Bill O’Reilly, shape shifter, revisited

This post is a re-visit as I promised commenter Graemebird a while back. The subject in question is TV host Bill O’Reilly, and my contention is that he is a zombie, and once went by the name Bobby Fuller, whose only lasting hit was a song called “I fought the law.”

First, some back story:

  • Weird ScenesFuller was one of maybe seventy musicians of the LA music scene whose death was covered in Dave McGowan’s Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. McGowan notes how many, if not most of them have military Intelligence backgrounds, usually family connections.  (We have found some of these connections, like Jim Morrison and John Denver, to be fake.)
  • Considering the relatively small group of people involved, maybe at most two or three hundred famous musicians in that scene at that time, seventy of them dying is incredibly unlikely. Even in a war zone we would not find that high a death tally, especially of such young people. One or two perhaps, but not seventy.
  • The reasons for the deaths are usually related to substance abuse. Yet, how many alcoholics do you know who live into their 60s and 70s? How many pill and cocaine users that you know succumb to “overdoses”? One? Two? None? The idea that these were high-wired people who flamed out was sold hard, but I suspect it was all fake, and that they were acting the part, nothing more.
  • Fuller’s death was suspicious, found dead in his car, the “suicide” box checked with a question mark. He is said to have basically died in vapor lock. It made no sense.
  • McGowan, whose book was in my view a “limited hangout”, treats all the deaths as real, perhaps slightly questioning that of Jim Morrison. (Knowingly or not, he used a fake photo of Jim and his supposed admiral father in the book.)
  • McGowan himself has now died, but I suspect that death too is fake. He’s a spook, and has merely been reassigned or retired.
  • People question how spook-related singers have so much musical talent. The short answer is that only a few had real talent. For the rest, and this is true today as well, it can be done using studio musicians, voice overs, and merely mouthing the words on stage. These days they can even pitch-correct bad singing in live performances.
  • Most of the music of that era was produced by a group, assembled by Phil Spector (a person of interest, probably not in jail) known informally as “The Wrecking Crew.” They don’t write their own music, they don’t play their own instruments, and they don’t sing, or if they do sing, it is enhanced, miked up, and corrected where possible.

KillingWith that as background, what I am asserting here is that Bobby Fuller/Bill O’Reilly is and always has been a spook. His television persona is fake, and just like his musical ability, his writing ability is also the product of others. I doubt he harassed any women, and his recent “firing” by Fox might be just a transfer to another gig to make room for a new fake personality. His “Killing…” series most likely originates in the bowels of Langley, and while the books are fake history, so too is everything else in the history and current events sections of Barnes and Noble. That is not new.

What we know here at this blog, and it is a hard point to sell, is that this situation is not unusual. I doubt anyone in the “news” business of any prominence uses a real name. They are all fakes, actors, and more than a few, like O’Reilly, Amy Goodman, Charley Rose, Thom Hartmann, the late Gwen Ifill and Barbara Walters (1990s forward)  used to go by a different name, were even famous as someone else. The point is that all news is fake, and that newscasters are just actors.

Below are two photographs of Fuller and O’Reilly:

We are fortunate that they have adopted basically the same posture and expression, but if they are the same person, is that a surprise?


Note, as shown in the screen capture below that the dimple once exhibited by fuller has now receded into a larger, older face, and that those areas of the face that are made of cartilage, the ears and nose, have grown. For all of us, our ear lobes grow as we age. He is developing a hooked nose, common among Ashkenazi Jews as they age. (How do I know he is Jewish? In the news entertainment business, who isn’t?)

Overlay 1

Here are two more photos:

And, the gif blending the two faces:


When we first put this piece out there it drew comments alleging that Fuller could not be O’Reilly because Bill is 6’4″ and Fuller was much shorter. It occurred to me that since the distance between our eyes does not change as we age, that I might be able to project their height side by side by setting their eyes at common distance. I was fortunate to find a photo of Fuller standing up with eyes looking more or less straight ahead, as with O’Reilly, and using 20 pixels as the standard. came up with the following:

Height Comp

Given the odd angle of Fuller’s body, I would say that these “two” men share the same height. [I lined up the eyes, so do what I did … run a ruler down the bodies, and see that the armpits, belt lines, crotch and knees all align. The right hands look identical. So too do the feet.]

I rest my case.

24 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly, shape shifter, revisited

  1. Glad this one held up. That wink, wink, nudge nudge sneer tells the whole story.
    Meanwhile, I was wondering about those around “Fuller” and followed the path of some of his record labels. Along the way, other zombies popped up, like Sam Cooke and Richie Valens, but that would follow as these labels were just intel store fronts, complete with traffic acts to hide the key agents within the crowd.
    Tangent: I have suspected for a long time that the British version of the Wrecking Crew were the people around the jazz schooled players in the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. This would include Neil Innes and Viv Standshall, two musicians who had very public interactions with the Beatles, especially post Brian when the studio Beatles came to the fore. Later, The Rutles parody band was formed around Innes which now looks like a huge thumb nosing at the world.


    1. I was not able to sustain the Valens idea, and so jettisoned it. Sam Cooke still stands. I am very suspicious that the Beatles were nothing more than the Monkees with better shading.


      1. The key is Buddy Holly- if he/they stand, Valens is one of them, even if he never resurfaced. A spook by any other name…


        1. What did he do? Retire into military bureaucracy? I have no clue. He could have spent the next decades merely shuffling papers in anonymity, duty done. Maybe not talented enough as an actor.


    2. That is one useful tangent! Just from this short video: Eric Idle, as reporter, name the Rutles manager as Leggy Mountbatten; and then in the sequence where the group leaves a venue, they enter and leave a succession of vehicles, the last being a very royal Rolls-Royce, number plate RUT 1, and so not HRH 1. These two are very supportive of the Mathis idea linking the Lennon character to the Stanleys.


    3. I have never heard of these guys! Thanks for sharing, very funny…a legend that will last a lunchtime. Love it


  2. I love that Rutles clip, by the way. That whole movie was hilarious, and now I can view it as you do, as a “huge thumb nosing.” I have it in mind that I want to start from scratch with the Sir Faul piece, rewrite the entire thing, as I was so wet behind the ears then, maybe just damp now. But I am betting that if I do that, a whole bunch more stuff might reveal itself. And … it would be fun!


    1. This might be useful. It’s a video of Dhani Harrison singing “For You Blue”, with a number of stills. In the first are Dhani, Olivia, Nancy, Jeff Lynn, Tom Hanks, and amazingly the character known as John Halliday wearing his brother’s wig. Later in the song there’s a still of the now public brother in the same group of people, same clothes, same wig, but shrunk to match the height.


          1. I was intrigued by your match up of Marc Bolan/Ian McShane and did a little digging. There is a resemblance, but I found that Ian was already working as an actor in 1962, 15 years before the death of Bolan. I doubt he was able to do both during the same time period (15 years) and his IMBD page shows he was especially busy in the 70’s when Bolan was pioneering the glam rock movement (per Wiki)


          1. You have to understand that I am not some guru who sees things that others do not. I am just a person who came to realize that it is all at our fingertips, that all we have to do is look, think reason, make mistakes, and from those mistakes get better. You will be surprised to learn that if you dig, YOU will find.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Oh no, not a guru thing. What I admire is your focus and preseverance. Anyway, regarding the images in the video, even if they match with the gentleman in front of the “family home”, that still leaves to be proved if there is a link to JPM (perhaps you already did that?). Two years ago, before I chanced on Miles’ site and his JFK paper and then quickly his Lennon paper, I was happily watching concert after concert by Macca and his band. At that time there were numerous two hour videos on Youtube, seeingly the official releases. In one interview video, with menbers of the band, one said that “Paul” had amazing energy, staying on stage for the whole evening, whereas they all got to have a rest when he did his ascoutic bit. That comment sticks in my mind, and all those videos have now gone from Youtube. Were the two of them doing shifts?

            As for digging, yes I do, and it is almost depressingly easy to unravel the fake narratives. Here’s one. Youtube suggested I watch the Marc Bolan story. I learnt that he couldn’t afford an electric guitar until after his third LP. Born 1947, died at 29. Is there a zombie?
            This was my first guess, and just now I have quickly done a face-split, having sat on the idea for a month or two.

            I’m not sure that it convinces me, beyond the fact that for me there was “something in the eyes”, and this split reinforces that feeling. Ian McShane by the way.

            Liked by 1 person

          3. That is good work! I don’t use face splits anymore as strong evidence, having learned they can be unreliable. They are indicators. It would take a lot more research. But isn’t it interesting that under every rock we turn lies more deception? It is as if the whole world presented by news, education, media in general, is fake.

            [I did use a face split to compare the McCartney family home caretaker to original “Paul.” They were not just close, but dead-on.]


          4. Yes, under every rock, and so it’s not so much as digging as simply opening ones eyes. I find this is a very strange expereince to be living with, unsettling.

            Have you seen the video on the Thunderbolts Project Youtube channel, by Chris Reeve? The Completely Unexpected Reason People Call Others ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Besides the fact that he’s taking a very generous view on the motivation of many who speak up in favour of the status quo, his analysis is still useful for me: where do we find an associative coherence in this world full of lies?

            Digging deeper and deeper into the a few key issues – Beatles and JFK – is worthwhile I think, because there are so many emotional triggers that have been embedded by these fake narratives. I’ve been watching Rutles clips all day, and the music is so comforting, which I’m sure is not by chance, and Innes’ voice is spookily like Lennon’s. I will think about that for a few weeks.


        1. I’m from the era, but never a huge fan….didn’t even know George had a child, much less one that looks so much like him.


          1. re:Bolan. Thank you. I’ve just been looking at the images that google gives me for “Ian McShane as Heathcliff”, from 1967. It’s intriguing, because then he was even more Bolan-like, but, as you say, a lot of work for one guy.


  3. I’m thinking this fake death stuff and reappearing as someone else may not just be for celebs or elite people. Two men here just died within one day of each other, no drugs, maybe a little out of shape, they were connected to the local mason lodge, and both died at age 47. They could be relocated within the country rather than overseas and since their identity has been changed no real way for an average person to spend the time or money to prove it. Other local deaths here of the past seem kinda odd too. There may be answers among the well to do people in your own town.


    1. I like comments like this, as they open the door to a bigger world than we are describing. Your eyes are open, you are seeing things and not taking them at face value. Thanks for chiming in.


  4. Read this particular article a couple of times, Bill O’Reilly looks like Paul Gambicinni the likeness is unbelievable, a London based American DJ who worked for the evil BBC.


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