The Columbine Massacre: A tragedy without tears

This is an edited version of the eight-part series that I put up some time back, everything consolidated into one post. I realized things at the end that I did not comprehend at the beginning, so have have done major changes to incorporate that knowledge into the piece to make it more comprehensive and thorough. I have left the original pieces intact, as below them are many valuable comments.


I was so fortunate to have a man named Steve as my older brother. He was a priest who affected many lives, including mine, and always advised that we “make decisions, move forward.” Often times I feel I have arrived at enough truth to stop, relax, and just live a Cassandra life, knowing that I can never impart what I know on others. People are not ready to receive the information, and most never will be. I have no problem with that. This type of work is of higher order, and only a few appreciate it. I am pleased that we have so many readers (and our writers) of that order.

I have to wonder, however, what forward movement means when I am standing still. Another direction? I will do my best to understand the Columbine Massacre and figure out how they pulled it off. Only a few will read the words. Honestly, most Americans are incapable of reading and processing large volumes of written words. Most do not possess critical thinking skills. The words that follow, and there will be many, are like dust particles in a wind storm. They cause discomfort. 

But if I am ever to reach anyone (I am not a missionary), the ultimate messages will not be to believe or disbelieve this or that event as real. It will be far more general and positive:

  1. Stop being afraid;
  2. We are given free will. No one can ever take it from us; and
  3. Change is within our power at all times, be it in location, relationships, personal life style, and most importantly, in our beliefs and attitudes.

Understanding Columbine incorporates all of that. It was a fake event done to scare us. Frightened people are much easier to govern than confident and knowledgeable ones.

Introduction: A teacher is an insider

Art teacher Patti Nielson was on “Hall Monitor duty” on April 20, 1999. That is a clue to her true role in the massacre. She was to be on the scene, to make the 9-1-1 calls, and in the end report the death of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. It would be a “lifetime acting” gig, so that she would repeat the same lies throughout the rest of her life. These people who are engaged in such deceit are held to confidentiality by means I do not understand, perhaps financial, perhaps Masonic oaths or fear of consequences for talking “out of school,” so to speak.

For whatever reason, Nielson’s role in the Columbine massacre was pivotal. She was supposedly injured in the fracas, but her injuries were minor, said to have been hit in the shoulder with glass and metal fragments. Therefore, years later, she would bear no ill effects of shooting and no scars.

At around 12:08 PM on April 20, 1999, Ms. Nielson reported hearing “One! Two! Three!” just before a loud boom, said to be Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold committing suicide. She heard no such thing. She was reading a script, doing her part. At that point enough of the drama had played out that it could be called to a halt. The building had been surrounded and quarantined, and staging done for the fake massacre. Ms. Nielson could as easily have yelled out

“AND … scene! That’s a wrap, folks!”

Where were you on 4/20/99? (I’ll bet you remember.) I was in Livingston, Montana with my older brother Tom and my then-girlfriend (now-wife). We were having dinner and celebrating my 49th birthday, coincidentally on 4/20. In those days I never questioned these events. I accepted them as real, as reported. I perfectly exhibited the mindset I now criticize, immediately believing that if something is on TV and reported as news, it is true. (I did suspect, deep down, that CIA had mind-control methods and could create freaks of nature like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.) It never occurred to me until these past couple of years that whole events, including perpetrators and victims, could be faked.

As we explore possibilities with Columbine, it helps to hold back with a caveat … always be suspicious of any event reported on the media. Never trust, always verify. There is objective reality, and real horrors and hardships in life. But mixed with those are the psyops– the Pulse Nightclubs, Boston Marathon Bombings, Sandy Hook, 911 … and Columbine. Fake, fake fake.

With that caution in mind, let us proceed. It is not a matter of whether Columbine really happened as reported. It did not. I know that. I will reveal the reason I know that later, but for now, my only objective is to understand the intricacies of the event, one which involved planning over a period of years. How did they pull it off? It was a massive undertaking involving hundreds of people, done with full cooperation of the news media, local law enforcement, the FBI, and elements within the school and school district.

The facility

It might help at this point to take a look at the campus of Columbine High school. It is located in Littleton, Colorado, a community that has merged with the greater Denver area.

Facility photo with arrows

It is a medium-sized school with 1,945 students in attendance in 1999. It is in two stories, but build in such a way that only the back part has those two stories. We are looking at the back, and the entrance under the box labeled “Main or North Hall” is the West entrance. The main, or east entrance, is at the other end of “Main or North Hall” and is not visible in this photo.

Here’s a schematic diagram:

Facility diagram with arrows

Most of the “action” will take place in five venues:

  • Back doorway, west entrance, double doors leading into the school.
  • Cafeteria (red arrow), a lower story.
  • Stairway leading up to library.
  • Library (red arrow), an upper story over the cafeteria.
  • Main hallways (north and south).

Most of the 2,000+ students, teachers and staff in the building at that time were aware of some major event but did not see anything going on, nor did they personally witness any shooting, injuries or deaths. They were, however, extremely frightened. They were evacuated by police and SWAT teams. They went home, watched the news, and believed they were part of a major event.

Columbine was a big event, and hundreds of people must have been involved in the planning and execution. I would put it on a scale far under 911 and Oklahoma City in terms of sheer size and number of people involved in front and behind the scenes, but on a scale with Waco and the Boston Marathon bombing in terms of impact and number of visible participants.

In terms of psychological impact, it was a key event of our times. The target was our kids, all kids in all schools in this country. They were traumatized, and from that day forward would be suspicious of anyone in their schools who might be different. Columbine not only taught them to cower in fear and seek protection from police and authority. It also taught them to distrust nonconformists, to fit in, to belong, and not to stand out.

Schooling has always done that to us. Columbine sealed the message with ferocity and vengeance. We are not individuals. We are group members. Individuals are dangerous.

Advance staging

The events of April 20th, 1999 took advance planning. To be clear at the beginning, as will be reinforced at the end, there were no students at Columbine by the names “Dylan Klebold” and “Eric Harris.” They are fictitious.

As with all psyops of this magnitude, there had to be some staging in the script. We learn that the boys broke into a van  to steal electronic equipment in January of 1998. In February of that year, Eric is a suspect in a pipe bomb incident. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office did not release this information until 2001. These details had to be invented, or if real, pulled off by agents involved in the scam. (Always be wary. Evidence after-the-fact and not vetted in an adversarial setting is often just planted, and surely these two events are that.)  They also attempt to buy guns well in advance of the event, and finally succeed by having an 18-year old kid do it for them. So the narrative tells us.   They shoot videos using school equipment, and indeed two actors who resembled the yearbook photos of Klebold and Harris are used, though Harris will remain murky, as the resemblance may not have been strong enough.

The videos have very frightening elements, such as a comment that a tree resembles a human brain as they examine bullet entry points.

The van break-in in January of 1998 indicates that they were writing the back story for the boys at that time. This means that as early as 1997 they had selected the lead actors and also the school. Of course it might be said that Dylan and Eric were plants who attended Columbine for four years, for real. That would have been one way of pulling off this hoax. But they did not do that. As we will see below and towards the end, yearbook photos are faked. If they had real actors, why not use their photos?

Management of the public mind is ever ongoing. Events in our future such as mass shootings and bombings are now in planning stages.  So it would not be so outrageous to suggest that Columbine was selected not just a few years before the event, but perhaps even a decade. It might have taken that long to have all the players in place. I visited the Denver library to look at phone books of that era to see which of the “dead and wounded” were listed – many were.

A key aspect of the planning is in the yearbooks. Not only is it necessary to have the boys in them, but also the supposed wounded and the victims. Since yearbooks are done weeks in advance of year-end, this would mean that the 1997-98 and 1998-99 yearbooks were under control of planners, and so would be compromised in terms of finding raw data about attendees.  The 1998-99 yearbook is plastered all over the Internet, but at this point I have been unable to locate 1996-97. I am yet to visit the school library, and will do so and alter this portion of the narrative at that time. Maybe they will allow me through the security system.

I looked for the 1997-98 yearbook on-line, and found that it is selling for $1,650! I am not sure what to make of that, as it would not be the one in high demand. That would be 1998-99. Yearbooks are produced in limited quantities, only enough for students who order in advance and for the school district archives. There is high demand for 1997-98 for some reason. On eBay there are Columbine yearbooks available for school years long before the event, but none of the years in question. Same with

So, unable to attain them at this time, I have downgraded yearbooks in importance. I will keep searching.

The photo below is a portion of  a senior photo session six weeks before the event. It is a small part of a much larger photograph.

Yearbook spooks 3

Photoshop was around in those years, and spooks have always had the inside scoop on photo alteration. Taking a closer look, there are some oddities. See the arrows below.

Yearbook spooks 2

  • Dylan Klebold’s head (on the right) does not appear properly placed on the shoulders – see the green arrows. The line of his left shoulder ends up too high. If I could move the head slightly to his left, it would look more in place. His chin would be closer to the center of his shirt. It could well be head angle causing this distortion, so I write this with caution. Harris (left) has tilted his head enough that it almost looks like proper placement. Step back and look at the Klebold image, and see if you agree that the head appears misplaced.
  • Klebold’s head (or someone’s) is casting a shadow from his right to the left, or the shadow behind him is the boy next to him, cast from left to right. In either case, Harris has no shadow (yellow arrows). They are sitting in front of rolled-up bleachers, each affected by the same light, so that each should cast a similar shadow. There appears to be a slightly darker area on the bleachers (yellow arrows) where a shadow should be cast that looks as though something has been removed. Perhaps another person who had to be taken out to allow insertion of the boys.
  • Harris’s shirt seems unnatural (purple arrow). Is that sloppy Photoshop work? Klebold’s shirt appears to have a sparkly quality about the neck – not much to make of that except perhaps photo graininess.
  • Go back now to the larger photo above this one, and notice the shadow (pink arrow in both photos). The shadow on the girl next to Klebold exactly matches the outline of Klebold’s arm and shoulder, seeping through the white blouse. This is evidence, in my view, that the entirety of Klebold’s image is a Photoshop effect.
  • This part is not a Photoshop effect: each of the boys is doing their best to look sinister (red arrows). Their heads are angled down so that they are looking up at us. They seem malevolent. This is surely the intent.

If the above photograph is fake, and it indeed appears to be, it is evidence of advance planning. Yearbooks are huge projects that involve mundane things like cropping and shading to making the photos look better. The alterations done here are for some other purpose, as they make the boys look evil. There is no reason for such subtle alterations, just obvious ones. It can be no coincidence that the alterations here involve our two mass murderers!

Here’s another photo, most likely from the same session:

Class Photo

Shadows in the back row are illogical, some there, some not. It could be flood lights from left and right to eliminate shadows. However not upper left – our boys appear again (green arrow), this time firing pretend rifles. They are not casting shadows.

Class Photo cropIn my high school days class photos were arranged in advance to aid in knowing who is who for posterity. There were no gang shots like this, everyone told to have a good time. But that could be a tradition now. Our two friends have a position now on the edge of the crowd, where I would place them if I were going to insert them via Photoshop. In this, a fun photo where the kids are told to goof it up before the serious business begins, our two boys are firing pretend rifles. My, how sinister, how prescient.

Ghost students

I attended a small Catholic high school. There were 135 kids in my class. Even so, if I look at the yearbook I find kids there I do not know or remember. Imagine in a school of 1,955 kids how easy it would be to run some ghost students through there. By power of suggestion, probably all of the kids of Columbine (and most teachers) now think that there really were two boys named Klebold and Harris. They don’t have specific memories, but since the event was so important, many have probably invented them, and not due to deceit. They really do think they saw the two boys on occasion. That is how our minds fill in the blanks.

Here’s a photo collage that includes senior photos of Harris and Klebold. :

Anti heroes

These are professional photos. As we will learn later, they are not the two boys on the right. They are merely planted photos of different kids. Dylan, upper right, and Eric, lower right, look spooky in stills grabbed from their videos supposedly done as a class project. They are mugging for the camera, but beyond that, Dylan’s face looks to be digitally elongated. (IMG_1542Where have I seen that before … thinking, thinking…) That is a very  sophisticated effect for a high school movie.

The home videos reinforce the notion that we are dealing with two disturbed individuals, but the effects suggest that they have real cinematic talent behind them.

This website Columbine Family Request poses an interesting question:

Why would Harris and Klebold plan for a suicide mission and at the same time make normal plans for a post 4-20 future? Like seeking help on an English class essay from a teacher a few days before the attack, like making a date to see a movie the day after, like putting in a work schedule for the next week, like going to an out-of-town college with your dad to pick out a dorm room, like making plans to visit your old friends in New York.

That is classic misdirection. If there were no boys, there were no English essays or girlfriends. The Columbine Family Request website is a spook site, misdirection.

The behaviors of 4/20 are so bizarre, so outlandish and diabolical that such internal feelings could not possibly have been held in check without some notice given to friends, parents, teachers. We have a little of that – Eric’s dad Wayne, (decorated and Air force, by the way) noted some troubling aspects of his behavior. A teacher found a paper written by Eric somewhat troubling. Nothing more than that.

Far more likely is this: No one exhibits the kinds of behaviors we saw on 4/20/1999. No one. I have seen it in movies, most recently the John Wicks kill-fests. But I have never heard of someone just randomly shooting people. I know you will say what about The Pulse, Sandy Hook, etc., and that is exactly the point – those events, like Columbine, were staged and scripted, written in advance, done to terrify the American public, and were fake. They have to fake these events precisely because they do not happen in real life.

By the way the two senior photos, supposedly of Klebold and Harris, look normal and the boys look friendly and engaging.

Speaking of the movies, a film of importance, The Matrix, had just been released just prior to the Columbine event. The image below is striking:

Matrix redux

On the right are the two actors chosen to play Klebold and Harris only to build a body of evidence and insinuate that they were real people of a troubled nature. Their garb, on the right, was selected for them from wardrobe. Their faces are unrecognizable.

The Matrix was released on March 31, 1999, three weeks before Columbine. The scene on the right above is a still from home movies shot by the boys months before, or so we are told. Yet note the similarities in dress, arms, posture and gait. This appears to be deliberate foreshadowing. Hollywood is under control of Intelligence, and Columbine was a psyop. Why would they not work hand-in-hand?

Ignore The Matrix shot in the left. Note, as I do, how professional the staging is of the images of the boys are on the right. A shot like that is hardly accidental. Some talented people were behind it. Imagine all of the high school plays, movies, musicals and concerts we have all attended. We endured them because the kids are just emerging in form, and lack real talent. We support them, but their work is only rarely of high quality. That shot is dynamite, and could easily be the poster for a Hollywood movie.

It is not that they so well imitate The Matrix image on the left. All by itself, the image of the two boys strikes us on a subconscious level, creating a Jungian archetype. This is no coincidence. This is part of the staging of Columbine, and the beating heart of this psyop is behavioral psychology. This whole event was done in a highly skilled and professional manner. It was meant to work on our subconscious, to program our behaviors.

Later, when they came in with more police state and security cameras and school cops and metal detectors, we were ready. We allowed it.

The eight minute gap

Note: Just for reference as we move through the events of 4/20/1999, the first shots were fired at 11:19 a.m, and the boys committed suicide at 12:08. Or so they say. I will be highlighting numbers that I regard as significant, or “spook markers,” as I call them. These are merely secret communication devices by which Intelligence agents, Freemasons, whatever, tell one another that events are contrived and fake. So 11:19 and 12:08 are significant.

The most important numbers appear to be 8, 11 and 33. The derivations they use on these numbers are many, 8 can be 222 (2*2*2=8), 53,35, 44, and 11 can be 47, 74, 65, 29 and 92, although 92 can also be expressed as 9 and 1+2, or 9/11, a very important number for them. 33 is all over the place and in many forms. In the Columbine hoax, we will learn, for example, that the events of that day ended at …3:30 p.m.

Please do not confuse this mere signalling system with “gematria,” or translation of words to numbers. I do not truck there.

Typical of a staged event, in the movie we call the “Columbine Massacre,” we have a continuity problems. The official script has the boys placing duffel bags inside the cafeteria containing propane bombs set to explode at 11:17. This was part of the grand design. The bombs would do most of the killing. Kids running from the building would be mowed down. But the bombs failed to go off. According to FBI Special Agent Duane Fuselier in this ( at 45:53 in a National Geographic television show from 2007), the boys decided to simply shoot anyone they could. No particular student was targeted.

Placement of those duffel bags in the cafeteria is a critical event. But circumstances interfered. A custodian was replacing video tape in the school security camera at the very moment that would have recorded the placement of duffel bags. Therefore, we have no evidence that a key event of that day actually happened. Here is a recount by CNN.

Duffel Bag CNNEach school day, a videotape records the activities in the school cafeteria. Four separate cameras, catching images from four different angles, are set up in corners of the cafeteria. Their primary purpose is to capture on tape any general mischief, food fights or other problems that can happen when 500 teenagers gather in one location. Because of the cameras’ locations in the cafeteria, there are a few blind corners that the cameras cannot “see” or record on tape.

… The morning tape is replaced by a second around 10:30 or 11 a.m., shortly before the “A” lunch period begins at 11:15 a.m. and the activity in the cafeteria intensifies.

On Tuesday, April 20, the building custodian was behind schedule and was late changing the cafeteria videotape. At 11:14 a.m., he unlocked the door to the backroom where the recording VCR is set up. He hit the eject button, removed the morning videotape and inserted a new one. But the videotape to record both of the day’s lunch periods and on into the afternoon was one that was being recycled. It had to be rewound. While waiting for the tape to rewind, the custodian left the room to make a quick call home. He hit “record” on tape #2 at 11:22.

In the time between 11:14 when the custodian stopped the first videotape and ejected it from the VCR, and 11:22 when the second tape began to record lunchtime activities in the cafeteria, two large duffel/gym bags appeared beside two separate tables in the lunch room. In the eight minutes it took the custodian to eject the first videotape, rewind the second one and make a short phone call, the bags became visible.

If your antennae are not straight up on reading that, you simply need more exposure to fake events. There is always some explanation for key evidence being either absent in total or suspicious in some form. This evidence just happened to appear as cameras were disabled. (For the record, this is not an 18-minute gap, as with Watergate. It is only 8.)

A word about those cameras: In 1999, they were not omnipresent as they are today. I asked a former classmate who taught high school for many decades about school security cameras, and he said they began to appear around that time, but would be used at school entrances to record coming and goings. Placement of four cameras in the Columbine High School cafeteria, and nowhere else, is odd, so odd, in fact, that I suggest it was done for the sake of staging this event, and no other reason. We will see why shortly.

The evacuation of the cafeteria

For anyone who has this kind of time, here is a 3 hour, 33 minute and 54 second video from the cafeteria that day. There is the jump at 11:14:54 to 11:22:38, when we are told the custodian had disabled the cameras. When they come back on, we see kids are crawling under tables to hide. At 11:23:35 a man in dark pants and t-shirt (custodian perhaps – he does have telltale keys hanging off his belt) appears and exhorts the kids in some manner. Shortly thereafter Coach Dave Sanders (age 47) leads the charge, as seen below. By 11:24:14 it is pandemonium.

Sanders after evacuation

Those stairs do not lead out of the school, but rather upstairs to the second floor where the library is. Other entrances are available to get the kids out, but he oddly chose that one.

His head looks odd, as I see it, almost as if he is wearing a mask. He reminds me a little bit of John Belushi in Animal House, leading a charge with no followers.

Then comes the evacuation. It can be seen in the 27-second video below in the first four seconds.

The cameras, which captured Coach Dave’s heroic “Run away!” so vividly are now giving us blurred images.Here are a couple of screen grabs from this video:

Blurred faces running out of caf 2

Blurred faces running out of caf

Note in the top images that the boy with the white hat appears to have had his face deliberately blurred. No one is recognizable in this clip. What does this indicate?

  • The cameras do not capture motion well, which means they are actually kind of useless, or
  • We are looking at copies of copies, or
  • The footage has been altered.
  • The footage was filmed in advance or after the events, and they are hiding this fact.

All are possibilities, and I lean towards the last, the very strong possibility of staging. For whatever reason, due to blurriness, the evacuation scenes are useless in terms of identifying anyone. That must be the intent, meaning the kids in these scenes are not Columbine students.

According to the narrative, the kids were told to hide under the tables, and then to run away. Anyone attending an American school knows about fire drills. We left the building in an orderly fashion. Pandemonium, which is understandable, has to be kept in check. But in this case the pandemonium is deliberate.

The Sanders “run away!” episode is critical in the narrative, as we will find later that more than fifty kids would take refuge in the library directly upstairs and overhead.  There was no logical reason to do that, as they easily could have continued on and out of the building. In the diagram above, notice that the library hallway leads to the north hallway, and the main entrance to the school.

There had to be a reason for the kids being in the library, which is why the second phase of the “massacre” has Klebold and Harris in that hallway randomly firing their weapons. This forced the kids into hiding and under desks in the library. The story line called for a massacre, and that is where it was to be staged. That is why Coach Dave Sanders, a player (if even a real person, considering the mask he seems to be sporting), led the kids up the stairs instead of outside through cafeteria doors, and why the kids did not just keep on going out the building through the main entrance.

Propane bombs? Really?

I am going to insert the 27-second video again here so that you don’t have to jump up and down the page. Note that we are dealing with spliced footage to condense events down to a manageable time frame. If you have the patience, again, go to this 3:33:54 video to see the unedited director’s cut.

In the opening scene we see Harris* firing a rifle – he is said to be attempting to ignite the propane bomb that was planted when the camera were turned off between 11:14 and 11:22. He misses, apparently is not a good shot, or is only effective at very short-range. Had he succeeded, it would have been lights out, as that bomb, according to Wikipedia, would have killed or injured most of the 488 kids (!) in the room, and collapsed the ceiling, bring the library down on them.

[*Just a side note: I am referring to these two actors by their screen names, Klebold and Harris. As noted earlier on, I contend they are nothing but ghosts, and the boys who played them in these scene actors.)

Alas, no cigar, so Klebold is seen hurling an object across the room, to no effect. What was it? We are told the boys had Molotov cocktails in addition to the propane bombs, and that one of them eventually caused a partial propane explosion at 11:46.

The explosion at 18 seconds into the video (at 11:46 a.m. by the time stamp in the unedited footage), is said to be a partial explosion of the propane bombs, and is highly suspect. As anyone living next door to a meth lab knows, propane blasts are deadly. Here is one example:

Meth lab 3

A real propane bomb exploding is a kinetic energy event. Ignition of gases send out a destructive shock wave that causes the damage as seen above. Fire is an after-effect. However, and this is critical, propane bombs do not do their damage because of shots fired by guns. That would indeed cause a rapid release of the propane, but it would then have to fill the room and be ignited. In the photo above, propane leaked, probably for hours, before a spark set it off and caused the devastation.

Ergo, the notion that the boys were going to set off a propane bomb, and Wikipedia (see below) that 488 kids would have been killed, is utter nonsense.

Table by bombSo take a moment to review-second video, and at second 18 you will see the explosion. Note the table in front of it is undisturbed (shown to the left). The objects on that table do not move. That is not a propane blast. That is a mere gasoline fire, quickly extinguished by the sprinkler system.

So what are the boys doing in this footage? The answer has nothing to do with bombs, which did not even exist. It had to do with the advance placement of cameras in the cafeteria, and the need for footage to make the event real in the aftermath. We have no footage of any shootings, inside or outside the school. In planning the event, they realized that they had to bring two ghost students to life, and so created the cafeteria scene for that purpose alone.

Here is how Wikipedia describes the bombs planted by the boys when the cameras were so conveniently turned off:

“The youths placed the duffel bags containing the bombs—set to explode at approximately 11:17 a.m.[16]—inside the cafeteria before returning to their separate vehicles to await the explosion and shoot survivors fleeing the building. Had these bombs exploded with full power, they would have killed or severely wounded all 488 students in the cafeteria and possibly collapsed the ceiling, dropping part of the library into the cafeteria.[38]” (Emphasis added.)

From this, and from the available footage, and from Wiki’s assertion that there was indeed a “partial” explosion of the propane bombs, I conclude that no bombs were planted, and that part of the story is constructed to make the event appear to be even more diabolical than it actually was. There were no propane bombs.

Who did this?

Before moving on to the actual fake events of 4/20/1999, we need to take a look at the participants necessary to pull it off. Here are the people and agencies that were involved, probably just a partial list:

  • A few Columbine High School administrators and teachers, planted in advance or compromised in some fashion.
  • A few Columbine High School students. Keep in mind that some students involved were mere ghosts.
  • Parents of Columbine High School Students.
  • The Denver media, including television, radio, and newspapers.
  • The national news media, all the usual suspects.
  • The Federal and local judicial branches.
  • The Denver Police Department.
  • The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.
  • The Jefferson County School District.
  • The medical community including local hospitals and emergency response units.
  • The FBI.
  • Unnamed agents in basement offices in various places around the country, some of whom will read this and smile contentedly at their sociopathic accomplishments.
  • Follow-up outlets used to content the fake event in place as real –  Ted Talks, National Geographic and all those other “documentaries” assembled and disseminated on YouTube (which is, after Facebook, the largest disseminator of propaganda on the Internet).

That is a large list, and always leads to speculation that “someone would have talked.” More about that later, but do understand at this point that there is a code of secrecy that people adhere to … so there must be severe repercussions for speaking out. That leaves a sense of involvement of military agents, as military personnel are bound to keep secrets by fear of loss of pension and benefits, perhaps even imprisonment. Freemasons as well could be involved, as their code of secrecy appears, outside looking in, to be a moral code of honor. Violating it would bring dishonor and perhaps punishment. (Miles Mathis has speculated that the abuse of women accusations being leveled at Bill Cosby are all false and are being done as punishment for some masonic (my word) code violation on his part. Punishment can be real.)

Military abounds in the Denver area, so no shortage there. Just Buckley Air Force base alone is said to be in charge of 97,000 current and former military. Army Intelligence is based there. The Air Force Academy is south, in Colorado Springs, along with Lookout Mountain, home of NORAD. Cheyenne, Wyoming, one hundred miles north, is an important missile base. Add to that Lockheed, with some offices in Littleton and personnel all about, and we have in the Denver area a spook nest.

Freemasons are all about too, though they appear benign, even foolish with their costumes and pageantry. But I take them seriously.

So how could all of these people be involved? Military and masons are two avenues. Useful idiots are another. Sheeple complete the scene. If an event is presented on TV as news, it is believed to be real without question.

Staging on 4/20/1999

Patrick Ireland escape 2

The above image, Patrick Ireland being rescued by two SWAT Team members, is iconic. Ireland was hit by a shotgun blast, and suffered injuries to his head and foot. He was said to have lain unconscious for over two hours after his injury. Keep in mind that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris had commenced their rampage at 11:19, and committed suicide within a few feet of Ireland at 12:08. Spook numbers book-ended the Columbine Massacre. (Photo credit: ABC News.)

Ireland is an actor, and one of several who are engaged in “lifetime” roles. He is called on now and then to recount the tragedy for various anniversaries and flashbacks recalling other fake events. He’s a handsome man, and fortunately bears no visible scars from the incident. It is also interesting to note, that while Ireland is said to have been shot “in the head and foot,” the boy making the dramatic exit through the window has blood on his shoulder. The feet are not visible.

Here is another iconic photo, Stephanie Munson.

Bloodless wound victims

The initial action in this massacre took place at the west exit of the school. Rather than a controlled evacuation there was, to outside appearances, pandemonium. Munson, who had become a student at Columbine just four months earlier, was running down the north hallway towards the east exit when shot in the ankle, as not seen above. She made her way out and was assisted by friends. Although all bear anguished faces, Stephanie shows no sign of a wound, and none in the group exhibit any tears. (Photo credit: Kevin Higley, AP Images.)

Here’s a diagram of the school, upper level:


The red arrow points towards the area where the initial shootings took place. The purple area is where Munson endured her fake wound. It is almost as if planners are trying to cover the exits. Another actor who was faked-wounded and survived, Sean Graves, would manage in the official narrative to crawl to the west cafeteria door (on the lower level and not shown in this diagram), which would have been the most logical escape when Dave Sanders exhorted all the students in the cafeteria to run away. Another exit was covered.

The Columbine Massacre can be broken down into three segments:

  • Outside shootings, done at the west entrance;
  • Interim shootings, done in the hallways leading to the east entrance and near the library (directly above the cafeteria, and
  • The library massacre.

Absent throughout is an important element: A coordinated and effective police response. Police merely stood around outside, and SWAT teams paraded in formation. But none entered the school.

Outside shootings

Cafeteria shotRemember that the original plan called for a massive explosion in the cafeteria, which never happened. It would have been caused by bombs planted by Klebold and Harris – coincidentally just when the custodian had turned off the cameras. It is apparent from Segment Three that no bombs were planted, and that a small gasoline fire was started and quickly extinguished. This exhibit was staged in the cafeteria, the only place at that time said to have cameras. All of the shootings outside the cafeteria are off-camera. So famous shots of Harris and Klebold in the cafeteria were probably deemed necessary to the plot, otherwise we would never be able to place the boys in the building. That’s why they shot that scene. If it seemed contrived, it is because it was.

The actors in the outside shootings were:

  • Rachel Scott (killed);
  • Richard Castaldo (crippled, and later featured in the movie Bowling for Columbine (“B4C” from this point forward);
  • Daniel Rohrbough (killed);
  • Sean Graves (used to block west cafeteria entrance);
  • Lance Kirkland;
  • Michael Johnson;
  • Mark Taylor (featured prominently in B4C);
  • Anne Marie Hochhlater (crippled).

That is 8 victims. Consult any one of the official narratives for the details. The script called for Klebold and Harris to merely begin random firing after their bombs failed to explode. I have found at this time no visual evidence of outside shootings. It was all done by means of the testimony of the victims and witnesses.

Time Out: Two things to take note of here:

  1. Northwest of the west entrance, where all of this action supposedly took place, is a grassy hill. At various times Klebold and Harris will fire random shots at officers on that hill. They will miss, and officers on the hill will miss as well. It reads like a B war movie where no one can shoot for shit prior to the dramatic finish.

grassy knoll

Directly west of that same scene is a soccer field. Between the school and the soccer field is a grassy knoll. I cannot help but think, however, as they show us photos of Stephanie Munson above, showing no sign of injury, and Patrick Ireland with injuries in the wrong place, and now a grassy knoll, that they are taunting us.

2. At no time in the narrative does anyone offer any resistance as Klebold and Harris wander through the school randomly shooting people and objects. It might be easy to judge here, of course, as none of us knows how we would react. But I am thinking of a famous quote attributed to Mark Twain:

“It is curious that physical courage be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.”

Columbine was a script written by Intelligence in consultation with behavioral psychologists and designed to push appropriate buttons. While many people would indeed cower in fear and tremble hoping for random fate to pass them by, there are among us people of a different mold. They are with us now and have been throughout recorded time. These are the ones who ignore fear and physical pain: Our athletes and soldiers.

We all know them – they are not the brightest among us, as evidenced by any sports interview ever done. We need them, however, and they easily take on protective roles, becoming police, firefighters, and joining the military. We honor them at every sporting event, parade, and on every holiday. On April 20, 1999, they were hiding under tables.

It is just a movie script, I realize, and at the same time wonder if it was not deliberate. Since so many more school shootings were in planning stages, perhaps the writers and psychologists were subtly insinuating cowardice in us, showing courage and strength to be nonexistent in the general population. Had this massacre really happened at some point, and early on, either Klebold or Harris would have been taken down by a blind side hit, or be struck by an object like a chair or book or had a bookcase toppled on top of them. But the only resistance that I encountered in this whole stage play was one of the students hiding under tables in the library meekly pushing a chair towards the shooters. That’s disgraceful. That is how they wrote us.

Not only do the writers of this fake massacre have no respect for our intelligence, they also don’t think much of our character and courage.

Interim shootings

Reviewing the layout of the school, most of the action takes place on the west side of the building, in particular in the library and outside the west entrance. The cafeteria is used to show a mass panic exit and to showcase Harris and Klebold trying to set off a fake bomb. But between the initial fake shootings outside the west entrance and the library, massacre, we had other actors and fake casualties.

This all took place on the upper floor:

Uper floor

The red Arrow is the west entrance, site of the supposed outside shootings. The yellow arrow is library. Directly beneath it is the cafeteria, and a somewhat circular staircase (black arrow) joins the two floors. Blue arrow is the east entrance, and the green arrow is the north hallway.

According to the narrative, prior to entering the school, Klebold and Harris had shot at the doorway of the west entrance, injuring art teacher/hall monitor Patti Nielson and student Bryan Anderson – glass shard and wood splinter wounds. Nielson, a player, will inexplicably retreat to the library. She, remember, was called on to bookend the events inside the building. She will make the initial 911 call, and later report the death of the boys. That was her role.

After that and before entering the school, the boys exchanged fire with a policeman, Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy Neil Gardner, who has to be considered one of the actors. Neither he nor the boys can shoot for shit. At 11:24 Klebold and Harris entered the school through the west entrance.

Once inside, shots are fired at the east entrance. Harris shoots down the hallway outside the library. Some students make a break for the east entrance, and at this time Stephanie Munson receives her fake ankle injury, which leads to the fake iconic photo. Klebold makes his presence known in the north hallway, and continues shooting. He then runs towards the library hallway, apparently passing Harris on the way.

Harris and Klebold are standing at the top of the library hallway just as Dave Sanders turns the corner from the south hallway by the stairway to the library hallway. Sanders is shot. This is four minutes after Sanders boldly told the kids in the cafeteria to “run away!”, apparently the only evacuation protocol in use for Columbine High School. It seems odd, given the short staircase, that it took four minutes for Sanders to negotiate it. I think we have a continuity error here.

I bleedingKlebold and Harris hover around the library hallway, and Sanders is dragged to Science room 3 by a teacher. He will bleed to death in the coming hours, leading to yet another iconic photo, “1 bleeding to death.” (Keep in mind that without the iconic images, we on the outside have no clue of what is going on inside. It is as if the writers realized that they did not have much of a show without dramatic images depicting the unseen carnage inside. So this sign was part of the advance script.

At 11:29 (another way of writing “911”) Harris enters the library, Klebold to follow.
They will leave at 11:36, a spook number (yet another way of writing “11” twice or “11” and “911”, which tells the entire world community of spooks, Freemasons, intelligence operatives and wealthy scions with inside connections that the event is fake.)

The scale of this event is breathtaking. Just as with 911 itself, the amount of planning, the actors involved on low and high levels, the cooperation of the media and law enforcement is intimidating. No one will believe this. Or, as skeptics are so proud of saying, “Someone would have talked.”

Would they have? I am talking. No one beyond readership here will pay attention. I can see through the veneer. People like to say that there are “unanswered questions” about these events. There are not. There are unasked questions. I am asking them. No one else does.

It is very easy. All one has to do is ignore “news” and the whole world reveals itself. Odd as it seems, it is constant attention to news that blocks out reality and keeps our heads filled with distraction, misdirection, and lies. I urge our readership, frequent commenters and very smart people, to understand that all events fall apart on examination, and that anyone is capable of asking and answering those questions.

All the world is a stage. By means of electronic media, psychological insult, power of suggestion and intimidation, the few control the many.

But suppose that someone did talk. “Victim” Mark Taylor, said to be walking around with bullets in his body (magic bullets that left no scars), is an interesting story. I will cover him in detail in the next segment on Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine, but for now take a brief look at the first part of this video, part of the ongoing cover-up of the non-event:

So Mark Taylor is removed from sight. Why? I can assure you he is not in that “hospital,” and has not been murdered, nor is his mother bravely fighting for his freedom. As with all prominent people in our society who are put in jail, from OJ to Charles Manson to Sirhan Sirhan to Martha Stewart, they are merely out of view.

Did Mark Taylor want out of his lifetime acting gig? I would guess that he is still with us under a new name. Lifetime actors must experience fatigue, must look in the mirror now and then and say “I hate you.” So they remove him from view, say he is in prison (or a mental hospital), fake his death, and he disappears from the public mind.

Each of these fake incidents, from the Chicago Tylenol scare to 9/11 to the more recent mass shootings here and abroad, requires a new set of fake victims who have to play that role for the rest of their lives. They are under management, are paid, and must face severe consequences should they violate their nondisclosure agreements. That is all I can figure, as indeed, no one talks. This includes Harris and Klebold, who are still with us in new form. The lucky ones – the Cassie Bernall’s and Corey DePooter’s and 47-year-old Dave Sanders and others merely took on new identities, or were merely ghosts to begin with. The management of fake victims from fake incidents is a massive enterprise. There must be one whole floor or wing at Langley that does nothing but supervise and control these people. Each one has a contact and controller.

Here’s an example, Sue Klebold, supposedly “Dylan’s” mother. She did a Ted Talk presentation, fifteen minutes long. It is devoid of emotion. She is acting. She was instructed to do the gig, and the Ted Talks people were instructed to air it. She could at least shed one tear, but she does not. Even bad actors can force a tear now and then. She is really bad at this business.

The library massacre

At times as I write this stuff, I lose my sense of gravitas. I know it is all fake, and so enjoy some gallows humor. If you do not care for a light treatment of what is supposed to be a serious event, I understand. Please, just humor me.

The show must go on. Prior to entry into the library at 11:29, Klebold and Harris had shot up the north hallway, and maimed some kids outside the west entrance to the school. This is an essential part of the story, as it explains why the kids in the library did not merely exit the building via the front entrance. Dave Sanders (age 47) ordered a mass panic, and we saw on film a bunch of kids exiting the cafeteria. Rather than just leaving the building, 56 people (5+6=”11″) hid out in the library. In the ensuing six minutes (3+3), the following kids would be fake-killed as Harris and Klebold moved from table to table looking for kids underneath to shoot:

Kyle Velasquez, Steven Curnow, Cassie Bernall, Isaiah Shoels, Mathew Kechter, Lauren Townsend, John Tomlin, Kelly Fleming, Daniel Mauser and Corey DePooter.

ShoelsEach of these kids would be issued a new identity, if real, or were ghost students. I have found most of these names in the Denver phone books of that time, but not been able to locate a “Shoels” family in Littleton. Isaiah is pictured to the right here. I think it is odd that his jersey says “Lakewood,” the community to the north of Littleton. The Shoels family is said to have sued everyone under the sun, including the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and the Klebold and Harris families. Those lawsuits, as with all fake events, were settled out of court and off the record.

Isaiah Shoels was the token black in the massacre. Klebold tried to pull him out from under a table, and called out to Harris “REB! There’s a nigger over here.” (There is no truth to the rumor that Shoels, who put up no resistance, said before his fake death Where are the white women at?) (That’s a 26-second video clip., well worth your time.)

Isaiah Shoels appears to me to be nothing more than a literary device, to allow the boys to exhibit blind hatred of blacks as well as of people in general. Kyle Valesquez was said to be mentally impaired. I suspect he too is a token victim, to show blind hatred for the mentally challenged. As far as I know, none of the victims were LGBT, though Harris and Klebold resented being labeled “fags.” There were no Muslim victims, and this event obviously two years ahead of schedule for the shooters to be Muslim.)

Daniel Mauser is the son of Tom Mauser, who would be featured prominently in Bowling for Columbine. This is from Wikipedia:

“Harris turned and fired his carbine at the table directly north of where [other kids] had been, grazing the ear of 15-year-old Daniel Mauser. When Mauser fought back, shoving a chair at Harris, Harris fired again and hit Mauser in the face at close range, killing him.”

That act, the shoving of a chair, was the only act of resistance put up by any teacher or kid that day. Tom Mauser must be proud to be the father of the one person who fought back, ever so timidly.

The following kids were fake-wounded:

Evan Todd, Patrick Ireland, Daniel Steepleton, Makai Hall, Kacey Ruegsegger, Lisa Kreutz, Valeen Schnurr, Mark Kintgen, Nicole Nowlen, Jeanna Park, Jennifer Doyle, Austin Eubanks.

If any reader ever meets one of these people, ask to see the wounds. I can guarantee you, they don’t exist.

That is a lot of shooting for six minutes, and of course, there was no resistance. Ten kids were killed, twelve wounded. Of the 56 in the library, 44 (ay, caramba!) would escape alive, 34 uninjured. The two injured left behind were Patrick Ireland, who would escape through a window for a photo-op at 2:38 (rather than merely exiting using staircases and doors), and Lisa Kreutz.

Remarkably, police would not find the bodies in the library until 3:30 p.m. SWAT team members, in on the game, would later claim that they did not know how many shooters there were or where they were located, and so had to enter each room in the school in a stealth manner before the end of the crisis. This is odd considering the following:

” Klebold and Harris put down their ammunition-filled duffel bags at the south—or lower—row of computers and reloaded their weapons. They walked back toward the windows facing the outside staircase. Noticing police evacuating students outside the school, Harris said: “Let’s go kill some cops.” He and Klebold began to shoot out the windows in the direction of the police. Officers returned fire, and Harris and Klebold retreated from the windows; no one was injured.[40][55]

This happened between 11:29 and 11:35. In other words, the boys were shooting at cops out of the windows of the library, so that it would have been reasonable for police and SWAT to assume that there were shooters in the library. Knowing that, it would then seem logical that police would quarantine the library, block off all exits, and enter the room via stealth, shoot or subdue the killers, and end the crisis.

I would speculate that they might want to do this before 3:30. Waiting until 3:30 makes no sense! But from another angle, it makes perfect sense. Police and SWAT were not there to subdue bad guys, but rather to control the movie set, keeping extras and interested spectators from interfering with the show.

We are told that in the aftermath of Columbine police developed new tactics for an “active shooter” scenario, as opposed to hostage and robbery events. In such situations, police are now trained to infiltrate one or a few officers by stealth to shoot the shooters. It is more than a little hard to believe that such scenarios were never imagined before. Truth be told, the planners needed the time between the beginning of the events at 11:10 and the end of the crisis at 4:00 p.m. for staging. Fake blood had to be spread around, chairs overturned and set afire. This all had to be done in an otherwise quiet and empty library.

Andy BarneyWe are told that regular police were outside and SWAT was on the way, so they had to stand down and wait. I cannot imagine even Andy Taylor and Barney Fife doing nothing as such violence was going on.

We have seen where Klebold and Harris left the library, went down to the cafeteria for some meaningless play with matches (at 11:44). As noted before, this was an important part of the fake event, as it put the two on camera. This would be the only visual time-stamped evidence ever seen of the boys in the school that day. That is why that evacuation scene one floor below, probably filmed the summer before when the school was shut down, was necessary. After that final appearance, we are told they returned to the library, and teacher Patti Nielson (who also made the initial 9-1-1 call) heard them shout “One! Two! Three!” in unison, just before a loud boom.

As long as none of this happened, I think it appropriate here to note that the famous photo of the boys in repose, shown below, has some inconsistencies.

dead boys

Klebold, on the right, is said to have fired a shotgun through the roof of his mouth. Harris (face not visible) is said to have used a semiautomatic handgun to his left temple. The shotgun is under Harris’s leg, and the gun by Klebold is the High-Point 9mm carbine rifle picture below, used by Harris and put on display by the Jefferson County Sheriff Department. Take a look:

Carbine rifle

Shotgun 2The shotgun under Harris’s leg, we must assume since they fired simultaneously, is the suicide weapon. It fell to Klebold’s right so that Harris could land on top of it. That is all I can make of it. I thought perhaps they originally intended to claim that the carbine was the suicide weapon. Staging looks more like that than use of the shotgun.

Further, if you can bear it (I have no problem as I know the photo is staged), look at Klebold. There appears to be no signs of a gunshot wound around the mouth at all. It could be said that he fired up with the gun creating the head trauma, and I can see that to be possible, but I would also suggest that his mouth should be open, perhaps part of the upper cranium removed. There should be blood splatter all about. There does appear to be blood running down from under the mouth to his ear, but that must be from someone squirting some out of a bottle as part of the staging. The colors, ranging from orange to black, could be brain matter and blood, or various shades of tempera, my guess.

HandgunHarris is said to have killed himself using a TEC-DC9 9-mm semi-automatic handgun. We have to assume that the photo above is Harris, and that the gun is still in his right hand (even though he was left-handed). I cannot make it out, but that is the official script, so let’s go with it. Far more likely, however, is that the actor playing Harris does not resemble the yearbook photo by that name, so that his face had to be hidden.

Thus endeth the massacre, and the script, inconsistent to the end and just loaded with numerology. None of this happened. None of it.

Bowling for Columbine

This movie helped me realize that Michael Moore, film maker, is a spook and complete fraud. I watched it many years ago, and assumed it was a plea for gun control. Only later do I understand, thanks to the good company I keep here at this blog in the other writers and commenters, that each attempt to promote gun control results in a surge in gun sales. That is probably the objective. Even if armed, the American population in its deeply ignorant state is easily managed and presents no threat to the state.

As for the movie, as I moved from scene to scene, I slowly began to understand Moore’s technique: Staged ambushes. Every scene is contrived, and every participant in the movie knows it. I have seen his other movies, and won’t see them again. But if B4C is contrived top to bottom and end to end, so too must be the others. After all, how else did Moore gain access to the mainstream if not himself a spook

The title of this piece, A Tragedy Without Tears, is taken from B4C, as I noticed in his scenes of victims and witnesses to the event that everyone was acting. Here’s just a few of our crisis actors:

Here is the iconic shot of Stephanie Munson and company:

Bloodless wound victims

MauserNot a tear visible. To the left is Tom Mauser, father of victim Daniel, mourning the loss of his son. The people who staged this event had the power to call out police and SWAT teams, to evacuate the school, fake bloody suicides, and force the students to finish their school year on another campus. You would think they could afford a bottle of Visine to fake some tears.

Richard CastaldoMoore uses two of the fake victims, Mark Taylor and Richard Castaldo (wheel chair) to stage a confrontation with employees at the headquarters of K-mart Corporation. Since Klebold and Harris fake-purchased their fake-bullets at a K-Mart, Moore decided he wanted to offer the bullets back to the company. It’s ambush time.

In the dramatic scene below, Moore shocks everyone by having Taylor lift his shirt and show his wounds. I don’t know why he didn’t think to use make-up artists to apply some wounds to Taylor, but he didn’t. Instead, he relies on mere power of suggestion. There are no wounds visible on Taylor.

Bullet woundHere is Aurora Batman shooting victim Pierce O’Farrill (sounds like a fake name) showing his wounds from that event, the wounds either fake or preexisting. Moore could have easily achieved the same effect with Taylor, but opted not to. He went with mere power of suggestion.

Everyone in that scene realizes that Taylor’s wounds are not there, so that they are acting. This means that K-Mart voluntarily participated in Moore’s film, and that the whole “ambush” was staged.

In a dramatic conclusion to the K-Mart segment, an actress playing the part of an executive, or a real executive, announces that K-mart will no longer sell ammunition for handguns and assault weapons. Moore is surprised, no – flabbergasted, and the cameras actually caught it on film!

Dick Clark is also featured prominently in Moore’s film.

On February 29, 2000, at Buell Elementary School in Mount Morris Township, Michigan, kindergartner Kayla Rolland was shot and killed by 6-year old Dedrick Owens. Moore plays the 9-1-1 call from the teacher as she cries “Lordy Lordy Lordy!” It is very moving.

Moore finds Owens’ mother, Tamarla, and discovers she is in a welfare-to-work program. Each day she has to take a long bus ride to work in a theme restaurant owned by Clark and which receives a subsidy for hiring people like Tamarla. It turns out that she simply has no time to be a parent, as she is either riding a bus or working every day, all day. Moore decides to “fly out to California” to visit Clark. The scene below is a film of a film, and so of low quality, but it is all I can do short of showing the whole movie. It is 2:26.

For this scene to work, many elements had to fall in place.

  • Clark had to be out of his office and discovered in his limo.
  • They had to get the lighting and sound right for a clean take.
  • They had to approach the limousine without being noticed to affect a surprise.
  • The door of the limo had to be open.
  • Clark had to be visible.
  • Moore had to approach Clark from the right, so that Clark and he could be seen in the same scene.
  • Clark, even knowing he was on film, had to act in an arrogant and highly dismissive manner.*

*Dick Clark, by the way, also qualifies as a Bokanovsky Brat. That is off-subject, but I ran the photos and he fits right in with Damon, Brady, Kimmel, Jennifer Garner and the whole Brat Pack.

Dick ClarkThat is too much coincidence. Moore loves an ambush. He loves being snubbed on film, as it casts him as an innocent onlooker to the arrogant and powerful. This scene was contrived, scripted from top to bottom, and Dick Clark willingly participated.

(Also, given that we now know Moore to be a fraud, I am suspicious that the Kayla Rolland shooting, like Columbine, was a staged event. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.)

Moore also ambushes actor Charlton Heston in the film. Heston, then titular head of the National Rifle Association, was at an NRA-sponsored gathering in Flint, Michigan right after the Rowland shooting, and Denver right after Columbine. (Coincidence? I think not. NRA has long been co-opted and is controlled opposition.) Moore decides to confront Heston. In the movie, he goes to his house and pushes the intercom button in Heston’s driveway. Heston himself answers! What are the odds?

Moore KyalaThe two arrange a meeting the following morning, complete with film crew. Moore starts out friendly, and them pulls the ambush, Heston gets upset and walks out on him. In the end, a very sad Moore places a photo of Kayla Rolland in his driveway.

Many thought that the scene was unnecessary and unduly harsh. I felt uncomfortable when I first saw the movie years ago. I now realized it was staged, and that Heston, probably drawing SAG minimum, was a willing participant. Fake, fake, fake.

However, that is not the lowest this film takes us. Below is a scene shot in Littleton with South Park/Book of Mormon creator Matt Stone:

Matt Stone

Here we are witness to the full depth of depravity of Michael Moore, spook. Many readers know what is going on here, the ‘big reveal’ that is going to be down below. For the rest, I will clue you in: Matt Stone’s photo was used by another name in a high school yearbook: “Dylan Klebold.”  Trey Parker’s photo was used as Eric Harris. Moore knows this. Stone must be wearing sunglasses to hide his lying eyes. Moore does not need them.

How did they pull it off?

  • In the 28-second video above, note how the evacuation of the cafeteria is so blurry that no faces can be made out. Also, it is very hard to make out faces of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in the cafeteria. In fact, at 24 seconds, if you can freeze it there, see if you agree that Klebold’s face has been blurred. Harris, on the other hand, usually has his back to us.

Matrix redux

  • In this photo, the boys’ faces are darkened so as to be unrecognizable. There is a noticeable height difference between the two.

Sanders after evacuation

  • In this photo, which is oddly much clearer than the others, I noticed that it looks like Coach Dave Sanders was wearing a mask. He certainly has full rich black hair behind the balding area, kind of like a mullet.

Sanders in mask

I know that is hard to make out, but assume just for sake of argument that I am right, that this is a man wearing a mask. What to make of it?

Now let’s go back to the yearbook photos:

  • It was suggested that these photos are paste-ups, and that the images of Harris and Klebold were added to class photos in a dark room. But are they Harris and Klebold?

Harris Klebold Time Magzine Cover

I am mostly struck by the pitch-black hair on Klebold in that photo, as he is a redhead in this graduation photo. Harris too has much lighter hair in the photos immediately above. What is going on here? There is certainly a strong resemblance … did they dye their hair? We can see that the girl next to “Klebold” in the red circle has blonde hair … so it is not a photo effect.

  • In Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore interviews two young girls sitting on a front porch, Nicole Shleif and Amanda Lamontagne. Both claimed to be classmates of Klebold and Harris, but only in one class, a 6 a.m. bowling class.

I will try to tie all of this together:

There were no students at Columbine by the name of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. There were photos in the yearbook, but since this event was long in planning, those photos were either pasted in, as shown above, or were real photos of two older Colorado men who would later go on to be the creative force behind South Park, the Book of Mormon, and other productions. Or so we are told. They are probably just fronts for the real writers behind those productions.

How can that be? It is a big school, 1,945 students in 1999. Kids form cliques, and probably know at most 50 other students. In a school that large, it is very easy to run ghost students. Every kid would assume afterward that Klebold and Harris were real (after all, their photos are in the yearbook) and ran in other crowds, or were just loners.

Shlief and Lomontagne were acting, as was everyone else in Bowling for Columbine. The effect of that scene was to give testimony to Klebold and Harris being known students at Columbine and having classmates who remembered them. The class just happened to be at 6 a.m., and off-campus, and if such a class even was real, perhaps only a couple of students would enroll.

There was no off-campus 6 a.m. bowling class. It was invented for the sake of Moore’s movie. (Another plot device: Harris is said to have had a friend, Brooks Brown, whom he warned to go home before the event. That story too serves to make Klebold and Harris look like real students. Brooks Brown is a player.)

The cafeteria evacuation scene was shot in advance, possibly during the preceding June, when the school is shut down. Extras were brought in to make the mass exodus, which is why they blurred the faces. Since Dave Sanders was not there, they had a man in a mask pretend to be him. (Sanders, an insider (age 47), might simply have been unavailable on the day they shot that scene, or he might be a ghost. He is in the Denver phone book during the years leading up to the event.

It is very easy to shoot video footage with fake dates on it. The camera does not know the date – it has to be manually entered. The cafeteria scenes for the entire day of 4/20/1999 were shot long in advance, as I see this shaking out.

The gruesome death photo of Klebold and Harris was also shot long in advance. It might have been in the Columbine library the preceding June as well, for authenticity, but could have been shot anywhere.

Two actors were brought in at some time before that day to play Klebold and Harris, and they had two jobs: One, the cafeteria scene, deliberately blurry so we cannot really make them out, and the death scene where, again, Harris’s face is not visible. These same two actors performed in what were made out to be amateur movies done as a school project and which included the one above where they are walking into Columbine wearing trench coats.

4/20/1999 Reconstructed

  • There were agents there and hired actors, perhaps a drill of some sort going on involving police and SWAT teams. They were kept outside the school.
  • Inside the school there were noisemakers, and a real evacuation, done in an orderly manner to get all the students out of the school.
  • The only ones left behind were the actors.
  • No one got shot.
  • There were no bombs.

There was some staging, some noise-making, but since the FBI took over the scene in the “aftermath,” it was all under spook management, and no outsiders ever saw any bodies of wounded or dead people. It was a TV show. It was coordinated with news, which flew helicopters overhead, and hospitals, who pretended to care for the wounded. SWAT teams marched around looking busy, but they and police were used to manage the set and keep people out of the school. We have no photos of any people inside the building.

Four SWAT team members are, I can guarantee, “ex” military. Dan Delmonica, Robert Broden, Ron Fox and Tom McKibben, were in on it and later were used to offer witness testimony in the various documentaries made about the day about the library scene. They are acting.

This event was years in planning, so that actual actors, the real kids who possibly fake died and were fake wounded, were moved into the town, and many actually attended Columbine in preparation for the day of the massacre. Isaiah Shoels, the only black victim, was not one of them. He is a ghost. It is possible that all of the “dead” students were ghosts. It is a large school.

The notion that the yearbook photos of Klebold and Harris are in reality Trey Parker and Matt Stone is not a linchpin, and is controversial. But I do have evidence to support it. First, here are the birth dates of the four:

  • Dylan Klebold: September 11, 1981.
  • Eric Harris: April 9, 1981 (April 9 is the 99th day of the year, or 3*3 three times in that date.)
  • Trey Parker: October 19, 1969 (292nd day of the year, a way of plugging in 911?) [October is the eight month though we officially call it the tenth now, so his birthday is 8/19, or two nines.]
  • Matt Stone: May 26, 1971, 146th day of the year, 1+4+6 =11? Also, 2+6=8.)

(No doubt commenters will have fun with those dates. I find Harris and Klebold’s birth dates to be very spooky indeed. I am less certain of Parker and Stone’s.)

That is too much difference in age for Stone and Parker to have played Harris and Klebold. Parker and Stone, after all, are merely actors. They are also insiders, otherwise they would not have the platform they do in the entertainment industry.

Here is our writer Tyrone McCloskey on the pair:

“Parker and Stone were said to have attended college in Colorado and studied film under Avant-garde filmmaker Stan Brakhage, the namesake of the South Park character, Stan Marsh- I caution that those two may in fact be theater people, trained in the various theatrical arts they have had great success with- BUT, that does not mean they aren’t spooks of the first order- It’s well agreed that no one gets a platform the size of Parker and Stone’s without the right connections and agenda driven content- There are many ways to contextualize characters like these to ultimately smother them in red cloth-

First, Brakhage as their mentor: Brakhage was born in 1933 (Ca-ching!) He commiserated with a host of modernist spooks in the late forties/early fifties as the CIA made their big push to destroy traditional art and its political potential- Brakhage I would describe as the Jackson Pollack of film- Like Clement Greenberg, the champion of abstract expressionism (an admitted CIA project) Brakhage et al had their press champion in Jonas Mekas who explained at great length in CIA co-opted journals what a great talent these spook artists were to a befuddled public who just didn’t get it- Fake awards soon pushed this ultimately Warhol/Sutcliffe inspired anti-cinema to illegitimate scholarly status (Spoiler alert: All of Brakhage’s films are utterly unwatchable, no matter the attendant superlatives)

Brakhage had earlier mentored another CIA sanctioned degenerate “filmmaker”, Kenneth Anger, he a Doonsebury-like connector of the many nodes of Manson-era Laurel Canyon- (It’s possible Kenny, the character on SP that dies every week, is named after Anger (Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer)

As I argued in JFKTV, these blockbuster psy-operas require serious show biz vets to pull these things together and keep track of the parallel narratives that are engineered to divide the public and simultaneously have the public agree that the hijackings/shootings/suicides actually did take place-

Given the overlay of teenage angst that the Columbine narrative fetishized, I would not be surprised to find that asset Brakhage recommended two of his former pupils to infuse the narrative with up to date memes and imagery that the two much younger protégé’s would be familiar with- The additionally perverse touch of Parker and Stone using their own photos from a decade or so before is perfectly consistent with the brand of sick humor South Park is infamous for-

I’ll also bet half a day’s pay that Columbine was infiltrated with “transfers” who could pass for seniors to get a lay of the land- A beta test of sorts for such a maneuver was concocted by Rolling Stone magazine in the early 80’s when they sent Cameron Crowe, a featherweight writer/director who was just starting out as a “reporter”, to return to his alma mater after college and pose as a high school senior, thanks to his still boyish good looks, and then write an article on what life was like from the inside of a teenage hive like a white suburban high school- A subsequent book, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and a film version launched Crowe to commercial success- If there was an overall producer/director of Columbine, Crowe would be one of my prime suspects, with input from another cinema knave who made his own film about Columbine, Gus Van Sant-“

It is my contention that the images of Parker and Stone were used as Klebold and Stone – it would be ideal. They could then have invented families, invented backgrounds, and real photos to convince us they are real. Since actual photos of real insiders were used, they kept it in the family. There was no chance ever that the real people in those photos, who are known now as Parker and Stone, will ever talk.

Here are some facial comparisons:



Note the photo of “Klebold” above is taken from a yearbook, and the head placement on the body is odd, possibly superimposed on another body, which is why it looks awkward. Here is the full image:

Klebold senior

How subtle to put him in a t-shirt with the word “killer” on it. It is advertised as a class photo.

I realize that the above photo comparisons, due to the span of time between them, will not be totally convincing. In the end it doesn’t really matter if the Klebold/Harris-Stone/Parker connection is there. It is what drew me in, forced me to examine the entire event. The overarching point is this: Whoever those two boys were in the cafeteria and in the death shot are, they did not die that day, and they did not kill anyone. I say that photos of Stone and Parker were used to keep it in the family, and for no other reason. On April 20, 1999 Stone and Parker could have been anywhere in the world. They were not at Columbine.

Parker and Stone, whatever their real names might be, merely lent their images to the event, and that everyone in that school that day after the real evacuation was an actor. The cafeteria scenes were shot long before, as was the death shot. everything else was a TV show, perhaps a rehearsal for another TV show set for 510 days away, September 11, 2001.

I know people are going to wonder what became of the “dead” … I do too. I suspect they were ghost students, but if not, they were moved and given new identities. The wounded could return to school, or transfer out. Richard Castaldo and Anne Marie Hochhalter were both said to have been paralyzed that day. Did they carry forward as paralyzed people? The Denver Post indicates that Castaldo returned to Columbine in a wheel chair. That might have been seen as necessary to sell the event as real. Ann Marie’s mother committed suicide later on. Was that real, or staged? Did she want no part of the gig?

I only know this: At Columbine High School on April 20 (110th day of the year), 1999, no one died, no one was wounded, and not one real tear was shed by any victim or onlooker. It was a psyop, nothing more. If you read those words, and now realize that our most trusted institutions, police, SWAT, media, news, school district and court system, all played a part, then you are officially now in on the game. No event will again surprise or shock you. Nor will you ever again trust a news report. Welcome to the real world.

21 thoughts on “The Columbine Massacre: A tragedy without tears

  1. The OKC “bombing” seems like the beta test for 911, complete with hot needle* justice for another “ex” military spook.
    Columbine looks like it was also designed to finally make schools into Panopticons and kids into informers. Here is a list of school shootings: **
    Columbine also put wind into Big Pharma’s sails regarding psychotic kids, all the way down to bored four year olds acting out and needing to take their daily dose of Focusin.

    *A close look at execution methods is worth the effort. The Nuremburg hangings look bogus. The hot needle is perfect for staging fake deaths. Also, the timing of the temporary ban on capital punishment in Cali, thus sparing the Manson actors, is worth noting.

    **Take note of the two Cleveland school massacres, ten years apart. The ’79 one was sold by the execrable Bob Geldof with his Boomtown Rats single “I Don’t Like Mondays” and introduced girls as being capable of mass murder. The ’89 job, featuring the evergreen trope of the wandering spook/lone nut, put gun regulations in California and then the nation into overdrive. Also, Shequila and Tequila, ‘88. Priceless!


    1. Thanks – I knew about the insinuations about Harris and Klebold being on SSRI antidepressants … as I am convinced now that the two boys were mere ghosts, that has to be a planted meme. It is hard to understand however, as the story (advanced by Alex Cockburn among others) has the effect of discrediting the drugs. Was it done, then, to drive consumers away from some drugs and towards others? They were said to be taking Luvox, Paxil and Zoloft. I should have mentioned it in this already very long piece, and simply forgot. (By the way, “Officially, Klebold’s medical records remain sealed.” Why would that be?)

      This whole SSRI/antidepressant phenomenon seems to me a way of getting people to ingest really harmful substances that alter their mental states, shut down their normal coping mechanisms, and turn them into lifeless plants. Couple that with putting kids (mostly boys) on Ritalin, and we have a massive crime against humanity handed us on a platter by the psychiatric profession. That’s a whole ‘nuther pancake.


  2. I’m still trying to figure out the names of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. Dylan Klebold= Kell An Dy Bold for Kill and die bold. I have to work out Eric’s, but I think there is more to his name, as well.
    All the people who “supposedly” died or were injured, I have noticed some similarities with there names. I will have to put it together so it will make sense to others.


    1. When you plug in the names to various anagram solvers, dylankleboldericharris or kleboldharris there are some interesting keywords that come up. odd!
      I like this edited version of the story.


    1. I realize this is a long post and that few are going to read it start to finish. I am like that with other people’s work too. But it would help you to understand that there was no “Eric Harris,” that the Columbine “massacre” was an Intelligence project, and that with all of these projects people are assigned the task of keeping the evidence alive. Patrick Ireland, for example, did not crawl out a window that day, was not wounded in any way, and is assigned the role of “lifetime actor” … he is forever charged with keeping that part of the myth alive. For a price, of course. Actors do not work for free.


      1. No no, I read the whole thing and went back to some parts multiple times, actually. This article caught my attention so much, I even archived it in a document.

        For the most part I do believe you, but I’m still kind of on the fence. For a government organization to manage to get teenagers, adults/parents, law enforcement, and the actual bodies/administration of Columbine High all in on this just seems to be pushing the barriers of reality a bit much. For something like this to weasel passed the noses of any legitimate attendees and outsiders of the psyop in that high school without anyone noticing or speaking out, is just crazy to me.

        How would they be able to find so many demoralized individuals ready and willing to involve themselves in such immoral lies & treason?
        It could be some M.K.-Ultra related mind alteration that warped these people into thinking this stuff actually happened to them, that they actually lived through these events as legitimate; and on the other end, made the “victims” forget they were involved in the first place as they moved on to live their “new lives”.
        Also, just think about how much money was shoveled into this to get people to stay quiet, and would still be getting shoveled into this today, and for what gain? Just to push an agenda of more government control and stigma against non-conformists?

        Sandy Hook was blatantly faked, but I’m certain on that one because they did such a terrible job with faking it. The Photoshopped shooter looks like a PS2 model, his “bed room” looks like a storage facility, his “bed room” contradicts his crazy introvert nerd backstory due to the fact all the tech is outdated or just blatantly doesn’t look functional, the elementary school wasn’t even in use, one of the main crisis actors is also blatantly shown playing a SWAT team role on the news as well, and there’s so little information on the shooter, the shooter’s family, the victims + their families, & the deaths/funerals that it’s INSANE. The whole principle himself is said to have got murdered and you can’t find much on him either. That whole operation was so low-effort.

        The thing about Columbine is that there’s literally SO MUCH information on the shooters, the victims, etc. available online that it leaves me second guessing just how much of it was engineered and how much of it could have been reality. You have whole entire journals, drawings, AOL chat profiles, custom DOOM video-game content.. My point is there’s so much attention-to-detail in this situation, and if literally every aspect, every person involved, is all engineered, then that would be insane considering how low-effort these other “massacres” are.


        1. There are gnarly inconsistencies … the tape machine that was not in use when the supposed bomb was planted, the cafeteria scene where all of the faces are blurred, the absence of tears in witnesses and victims, much much more, but it has been a while since I wrote this. The very fact that Michael Moore had to use a supposed early-morning (fictitious?) bowling class and two (probable) actors to even place Dylan and Eric at the school … and to have their (very nice) year book photos line up so well with Matt Stone and Trey Parker … the former also appearing in Moore’s movie.

          As to how they pull it off, military involvement is key, and the military can and does keep secrets. There may also be participation in the “families,” that is, the brats and offspring of our wealthiest, and of course, Masons. I would assume the SWAT, which did nothing except keep people out of the building until 3:30, is militarized police. Police are most likely chosen for the event based on certain oaths, and news, of course, is a worthless enterprise, completely compromised. That they all work together and pull it off and keep it secret … indeed boggles the mind. So when people come by and tell me it is too big, too many people, etc., yes, I understand that sentiment. It puts me in internal conflict, as somehow, some way, they do indeed pull these things off. Look at how big 9/11 was.


        2. “Impersonal forces over which we have almost no control seem to be pushing us all in the direction of the Brave New Worldian nightmare;
          and this impersonal pushing is being consciously accelerated by representatives of commercial and political organizations who
          have developed a number of new techniques for manipulating, in the interest of some minority, the thoughts and feelings of the masses.”

          – Aldous Huxley, Preface to A Brave New World

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Those forces are demonic. Their legion is sworn to Lucifer the Light Bearer. America was called ‘The New World’ & is merely the brute enforcers of the elites agenda & policies inflected upon the unwashed masses (useless eaters) The End Times shall reveal the New World Order. It’s leader shall have the remaining population spellbound. His right hand man shall be the Roman Catholic Jesuit Pope, head of the world church/revived empire that really never died. This leader’s father? Take a guess. Relax, it’s just a myth. A novel soon to a Hollywood script. And all the usual suspects in role’s of a lifetime.


  4. They killed Austin Eubank’s character off in May of last year. There are several reported deaths from COVID 19 in Columbine area, wondering if they’ll get rid of some of the other cast of characters with this hyped up flu event. I haven’t found any death photos of the 12 Columbine victims, wonder why they just released Dylan and Eric’s library death photo and not the others.


    1. There were no death photos since there were no deaths. Mark Taylor is worth a look if you are doing research. They placed him in the Michael Moore movie and had him lift his shirt for K-Mart employees to see, knowing typical viewers would look away. There was nothing! No scars, nothing. Later we told that Mark is under some sort of house arrest … been a while, but what I gathered from it was that he wanted out of the gig. He was tired of being a lifetime actor. maybe found Jesus. Who knows?

      The Klebold/Harris death photos are fake, probably shot the previous June. There were no students there by those names, they were ghosts. This is why Moore in his movie places them in a early morning bowling class, hiring two actresses to pretend they took the class with them. If they used regular classes, kids would try to remember them being there, and come up empty. They used photos of Matt Stone and Trey Parker as the yearbook photos of the two, but for the actors they used in the June fakes sequences, they did not get a good enough match for Klebold, so you will notice in the death photos and live action shots, his face is never really clear.

      It is a great research project. Have at it, keep in touch!


  5. Nobody released anyone’s body photos. The photos of Eric and Dylan were LEAKED illegally. As soon as they were leaked, all the victims’ families understandably started freaking out and making sure that the photos of their dead child were not about to be published next. Whoever leaked the photos of Eric and Dylan might have also had the opportunity to leak the victims’ photos as well. But people in the media like to demonize the “bad guys” and show respect towards the victims, so that is another reason why none of the victims’ photos were leaked. They simply didn’t care to respect two “bad guys” who just killed a bunch of people.


    1. I had no interest in viewing the dead, as I knew there were none. Had you read through to the end of this piece, you would see that youthful photos of Trey Parker and Matt Stone (of South Park, the TV show) were used as Klebold and Harris, who were phantoms. (This was some kind of insiders’ joke.) They did not exist. (Why do you think that Michael Moore had to place them in a 6AM bowling class with two actresses pretending to have been in the same class in his movie, Bowling for Columbine? Not one student would have been able to ID either of them, since they did not exist.


  6. “Klebold, on the right, is said to have fired a shotgun through the roof of his mouth. Harris (face not visible) is said to have used a semiautomatic handgun to his left temple.”

    It’s actually the other way around. Eric is the one who shot himself through his mouth. In the other picture of their bodies, you can see obvious trauma to his skull as a result. Dylan is the one that’s said to have shot himself in the temple, which supposedly didn’t kill him immediately. You have also said Eric was left-handed, which is incorrect. Dylan was the left-handed one.

    Here is a link to a better quality picture of the bodies, from a different angle:


  7. I was confused throughout about which was which, understandable, I suppose, since neither existed. In any case, the photos are fake. They were most likely taken in June of that year, when the building was closed for a month, with many people standing around positioning the boys … there were four people involved, that is, two photos of Matt Stone and Trey Parker used as yearbook photos, and two actors who looked only somewhat like them, Eric Harris the least useful, which is why his face is hidden in the “death” photos. The whole episode is part of Trauma-Based Mind Control, a large project to get kids into a state of fear and psychosis, which makes them (like you) easily manipulated and controlled throughout their lives. None of it really happened. You’ve been punked.


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