The Battle of Brooklyn: America’s Dunkirk

Note to readers: At this time I am taking a break from Covid Covid Covid and doing some more enjoyable work, researching of oddball events that make no sense on their face. As for Covid, the revolution is still being televised 24-7. I don’t need to cover it. Just a few days ago the New York Times reported that Covid 19 had invaded South America, with hundreds of thousands of cases. In other words, it is winter down there, and they are having their cold and flu season, this year an alarming emergency for some reason.

The Battle of Long Island

The Continental Congress had declared independence on July 2, 1776. Two days later, on July 4 (=11), the document would be read in public. Congress would authorize 28,501 troops, but the newly appointed Commander of all forces, George Washington, had only managed by August of that year to raise 19,000.

These troops, garrisoned in New York City, at that time comprising the southern end of Manhattan Island, had put up a good showing in Boston. However, they were rough and ragtag, untrained, and likely to give their muskets the Italian treatment* if ever they came face-to-face with seasoned British troops. There was squabbling among factions, men were using bayonets to cut their food. Meanwhile, two brothers, General William and Admiral Richard Howe had assembled 32,000 fully trained British and Hessian troops.

Washington thought that the British would attack to take control of New York Harbor, and had moved about half of his troops over what is now Brooklyn, and built fortifications there in order to assail the British when they moved on Manhattan. After severe fighting with many casualties, he settled in to his Brooklyn fortifications. He was surrounded. The Howe’s had landed troops on Long Island and placed them in position as seen below.

Battle of Brooklyn

The red lines indicate British and Hessian troop movements and placements, so that Washington had no escape once Admiral Howe moved his ships up the East River and completed the enclosure. However, and inexplicably, General William Howe ordered the attack to stop. He apparently expected that Washington, defeated, would surrender.So we are told.

Washington got hold of every flat bottomed boat in the area, and on the night of August 29-30, made a ‘miraculous’ escape, moving 9,000 troops over a mile of the fast current of the East River and back to Manhattan.

Orient yourself to the map above if you can. If American, you should recognize most of the names. The Howe’s engaged in standard military tactics. All that needed to be done was for General Howe to close the front door by ordering his brother to sail his troops up the East River to engage Washington and demand his surrender. Instead we got an early version of Miracle on 34th Street, the 1947 movie that explained that Santa Clause really does exist.

The war, which should have ended that night, would go on for six more years. There would be more battles in this area, climaxing on November 20, 1776 when the British took Fort Lee in New Jersey. It can be said that the British merely blundered, as wars are fought by humans, but that is hard to embrace knowing that Washington had been cornered, his troops divided, and that on August 27, 1776, the war should have ended.

Some claim that winds did not favor Admiral Howe’s movements that night, and that a thick fog the following morning further assisted the American escape. We can never be sure of these things, as they could be invented by historians to cover up a larger scheme. Those excuses could be mere fog of war.

It’s all very strange. The Howe brothers were no fools, veteran soldiers with years of service to the Crown. I suspect I am looking at something here that repeats throughout history – the staged revolution.

I use the word “staged” with a precise meaning in mind. Battles were fought, soldiers died in large numbers on both sides. The thirteen US colonies were difficult to govern, so the British probably thought it better to let them have their revolution. But a critical element of this revolution was that the American leaders – some, most or perhaps all – were British agents, George Washington among them (unless he was a giant fool). It was understood that when the war was over, the new country would still be ruled by Britain. That is my take, why I think that General Howe deliberately let Washington and his troops escape.

It is therefore no surprise that the following words serve to open the Treaty of Paris, which ended the war:

It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the Hearts of the most Serene and most Potent Prince George the Third, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, Arch- Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc.. and of the United States of America …

The treaty goes on to define boundaries, grant fishing rights, and order the restoration of any property seized from loyalists during the war. It may be standard in diplomacy to use such flowery language, and it is clear on reading this document that after signature the United States of America was, at least on the surface, no longer a British colony. The country would grow powerful, and as of this date, elect 45 presidents, all but one descended from British royalty.

Royal Descent(Lest you think Obama is the lone exception because he is black, think again. It is Martin Van Buren. Obama can be traced back through two lines to William I the Lion, King of Scotland, d. 1214, and Edward I, King of England, d. 1307. This is not the sloppy genealogy as we have seen elsewhere. The information is taken from the Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants to the American Colonies, Quebec, or the United States by Gary Boyd Roberts, pages 497 and 726, which I have reprinted at the end of this post for anyone interested in real genealogy.)

European royalty is a large group of families, and inheritance tended to follow rigid guidelines. The oldest male would get the bulk of the estate. The name for this practice is primogeniture, discontinued in the United States (we are told). The idea was to preserve the estate in one piece rather than fracture it among too many heirs. Roberts’ work gives us an idea of who the Mayflower immigrants really were, and who they are today. The work is two volumes and well over a thousand pages, listing thousands of descendants including many who are today famous, like Obama. It works its way all the way down to Alanis Morissette. I have skimmed these books just looking for notables who are both famous and wealthy rather than just wealthy. It is a fun pastime.

Roberts explains that younger (men and women) who do not inherit the major estate would become lesser nobles, military officers, ministers and scientists. Importantly, some were sent off to govern colonies on behalf of the Crown.  This would include George Washington himself, of the Ball line though not part of the Mayflower group. Historians tell us that the Mayflower settlers were Puritans fleeing religious persecution, who  yearned for democracy (the Mayflower Compact). Far more likely ,the Crown was seeding the colonies with the children of nobles, making sure they would govern and own large swaths of land. They wanted it to look like something else, and professional historians have obliged.

In this manner, the Crown never really let go of its colonies. We are still governed by the same families as have ruled Europe since Medieval Times. Occasionally they let a colony go, in appearances anyway, and staged revolutions are often is used to give the appearances of a weakened empire.

So why the charade? I suspect it centers around the nature of power – those who have it do not want it known that they have it. Few know of the City of London Corporation and all of the power that is centered there. Some speculate that the current rulers of the planet are secretive, and meet in underground-facilities like Denver International Airport or the CERN Large Collider, where no real science is going on.

I doubt it is that elaborate. I am more in agreement with Jon Le Bon, who claims (I am told) that there is no overarching conspiracy, as there is no need for such a thing. It is a loose coalition of like-minded people who share rich lives, excellent education, and secret handshakes in order to preserve their wealth and privileges.It is omerta, a code of silence said to be practiced by mobsters, but more in use by an aristocracy that still rules even as it has blended into the tapestry of modern life.

The following is from Edward Bernays’ 1928 book Propaganda. He is the “father of modern advertising” but was also far more than that – he was a “…force in the conscious and intelligent manipulation of organized habits and opinions of the masses in democratic society.” Those are his words from page one of chapter one of the book. He is describing others, but the words apply to him especially, as he knew the game.

“We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.

“Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.”

I suggest that membership in the inner cabinet is in part determined by royal bloodline. Of course, these same people will want to recruit the best and the brightest to manage the day-to-say affairs of our lives. They cannot be bothered with the public rituals of fake democracy, but understand the importance that common people believe in it and vote, work hard, and even engage in silliness like like masks of shame and social distancing. That is all managed by a nameless and faceless bureaucracy, mere technicians.

So I suggest that even in 1776, the lives of the colonists were being managed by an inner cabinet, and that a decision was made that the colonies would break away and form a new country, and it would be a powerful extension of and yet still subservient to the Crown. Due to that decision, George Washington and his troops were allowed to escape on the night of August 29-30, 1776, and over the next six years would give the illusion of getting better at making rebellion. It was a real war with real battles and troop movements and deaths, and yet at the same time, a stage play. The outcome was known in advance. All the while, the British were in charge.

This strategy, the staged revolution, by the way, probably predates King George III, and has been used since. I mentioned Dunkirk in the title to this piece, an obvious staged maneuver to allow the British to carry on fighting the Germans in that war. Venezuela had a coup d’etat in 2002 that looks like it served no more purpose than the reinforce the rule of Hugo Chavez, most likely an American agent.

You might also want to read (starting on page 9) here about a 1961 event known as the “Bay of Pigs Invasion,” which followed another staged revolution used to convince the Cuban people that Fidel Castro was their guy, not ours.

*WWII vintage Italian rifle for sale, dropped once, never fired.

Obama’s lineage:

Obama Lineage 1_000026

Obama Lineage 2_000027

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  1. Thanks, Mark. For the past week or so I’ve been hoping for a topic that isn’t reacting to the daily “news” and emotions stirred up by the elite, in essence, to mock the masses. In 1776, expansion was on the minds of the rich and famous.

    Today, we’ve reached “peak U.S.” and can’t seem to back off, or climb down, gracefully, so we descend into controlled chaos by design, once again. Only an authoritarian force with a monopoly on violence can have any chance of taking on all the “special interests” that have control of their special piece of the pie, and have enough power to veto any yielding of benefits they’ve become accustomed to. Any common sense plan to back out of this dead end by sharing the pain (take less) in order to preserve the obviously failing system that keeps them in business will never be voluntary among the privileged Wall Street elite and their corporations.

    The trend toward authoritarian rule is more transparent each passing week. The liberty-security trade-off is again tilting heavily toward (false) security. How many times will the goyim fall for the same trick? I keep hoping for the exception.


  2. As much as I liked to read when I was a kid, I hated history and newspapers because I felt like they were tales told by idiots. The justifications for implausibilities and plot holes never rang true. I smelled bullshit long before I could see it. This post makes me think it might be fun to go through some of those history books again with more opened eyes.


  3. As a postscript- Martin van Buren has an entry at –

    Interestingly, his son Winfield Scott van Buren (b. 1814, d. 1814) is listed as unknown, yet has him named –

    Odd that two of his sons have English forenames, Smith Thompson v. Buren and Winfield Scott v, Buren, when both parents were of Dutch descent. Martin’s brother Lawrence had a daughter called Lucretia. Names possibly pertaining to hidden/scrubbed relatives?


      1. Where did you originally get the detail about Martin Van Buren? That also stood out to me upon first reading, and was curious the source on that. I caught from basic research that he was Dutch. Where did that detail come from that he was not derived from British royalty?


    1. I assume that if it’s Dutch, it’s the House of Orange, the Brit’s cousins. It’s possible that a proper heir wasn’t available from the mainline and Van Buren was a suitable placeholder from another line; one term and out.
      (For those keeping a J score, Maarten’s -original spelling- middle name was Abrahamsen. Wheee!)


      1. Van Buren served only four years and was succeeded by William Henry Harrison, if MM genealogy works, probably related to George of the Beatles. He is said to be the first US president born in the US, and the only for whom English was his second language, being Dutch.


  4. No overarching conspiracy? You then proceed to describe a conspiracy. Of course it is a conspiracy, one of hegemony and to retain such by any means necessary.


    1. Just a guess, outsider looking in:

      A mutual shared understanding, a meeting of minds, with no need to actively police participants. People know due to upbringing and friends and relatives and acquaintances how it works, and are certainly told at one time or another that it is wise to refrain from talk of such things.

      A writer here from long ago, in a private email one time, said that he had had a conversation with a person on the s inside of this, and was told that privileges were immense but that participation in an active way was voluntary. It went so far as to be able to get loans from Jewish banks that never had to be repaid. There are plenty of Mayflower descendants who have no clue who they are or that they could tap into a vein of wealth and power if they ever needed help. They remain dormant.

      I do not view it as evil … why rock the boat? They live well, are given the best available education, rise to high profiles despite average abilities … heck, if I were on the inside of all of that, I’d keep mum about it too.


    2. Conspiracy? Yes, but only when viewed from beneath, here on our knees before our betters. To them, it’s G-d’s work.
      To them, it’s only natural that bird of a feather … where as men of goodwill they build on what you unites them … advancing those shared interests to mutual benefit. That’s not conspiracy: That’s just plain, good ole’ common sense. Making the world a better place, and all that good stuff.
      I think this is accurate, as far as it goes: “It is a loose coalition of like-minded people who share rich lives, excellent education, and secret handshakes in order to preserve their wealth and privileges.It is omerta, a code of silence said to be practiced by mobsters, but more in use by an aristocracy that still rules even as it has blended into the tapestry of modern life.”
      But Information wants to be free, they say. So, sometimes secret relationships become open facts simply because their works are everywhere apparent to all. The outward shape then gets a name. I cannot say whether it’s hubris on the part of the participants that causes them to step forward to fully inhabit their formerly secret roles, or whether History eventually externalizes all hierarchies of power, but the Pilgrim Society seems to speak to this post.


  5. The quotation from the Treaty of Paris is often misread. Some say it affirms that King George III was still the ruler of the United States in 1783.

    It was for this reason that our grade-school teachers taught us how to diagram sentences, so that we could understand how dependent phrases and clauses might be construed as attaching to different foregoing elements in the sentence, thus changing the meaning.

    The phrase “of the United States of America” should be diagrammed as coming off the plural noun “Hearts” and in coordinate conjunction with “of …. Prince George.” In other words, God disposed the hearts both of the king as well as of the United States to forget the past.

    Otherwise, the Treaty would be saying that King George has more than one heart!!!


    1. Word on the street in the 18th century was he actually had ZERO hearts, so still accurate with precision plus/minus two…


    2. I agree with you. I note the odd punctuation (I copied this verbatim from a site that claims this is the true wording, but not from the document itself): “Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc.. and of the United States of America …” and thought that all of the flowery language referred back to George III, and the United States was merely left hanging without any dressing.


  6. I would not be so quick to disparage Italian firearms. In the hands of an expert Texan you can get quite a bang for the buck with a single magic bullet fired through one of these. Or as they say in Sicilia, uno proiettile magicalo.


    1. Anna, I replied to you on a now-closed thread but you probably didn’t see it, as I saw your message to me long after you posted it.

      I would love to know if you could point me to good sources of info on lucid dreaming. I’ve been trying and failing at it for quite a while now. I don’t have a Shaman. Ha-ha.


      1. Hi Scott,

        Start by having a look at this video:

        It’s a bit funny but the guy explains what to do pretty well.

        I know there is also a Youtube channel called Explore lucid dreaming with many videos that might be worth watching.

        I do different techniques that involve breathing exercise and self hypnosis but the words the guy says before going to sleep may work too.
        Keep in mind it takes time though, please do not expect it to happen in just a few days or even weeks, it took me over a year. Just be patient, and keep motivated.
        I have to be honest, I never read a book about lucid dreaming cos my friend taught me how to do it, but if you take a look on Amazon there are a few books in English that can help you start you journey.


    1. Roma est Caput mundi.

      The English Empire, America, are just creations of people who’ve been trying hard to equal the Roman Empire…to no avail.
      There is a reason- actually more than just one- why the elites, who are all descendants from the Merovingians hate Rome.
      But one thing do they know: It all started in Rome and will end in Rome.


  7. Quite a refreshing detour from Grand Guignol Matters.

    Some months ago, one of PoM’s own boldly (indeed surprisingly, for mainstreamers would call PoM “conspiracy” theorists) imagined there was no Wizard behind the Curtain. Now we again ponder whether there is a “conspiracy”. Bon. Let’s roll the dice.

    We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

    Could that also include readers here? Do disinformation programs go so deep as to come full circle and begin anew, without any result, though offering plenty of mentally cleansing revelations? Suggestions of no wizard and no conspiracy seem somewhat contradictory to recent exhortations about “monsters” perpetrating Covid8 or AIDS, or the evil behind the mass shootings, or why the bastards would have unleashed communism.

    Having checked in the kids’ dictionary, conspiracy was shortly defined as
    1) a secret agreement to do something harmful or unlawful
    2) the act of plotting with others to do something harmful or unlawful

    The grown-ups’ definitions added “by two or more people” into the first, and inserted “secretly plotting” into the second. Now “lawful” has an adverse meaning here, so just stick to harmful. We the people likely know what harmful is, without TV judges or juries determining lawfulness. And as for “secretly” plotting, one may argue that “openly” diluting our primary medium of exchange (and store of value, and unit of account) by a quarter to one half qualifies as harm just as much as if it were the Rothschilds scheming in hushed tones at Mentmore, Halton, or Waddesdon (just three of their dozen major properties in the home counties alone). Same difference, even if trillion-dollar rescue packages are committed in broad daylight, lacking the lure of the clandestine. Secrecy is underrated, since most people’s notions are antiquated about access and transparency. So here, “unlawful” and “secretly” may be forgone. Focus on harmful action by a group against everyone else.

    Now, lest we forget, observed outcomes very often have causes, though mainstream want us to ignore such common sense. And while bold and original PoM claims about the continued lives of dozens of celebrities, or of JFK, or of the People’s Republic are revealing and much appreciated, they beget the question (Donald Sutherland voice as X): Why? Who benefits? Who has the power to cover it up?

    Trifles like bankrupting most of your local shops or even firing thousands from corporations do not logically require “plotting with others to do something harmful”. But could it be that coordinating Event 201, offspring of the Rock Lockstep and of who-cares-how-many other scenarios and planned sequences, then unleashing it all at once around the world, really would not require major planning following a strong prompt from above?

    Nah, no plan was hatched, bureaucrats and administrators all just jumped at the same time because they heard the dominos falling outside their borders, so they also decided to cash in. And WHO and Johns Hopkins run world maps 24/7 because they wanted to win brownie points with the…public? Or, is it with their high command?

    It is very alluring to assume that mere flaws and frailties of human nature make millions of average as sholes to just self-servingly perpetuate a world that no poster here seems to embrace or desire. But what do mere flaws and frailties of human nature in little jerks with minimal pull have to do with allegedly well-preserved bloodlines, highly effective intergenerational wealth transfer, and perennial obsession with complete control? Trolls may be in the storefront windows seemingly con-trolling societies through government, but again, why this way? How did this come to be? Why “ruling in the genes”? Why so much destruction instead of creation? And why be so paranoid about being found out?

    Found out about what? Having made too many innocent mistakes? Being too stupid to lead people the right way? Or is it, indeed, way too many lies because the whole system makes no sense, since it was never meant to, in order to confuse almost everyone?

    If it is merely millions of greedy side-characters acting in unison so their retirements are secure (or, at a higher level, that their eighth family property is safe), who then owns and runs much of the world? Why does 90% of Canadian land belong to the “crown”? Who resides on enormous US estates hidden from all parcel maps and the public’s prying eyes that stare fondly at assessors’ databases? How could a few families own entire blocks in Manhattan, Chicago, or Boston? And in the City of Westminster?

    Unceasing bribery of the few to control the many must be in someone’s interest. A house or two, or a million-dollar IRA are NOT stakes worth destroying nature for, and it does not require the kind of thinking that brings about world wars or global pandemics. That’s an entirely different mode and level of thinking. And why are these pedigrees publicised about presidents and celebs, while Whodoyouthinkyouare and Findingyourroots mislead the public about everyone being bros and sisses? How could people who haven’t the vaguest about directed acyclic graphs understand flaws (intentional or not) of population growth models and reasons for pedigree collapse, such as caused by endogamy (~inbreeding)? That it is possible, though not commonsensely comprehensible (MWM may want to do it, as it requires some not-too-challenging math, but it is quite far from mere common sense) to refute such nonsense like “everyone has descended from kings” and “we are all related” (especially in the sense as ordinary people mean “related”)? No, ruling lines across time are straight and trim and cross only each other, while the rest of the world is a proverbial “tree”, if a colossal and unruly one.

    So if preserved bloodlines, privileges, and power are passed down for centuries, and moats are constantly erected to keep out the unwashed, why imagine that generationally short-lived, petty bureaucrats run this whole thing? Where do they dip into the wealth of knowledge (and resources) to keep the machine running? As in the USSR or PRC, the state and corporate mass-management machinery could be disassembled in a matter of months. Likely, some of that is going on right now around the world. So the illusory pull of the “admins” seems to lack staying power. The high command, on the other hand, has never seemed to be threatened by any such disassembly.

    At the beginning of the arcane cinematic masterpiece Zoolander, the evil designer is in the hot seat, before the high command. He’d better produce results they want, or else. Well, gubernators and premiers and admins of the world: with the ‘rona, better produce results, or your brownie points will lag behind others’, and you’ll be replaced. This, of course, can hold for every level of the admin hierarchy. But above them, if there is nothing, why build museums, name hospital wings, even cities, have enormous estates, and why move hundreds of millions of people, paraded in masks, around the board like a game? And again, why worry about being found out? Administrators cannot possibly worry, because they always have plausible deniability. It is unlikely the high command does. The buck stops somewhere.

    Check out the princes, dukes and other fancy titleholders extant today (there are hundreds of Wikipedia articles on them, in 2020). Estimate the wealth of the meta-rich, whose admin underlings publish nonsense like the Forbes 400 for popular amusement and avarice. Surely one needs no vivid imagination to perceive that mere complicity among independent, however-high-level administrators not answerable to anyone would never lead to such obsessive social hierarchies. Musical chairs of military titles would do. But no centuries-old Gotha or Burke’s, and no Runnymeders or Mayflowerings. And yes, the last time you requested an audience with the Duke of Devonshire, the Marquess of Salisbury, or the Earl of Derby, you were summarily…ignored. Even sir is a mighty creature in the minds of the public, and they should ask why.

    If this yet again leads to the world warpath, subsequent generations may learn that even the most inquisitive researchers were susceptible to the lure of “lead” as an intransitive verb. To the cynical and cautious, “lead” in this scenario shall remain strictly transitive, as chaos is perpetrated, and never simply appears. After all, didn’t they tell us the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist?


    1. Brilliant, Aflatoxin!

      What most conspiracy theory blogs lack, especially the italian ones I visit every now and again is esoteric knowledge that would give them all the answers they need about these families and their reasons to do what they’ve been doing since the Hiram Abif days in ancient Egypt.
      Millions of people obsessed with money think that those families do everything they do to make even more money. How pathetic and ridiculous at the same time.
      As you said, they use administrators and bureaucrats who are obsessed with money as a front, but they are the ones who create money OUT OF NOTHING, so please let’s think out of the box as you say.

      Even the Taos guy/group wants us to believe is all just about money, still they use numerology randomly to muddy the waters even more and confuse weak minded, emotional people who are not able to link the dots. Never once do they mention Freemasonry that’s behind EVERY single great event ever occurred in human history, Mathis even wrote a few papers about Theosophy and Blavatsky trying to misdirect saying it is a fraud. No, he and his mates are the biggest fraud.
      It’s all based on ancient, secret knowledges of the origins of mankind and the universe we live in, and trying to explain what’s going on these days without touching these topics means having only one side of the story, the apparent one, the show on stage but surely not the reality “behind the curtain”.

      Let’s be honest, they’ve been doing a great job with mankind over the centuries.
      They had billions of people believe in God but without a true spirituality and most importantly, without knowledge of our own power in the Creation process. Yes, we are created and creators at the same time, we just don’t know that and think that life is what we are taught since childhood, a life made of material things. There’s only room for the mind, everything outside the mind is bullshit.
      Aliens? Spirituality? Deep meaning to life? All bullshit. Only the mind counts. Only the reality we see and live counts.Reality an illusion? What a load of crap.

      Well, NO.

      If you want to catch a dangerous serial killer you need to start thinking like one, pretending to be one and understanding how does he operate and find his suitable victims.
      Same goes for the elites: if we want to understand who’s behind the curtain we need to start thinking like them and understand that the Wizard is not necessarily human, and it’s not money he wants from them and from us but something more suitable to him: Low vibe energy.
      Fear is the strongest one. That’s why they need fear all the time.

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      1. “Even the Taos guy/group….. ”

        refering to his guest writers or just ordinary pom-related confusion due to overthinking?

        Using numerology randomly to confuse? Yre talking about noticing usage of numerology in MS media and reporting about it as a pattern? Talking about when Miles notices numerology planted in MS articles and then blows the whole story apart, showing ya and many others how to read those spook markers? Why don’t ya mention his guest writer Gerry wrote a whole paper about numerology representing nothing more than PUNS in the arhaic language? I’ll tell ya why. Because yre here to obfuscate, confuse and misdirect, just like the rest of yr comment points to. Strike one.

        “Never once do they mention Freemasonry that’s behind EVERY single great event ever occurred in human history”

        True. Because they’re another spook facade. Invented and planted to give their masters another front to hide behind. But Miles did tell ya many times over who’s behind every faked event – crypto Jews and pure Jews mostly, posing as ordinary people, all of them more or less related, all members of a small peerage group, every single one of them wealthier than any of Forbes 500 list members. Why don’t ya talk about that for a change and cut the crap yre aiming at with yr comment? Strike two.

        “Mathis even wrote a few papers about Theosophy and Blavatsky trying to misdirect saying it is a fraud”.

        So yre actually saying this out in the public, with a single sentence as the supporting statement that Miles is misdirecting? My goodnesx, never thought I’ll see this blog sink even deeper jnto slandering faeces. And I’ll tell ya my opinion about yr rebutal of Miles theosophy paper – learn how to read properly before attempting to analyze anybody’s writing. Yre either stupid or have come here to seed irrational doubts where there are none. Strike three.

        Btw, first ya wrote about aliens as of load of crap, than few sentences further ya wrote “…understand that the Wizard is not necessarily human…”. My goodness, there’s one helluva mess between yr ears, darling. Not that I’m really surprised, though. If yre actually thinking like this and not here to deliberately confuse, which I stronly doubt, ya need to cut on yr dose. Seriously.

        PS: All known serial killers were disclosed as fake. Check Miles’ update page for a fun read on most popular ones.


        1. Before this thread is completely derailed, I want to mention that writers on this blog are generally respectful of MM, myself included, only going sideways on him when he gets into his genealogy, which is generally sloppy. We recently did a radio show (linked in an earlier post) you might want to listen to … we spoke of his early writing on Tate, JFK, Lincoln with respect. Speaking only for myself, I do not believe that space aliens run this planet. If they did, it would be far less whackadoo.

          You forgot to mention that the MM Jews are also gay.


          1. “You forgot to mention that the MM Jews are also gay.”

            I’ve no intention of derailing the subject. What seems obvious here is that each time Miles is brought up with negative connotation, there’s nobody to set the record of it straight. And then soon afterwards comments get closed. There’s an obvious pattern ya guys are working on, coincidentally or not, I don’t care. So before accusing me of bad deeds, look at yr own team’s efforts. Nothing there, right?

            Yeah, spooks being gay seems like another pattern worth mentioning. I personally avoid connecting it to the rest of body of evidence as it’s too trivial in terms of analyzing spooks actions and behaviour patterns. There’re many gays out there, majority of them being just ordinary goyim people. But still, when talking about spooks it may help you spot one. Just like for instance surname re-spelling every few generations (Hitler = Hiller, Trump = Drumpf, etc). When ya notice it, ya can be 99.5% yre looking at a genuine spook.


            1. I love this line of thinking.

              Piece of Mindful, the only site on the web actually keeping a neutral eye on the M² site, is not being fair because we don’t “set the record straight” every time a M² inconsistency is discovered. So in this universe, anybody who does not give M² the complete benefit of the doubt is not being fair, I guess…? Yeah, why doesn’t Clues Forum explain why 9/11 actually DID happen according to the mainstream story. They are not letting the record be set straight! Makes sense to me.


              1. Yeah, why doesn’t Clues Forum explain why 9/11 actually DID happen according to the mainstream story. They are not letting the record be set straight! Makes sense to me.

                Not to me. Would you care to explain? I don’t follow your argument.


                1. Such a site posts the discrepancies, and why they feel such discrepancies are compelling. There is no accusation that they are being unfair to the mainstream story by not “setting the record straight” after any noted discrepancy. If you are saying that there needs to be equal footing from a site who is pointing out discrepancies, you are basically saying that the odds should always be stacked in your favor. That there always needs to be a “pro”, or else the “con” is without value.

                  (Note: “Makes sense to me!” was sarcasm…)


              2. Ya got it wrong. First of all, yre not neutral about Miles. That’s only what ya claim to be while in reality ya keep posting speculations about him, based on vague theories. If ya think that’s called neutral, yre dead wrong. Second, I never said YOU are supposed to set the record straight. That can’t be expected of ya since yre the one, mostly, who’s on a witch hunt chasing Miles. I said there’s nobody there to set the record straight – like me and my humble attempts. Plus, when ya or Mark feel insecure about such exchange, ya’ll close the comment section down. How convenient. And heroic. Third, yr analogy is completely out of place. Btw, CF is run by Simon Hitten aka Shack whose family has connections to Bin Ladens and whose father was a “diplomat”. Don’t hold yr breath while waiting for any record to be set straight there.


                1. There are literally whole blogs dedicated to stoking the ego of M². My viewing his site from a critical eye is unfair? You are wrong…I am neutral as can be, and I view the M² site with a critical eye only. There are so many things I could have run wild with about the M² site if I were truly just out to get him. In the Jeffries podcast, I make abundantly clear that I am a fan. In my writings, I make clear how much I like the content…especially older M² content. It is incredibly comical that you M²-heads cannot handle a single person with a critical eye.

                  Very funny, “speculations” and “vague theories”. My “speculations” and “vague theories” are no more speculative than anything on the M² site. I am not speculating that he is a ghost in the Texas-Austin college yearbook. No less than I am speculating that you are again using Opera browser with a VPN setting of North America. Gee, why would you want to artificially make it seem like you are coming from America?

                  Even Jeffries said, “he dishes it, he should be prepared to take it”, but you never are. For you and your flunkies, it is always considered sacrilege to view the M² site with a critical eye. Always. Nothing is ever credible if conflicts the mainstream narrative of the great and almighty M², sage of τ.


            2. I stand by what I wrote.
              Your Taos friends are just a bunch of gatekeepers who give their readers only the 50% of the story selling it as the only possible explanation, so that nobody will go searching for the remaining 50%.
              How convenient, and how clever.
              Narrow minded, money obsessed conspiracy seekers are the best, aren’t they?

              The Phoenicians. Yeah.
              The gay Jews.
              The money of course.

              Maybe you should tell them to find a better paid job to distract them from their daily obsession.


              1. “All known serial killers were disclosed as fake”.

                And if Miles said that, you can stop searching for the truth, right? He provided it, the Saviour.
                Again, how clever.

                Shame your friend doesn’t seem to know that real serial killers are hired by CIA, military and Mafia to show their best abilities in wars overseas, between clans and to silence trial testimony.

                And no, they are not known, and never will be.



              2. Since yre the one accusing Miles of gatekeeping, don’t ya think ya need to present a clear case so anybody reading yr writings can understand yr position? What’s the gatekeeping about? Where was it written? How was it pulled off? Can you pinpoint it for us here? No, ya can’t. Because ya pulled it right out of yr fine ladies arse. And that is slander, darling. Are ya getting the picture already?

                They give 50% of the truth so nobody will research remaining 50%? Where’s a single case which can prove yr point? Just cut the crap. What yre saying is a bald lie. Prove me wrong with facts rather than lies.

                Money is the ultimate tool of control, power and positioning in the hierarchy of PTB. Once ya get it, it becomes obvious what PTB are after.


                1. All I have ever done is point to the inconsistencies in the M² character and site. There have been plenty of facts presented. Your logic above is that unless I can completely expose them, I might as well keep my mouth shut. This is an absurd deflection.


    2. Some people can write copiously but not read, it seems.

      The piece “Imagine There’s No Wizard” does NOT argue that there is no overarching conspiracy in this world. It does not argue that there is no one pulling the levers of deception and fakery. Actually, it does not argue for anything.

      It simply introduces an interesting article at another website with the hypothesis that the world is run ultimately by the various intelligence agencies alone. They cover their tracks by filling the media, mainstream or alternative, with claims about bogeymen like Phoenicians and Reptilians and Republicans.

      And the spy agencies employ armies of Internet trolls to muck up rational discussion of such matters: to derail comment threads, to twist meanings, to deny atrocities and wars, and to misrepresent ideas based on titles only, as this commenter infamously once did. And this commenter, too.

      Their facade of drollery hides a heart of trollery.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re the one believing Covid 19 bullshit to be a true pandemic and call Aflatoxin a troll?

        Give me a break Maarten.
        By the way, the article you found so interesting is just more misdirection.

        The Reptilians yeah, the perfect match for the Phoenicians. Hope they live happily ever after.


      2. Dear Maarten, any word on where a person might be able to apply for a gig at one of these ‘spy agencies’ you seem to know so much about?

        If the role involves war skepticism then I am surely the most qualified candidate in the entire world.

        Nuclear bombs, wingless missiles, the Franz Ferdinand assassination car (with a number plate foretelling the date of end of the war): you name it, I’ve debunked and/or drawn attention to the absurdity of it.

        If the ‘spy agencies’ are more than just cartoon-style fiction (which is my own suspicion) and they actually pay people to say what I’ve been saying for years, then I want to get me some of the sweeeet sweeeet ca$h, yeah yeah boi.

        On a completely unrelated note, would it be cool with you if I put you down as a reference for a job I’m applying for? They probably won’t call but if they do, just tell them I’m ‘super reliable’, ‘learn fast’, ‘always put the company first’, bla bla bla, you know the drill.


        1. Jon, I suspect that this is like RT-PRC, that WordPress identifies a certain sequence in your IP and says you are an infection. I will take a look at your IP address and see if there is anything in the “moderate” box that resembles it.


  8. I see a circular firing squad forming for no good reason. Ego is not a good reason, ever.

    How about a new target? I nominate the global banking elite for a change of pace.

    What other blogs do or say seems rather irrelevant, IMO. Is this now some sort of competition with no prize at the end? Peace, brothers and sisters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Steve,

      Some information about the top global families:

      One of the families at the top of the pyramid is an Italian one, I was told.
      A family whose name is never ever mentioned anywhere; we know they’re from the peerage of course and also know what their apparent jobs are, but they’ve kept such a low profile over the centuries that it’s hard to believe they control the entire world.
      I was very surprised to hear that, honestly.
      And guess what: They are NOT jewish. Never were.

      Funny, isn’t it?
      So the jewish top banking families we all know and whose buildings we can find in NYC take orders by non Jewish families. The jewish bankers we’re all used to are just a front, in a word.
      The hidden hands are a mixture of different bloodlines and include all religions (something they do not care about, as they worship Lucifer and other “gods”).

      Mark’s decision to not accept certain subjects tackled here was definitely a very wise one.


          1. Thank-you. It is said that the 13 known families like Orsini, Breakspear, ect have at least 2-3 more groups above them. These known ^^ are scarce in photo’s, so the higher royal ranks are invisible to the point they may well be seen but not recognized. Look how the majority fail recognize the symbol’s & scared geometry. You are of a faith or practitioner?


            1. Hi Motorhead,

              The family I’m talking about never appears among the 13 families, it is one of the three above as you said and one you don’t expect.
              I don’t even know if american people ever heard of them.

              To answer your questions:

              I’m not a practitioner for now at least.
              I just help people around me for free.
              I used to be a secondary school teacher but I quit a few years ago to take care of my mom who went through open heart surgery. I lived with her a couple of years then came back home.
              Now schools are closed as we all know, so I don’t know what future holds, and to be honest the idea of going back to teaching with a mask 5-6 hours a day doesn’t appeal to me at all.
              No, no faith. I was born and raised a catholic but never really believed and practiced, left it behind many years ago. I’ve been practicing shamanism with a real Shaman for quite a few years now. That still doesn’t make me a Shaman, although I can say I have perceptions of reality and can do things not many people can.
              Shamans believe in the reality they see through lucid dreaming and astral travels, and the image of God we’re always given is that of an immense source of a vivid, vibrant, blinding light shining from the centre of the universe, that we call the Source.
              The info I get and give here come from my sources, that are 100% reliable being benevolent energies and entities. No channeling, only lucid dreaming.


      1. As for the “Jewish” question, I believe they’re still “Jewish/Phoenician/Caananite/etc.”, but they keep it well-hidden in comparison to, say, the Rothschilds, for example. They’re what you’d call “crypto-Jews”.


  9. Another part of the “American Revolution” story is the so-called Boston Massacre. There are so many conflicting accounts about how it happened, which is one indicator of a fake. There was also a show-trial following the event, which the defense attorney being spook John Adams of all people. It’s also full of numerology markers. You’ll find constant references to 7s, 5s, and 3s. In the occult, the numbers have huge importance to the initiates.

    This event was the precursor to the manufactured hostilities between the American colonists and ‘The Crown’ that led to the fake ‘War of Independence’ a few years later.


    1. They also admit that the stories surrounding the event have been heavily embellished or fabricated by the contemporary media publishers for the express purpose of stirring up public opinion against the British. Sound familiar to “yellow journalism” (think Hearst & co.) and how it creates “the news” to sway public opinion in their pay-masters favor?


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