Personal note …

David Crowe, a man whose writing and thinking I’ve only come to know since the outbreak of the fake pandemic, learned recently that he has cancer, the scary kind involving an internal organ. He did a podcast about it here (dated 6/16/2020).

We are all usually at loss for words when we encounter another person facing such terrible news. We say things like “my thoughts and prayers are with you,” or “if there is anything I can do,” and slink away. At age 70, I feel as though I have made it through enough of life that if I get this kind of news, I’ll be able to say “It’s been a good life, and it’s a whacky planet anyway, so maybe this is a good time to leave.”

I only say I would think that, but I don’t know. David says he had the normal response, making sure is Last Will And Testament and other affairs are in order. He has reunited with what appears to be a fractured family. Towards the end of the podcast, he is more optimistic about his fate.

There is nothing I can say or do, of course, other than to say thank you. David has put up some really good writing, and introduced us to many smart and interesting people. He’s very thorough and modest. I don’t know him, never will, but nonetheless have come to like him.

God be with you, David. You are facing what we all must face someday. I have no remedy.

2 thoughts on “Personal note …

  1. This is probably just bad luck. But I can’t help but notice the niggling feeling in the back of my mind. This reminds me a bit of the Kary Mullis death. A relatively healthy guy set to go out really quick.

    Here’s a probability estimate:

    90% he just got really unlucky and developed a deadly fast-acting cancer at the same time as his writings offered a credible debunking of coronavirus lies from the powers that be.

    3% chance the powers that be have used their tricks to GIVE him real cancer to shut him up/punish him/serve as a scary deterrent to other dissidents in medical science

    3% chance the powers that be have given him an offer he can’t refuse (complete with carrot AND stick) to fake his own death

    4% chance he was controlled opposition and his op was to give dissidents some truth bombs and some hope and then demoralize them by appearing to be punished with a deadly fast-acting cancer

    I understand that this sounds conspiratorial and perhaps disrespectful to David, who has been an excellent voice for sanity. I intend no disrespect.

    I get it: he’s not young and we all go out eventually. I’m just noting that the timing of his illness is suspicious given that this is his big year of breaking through the bull with some establishment-undermining truth bombs. Suspicious enough that I can’t help but wonder about these low-probability but still possible explanations.


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