The possibility of space travel

It has been stated to me by at least two sources that space travel is impossible, and thrust in a vacuum leads to nothing. I think the source of this theory is CluesForum, where it is stated that no rocket can leave Earth’s orbit. I have never been convinced of this. In a comment on my original Debunking the Debunkers piece, I left the following comment, which went unnoticed:

Stationary geosynchronous orbit is 22,292 miles above the surface of the earth. There are said to be between 500-600 satellites out there. I have two pieces of evidence that they are really there – one, when companies came here to see if they could put a dish on our house to catch a signal. They all had to point south, and our trees interfered. They are all orbiting above the equator. One, Viasat got through because their satellite was able to point southeast, still at the equator, and get through our trees.

The other is that our Viasat signal, in fact, all geosynchronous satellite signals, are inappropriate for phones and gaming, as the time it takes the signal to travel 22,292 miles creates a delay making phone conversations difficult at best, and gaming impossible.

For that reason, I find the idea that satellites cannot function in space to be questionable. It appears to me they somehow got out there, and are functioning.

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Holographic Cosmos, Local Simulation: A Bridge Hypothesis

By posting this, I hope to explain my working hypothesis for all kinds of space-related anomalies and craft a cohesive model for our perceived reality. This hypothesis could be considered a bridge between generic space fakery theory and Flat Earth theory. I do not believe that the Earth is flat…but if you are a Flat Earther, I encourage you to read on.

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Irrefutable Scientific Proof ISS Footage is Fraudulent

Among my favorite hoax topics is the fraudulence of the International Space Station.

Videos purporting to be from the International Space Station are absolutely not taken from orbit. This has been demonstrated without the slightest shadow of a doubt in many different ways. There are dozens of undeniable anomalies in videos without any acceptable explanation. These are conclusive to anyone who is fairly judging; the ISS footage cannot possibly be shot in a real weightless free-fall orbit environment.

With that said, I think I have discovered the most conclusive self-outing ISS video possible. The smoking gun, if you will. In this post, you will find a video of André Kuipers (pictured above) and a screw, and boy does André really screw the pooch with this screw…

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