123password, password123 and koronahox

    Thanks for your help. I’m feeling better already now!

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  2. As you closed comments under the MM post Fauxlex, I’ll comment here if you don’t mind.

    What struck me the first time I read Mark’s post and comments about the Taos conference he attended years ago, was that the guy had no accent while speaking. Which is quite bizarre IMHO, as unless you’re a voice over actor who’s trained no to have any accent or have more than one depending on the job commissioned, it’s quite impossible not having any inflection. We all have it.
    That to me means only one thing: The guy’s trying to hide his true whereabouts.
    He’s a part of a committee and I know that at this point, but what still puzzles me is why he’s hiding his true nationality to this day.
    The fact that he uses British expressions (it might be one of his team mates writing I know, but most papers are clearly his, you can tell from the style) says a lot about him.

    To me it looks like he never really lived in Taos in the first place, but he used that place to convince people he’s living there because he’s a kind of a hippie and a rebel and being something like that leads to having economical issues.
    In a way he’s kind of telling us: You wanna be an outcast and expose TPTB? So you’ll be doomed for the rest of your life, having to rely on your fans’ generous donations to get by and living a shit life without a partner and kids.
    Pure genius.

    As Boethius said days ago, our man in Taos is most probably from wealth, all his life is a lie and a cover up of his true upbringing. His papers, with continuous reference to his own misery, are meant to show his readers that being a truthseeker doesn’t pay off.

    Again, pure genius.


    1. I only kind of mind. Posting about that site brings out all the madness and attacks. I want the piece to stand or fall in people’s minds on its own merit. I happen to believe Mathis is just a face, probably actually living in Taos paid by who-knows. Then the writers of the papers do not necessarily have any connection to the man in the photos with the back story. I hate how these MM comments spill over. The wave of random people coming out of the woodwork supports the idea that there is a miniature army out there with an incentive to defend the guy. I shouldn’t have used his name. Maybe I’ll change the title. Yikes.


      1. Whoever attacks you on this particular subject is either someone who buys into all the thing’s the guy/s write/s and I don’t, or thinks that the message given is more important than the messenger.

        I used to think that way myself many years ago, not anymore though. I realised that only if we understand who’s who and why they try to get only certain messages through to people, we can fully understand the message and the messenger. We need to use our own brain to question things, always, no matter what and who.

        I can’t help laughing a lot when characters like the Taos guy are worshipped as some kind of god or guru. That’s typical of an audience that is still deeply asleep and prefers to live in a delusional world.


        1. I really appreciate your arrival to this site. You are a huge asset and a perfect fit for us, because I could not have said it any better myself. We need to be always mindful, always truth-seeking. If the Taos site is being run by actors outside of the main namesake, it is important that our readers know that. Unless we are in cahoots with those actors, we should have no reason to hesitate to point these things out. People deserve to know. I always thought this was exactly WHY people come to PoM. Certain people at this site are acting in a way that I cannot reconcile with reference to the Taos site. Oh well. Things are not always the way we want them to be.

          Thank you Anna. You are a treasure.


          1. Thank you Fauxlex, it’s very nice of you.

            To me the fact that the guy’s always brushed off the occult side of the events he exposes as something totally meaningless but at the same time a CIA construct is a dead giveaway of who he really is and what his true intentions are:
            To divert people’s attention from Freemasonry and their secret rituals, and concentrate everyone’s attention on just one of the layers he talks about: economy.
            With that guy it’s all about money if you notice. Money for himself to survive (yeah, sure), money that the bankers and industrials want to take from us.
            And why thousands of pages of exasperating, unreadable and mostly made up genealogy?
            We got the message, man, time to move on.
            So, if it’s all about money why did our man never try to get a decent job with a steady monthly income keeping the painting thing as a hobby? Does the world have to pay for this unique genius to travel around to find another mansion…ehm sorry I meant humble house to live?

            Nothing adds up with that man, period.

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