The Oswald twins

John Armstrong wrote the book Harvey and Lee, which I have read and Tyrone has referenced in his paper on the JFK assassination, JFKTV. It is more a manuscript in need of editing than a book, 983 pages, laying out his exhaustive research on the matter of two Oswald’s. One was “Harvey,” a man he believed to be a Hungarian emigrant to the US who could speak fluent Russian. The other was “Lee,” a New Orleans-born man of coarser roots, not as intellectually gifted.

Armstrong never voiced the suspicion they were twins. I never suspected as much either. I don’t know their origins, nor how much of their back story is planted mythology. I don’t know that one ever went to Russia, or lived in Minsk. There was indeed a KGB Intelligence agent named Marina Prusakova, a woman who by appearances seemed appointed to canoodle with a whole troupe of fake American expatriates. She married one of the two, it appears. But I know now that there was high-level cooperation between the US and the USSR during the Cold War (and now), and so have a hard time imagining that all of them, the two Oswald’s and Marina, were not employed by the same people.

the-blended-photoHere to the left is a photo of Oswald, perhaps Armstrong’s most important discovery. The man we came to know as Lee Harvey Oswald was a composite, and so is his most recognizable photo. So well-planned was the JFK fake murder that the perpetrator, two intelligence agents, was blended before our eyes into one. That way when we saw a photo of either, recognition was triggered. The photo to the left is two men made into one by means of some professional “face chopping,” as Tyrone calls it.

Some time back, upon acceptance that John F. Kennedy had faked his death, I gathered up all of my JFK books and took them to a local second-hand book store, including Harvey and Lee. I could go there right now and buy it back, I am sure. I have read it, as has Tyrone, and an Intel agent named Len Osanic who runs a propaganda site called Black Op Radio has too. But I think that is it in terms of people who actually waded through the book.

Lee Harvey Oswald did not die on November 24, 1963. They faked that too. The basement of the police station was a television set, and Jack Ruby was an actor. Oswald did his part and then disappeared from the scene. James Douglass, in his book JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters writes of an odd encounter of a young soldier traveling to Colorado Springs in the aftermath of 11/22*, getting on a military plane that had stopped in Dallas to pick up two other soldiers, one of whom was Oswald. Douglass might be a real man and not a spook, but if so he has performed a huge disservice in lionizing JFK. That man was no saint. Douglass got it wrong.


I spent yesterday afternoon doing something I’ve meant to do for some time now – finding and separating the Oswald twins. I do not know which is Lee, which is Harvey, because I do not know their real names. If Armstrong is right, they were raised separately by separate mothers, one in New Orleans, one in New York and other places, even a stint in North Dakota. I do not know their origins other than what was planted for us sleuths to find. I just know they are two men.

Here is Twin One, who I think Armstrong called “Lee:”


back-yardThe middle photo there is from the famous “back yard” sequence. In that, his head was superimposed on the body of another man, as he was apparently not available that day for a photo shoot. Or, more likely, they were just messing with us, appearing to frame him.

And here is Twin Two, who Armstrong labeled, I believe, “Harvey:”


That first shot is at the Dallas Police Department after his arrest at the theater. I always thought him a man on whom the weight of the world had just collapsed, but not so. He knew stuff.

Facial splits, or “face chops” highlight slight differences in the two, and it took me some time to set them apart. However, if Armstrong is correct, they were easily distinguished by build and temperament. Lee was heavier, more outgoing and more muscular, while Harvey, who officially took the fall for the murder, was smaller and more bookish. (Who knows – he might even have read, for real, Catcher in the Rye!)

Here are a couple of chops:


Slightly elevated eye, slightly lower ear. That’s about it. Really, really hard to spot. And another:


Again, same differences. I do not know the true value of Armstrong’s work, but I do credit him with my own ability to recognize the two Oswald’s.

Finally, as best as I can construct, are the two photos that were used to blend the ID card of Alex Hidell above, my own re-creation of that piece of work:

Notice how on the photo on the right, the ear is completely black. That is because they had to move it slightly so the two ears would align. To cover up the move, since this was such an important piece of photo pasting, they blacked it to cover any sign of a paste-up.

Anyway, that is it – Lee Harvey Oswald, one of the most famous sets of twins in human history. I hope they both lived long and productive lives.

(By the way, it has been noted on occasion that famous assassins like Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, James Earl Ray and Mark David Chapman go by full names, first, middle and last. I suggest a topic for research: This is done by Intelligence to signal to one another that we are dealing with twins?

Then, of course, there is Sirhan Sirhan.


*I just had a moment of enlightenment two days ago when I realized that 11+22 = 33. Duh.


PS: It just occurred to me after publishing this and re-reading that Marina Prusakova Oswald might have been a beard. She might have been seen in public with both Oswald’s, just as Jane Asher was with Paul and Mike McCartney, and Pamela Courson with Jim Morrison and his later-life body double. I leave that matter unresolved.

9 thoughts on “The Oswald twins

  1. Douglass is a theologian and peace activist- He was the only American journalist who covered the civil trial of MLK’s family which found the US gov. complicit in MLK’s murder- Like King he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing IMO- The Kennedy family sent him a letter of thanks for his book- No other author has ever gotten any reaction out of the clan- His is a touchy feely approach to Dealy Plaza, rather than the clarion call for justice of most books- He’s directing traffic, he’s not a wayward fool-

    Armstrong’s premise is intriguing enough that I slogged through the whole thing- Waaaay to much ink is spilled on that damned Kline’s Sporting Goods rifle crap- I’d also like to know how he got access to Marine Corps daily logs- Also, witnesses have incredible memories about busses and taxis and whatnot while in the midst of just another day- No one in greater Dallas knew anything about an assassination during the time Oswald was running around right after the shots were fired- How would anyone remember a nobody? The punch line for most of those witnesses is that they thought nothing of the guy until they saw him on TV- Talk about being troped-

    My thinking just now is if Oswald is twins, there probably was no Soviet idyll- Marina and the kids are props and stuff like the Mexico standoff at the embassy is all fiction- Nobody knew any of this until the Warren Commission presented it, so ALL of it could easily be stuff they just made up out of whole cloth- Its conceptual art, some performance art, a multi-media fantasia constructed to have multiple generations getting high on this vapor-


    1. Interesting sidebar – when I finished reading the Douglass book, I went through the acknowledgements at the end and recognized two names – could it be? They would be my cousin and her partner. When next I had opportunity, I asked them if they were the ones referenced, and they said yes, they were Jim’s proofreaders. (I could use one of those.) Anyway, a year later we were visiting them, and who should call but Douglass, and I was handed the phone and allowed to stammer for a few minutes. As I recall, I asked about Chappaquiddick, and he said something like Kopechne was the object there, not Teddy, and that he was working on a book on King. He was very nice.

      Only later still would I discover the MM paper, and then after it settled in (three readings it took), and then came across your own paper. I forwarded my cousins a paper copy of JFKTV for them to read and forward to Douglass, and never heard back. They are nice and sincere liberals who work hard for their causes, but I suspect that the JFK martyr idea rests more easily with them than the idea that they, along with the rest of us, were badly fooled.

      PS – I’ve only spent a little time on it, but the MLK photos don’t make sense. You don’t actually see his face at the Lorraine, and his family is stoic to a tee, even the little children merely looking pasty-faced at the camera. If it were me, I would be in deep grieving and inconsolable. MLK’s body in the casket looks less like a corpse than a living human – like all of us as we advance in age, I have seen a lot of corpses. I suspect his death, like all the others, was fake. But I have only instinct at this time, and that does not wash.


      1. Thanks for this article. No doubt the King assassination was fake.
        Like you, I had all of the books, but gave them up as a minimalist a few years
        before I’d even read MM’s pdf. It was very tough to realize that everything I’ve read
        over the last 34 years is either totally fake or misguided. Funny, I seem to have read one
        book about the assassination being faked and something to do with the Jesuits. It was by a guy in Dallas named Anderson (I think). It read like deliberate misdirection and probably was.

        One other thing, the mouth and jowls of the first group of 5 photos of Oswald (the first “oswald”, on the far left). They look like Kennedy or some guy they claimed was Kennedy.


        1. Interesting you should say that … this came out of some other stuff I am doing on JFK, looking at his photos, maybe amounting to nothing. There are pages and pages at Getty Images and I get so many different looks. When he was “on” and smiling, he looked like the warmest, most likeable man you ever met. Then there are the obviously posed ones, Carolyn under the desk, leaning in a desk looking out a window, deep in conference with Bobby, that are staged. But there are others, different hair color, different face entirely, where he looks like he could be your brother-in-law or … give me a minute … a real estate salesman. And he was not a twin, by the way. They are all the same man. He was a chameleon.

          I don’t see the resemblance that you see in the Twin One photos, but I could easily be missing something. I urge you to go to Getty Images and just absorb JFK … don’t think or analyze. Just let impressions form. I would be interested in what you see.,


  2. Kopechne as the target? That’s rich- Her wiki page is a spook’s odyssey, followed by a faked death at the right age, 28, and who knows who she became after laying low? No autopsy allowed-
    Teddy needed a reason not to be president as the last thing the Kennedys needed was a President Kennedy being forced by public outcry to solve the “murders” of his two (half?) brothers-


    1. That number, 33 apparently has Masonic significance, and turns up in most fake events. First shots fired at JFK, we are told, were at 12:30, another expression of 33. The Columbine “massacre” officially ended at 3:30 PM. Once aware of it (along with 8 and 11), you’ll see it again and again.


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