Martin Gugino, Known Agitator, Takes a Staged Tumble in Buffalo


Our readers were probably all over this one from the start, if they saw it. I know I was. It was clear and obvious from one single viewing of the footage that this man, Martin Gugino, was waiting for his cue to approach the riot police. His fall? Comically bad acting.

What was the dead giveaway for me? I am serious…he waited for his cue! When the riot police are counting down towards advancing, our pal Martin literally waits for the word “MARCH!” before making an obvious beeline towards the pair of riot police. Worse than that, he grabs at the gun of one of the officers! It could not be more obvious that this man wanted to be pushed away, and his fall was a slapstick farce. He made sure to do it right in front of the cameras.

As it turns out, this is only the tip of the iceberg…

My sole logic initially was that Gugino waited for the MARCH signal to make his move, but it gets better than that. Further evidence shows that he clearly has a lump of some kind on the back of his head. It also should have been patently obvious to anyone witnessing this that the blood begins pouring out of this man’s ear far too quickly. We now see the enhanced images I have posted with this story, with the lump on the back of his head and too many lines coming out of his COVID mask. This was obvious fakery. Poor stuff.

The real proof was in the pudding, as it immediately elicited a huge, emotional public reaction. It is like clockwork with these events. This aspect is critical and causes the viewer to drop their guard and miss these obvious inconsistencies.

All I needed to do was wait, and I was sure we would hear more inexplicable details about this man. Well what do you know? It turns out, other people at this Buffalo event had already identified this man as an agitator. He told one of them that he was there “for fun” and “to watch them get gassed and beat” and others said he was “looking to get punched in the face”. Sounds like a real peace activist to me!

Gee, what are the odds? Martin discussing an identical concept the day prior.

Dear readers, you MUST remember that these events are established to elicit an emotional response out of you. You must refuse them this response. At PoM, we have said over and over and over again that you cannot believe these types of events at first glance. You must train yourself to always view such an event from a neutral position, with your critical thinking faculties intact. Never from a mesmerized state of heightened emotion.

I knew it the second I saw him waiting for his cue of “MARCH” to advance. You might have known it the second you saw that blood pour out of his ear at about a gallon a minute. It does not matter. Once you have witnessed such inexplicable inconsistencies, you must realize that you have been conned. You must refuse them any emotional response, except for perhaps outrage at the audacity they have to insult your intelligence to this degree.

PS – Mark will enjoy that this Gugino character is a Climate Change activist. Go figure! The banner image on his Twitter page is of little Greta Thunberg. These people have to support each other, you know.

Below is the angle I saw where you can tell he is waiting for his cue.

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  1. Lots to unpack and “decode” with this Gugino vignette that they threw at us. Speaking of Gugino characters, Carla Gugino played Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre in “Watchmen” (2009) a movie about masked vigilantes and massive unrest. It is based on the comic book by DC Comics. I did not see the film, but I will leave some relevant quotes here:

    “But the country’s disintegrating. What’s happened to America?”
    “Everyday the future looks a little bit darker. But the past, even the grimy parts of it, well, it just keeps on getting brighter all the time.”
    “I believe he’s a man of great integrity, but he seems to see the world in very black and white.”
    “I no longer wish to look at dead things.”
    “The horror is this: In the end, it is simply a picture of empty meaningless blackness.”

    Here’s more:
    Dan Drieberg: “I’m not the one still hiding behind a mask.”
    Rorschach: “No. You’re hiding in plain sight.”

    Laurie Jupiter: “The most powerful thing in the universe…still just a puppet.”
    Jon Osterman: “We are all puppets.”

    Rorschach: “Funny, ancient pharaohs looked forward to the end of the world. Hoping the cadavers would rise, and reclaim hearts from golden jars. Must currently be holding breath in anticipation.”

    There’s lots more…That’s just a start when looking at this contrived vignette and this particular movie connection. There is a whole Times Square link with that movie, and now the current predictive programming decoding going on with the 2011 film, “Captain America: The First Avenger” – with the picture in Times Square of the Corona (beer) and the picture of the coronavirus, as well as the billboard displaying “By George, we did it.” – to top it off. I will try to load these screenshots from the film in a bit.


    1. I am not even sure this one goes higher up. A quick glance at the guy’s Twitter shows various highlights such as “Fuck the police”, “#ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards), and repeated sentiment that we should defund the police.

      This could have been just one guy, with the help of maybe a make-up artist, his clever little blood setup. If you review his Tweets, this event could not look more like exactly what he was hoping for. His actions are that of a man who is looking to get brushed back (what better way than approaching advancing riot police and grabbing for their guns?). So, I am not even sure we need to get too deep with this one. He may have thought this one up himself.

      Sad, how easily the average person is manipulated.


  2. Tweet from the day prior to the event. Still don’t believe the guy was LOOKING for trouble? Even if by some miracle there were no shenanigans with fake blood, this was still 1,000% staged.

    Unthinkable that he would have had such an exchange the day prior to the event.


  3. Interesting. What I see are tweets that are all orchestrated – part of one giant play – including the cops. I perceive Gugino’s agitating as Intel agitprop. From my perspective, the entire scene with Gugino looks orchestrated, even where the cops know precisely how to block the view while the scene is being set up. To me, it looks like a scene from a movie – all planned out. Apparently, Gugino is “friends” with Dr. Terrence P. Bisson ( – a renowned mathematician working in high-level work that could just potentially be applied to mathematically mapping out the presentation of such events. One may be surprised what can go into planning orchestrated events – it involves scientific and mathematical coordination to pull off the “magic trick”.

    There is another Terry Bisson – he wrote a short story, “They’re Made out of Meat”. I will post it in a subsequent comment – so as not to overload WordPress here with too many links…I think it’s highly relevant, as it reflects what the controllers here may really think about us at the bottom of their food chain, and what I refer to below…

    I see a whole lot more in the various videos shot from different angles. In the video that has been viewed over 50 million times, there is a large piece of artwork in the background – to me it looks eerily similar to the symbol of silicon. Notice the use of “Chauvin” in chauvinism (as has been pointed out by many), and now carbon chauvinism. Sure, I may be stretching a bit – maybe a whole lot – here. But, every single time I see this staged events, they always seem to load in coded background and foreground, and names, and numbers, etc. And most often, they tip their hats to their AI gods (silicon-based). So, yeah, I can totally concede this may be confirmation bias on my part. I also saw another interesting coincidence – the name of one of the two cops who “shoved” Gugino – Aaron Torgalski. That looks and sounds a lot to me like someone we know (Tokarski, maybe?). Again, perhaps I just see things where they aren’t.


    1. In the photo I linked above, the matching water bottles seen on the sphere sculptures (which I see as symbolic), seem to indicate a movie set here. We have seen, time and time again, in these staged “street theater” events, where all the actors get their water bottles(all matching) – I suppose it’s some law requiring that Intel street theater directors have to keep their actors hydrated!


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