Of Monkeys, Mice and Men: From Natural Bodies to Digitized Bots

Prologue — Emerging From the Rabbit Hole

Biotechnology is the new digital.

 ~ Nicholas Negroponte, founder and chairman Emeritus of MIT’s Media Lab

This post is a prologue to a new series I am launching here at POM . . .

Have you ever met a person who had plastic surgery? If so, did he/she have only one plastic surgery? From my experience, many individuals who undergo plastic surgery for one body part, progress to enhance other body parts. Body augmentation seems addictive, and could potentially go on ad infinitum — that is, if the person has unlimited finances, and if doctors don’t issue restrictions. Epitomizing this obsessive undertaking is the account of the individual known as the “Human Ken Doll” (recently transitioned to a woman), who has willingly submitted to more than 100 cosmetic procedures. This phenomenon also reminds me of a Brady Bunch episode in which Carol Brady is inspired to paint one room of the house, and Mike Brady is highly reluctant, as he is concerned that once she paints one room of the house, she will feel the urge to paint another, and another . . . You get the point. Of course, in the fictional land of Brady Bunch, Mike Brady was both a professional architect, and a husband, and he aptly perceived where Carol could potentially get carried away with her house augmentation endeavor. 

A “renovation” theme is apropos given where my series is heading, as well as suited to the goals of the “Reset,” in which the central planners have delineated the retrofitting of humanity. In this particular instance, I am discussing augmentation of humans on the nano scale, in which the alterations may not be readily and immediately apparent. I plan to shed more light on this aspect, which may encompass a string of subtopics such as vaccines, gene therapies, gene editing (i.e., CRISPR), digital gene sequencing, digital twinning, biohacking, bioprinting, human-computer interaction (HCI), microelectronics, bio-MEMS, nanotechnology, Internet of Bodies (IoB), Internet of nano-things, transgenic mice, chimeric organisms, bio-surveillance (i.e., embedded watermarks), and programmable matter. 

The technocratic engineers seem intoxicated with an insatiable desire to augment society, including our genomics. As of now, there are very little regulations in place by which to tame them. COVID may be the the most significant catalyst to their global venture, which may result in the evolution or devolution of humans — depending on the angle from which it is being viewed. 

Often when I research a topic — involving a broad subject such as synthetic biology — I don’t necessarily lead with a hypothesis and aim to provide proof of said hypothesis. Rather, I tend to allow the research to unfold as the dots connect themselves. Of course, this can go on nearly indefinitely, and the rabbit holes can become deep and cavernous. Sure enough, this past month I fell down a particularly gnarly rabbit hole with endless twists and turns, and I found it challenging to come up for air.

As I delved into people, places, and institutions involved in synthetic biology, it was uncanny how many of these entities had also popped up in my research on the COVID event, in which we are now all unwitting partakers. I hope to unpack these intriguing connections as I attempt — in various installments — to present a cohesive picture with the goal of tying it up in one overarching gestalt. While much of this information is accessible to the masses, the context is vast and convoluted. The nature-changers have not made this easy. Each installment will be brief and should stand on its own — like a book chapter — but not necessarily in a linear sequence. There will be minimal “homework” (non compulsory, of course) assigned to readers. Please keep in mind, if one subtopic is not of interest to you, another one may tickle your fancy. 

While most people may have little interest in the realm of synthetic biology, I consider it an obligatory avenue to navigate, as the technocratic architects of augmentation have lots of plans for humanity. Oddly, these same design-build engineers (many from the computer science realm), are the very individuals who are delineating the boundaries of ethics that would ordinarily contain them from running off the rails with their bold and possibly perilous plans. 

At this point, it’s as if I have the beginning and end to this series mapped out, and the stuff between will simply have to reveal itself over time. Ultimately, I may be able (with outside help – hint, hint) to retroactively re-organize the material in a more coherent fashion. While my forté is investigative research, writing is a new undertaking for me — thanks to Mark T! I still plan to write various other pieces, so the assemblage of installments may not be consecutive. 

The first installment in this series will focus on the seemingly innocent country of Singapore as a technocratic role model for the new global order, and I will most likely circle back to Singapore at the end, featuring Biopolis, an international R&D center for biomedical science, and the related work of Dr. Sydney Brenner. Dr. Brenner reportedly lived, worked, and recently died (in April 2019) in Singapore, and was known as the founder of messenger RNA (mRNA). While it appears to be a most unlikely place in which to begin and end this story about synthetic biology (and its curious link to humanity and the ongoing COVID event, including next-generation sequencing and mRNA vaccines), I think it will become clear as the narrative unfolds. The title of this compilation, “Of Monkeys, Mice and Men: From Natural Bodies to Digitized Bots,” shall also make more sense as the puzzle pieces are laid out, and then interlocked.

The task of writing this series — intended to examine the alchemical marriage of synthetic biology and COVID — feels extremely daunting and vulnerable for me, yet I feel compelled to trudge on. Thank you in advance for your patience and attention to this matter, which is not only timely, but potentially influencing us now and subsequently, in uncertain ways that only the self-proclaimed “re-genitors” of humanity have imagined.

So, diving head first into synthetic matter — I will jumpstart my compilation with a statement from Kevin Corbett, PhD, R.N. in the article, “Ten Fatal Errors: Scientists Attack Paper That Established Global PCR Driven Lockdown,” published by Celia Farber on December 3, 2020:

“Every scientific rationale for the development of that test has been totally destroyed by this paper. It’s like Hiroshima/Nagasaki to the Covid test,” he said. “When Drosten developed the test, China hadn’t given them a viral isolate. They developed the test from a sequence in a gene bank. Do you see? China gave them a genetic sequence with no corresponding viral isolate. They had a code, but no body for the code. No viral morphology.”

When asked by Celia Farber to define “viral morphology” for the layperson, Dr. Corbett replied:

“In the fish market,” he said, “it’s like giving you a few bones and saying that’s your fish. It could be any fish. Not even a skeleton. Here’s a few fragments of bones. That’s your fish. Listen, the Corman/Drosten paper, there’s nothing from a patient in it. It’s all from gene banks. and the bits of the virus sequence that weren’t there they made up. They synthetically created them to fill in the blanks. That’s what genetics is; it’s a code. So its ABBBCCDDD and you’re missing some what you think is EEE so you put it in. It’s all synthetic. You just manufacture the bits that are missing. This is the end result of the geneticization of virology. This is basically a computer virus.”

In essence, what we may be witnessing and experiencing is the suspected instance of a virus being digitally imagined in the form of a genetic sequence. We can only surmise how this digitally-designed SARS-CoV-2 virus may have taken on life — whether it’s been imaginary, virtual, or 3D-printed (either in its totality of nearly 30,000 base pairs, or more simply, in smaller fragments of the genome), which has multiple implications. Given that, at the time of this writing, nearly 50 Freedom of Information (FOI) requests reveal that not one health/science institution around the world has been able to furnish a record of an unadulterated, purified isolate of SARS-CoV-2, I lean now toward the notion of specific components of the purported virus having been 3D-printed, or printed utilizing another emerging bioprinting technology, such as nanolithography or laser printing, subsequent to its computer-aided design, for use in the impending vaccines and therapeutics. Therefore, this digitization scenario suggests the prominent use of synthetic biology, and would explain the role of the same players in both the arenas of synthetic biology (including the field of digital biology) and this COVID enterprise.

As I previously implied, while I did not begin my investigative exploration into this material with an established hypothesis, I have a pre-conclusion based on my research thus far, that one of the end goals of COVID is to launch the re-design of the human being (as hinted here). “Build Back Better” is the disaster-drunken elites’ catch phrase of the day. Could building back — using a plethora of genetic modification projects — be a means to a dead end of humanity, and worse, to biological life itself? I hope you will stay tuned and vigilant.  


Please watch the following discussion (see below) between Sayer Ji (founder of greenmedinfo.com) and Elana Freeland dated November 23, 2020, “The Truth about Chemtrails, Transhumanism, Synthetic Biology, and the Global Lockdown,” for a beginner’s introduction, so to speak. It provides a rich context from which to move forward. For additional background, visit elanafreeland.com.

42 thoughts on “Of Monkeys, Mice and Men: From Natural Bodies to Digitized Bots

  1. Ms. Freeland prefaces her discussion referencing hoaxes such as JFK, MLK and rock stars’ faked deaths?
    Beware- spook.


    1. Till – Glad you brought this up. I had considered mentioning this issue with Freeland, and it’s something that Crrow777 noted (prominently, I might add) – even DURING his recent discussion with Freeland. She’s not there yet, in my opinion, and I don’t think this aspect denotes her as a spook.


      1. Till – I will try to find the relevant statement Crrow777 made with respect to Elana Freeland, and potential concerns from listeners about her view on assassinations (fauxsassinations). In the interim, here is Crrow777’s intro to episode 249 (his discussion with Elana Freeland), “I Saw a Movie of a Theatrical Event called Killing the King”:

        “In this episode we are fortunate to have an author who edited the original work of James Shelby Downard, a man who gave us the keys to understanding the dark game played around us every day. The magic of names, places and geography all matter in this game, to include historical events, roads and their names. Magnetism plays a role in this dark game, and yet science seems to be wholly unaware of these natural facts about our world, long known and long put to use by the dark under belly that shapes our world right now.”

        Crrow777 continued:

        “J.S.D. made it possible to understand the importance of the 33rd line of latitude that goes through the southwest of the US. This shines a bit more light on the Roswell nonsense but JFK is the event he used to unravel the intricate game put in motion for killing the king. We can now add more to the JFK skit, but it is unclear if Shelby didn’t know or would not say that no death occurred in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63. What is clear is that we are currently living in Revelation of Method, where all becomes known – and our permission is collected for events we abhor.”


        1. I listened to that episode, and managed to get the paper it’s based on online. They spent over an hour to advertise that paper, but there is nothing! Just that buzz word “revelation of the method”.
          By the way, Bill Cooper covered the layout of the plaza too.
          PS There is a elderly lady, she puts in minutes what crow uses to fill hours. YT Lavette channel.


        2. I haven’t yet listened to that episode of Crrow 777, I’m not a regular listener, but now that you’ve brought it to my attention I will be listening to that episode and taking notes sooner rather than later.

          For the time being I wanted to point out that ‘King Kill: 33’ includes a preface by Michael Hoffman II (which I would imagine is something addressed by Crrow):



          When looking into this a few years ago, I discovered that there are at least three (and possibly more) versions of King Kill 33 floating around out there on the internet today, ranging from 16-page abridgements to 90-page dossiers.

          I have been unable to confirm when the original piece was first written, and I am also very skeptical as to whether this James Shelby Downard character ever existed in real life. Hoffman II claims to have met him in person 1977, but is it possible that JSD is simply a fictional character, a literary vehicle for Hoffman II to explore ideas he didn’t want to publish directly under his own name (for what ever reason)?

          Anybody who reads this, if you have looked into the JSD / MHII / Adam Parfey / ‘Apocalypse Culture’ (1987) rabbit hole for yourself, I’d be very interested to get your take on all of this.


          1. JLB – This is a HUGE topic that I have been delving into for the last few years, and I can’t answer in one short reply. There are two photos of JSD available – only 2. One of the photos available is “JSD” with “Jim Brandon”. Notice if you use the full name James Brandon – it is (almost) a partial anagram of James Shelby Downard. Maybe just a coincidence? If you “anagrammize” the name, James Shelby Downard, you get “balderdash” – meaning nonsense, malarky, BS! Another coincidence? I have the 1990 edition of Apocalypse Culture – the one without King Kill 33. I suppose the 1987 edition has the classic/original version of King Kill 33. Here is a fairly recent discussion with Hoffman II http://gunsandbutter.org/blog/2019/01/27/the-alchemical-processing-of-humanity-through-public-psychodrama. While Matt at QofC is a newbie to Hoffman II, he presented very relevant insights yesterday on his channel (26 minutes and worth a listen): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhuitmfg4wA.


            1. JLB – Below is a link to the podcast episode (dated 9/24/2020) that Crrow777 did with Hoffman II (and its intro description):
              254- A Toolbox for the Mind that Unmasks a Counterfeit Stage – KK33
              There are a few books that have given me the tools needed to get beyond falsehood, which is the current foundation of our synthetic reality. Mr. Hoffman lent his hand to two such books, King Kill 33 and Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. I no longer waste brain cycles decoding false events as I am now able to detect/smell synthetic and staged information at a higher level. His books on the Vatican are also top shelf for those interested in knowing how and why the masters of the universe opted for the dark side. In short, if you would like to know how to better consider world altering events, head on over to Mr. Hoffman’s website and get a few books/texts that need to be protected from an uncertain future. Who is that man behind the curtain? And why does he ensure all the world is a stage, in this psychodrama, broadcast daily – everywhere: https://www.crrow777radio.com/254-a-toolbox-for-the-mind-that-unmasks-a-counterfeit-stage-kk33-free/?mc_cid=e65f6c6bf5&mc_eid=568daac722.


  2. Please, this is not meant to be sarcastic, but this “Elana” has an elderly male’s face.

    First impressions mean a lot.


    1. Rastus –

      1. I did not delete/censor your comment. WordPress automatically sends your comments to moderation until I “approve” them. So there was a delay.
      2. While I honor most of the work from MM, some – including his research on Waldorf schools – is not entirely on-point, in my opinion. I have nine years of personal experience with the Waldorf education. While I did not fully buy into the pedagogy, there is so much to be gleaned from the Waldorf philosophy, and anthroposophy, in particular. From my research over the years, I have traced much of Theosophy to Intel/Cointel, and indeed that deserves more coverage. That said, not all those involved in Waldorf are spooks.
      3. Speaking of “tainted” though, I do find it curious that you cited an article that features Emily Chertoff from The Atlantic, as she is the daughter of Michael Chertoff. Most POM readers will be VERY familiar with him. But just in case, here is a bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Chertoff. Emily has written (for The Atlantic) much about school shootings, as well as the Boston marathon bombing. So I do not consider her take on Waldorf schools in high esteem, and maybe there is a reason why she, and the author of the article you provided (written by her colleague), targeted them.
      4. I am very familiar with Roger Rawlings’ Waldorf Watch. I have read it over the years. While I have no proof of him being a spook, his writings also appear on Quack Watch, and I would hope that most here can see what that operation is about.


  3. 100% “Woman”, LOL

    Why delete the truth re. Waldorf School? It doesn’t go well with the narrative stating this person is credible and that we should listen to “it”?


    1. Why would a free exploration and creativity “school” be worse than a “””regular””‘ school?

      If kids want to believe in gnomes, let them.

      I used to believe it too. Ok, that was with our nightly forest shroom trip, but still.


  4. One of the things I’ve learned is this: The more scatter-brained, “ALL OVER THE MAP”, people are, the more full of SH*T they are.

    30 minutes in and she’s covered Scalar Waves, Atmospheric Electrification, Fukishima, HAARP, and there is no end in sight.

    Goodbye “Elana”, sweetie, I hope you can practice a bit more of your makeup skills.


    I will continue to read Stephers (and I do thank you sincerely for your writings, I love them!! I do! :), but I’m finished with this hag BS artist “Elana”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i didn’t last anywhere near 30 minutes. The red flags were flapping too loudly, and as usual, it takes forever for these interviews to get to the point. No patience for rambling time wasting.


      1. Till – I do appreciate you making an effort to get through it, even if it did not float your boat. I think future installments, that will include presentations from professionals from within the field of synbio/digital bio/genetic engineering, will prove more interesting to you. I hope you will give them a try. Thanks!!


    2. Rastus – Thank you for trying. Please read my reply to Till above. While I don’t take any offense to your comments (nor do I censor), I do think it would help to elevate the thread by avoiding name-calling. Just my opinion.


    1. I don’t think that is a male, just an aged woman, they develop more masculine features with age (hair growth etc.).

      But my eyes hurt with this website. The overall idea is not bad, but why destroy it with a plethora of non-matching fonts? It is a 90s Altavista site in a modern coat.

      Didn’t take a look at the contents though and I disagree with steve here. Scrutiny and skepsis are the very basis of science (= truth seeking).

      I spent way too long with types online who have no standards yet just embrace anything alternative just for the reason it is alternative.

      Then you get to quack to dangerous grounds as homeopathy, orgone energy, hollow earth, breathearianism, and all kinds of other junk that comes with it.

      I saw DEW listed in her video. Since when is that a real thing?

      Stephers and steve, I hope you can open yourselves up more for these highly necessary scrutinies (why attacking the scrutinizers, what are you afraid of, why does Elana Freeland deserve a free pass?) and don’t push quacks and others who reflect back on us badly.

      Yes, others DO make us look bad, even though we may see things as individualistic and apart. Try a new design using the swastika and we talk, ok?

      A successful tribe (a group of people sharing a common denominator; truth seeking) has a healthy cleansing mechanism.

      Back to you ScottRC!


      1. Gaia – In response to: “Stephers and steve, I hope you can open yourselves up more for these highly necessary scrutinies (why attacking the scrutinizers, what are you afraid of, why does Elana Freeland deserve a free pass?) and don’t push quacks and others who reflect back on us badly.”

        I will speak for myself here. I say, bring it on. As someone whose M.O. is scrutiny and skepticism of individuals and information (yes, that be me!), I welcome the same, including anyone I may “promote” as having legitimate content worthy of exploration (and yes, scrutiny).

        I will say, that moving forward with this series in particular, I had planned to include (NOT promote) primary sources of information – given straight from the horses mouths, so to speak. So, in this regard, we better be scrutinizing! In any case, my point all along was to encourage expression of skepticism and scrutiny in a way that is, at the very least, respectful, and evaluating individuals based on the material they present – that may or may not offer evidence toward a proposed hypothesis or conceptual paradigm. I aim to earn the respect of readers here. As a novice and newbie here, I don’t just assume I have it. I am working toward that goal, and hopefully, those who read (and listen to) the material I present will take what resonates, and leave what does not, WITHOUT tossing the baby out with the bathwater (sorry, I despise clichés, but that’s all I could come up with at the moment!) . . .

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Need a short break from trying to figure it all out? Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and feel life as it should be.


    I bought this cd from the performers at a contra dance in New Jersey a long time ago.


    1. OM – That’s a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing. It resonates with me. I am not familiar with the artists, but, I, too, have attended contra dances in NJ. 🙂


  6. Thanks again for all your research and attempt to connect the dots. I appreciate the hard work you put into these pieces.

    So sorry the comments so frequently lack connection to the material and seem to relish more than anything “taking down” others with wisdom to share. Negative energy ever building the “woke heirarchy?” Honestly, who cares who’s most woke, or who became woke first? Nothing’s perfect. However, our immaculate, holier than thou, comment section has no tolerance for blemishes, warts or flaws of any kind. Any misstep gets one dismissed out of hand, no evidence necessary. Rough, self-important, self-absorbed, with little to contribute other than constant criticism. Frankly, it saddens me. I suppose that’s the point, eh?

    Seems to me this kind of behavior is hell-bent on preventing progress in learning and understanding what may be shaping our future. Guilt by association and ad hominem is a cheap and lazy way to nowhere. Just my opinion, or course.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I haven’t read everything yet, but great post and important in what I called the Transandroid Age, but Barre Lando, a terrain theory physician appearing often on Alfa Vedic, had a better word; the Transmutation Age.

    Following the Transhumanist Age, running from 1960 (listen to the 129 Brave New Words Mollycast for why this year and the incredible sync with the end of that Age on 11-3 2020.

    Often when I research a topic — involving a broad subject such as synthetic biology — I don’t necessarily lead with a hypothesis and aim to provide proof of said hypothesis. Rather, I tend to allow the research to unfold as the dots connect themselves.

    This type of open minded thinking is dearly missing with many. You are an example.


  8. I am truly sorry, but this “DNA origami” (not my words!) using “nanolithography” doesn’t look that convincing. The ExtremeTech article linked in the OP is from April 2013, so a lot may have changed, but boy this looks fishy. They may experiment with things and they are honest about that too:

    For now, though, metallized DNA nanolithography is more than good enough for exploratory research into graphene-based electronics

    In the ExtremeTech article you see that LOL image. Is it me, or is that a case of TRIOMF (overt trolling in our faces)?

    And then this image, do you believe they can make these nanometer scale “LEGO bricks” (again not my words!)?

    Harvard’s DNA Lego bricks, fashioned into 102 different 3D shapes

    I see that word “fashioned” now multiple times in this article. I am not an engineer, but never heard this verb used like this before. It sounds strange.


    1. Gaia – In response to: “And then this image, do you believe they can make these nanometer scale “LEGO bricks” (again not my words!)?”
      In this case, I don’t think it’s a matter of “belief,” but rather, how far have they already come in the development and application of this purported technology? While we would be getting ahead in the story here (in terms of the work being done by Peng Yin – and his mentor, George Church – in this regard, and the central role that the Wyss Institute plays in the synbio narrative), this is just a bit more information about this DNA origami (AKA molecular velcro) bionanotech and a potential application: https://integrativebiophysicsofmembranes.wordpress.com/2019/12/12/dna-nanotechnology/. In my opinion, often when this type of emerging technology – especially on the nanoscale – is introduced to the masses in publications like ExtremeTech, it is made to look frivolous and unattainable, and rarely ever, is there discussion of dual-use of this technology (that typically remains classified until they have moved on to another more advanced technology to replace it).


      1. Gaia – This is a researcher known for working on the DNA cuboid bricks (esoterically, think “Kubrick”): https://www.linkedin.com/in/luvena-ong-81b91a9/. What is most important to conceptualize about these “bricks” is that they are programmable and self-assembling: https://www.nature.com/articles/nature24648. This gets into what I consider the most intriguing aspect, and perhaps the apex, of the field of bionanotech – potentially having MUCH to do with COVID and COVID vaccines. Is it any wonder that the researcher central to the work in this specialized technology now works in pharmaceuticals?


  9. Ah, contra dances … just signing up to be emailed comments here, but we used to attend them during the winters in Bozeman. I perspire easily, and after two rounds had to leave the room, go out on the back porch and enjoy sweat and sub-freezing temperatures at once. Not sure about using the word “enjoy.”:


  10. Thanks a lot for your responses!

    With the DNA origami I have too little knowledge about the technology and the possibilities, my general skeptic antenna was speaking. You are the expert who can read what for me is Chinese (no pun intended, I didn’t see the Chinese Johnson & Johnson researcher in your second post). That means I have to rely on your insights, which is totally fine with me, though still frustrates.

    The criminals of “Nature” (together with “Science” the most underwhelming journals in my experience) want money for the full article. No worries to link it, at least for me, again I don’t have enough knowledge to debunk it anyway or get a good grip on it.

    This LEGO brick origami just looks very comical tbh, and combined with the LOL image even more.

    What the Coronacaust has done, and that supports your ideas of eventual (fast?) implementation of these things (if they indeed are working technologies), is focus their research (budgets) on these topics of Androidism.


  11. Stephers –

    Elana Freeland referenced Clifford Carnicom. Are you familiar with him? I will give two links here. The first is an address given by him last year, briefly summarizing what the “Carnicom Institute” has accomplished/investigated over the past twenty years. https://carnicominstitute.org/research_papers/Carnicom_Institute_Research-2020.pdf

    The next one is a list of pdf’s by years, starting in 1999. Each year’s pdf covers all papers produced in that year (excepting 2020). There is a huge volume of work in this collection. https://carnicominstitute.org/research_papers/

    I found him a few years ago when searching for an answer to the question “is there science that validates the existence of chemtrails?” So the 1999 papers start there, and progress to other things like ELF frequencies, etc., and then to the biggie, morgellons and associated topics.

    There are detailed science papers early in the collection on “aerosols”, and he produced this simple but clear video on the subject: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67ZKmVWB3tY”

    Some of his papers are the basis for the awareness of “ionizing” the atmosphere. I have a smaller paper list of my own I can send if his stuff is new to you. Email is “bukus@mailcan.com”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, OREGONMATT. This topic doesn’t get nearly enough attention, IMO. Going on 20 or more years of criminal governmental activity, and very little progress trying to investigate what is happening to life on earth as a result of massive programs polluting our skies/air. Our planet is under attack, plain and simple.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. OM – Thanks so much. Indeed, I am very familiar with Clifford Carnicom, and I had considered including his work as further “homework.” I am glad I left it out, as it seems even Elana Freeland was met with resistance. In any case, I have personal experience with Morgellons – about 7 or 8 years ago, my dog experienced symptoms (mainly in the form of 100’s of bleeding lesions with tiny red thread-like fibers that were being ejected from them). No vet could figure it out. After two weeks, I finally put him on a protocol of diatomaceous earth. The lesions disappeared, and symptoms never returned. Doug McKenty has done a great service in the past month by hosting a presentation and two roundtables with Clifford Carnicom. Admittedly, it takes massive patience to listen and dig into the material. Here is a link to Part 3:
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucAwz_-22pE, where you can hopefully link to the first two parts. Here is a link to Part 1 if the links there don’t work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZMleqg5P1c. I have only listened to Part 1 of Doug’s series in totality, and some of Parts 2 and 3. The series is not searchable on You Tube (soft censorship), even though it has not been taken down per sé. Incidentally, I have had some email discussion with Jim West regarding this topic, as it is my contention that the Morgellons project (black project) was a test run for this current Covid project. I think the two projects are inextricably connected.


  12. For the record > TransparentMediaTruth.com is who Produced The CarnicomInstitute.org Disclosure Project > a 3 Part Series released in Nov 2020 Featuring Drs. Mikovits, Madej & Young along with Architects & Engineers For 911 Truth President & Attorney David Mieswinkle in discussion with Clifford Carnicom.


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