Facebook: Waiting for it to blow over

Sometime way back when, prior to 3/11/20 when the WHO declared a worldwide “pandemic,” I had read that Facebook, prior to this bogus announcement, had employed additional personnel who were going to “fact check” posts and take down any that did not meet with the fake information that was put out by “authoritative” sources. I knew what lay in store. It wasn’t just Facebook, but tiny and insignificant websites like Next Door, The Canyon Courier, even stupid baseball blogs that were taking up the censorship cudgel. No one was allowed to question WHO and CDC, outfits that in the ensuing months have engaged in intense criminality and lying.

I quit Facebook. I knew what lay in store, and knew that Facebook would quit me as well. Earlier this year, on suggestion that having a Facebook account would yield access to things otherwise unavailable to me, I attempted to open an account. I wanted no “friends” or “likes”, and did not use my old email address, but rather a Protonmail one. Nonetheless, I learned that I was frozen in place and would not be granted an account. That is how thorough their censorship is. They had tracked me, even to supposedly secure Protonmail, another outfit I do not trust.

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