The Sacramento 6 (3+3)

I generally do not pay attention to mass shootings, knowing that every one I have looked at before turned out to be fake. I did extensive research on Columbine, Jonestown, the Pulse Nightclub, even Tienanmen Square, and found all to be hyped, and fake, fake, fake.  On March 22 of 2021 there was a supposed mass shooting at a King’s Sooper in Boulder, Colorado. At one time we lived a few blocks from there, and did our shopping there. I turned on the news to see if the event was spook-markered, and sure enough, the news reader told us that the perpetrator was frog-marched out of the store at 3:30 PM. That was all I needed to know, the appearance of the magical 33. (Columbine was declared officially over at 3:30 PM too.)

There was another event in Sacramento, CA, on April 4th of this year. It caught my eye because they tell us at the outset that 3 men and 3 women were killed. There’s your 33. So I decided, just for the fun of it, do do some research on the alleged shooter(s) and the victims. I ordinarily use

Shooters and suspects:

  • Dandrae Martin, 26, alleged shooter: Note the odd spelling of the first name, “Dandrae”. TPS finds only one person by that name in the US, one whose age is unknown, and who lives or lived in Blythe, CA, possibly Phoenix before or after that. I’ve been using TPS for a long time. They know everyone’s age. Except this guy.
  • Daviyonne Dawson is charged with possession of a machine gun, illegal in this land. He is not charged with any murders. TPS says he used to live in Sacramento, and is 31 years old.
  • Smiley Martin is held in custody and suspected of being one of five shooters. There is one person by that name, age 49, in Sacramento, and two others who do not fit, one age 101, the 0ther 73.
  • Mtula Payton is at large. There is a person by that name in Sacramento, age 45.

I am aware that African Americans like to be creative in naming their children. These names strike me as odd, but then, I am Mark Paul, a white dude.


  • Johntaya Alexander, 21: TPS knows of no one in the US by that name.
  • Yamile Martinez-Andrade, 21: TPS knows of a Yamile Andrade, who lives in Passaic, New Jersey. It knows of no one with that hyphenated name.
  • Melinda Davis, 57: TPS knows of a Melinda Davis, age 56, who lives in Valencia, California. That is over 350 miles from Sacramento.
  • Sergio Harris, 38: The closest man by that name in California is in Chula Vista, and is 46 years old. Chula Vista is over 500 miles away from the crime scene, or “movie set”, as Stephers calls it.
  • Devasia Turner, 29: TPS knows of no one in the US by that name.
  • Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 32: There is a man in Sacramento by the name Joshua Lucchesi, but he is 43 years old. There is no one in the US with that hyphenated name.

And there you have it – six victims, only one (Davis) coming close to the described person, but living over 350 miles away. I suspect if I were to randomly shoot 18 people, killing six, the odds heavily favor most or all of them turning up in search engines. Striking out on all six dead victims means that the event was …

… fake fake fake.


Stephers did her usual excellent rundown of various connections, and finds the following:

The mother of Sergio Harris gave a tearless performance on a news channel,  saying at one point “”I don’t even think this is real.”

Meanwhile (on a tangential note), Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg is SUPER shady — with his Steinberg Institute ( and his Mental Health Services Act that generates $2 billion dollars a year: His wife, Julie Steinberg, is the cantor at B’nai Israel in Sacramento (and has extensive counseling/social work experience): and’nai-Israel-for-more-than-20-years.pdf. Here is their daughter, Jordana Steinberg:

The mother of Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi gives another tearless performance in this video. Her Twitter feed shows a photo of her that Stephers thinks is “heavily coded.”

In 2020, it was reported that another Martinez-Andrade (relation?) was killed in a motor vehicle accident — 30 years old, 3 vehicles . . . Hmmmm…
Returning to one of the alleged victims — Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi  and its potential occult significance . . . From The Godfather — One of the antagonists (and Founder of the masonic P2 Lodge) was Licio Lucchesi
On the family name – Lucchesi, looks like it connects to Black nobility. The Lucchesi-Palli family are a top ancient Black Nobility which claim ancestry from the Lombard Kings. They are the owners of the Lucchese crime family. (Source:
I would add community activist Berry Accius to your persons of interest. Here he is speaking about what he observed at the scene (cough cough, movie set):
VOY (Voice of the Youth) invokes “Oy vey” (to me at least). Their logo is coded/occult. VOY partners with Weave – its logo ( is a stylized Aleph: I know my Hebrew letters. Was glaringly obvious to me.
Thank you Stephers, for your good work and effort. You are the linkmaster.

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  1. I had a “mass shooting” in my hometown a few years ago, the “Uber shooter” in southwest Michigan. Typical strange circumstances: ordinary guy goes postal for seemingly no reason, later claims the devil was controlling him, survivors don’t sound like survivors, etc. The creepy thing was that among the dead were a father and son that my family knew somewhat personally, as the daughter in their family was childhood friends with my sister. At the time I took it at face value because I didn’t know any better, but once Parkland happened and I realized these events are routinely faked, I reexamined the Uber situation and knew something wasn’t right. There are a lot of little details I could go into, but I’ve never really seen any researchers delve into it. To be fair, it wasn’t the media circus that Parkland was, so it makes sense, but I would love to see Stephers or someone give it a deeper look.

    Understandably it has bothered me ever since, because in this case, it isn’t like the identities of the victims were just stolen or made up. They were seemingly real people who, to the knowledge of our small community, were never seen again. I certainly have a suspicion that they were not killed, as the rest of the event reeks to high heaven, but it makes me wonder what the hell is really going on in such a case.

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    1. If we go down Highway 285 into “the flats”, or Littleton/Lakewood/Denver, we are on the “Dave Sanders Memorial Highway.” If you read my Columbine piece, which is very long I warn you, he was the teacher who was supposedly killed that day. I looked them all up. He was in the phone book – they took more trouble back then to make them seem real. But Sanders was a guy (wearing a mask!) and leading kids with no faces up a stairway to the school library for a massacre when they were close to an exit to outdoors and safety. I think the victims that day 1) were never real, or 2) they took on new identities afterward. That may be the real purpose of the Witness Protection Program. Anyway, I salute your skepticism. Try some research, see where it leads you. We all have abilities that we do not use.

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      1. We all have abilities we do not use. Some of those abilities that “you” use “Right Here”. Time Lines; Facial comparisons, and having the ability to dig and research and separate the fact from fiction. it’s been said; What’s in a name ? How often have we ever met someone named, Lucifer; Mephistopheles,Iblis; Judas Iscariot and Pontius Pilate ?


        1. Perhaps, Mr. Lucifer Satan Beelzebub was the “First” to enter the witness protection program, And Mr. Pontius Pilate El Diablo is still being entered into the same program today under different names. Yet we all know at least (some) of the players.


    2. LSM,

      I recall this Uber shooting in 2019: I did not do much analysis on it at the time, even though it seemed very fake to me. My immediate instinct in 2019 (see my “Correction” note below) with regard to agendas was that the staged Uber shooting was to advance AI/smart tech/smart surveillance/smart cities (AKA digital enslavement).

      It seems I was probably on the right track, as I am peering into the profiles of Laurie Smith ( and a colleague of hers ( – works in public safety software).

      I suggest that red flags abound with Laurie Smith (mother and wife of the son/father duo that you referenced). Aside from her work in Fintech (involving AI), she also worked for the Association for Behavior Analysis International ( In my opinion, this gets to the heart of the agenda of ALL of these staged events – which is not only to advance AI/smart tech initiatives – but to gather sentiment analysis data which inches the central planners/controllers closer and closer to their coveted Singularity/Global Brain (hive mind – ultimately tracked and controlled on the blockchain).

      I understand it is a stretch for most people to get there, and to see the bigger picture – but this is how these event (simulated) planners perceive the long game. Columbine was a pioneering event in this regard, as was the McDonalds staged shooting that preceded it – in 1984 (Side note: En route to Mexico, I was supposed to be at that San Ysidro McDonalds at that very time, but, curiously, our tour bus driver was notified just before that we needed to detour — I was 14 years old, and I recall seeing much of the aftermath – essentially, police and helicopters – on our way back to San Diego from Mexico – long story, for another time!) . . .

      I am happy to dig more into the 2019 Uber shooting if you would like . . . I am sure there are additional winks to be determined . . .

      ***Correction – I stated the Uber mass shooting was in 2019 – it was in 2016: To clarify – I was not aware of this (alleged) shooting until 2019 – which is when I briefly looked into it.


      1. LSM,

        To elaborate a bit more . . .

        You can see Laurie Smith here:

        This is the organization she started – ForeverStrong:

        Laurie’s twin sister’s work profile is nearly identical to her: I find that very interesting. The identical twin aspect may be in play somehow (above my pay grade at the moment) . . . Her twin sister, Lynn, is also a Board member at ForeverStrong.

        In 2017/2018, an AI programmer had explained that whenever we see the term “Strong” in these events (nearly always attached), it indicates Strong AI. It’s coded in these orchestrated events. Thus, seeing that Laurie capitalizes on this Strong notion (both with her organization, and at the end of her court speech linked above) seems like a wink (or coded tell) to me.


        1. Speaking of staged mass shootings . . . The newly floated snake venom causing COVID hypothesis (c/o Dr. Brian Ardis is strangely connected:

          See the bio of the guy who originated the snake venom hypothesis: Dr. Tau Braun:

          “Dr. Tau Braun is the Executive Director of the Violence Prevention Agency, a consortium of expert researchers, advisors and educators in the security and safety industry. Dr. Braun is a South African registered Clinical Psychologist and Violence Prevention Specialist.
          Dr. Braun earned his Doctorate in Education with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. His dissertation explored the relationship between organizational culture and the implementation of strategies for Workplace Violence Prevention. Dr. Braun is a graduate of the Advanced Threat Assessment and Threat Management Academy of Gavin De Becker and Associates. He has trained with Lt. Col. Grossman, Capt. Robert Martin, Dr. Reid Meloy and Lt. Tom Taylor in Advanced Threat Assessment and Threat Management and with Dr. Stephen White and Dr. Reid Meloy in Workplace Assessment for Violence Risk.
          He has worked for and consulted with a wide range of organizations, including educational institutions, shelters, rural and city clinics, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, and maximum-security correctional facilities. He advises and trains individuals, for profit and not-for-profit organizations, and government organizations, in Violence Prevention Strategies, including Threat Assessment and Threat Management.
          Dr. Braun serves as an adviser to Safe and Sound Schools (A Sandy Hook Initiative) and Firestorm’s Crisis and Emergency Management Expert Council.”

          The most notable sentence (from the link above) about Dr. Tau Braun: “Dr. Braun serves as an adviser to Safe and Sound Schools (A Sandy Hook Initiative)…” Hmmmm.

          For further information on Tau Braun, including his website:

          Braun’s biochem engineering company in Westfield, NJ:

          Following is a discussion between Dr. Ardis and Dr. Braun: (April 12, 2022). They seem to be the main players in this simulation/psyop. It seems that Braun originated this (along with his threat security/FEMA operatives), and then it may have been given to Ardis to promulgate.

          [Synchronously, around the 18 minute timestamp in the Ardis/Braun discussion, Braun briefly mentions the Sacramento “mass shooting.” Accordingly, he explains that he is the “go-to” guy for these shooting events. He goes on to reference the Las Vegas shooting event, and others of this ilk.]

          Ardis has had more than 2 million views over the past week. I sense this is a gamed/militarized psyop – and it is soaring! The controllers know they have a winner psyop with this one. I think it is intended to saturate the airwaves — to replace the graphenation theory (what I consider to be the real cause of COVID) with “envenomation.” They have essentially substituted the alleged toxin. It is a convenient switcheroo. Significantly, though, the snake venom theory still seems to involve the notion of SARS-CoV-2 being tweaked in a gain-of-function (GOF) lab – but with a snake venom component. Graphenation does not require ANY virus, nor gain-of-function lab.


          1. School Shootings, Jones Town Massacre; Waco Stand Off; Oklahoma City Bombing; Boston Marathon; Hitler Opocalypse, And 911 Nyc. Where does it all End, More Witness Protection ?


          2. Steph, et al.,
            Please check out Elana Freeland’s latest vid from Mount Shasta (04-10-2022):

            She’s “on fire.”
            @ 1:20 timestamp she covers “graphene oxide” and “there is no virus…”


            1. Steve,

              Thank you so much for dropping this in the thread, and marking the timestamp. I have read Elana’s new book (which I do recommend highly), and seen several interviews with her in this regard. I have not yet watched this presentation. Looks like homework for me in the next couple days. Thanks again!


            2. She has called herself a Rosicrucian, you know that right, for whatever that means? She’s very open on her website and has ‘joked’ about being called the ‘best Rosicrucian’. I don’t trust her work. It is fed to her. I totally respect her work ethic, however.


              1. Kensho,

                Yes, I am aware of this (RE: the Rosicrucian claim); and it is a legitimate concern, to be fair.

                Of note, as far as I know, Elana has never referenced my efforts in revealing the correlation (and potential causality) of nanotech and COVID (which preceded her new book in this regard). I understand that she may be familiar with my work. It is curious to me. Let’s just say, while I have concerns about her, she has been a pivotal influence for me over the years. I would not have gotten as far as I have without her previous published works.


            3. The snow that doesn’t melt behaves like regular fake snow. There’s a reasonable chance it came from a snow machine, not the sky.

              Elana Freeland is talking about crop circles made from space. You need satellites for that. It is highly unlikely that satellites exist.

              The graphene responding to a phone call looks like it was done with a magnet under the table, as many commenters on the original video agree.


              1. XS,

                There is a reason why I never linked (as potential evidence) to that highly questionable presentation with the presumed graphene and cell phone. I consider my research efforts into graphene to be very grounded and scientifically sound.

                On artificial snow, crop circles, and satellites . . . I do not have sufficient research under my belt to speak to this – without much speculation. Since you think that satellites do not exist, can you explain how you came to that position? I know this topic has been covered numerous times at POM, but can you offer a succinct premise? Much appreciated.


                1. When I see how much maintenance server farms in climate-controlled basements require, I can’t imagine that computers will continue to function for long in very extreme conditions with very extreme temperature differences several times a day without maintenance, not to mention small meteors passing by at thousands of km/h.

                  As far as I can tell, only reconnaissance satellites attached to balloons exist. These also operate on solar panels and look like what we are supposed to believe space satellites look like.

                  I am not versed in physics but my gut feeling says that satellites have too little mass to have enough momentum to stay in orbit and not crash down.

                  However, I do believe in crop circles with complex patterns made with directed energy, as used by the military and industry.


                2. I am convinced that your research efforts on graphene are very well founded and scientifically sound but the fact that Elana Freeland uses this video makes her a bit suspect.

                  Frankly, this is the first time I have heard of her, perhaps I am judging too quickly.


                  1. There you go again… “Always rushing to judgment”; I’d hate to have you on a “JURY” That comment “above and below” shows that one foot in the mouth could cost somebody their life.


                3. @ Stephers:

                  I would appreciate it if you could confirm that I was able to make it clear to you that my criticism of the cellphone/graphene video does not in any way constitute criticism of your research on graphene. I regret that it came across that way.


                  1. XS,

                    Hey, we are all good. I did not perceive that you were criticizing my work. I simply wanted to disconnect my efforts from that silly cellphone/graphene video. I do not wish to be associated with questionable demonstrations such as that. I do wish Elana Freeland was more discerning at times.

                    In any case, even if you were to criticize me personally – on the topic of graphene – I do not think I would feel offended. I have definitely been on the receiving end of skepticism in this regard; and I consider that is because these individuals have not looked deeply enough at the mounting evidence (which accrued after my initial conjecture, informed from substantial literature).


                    1. TM, Do you have borderline personality disorder or do you just not understand that much? Again, your comments are disproportionate to the conversation you are interfering in. What makes you think there is discord between me and Stephers?

                      Isn’t it time to grow up and learn to count to ten? Maybe then one day there will be no need to desperately search for reasons to vent your frustrations on comments you only half understand (at best). Maybe you can even finally contribute substantive content to conversations on this blog.

                      You are making a fool of yourself TM, wise up…


            1. Roelf,

              It is my novice (not thoroughly researched) understanding that snake venom – if in drinking water – would not be poisonous. As you implied, it would be assimilated by our digestive juices, and hence could not cause COVID symptoms.


            2. It all breaks down in the stomach. The entire vegan and veggie based diet is based on making the body more alkaline so that it no longer is able to break it down. We have dogs who regularly get bit by snakes and recover within a day or two. It’s all bullshit. The body can take enormous amounts of toxins through the stomach, but less so those sprayed in the air. And not at all those injected into the blood. Folks used to know this.

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            3. @XS, Never found a need to count to “TEN”, Seemed like a waste of time. Always too busy counting the Hundreds of Thousands. But thanks for the advice, I’m glad you’re still working on it. With enough practice and hard work someday you might even pocket a few Hundred. Now work on that foot, Keep it out of your mouth; Both feet on the ground, You might learn how to play the drums.


          3. I am dropping this video analysis by Amandha Vollmer in the thread because it relates to my comment above.

   (April 13, 2022)

            [*** Correction: The title is “Amandha D Vollmer Watch the Snakes! Discernment Time Again, Truthers.” (The title I noted above was attributed to the same presentation that was posted on Bitchute: Sorry to confuse – it just seems that Bitchute has buffering/logistical issues at times, so I chose to link to Rumble).]

            I just want to be clear that Amandha is typically not my flavor (primarily when it comes to her overly animated style); and I am not 100 percent on the same page when it comes to COVID. That said, I align with her perspective on germ theory, and I think this is one of Amandha’s best presentations. She offered multiple salient points that echo my reaction and insights with regard to the “Watch the Water” presentation (

            Essentially, I think the hour (I watch in 1.75x speed to save time) watching her feedback would be much better spent than watching the one hour in which Ardis and Peters spewed out toxic venom – which I think (concurrent with Amandha) is intended to poison the well of the truther community (among other agendas).


            1. Returning to the Ardis “Watch the Water” snake venom fable…

              His two eureka moments are seemingly his revelations about Bing Liu – as if somehow related to snake venom.

              Following is what I reported on Bing Liu in June 2020: – pointing to his work in computational biology and AI (no indication of his work involving snake venom):

              Endnote 4:

              On a side note, but no less relevant: Early in May, it was reported that a researcher from the University of Pittsburgh, Bing Liu (link now shows “Error: 404”), was a victim in a murder-suicide, by someone he knew, Hao Gu. In the linked article, Bing Liu was described as being on the “verge of making very significant findings” relating to COVID. Intriguingly, Liu (through his academic pursuits) brings us back to Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, both of which I referenced in Part 1. According to Bing Liu’s bio, he had “developed high-performance computing techniques and advanced machine-learning approaches. Accordingly, Liu developed these computational modeling, simulation and analysis techniques to study the dynamics of biological systems.” Bing Liu did his postdoctoral studies in the lab of Professor Dr. Edmund Clarke, while at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science. You can read more about Edmund Clarke here.

              Liu received his Bachelor and PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of Profs P.S. Thiagarajan and David Hsu from National University of Singapore. Hsu is known for his work in robotics, AI, and computational structural biology, and is currently serving on the editorial board of Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research.

              According to Bing Liu’s research statement (link now shows “Error: 404”):

              “My work builds mathematical models to describe biological systems and employs artificial intelligence and formal verification techniques to analyze their dynamical behaviors. I use probabilistic frameworks to address the stochasticity in biological systems, and develop algorithms to construct model structure, estimate unknown parameters, discover new biology, as well as design precision medicine. I also leverage the power of high-performance computing techniques to enable the modeling and analysis of large-scale multicellular systems. As an integral part of my research, I collaborate closely with biologists and clinicians to study various systems and tackle real-world biological problems that are crucial to medicine and healthcare. I believe that my research will help move the state-of-the-art of systems biology forward and will have a substantial impact on our healthcare, food supplies and many other issues that are essential to our survival . . . A dozen years ago, a major contributor of the Human Genome Project stated that the ultimate test of understanding biology would be to create a computer model of a cell.”

              In discussing his future research plans . . .

              “At present, we are ideally positioned to extend our models and build a novel comprehensive virtual immune system (my emphasis) that could help the development of personalized immunotherapies, having extensive experience in using computational methods to gain biological insights . . . I believe the proposed computational framework . . . can play a very helpful role in terms of modeling the whole immune network and performing in silico experiments to answer “what if” questions, generating hypothesis and sharpening the choices for experimental design.”

              I suggest reading this link for an explanation of in silico experiments. Briefly, Wikipedia states “In silico (Pseudo-Latin for “in silicon”, alluding to the mass use of silicon for computer chips) is an expression meaning “performed on computer or via computer simulation” in reference to biological experiments. Digital genetic sequences obtained from DNA sequencing may be stored in sequence databases, be analyzed (see Sequence analysis), be digitally altered or be used as templates for creating new actual DNA using artificial gene synthesis.”

              How could the digital alteration or digital creation of DNA (or perhaps an RNA virus?) be utilized? I’m not a scientist. Eh, what do I know?

              Bing Liu’s CV:

              My email to Mark on May 6, 2020:

              So, what are the chances? This guy was allegedly murdered, and it was reported he was on the “verge” of a “discovery” related to COVID. He brings us full circle back to Carnegie Mellon and Univ of Pittsburgh (their AI/machine learning departments) which I wrote about. Just more confirmation that this whole project is AI-driven…


              1. I have difficulty understanding why anyone would want to create a fake virus when mere power of suggestion is enough to make a real one. The PCR test was the “pandemic,” never having found a real virus.


              2. Dr. Garret Smith, a naturopathic physician, presents analysis of the “Watch the Water” video. He presents evidence that drugs derived from snake venom are in the water supply. He then goes on to explain that these toxins can accumulate in the liver, and if the release of these toxins is triggered, possibly by EMF, the body can become sick or even die if too many toxins are released too quickly.


                1. Till,

                  Dr. Garrett Smith seems to make numerous claims about snake venom, which appear to be scientifically unfounded.

                  Smith actually uses the film “Batman Begins,” to attempt to provide a scientific basis to wholeheartedly support the misguided snake venom peptide narrative. (He then proceeds to promote a water filtration device.)

                  He admits that his only point of contention with the Ardis narrative is that he disagrees with the treatment approaches. Thus, he spends the entire time promulgating an irrational premise.

                  Ironically, while he is positing that EMFs can activate snake venom peptides (again, using a fictional premise from a movie to prove his point), the relevant paper he presents (only an abstract, btw) disproved his position. Accordingly, in that study it was concluded that EMFs make snake venom less toxic. Hmmmm. It seems very odd that he would present evidence that conflicts with his supposition.

                  His assertion about pharmaceutical pollution in the waterways/tap water has been known for many years. This is not new information (nor is the fact that snake venom peptides have been incorporated into pharmaceuticals – for decades). In fact, to prove his point, he referenced a mainstream article from 2011 – from Harvard, no less. One can imagine this was known for some time prior to the mainstream admission.

                  For grounded perspective, I suggest these two articles:


              3. To return – once again – to this ridiculous notion of snake venom in the SARS-CoV-2 construct (in silico at best), as well the (unfounded) involvement of Bing Liu . . .

                Here is Stew Peters with Karen Kingston: “Pitt Study: Cobra Venom in Spike Protein, Bing LIU Had Discovered the Deadly Chinese Crait”
       (April 19, 2022).

                My takeaways:

                1) The title is click bait (and invalid) – No where in the study is Bing Liu listed/referenced (despite him having collaborated at Pitt with Bahar – one of the paper’s co-authors Further, at no time did Peters or Kingston discuss Liu’s direct involvement in discovering cobra venom in any spike protein (since no evidence exists).

                2) Kingston is either intentionally misleading viewers (which I suspect), or is sorely misguided, as this paper CANNOT prove the existence of cobra venom in the spike protein – because the entire “study” was computationally generated utilizing simulation software ( In silico modeling is simply modeling. There is no physical material being represented in real-time. This is a virtual exercise – a complete simulation incorporating computer-generated sequences. I have discussed this since April 2020, and in May 2020 – when I first referenced Bing Liu and his in silico “studies.” There is absolutely no validity to the assertion that he had discovered snake venom in SARS-CoV-2, nor direct evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is deadly (as, again, there is no valid proof that it exists).

                3) Kingston reveals a 2019 spike protein patent co-invented with Jason McLellan as if it is a new revelation. I discussed McLellan’s various spike protein patents in June 2021:, and how the protein was in silico-derived. I was very clear to point out that McLellan and his colleagues did not work with the live virus (as it never existed in the first place), but with crystals grown from simulated proteins.

                To juxtapose this sloppy, sensationalist reporting with a keen and measured analysis of the snake venom theory, I highly recommend watching Tom Cowan with Mike Donio here: (April 22, 2022).


              1. Kensho,

                I was being extra kind in my analysis of Amandha (attempting to avoid ad hominem). Actually, very early on in the COVID scam, I posited in a tweet to Fakeologist (Ab) that Amandha was controlled opposition, based on various signals I was noticing.

                I cannot confirm Amandha’s role in this entire COVID story, but I have definitely had concerns about her. Thus, I have not referenced her in a positive light until this point. As I said, I do not concur with all of her positioning, and I find her typical demeanor to be very off-putting.

                That said, was there anything in particular with this specific presentation of hers that you disagreed with, or found to be misleading?


                1. RE: Ardis and the Snake Venom Narrative

                  Dropping this important and timely analysis in the thread:

                  Always look out for “The New Earth” language encoded in their respective discussions (New Age/Trump-adoring doctors). See my comment from my piggybacking “33” post:

                  From p. 141 of Oliver Reiser’s, The World Sensorium (referenced in my post):

                  “The world we live in today is moving so rapidly in its recurring and increasingly critical social difficulties that we can no longer leave it to evolution, unassisted by man’s intelligence, to produce the needed social cephalization. Human beings are the neuroblasts, the embryonic nerve cells, of the emerging world cortex. To facilitate the cosmic maturation of the world brain it therefore rests with us to take the fate of biological evolution into our own hands and refashion human nature to meet the needs of the great society. I shall not here venture suggestions on how we may attain a creative control of conscious evolution, but content myself with the observation that only thus will the New Humanity come to inhabit the New Earth.”


                  1. I just dropped the same link into your 33s post then came here & saw you have watched it..
                    Interesting what you said about AV. I came to her post from Dr Sam Bailey, whom I do rate highly. I’m interested in what you think of her?


                    1. Kath,

                      In terms of Sam Bailey, I have no reason (yet) to doubt her authenticity. Of the four notables – Cowan, Kaufman, Lanka, and Bailey (along with husband, Mark Bailey) – she has gone the farthest in terms of attempting to identify/reveal self-assembling nano-structures (presumably NEMS = nanoscale semiconductors), in addition to graphene, in the COVID (and flu) injections. As you may know, this has been the focus of my research efforts, and writing here at POM (for two years, beginning with my first post in which I mentioned Lam Research:

                      I am currently watching Sam Bailey’s latest presentation in this regard (published yesterday, April 19, 2022): It seems well worth the time to watch (less than 30 minutes, and I speed up the playback to 1.5x). For background context, the prequel to this presentation was posted on March 22, 2022:


                    2. Kath,

                      In both of the presentations that I linked in the comment above, the findings are presented sans sensationalism (cough, cough – ridiculous snake venom theory) by a colloidal chemistry (nano-emulsion) expert – with compelling, scholarly evidence (of which the snake venom theory has ZILCH).

                      In any case, both of the presentations provide information on a specific aspect of colloidal chemistry referred to as MICELLES (an image can be seen around the 7 minute timestamp in the April 19 discussion).

                      And who did we see on April 18, 2022 strike down the federal mask mandate on airplanes and public transportation (ruling that the CDC had no authority to implement such a mandate)? Judge Kathryn Kimball MIZELLE.

                      (BTW – If you have autocorrect on your phone/computer, and type “Mizelle,” it will typically resort to “Micelle.”)

                      Mizelle was nominated in 2020 by Trump to be a federal judge, when she was . . . 33 years old. (Of course.)

                      Her husband, Chad Mizelle, worked for Homeland Security:

                      I could go on about the Mizelle duo (and the esoteric connection to micelles, and graphene/water/colloidal science), but need I say more? Please tell me if you would like me to elaborate (as I had communicated much of this yesterday to Alison McDowell in a private conversation, with additional details).


                    3. Stephers

                      Thank you.
                      I’m replying to your replies to me below, as the page won’t let me reply underneath.
                      Yes, I watched those two videos about the nano particles in the vial (vile?) contents. As you say, scholarly & believable.
                      I am most interested in your elaboration of esoteric micelles/mizelles connection.
                      Thank you Stephers


    1. Thanks for that link, Swede. I might have guessed Noammy would be behind the Climate hoax. I bet he claims to have studied it deeply. He has not. That is just his confidence angle.


    2. According to Noam “The Numbskull” Chomsky… “The lucky ones will die quickly”. But what Chomsky’s really trying to say is that he’s been Chomping at that bit for so long with his ‘BULLSHIT”; He’s surprised it’s unfortunate he hasn’t died before the lucky ones.


        1. You know what they say about comments/opinions, They’re like “ASSHOLES” and everybodys got one. everybody views them differently. Doesn’t make “You right”…or “wrong”… it’s just an opinion and nothing more.


            1. And some of the “Best and Worst” opinions and comments have been hurled upon shit-house stalls and subway walls. it all depends on who the author/prophet is. they’re not all Tyrone, But yes, some are worthwhile.


                1. Yes, I got that. And Tyrone is a man of few words. But when he’s got something to say… He has something to say.


        2. @TRIGGER MAN: You seem to be confused about what favorable means…

          Not one of the comments was in favor of Noam Chomsky or his article is what Mark wrote.


          1. I wasn’t defending Chomsky. If you read my above comment about him you would see what I was saying. I was merely stating that opinions are like Assholes and everybody has one. And that’s all they are ” just an opinion”. I think Mark made it very clear when he said, “Some are worthwhile”…..”SOME”.


            1. That is a perfect example how “Words” can be taken out of context so easily with social media and be totally Misconstrued.


              1. Oh, And by the way, “HAPPY EASTER”; “Hop-fully,” (Hopefully) …The Easter Bunny rolled some Eggs your Way. And This is “Not” meant to be as “hurling insults at anyone!” Happy Easter to all and God Bless.


            2. I’m not saying you defended Chomsky…

              My comment concerned your initial response to Mark’s post in which he stated that none of the comments that he had read were favorable. To which you asked: “not even mine?” apparently not understanding that Mark stated that no comment was in favor of Chomsky.

              Mark did not criticize the comments themselves and therefore not yours.

              This was followed by a conversation between you and Mark that was based entirely on your misunderstanding that Mark would have criticized the comments on Chomsky’s article, just as your response to my post is a product of a misunderstanding….


              1. XS, There was not a “Misunderstanding” on my part to neither yours or Marks post. When I asked Mark,”Not even Mine” ? it was in reference to a post I had made earlier that morning to Stephers. it was a joke. If you read the post I made to stephers that morning; And then read all the comments I made starting with….According to Noam “The Numbskull” Chomsky and read them all the way down to where we are now…Maybe You’d get the picture.


                1. The picture I get is that Mark’s “I just read 14 of 27 comments, not one of them favorable” was about the comments in response to the Chomsky piece on under that same article on that site, not PoM.

                  What does that have to do with your comment on a PoM thread? Why ask “Not even Mine?” when you comment is clearly not among the comments mentioned by Mark? That’s confusing, but I should have minded my own business to begin with…


                  1. @XS, Mark doesn’t even want me on this site.. But it’s idiots like you that keep luring me back in. I already told you I “Did Not” misunderstand Marks comments or yours… But you insist on trying to pit me as; “The Defense Against The Prosecution” . What do you want from me, “Confrontation”; so you can try to prove you’re right and I’m wrong ? You’re spurring a dead horse; You ran it into the ground. But I could do this all fucking day with you until you were (excess)..XS…XS…XS’ed out.


                    1. I am only writing to you what caused the confusion for me and that I should not have interfered with your conversation with Mark to begin with. It is a mystery to me what you are so angry about.


      1. It is so blatant! There was another fake event in Denver (I forget where) a couple of years back where the perpetrator fired 33 rounds, killed one person. I think it was in a grocery store. The other rounds must have gone into the hunks of deli meat they sell.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Good Morning Steph, Smoke gets in my eyes. “Nice Touch”. As we all wipe the sleep from our weary eyes, it’s then we realize…it’s just another “Smoke screen to diguise” the “Truth from all the Lies.” Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

        Liked by 1 person

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