RFK’s The Real Anthony Fauci: A progress report

I am on page 180 of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, and have been unfaithful to my pledge not to litter it with 3M Post-It flags, I have indeed done so. So far I used eight of them. Normally a book I like will look ready to take flight, so many do I use.

At Amazon the book has so far generated 21,365 comments, 89% favorable. I would never add to a mess like that, and could not even if I wanted to, as sometime in the not-too-distant past, I violated Amazon’s “community standards,” which seem to be this: Be as controversial as you want in commenting, but never stray from the mainstream lane.

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Internet is back! And stuff.

We get our Internet from Centurylink, one of the few Baby Bells left in form. Consequently, it comes to our house on a wire. There is a switch box a couple of miles down the road that serves our neighborhood, and we are at the end of the line. For that reason, whenever I check speed at, it reads that our line status is either “poor” or “moderate.”

Last February we traded out an older model modem (Centurylink does used modems, and not routers), and the service agent who came by the house said to be careful, we might be “overprovided.” Not too long after that our service started blinking out now and then, and modem reboots had to be done frequently. I called tech support about that, and ask them if we were indeed overprovided. They had no clue what I was talking about. I suggested we drop our service back to perhaps 10 mps but the agent said not to do that, and I allowed him to keep me at 17mps. The intermittent service continued. It finally got so bad that I was convinced that the new modem we got in February was defective. An agent agreed with me, and sent me a new modem.

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