Great Balls of Fire

This year the combination of solstice, Christmas and New Year pushed the limits of our quiet and peace here on the West bench of the Bridger Mountain Range, Montana. Beloved house guests stayed a few days too long. Then a second wave came rather unexpectedly to replace the first bunch. Cooking for a group, instead of the usual two. Remaining courteous. Deferring, for whatever idiotic reason. It’s all part of the game, I suppose. Too much of a good thing.

Well, as one can hardly avoid all media when guests are in the house, there will be blood. We have right-wingers and left-wingers, and everything in between. One story that broke really frayed the edges of civility — the “White Helmets” and Syrian (Assad) “gassing civilians.”

In order to perception manage us any harder, these freaks are going to have to go around literally confiscating our ears and eyeballs.
Caitlin Johnstone

Media works. Propaganda works. Lies, lies, lies. We will survive. Plan B next year. I want to thank PBS (scum) for pulling back the curtain to expose the reality of life in America. As they say, “bettter luck next time.”

3 thoughts on “Great Balls of Fire

  1. Media complicity is a big deal. It implies a hidden coordination at the top. I think that the average person greatly overestimates their ability to think for themselves. Media coordination and complicity with those at the top creates an almost impossibly thick layer of social control. Navigating a way out of that control is sadly only the first step.


    1. “We’ll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” (William Casey, head of the CIA in the Reagan Administration)

      The above quote is controversial, from one side saying that even if true, no sane person would say something like that in public, to others that it was planted. But in fact, it was not in public. It was reported by Barbara Honneger, who said she was in attendance at a February 1981 meeting when Casey said the words. Honneger was a researcher and policy analyst in the Reagan Administration from 1980 to 1983. Sarah McClendon, a journalist publicly known for antagonizing various administrations, then went public with the quote without naming the source.

      Even so, it could be mis/disinformation planted by Honneger to create some distraction and get people asking the wrong questions. Or it could have been fed to McClendon by someone else for the same purpose. That is done all the time, tantalizing tidbits aimed at certain skeptical quarters.

      I only know this: I have seen tons of false and misleading news, big issues that are fake, faked deaths, fake imprisonments, a fake rivalry between the US and USSR and now fake impeachment proceedings … even if no one actually uttered those words, they might well be true anyway.

      I have indications from our work on this blog that show me that media is a tightly controlled enterprise … Bobby Fuller, the singer who died in on 7/18/66 (I see two 8’s there) went on to become Bill O’Reilly, a voice of the right on Fox news for decades. Janis Joplin actually a set of twins) went on to become Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, again, for decades. Anderson Cooper (again, twins), went on with his brother Carter (fake death 7/22/88 = 11 and 8’s) to work for CNN and sit in high profile interviewing participants in major hoaxes, like Sandy Hook. (Carter, judging by his appearance as Anderson on Jeopardy, seems quite a doofus.) Gary Hinman, who was a fake victim in the Manson Hoax, went on to become Maury Povich (Mr. Connie Chung) and had a large daytime TV presence. Brandon DeWilde, TV actor in the 60s, faked his death right down the hill from here in Lakewood, CO, (7/6/72, 188th day of that leap year) and went on to become radio host Thom Hartmann. Pete Ham, (bad) singer for Badfinger, went on to become Bill Maher, professional liberal comedian and HBO talk show host. So there you have right, left, center and human interest, radio, comedy, all people who faked their deaths, with high media profiles.

      It doesn’t take much more to figure out who else is in on it – did I forget, Pam Courson, Jim Morrison’s girlfriend, became Baba Wawa, though it became clear that Walters was a composite of several people, Pam, in my mind, was most prominent.

      And happy holidays, Steve. Aren’t families fun? Do you see why so many people go to the movies over the break?


  2. A happy, happy to you and yours, Mark. It was the smoked ham that came in the mail that put me over the edge. A “gift” that hijacked a perfectly good, already purchased, menu planned for 14-16 for Christmas supper. Oh, the “special Duchess potatoes” had to accompany the ham. These “Bay Area” relatives could be sweet as peanut brittle, but with a bit too much — thinking to myself — “unsavory pomposity, ignorance and mind-numbing, overbearing tedium.” Screw the passive-aggressive, regardless of race, religion, creed, socio-economic station, or any other fake division of our species. Survived it. Nobody died.


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