Spookdom in the Kingdom: Witchery in Haslemere

With Halloween arriving, it’s that spooky time of year. So, why not speak about a bit of spookery in relation to COVID? There’s plenty of spookdom to go around when it comes to the pandemic tale, but I will focus on just one aspect — having to do with the village of Haslemere in the Surrey region of the United Kingdom. 

In this March 2020 article, “Bizarre coincidence between Haslemere coronavirus cases and BBC programme that started fake ‘pandemic’ in town,” the author, Alex Boyd, repeatedly noted some spooky coincidences. As the title implies, there was a simulated virus contagion experiment in 2018 that took place in the town of Haslemere, followed by the “real” reporting in February 2020 that the first case of coronavirus transmission within the UK occurred in Haslemere — resulting in the temporary closing of the Haslemere Health Centre for a “deep clean.”

Boyd disclosed,“The outbreak in the Surrey town has drawn spooky comparisons to the programme ‘Contagion: The BBC Four Pandemic’, which aired in March 2018 . . . Designed as a digital experiment to ‘help plan for when the next deadly virus comes to the UK’, Dr Hannah Fry was ‘patient zero’ and used Haslemere as the place to launch the outbreak . . . It set out to answer questions on how quickly it would spread, how many it could kill and what could be done about it, using a smartphone app to monitor the simulated virus after starting it in Haslemere.” Boyd continued in this vein when quoting a tweet from Twitter, Spookily, that’s precisely where the first person was diagnosed to have caught #coronavirus in the UK (my emphasis).” 

Do readers consider this spooky, or is this simply Revelation of the Method — written by spooks?

As noted in the quote above, the virtual pandemic was depicted by mathematician Dr. Hannah Fry in the 2018 documentary, “Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemic,” which can be viewed in its entirety here (1 hour, 14 minutes).

Essentially, the experiment was focused on building an interactive platform to monitor the “spread” of the “virus” throughout the village of Haslemere. This digital spatial dataset and data extraction came to be known as the “Haslemere social network,” that has subsequently been re-purposed as an interactive mathematical model pertaining to “SARS-CoV-2.”

What I find most striking about this COVID chicanery is what was revealed in this March 2020 article : “Haslemere is at the centre of the latest coronavirus outbreak in Britain – but some have teased that the affluent town should be ‘twinned with Wuhan(my emphasis).” POM readers may be familiar with my writing on digital twins, as well as the Sentient World Simulation (SWS). I remind readers that this Haslemere “coincidence” phenomenon was based on the narrative of a “digital experiment” that was conducted in Haslemere. Please tell me you are grasping the relevance of the context of digital twins and computer simulations when it comes to Haslemere (and its unveiled “twin,” Wuhan).

Again, I ask, is this a spooky occurrence, or, rather, spooky scripting and event planning?

In one more twist of uncanny providence, some of you may be familiar with the region of Surrey (more specifically, Runnymede), as it is remembered as the birthplace of modern democracy. On June 15th in 1215, it is where King John sealed the Magna Carta (ostensibly serving as the model for the U.S. Constitution). Let’s read briefly here (keeping in mind, the loss of liberties we have experienced since this COVID project, amidst a rapidly expanding digital panopticon): “Magna Carta is the cornerstone of our liberties, a source of inspiration for people all over the world seeking liberty, and a reminder of the importance of the rule of law in shaping human society.  Runnymede, where the terms of the Charter were agreed, is for many a hallowed site (my emphasis).” 

From the hallowed green meadows of Runnymede, to the footpaths of Haslemere, to the riverfront (and bats, said jokingly) of Wuhan . . . and to the shores of North America — my super sniffer smells seeds of witchery wafting their way across time and space, culminating in this world-wide beguilement. 

Do you have any stories of spookery related to COVID, or perhaps a spooky happening in the town where you live, or nearby? Feel free to share in the comments. 

30 thoughts on “Spookdom in the Kingdom: Witchery in Haslemere

  1. On the topic of witches, Halloween, and spooky tales . . .

    Here is more from the witch’s cauldron: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/qSyA/twix-bite-size-halloween-the-little-princess-and-the-witch.

    It is part of a series called “Bite Size Halloween” https://www.shortoftheweek.com/news/bite-size-halloween/ (produced by 20th Digital Studio https://www.20thdigitalstudio.com).

    I found the scenario and messaging to be super creepy.

    From ispot.tv, following is their description: “In this bite-sized Halloween tale, a young child donning a princess costume finds a suspiciously witch-like “nanny” at their front door and soon making herself at home, despite the child’s initial insistence that they don’t need a nanny. However, after bonding over some coloring pages and their own unique clothing preferences, the young child eventually warms up to the new nanny and happily tows her to the park to play soccer. When their soccer practice is interrupted by a close-minded bully, it’s no challenge for the young child’s newfound confidence — or for her nanny’s mysterious witch-like powers!”


    1. Interesting, as always, Stephers! – What i find most intriguing vis-a-vis the ‘ispot.tv’ ad is the obvious associations/connections – visual; psychological; mental; physical; etc. – the viewer should make with movies of yesteryear. For example, in my eyes, this ‘twix’ commercial conjures up images and scenes from both ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Room’; wherein the protagonist of each movie is clearly a doppelganger for the cross-dressing child in said ad. More specifically, each of the actors/children in question share the following physical characteristics: caucasian; blue eyes; dirty-blonde hair; cherubic/angelic-looking; etc.; and mental/psychological profile: curious; imaginative; creative; pensive; on a continuum from being highly intuitive to being clairvoyant; open; honest; courageous; etc.. Additionally, the physical setting for each said scenario runs parallel to one another, i.e., the protagonist is situated in an environs wherein he must think, act and behave according to his own free thinking, will and moral compass; with very little (i.e., ‘Room’) to no (‘Home Alone’ & ‘Twix’ ad) adult intervention/support.

      These are examples of some of the more overt and obvious similarities between said pieces; however, there are many more subtle – and, unfortunately, sinister – connections that can be discerned if one delves beneath the glossy surface of said scenarios.

      Firstly, in each setting the child has been – or will be – exposed to trauma * via the machinations of some external agent of evil (i.e., HA – ‘The Wet Bandits’/burglars; Room – ‘Old Nick’/kidnapper/rapist; ‘Twix’ – witch/sorcerer).

      Secondly, in each scenario the form of said trauma is often trivialized or banalized or humorized via the magic/illusion of the medium {nod to MM, of course (no not that MM – the other one)}; and concomitant ‘tricks of the trade’ (i.e., NLP; slapstick comedy; misdirection; appeal to authority/emotions/nature/tradition; etc.).

      Tertiary, in each scenario, the child in question, as a result of said trauma, appears to be moving through the phases of a psychotic episode (which, in the case of movies/ad, is camouflaged by said tricks of the trade listed above), viz. dissociation, disembodiment, depersonalization and desacralization are all manifested in each of the children at some point in the narrative.

      Finally, although there may appear to be some return to normalcy upon the conclusion of said scenarios (i.e., HA – parents return; Room – escape from imprisonment; ‘twix’ ad – boy is buoyed by witch), if one is to peer through the mirage of the moment they will surely discern that what has actually transpired is simply the transmogrification, nay transmutation (i.e., alchemical process) of the boys’ natural state of being (i.e., innate sense of love, innocence, creativity, imagination, etc.) into something unnatural, impure and evil (i.e., cynical; jaded; cunning; duplicitous; hate; envy; pride; etc.) [HA – maniacal machinations employed/invoked by Kevin to out-trump burglars; Room – dysfunctionality of mother’s/child’s life upon escaping ‘room’ including mother’s attempt at suicide (the aftereffects of which are witnessed by Jack; and ‘twix’ ad – led away (i.e., astray) by an anonymous witch/sorcerer].

      Simply put, these modern-day sorcerers/magicians of the day appear to be employing the revelation of the method; which has become, more or less, de rigueur for the elite to exhibit their dastardly delight in executing such deadly deeds of devilry; and, more pertinently, required for said sadistic scenarios to be successful!

      RGB-Y1 out!!

      [* Trauma is the keystone of modern-day Western societies; as its mostly responsible for not only the disembodied, depersonalize and dissociated state of being referred to above, but that’s transforming our erstwhile societies of democratic and capitalistic origin into the digital panoptic hellscapes-cum-prisons we’ve been bearing witness to for some time now {too many sites/writers to list, but besides this site, 3 authors/writers i would strongly recommend vis-a-vis this phenomenon (i.e., trauma-based mass mind control) would be: Alison McDowell (‘wrenchinthegears.com/YT/Odysee); Jasun Horsely (‘auticulture.com’/’16 Maps of Hell’; ‘Prisoner of Infinity’; ‘The Vice of Kings’); & Bessel Van Der Kolk (‘The Body Keeps the Score’)}]

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      1. You have a witness! Trauma is the key, and the stoking of the materialistic wetiko fires. Brilliant analysis, and great find Stephers. Are we in the Rubbing It in Our Faces Phase yet?


  2. If you watch the commercial that I linked above, do you notice the spikes (think spike protein/virus) on the choke collar (sorry, choke “necklace”) and the umbrella? Do you notice the black&white soccer ball (masonic)? There is plenty more to decode. Is there witchery behind the overt witchery? I think the story of a binary child is a distraction/diversion from the occult programming.

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    1. As much as I try to avoid advertising, it creeps in here and there. It seems to me that the message is always the same.

      You are inept, incompetent, helpless, not very bright, not attractive or smart enough to succeed, etc.

      We—a big corporation—know more than you do, and even know more about you than you know yourself. We think your helplessness, confusion, fear of failur, and/or slack-jawed idiocy is incredibly endearing, and we want to serve you so that you don’t have to think, work, or struggle for anything or for any reason. Struggle and conflict are bad. Being taken care of and waited on hand and foot by corporations is good.

      The Twix commercial has added the element of the corporation (the Nanny Witch) taking over the child’s (consumer’s) life even though the child doesn’t think he wants it to happen. Of course, the only reason the child (whom the adult viewer is supposed to identify with) initially rejects the witch is because he doesn’t see how much better his life will be when he complies.

      Pretty much the same old corporate messaging, though, in a different package, isn’t it?

      (Incidentally, all news outlets adopt the same tone and reek of the same subtext. I daresay Miles Mathis’s writing style does, as well, but I digress.)


    2. I also note how, at the end of the commercial, the boy in the princess costume asks if the kid the Witch Nanny made disappear is going to be okay, and the Witch Nanny says, “Probably.” The idea that she might have hurt or killed or in some other way fucked up the kid’s life is a punchline. (She also issues a veiled threat to the little girls who ask if she’s a “good witch or a bad witch.” “…Do you want to find out?” The whole commercial is shot through with cynical contempt that’s made to look whimsical and cute.


  3. I posted about this “commercial” in the fakeologist forums. This is not about selling candy.

    Maybe there is a tell in this “commercial”. Does subverting or inverting one’s gender give access to demonic influence and control? They then are not just “weird”, they literally are different. I propose that this is why transgenderism is being pushed on the herd and especially children. It allows demonic influence and access.



    1. My own take on the transgender normalization stuff is a little different, still evolving.

      My personal experience has shown me that balancing the masculine and the feminine within oneself is incredibly empowering. The struggle for this inner balance is a recurring spiritual theme across all cultures, expressed in different ways. For a long time, Western culture subverted the achievement of this balance by defining masculine and feminine behavior in terms that served the Elites: Men work and make our products for us. Women don’t work, and use their husbands’ paychecks to buy our products.

      The way our economy and the structure of our society is being changed, these rigidly defined and artificial divisions were going to break down anyway. Identity politics is a way of controlling that break down in a way that will continue to be counterproductive to the evolution of the human spirit. It is obvious, for example, that expecting people to change the way they use the English language when they talk about you (the gender pronoun nonsense) simply because you see yourself as a special snowflake who identifies more closely than usual with the opposite gender is NOT empowering. It takes power AWAY from you by making your relationships with others dependent on their willingness to undergo the silly ritual of using the correct language in reference to you. Moreover, your “different” experience of gender needs to be “different” in the same way as—in other words, not different from—the experience your identity politics leaders tell you it should be.

      Does that make sense? I’ve never talked or written about it before. But I think the current iteration of gender-identity politics is as much about shaping and controlling the economy of our society (to the benefit of the Elites) as the “sexist” gender-identity politics of the past was.


      1. I’m catching up on your stories and enjoyed the link to the Revelation of the Method.
        Recently I’ve noticed a group of non-duality lecturers, (a spiritual oriented teaching derived from the East) applying the phrase, “it’s just what’s happening.” Or, “what’s happening is just what is.” Then the attached protocol is to not question because you can’t know. The contradictory idea of knowing something can’t be known when these lecturers have just said they can’t know is lost on them… but the irony isn’t lost on me. So there, a nice roadblock is put up for anyone who dares to think they can know anything, because they somehow know the truth can’t be known. People put up roadblocks all over the place.i noticed that this particular faction of non-dualism groups are part of this method to keep one from questioning or breaking out of this pattern. The other phrase they apply in this context is, “there’s nothing to be free from”. Why? See the previous phrase, “because it’s just what’s happening so don’t try to control anything.”
        This stops questions in their tracks by shaming one for not being evolved enough to let things be. And there…. another re-set would go unchallenged.

        — musings from Elaine


          1. Wrong placement or not, the content is excellent.

            I have the exact same problem with Colombian culture here (not affected by Asian thinking, yet not less lethargic).

            People here seem to suffer from a twisted case of determinism like you describe in terms of knowing. I think it is a religious thing that made people think like that, so a form of control.

            In short it boils down to “you don’t need to do anything because God already has our lives figured out”. Like planning is not required, you can just live day to day and everything will be alright.

            If that were the case, why would we even be here? If our actions are predestined anyway, nothing innovative would ever be needed.

            I have experienced the same madness with conspies, who claim “the Animal Farmers are so powerful that none of what we do has any effect” (among others steve kelly said this, which is ironic, given his active resistance to foresting thugs).

            The conspies have replaced “God” with “the Elites”, which is even dumber, because the latter are people (though I don’t exclude the possibility they are not, or controlled by some alien race given their destruction of that what is divine; Nature. Their satanism is either selfdestruction or a mandate by an unknown “higher than human” power in the back).

            It is that lethargic “we cannot know”, “we cannot do” that keeps people trapped in their own fantasies that “everyone is on their individual path”, “we don’t need any efforts or actions” and leading to the dumbfounded society we live in today.


  4. This was posted on another blog not long ago, and it sticks to me since.

    It’s WITCHES I tell you!!! Witches everywhere!!! Prove to me you’re not a WITCH (PCR TEST), or that you’ve taken the Anti-Witch serum (Injection) so that you can participate in the system/society (VAXX/GREEN/SOCIAL CREDIT PASS)!! Our Anti-Witch serum is 1000% safe & effective at not stopping the spread(infection/transmission) of the WITCH cooties, nor stopping other variants of the witch-cooties, so you must protect your neighbors by putting on a mask which doesn’t protect you from the cooties to slow the spread of the WITCH cooties which is still spreading!! But if you’re injured from or after injecting the serum while wearing the mask & following anti-social distancing protocols, well that’s another kind of witch cooties that this serum can’t protect you from because it’s “novel”, see? & because the serum’s so safe & effective, you can’t possibly ever die from the cooties, but if you die after taking the serum…it was the WITCH. & if you don’t, that’s proof that it’s 1000% safe & effective in…all those who didn’t die.
    When are we going to stop falling for these DARK AGES/PAGAN antics?

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  5. When a woman brings back the dead, supposedly, she’s called a witch. When a man performs the same trick he’s called the son of god. The man may have been crucified dead and buried but since has been deemed our saviour and his story, gospel. While her story is written as cavorting with evil spirits and wickedness even though gospel has it that she anointed the saviour.

    Maybe the biggest psyop of them all is not so much a war against women – the noun; but women – the collection of verbs she represents: intuition, imagination, emotion etc. It’s not like at heart men hate women. Most men pair up, marry and propogate with a like soul. And those yet to have no doubt experienced in moments of quiet contemplation the memory of how they felt and the thought of what they’d like to do with that beautiful creature they passed in the street just recently.

    Perhaps men need to ignore the peer pressure, muscle up and look beyond the noun and into the verb of the subject of women. Combining their own logic and action with her creativity might, if nothing else, stop the practice of dressing boys up as girls, girls up as boys, and paternalism up as witches.


  6. I actually went to a Halloween party on Saturday with a good friend, just out of curiosity to see how far we would come without vaccines or tests. The party was announced in social media, my friend found out about it. At the entry we even asked if we have to wear masks. And guess what, they just gave us the look. No masks, no tests, nothing. Lots of mostly younger people (we are both women in our 50-s) just dancing and having fun. And yesterday we had lot’s of kids doing Halloween again, going dressed from house to house, only very few of them wearing masks. And the media in Germany is still spreading Corona fear all the time. It was like people stopped to listen.

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    1. It appears the big Covid19 event is finally winding down. No deaths or positive case updates in the mainstream or my local news media for awhile. If they start with a dark winter viral campaign, not sure if most would buy into it. The vaccine mandates don’t seem to be going very well. Maybe they hope if they just shut up in the media about it then people will slowly forget and move on which they already are. The never ending financial collapse rumors have still not happened, they are pushing that out to March 2022 now. They are pushing the next Big One out to 2030. There have even been a few recent mall and school shootings that nobody noticed or received much media attention.
      The doom and gloom is turning into a bloom and zoom.

      Prices are increasing, but no shortages of anything in my county areas. I expect oil price to keep going up for little while longer, so fill your tanks up to save a few bucks. Military conflict rumors abound in the South Pacific but what they don’t admit is that China owns too many assets and properties in the USA. Even the company I used to work for was bought out and is now a Chinese subsidiary. Plus there just too many Chinese people in the USA, they can just keep sending their people over as the replacement invasion, so no war is actually needed they are already here. If anything happens it will be staged although as we have experienced, a fake event can screw things up quite a bit.


      1. In the Netherlands, the corona hoax is being revived in full force and I don’t have the impression that it’s going to be limited to the Netherlands.

        The so-called bird flu is also taking hold again. Several poultry farms have already been culled.

        Cherry on top: a polio virus was reportedly found in the sewers, according to news reports from a laboratory that makes polio vaccines. Now especially the sewers in the Dutch Bible Belt are being monitored because most people there are unvaccinated against polio, as well as against COVID.

        I have the strong impression that this story has been spread to demonize vaccine refusers even more. The press was already full of reports that the alarmingly fast increasing number of “corona cases” mainly involved unvaccinated people. Those damn unvaccinated are a heavy burden on healthcare and society as a whole…

        In the state of Essen in Germany, supermarkets are already allowed to refuse unvaccinated people. Unvaccinated people are slowly but surely being shut out. This is a trend that will continue. The end is far from in sight.

        This corona story doesn’t blow over. We are in the middle of the beginning of the end game of the TPTB. I think we are in for pretty rough ride.

        Frankly, I distrust posters/commenters who try to lull readers to sleep.

        As for food shortages, I would keep an eye on the iceagefarmer:


        1. Ah …ohne Impfung kann man in Essen nicht essen. How ironic.

          Only in recent years as I have pursued genealogy with the aid of internet tools did I become aware a number of my English ancestors lived in the Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey area in the 19th century and prior. The hometown of my great-grandmother, who emigrated to USA as a girl and whom I knew personally in my early years, is just a stone’s throw from Haslemere as a matter of fact. I am thankful that she and her family cleared out of old blighty back in the day for this land of free and home of brave, far from the menacing eye of Sauron er, um Covid…


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