Irrefutable Scientific Proof ISS Footage is Fraudulent

Among my favorite hoax topics is the fraudulence of the International Space Station.

Videos purporting to be from the International Space Station are absolutely not taken from orbit. This has been demonstrated without the slightest shadow of a doubt in many different ways. There are dozens of undeniable anomalies in videos without any acceptable explanation. These are conclusive to anyone who is fairly judging; the ISS footage cannot possibly be shot in a real weightless free-fall orbit environment.

With that said, I think I have discovered the most conclusive self-outing ISS video possible. The smoking gun, if you will. In this post, you will find a video of André Kuipers (pictured above) and a screw, and boy does André really screw the pooch with this screw…

For the already well-documented ISS outings, there are the many cases where the ISS actors get tangled up or pull on their invisible wire harnesses. The best examples of this are the failed space somersaults by the old astronauts, where the old farts fail spectacularly and are obviously brought back down by typical surface-Earth gravity. The ISS ought to implement age limits on their somersault demonstrations. They give away the whole charade.

Then there are actually videos where the harnesses are still visible and accidentally not cropped out! Take a peek at the GIF below. Good luck trying to justify that one, with some guy meant to look like he is hovering by in the background while wearing a full body wire harness! Beyond this, we have the videos where men disappear before turning a corner. There are videos where objects disappear suddenly, or where ISS actors are pretending to manipulate a weightless object where we just see them doing funny motions with their hands and no actual object. Not to mention all the women with the obviously bad hairspray job done on their hair. The list goes on and on.

The best of these videos is prepared in compilation format and found on (sigh) Flat Earth YouTube pages. Here I can link you to a YouTube search, if interested. I refuse to link or directly embed Flat Earth content. Readers, feel free to add video links in the comments below. My general point is that the ISS has already been outed. Conclusively.

With that said, there is always just the slightest amount of wiggle room left in these examples so that members of the herd can find a way to deny it. I am sure if you are a herd member and read the paragraphs above you thought:

Well, what if that harness was for something else? Well maybe the belt is just part of the uniform? Maybe the shirt is just dimpling unusually? Well maybe it was just an awkward somersault? Of course the woman’s hair would get crazy in space! This guy is a nut job!

The gymnastics we get from this sort are truly impressive. They think we are the kooks, when in truth you would have to be blind to excuse away all of these obvious, obvious cases of clear fraudulence. These videos are thorough outings. There is no possible chance the videos are being shot in a genuine weightless orbit environment. Ah, the things people will believe if an authority tells them it is so!!

With all of that said about existing outings, I just stumbled across a video which is more compelling than any I have ever seen before.

This video cannot possibly be explained away by shills and fanboys. It conclusively defies the basic laws of gravity. Since most ISS videos are heavily edited with fake weightless objects, the best debunking examples usually revolve around glitches in these computer graphics. We have to imagine that computers are making certain objects visible or invisible…it makes it hard for your average Joe to believe it. They hide behind the cognitive dissonance of not WANTING to believe it. Rarely do we have an example of an ISS actor touching a piece of the actual “set” in a way that would reveal gravity’s unencumbered effect upon that real object. I am sure they are trained to not manipulate real objects for this very reason.

Enter André Kuipers, a man who really shits the bed here. Please watch the very short clip below.

What a “screw” up! I had never seen this video before, so I do not know if it has been buried by the algorithms or what. I have done extensive research in this area before and I am stunned this video is not more popular. As of my posting here, this Vimeo video has 62 views in 10 months. A little strange if you ask me, or sad in either case.

For anyone who did not bother to watch the clip, Kuipers is explaining something about the toilet, proceeds to unscrew something, then accidentally loses control of the screw. Does the screw float or fall? Who wants to take a guess? If this is a real weightless orbit environment, this screw should be floating around. What actually happens? It drops like a stone! His attention is immediately drawn to the floor where the object has fallen.

Not only is this a completely impossible event in space or orbit, I can actually use the basic physics to prove conclusively that this must actually be occurring on the surface of planet Earth.

If you take a stopwatch from the moment he finishes unscrewing until you hear the screw hit the floor, you will get a free-fall time of about a half second. Kuipers is 5’10” and drops the screw from just below shoulder height. This means that the screw dropped somewhere around 4 feet. How long would free-fall from this height take under the force of gravity on the surface of Earth (at a gravitational acceleration of 9.81 m/s2)?

Almost precisely 0.5 seconds, the exact amount of free-fall time we witnessed in the video! This is conclusive proof that we are witnessing footage shot on the surface of the Earth.

So there you have it, folks!

This is the dream mistake that I feel we have always been looking for and lacking. The classic test of gravity, dropping an object, has been shown in ISS footage and it obliterates any notion that the footage was shot in orbit. I welcome anyone to try and explain otherwise. Such an event is not possible in orbit.

As for how NASA and the rest of the fakers create all of this footage, that is worthy of a whole post. They have fancy virtual reality contact lenses that allow the astronaut actors to seem like they are manipulating weightless objects (like a weightless microphone). They love to spin and twirl these objects for maximum effect. In one video, when a woman starts to get tangled in her wires, another astronaut quickly pulls out a fake weightless baseball and starts spinning it as if to say “look over here!”. It is comical stuff.

Beyond the virtual objects, we get a mixture of plain old CGI and Photoshop-type tricks, with an occasional video shot in the swimming pool (for space walks) or the parabolic vomit airplane. Speaking of the parabolic airplane, check out the video below.

In it, American astronaut Karen Nyberg tries to convince us that this is actually how she washes her hair on the ISS. What stands out to me? This 160 seconds worth of footage has at least 14 distinct cuts in it, for an average shot length of 11.4 seconds…and don’t forget about the dulled sound of what definitely seems like jet engines in the background.

Much Dramamine was consumed in the making of this video.

Gee, 11.4 seconds per shot…and no shot longer than 20 seconds! Let’s match that with the chart above. Outed. The hair washing video was shot in an ISS mock-up airplane, flying the route seen in the chart over and over.

I am sure they have methods I have not even dreamed of, and these are only the obvious cases where we can clearly tell that they are using certain methods. On the full ISS “tour” videos, these are no doubt created in a manner similar to a Hollywood film.

Please do not think that this post means that I am convinced by any one specific type of space fakery theory. Certainly not Flat Earth, and I subscribe to no overarching explanation or conspiracy here. Space fakery is an area of great obfuscation, and all I can really say with certainty is that the ISS footage is not shot in weightless orbit. There is too much misdirection for me to get much farther than that with the logic…no doubt, that is by design.

For the record, I lean towards a more simple explanation that space travel with our rudimentary Earth-based rocket technology would be completely cost prohibitive and suicidal. We would require another major leap forward in technology to make space-based technology like the ISS logical and cost effective. With rocket-based technology, the ISS would have never been possible to assemble, let alone maintain for dozens of years.

The charade continues to this day for two basic reasons. First, NASA is too juicy of a revenue sucker off of the Federal budget for all kinds of other secretive programs. Second, it is a lie they has been deemed too embarrassing to admit to the public. They have deemed it preferable to keep up the charade. The moon landing and space travel is part of our mythology now, and they cannot take that away…especially if it is bringing them multi-billion dollar budgets each year!

The lie continues around the world for similar reasons…a country like Russia is also too invested in the lie. For a new country like China, they figure that if the US and Russia are going to claim to be capable of this crap, they had better claim to be capable of it as well. It is a sort of arms race of fakery and stupidity. Then if China is going to do it, India wants to claim to be able to do it. Stupidity on top of hubris.

That’s all, folks!

PS: To the shills who will claim that nothing fell in the Kuipers video, see below. An object is removed, we hear it hit the floor, and Kuipers looks immediately down.

74 thoughts on “Irrefutable Scientific Proof ISS Footage is Fraudulent

  1. Great topic and great write-up!

    Fascinating to read the denial and spin control in the comments for this clip on YouTube.

    Question: Would you entertain the idea that a video like this is released “accidentally on purpose”? In other words, they know this is a complete give-away, and they put it out their to mess with our minds.

    Any photo or video I see anymore I ask myself the question, “How is it that I am seeing this?” For example, the post-Sandy Hook footage of Gene Rosen rehearsing his lines. The person filming that HAD to be in on the hoax. And so the release of that footage to the public was absolutely part of the bigger ploy. Ditto for Boston bombing wheelchair guy, etc.

    In other words, could it be that the goal here is not really to convince us there are ISS-nauts as it is to give us one more thing to argue about endlessly and so be distracted from the bigger picture?

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    1. I have definitely considered that they might just be trolling us. If your organization’s entire existence is based on such extensive levels of fakery, trolling is something that would come very naturally to you.

      The bastards might just be laughing on set and saying, “Hey Andre, do one where you pretend to drop something and it isn’t weightless!”

      With that said, it is hard to decide between an explanation of laziness, trolling, or an intentional reveal. They might just be lazy in relying upon the virtual reality technology programs to make everything look weightless, so the guy shooting the footage is just trying to get the astronaut speaking his lines and be done with it. They release it to Dutch foreign-language site, with far less scrutiny than a typical video. Laziness is hard to eliminate.

      This is why I mentioned that I find it very hard to ever draw any conclusions beyond that the footage is NOT shot in orbit. It is next to impossible to deduce their intentions, but you are absolutely right. They may just be trolling us here.

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    2. Maarten, I’m the same way now about every piece of media I see, hear or read. My first questions are, How is this supposed to make me feel? What beliefs, values, attitudes and underlying assumptions do the creators of this material assume I must have in order to be manipulated, emotionally triggered and/or intellectually engaged by the material? And what am I supposed to take away from it?

      I’ve come to believe that obvious mistakes, inconsistencies or “screw”-ups like the one in this post are an essential element of propaganda. At a deep unconscious level, these “mistakes” force us to make a choice between trusting our own perceptions and seeing through the deception, or assuming there is a “logical” explanation and allowing authority figures to do our thinking for us. The latter choice rewards us with the safety of social reinforcement and acceptance. The first choice carries with it the threat of being ridiculed and ostracized as “conspiracy theorists.” These so-called mistakes are a key component of mind control. Fooling us over and over again would be a huge pain in the ass if we were actually in the habit of thinking for ourselves and trusting the evidence of our senses.

      This is why I mistrust conspiracy authors like MM who claim that these mistakes are evidence of sloppiness or division within the ranks, or are in some other way an indication that the PTB are slipping up. They are not. These glaring “glitches” in the Matrix are built into every hoax and psy-op and are perhaps the most important aspect of them, because of the way they erode our consciousness from within.

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      1. I get what you are saying, I really do. I just think that sloppiness is not so bad an explanation. If they were so unafraid and put out mistake videos intentionally, then why do they constantly erase the videos from YouTube? As a double bluff? We want you to see this, but we are going to delete it so that you think we don’t want you to see it?

        This is where I lose the thread on these kinds of things being intentional reveals. That said, I wholeheartedly agree with you about analyzing any content for how it is TRYING to make you feel. That is absolutely critical. I am just not sure that this video is anything other than a silly screw-up that they did not realize the significance of at the time, as he is speaking in Dutch and this may have been a video for a far lesser audience.


        1. “Why do they constantly erase these videos from a YouTube…”

          For me, the keyword in your question is “constantly.”

          With every hoax, including the current scamdemic, we are CONSTANTLY presented with evidence of deception that is CONSTANTLY memory-holed. (Think of the co-morbidity report on COVID deaths that the CDC posted and then took down.) We have all seen this evidence, it enters EVERYBODY’S mind, but when it is yanked down and the deceptions remain, we must make a choice. Do we dump that evidence into our own internal memory-holes, or do we go along with the false narrative and accept it as true?

          Even better, this presentation of and then yanking down of evidence serves to make “conspiracy theorists” seem even more quixotic and unhinged. “That video was just up yesterday! I swear I saw it! You’d believe me if you saw it too!”

          Our leaders want us to think they are stupid. Incompetent. Out of touch. Complacent. Screwing up. Why install a Bush or a Trump in the White House otherwise? So these apparent “screw-ups” serve that purpose as well, helping folks like you and me delude ourselves about the extent of their control.


      2. once upon a time, there was a jeweler. A customer came into his shop and offered to sell him a diamond ring. On close inspection the jeweler said, “I cannot buy this ring; there is a big scratch on it.”

        So then i will sell it to you very cheap; make me an offer.”

        After he bought the ring, and the customer had left, the jeweler got out his tools and turned the scratch into a little flower.
        The next day, he sold it at a very high price.


  2. What’s the bigger picture? Only a tiny corner of the internet is arguing over or even doubting the veracity of the ISS. I doubt NASA or ESA is producing these films for our benefit. It’s free cinema, a free circus [on entry, although paid for by taxes] and almost everyone loves it, even we do from a different perspective. What scientist with half a brain will fall for the ISS nonsense? None, but you don’t bite the hand that feeds or shit in the nest. Having said that, I find it absurd to think these glitches passed the NASA censor.


    1. Hi there, I just wanted to add, Nasa most likely produces those “errors” for several reasons including: 1- to calculate the percentage of population that don’t buy that bullshit, 2- to improve censorship with youtube, Google, etc 3- they want to polarize both sides, maybe to make the sheeple turn places like YouTube reddit etc into a trollfest, this way its impossible for the ppl with critical thinking to progress.

      I really like this website, I just want to also add that YouTube is deleting your referenced videos..


  3. I’ve seen this often, though I don’t pretend to understand. MM recently wrote about the coup d’etat in Guatemala in the last century, and how a mainstream media source is actually reporting honestly about it. I remember when that happened, the reporting and not the event, that it fell under a rubric of journalism called “NICBT,” or now it can be told. There’s no harm in telling the truth when hardly anyone is listening.

    This is similar, Sandy Hook and “pull it” after 911 too … it seems directed at just a few who are awakened, and rubs our face in it with their power over the minds of just about everyone alive.

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    1. I always attributed those cases to carelessness, or with a thing like Guatemala the idea that propaganda to cover your actions is only necessary if someone actually cares about your actions. Nobody in America cares about Guatemala.

      People would definitely care if NASA were inherently fraudulent though. If it were not an aggressively guarded secret, we would have more than these few little breadcrumbs that are constantly being erased from any public forum. They may not particularly care that we’re onto them, but I certainly don’t think they’re feeding us cases like this. They absolutely do not want this to become common knowledge.

      If they were so keen to reveal, they would not be erasing these videos. The best of them are gone, and as I mentioned it has gotten harder and harder to find the best fails on YouTube over the years.

      This speaks to an intentional censorship, which I find at odds with any form of intentional reveal. But I admit it is possible they are signaling us or trolling us.


  4. André also claimed to have called 911 from orbit of course. I wonder if he’s related to Gerard…

    “Kuiper is considered by many to be the father of modern planetary science.[1] As professor at the University of Chicago, he was dissertation advisor to Carl Sagan. In 1958, the two worked on the classified military Project A119, a secret Air Force plan to detonate a nuclear warhead on the Moon.”

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  5. This video is probably the best compilation I can find, and sadly is Flat Earth. Also, please note that I have taken the time to make a GIF of my favorite error, the one I mentioned where the entire harness is visible. This was added to the post, and shown again below.


  6. Thank you, Maarten; a much needed reminder that the social engineers goal is total participation, nothing more. To do that, they divide a population into groups to conquer the whole — or as near to the whole as they can.

    The media bifurcates into MSM and Alt; each catering to a personality type: those who cotton to authority, and those who collect breadcrumbs. To achieve their true goal, the social engineers must feed both sides. We here on this thread are skeptical-researcher personality types, so to us they feed the rehearsal footage, the out-takes, the malfunctioning green-screens, the grinning victims, the narrative establishers (Harley Man), the continuity errors, the whole schmear of breadcrumbs we’ve uncovered over the years. They are hoping we forget that they’ve likely pre-placed a preponderance of them for us to find. Just as Big Food has hacked the taste buds Nature gave us to help us identify what not to eat (so they can feed us harmful chemical garbage at a profit), social engineers from the Control Structure’s media division have hacked our natural sense of wonder and discovery. The organic excitement and drive we feel when “on the trail of a mystery” is being highjacked to ensure our continued participation.

    I lament this as much as anyone here: One of my great joys is eminently hackable. But then again, human nature has always been hackable. (Machiavelli et al.) So, I take solace in the historical examples of Agatha Christie (66 (nice number!) novels); O. Henry (about 600 stories); and for the Francophone, Simenon (500 novels! GTFO). Whether gifted hacks or simply fronts, IDK, but I’m certain where and by whom their creative descendants are now employed.

    The best traps are the ones where the prey is certain he is escaping. Thanks Maarten for reminding us.

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    1. Still lukewarm on this, and I certainly never claimed to be escaping the control matrix. I merely felt it overdue to get all of these things into a single post. It is still hard for me to unquestioningly believe that these are intentional errors or intentional reveals.

      I agree that we all have a certain personality role, which is very easy to manipulate. That said, I do not feel it is manipulation of any kind for me to have put this all into a single post. Yes, it is a collection of the breadcrumbs… but why try to make people feel like they aren’t accomplishing anything by becoming aware of this?

      Knowledge is power. You can only be fooled if you allow yourself to be ignorant of the true underlying nature of these things. There is nothing pointless about discovery, as much as I will admit knowledge does not mean escape from the matrix. Seeking knowledge is almost universally better than the alternative, where ignorant fools are much more easily duped. We are harder to manage, but yes…we are still being managed.

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      1. Hi, I’m a new commenter, but have been enjoying this blog for a few years I think. One of the most convincing fakery clips I ever saw was “McDonnell parents live through Grace.” The parents are having a good belly laugh right at the beginning of their clip, then suppress it. First, it was probably the final straw that convinced me Sandy Hook was a fake event. Then I thought about it a bit more and wondered why CNN edited the clip that way and kept it up on their website. ( I figured they must be having a good laugh at our expense. Which I still believe. But there must be more to it, as these fake media events are big productions. And there is a definite thread to the whole Sandy Hook thing that the bereaved parents managed to thrive and overcome and “better the world” in the aftermath of their loss. Unlike your average parent who may be consumed by grief, and should maybe now feel guilty for not becoming empowered by their loss. It seems to be trolling+revelation+social programming all wrapped up into one.


    2. Excellent reminder. They want to feed us, so it doesn’t matter if we can see through the curtain and read about the deceptions, as long as we’re talking about their subjects.


  7. Fauxlex, I can’t speak for Paso Robles, but I hope you don’t feel my similar comments were meant as an attack on this post or your work in general. There is tremendous value in paying attention to these details, even if they are deliberately left as “breadcrumbs.” Personally, I think there’s more value (and power) if the research is done while keeping in mind what Paso is saying and what I, less eloquently, tried to say. If they are, indeed, leaving breadcrumbs for us, they undoubtedly have a set understanding of what people with our personalities will do with them, how we will feel about them, how we will engage with them. But if we study those breadcrumbs without attaching any of the expected delusions and false assumptions to them, there may be even more power in the knowledge gained. Even if you disagree with me, though, I think your investigations of what’s going on behind the curtain are consistently valuable and enlightening.


    1. No, not at all. It’s a fine position to take, and I certainly haven’t said it’s impossible. It has only been a little strange for me that this morning I’ve had about 5 random comments and they all seem to be singing the same tune.

      100% this could be an intentional reveal, or them trolling us. Without question. I am just personally still on the fence about it and I’m surprised and a little paranoid about the unanimity that I’ve seen this morning.


  8. I’d say “intentional reveal” is the most likely explanation but it could be that some are just sloppy work.

    Whatever they are doing is working. The evidence lies in the number of masked zombies one sees when out and about.

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  9. My favorite unanswered question from this is…what are people seeing transit the moon at certain intervals that seems like the ISS in shape? Balloon? Projection of some kind?

    It’s a puzzler and I’m all ears if anyone has ideas.


    1. I have wondered the same thing. I could conceive that there is an unmanned object circling around up there, whether in freefall orbit or under propulsion. But I am guessing that it is closer to the surface of the earth then the ISS is purported to be.


  10. Of course, all of this is deliberate. Let’s face it – although it truly is a smoking gun, it’s not really that conclusively convincing. It’s not like we actually see the screw. Believers will roll their eyes at this and say “is that the best they can do? Maybe he was reacting out of habit based on the experience of dropping screws on earth… Maybe there’s another explanation – but is one little bit of footage enough to counteract all the hours and hours of this stuff I’ve watched, PROVING that the ISS truly exists?”

    There are that many ISS screw ups on record now that it can’t possibly be accidental. Including one video that showed a rat on the exterior of the ISS – really? Do we think they’re that incompetent? How would that even happen by mistake? Why haven’t all these been deleted from YouTube?

    The whole point of these is to induce Orwellian double-think. Subconsciously everyone knows an object can’t plummet to the floor in space, but there’s a whole army of talking rectums in the media and on the internet, paid to convince intelligent people that the only rational course of thought is to disbelieve one’s own eyes. So we get a situation where people know in their heart of hearts that they’re watching BS, but they convince themselves it’s true anyway. The purpose is to get people’s minds to a place where they give up on truth and simply accept everything they’re fed, however ridiculous. And the longer a brain gets trained to do this, the worse the class of BS it’s prepared to accept.

    That was the point of the ludicrous Tesla in space story. That was the point of all the ridiculous inconsistencies in the Christchurch story. That was the point of the man with (fluro yellow shoes from memory?) in the Orlando hoax, who was shown in footage being carried away to the edge of frame, and then getting up and walking away. Why the bright shoes unless they wanted to draw attention to it? Why are they releasing Covid statistics that contradict all their fearmongering, instead of suppressing or inflating them? Are these people really as incompetent as they come across? Or is it a split in intelligence like MWM makes out? (lol)

    Wikileaks has the same purpose, for that matter. They’re literally telling us what they’re doing in order to turn up the heat on us, little by little – knowing that like frogs in a frying pan, we won’t jump out just as long as the heat is applied gradually enough. But they want us to know subconsciously what they’re doing, while reassuring us consciously that it’s all nonsense. Apart from making the mind give up on truth, it also more deeply entrenches people in their inaction as their conscious mind scrambles to justify complacency. “It’s okay, it’s only a silly conspiracy site…You don’t really know if it’s true, so no need for anything drastic like fear or action. We, the rational MSM, have declared there’s nothing to worry about – it’s just some dumb site run by a rapist anyway. So back to your Netflix and porn, sweetheart. Everything is fine.”

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    1. The first thing I thought when I saw him reach for the screw was: Why is he messing with a piece of the props in the middle of a performance? What stage actor, in the middle of a soliloquy, reaches out to fiddle with a screw holding up the scenery? That pushes me towards seeing intentionality in the gaffe.


    2. Re the covid statistics: their semi plausible cover is that some of the co-morbidities are things covid induces, eg respiratory difficulty. In other conditions of course, the idea is that the person was “pushed over the edge” by covid. These are good-enough explanations for many who, with some justification, know that they are not disease experts and prefer to lean on experts.

      What now gives this cover much MORE credibility is that CDC now claims 200k excess deaths for 2020. A neat match with covid deaths. If not covid, then what?

      I postex a link to cdc exvess deaths a few posts back but nobody here thought it worth countering or addressing in any way


      1. Let me underline how critical their 200k excess deaths report is (from the point of view of discussion with the general public.)

        It completely nullifies the “revelation” that only 6% died from covid alone. It basically confirms, for “normies,” that the 200k elderly with underlying conditions were “pushed over the edge” this year by covid. They did not die of old age, or other illnesses. They could have lived on for several more years at least, or perhaps a dozen or more.

        To underline it further, what it means is that I’m NOT EVEN GOING TO BRING UP the “revelation” of only 6% covid deaths with anyone unsympathetic to fakery, because they can easily brush it aside with the 200k excess deaths report.

        I’m a little baffled that this doesn’t grab anyone else’s attention (here) as a report that should be examined for flaws or malfeasance. It’s a bit over my head, with its complicated statistical algorithms and other issues, but maybe someone out there has the time or knowledge to study it properly?


  11. New reader here (from Germany), first comment after a month or so. Great blog!

    I’d rather attribute the glitches in the hoax presentation to sloppiness on behalf of the creators, editors and publishers. All in all, they’re doing a great job of convincing the masses. A few douters here and there won’t matter much. Most people think it is unfathomable to be fooled on this scale. So they keep believing what they’re told. Also, the glitches can be subjected to damage control by association with junk such as Flat Earth theory, flying saucers, aliens, etc.

    I must admit, though, that it is tempting to think of them as breadcrumbs laid out deliberately to demonstrate full-spectrum mental dominance over the masses, like saying: look, we’re showing you the strings and tricks, and you still are unable to disbelieve our illusions. However, the less sophisticated explanation seems more likely to me. And it’s not the main point, is it. The hoaxes themselves are.

    Here’s another video I’ve found very convincing since I first watched it almost five years ago. It is mostly about how all ISS video is fake in one way or another, how it might be produced, what life on the ISS would be like in reality, and why the ISS would be a disgusting and life-threatening environment totally incommensurate with the attitude displayed by the phony happy people posing as astronauts.

    Bogus Reentry Vehicles
    05.03.2014 – Science Frontier – 39 minutes

    Note that the idea of bogus reentry vehicles is only shortly presented, but not expanded in this video (start at 6:09 to watch just that bit up to 7:18); more detail about the reentry vehicles is promised but not presented in this video, and apparently has been deferred to a sequel, which has not been published yet, as the author states in a more recent blog post.

    Express covered my video on fake manned space travel – 25 July 2019

    In the beginning of the video, the author expresses what seems to be belief in the reality of “nuclear weapons”. I also thought they were real till end of 2015, when I started wondering what it actually meant for a carrier system like an airplance or a missile to be “nuclear-capable”, couldn’t come up with a sensible answer, and then took a clue from one guy’s remark on the Manhattan Project as the “mother of all hoaxes”, which led me to Anders Björkman’s nuke hoax pages (which have grown a bit too large and disorganized but still have a lot of good information in them). Such a relief to learn that nukes are just science fiction.

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  12. There’s such a small percentage of ‘us’, why do they bother, in the end, how much of an impact can we really make? I’m lucky to get even one person in my immediate circle to even consider a chemtrail utilizing the best argument I know of; thousands of flights arriving, departing per day, to/from any international airport, should be spewing the same crap from their engines and they do not.
    When Spaceman was ‘launched’ I thought for certain millions would finally awaken to the utter nonsense, and I was shocked that it didn’t happen, people actually believe there’s a freaking Tesla orbiting the earth. It is mind blowing.
    And yet the part of this that is the most incomprehensible, is the participants themselves. Pilots, astro-nots, fake parents….How do they continue to live the lie? I’ve done that, in relationships, jobs, friends, life in general, and over time, it takes it’s toll in one form or another (depression, anxiety, drugs, alcohol) it’s just not sustainable. What is preventing them from escaping, is money really the driving factor? Are they ‘managed’ 24/7/365? Or are they so heavily indoctrinated, they think it’s REAL?


    1. How do they continue to live the lie? That’s what I’ve been wondering too. Maybe they’re just the children of the elite and they live in a different social environment. All their peers know about the lies and they just don’t mix with the lower classes.


      1. I was talking to a coworker yesterday about this topic, about why they would make this so obvious for some of us. 1. Demoralize your enemy. It is mind-blowing (dtoc) and there’s not much we can do about it. It’s all about channels, anything non-MSM can be discarded for the masses, and we don’t have access to the MSM. 2. Maybe they want us to stop trying to convince people, because “look how dense they are.” 3. They want us doubting our conclusions. Because we think ‘they’ are giving us breadcrumbs, they must WANT us to think these things are fake, and therefore, maybe they are not.


  13. I’ve been watching videos on youtube about fake NASA and see all of these smiling, happy-as-all-can-be astronauts, and its really disturbing. Lying like this all of the time, and for such a big lie, must really destroy the soul and psyche of the liar. These astronauts, and others in on these lies, must truly be psychopaths and psychologically damaged to persist in telling and maintaining these lies.


  14. Sorry you’re so put off by flat earth theory. And you seem to be so sure that there are no nukes. All these beliefs are traps. We don’t really know what is going on. Life is mysterious, we make up realities to suit our thoughts du jour.

    My best hunch is that none of what we are taught to be the physical foundation of our reality is true. We make it up as we go along, or others make it up and we are expected to believe it.


    1. Wait, I never said anything about nukes? Mainly I agree with you. Reality is a mysterious thing, and I believe that we are being mislead in a multitude of ways.

      Flat Earth just seems too far-fetched and overrun with controlled opposition for me to give it much credence. If you have any interesting content on that, feel free to send to fauxlex_reply at yahoo dot com. Thanks for reading.


      1. Pardon, maybe I picked up part of an errant comment that wasn’t yours, re: nukes don’t exist.

        As for flat earth, I have no evidence other than common sense. We live in a realm. The idea that we can conceptualize the physical universe into space and galaxies and physical rocky planets seems to be a bit of a reach. The heliocentric ball earth paradigm is the one currently promoted by TPTB, so therefore I question it as just another Orwellian invention. EVERYTHING we are taught is upside down, so my simple mind says why believe them in this regard. You already know ISS is a sham. It’s all kabuki theater at this point. Don’t beLIEve any of it. It is much more complex and beyond our imagination. THEY are working to make you think you can conceptualize it, so that is the trap.


        1. Thanks for the comment. I think my hesitation in linking FE, and our hesitation discussing it here, is that it tends to get ugly and is itself full of controlled opposition types. That said, I completely see why you could hold such a belief. I don’t fault anyone who believes in Flat Earth…though others here might. My own favored ISS explanation is just that NASA is a juicy federal program that is kept running because it’s a large revenue stream. A great front for any kind secret technology or black budget program. And like I said, they’re too invested in the lie at this point and there’s too much money flowing for them to want the charade to end. It is also a critical part of public programming, as they want us all to believe that up is down.

          In general, if you have any solid resources to recommend to me on FE, please shoot me an email. Would prefer to discuss that particular topic outside of the comments.


    2. “Life is mysterious, we make up realities to suit our thoughts du jour. – My best hunch is that none of what we are taught to be the physical foundation of our reality is true.”

      Seems like you picked up my comment with regard to Flat Earth theory. I think that engineering and technology prove that we got a lot of the physical foundation substantially or at least sufficiently right. However, politics & propaganda have meddled with science and introduced intentional errors and misleading doctrine, for example nukes, anthropogenic global warming, manned space travel & reentry from space in general.

      Hoaxes and scams are real as evidenced by the current virus swindle. Where these are exposed, you’ll sometimes find more radical but less thorough reasonings that “everything is a hoax”, which I interpret as an effort to unbalance doubters by perverting perceptive and cognitive progress into an extremist and ultra-relativistic attitude where, at the end of the day, nothing matters any more because everything is wrong. Something to be wary of. Just my opinion, of course.

      As for space exploration, I wonder what part to assume as real and what to refute as fake. For example, I think space probes travelling to Venus and Mars are real, but not to the outer planets, amongst other reasons, because of the sleight-of-hand “gravity assist” or “slingshot effect”, which cannot work as claimed. And I doubt anything can be successfully landed on Mars or Venus.

      Are they just making stuff up about far-away objects? Or is it a fanciful extrapolation of best efforts achieved telemetrically, wrapped into a nice narrative to trigger human interest? I don’t know. It is all science fiction to me.


      1. There are people who do that sort of thing much better than … me, for instance. James Corbett, for instance, is good at that stuff. Maybe Faux too, – would you have studied statistics in this Century, Faux?


        1. Was confused as I believe the comment was out of place. I was confused by TimR raising the covid statistics on this ISS post. It feels tremendously off topic by any stretch. If we are to discuss, I think it ought to be elsewhere, on a Covid-related post. Heaven knows, we have plenty to choose from.


          1. John Burgess’ comment brought up the covid study as an example of a blatantly contradictory narrative that was then memory holed. I was just saying that the 6% covid deaths study hasbeen neutralized by the 200k excess deaths study… So I’m not sure his example holds up completely as double think. Debatable anyway.


            1. Look, it simply couldn’t be farther from the content. It doesn’t matter that some other commenter made a reference to it, it’s completely off topic. If you really must, I’d like to remind you that “excess deaths” is an extremely abstract notion, and even in normal years we easily reach 100,000 “excess deaths” by whatever measure they want to call that against average. It doesn’t really mean much to me, when we know the statistics are so fudged. It’s really a bedrock part of my own theory of what would have happened with Covid that the government would have had a strong, strong incentive to make sure it was a nasty cold and flu season. They might have sprayed us with a cocktail of every harmless cold bug they could think of. Especially nasty impact on the elderly, sure, but it’s not strong enough evidence that you can simply imply that Covid must be what they say it is. The numbers don’t look like that to me at all. They look like just an especially bad cold flu season. So I really don’t think this debate can get us anywhere, and I certainly don’t think it has anything to do with the ISS being a fraud.

              Now can we please cool it with infecting every post with Covid debates? As I said, we have a huge multitude of Covid posts do choose from for such debate. It really has no place here.


              1. Faux I did bring it up on some previous covid post. I’m not saying it proves anything to me, just that for purposes of talking to the general public, it gives them good cover on that 6% story.

                I do think it was relevant to Burgess comment because it was one of his examples to support his argument, so I was pointing out that it doesn’t (debatably) support his overall argument, that example.

                Also, it’s not always easy to bring things up that are worthy of comment in this blog format. I would like to think that if a post has been given a chance to get some feedback, that it’s not that big a deal if someone wants to throw in something off topic, that maybe hasn’t been addressed in a current post. I do like this format, but it’s not like CluesForum or something where people can start a new thread.


                1. We can see comments to old posts though, so it’s totally fine to throw in an argument on an existing covid post. I’d normally not really care, but this is extremely off-topic. I already feel like one of the purposes of covid is to keep us distracted from other topics, so this is just another case of covid creeping into everything.

                  Saying it’s relevant to some random comment is kind of disingenuous. Nobody said that specific comment itself was entirely on topic, and the covid statistics were not a major point in that guy’s comment, so what you are doing here is just magnifying the heck out of something that wasn’t on topic to begin with, then pointing back at the comment like it justifies any amount of off-topic discussion.

                  Let’s talk about the covid statistics on the covid posts…all I am saying.


                2. for the record, Faux and I treat this matter differently. I often find comments on my pieces more interesting than the piece itself, and don’t care if they wander off in new directions. It is just personal choice on either of our parts.


          1. No worries, WordPress is weird like that and I’ve done the same dozens of times. My main point was just let’s discuss covid on the covid posts.


  15. “Where these are exposed, you’ll sometimes find more radical but less thorough reasonings that “everything is a hoax”, which I interpret as an effort to unbalance doubters by perverting perceptive and cognitive progress into an extremist and ultra-relativistic attitude where, at the end of the day, nothing matters any more because everything is wrong.”

    My comment was more rhetorical than a prescription for extremism, more of a cautionary note to distrust anything handed down to you as unequivocal truth. That’s what’s missing in people’s thought process these days. Better to question everything and start from the assumption that most everything has been packaged for your consumption by somebody with an agenda.

    The Orwellian world we live in, once you grok the depth and extent of this kind of deception, gives one pause to consider that you are continually being hoaxed. The biggest hoaxes of all are the ones most resistant to being uncovered. ‘Their ‘ steady job is to mind fuck you and put you into a zone of conviction that upholds one corner of their paradigm. Better to suspend belief than get caught defending something of their creation.


    1. All information about space coming from Science/NASA/MSM is proven to be fake by simply asking for Scientific proof, in the form a repeatable, independently verifiable experiment, of a rocket ship moving under its own power in a vacuum. The only working model of a rocket in a vacuum was done 100+ years ago, in a basement, with no witnesses, no write up and never repeated. That’s how NASA started. I’m a trained scientist from a premier Ivy League spook school and let me assure you that the entire Science establishment is either fake or controlled. Scientists can only investigate approved topics and find approved results. War is another example. My family has 1,000 years of military men on both sides of the pond: Knights and Field Marshals of the Holy Roman Empire, General in the Civil War, trench infantry in WWI, Officer in Korea, at ground zero on 9/11 etc… but not one report of either a death or a confirmed kill. 1,000 years of battle and attacks without a single casualty. That’s because war is fake too.


      1. Have you ever done an interview? If not you should.

        I’d like to hear you opine on the famous crystal scryer that got smoked at Gallipoli, Henry Moseley, and his particular hustle. The Bragg clan purportedly had a son smoked there as well. Go figure of course.


        1. I was interviewed by the BBC and I’m in a documentary made by the most famous (fake) documentary filmmaker in the U.S. It’s an experience I’m not looking forward to repeating.


      2. Agree with SMJ… Would be fascinating to hear more.
        Or, if you aren’t going to give an in depth interview or write long essays, are there any books or sources you recommend as being most accurate about the sociology and actual process of science?

        I read Disciplined Minds recently and found some good insights, but it didn’t allege the same extent of control you do. It viewed the scientists as top down controlled, but free to be self directed and creative within their given task. And certainly not outright faking– their employers wanted real results.

        What is your take on MM’s critique of science? And MM in general?


        1. Miles is not a Scientist, he’s a religious cult leader, his cult being conspiracy, his core message being helping save Christians from the Jews (sometimes coded as capitalists, industrialists or Phoenicians but often enough Jews proper) which when you say it out loud is exactly what it sounds like. The State of Israel was created through illegal smuggling of DPs (displaced persons: see Pynchon’s “Gravity’s Rainbow” for more details). One of the main organizations responsible for the smuggling was the Brichah. One the the main agents of the Brichah used as his code name, you guessed it, my last name. That’s coming from a family of European Catholic Noblemen naming their boys “Maria” with a monument right out side of where flight 93 crashed.


          1. We started off as Pagans but turned Catholic to help create to Holy Roman Empire and beat the Pope into submission. As Catholics we helped beat Martin Luther into submission and created a Protestant branch to move to America. We were against the Jews in modern European times (I mean really against, like responsible for running countries overrun by the Wehrmacht) and then created a Jewish branch, billionaires of course, to start Israel.


            1. Being part of a family that manipulated the Holy of Holies of three major religions I roll my eyes at those who think religion is anything more than a way to move the masses from place to place (physically, mentally and spiritually). Miles thinks differently. And he’s not a Scientist because he does not perform experiments. He’s a wanna-be mathematician. He tries to prove things using words. A scientist gains knowledge through a repeatable real-world experiment that can be independently run by another scientist who will realize the same results. You don’t find many scientists these days.


              1. Excellent comment, BOETHIUS. And, the problem with science and the scientist is that in nature everything (form and function) is random, and a little bit different — and constantly changing — even at the cell level, which makes what happens “non-repeatable.” Herein lies our problem trying to nail down anything “scientifically” for certain. Simulation/simulacra is the best we can hope for.


                1. Real scientists are not looking for the exact nature of anything, they (we) are looking for the process(es) that creates the world. Einstein, a fake Scientist, said “God is in the details” when really God is in the abstraction: why things work in exactly the same way day after day when everything changes every day. Typical TPTB to sell the opposite as the truth.


          2. What a bunch of bs. Miles is a religious cult leader? Helping Christians, but not people of any color and race who don’t want to be lied to anymore? And we should take yr word on it, right? There’re 2 things obvious here: yr assertion is void of any argument which makes it a misdirection and b) yr peerage connection suggests this is exactly what ya should be doing, mudding the waters, creating fog.

            There were hundreds if not thousands experiments other scientist did, but didn’t explain them considering charge or turned them into “paradoxes”. Why spend money and time to repeat any such experiment, when the results remain the same? If anything, he could’ve done countless experiments to prove anything he’d wanted to, but has resorted to using data from experiments done before by others. That’s clever, don’t ya think? I actually don’t care what ya think, y’re arrogant and yr claims are empty.


  16. I dialectically agree and disagree with your position at the same time. Yes, question everything and suspend belief, okay; but if we then find ourselves questioning that planet Earth has the shape of an oblate sphere, we’ve clearly gone over the top and performed a regression instead of a progression.

    Flat Earth Theory is a special case where the caveat against relativistic extremism applies a fortiori; for there is no doubt in my mind FET has been launched by the Propaganda System specifically to absorb revelations like that about the ISS hoax, thus discrediting them by association.


  17. He is no longer a writer on this blog.

    Will he return? It’s up to him. It will not be as Admin or editor, but maybe as contributor.

    So Mark is proving Fauxlex right in what I also uncovered about him. A drastic state of paranoia.

    Has Fauxlex (or me, when I was a writer here) EVER abused their powers? Nope.

    “But it might happen [unfounded]”,

    Typical conspieparanoia and yet another one bullied away here. You’re going through your writers like Fauci with fallacies. You can be proud of your echo chamber Mark!

    And then having the gall to be against fascism. You’re the prime example.

    Take a break or so, you’re destroying your own blog at warp speed pace.


    1. (To Mark’s comment on my post)

      You know why you actually did this, and it’s not the silliness you claim. It is absolutely possible to change someone from Admin to Editor on WordPress.

      That’s all I will say…you know why you did this, and you aren’t telling them in your comment.

      (To the genuine readers of this blog)

      It has been a fun ride. This will be my last comment. Remember, trust no one.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It is even worse.

        After the horrific treatment of Maarten Rossaert, one of the most intelligent writers here no doubt, the “technically inapt” Tokarski has even shadowbanned your comment:

        Goosestep or you’ll be banned/demoted/bullied away.

        Oh the irony.


  18. I have been following the discussion about the ISS for years.
    Newer seen a PEER revived paper about the scientific discoveries and advances to human understanding of our place in the universe produced by the “scientist” of the ISS ilk.
    live in peace


  19. XDDDDDDDDDDD “An object is removed, we hear it hit the floor, and Kuipers looks immediately down.” Look at the full video… he’s looking down to open the down door. Omg hahaha


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