Free Wally: Tracing the Spike Protein Drama to a Llama

I dedicate this exploratory essay to my friends and family who received a COVID injection (without proper informed consent); and to all the individuals way back in the cheap seats, who may not be able to hear what I am saying, due to the drowned-out noise of Gain-of-Function (GOF) research, lab leaks, and e-mail leaks.

SPOILER ALERT: When I refer to a “spike protein” herein, it is NOT because I support the notion that a protein arose from a virus, nor do I think it “sheds” or operates in the way that has been postulated by individuals referenced below (all of whom maintain that there is a SARS-CoV-2 virus).

There has been much recent drama (and rightly so) centered around the spike protein of the purported SARS-CoV-2 virus, and more specifically, what is being described as the expression of the synthetic spike protein as a result of COVID injections.

It seems that Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Joseph Mercola (see here and here), Judy Mikovits, Stephanie Seneff, Dr. Russell Blaylock, and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny all agree that the spike protein — at the very least, the one that is being produced for/by the injections — is a toxin (see Endnote 1). The general consensus among them is that it is a bioweapon. Indeed, Tenpenny emphasized (interview linked above) that the spike protein is the bioweapon (not “the virus”), based on a study of a “harmless pseudovirus” that was conjugated with spike proteins, yet caused pulmonary arterial damage.

I am content knowing we can all move forward in agreeing this may be a lab-created bioweapon; however, why do so many still have tunnel vision, remaining fixated on GOF research? Could there be other labs doing related research — perhaps protein R&D, or even more precisely, “spike protein” R&D (sans virus)? And how do synchrotrons factor in to all of this? As you read further, I offer a plot twist in this regard, so I hope you can stay tuned as I set up the prelude . . . 

As for what is next in the COVID vaccine pipeline (see here, here, and here), you may soon be hearing about it: llama nanobodies. A short presentation by the “Whiteboard Doctor” (posted July 2020) titled, “Llamas and COVID-19: Nanobodies Inhibit SARS-CoV-2 Virus Binding and Infection,” elucidates a July 2020 Nature study, that highlighted llama nanobody technology — applied to the infamous spike protein.

Nanobody-based drug R&D uses a tiny nanobody, which is a single-domain antibody, or a fragment of an antibody. Like an antibody, purportedly, it is able to bind to antigens. Caplacizumab is the first nanobody-based medicine, according to its manufacturer, Ablynx (acquired by Sanofi in 2018). This particular nanobody is designed specifically for the treatment of a rare blood clotting disorder called aqcuired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (aTTP) — which will become increasingly significant as you read below. In September 2018, Caplacizumab was approved in Europe for adults, and it received FDA approval for adults in the U.S. in February 2019. 

As brief background, aTTP is a rare blood disorder that affects blood platelets, and results in blood clots in small blood vessels in the body, which can slow the blood flow to the organs, including the heart, brain, and kidneys. By causing platelets to clump together, aTTP can also cause excess bleeding and anemia.   

A year ago, if I had asked readers if they heard of aTTP, most likely there would not have been a show of hands in the affirmative (me included). However, if I asked you now if you have heard (even vaguely) of thrombosis or thrombocytopenia, would you raise your hand? Can you say COVID, anyone?

Accordingly, there has been increased media exposure (both mainstream and alternative) of an ultra rare blood clotting disorder called thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpora (TTP) within the context of COVID and also COVID injections (Vaccine induced Thrombosis and Thrombocytopenia, or VITT). 

The seemingly inexplicable VITT was the alleged reason for the swift pause in April 2021 of the J&J bioengineered product (see here and here). Despite concerns of coagulopathy (blood clotting) voiced from the medical community, including toxicologist Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, the J&J injection roll-out was resumed following its brief hiatus. It should be noted that thrombosis has also been correlated with uptake of the AstraZeneca device.

In the past couple months, dramatic discussion of the spike protein, and its potential role in causing blood clotting, has intensified. See here for a detailed analysis published on June 3, 2021 by Scottish physician, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. Dr. Kendrick explained: “ . . . it may be that the spike protein itself creates most of the blood clots. Here from the paper ‘SARS-CoV-2 spike S1 subunit induces hypercoagulability.’ When whole blood was exposed to spike protein even at low concentrations, the erythrocytes (red blood cells) showed agglutination, hyperactivated platelets were seen, with membrane spreading and the formation of platelet-derived microparticles.’ Translation. Introduce SARS-CoV2 spike proteins into bloodstream, and it makes it clot – fast. Which is a worry.” Kendrick continued, “It is a worry because the entire purpose of vaccination against SARS-CoV2 is to force cells to manufacture the spike protein(s) and then send them out into the bloodstream . . . We know that a very high percentage of the people who die following . . . COVID19 . . . die as result of blood clots. We also know that they can also suffer severe myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) . . . We know that the spike protein can stimulate blood clots all by itself . . . We know that a number of people have died from blood clots following vaccination . . . My concern at this point is that, yes, we have identified very rare manifestations of blood clotting . . . so rare that it is unlikely that anything else – other than a novel vaccine – could have caused them. I have never seen a case and I had never even heard of them before COVID19 came along. And I have spent years studying the blood coagulation system, and vasculitis, and suchlike.”

If COVID, and the COVID jabs — and the spike protein (on its very own) — all potentially cause vascular destruction, including blood clotting (and TTP in particular), then we may be able to deduce that there is a common denominator among the three that is interfering with blood platelets and vascular functioning. 

Let’s return to the topic of llamas and a more detailed discussion of nanobodies — within the context of COVID.

Llamas belong to a group of mammals called camelids, which also includes camels and alpacas. They produce antibodies which are much smaller than humans (about half the size, according to Argonne National Laboratory scientist Andrzej Joachimiak), which are referred to as nanobodies. 

The “lovable” llamas used in current nanobody experimentation actually have names. One of the llamas central to the study of camelid-based nanobodies is named “Wally.” On March 9, 2021, Andre Salles of Argonne National Lab wrote: “Isolating these tiny nanobodies is tricky, since the body generates an enormous number of them and only a small fraction is intended to fight a particular virus. That’s exactly the problem that Yi Shi, professor of cell biology at the University of Pittsburgh, is trying to fix. In a paper published in Science, Shi and his colleagues unveiled a new advanced mass spectroscopy method of analyzing those nanobodies from samples of llama blood. The result . . . is a large set of nanobodies that bind well to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. . . . Shi’s experiment began with a llama, this one named Wally because he resembles (and therefore shares a name with) his black Labrador. The team immunized Wally against SARS-CoV-2, waiting two months for nanobodies to be generated, and then . . . used their new method to analyze the nanobodies, identify and quantify them. They ended up with 10 million nanobody sequences.”

Salles elaborated, “These nanobodies can sit at room temperature for six weeks, and are small enough that they can be aerosolized, meaning therapeutics designed from them can be inhaled directly to the lungs instead of moving through the bloodstream (emphasis added) . . . ‘With this method we can discover thousands of distinct, ultrahigh-affinity nanobodies for specific antigen binding,’ Shi said. ‘These nanobodies may or may not provide a treatment for COVID-19, but the technology used to isolate them will be important in the future. . .’ . . . ‘From crystal structures determined from data collected at [the Advanced Photon Source] APS and the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL), we were able to identify the binding sites of the nanobodies on the SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain,’ [Ian] Wilson said. ‘The X-ray structural information, combined with cryo-electron microscopy data, was used to help design even more potent multivalent antibodies to prevent COVID-19 infection. The X-ray structural work was greatly facilitated by immediate access to the APS.’ Only time (and further tests) will tell whether the various nanobodies will translate into effective treatments against COVID-19. But if they do, we’ll have the lovable llama to thank for it.” 

The APS is described as follows: “The Advanced Photon Source is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science User Facility operated for the DOE Office of Science by Argonne National Laboratory. Additional funding for beamlines used for COVID-19 research at the APS is provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and by DOE Office of Science Biological and Environmental Research . . . supported by the DOE Office of Science through the National Virtual Biotechnology Laboratory (emphasis added), a consortium of DOE national laboratories focused on response to COVID-19 with funding provided by the Coronavirus CARES Act.”

Here is the plot twist (if you’ve stuck around) . . . Guess where the spike protein that was applied to the development of the COVID vaccines was engineered? . . . Wait for it . . . Argonne National Laboratory — utilizing the same Advanced Photon Source (APS)! According to this December 2020 paper (authored by Argonne’s Andre Salles), Jason McLellan and his colleagues developed the enigmatic spike protein. Incidentally, they filed a patent for one embodiment of the spike protein in October 2017, and the application was approved in March 2021. As expounded by Argonne’s Salles:

“. . . five of the vaccines, including those developed by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, contain genetic mutations that increase their effectiveness, mutations based upon work dating back more than 10 years using the resources of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) . . . (emphasis added)”

“They were developed by Jason McLellan, now an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and Barney Graham, currently the deputy director of the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) . . .”

“In 2013, McLellan and his colleagues, including Nianshuang Wang now at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, began working with Graham and his NIH colleague Kizzmekia Corbett on a vaccine for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) . . . This time they performed some of their work at the Structural Biology Center (SBC) at the APS . . .”

Both McLellan and Graham are longtime users of the APS (emphasis added), and their work to understand RSV and MERS-CoV led to an effective technique to neutralize both viruses,” said Argonne’s Bob Fischetti, group leader and life sciences advisor to the APS director. “The structural work performed at the APS played a key role in the discovery of this technique, and we are now seeing how important it might be . . .”

“When SARS-CoV-2 emerged, McLellan, Wang and graduate student Daniel Wrapp, now at the University of Texas at Austin, joined with Graham and Corbett to see if the same technique would work to inhibit this new virus’s spread. And once they were able to examine the structure of the spike protein, they discovered that it did . . .”

Being able to solve the structure of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (emphasis added) and know that it was in the desired conformation within three weeks of sequence release (emphasis added) was critical for rapidly advancing vaccine development and antibody discovery programs,’ Graham said . . .”

The initial results of their work, a mutation called S-2P, is now in SARS-CoV-2 vaccines developed by Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, Novavax, Johnson & Johnson and CureVac, McLellan confirmed (emphasis added). Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines use messenger RNA (mRNA) to instruct human cells to make the mutant of the spike protein that the immune system then develops antibodies against.” 

According to Argonne’s Robert Fischetti, “This research was done without any idea of how important it would be for us in 2020.” 

So, imagine that . . . The lead researcher, Jason McLellan, who claimed to create the synthetic spike protein (listen around the 9 minute timestamp), that is seemingly manufactured and expressed within the body by the alleged “vaccines” (due to genetic engineering instructions coded by either messenger RNA or adenovirus DNA), also appears to have “years of experience working with camelid nanobodies,” currently proposed to treat COVID and its notable symptom of thrombosis (and also the increasingly reported side effect of the injections). As a reminder, the blood clotting phenomenon is being attributed by multiple researchers and physicians to . . . get this . . . the SPIKE PROTEIN! Concomitantly, Jason McLellan and his colleague, Daniel Wrapp, received a 2020 Golden Goose Award for one of their llama nanobodies (called VHH72, which they had “characterized using the SBC beam lines at the APS”) presently under development for COVID treatment.

I feel this context is of utmost importance in order to grasp this entire COVID (or engineered protein, sans virus) operation. As always, consider the framework of problem, reaction, solution. Also keep in mind, Argonne National Laboratory has a long history of conducting classified research, and is home to the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM), as well as several generations of supercomputers, including the upcoming Aurora, “which will be the world’s first exascale supercomputer.”  

Do you find it peculiar that the lab that created the (synthetic) spike protein just happens to have developed the nanobodies that can presumptively “neutralize” said protein? Moreover, the aforementioned camelid nanobody technology has previously been applied to thrombosis (going back to 2018). Well, if one were a “conspiracy theorist,” it would be no surprise, right? But what are the potential implications (beyond the obvious one of profit, mainly reflected in venture capital-funded biotech spinouts), and are there covert intentions?

As I have said repeatedly herein, this mysterious spike protein has been getting a lot of negative press in the alternative media, yet they have neglected to explain the origin of the synthetic spike protein (applied to the injections), and how it was manufactured.

I propose the science of proteomics and its associated labs be investigated — and I would start with Argonne National Laboratory. I would also wish to add the Institute for Protein Design (IPD) at the University of Washington to this focused inquiry (see their Advisory Board here). IPD announced on June 2, 2021, its plans to roll out a new nanoparticle vaccine for COVID: “Our SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate was created with structure-based vaccine design techniques invented in the King lab [at] the IPD. It is based on a computationally designed self-assembling protein nanoparticle (emphasis added) that displays 60 copies of a key region of the viral Spike protein.”

Do we know what this in silico-derived engineered protein is really designed to do, particularly when manufactured within a perpetrated human body? 

Even assuming well intentions — with their templates, target sequences, machine learning algorithms, and protein structure prediction methodology — can the protein designers be assured their “well behaved” protein will behave in vivo as intended? 

We may have to remain speculative (and vigilant) for now, but this June 2020 Nature Biotechnology article — featuring de novo protein engineering “galvanized” by the University of Washington’s IPD (highlighted above) — may offer some nuggets from which we can reflect: “It’s exciting that we’re now getting to the stage where we can build new things that can be useful in the world,” he [David Baker, Director of the IPD] says. Baker believes that de novo protein design technology has turned a corner, from creating functional but simple proteins to building complex molecular machines that can perform conditional operations. No longer limited to describing and copying nature’s proteins, protein designers have learned to build sets of proteins that can change conformation on demand or carry out multi-step instructions, such as toggling between two states . . . Mother Nature has created some incredible tools, but those solutions have come about as a result of evolutionary pressures, including the need to conserve genetic real estate by making proteins that serve multiple functions. Whereas a natural protein may be the solution that evolution has arrived at, it may well not be the most efficient tool for a task thought up by a human. Creating new proteins, Baker says, allows the tools to be specifically directed, as well as modular and customizable to other uses.” 

Baker’s crowd-sourcing “Foldit” competitive video game (based on his Rosetta molecular modeling software program)  — in which public citizens can simulate and manipulate their own proteins — speaks volumes. This should be alarming to readers, and harkens back to prescient warnings from Alison McDowell that our life (in this case, biological life at its very core building blocks) is being not only digitized, but gamified.

If you build it (a synthetic, and possibly hybrid protein), they (the militarized bio-security state) will come (?).

Is this how the Sentient World Simulation (SWS) is initially constructed, as I posited in April 2020? 

Strikingly, on their website, Argonne states in parentheses (my emphasis added): 

(Researchers at the APS do not work with the live virus, but with crystals grown from simulated proteins.) 

So, did the Argonne Lab that synthesized a glycoprotein (reputedly from a virus) ever physically have said virus in their possession? Does this seem like deja-vu to most POM readers?

I remind readers that this protein is engineered and is nanoscale, and therefore, is an engineered nanoparticle (ENP) — circling back to my previous post in April 2021, “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle.” I also stated therein that the ENP was responsible for thrombosis due to platelet aggregation. When I wrote that, if you recall, I expressed (from the voice of an ENP) that I did not know where the ENP had originated. Do I now have my answer? Hypothetically, if I were an orphaned ENP telling a fictional tale, I would say I may have found my birth parents, and it seems they have names, and they have a home — and a powerful particle accelerator using heavy-duty beamlines to boot!

Has the ENP (that I postulated may be the cause of COVID) been the bio-fabricated “spike protein” all along? Or rather, vice versa: is the “spike protein” simply an ENP wrapped up in virology jargon?

While the magicians have many people spellbound by a “lab leak hypothesis” (based on vintage, out-dated GOF research), I will keep my eye on labs (here at home in the U.S. and across the pond) playing with beamlines, protein crystallography, and synthetic protein design technology — especially since they openly lay claim to the production of the notorious spike protein, used to develop COVID injections currently being procured in the U.S. In this instance, I may just take their word for it. 

Let’s be clear, though, when the scientists admit to futzing around with these proteins (and “mapping the structure”), utilizing their high-beam particle accelerator technology, they are not simply imaging and identifying what is already present (using vague vernacular such as “determined the structure” or “solved the structure”). These potent and potentially cytotoxic next-generation x-rays (ostensibly 10 trillion times stronger than medical x-rays) may literally be producing and synthesizing new particles (similar to the phenomenon we have discussed repeatedly, involving the addition of toxic chemicals added to cells in a petri dish, resulting in cytopathic effects), since high-energy electrons are excited by the photon interactions. The subsequent photon interaction is referred to as a photoelectric effect, which deposits kinetic energy (or charged particles) into the observed sample, producing nanostructures, which are ensuingly used in advanced biotech applications

Relatedly, following is a short excerpt from an intriguing April 2021 article by Argonne National Lab: Using the APS, researchers were able to use lasers to create a new state of matter [with emergent structural, electronic and magnetic phenomena](emphasis added) and obtain a comprehensive picture of its structure using X-ray diffraction. In 2019, the team, led jointly by Argonne and The Pennsylvania State University, reported their findings in a Nature Materials cover story, most notably that the vortices can be manipulated with light pulses. Data was taken at several APS beamlines: 7-ID-C, 11-ID-D, 33-BM and 33-ID-C.” The article continued, “Although this new state of matter, a so called supercrystal, does not exist naturally (emphasis added), it can be created by illuminating carefully engineered thin layers of two distinct materials using light,” said Venkatraman Gopalan, professor of materials science and engineering and physics at Penn State.”

I will repeat what was stated above:

(Researchers at the APS do not work with the live virus, but with crystals grown from simulated proteins.)

There’s more wizardry for you.  

Admittedly, I do not fully grasp how the nanocrystals are synthesized from the accelerator and associated crystallography technology, as it is beyond the scope of my present exploration. Nevertheless, I sense it is prodigious, and I invite readers to offer relevant insights. While some researchers have been occupied (I will speak for myself) with exposing the oldest virology trick in the book — culturing entities from cellular debris in petri dishes and calling them “viruses” — zealous synchrotron extraordinaires must be laughing themselves to the bank

At the very least, one aspect is apparent to me — proteins can be generated in large amounts, are readily accessible, and are highly suitable nanodevices for biosensing and cell targeting (including genetic/genomic engineering and synthetic biology). Whatever is termed a virus, does not fit the bill — in terms of the emerging Spatial Web. So we might as well stop focusing efforts on it. Conversely, weaponized, AI-driven proteomics seems much more amenable and adaptable to the highly disturbing 4IR plans, incorporating deep neural networks (for computational biology), biobanking, biochips (for functional fluidics), and blockchain integration

Remember the 1993 tear-jerker film, “Free Willy”? I think we need to begin a campaign to FREE WALLY!!! (Please understand I am speaking metaphorically, as in a sense, we are all Wally.) Perhaps if we save Wally the llama from further scientific experimentation, we can halt further experimentation on the human population — all assertedly for a virus that still has yet to be furnished in its unadulterated version inside a person! In addition to freeing Wally, we might as well be playing “Where’s Waldo?” Thus far, some investigative researchers have been on the hunt for the virus, peeking in every lab nook and cranny, and it has yet to be found. So where’s the virus? Where’s Waldo — or was Waldo the spike protein (AKA engineered nanoparticle, birthed from a synchrotron?) from the get-go?

I suggest there may never have been a need for a virus (only a computerized sequence that was widely shared and never questioned); but, rather, a need for a synthetic protein tethered to undisclosed advanced nanoscale accessories (graphene oxide?) or gadgetry (nanowire transistors?). We need to kick this dangerous protein conjugate (possibly magnetic or nanoelectronic) — and the biotech serum vehicles with which it hitches a ride — to the curb, once and for all. 

Tragically, in the interim, we may be witnessing many more serious and potentially fatal adverse effects from the injections (including young people with myocarditis) — and conceivably among very young children who are next in line to get the precarious jab. Keep the children far away . . . Keep them very far away. Our children need our protection from this bodily invasion, possibly perpetrated with dubious agendas — still yet to be fully uncovered and revealed.

{Acknowledgments: Shout out to regular POM commenter, OregonMatt, for his helpful feedback and insights, as this essay took shape. Thank you also to POM commenter, Diego, for offering information related to graphene oxide, which informed several hyperlinks; to my close friends who sent me pertinent subject matter; and to MT for technical (and emotional — said jokingly) support as WordPress continually glitched-out.}

Speculative Footnotes:

1) One (not-so) small caveat when it comes to this infamous “spike protein”: I am not implying that a protein is the toxin per se, but, rather, is one component of a conjugated toxin. Additional (non-disclosed) components may be the root cause of toxicity, or a combination thereof. As we do not know the other components, I have resorted to referring to what is termed the “spike protein” as the toxin of interest. 

2) I remain steadfast to the belief that this nanoscale protein conjugate, and the associated injections, are on a fast track to the brain (ultimately, for brain-machine interface); and it may be that thrombosis (blood clotting) is the body’s innate defense mechanism being activated by some individuals in order to protect the brain. It could be that the internal vascular system is naturally designed to capture the foreign nanocrystal in its vast networked structure (resulting in a biomolecular corona?), thereby sequestering platelets, resulting in multiple blood clots.


1) Following are links to their respective bios: Bridle, Mercola, Mikovits, Seneff, Blaylock, and Tenpenny.

2) A study from August 2020, “Quantum Dot-Conjugated SARS-CoV-2 Spike Pseudo-Virions Enable Tracking of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 Binding and Endocytosis” demonstrates that there is NO virus necessary. This study seems to imply that an engineered nanoparticle (conjugated to a designer spike protein that targets ACE2 receptors) fits the bill just fine. While the linked study claims quantum dots are not toxic, other research seems to contradict that.

For further exploration:

Graphene oxide touches blood: in vivo interactions of bio-coronated 2D materialsNanoscale Horizons, March 1, 2019

“Graphene oxide is the hot topic in biomedical and pharmaceutical research of the current decade. However, its complex interactions with human blood components complicate the transition from the promising in vitro results to clinical settings. Even though graphene oxide is made with the same atoms as our organs, tissues and cells, its bi-dimensional nature causes unique interactions with blood proteins and biological membranes and can lead to severe effects like thrombogenicity and immune cell activation. In this review, we will describe the journey of graphene oxide after injection into the bloodstream, from the initial interactions with plasma proteins to the formation of the ‘biomolecular corona’, and biodistribution. We will consider the link between the chemical properties of graphene oxide (and its functionalized/reduced derivatives), protein binding and in vivo response. We will also summarize data on biodistribution and toxicity in view of the current knowledge of the influence of the biomolecular corona on these processes. Our aim is to shed light on the unsolved problems regarding the graphene oxide corona to build the groundwork for the future development of drug delivery technology.”

Groundwork for Covid-19 vaccine laid at DartmouthNH Business Review, by Jeff Feingold, January 7, 2021 

“Our goal was to determine the first three-dimensional structure of a coronavirus spike protein,” recalls McLellan, now an associate professor of molecular biosciences at the University of Texas at Austin. “We wanted this information so we could do more structure-based vaccine design. This involved using these structures to do protein engineering and identify substitutions or mutations we could make in the proteins that would cause the spikes to be more stable.”

“About SBC” X-Ray Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory

This brief excerpt explains the technology referenced by Jason McLellan in the link above: 

“The Structural Biology Center at Argonne leads the world in solving the structures of proteins, used by researchers around the world to develop new drugs and diagnostic procedures.”

“The Structural Biology Center (SBC) operates a National User Facility for macromolecular crystallography. Located at Sector 19 of the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, SBC provides the scientific community with two experimental beamlines: an insertion-device, 19-ID, and a bending-magnet, 19-BM.”

“Longhorns in the COVID-19 Fight: Jason McLellan” April 16, 2020 (see video above)

“Structure and Design of SARS-CoV-2 Spikes” February 5, 2021 (see video above)

71 thoughts on “Free Wally: Tracing the Spike Protein Drama to a Llama

  1. What about a person who did not get the vaccine and they have been diagnosed with the spike protein? The person experienced severe pain down the right leg somewhat similar to thrombosis for about 2 weeks…went to chiropractor because thought hip was out, but naturopathic doctor found that she had the spike protein. The DR said it was circulating throughout the blood. He also mentioned that he had more than a few nurses that came in with the same symptoms and they did not get the shot?? So far the people affected are doing ok with his remedies, but he does not know how long he will be able to fend the spike protein off……….if it will start affecting the organs, so far the individual had show damage to the liver and circulating through the blood. Can you possibly give me
    and information as to how a person can contract the “spike protien” without getting the shot. Is it in the air we breath…….maybe from the chemtrails? I would really like a response if you will personally email me I would appreciate it.

    Thank you


    1. Cindy-

      You are chasing a fiction here. There is no “spike protein”. All vaccines are toxic, and the current ones (covid) likely more so, intentionally so, and are being used to harm as well as test technology of drug delivery (within the body) systems, not to mention injected technology that hopefully, from their point of view, can lead to “monitoring” the human organism. Since the creators of the vaccines remain mum re what’s in the jabs, and why, then researchers (like Stephers) are left to dig deep holes to ascertain what might be the intent behind it.

      “but naturopathic doctor found that she had the spike protein” How did this “DR” make this finding? His claim is absurd, and I would say this person should not be trusted….This is not to discount the very real injury that these people are experiencing.

      There is some evidence that there may be the possibility of some toxic or energetic or hormonal transfer from jabbed to unjabbed, but it is just guesswork to assign blame to some specific (and unknown) entity at this point. Keep in mind that “spike protein” is the story being promoted in the media and by the ‘scientific’ community. It is the story that you are supposed to believe, as in virus is real, spike protein is real, spike protein in vaccine is real, and if a few people are hurt by it so be it. This story is fake.


    2. Cindy – My first question is how did a naturopathic doctor “find” that the patient had the “spike protein” circulating throughout the blood? I can’t imagine a naturopathic doctor having the proper diagnostic tools to identify it, as it is nanoscale. In fact, if there is a naturopathic doctor who can legitimately do so, I would really like to connect with this person. I am also highly curious as to the “remedies” being prescribed to these patients, as I have been dedicating time and research to developing a natural, holistic protocol (to address symptoms and detox of the nanoparticle). That said, I refer you to my previous post, “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle,” that helps to explain various ways one can be exposed to the “spike protein” (AKA ENP) – without getting injected (yes, one way being airborne – not from person-to-person). Please feel free to offer feedback and ask additional questions in the comments section. Thank you!


  2. Just as AIDS hoax spread fear about sex and intimacy, I see similar fear being promoted with this latest nonsense.

    The Dali Llama can stick the spike protein up …well, you know 😉


    1. OO –

      Thank you for this pertinent comment. As this “investigation” (citizen-led) of the magnetic phenomenon (resulting from COVID injections) is still evolving, I am continuing to collate research in this regard. Please see these relevant links:

      Additionally, during the Q&A in this discussion, ZOOM WEBINAR FROM 6/11/21: DISCUSSION ON THE STUDY: ‘VIRUS’ IS IDENTICAL TO NORMAL CELL ‘STRUCTURES’, Tom Cowan aptly addresses the magnetic issue (watch from 31 minute to 39 minute timestamps) – echoing much of what I have presented herein, and in prior posts. I feel that Tom’s presentation is critical viewing in its entirety. However, when I have time in the next few days, I will transcribe and unpack portions from the noted timestamps above that I think deserve highlighting.


    1. Pamela –

      Since no one really knows what this “thing” is – may have very little to do with any “protein” and much more to do with technology (non-biological) – this is the million dollar question, isn’t it?

      At this point, it seems the best way to deal with it is by treating associated symptoms.

      Sadly, I think this tech is here to stay and be integrated into human biology. If it is graphene (which I suspect), essentially, it could potentially behave as a liquid crystal in the body. Accordingly, it may be transported throughout the bloodstream to various organs and tissues – literally altering the biology on a cellular, and possibly genomic level. I understand I have not covered this in my writing, as I am still researching it. That said, there are multiple toxic elements (different than previous ones with heavy metal adjuvants) in the COVID concoctions, including nanolipids/hydrogels and PEG. Researchers are still trying to determine how to detox from these ingredients (if we can even believe what is “disclosed”). Truth is, at this point – unless independently studied with highly advanced diagnostics (not microscopes!) – no one can definitively know the full composition of these injectable biotech devices.


      1. As I have suspected graphene is related to the potential cause of COVID, as well as contributing to the toxicity in the COVID injections, this report from a Spanish university lends credence to my speculation: Further evidence of the (covert) incorporation of graphene oxide (GO) in injections (being called “vaccines”) is the overt admission in May 2021 of a new intranasal flu vaccine containing GO: Please keep in mind that when a study denotes “immunoenhancing” effects, that does NOT imply health-enhancing effects, but, rather, the presence of antibodies as an indication of an immune response. This type of virology/immunology language can be highly deceiving.


        1. “Potential cause of COVID”???

          There is no COVID. So what, exactly are you referring to? The tests are fraudulent. The primers and probes match dozens of human genomic sequences and bacterial sequences. So what’s COVID? It’s not a set of symptoms because most of the alleged symptoms are common to multiple illnesses.

          If you want to understand the scientific literature you need to pay less attention to their word salad, and don’t just reprint entire blocks of their text which is at the least questionable and possibly fraudulent. Focus on their results and read the citations to get a broader understanding of their original intent. Somewhere in the literature you’ll find clues to the targets the synthetic proteins have been developed to address. It’s not a virus. There’s more than one toxic element in the vaccines.

          And since viruses are a construct that have never been proven to exist, all vaccines are fraudulent toxic products, specifically designed to cause injury, illness and permanent gene mutation.


  3. I am thinking back to January of 2020, where I am many others I know came down with a mysterious illness lasting three weeks … certainly not contagious, as our own family members escaped. This has intrigued me … I do not get sick, yet for three weeks battled “the sniffles” and other cold and flu symptoms. I’ve not had a symptom since, despite avoiding masks and distancing and all the other propagandistic nonsense that ensued. I cannot comment further, as I do not understand what is going on well enough. It strikes me as both coincidental, perhaps well timed.

    “While some researchers have been occupied (I will speak for myself) with exposing the oldest virology trick in the book — culturing entities from cellular debris in petri dishes and calling them “viruses” — zealous synchrotron extraordinaires must be laughing themselves to the bank.”

    I am long satisfied now that viruses do not exist, but the the long campaign from 3/11 (=33)-2020 forward was designed to wear us down and create great tension, the relief from which would be the vaccine, which would coincide with the lowering of Cq cycles on PCR tests to simulate a reduction in viral “infections” (just as ramping up of those cycles simulated the illusion of a virus that was spreading). I was satisfied that Covid-19 deaths were all reclassifications of deaths from other normal diseases in people already burdened with ill health and only kept alive by drugs and other interventions … but the January illness has always puzzled me. I am in good health, as are others I know who succumbed.

    Learning that all of the agitprop of 2020 was meant to create a stampede for the vaccine, and now that tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people have died from the vaccines (greeted by media silence), and now realizing that the true effects of the vaccines after the initial die-off await us, I an wondering if our tenure on this planet as natural useless eaters will soon end, and we will become programmed zombies. I am thankful every day for being 71 now, and so old enough to miss (or avoid) what lay in store. If reincarnation is indeed a feasible outcome of graduation from this prison and the monsters who run it, then I hope my next home is a saner place, maybe run by evolved llamas instead of freaks of nature like the researchers you describe above.

    Thank to, Stephers, as always, for your invaluable contributions to our blog. It would be a different place, still wallowing in debates about fake viruses and fake PCR tests, without you.


    1. “…the relief from which would be the vaccine, which would coincide with the lowering of Cq cycles on PCR tests to simulate a reduction in viral “infections” (just as ramping up of those cycles simulated the illusion of a virus that was spreading)…”

      I actually heard a guest on a talk radio show (think it was on Buck Sexton) saying the cycles had been reduced to 20… Has this come out openly anywhere, they’re admitting that? Or it came out among the conservative fringe media? I haven’t seen any talk of it on Fakeologist et al, maybe I missed it.

      While I’m yapping… Listened to a Robert Crumb interview from early 2020 (w Dan Nadel on Fumigating the Cloud podcast.) Crumb is the old comix counterculture icon. Anyway he’s very sharp about it all, saw everything clearly. He’s ahead of the game bc someone tipped him to the AIDS con in mid 90s, and he’s bern reading books and research ever since about Big Pharma and all the players.

      Mathis did a paper “debunking” Crumb, which may well be – but he sounds very genuine about his distrust of medical authorities and their propaganda games. Says he learned how the game works early from being raised Catholic – creating fear and then offering a solution.

      He and Nadel also have the old talk about kneejerk conspiracism vs kneejerk trust – Nadel on latter side, and he comes off as a total uninformed idiot, while anyone listening surely ought to find Crumb’s case for automatic skepticism more persuasive.


  4. Could this be why the CV has never been isolated? Food for thought…..

    From an article about the work of scalar wave researcher Col. Tom Beardon.

    How to “Broadcast” Diseases

    Bearden explains how the new quantum potential weapons can be used to induce disease-at-a-distance in a population, or to “spread” the immune system so thin that a conventional bio-attack would be greatly potentiated. By “broadcasting” virtual disease patterns over a population, the immune system is so overloaded by the presence of the “shadow” diseases that its effectiveness is thinned out.

    “In short, alter the internal wavestructure, and one creates a curved spacetime ‘engine’ that acts on mass in any fashion one chooses to design — including initiate diseases . . . Now visualize one of these ‘vacuum engines’ or ‘spacetime curvature engines’ that acts on mass to generate the exact effects produced by anthrax. (Or any other disease one wishes) . . . Call the virtual state of a disease engine the disease pattern in the “shadow” state, just prior to becoming observable. . . .

    “And the master cellular control system responds to “coming events that cast their shadows before”. In short, it responds to the upper level of the “shadow state” of a disease, still in the virtual state! (Hey, virtual particles are real, virtual photons are real, virtual ST curvatures are real — just very fleeting, only for another to immediately arise). The exchange of virtual particles is known to generate all forces in physics anyway! . . .

    “So the cellular control system responds to “shadow state” disease patterns. Enter a QP weapon application. Place a quantum potential weapon “area” on the United States, so that the entire populace is in it. The slowly introduce and bring up in the shadow state, the necrotizing fasciitis disease engine. At some point, the cellular control systems will react, and order the immune system into action. In other words, immune system resources will be committed against this “immediately coming” enemy. Bring it on up a little, but still just in the shadow state. Voila! Humans form a bell-shaped distribution curve. And even if the structure of the QP fluctuates a little, fluctuating a bit stronger and a bit weaker, etc. A few of those targeted bodies will now actually develop necrotizing fasciitis. So far, just like the U.S. Embassy targeting, except a different “carrier”.

    “But now there is an exact signature that this is what is doing it, and not normal vector carriers of disease and contact or exposure infection. The few cases of necrotizing fasciitis that break out will be most puzzling. They will be randomly scattered across the entire nation, and so few that the vector carrier and contact or exposure explanation completely fails.”

    “And that one happened, right here in the U.S., not so long ago. Check it out.

    “So carefully adjust the patterns for, say, 12 major terrible diseases, to that “adjusted and desired shadow state level”. Now add all 12 patterns into the internal structure of the quantum potential. Now it has 12 shadow state disease engines in it.

    “Place that one on a populace. The cellular control systems order the immune systems into action, and they now have to commit their finite resources to 12 different areas. This greatly thins the response an immune system can make to any one of those 12 disease patterns! In short, it “spreads” the capabilities of the immune system, which can be galvanized to great effort, but only can perform a small bit against each area.

    “Suppose one of those “galvanized” areas in the targeted populace’s immune systems is anthrax. And suppose the bad guys now hit one or more of those cities with a professional anthrax attack. A former OTA study showed that a professional anthrax aerial spray attack against Washington D.C., dispensing 100 kilograms of anthrax spores in the spray, will account for 1 to 3 million casualties. And that’s in an “unthinned” set of immune systems. In the “thinned” set, one can at least double or triple, and even up to five times, that estimate. So conservatively, now there would be from 2 to 6 million casualties. And even mild anthrax spray attacks in other “thinned” cities would also be amplified.

    “That one is being set up, or already set up, right now. There are other such “augmentation” setups also under way.

    “So the weapons alluded to by the SecDef in 1997 are already being employed. WW III has already begun, and our populace (and our scientific community) is blissfully unaware of it.”

    Most of us can remember the strange outbreaks of the so-called “flesh eating disease.” It seemed to break out here and there randomly with no known cause. Bearden believes this was a test of the newer quantum potential weapons which go even beyond the capabilities of the Tesla howitzers.

    “The Kaznacheyev “disease induction by novel electrodynamics” work is also the basis for the spacetime curvature engines (not EM signals!) carried by quantum potential EM biological weapons for distant induction of diseases etc. into the population of an entire nation or area, such as the U.S.

    “This quantum potential disease induction weapon — capable of attacking an entire population of a nation or area — has been tested several times in the U.S. at very low levels, in the shadow state only (we explain shortly) and it has a most peculiar signature. E.g., one test used necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-rotting disease) engines.

    “The disease ‘engine’ was deliberately kept down in the ‘shadow state’ (virtual state, just below the observable state) so that only a tiny bit of the populace with depressed thresholds would “breach the observable threshold’ due to the population forming a bell-shaped curve as to the threshold level. The major signature of the test was that the cases of the disease broke out totally statistically and randomly, spread all over, without any ‘disease vector’ in between.

    “In short, it was not spread in any manner required by normal deterministic disease vectoring, but was a totally random set of occurrences. Several other diseases were also tested this way in the American populace, with precisely the same signature.”


    “Apparently one planned use of such an augmented clandestine BW weapon will be smallpox, e.g. As you know, the Russians did develop smallpox for biological warfare, and even developed a new strain against which previous vaccination is ineffective.

    “The vast numbers of expected casualties, coupled with immune system spreading, are absolutely irresistible to the Russian mind. You can count on it that they have seen that the smallpox is already on site here, in the U.S. and in the hands of professional terrorist teams. Of course, the Russians/KGB will protest they have nothing to do with that! Yet likely the KGB will have flatly arranged it or at least assisted it. The capability for mass destruction of the nation is so lucrative and easy to achieve in advance, that they would never be able to resist doing it.”


    Bearden believes the Gulf War Syndrome involved the use of scalar technology to induce a disease state, as he stated in a 1997 interview:

    “I’ll say this flatly, and I won’t answer any further questions about it; the Gulf War Syndrome was induced… It was induced with this stuff. All the rest… was contributing factors that everybody’s talking about… There are some deeper signatures, if you look into it very deeply, that show you exactly how it was done and the fact that it was induced. It was a test. It was a test of a very special kind of weapon I have not talked about yet. Anyway you can use it to create diseases.”



    1. Just a small piece of advice – do not trust anybody with a title Lieutenant Colonel. You’re most probably being cunningly misled by an army intelligence officer acting as a marginalized scientist. If you’re looking for some meaningful explanations for the principles of our reality and underlying physics, look into the charge theory by Miles Mathis.


    2. Pamela –

      I have an interest in scalar waves and energy signatures, and I have minimally studied radionics, such that I understand that these frequencies can be transmitted/broadcasted (essentially psychoenergetic in nature) on carrier waves.

      I have experimented a bit with a rife machine, using it “remotely.” I also know an individual (a local scientist) who studied with John Lilly, doing some intriguing work with the Lilly wave. In fact, I have used his flotation tank (which he learned about from Lilly). Most of the brainwave/virtual vector work is highly classified though. Unfortunately, it has also been heavily weaponized, as it is dual-use. I have suspected that this covert technology has been utilized in the COVID operation. I wrote about this in August 2020:

      I looked into Bearden years ago, and then circled back to his work right before the COVID operation. (I recommend using keen discernment when going through his information, as it seems there is disinformation mixed in, which should be no surprise given his military intelligence background.) Here are two relevant articles I pulled from my email inbox that you may find of interest:


      1. Is John Lilly also military (and pushing Lsd) or is that someone else whose books I read? How did your experiments with the Rife machine go?

        Well written article thanks.


      2. I remember reading about the Rife Machine that can put frequencies into our bodies and wondering if it actually works. I assume if they have that then they would have a machine where words can be inserted in to our thoughts, changing our mood and behavior within minutes. Where is that little voice in our heads coming from, feels like it taps into our brains like a radio frequency. Can’t just write it off as mental illness,.

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  5. I don’t think the spike protein is really a “toxin”, a toxic is a chemical/biological poison, the spike protein is more of a mechanical damage maker. Kind of like fish hooks floating in the blood.


      1. Considering the fact what proteins are made of, which is aminoacids, there may be some truth mixed into the hype about the spike(d) protein. The jab for the non-existent virus is full of proteins (aminoacids) sourced from animals (vero cells, bovine nutrients, etc).

        Anyways, the fundamental shape of aminoacid molecules is a long line, as in metaphorical chain of molecules. The shape could be interpreted as a spike by a stretch and it may even have some pun / hidden meaning to our berserker rulers. Nobody has yet looked into it and its kind of irrelevant. The fact is these jabs are full of harmful ingredients, with some of them possibly being experimental concoctions serving an unknown purpose. There’s nothing to fear if you stay away from it. Proteins can’t travel through air, so people who took the jab can’t transfer any protein based molecule to unvaccinated without injecting it into the bloodstream.

        In the end, we are all here for a definite period of time so don’t get to serious about anything in particular – nobody has yet managed to get out of this prison planet alive. 🙂 Be brave and hold your lines, fellow truthers.


        1. To further expand on this Covid nightmare – the analogy is the same as in the efforts of spreading religious beliefs all over the globe. It is about the control of population and social engineering efforts on the grand scale. We are all witnesses to the latter in our everyday life but we don’t notice it. The vaccination frenzy is analogous to religious baptizing, as in being “accepted” to the majority of the society. Fear of the unknown, bad, devilishly forces is omnipresent so being a good, God praying citizen will save you, so says the mantra. With viruses and vaccines, there is a significant parallel to the meaning of baptizing – there is a deadly, invisible threat out there and if you don’t take the jab and trust science gods, you’ll die and even worse, you’re endangering the entire society by being ignorant, as in scientifically atheistic.

          This all plays into the transhumanism agenda from another angle – they are replacing and redifining religion with science and scientific beliefs, so the institution of Church is in their way and has to go, fast. The society is moving towards the belief where individual is important only as a member of the global population and has to align his actions to the greater good as defined by AI, since humans are unable to be objective. Similar as in the functioning of our body cells – many die off on daily basis, but one is still able to replace them and live another day. Kind of a borg-ish approach to societal engineering, but in my opinion, that’s where we’re heading.


          1. As long as I can go to Kolob, when this is all said and done, and have endless Celestial Sex, I’m OK. Hell, it may even be worth the jab!!


  6. Just brainstorming a possible solution to anti-life quantum potential scalar nonsense . Gently arm oneself with something like this? Something wearable out in the field and something more stationary in the home. Has it been done already or can the WunderFolk amongst us imagine a way to do this?

    Click to access paper13klintestam.pdf


  7. I slept with a woman who took the Sinovac jab a month prior to us hooking up. Is it possible for her to transmit if this spike protein or nanoparticles through intercourse?


    1. Why would it not be possible to transmit thru intercourse? Pretty much everything is transmissible that way. Altho more likely man to woman than woman to man usually.
      Don’t just have sex with anyone. Definitely advice i should have followed as well.


    2. Miffyx –

      While I may not have a specific answer to your question (which I assume for now is legitimate, and not a trolling comment), I have a few thoughts . . .

      This document from Sinovac lists the “disclosed” ingredients (p. 3):

      Despite Sinovac claiming there are no “nanoparticles” in their concoction, this paper from 2017, “New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination”, determined that vaccines contain non-biocompatible and bio-persistent foreign bodies which are not openly declared by the manufacturers. So – whether intentional or not (or disclosed or not) – it may be likely that nanoparticles (non-biological or hybrid) are present in the Sinovac injection.

      That said, we (as curious, yet uninformed citizens) do not definitively know how these nanoparticles (including what is termed a “spike protein”) operate. It is possible that if there were any chance of “transmission” (NOT necessarily “physical,” but could be “energetic”) from person-to-person, it would occur regardless of an intimate exchange – simply by being in the presence of one another. Therefore, “transmission” (again, this may be a frequency of some sort, as opposed to physical transfer) could occur in the vicinity of any individual (with no physical contact). However, in my opinion, it is much more likely that exposure to nanoparticles (that are non-biocompatible, and therefore, could cause adverse affects) results from inhalation or ingestion (if not injected), rather than from person-to-person contact.

      If you are concerned about your health and want to protect your body from oxidative damage (in general), I suggest increasing your intake of alpha lipoic acid from whole food sources, which you can read about here:

      If you have any other questions, or would like more suggestions for supporting your health, feel free to leave another comment. I wish you the best.


      1. This is a little late but I had a thought the other day. Have you guys seen the movie Species — notably the 1st one where the the manifestation of ‘alien’ DNA is expressed whenever the host is having sex? During intercourse the alien comes out and destroys whoever the partner is in a gruesome and ceremonious manner.

        There’s a scene at the end where the professor is trying to get laid at the hotel bar and is coaxed by Sil (the female alien hybrid antagonist) who ultimately screws him to death, literally. I’m probably not accurately capturing the gist of the movie but the message is very prescient especially with these Corona hijinks and subsequent pandemics in the future.

        Would recommend watching if you haven’t.


  8. I have been watching for somebody somewhere to comment and draw a parallel about DIC and the seeming side effects of the injected device. The definition of DIC is that it isn’t the cause, but the effect of some other disease or malfunction of the body and that once the body is restored, the DIC dissipates. Or if it is too late, it dies of mass clotting and bleeding from depleted platelets. This is a known named effect, before 2020.

    Do you suppose that they keep saying thrombocytopenia and cerebrovascular clotting and mycarditis, big words that have complicated definitions instead of a simple one only to add confusion? The new one is MIS-C as an after effect of covid in children. I didn’t see where it was named before 2020, but likely it existed under a different name like Kawasaki disease before there was an adjustable test for covid.

    My thought was, they are relabeling deaths, renaming diseases, like colds, introducing new technology under various guises so this a propaganda technique. The divide is narrowing between fantasy and reality. The inversion of real and not real, so that truth is a lie and lie is the truth. A virtual hall of mirrors to keep people confused and bewitched, waiting to be rescued.

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    1. Jeanette-

      Yes, the NIH document you link to sets up the usual group of musical chairs, we only need to choose from the causes they offer us. Virus, of course, is one of our choices for causing “DIS”.

      Surely they considered injected graphene or ferrous nanoparticles as also being a risk factor for clotting, but apparently were found to be innocent. (sarcasm)

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  9. For those who have sensed my frustration with the Gain-of-Function narrative, it may be worth a listen to Dr. Sam Bailey’s presentation (posted today 6/29//21): Wouldn’t it be nice to finally put the tall tale of a virus, or “gain-of-function” virus, to bed, so that we can move forward in determining the genuine cause of COVID?


  10. On the topic of graphene, I highly recommend watching Dr. James Tour (of Rice University) give his nano graphene shpiel to Congress in March 2021: Tour’s 5-minute sales pitch starts at the 12:51 time stamp, and then he fields a few soft-ball questions from the congressmen. Only the last guy questioned him about potential environmental risks, but it was quickly glossed over; and not one questioned Tour about potential health risks to living beings. He simply said “non-toxic” at the get-go, and no one batted an eye.

    Of course, Tour’s main sell is zero net carbon emissions and saving the earth from climate change – his “green” graphene will save the day, and needs to be in nearly all building materials.

    That said, most significant and applicable to this particular post, Tour notes the key involvement of Argonne National Lab (shortly after the 15 min timestamp). I think we should pay attention to this. It may be the potential missing link I was looking for, as it may connect the “protein of interest” directly back to graphene, which was my speculation.

    Additionally, and not surprisingly, he asserts his primary funding is from the Dept of Energy, DoD, and Army Research Labs. The only one missing was DARPA. He even notes later on the involvement of Oak Ridge National Lab. So we see many key players wrapped up together, with Dr. James Tour at the helm. He drives this point home, when he discusses all of the nano and graphene patents he owns, and his many spin-out companies from Rice U. Watch out for this guy: You may be hearing a lot more about him . . .


    1. Jamaal Brown, who opened up the proceedings, and speaking of people who live in “non-resilient” buildings, had this amazing observation: “The people who live in these buildings have been dying at a higher rate from covid, partly because of co-morbidities caused by the fossil fuel economy. We need sustainable buildings now, and we need to rebuild our communities from the ground up…making buildings more resilient.”

      More resilient in this case apparently means built with graphene, the new “carbon chicken wire”, miracle drug delivery system, and latest stealth addition to vaccines.

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      1. OM –

        Straight from the horse’s mouth: “To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism . . . This is our chance to build a more equitable, resilient and sustainable world . . .” Note the various buzzwords, which are currently being (and will continually to be) ingrained in the masses: equitable, resilient, sustainable, green, decarbonize, stakeholder capitalism, impact, reset, corporate social responsibility, shock, efficiency, disruption, inclusive . . . and the list goes on . . . Here is a 60-second keynote speech (June 2020) by Peter Bakker (President and CEO, World Business Council for Sustainable Development), in which he drives home the intersection of COVID and climate change with “integrated capitalism”:


      2. hi Matt
        What info do you have on this graphine and medical treatments? Has it been used previously and why increase the use now.


    2. Drs. Cowan and Kaufman will be presenting on graphene this Saturday, July 17, 2021: If you are interested in this topic and plan to attend their webinar, I highly recommend viewing this detailed, comprehensive, and well-informed presentation beforehand: “From Graphene, Nano, Morgellons to Bionic Man” Consider watching this erudite presentation in the next day or two as a “pre-game,” if you will. Even if you are not planning to register for the Cowan/Kaufman webinar, the Babylon Decoded video will give you plenty of context with which to grasp the graphenation/transhumanism agenda (sans fear porn). Critical resources and links are provided for further exploration.


  11. Here is Delgado (of La Quinta Columna) being interviewed today (July 16, 2021) by Canadian economist and author Michel Chossudovsky, (Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal): In my opinion – and to echo my research and writing in this regard – Delgado did a wonderful job highlighting the main takeaways of their team’s research, including his final remarks on graphene oxide being applied to neuronal control. I was happy to see Chossudovsky giving Delgado the space to express openly; and perhaps this messaging will begin to spread to places that will inspire real change, and enable healing moving forward . . . I strongly urge viewing this 24-minute discussion, as they also both concur on the notion that no virus was ever properly purified and isolated; and thus, a virus could not have been the cause of COVID.


  12. “The Future of Graphene and 5G”(

    “Grolltex Manager, April 2nd, 2018”

    “At the February Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain, the close connection between graphene and 5G technology was one of the main sources of attraction. Both have been featured prominently in the news recently as new-age wonders, so it’s only natural that the two would at some point combine forces to produce some truly remarkable capabilities. That time appears to be in the very near future, as considerable research has been underway on ways that the two could support each other for mutual benefit.”

    “Monolayer graphene has only been commercially available for about the last decade, but it has already made a powerful impact in the areas of high-speed photosensitivity, farming applications, flexible photodetectors, medical diagnostics, and water purification processes. 5G of course, has been hailed as the future of communications for several years, and is considered to be the enabling technology for both VR and AR. Some of the ongoing research has been related to finding ways that super-conductive, flexible monolayer graphene could be used to support the needs of 5G technology, to help finally achieve the breakthrough it needs.”

    “Graphene and 5G Technology Combined”

    “5G technology cannot simply be scaled up from previous technology to meet the demands of high-speed communications of the future – it needs an enabling technology. Enter monolayer graphene. By late 2017, a research team at Chalmers University in Sweden had developed a method of combining graphene flexibility with terahertz detection so as to make it possible to connect the Internet of Things (IoT), via high-bandwidth technologies available in 5G.”


  13. A prescient warning from July 2012, “Is graphene safe?”

    “Certainly, we must be cautious of the release of novel materials, particularly those that lie in the brave new world of nano where bulk properties seem to fade from view yet the atomic and molecular properties are not quite manifest. On this scale, phenomena emerge that might not be predicted based on bulk or molecular properties.”

    “Ken Donaldson is a respiratory toxicologist at the University of Edinburgh and he and his colleagues are among the first to raise the warning flag on graphene, at least for nanoscopic platelets of the material. It is not too great a leap of the imagination to imagine how such tiny flakes of carbon might be transported deep within the lungs similar to asbestos fibres and coal dust. Once lodged within, there is no likely mechanism for the removal or break down of such inert particles and they might reside on these sensitive tissues triggering a chronic inflammatory response or interfering with the normal cellular functions.”

    “The problem with graphene flakes, according to Donaldson and colleagues, is that although they might be labelled as being a few dozen micrometres across on the shipping container from a supplier, these platelets can behave as if they were much smaller. Our bodies can usually filter particles quite effectively, but these particles behave in ways that allow them to slip past the filters and once inside can be too big for white blood cells to engulf.”


  14. From 2009, (page 5) “In this talk, I will give examples on the use of surface science techniques to investigate fundamental interface issues in the areas of graphene and molecular electronics. We used in situ STM, synchrotron photoemission (PES) and density functional theory (DFT) calculations to investigate the structure of the various reconstructions of 6H-SiC(0001) prior to its thermal decomposition to form epitaxial graphene (EG) [3].”


  15. On nano-neuroengineering (July 6, 2021): “Nanoparticles create heat from light to manipulate electrical activity in neurons”

    “Nanomaterials have been used in a variety of emerging applications, such as in targeted pharmaceuticals or to bolster other materials and products such as sensors and energy harvesting and storage devices. A team in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis is using nanoparticles as heaters to manipulate the electrical activity of neurons in the brain and of cardiomyocytes in the heart.”

    “The findings, published July 3, 2021, in Advanced Materials, have the potential to be translated to other types of excitable cells and serve as a valuable tool in nano-neuroengineering.”

    “‘We showed we can inhibit the activity of these neurons and stop their firing, not just on and off, but in a graded manner,’ said Singamaneni, the Lilyan & E. Lisle Hughes Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science. ‘By controlling the light intensity, we can control the electrical activity of the neurons. Once we stopped the light, we can completely bring them back again without any damage.’”

    “In addition to their ability to efficiently convert light into heat, the PDA nanoparticles are highly biocompatible and biodegradable. The nanoparticles eventually degrade, making them a convenient tool for use in in vitro and in vivo experiments in the future.”

    “Raman, professor of biomedical engineering, compares the process to adding cream to a cup of coffee.”

    “‘When you pour cream into hot coffee, it dissolves becomes creamed coffee through the process of diffusion.’ he explained. ‘It is similar to process that controls which ions flow in and out of the neurons. Diffusion depends on temperature, so if you have a good handle on the heat, you control the rate of diffusion close to the neurons. This would in turn impact the electrical activity of the cell. This study demonstrates the concept that the photothermal effect, converting light into heat, near the vicinity of nanoparticles tagged neurons can be used as a way to control specific neurons remotely.’”

    “‘The excitability of a cell or tissue, whether it be cardiomyocytes or muscle cells, depends to a certain extent on diffusion,’ Raman said. ‘While cardiomyocytes have a different set of rules, the principle that controls the sensitivity to temperature can be expected to be similar.’”

    “Now, the team is looking at how different types of neurons respond to the stimulation process. They will be targeting particular neurons by selectively binding the nanoparticles to provide more selective control.”


  16. Following is a powerful, resolute, and passionate message from a friend of my dear friend, Alison McDowell. Here, Ilana, speaks on all of our behalf. There is still much work to be done, and my resolve to continue this crucial engagement on behalf of all natural life is unwavering. I hope you will take time to listen (16 min):


  17. “Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Nanotech Now Found Also in Pfizer-BioNTech COMIRNATY Vaccine: German Video Reveals Self-Assembling Specks and Crystalline Networks Forming”: (August 15, 2021).

    For an esoteric perspective on the Comirnaty jab . . .

    Since the shot can be considered a “clot shot” — in so far as the shot coagulates blood (resulting in blood clots, as I have written about) — it is quite telling (if you understand word “spelling”/sorcery) that the anagram of Comirnaty is literally, “Tiromancy”:

    See here on Tiromancy:

    Yes, apparently, there is a form of “divination” (going back to the Middle Ages) — divining (revealing hidden knowledge) via COAGULATED cheese. I kid you not. This operation is not only militarized at its core, it is highly occult.

    One other anagram of “Comirnaty” (which as you can see already is a strange choice of word, to say the least) is “Torcimany” — which also carries meaning and further sorcery implications, as it was the title of a magnum opus penned in the early 15th century by a Catalan politician/poet:çó. Speaking of Catalan, I have traced the Catalan Institute (nanotech/graphene) to be one of the key players in this entire operation:, and I mentioned it in a previous post.

    In one anagram of Comirnaty, if you add a “p” or “m” to -atronymic . . . This would be relevant, in my opinion, to issues pertaining to ancestry and DNA lineage; and of course, we then circle back to issues concerning synthetic/modified RNA/DNA.

    It all connects, and they do love their Revelation of the Method — even when subtly concealed. In this case, nearly any permutation of the word seems to carry much occult meaning.

    There are three more prominent words (in this case, 8-letter words) embedded within ( . . .

    “caryotin” = a readily stained substance in the nucleus of a cell made up of DNA, RNA and proteins, aka chromatin (; and
    “minatory” = having a menacing quality (; and
    “acrimony” = corrosiveness; virulence

    One could keep breaking down the word into even smaller components, finding many more smaller words (ie – atom) within . . . This is not as substantial, and occurs often within words. However, I do find the coincidences with the precise 9-letter anagrams, and even the 8-letter anagrams, to be statistically significant, and some readers may find it of interest.


  18. Given that I published the above essay on June 12, 2021, this particular paper in ACS Nano was not available at the time (published June 15, 2021): “COVID-19 Spike Protein Induced Phononic Modification in Antibody-Coupled Graphene for Viral Detection Application”

    “. . . this work is focused on the effect of the interfacing of the spike (S) protein on the phononics of graphene (functionalized with antibody).”

    “Here, graphene functions as a Raman transducer, where its phononic properties are coupled with its interfacial properties, which are made selective to COVID-19 S-protein by chemically attaching COVID-19 antibody on graphene.”

    This conjugation is essentially what I had posited.

    It should be noted that this study was funded by the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), which partners intimately in energy research with nearby Argonne National Laboratory (featured above in my essay):

    One more item of note . . . Following is a related article detailing the partnership I mentioned above (from 2012):

    “JCESR (pronounced “J-Caesar”) will be directed by George W. Crabtree, Argonne Senior Scientist, Distinguished Fellow and Associate Division Director; Distinguished Professor of Physics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago; and an internationally recognized leader in energy research.”

    Look who Crabtree (noted in the excerpt above) collaborated with (see below) . . . Mildred Dresselhaus (whom I referenced in the comments thread here: on GRAPHENE OXIDE (GO).

    George W. Crabtree, Mildred S. Dresselhaus, V. Michelle. Buchanan the hydrogen economy. Phys Today, 57 (2004), pp. 39-44. … Role of interlayer spacing and functional group on the hydrogen storage properties of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide. Int J Hydrogen Energy, 41 (2016), pp. 9454-9461. Google Scholar


  19. “Joint Transnational Call 2021 for transnational research projects in synergy with the Graphene Flagship & Human Brain Project Call pre-announcement”:

    “2. GRM-based Neural Interfaces for Bioelectronic Medicines
    The rapid advances in neurotechnologies for the detection and modulation of electrical signalling patterns in the nervous system has triggered a new class of treatments known as Bioelectronic Medicines. The aim is to develop miniaturised implantable devices able to decipher and modulate neural signalling patterns, achieving therapeutic effects, selectively targeting particular functions of specific organs. For this vision to be realized, significant technology advances are needed in terms of fully implantable systems capable of chronically recording and stimulating the nervous system. GRMs have already shown great potential as building blocks of neural interfaces, not only for recording, but also stimulating neural circuits. In order to move forward the technology, GRM neural interfaces have to integrate additional building blocks, while demonstrating the long-term safety and chronic functionality in relevant preclinical models. These building blocks include data transmission and analysis systems, closed-loop operation, integration with commercial electronics, to name a few.”

    “4. GRM-based, Ultra-Broadband THz-Transceiver technologies for 6G compliant wireless communication
    Future 6G wireless networks will handle bit rates up to several 100Gbit/s operating at carrier frequencies≥1THz. Such networks will consist of small cells with limited coverage, coupled to a broad band optical backhauling link by e.g. seamless connection to an optical fibre infrastructure. Low costs, energy efficient operation, small form factor, and direct conversion from wireless THz- to optical-layer are key performance features of such transceivers. This call targets the realisation of GRM-based transceivers to enable seamless efficient conversion from THz to optical signals, as well as ultra-fast detection mechanisms to convert optical signals to THz.”

    “8. GRM components for Self-charging and Self-powered Electronics
    A low-emission solution to power the increasing number of devices required for Big Data analysis is to make them sustainably self-powered and self-charging, through the development of efficient energy harvesters. A novel concept enabling high power conversion efficiency of mechanical energy exploits triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs). GRMs have tuneable chemical and electronic properties, making them ideal candidates to enhance the triboelectrification charge density of insulating materials. This calls targets the combination of GRMs with solution processable TENGs fabrication, to prepare low cost, sustainable solutions for powering future electronics.”


    1. Stephers, I know you are on to something here, but it is bigger than me, something I cannot control or understand. If people refuse booster shots, will the body eventually expel this invader?

      Driving down a busy street today I saw signs advertising free Covid shots, and free flu shots. We are under assault. I’ve never had a flu shot. Even in my uninformed state, I knew to avoid them. I see that flu shots were widely dispersed in Northern Italy in 2019, but then again, how do we know that there was any unusual death spike there? we are swimming in lies.

      Unfortunately, I have a bulging, painful hernia that needs to be repaired. The clinic does not require vaccination, otherwise I resolved to live with it. They do require PCR and “voluntary” three day quarantine if negative, and the usual bullshit if positive. I am exposed, I am afraid. I want to put this nonsense behind me and never see another doctor, ever. (And never pick ip a downed tree and heave it down a hillside.) I can say no more here.


      1. That’s infuriating, Mark. I would be tempted to get a lawyer and sue them for violating your rights. Every patient has the right to refuse a test or treatment. Contact the clinic’s legal counsel, and patient ombudsman, if they have that.
        The tests are fraudulent. See if they can prove otherwise.


      2. MT –

        This doctor seems to think, that without “boosters,” that the nanomaterial may degrade and be expelled within a year or so (since the time of inoculation): I do not have the knowledge, nor intuition, to confirm or deny that at this time. I still need more information and on-the-ground data.

        That said, in terms of healing from any type of “invader” (regardless of specifics) that may have hitched a ride in this biotech vehicle, I recently uploaded new software on my personal Rife machine to presumably account for this. We can talk personally (off-line) about how I may be able to remotely influence you or any loved ones you may be concerned about (via long-distance Rife frequencies specific to the injections). It may assist; but of course, I have no guarantees. In the very near future, I am also planning to produce a homeopathic nosode specific to graphene oxide/reduced graphene oxide/graphene nano platelets (which I do have in my physical possession). This will only be available for friends and family (you included, of course), as I do not think it would be legal for me to sell or market it. Again, it would come with no guarantees, except to say that the sample vials will never be opened/exposed, and thus, no harmful product would actually be physically present in the remedy. I can elaborate off-line.

        We can talk privately about the swabbing/”quarantine” as well . . .


  20. July 2018 – “Graphene-Based Spiral Nanoantenna for Intrabody Communication at Terahertz”

    “Thanks to these technologies, various tools are developed to control multiple entities at the atomic as well as the molecular levels [1]. Fast and accurate disease diagnosis as well as treatment is now possible thanks to the real new materials and technologies to be implemented inside the human body [6,7]. Essentially, three models are utilized to undergo the communication process inside the human body: Ultrasound (US) communication [8], molecular communication [9] and electromagnetic communication [10]. …”


  21. Non-sensationalist reporting on the detection of graphene oxide in sample vials of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Janssen (J&J) . . .

    November 16, 2021, Exclusive interview for El Toro TV: Dr. Pablo Campra talks about the technical report on the detection of graphene oxide in COVID-19 ‘vaccines’

    Following is a link to the featured report (also referenced in the comment above by commenter, Diego) translated in English:


  22. On the self-assembling capability of graphene, and conjugating graphene with human-based proteins . . .

    “Hydrogel bioelectronics”
    (July 2018)

    See p. 14 – Figure 12

    (A) Graphene is a carbon nanomaterial consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice with a thickness of 0.335 nm. Due to its atomically thin nature, graphene is commonly referred as a 2D material. Graphene has extraordinary mechanical and electrical properties with a remarkable ability to form self-assembled structures owing to strong pi-pi interactions between graphene sheets.

    (B) Highly elastic and conductive hydrogels are achieved based on the hybrid nanocomposite between graphene and human-based proteins. Protein molecules interact with graphene via hydrophobic bonding, which provides physically crosslinked conductive nanocomposite hydrogels.

    From the abstract:

    Recently, hydrogels have emerged as a promising material candidate for the next-generation bioelectronic interfaces, due to their similarities to biological tissues and versatility in electrical, mechanical, and biofunctional engineering. In this review, we discuss (i) the fundamental mechanisms of tissue–electrode interactions, (ii) hydrogels’ unique advantages in bioelectrical interfacing with the human body, (iii) the recent progress in hydrogel developments for bioelectronics, and (iv) rational guidelines for the design of future hydrogel bioelectronics. Advances in hydrogel bioelectronics will usher unprecedented opportunities toward ever-close integration of biology and electronics, potentially blurring the boundary between humans and machines.

    Bio for one of the authors, Xuanhe Zhao:

    Xuanhe Zhao is an associate professor in Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the founder of Soft Active Materials Laboratory ( His research group is advancing the science and technology to seamlessly interface and merge humans and machines, particularly through inventing soft materials and machines. Dr Zhao is the recipient of the early career award or young investigator award from National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, Society of Engineering Science, Adhesion Society, and American Vacuum Society. He held the Hunt Faculty Scholar at Duke and d’Arbeloff Career Development Chair and Robert N. Noyce Career Development Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


  23. “Shedding, Vaccines and Graphene Machines” (February 22, 2022) by Dr. Sam Bailey – just under 20 minutes

    Seems Dr. Sam is going deeper than Tom, Andy, and Stefan — steadily inching closer to my premise/analysis (?).

    She’s not all the way there yet, but getting much warmer . . .

    I still think I need to dig deeper into the potential pheromone connection . . .

    I am exploring further the work of Leor Weinberger (whom I have previously referenced with respect to transmissible “vaccines”) and his TIPs (, as well as his work in stochastic noise (

    Most important, we need to get away from any notion of physical “shedding”; and, instead, lean into transmission via inherent/engineered/hybridized circuitry, electromagnetic resonance ( and semiconductors/NEMS ( — proteins may play a role in this regard, as they can be exploited/tweaked (


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