The myth of the “asymptomatic carrier”

I was listening yesterday to a podcast by James Delingpod Delingpole – background noise as I went about my chores. Delingpole is a bright guy, but just slightly not bright enough. I don’t listen to everything he puts out, but at various times he has seen through the Coronavirus hoax, only going down the wrong path, thinking that the virus was manufactured in a laboratory and escaped. Maybe he has come around, I don’t know.

His guest that I listened to was Alistair Haimes (link to podcast), an investment manager who was “radicalised by the lockdown.” Much of this discussion resonated, but Haimes believes there is a virus. At some point, and since it is long and rambling I’m not going back, he notes that 80% of those who test positive for the Sars-Cov-2 virus are “asymptomatic carriers.”

That stuck in my brain, and reminded me of the paper published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology (2020, Volume 41(4):485-488 (English translation here), lead author Zhuang Guihua, which stated that among asymptomatic carriers, the false positive rate for the RT-PCR test was 80.33%. If you are thinking along the same lines as me, you might see that what I am suspecting is that all of these asymptomatic carriers are nothing more than false positives, and that the test is the disease, which is not something caused by any new, novel and dangerous virus.

I urge you read the Zhuang paper, as it is accessible to ordinary people. The approach is mathematical, and you might think that as a retired CPA I have some insight into that field. Trust me, not so. My fellow CPAs might assert otherwise, but I spent my career doing arithmetic, not mathematics. I was still able to grasp the essentials of the paper, as with the following from page 8 (of 9)):

The types of people targeted for screening has also been widened, which will undoubtedly result in the reporting of more and more “asymptomatic infections”. Based on the information currently available, this study estimates the reasonable range of changes in related indicators and deduces the proportion of false positives in positive screening measures among close contacts of the case. This study found that when the infection rate and reported sensitivity and specificity of close contacts were taken as the most probable values, the positive predictive value was only 19.67%. Conversely, the proportion of false positives in the positive results was 80.33%.

Let’s examine the notion of asymptomatic carrier: Koch’s Postulates, scorned by virologists, and probably useless anyway, are still looked upon as valid criteria for identity of pathogens. They are merely logical assumptions which Robert Koch himself stepped away from years later. However, the first of the four KP’s, that a [pathogen] must be present in every case of the disease, carries with it its own antithesis, that the very same pathogen should not be present in others who do not show symptoms of the same disease. The logical conclusion in that case would be that the pathogen is not the cause of a disease, and is perhaps just a passenger. This sets the whole field of virology back to its proper place in medical science: pseudoscience. But instead, they come up with the idea of “asymptomatic” to replace “false positive.”

The field was rescued by Thomas Rivers, who, working for the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, published in 1937 an article advising that Koch’s Postulates can be set aside in the field of virology, asserting instead that a virus must be associated with a  disease (correlation), but accepting that many viruses are present in a host without causing a disease. Thus did virology jump the tracks, as there was no longer a scientific rigor behind it. The absence of a requirement that a pathogen always produce a disease left everything open to speculation, even though done by scientists in white lab coats. This opens the door to great doubt as to the usefulness of their work. Do viruses even cause disease? Everyone says yes, but proof is lacking.

The coincidence of the Zhuang paper and its assertion that the RT-PCR produces 80.33% false positive left me thinking that the 80% “asymptomatic carriers” are merely healthy people who were so unfortunate as to be subjected to an unreliable test.

We recently canceled a trip to Juneau after we learned that anyone passing through the airport there would be required to show paperwork that they either took and passed the RT-PCR test and came up negative (odd, because such people can still be infected by positive carriers, right?), or who have tested positive for the antibody.

The Zhuang paper shows the Covid-19 test using RT-PCR to be virtually useless. Keep in mind that RT-PCR cannot specify presence of a virus or measure a viral load, and is wholly dependent on the quality of research in isolating, filtering and purifying a virus before pulling a genetic sequence for it. That work has never been done, never will be done, making the RT-PCR test a simple hoax.

David Crowe, in a May 13,2020 paper analyzing the state of antibody testing, finds that none of the tests, due to the rush to get them on the market, are properly vetted. He concludes on page 14 that the tests are “fatally flawed”.

“At present no antibody tests are properly validated, and the results cannot be relied upon, particularly not to make sweeping changes in society, such as mandatory vaccination and quarantine of people who do not have the ‘right’ antibody test results.”

Thus are we subjected to a gigantic hoax. Dr. Andrew Kaufman has undressed the lack of rigor behind the supposed isolation of the virus, simply not done. (Scroll down here to “The Rooster in the River of Rats,” a video censored by YouTube.) I have suggested for some time now that regarding RT-PCR, the test IS the virus. It is so unreliable that its use constitutes medical fraud. It is dangerous in that those who suffer a false positive suffer loss of liberty. Finally, the antibody tests, searching for an antigen to a virus that has never been purified, can be nothing more than fraud.

It is all a joke, fake, fake fake. Comes next the vaccine, equally fraudulent, but most likely serving some other nefarious purpose having nothing to do with the current scamdemic.

I look about me and see the practice of modern medicine to be in the Dark Ages, full of quacks and charlatans, even criminals like Anthony Fauci, able to bring our world to a halt based on nothing more pertinent than witches sitting around a cauldron chanting “Double bubble, toil and trouble.”

Here is an article from Time regarding “asymptomatic carriers.” Note that Jamie Ducharme, the author, carries with her no skepticism regarding the testing going on around us. This is required to report on Covid-19 in mainstream media. It never occurs to her that the tests that uncover “asymptomatic carriers” might be flawed. Instead she writes,

“The research shows just how prevalent asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 may be—a reality that both suggests official case counts are drastic underestimates, and emphasizes the importance of practicing social distancing even if you feel healthy.

Researchers have known for months that asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 is possible and common, but without population-wide testing, it’s been difficult to estimate how many people get infected without showing symptoms. The new paper provides an example of how widespread asymptomatic transmission can be, at least in a contained environment.”*

“Asymptomatic transmission” is a myth brought about by a defective test, nothing more. I urge that anyone reading this under all circumstances avoid both the Covid-19 RT-PCR test and the associated antibody test. The latter is less dangerous but will impart nothing in the way of useful information for as much as $150. The former is dangerous, costing you personal freedom for no valid scientific reason.

Still to come, the vaccination, equally fraudulent. I concur with James Corbett, not linked here, but who said in one of his reports on Bill Gates that when the guy finally dies, someone will have to drive a stake through his heart to make sure he stays dead.

*Ducharme’s second paragraph here is as vague and weasel-worded as anything ever written, full of words that kind of make her point but … not quite. “Possible and common?” Whaaa? “How widespread [it] can be?” “At least in a contained environment?” That is all vague, undefined, un-attackable, and professional. She did her job.

40 thoughts on “The myth of the “asymptomatic carrier”

  1. I was recently told that actually a “significant percentage” of asymptomatic people come away from it with major organ damage.

    People will truly believe anything.

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  2. Small correction, it’s James Delingpole. [the Delingpod is his series of podcasts] Asymptomatic transmission is the goose that lays the golden eggs, propping up the whole scam, potentially, for ever and a day. Be very scared of your super-fit neighbours, your super-fit relations, your super-fit friends, anyone you meet. Fabulous. I don’t blame Delingpole though for not seeing the whole Covid-19 hoax – how many truth seeking or alternative commentators find it so difficult to see the routine use of fake deaths in the creation of our reality?

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    1. With apparent ease, it seemed to be possible to progress from creation to cremation of our reality. What a difference an ‘M’ makes.

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  3. Since I think it’s relevant to your brilliant commentary and conclusions, I cut and pasted most of a comment that I just left in response to Fauxlex (previous thread) prior to reading your post:

    . . . how the “Cult of Corona” was established. You know, “If you build it, they will come.” . . . Without getting deep into dark occult here (can discuss more offline), it seems to me that the edifice this Corona cult was built upon started with an “egregore” (heavily infused with fear programming) – only then to be reinforced by a layer of a superimposed digital creation of said egregore, to then be further cemented by a layer of “representative” genomic sequences digitally entered into the GenBank database (which then got digitally linked to the RT-PCR “black boxes”) . . . and the synthetic layers continued to build as “Mount Corona” got constructed. So it would seem the “discharge” of Corona was literally dreamt into a reality – from the aether, to the digital, and then into the minds (and then even some physical bodies via the nocebo effect) of the people. It seems their experience building cults throughout millennia really paid off for them in this instance. It certainly helped to have the advanced technology in place this time around. I suppose one of the Corona Cult leaders could be named “Ra-Tesag” (AKA Gates), or another could be named “Ra-Cifau” (AKA Fauci)? But, as you know, cult leaders are only the front men for the backroom architects who know precisely how to hack the backdoors of the psyches of unknowing accomplices, in order to proliferate tyranny in the name of “the greater good,” thereby altering the collective perception of reality (Black Magic 101).

    So, I very much believe that “Double bubble, toil and trouble” (as you say) is at play here.

    And, for what it’s worth, my perspective (which has evolved over time, particularly since this event) is that “viruses” result FROM dis-ease, and are not the cause of disease. But, if that were the case, that would turn the entire paradigm upside down, wouldn’t it? And their “magic spell” would be destabilized.

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    1. I am with you there, finally, after some months of straddling the fence. Not only viral, but bacterial infection is most likely the body’s response to disease. What I need do now, and maybe you can help, is to look at exceptions to this general rule. The book I am reading, Dissolving Illusions (Humphries, Bystrianyk) seems to drift back and forth between germ theory and terrain.


      1. There are really 2 schools of thought regarding “Terrain.” One is that the internal environment of the body is either conducive or not to the reproduction of microbes. Optimal Health = an internal terrain that is non-conducive to the reproduction of microbes. For example – if your blood sugar metabolism is out of whack, sugar (which is the fuel of the body) will linger longer than it should in the bloodstream – thereby feeding microbes (especially fungi) and decreasing macrophage response time – making it easier for microbes to feed and breed. The other school of thought was promoted by a contemporary of Pasteur’s by the name of Antoine Bechamp. He speculated that microbes could morph into different organisms depending on the inner environment (Terrain) of the body – eg: yeast could turn into a bacteria or a virus or whatever – and vice-versa. Proponents of dark-field microscopy claim that they have witnessed these morphological changes, but have failed as of yet to document or prove it. None-the-less, licensed and regulated naturopathic doctors (like myself) understand the absolute physiological necessity of having a healthy internal Terrain and a majority of our therapeutics are developed to establish it.


    2. Corona virus is an alchemic ritual like many others to obtain more power.
      “Solve et coagula” was the alchemists’ motto.
      High grade Freemasons study alchemy, know how to prepare rituals and create egregores.

      Corona is said to cause blood coagulation (thrombosis) in the lungs, and it’s treated through plasm from recovered patients: the solution (to be intended as the alchemic result of a mixture of substances, either solid or liquid, blood included).

      Have they obtained already what they aim for through this alchemic process? No, as the vaccine’s not ready yet, once it is the ritual will be accomplished and the power over mankind complete.
      But something isn’t going as expected: The blood they need isn’t available in large amounts so they had to come up with the “asymptomatic carrier” BS so that people believe they are infected and their blood magically turns itself into the “right” blood to complete the ritual.
      Nothing works better than belief to get an alchemic transformation of the cells.
      Bruce Lipton wrote a book about the power of belief that changes the human DNA.


    3. I’m with you on pretty much everything, Stephers, except for the “nocebo” effect. A few weeks before the Corona hoax debuted in China, I got the worst flu of my life. I rarely get sick and when I do, I usually power through it pretty quickly, but this thing kicked my ass like nothing I can remember. Mark has said he was similarly laid low by a severe flu around the same time, and I’ve heard quite a few others report falling unusually, severely ill BEFORE the propaganda started. This is the detail that still niggles at my brain. Yes, this is a hoax, and it may be that some or many people are experiencing the nocebo effect. But it seems possible that at least some of us were subjected to something real.

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      1. Yes, Scott, that is a matter of curiosity. I thought of it as a persistent head cold. We live at 7,800 feet in the mountains, drink well water, eat organic food, and yet for some reason I went through a major detox. My wife did not exhibit any symptoms even as we lived in close quarters for the three week duration.


      2. For the segment of people who did experience genuine illness (give or take a couple months before or after the peak of reported illness) – of which I am also one (although my symptoms were heart-related), I highly suspect one key missing link . . . the influence of intensified pulsed EMFs and/or RFs (which could come from a number of sources including, but not limited to, smart meters, small cell towers, macro-cell towers, power lines, Internet routers, and surveillance radar installations).

        I think one revealing “tell” that voltage arising from radiation or radio frequencies could have caused an increase in illness in this instance is in the actual word, “coronavirus”. The word “virus” means “poison” and the word “corona” could refer to the radiation field that is sometimes emitted by high voltage devices. See here for some studies related to corona discharge:

        Personally, I have Electrohypersensitivity (EHS), and I have to make a daily effort to avoid EMFs ( to the extent that I can). Over the last few years, I have been doing quite well in general, as I work on a hard-wired laptop and I avoid using wi-fi and even 4G LTE on my cell phone. Back in February, I was admitted to the hospital with heart arrhythmia, chest pain, high blood pressure, sharp rib pain and shortness of breath (all were symptoms I have never had before – at least not to that severity – even with EHS). I had already been experiencing the debilitating symptoms for 6 days prior to admission. The symptoms ended up continuing another 4 weeks. And then, one day, the symptoms were gone. The only reason I went to the hospital (haven’t gone to a hospital since I was pregnant more than 20 years ago, and I didn’t even give birth in a hospital as I opted for 2 home births) was because the pain in my chest was so severe and was radiating down my arm, so I really thought I was having a heart attack. Both of my parents had heart attacks by the time they were my age. So it was a concern. As it turns out though, my heart was in perfect condition following an echo, cardiac enzymes test, etc.

        So, is there any chance your flu symptoms could have been caused from a source of EMFs or radio frequencies in your environment? Do you know how far you live from the nearest antenna? Myself, I live 2 miles from the closest large cell antenna, and 5 miles from the closest small cell antenna (emits even higher frequencies). The power lines in my neighborhood are all under-ground, but there are above-the-ground power lines beginning at the closest main intersection near my house. I can provide more info on the topic of EMFs/wireless radiation if you are interested. If not, no worries.


        1. Stephens, if you share info about EMFs and wireless radiation, I know I’ll read it (you’re becoming my conspiracy rock star, God help me, so you better not start writing mindless tripe about Jews and genealogies). It will no doubt do me good, because I know I have avoided this subject simply because it is so disturbing to me. I often worry my brain (along with my heart and whole body) is the proverbial frog in the pot, and wireless radiation is the flame slowly boiling me alive. The fear is that the more I read about it, the more neurotic—noceboed?—I’ll get. But fear is the worst reason to avoid learning, so bring it on.


          1. SCOTTRC,

            I’ve been saving this for some reason. Was going to do another 5G piece, but didn’t. This may be helpful, or not. A reliable source, or not. Never a sure thing, right? In the spirit of additional evidence:
            China is a great country with an amazing populace who have made astounding advancements creating a very sophisticated modern country in the last ten years, surpassing many other modern countries in many ways. However, given the facts that
            1. we have real data that shows indeed that wireless radiation impacts the immune system;
            2. we have numerous patients outside of the 5G zone showing no or only mild symptoms,
            3. there have recently been 10,000 5G antennas installed and turned on in Wuhan, not to mention 130,000 5G antennas installed throughout greater China;
            4. there have recently been 5G systems installed in numerous hospitals in China, not to mention the new COVID-19 hospitals;
            5. we are seeing higher numbers of COVID-19 infections in places like Hangzhou and Wenzhou, not to mention South Korea, etc. where they have also recently installed numerous 5G antennas; and
            6. there has been no testing done to find out the biological implications of exposing life forms to this radiation; we can conclude that the real problem here may very well in fact be with the 5G electromagnetic radiation weakening people’s immune systems, not to mention possibly making the virus itself more virulent. And if this is true and if China does not change course, 5G might very well become its — and the rest of the world’s Titanic — with the COVID-19 (and others like it) its icebergs.

            Maybe this is what people really need to start worrying about and perhaps it is time for the Chinese government, as well as governments throughout the world to seriously investigate and address 5G possible health effects and put a halt to the premature rollout of 5G technology until they can prove that it is safe (which I doubt they can) and until, safer alternatives can be developed.

            The government in Belgium never implemented it and there was talk of the government of Switzerland putting a halt on the 5G rollout, 87 but they now seem to be going ahead with it. 88 And it seems like, unless people wake up to this, China will certainly be following a similar path.

            I am sorry to have to rain on your electromagnetic parade here, but it might actually very well be your 5G that is contributing to making everybody sick.

            “The only people angry at you for speaking the Truth, are those living a lie. Keep on speaking it.”
            — Unknown

            “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” — Arthur Schopenhauer

            Many thanks to Paul Doyon for this guest post.

            Paul Raymond Doyon is a researcher, writer, and teacher and educator of 33 years, who inadvertently became involved in researching the EMF issue after becoming sick in 2005, whilst living in the vicinity of several cell phone towers. He has spent 27 years of his adult life living outside his home country of the USA, teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Second Language (ESL), mostly at the university, college, and in international school levels.
            Paul is a Building Biology Practitioner (BBP) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) with the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology(IBE). He is also the founder of the website EMF Refugee.”


            1. So testing is not required by law for radio transmitters and such? I would’ve thought the EPA or some agency would be all over that, if only to expand their scope and budget…

              Not saying that would prove its safety or harm, just surprising that some “international bureaucracy of bastards” isn’t making it a fiefdom.

              *a Mullis-ism


          2. I can also recommend Dean’s excellent book, which dives deep, beyond the EMF issues. Dean identifies and connects 5G as a critical constituent element of the broader AI/trans-human technology being pushed worldwide without much notice; all attention is focused on the hubbub — Covid 19 “news” pounded into billions of brains daily.

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          3. I’m traveling today, but I will get back to you with a more detailed response later this evening or tomorrow . . . Just a side note, I’m Jewish (no longer observant though) – so you won’t be hearing “tripe” along those lines from me. 🙂


          4. SCOTTRC – To echo what Steve shared, this is the only “study” I know of thus far that seems to indicate a correlation of 5G installations with “COVID” cases While I read the study, I can’t vouch for its legitimacy. So please use your own discernment. That said, as per your request, I would like to share related info with you – on EMFs/wireless radiation and its potential dangers in general, but the last thing I want to do is throw you into flight-fright-freeze. Steve and I share an affinity for Dean Henderson who wrote Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse (see Steve’s reply). I would say that’s a DEEP dive into this topic. Another book along these lines is The Alchemical Tech Revolution: Fulfilling Ancient Esoteric Agendas Through the Use of High Technology by Wayne McRoy. Again, it goes way deep. I would have started you in the shallow end. That’s just my instinct (it’s maternal, I admit). But we are all adults here, and no one is here to serve as mommy or daddy. So, hey, you might as well take the deep dive, eh? You did say, “bring it on.” In the event that you would like to start a bit more at the beginning – just to get a basic grasp on EMFs (along with some helpful solutions – I’m big on providing solutions!), then I highly recommend the book, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology by Nicolas Pineault. I really like Pineault’s approach, and his book is incredibly well laid out for “newbies”. I understand how you feel about potentially becoming even more neurotic as you acquire more info in this regard, but even as Pineault says in his book (p. 216), “With awareness and education comes incredible power.” I believe this wholeheartedly.


            1. Just bought the Pineault book. Unfortunately, I think I do need to take a baby steps approach. I’m beginning to realize that underneath my anger and bombast is the wimpy urge to just curl up on the floor and suck my thumb. So your maternal approach is appreciated.


          5. Check out “the fullerton informer” on YouTube to learn about the dangers of 5g and other forms of radiation. He’s been at it for almost 20 years


        2. We are in direct line of sight from a microwave tower used to run Internet in this area. We used the service for a while, but they lied to us about the signal strength so we quit them and went back to CenturyLink, at that time 1.5, who gradually bumped us up to 12. CenturyLink comes to us on buried cable, of course, set free by our router. In our near ten years here, I do not recall another time being so sick as in January.

          At one time I wanted to get away from DirecTV, and so I tried to locate the various local TV towers around us, and found we are shielded from all of them, no signals available, so no use for an antenna. We do have the signal coming in via a dish, and we are exposed to the microwave tower. Our cell phones work here, but are wifi-assisted.

          All above my pay grade. Our son down the hill a few miles experienced the same symptoms as I did. His wife and 12-year old son did not, but did get sick later, maybe early February. My wife experienced not a sniffle.


      3. “But it seems possible that at least some of us were subjected to something real.”

        Disease/sickness is always real. Are you suggesting that something contagious was passed to you? Mark’s experience with his wife indicates that no contagious element was involved. He concluded correctly, I think, that his ordeal was a ‘detox’.

        Contagion is the Rockefeller empire’s weapon of the last 100+ years, and ‘virus’ has supplanted the lowly bacteria as the unassailable ultimate destroyer, the weapon for which there is no defense outside of the empire’s guidance. The ‘viruses’ are created for their narrative, and every ‘proof’ for their existence and pathogenicity is easily torn down, and contagion falls with them. Unfortunately, the “edifice this Corona cult was built upon” (thanks stephers), offers that mystical appeal to the masses, and puts them deeply in thrall to it.

        By “something real”, do you mean toxic? We are continually battling exogenous toxins, and often have no idea even of their presence. A new, experimental chemtrail mixture, perhaps? There are many reasons, outside of our own digressions into unhealthy living or habits, that demand ‘sickness’, also known as cleansing, from our bodies, and it’s amazing how they get us well each time.

        I have also had a few unusually strong flues or colds in my life. I’m sure they were due to bad choices or inadvertent toxic contact or buildup, but at least i don’t have to imagine myself at the mercy of the empire’s fictional weapons.


  4. myth mĭth►
    n. A traditional, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes that serves as a fundamental type in the worldview of a people, as by explaining aspects of the natural world or delineating the psychology, customs, or ideals of society.
    n. Such stories considered as a group.

    from Wordnik from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

    Myths are invoked with the help of symbols. And it was so clear from the beginning of this event, that the incessant beaming of the symbol (acting more so as a magic sigil) of the coronavirus was instrumental in cementing the corona myth in the global psyche in order to give it “real life”.


  5. Some symbols can be like an antenna. Just we cannot see the Wi-Fi/ELF/ect the earths natural ‘ley lines’ effect us. The old days they were called ‘dragon lines’. Look at what was/is build near them.

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    1. Motorhead – I have studied ley lines/dragon lines. It’s a key interest of mine – particularly in relation to how they may be utilized by the controllers to usurp/imprint energy and intention. When I first started studying staged events, I noticed that many of the events occurred on particular ley lines. It was as if the events were being designed in accordance with the earth’s telluric currents. Well, it’s all fascinating to me, even if it seems like a dead end rabbit hole to explore. Ironically, I just pulled a bunch of my related books off the shelf this week, in hopes of posting on it here at some point soon. I think it’s a highly relevant topic. My favorite book in this regard is The Sacred Network: Megaliths, Cathedrals, Ley Lines, and the Power of Shared Consciousness by Chris H. Hardy.


  6. Mask Logic

    Me: Why should I wear a mask if I’m not sick?
    Mr. Mask: To protect others from getting infected.

    Me: But I’m not sick. I have no symptoms. No coughing or sneezing. No temperature. No sore throat. Nothing.
    Mr. Mask: But you might still have the virus. Lots of people have it who are asymptomatic. So just because you aren’t coughing and sneezing doesn’t mean that you don’t have it and might infect others.

    Me: So how exactly will I infect others if I have it?
    Mr. Mask: By coughing or sneezing on someone.


    1. A local talk show guy pointed out that Home Depot employees have apparently seen no large spikes, even though they’ve been dealing with unmasked customers for months. That ought to blow their masking mandates out of the water, but of course common sense isn’t allowed.


  7. Covid19 is pharma’s answer to their prayers. They were really losing ground over mesh and sodium valporate scares but managed to circumnavigate a scare which stopped everyone looking at them for the crooks they are.


  8. I have been trying to find out who came up with the Phrase Asymptomatic because just can not believe that can catch a virus with zero symptoms.
    Here is an article that states that Kosh Postulates step 1 and 2 do not exist because a Virus needs a cell to replicate itself
    Then the big question how can the very first person catch a virus in the air when needs a cell to invade my thinking is that Viruses are not contagious and are part of us to destroy poison cells and at a certain time body needs to get rid of it by means of mucus and Phlegm.


  9. What I would like to see is if there are any studies, that perform a third(or fourth) test on those who are found to be positive on the second test. Would it find only 20% of the “real positives” now to be “false real positives”? Or does the result get to ~100%, suggesting that they are really “real positives” –
    So far I have not been able to find such studies


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