Alphabetic nonsense


The above photo is the final of a girls’ 55 meter dash at Bloomfield High School in Connecticut. The two people finishing first and second are Terry Miller (second from left) and Andraya Yearwood, far left. They both have (or had) penises. Their bodies are obviously those of male athletes. The three who finished after them on the right are obviously girls. Boys are generally better athletes than girls.

Three youths with vaginas and their families have initiated a lawsuit in federal court to prevent boys who think they are girls from competing in events that should be restricted to girls. Says Yearwood,

“I have known two things for most of my life: I am a girl and I love to run. There is no shortage of discrimination that I face as a young Black woman who is transgender. I have to wake up every day in a world where people who look like me face so many scary and unfair things. I am lucky to live in a state that protects my rights and to have a family that supports me. This is what keeps me going.”

Boo effing hoo. I have no problem with Yearwood thinking he is a she. There’s quite a bit of suggestion going on in our schools that manipulates kids into such states of delusion. He is free to think as he pleases about his makeup and gender. But when he competes in athletics, all of that needs to be set aside. His opponents should be other people who have (or had) penises.

These two young men have run away with trophies meant for girls. On the girls’ side, they are denied the ability to compete among their own, perhaps even opportunities for scholarships, due to the insanity of our times. I am the father of daughters who competed in athletics, and know that girls are every bit as competitive as boys. It’s a good thing, but my daughters competed against other girls. That made it real.

I wonder how they handle the locker room situation when you have two guys with swinging dicks among a bunch of girls. I don’t know, of course – maybe they’ve had the surgery to remove the unit. So maybe the code of ethics for student athletes should be that if you are or ever were a boy, you still have to compete with other boys.

Bruce Jenner, who famously came out as a transgender in 2015, kept his penis until 2017, we are told, though I don’t think anyone wants to investigate. Due to the crazola nutjob ethics of our times, people who buy into this horseshit were required to refer to that unit as “her” penis.

Viking sheI began watching a TV series about The Vikings, and quickly gave it up. It is utterly unbelievable anyway, but has within it a character, Lagertha, played by a beautiful Canadian actress, Katheryn Winnick. She’s portrayed as a man would be, fierce fighter who side by side with other men slices people up on the battlefield.

It’s all over the place – four of the leading characters on Game of Thrones were women who fight like men – Arya Stark, Brienne of Tarth, Ygritte and Yera Greyjoy. It’s absurd, but seems a requirement these days in entertainment. Women are portrayed as men with vaginas.

Dr. Cameron
“Dr. Cameron” From House

I know a few things about life, one of which is this: Nurses and doctors on TV are strikingly beautiful people, as are our “meteorologists” on the news. In real life, such beauty is a ticket to success without great effort, so it is rare when we go to a hospital, a real one, to see such beautiful people. If that is rare, imagine how much more so it would be to find fighting women on the battlefield who are also beautifully attractive in a female sense. It does not work that way.

Does it work that way with men as well? Probably in some professions, maybe acting, as with Bokanovsky Brats. But generally in the real world, men have to compete and succeed based on talent and effort. Physical beauty doesn’t hurt, but by itself does not get the job done.

And please, don’t misinterpret – people should be free to do as they please, become what they want, no matter their gender. A woman should be free to compete with men in any profession. I am just taking note here that most people are not terribly good looking in a Hollywood sense, and have to succeed based on attributes other than physical beauty.

I am 69, on the downside of life, able to float above it all and view from a high vantage point. Go ahead, have your craziness. But if we happen to sit next to each other on a plane or in a bar, and you broach this subject, you’d better be prepared to be faced with a man who is “scary and unfair.” I had quite enough of your alphabetic nonsense.

32 thoughts on “Alphabetic nonsense

  1. Look no further than the ruling class for such degeneracy. The mantra is always do whatever it takes to remain in power and having such an atomized, pharmaceutical ingesting, and directionless society is what one would want and they’ve definitely got that. But it didn’t just happen, they’ve set the platform, greased the wheels, pushed and promoted such to the extremes. I just wish the public could see through the silliness and realize that when they see twin male movie directors all of a sudden dressing as women and proclaiming to be women that something must be behind the shenanigans. That the childhood they experienced still with some remnants of a fading morality to be seen doesn’t just melt away without intended malevolent tinkering.


  2. I read that story when it came out and there are others like it. Pisses me off. Obviously shenanigans going on. We’ve been forced to accept anything the tv tells us. How could you watch that event and not see how unfair it is. But few would speak up because they would be called sexist. I guess they’re just trying to confuse and anger us.


    1. Or called transphobic by the fascists.
      Yearwood, is just another cheat, pretending to identify as a girl cos he can’t beat the boys.
      He will never be a real woman ever. He would have to be very deluded indeed, pathologically, if he thinks he can. No man can change sex into a woman, they might look feminine and have themselves disfigured by surgery, but they would only be an actor playing a part, nothing more.
      Where I live, a tranny is another name for a rapist in drag.


  3. I was actually banned from the sports blog Deadspin for tearing their obvious propaganda for this kind of gender nonsense to shreds. It is absolutely absurd.


    1. Do not come out against Caster Semenya or the brainwashed masses will slam you down for your ability to think for yourself clearly.


  4. I’m guessing we’re just in an early phase of problem/ reaction/ solution… Maybe they already have long range plans on where they will try to guide this in the next decades. What the utopian “solution” will be.

    So don’t worry, Mark! They will address your complaint. They expected it after all. Maybe even feed off of it, to get to the next stage. Thus is common sense subverted by the Enlightenment project as its dismal echoes reverberate down through the ages.


  5. Maybe off topic, but hell I wrote it! I could easily see that the character “Elaine Benes” on Seinfeld was the product of a team of male writers. She had nothing feminine about her except her appearance.


      1. Good question! Scratching my brain. Better question to ask a woman. There was Diane on Cheers, completely feminine and yet managed to tie Sam in knots. Best I can do.

        Jack Nicholson played a writer in the movie As Good As It Gets, and at one point a gal approached him and asked how he wrote women so well in his books. His answer: “I take a man and remove reason and accountability.”

        Not a good idea to quote that line in mixed company.


  6. Does anybody seriously believe there will be his and hers versions of the human-AI integration systems now being developed? All this gender, race, class, etc. division appears to be an interim distraction while the bugs are worked out of the 5G/Trans-human project, as it quietly scales up worldwide. A couple of years out according to Musk (touting Neurolink).


    1. Elon Musk is a puppet on strings … not saying he doesn’t matter. He does. Whatever they have in store for us, they place him in the store window. Space X is fake, Tesla’s are unnecessary DeLoreans. But they want it to appear that a real person is at the forefront of technology, even as the technology is garbage. So watch the fake muhfuh closely. He is to technology as Al Gore is to climate change, the squirrel running in the cage.


        1. I find it easy to beleive that they can place equipment in space, placing it at a certain speed with a degrading orbit that will eventually end its life. Much of my research into climate change involved satellites in polar orbits that daily measure earth temperatures, evidence that the planet is heating at an an almost imperceptible rate that can only be measured due to the instrumentation now available. At a certain point they had to redo the math and make adjustments to past readings due to degrading orbits of the satellites. Don’t suggest to me this is all fake. There is no reason for faking it. It runs against the current Climate Change psyop.

          Can they put humans in orbit? Probably possible but way too expensive and dangerous, as when something goes wrong, they are cooked. The incremental benefit of having humans up is small compared to the enormous cost and risk. Equipment yes, humans no. All of this space is fake stuff to me is wildly speculative and often counter the evidence.


          1. The only proof is pictures of Earth really. Ever wonder how the Hubble can take clear pictures when it’s traveling at 17,000 mph. Must have a real high shutter speed.


          2. I don’t know if space is fake. There are a lot of psilly stories about it that makes me speculate it may be. Especially when I consider that jfk was the face of the space race, and that his father started rko, and his father sold his interest in rko to a spaceship maker, and that that spaceship maker sold his interest in rko to another spaceship maker that controlled a lot of the spaceship business, and that the first administrator of nasa was a movie studio executive, and that jack parsons died working on a movie prop per the narrative, and that werner von braun got his start in the spaceship business with oberth doing movie promotions for fritz Lang’s frau im mond, and that fritz Lang would fund the German spaceship hustle, and that the third nation to launch a satellite(Italy) had its own von braun named Luigi broglio(broglio is fraud in Italian of course), and that Intelsat is 100% government controlled, and that the first private satellite company was controlled by the tranny creature from satellite beach(it had a genome business too of course), and that the spanish American war was about laying cable across the pacific. That’s just some of the nonsense that I find absurd about the spaceship narrative.

            The folks over at the fog got pissed at me when I asked them how they could reconcile their admission that the explorer one footage was obviously fake and their admission that spacex launches are obviously faked with their continued belief in spaceships. I asked you the same. You countered well spaceships gotta be real because spaceship climate change data goes against the narrative. I have no idea where the climate change narrative is supposed to take us but I do know every decent narrative is never completely one sided. That would be boring. Plus how hot can the powers that be tell us it is down here because well we are down here and some of us still have our senses about us?

            The official proof of agw is isotopes bytheway. But that’s another fake subject of course. Here’s an official army video about our first satellite, explorer one. It is an absurdly obvious fake of course…

            …so I gotta ask since you concede spacex is fake and since you will concede that the explorer one footage is fake; how is it do you think they get your climate change satellites up there? I’m flummoxed. How can ‘murica’s first satellite launch be an obvious fake and her latest launches be obvious fakes yet we are supposed to believe we have satellites flying about us in the last magician’s miraculous orbits wherein a constant acceleration is defeated by a constant velocity?

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          3. If the collection of climate data is the litmus test for the belief in spaceships. Must I also believe in goresat?

            “DSCOVR began as a proposal in 1998 by then-Vice President Al Gore for the purpose of whole-Earth observation at the Sun-Earth L1 Lagrangian point, 1.5 million km (930 thousand mi) from Earth.[3][6] Originally known as Triana, named after Rodrigo de Triana, the first of Columbus’s crew to sight land in the Americas, the spacecraft’s original purpose was to provide a near-continuous view of the entire Earth and make that live image available via the Internet. Gore hoped not only to advance science with these images, but also to raise awareness of the Earth itself, updating the influential Blue Marble photograph was taken by Apollo 17.[7] In addition to an imaging camera, a radiometer would take the first direct measurements of how much sunlight is reflected and emitted from the whole Earth (albedo). This data could constitute a barometer for the process of global warming. The scientific goals expanded to measure the amount of solar energy reaching Earth, cloud patterns, weather systems, monitor the health of Earth’s vegetation, and track the amount of UV light reaching the surface through the ozone layer.”


            …we’re told it was launched on a falcon 9v11 rocket so must I now believe in spacex. Or may I presume that it was secretly put up there on a different launch vehicle? And am I to also believe that nasa no longer needs orbits and can now park a satellite at any so called Lagrange point? Must I now also believe that some dude named columbus discovered ‘murica with the help of some dude named rodrigo? Do I now have a reason to assume that al gore actually gives a shit(shares the same root word, skei, with science)about the environment.

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          4. Al Gore is like Elon Musk or Bill Gates, a public face for a group endeavor, the group hidden (what Michael Mann, another public face of a group endeavor, referred to as “our closeted friends.” Gore took but one science class in college, and got a D. Nonetheless, Wiki tells us he was “… an avid reader who fell in love with scientific and mathematical theories,” whatever the fuck that means.


          1. Mark, I get what your saying about the pictures. But it’s a little apples to oranges. Your going 60 mph taking a picture of a solid object. Hubble going 17,000 mph or more and taking pictures of light rays millions of years old. I get the perspective part. But light waves millions of years old, billions sometimes. Think about that. Think what they’re telling us. That is not possible. Light is radiant energy. It radiates out from a source in all directions. They say we’re seeing light waves and not the source. That’s why they say the stars could be dead when we see them. Ok. So the rays radiating out of the sun on the top and bottom and left and right or whatever side doesn’t hit Earth we never encounter. Crepuscular. That’s why the sun rays hitting the Earth are all parallel. All the sun rays hitting the Earth are parallel they say. The only reason they don’t look that way is because of perspective they say. It’s always perspective. Crepuscular rays are the rays you see coming from the sun in all directions. At sunrise or sunset on a cloudy day you can see them to the left, right, top, bottom, and even above the sun. But of course you don’t really see that, it’s only perspective. They’re all parallel they say. Bullshit I say. Perspective is from a horizontal plane from your eyes. The crepuscular rays are on a horizontal and vertical plane. Can’t be perspective. But anyway back to the sun. If we’re only getting a fraction on the light waves from the sun, less than one percent of the 360 degree, then how the fuck can we see the WHOLE fucking sun? Again, we’re not seeing the source, just the light waves they say. One more time, then how the fuck can we see the whole sun? Can’t have it both ways.


  7. This is Babe Didrickson Zaharias, female athlete (1911-1956). long before the current psyop push to muddle the sexes, she excelled in many sports, and is best known as a golfer. I remember looking at her photos years ago and thinking “man in woman’s body.” For real, it happens now and then. They made a TV movie about here called Babe, and the lead was played by Susan Clark, with Alex Karras as her husband. The two got married in real life. Interesting and confusing.



      1. This is where it gets very fuzzy. Male pseudohermaphroditism. It has to be about what the chromosomes say. The testosterone levels are informative…it is about whether the individual underwent puberty with the aid of male hormones or female ones. Sadly it’s too complex for a simple answer, but the cases like Caster Semenya are insulting. Yes, let’s bend over backwards to make it fair to one extremely exceptional case (where the chromosomes are XY), and who cares if it’s making it unfair for literally the entire category of biological women? If I were a female athlete, I would be furious.


  8. I was watching a TV show some time ago about Silicon Valley, just a stupid drama as far from reality as SpaceX, and in it there was general agreement that all tech science having to do with public access to the Internet had to be free and open, that there was no censorship or preselected results. This was the ethic that was just a part of the Valley. What bullshit. Everything around us is censored.

    Of course, all Americans know that China censors the Internet. They are evil. I imagine our Internet is censored to at least that degree or more … and the key to effective censorship is that we cannot know about it. Knowing something is censored is the opposite of censorship. It draws attention to it.

    I feel these days like I am walking in circles in a cage, anxious just to bust out and be free. I see what they are doing with Coronavirus, and how easily people are bamboozled. Same with Climate Change. It’s a complete hoax and illusion. Same with elections and “democracy” … of course it is an illusion, the only way it works is if we believe our vote, our opinion matters. So they go to such great lengths to sell the idea that democratic countries like the US are advanced and totalitarian countries like China are backward … we here are far more deeply immersed in mass delusion than perhaps any people in history.

    Why am I writing this? I don’t feel like writing a post … this whole thing with gender bias is just another psyop, but people are immersed in it. There are highly unusual cases of men and woman perhaps with misplacement in the wrong body, and I think Babe Didrickson was one. To go into the schools and suggest to young children that they might be transexual is to attack them at a time of life when they are unsure of themselves, a time when they need male and female role models to lead them in development of their personal characteristics and strengths. It is child abuse. They pander to them, offer them crutches and excuses. Life is hard for all of us, so we need to get stronger as we get older. Yearwood’s statement above about how “scary and unfair” it is for “her” to be black and transexual it testimony to this young man being abused and pandered to, and makes me want to puke. He’s weak, a pussy. He needs to man up.


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