“Nature Identicals,” Fake Foods, Meat Glues, and beyond.

Watch your food future. This short video should help everyone — the mind-controlled and free-thinkers alike — sort out what they put in their mouths.


They’re messing with everything. Modified by CRISPR. Synthetic biology. Oh my.

What can’t they manipulate? Not yet convinced “WE ARE THE ENEMY?” What’s on your plate? Choose wisely.

6 thoughts on ““Nature Identicals,” Fake Foods, Meat Glues, and beyond.

  1. Thank you for the link, Steve. I have to ask: What do YOU do? There’s really no local farmer market here to speak of in the winter and barely one in the spring and summer. And even local farmers may be susceptible to contaminated seeds. The only options seem to be despair or denial.

    It’s funny, I remember as a little kid–when I was in grade school–I would read all the marketing bullshit on my cereal box while eating breakfast and be conscious of my enjoyment in believing it. I would actually think how nice it was to believe that the corporations making my food had the best interests of the world at heart. In retrospect, the fact that I thought about this at all suggests that at some level I knew it was bullshit. Is there a conspiracy-awareness gene?


    1. What it to me suggests is that people are logic and skeptical beings and that starts at an early age; at that grade age you bombard your parents with questions.

      Good parents do not cover up the questions with lies. Bad parents transmit their own illogical thinking, the result of their own programming.

      There is no specific gene, there is a digression from natural skepticism by the non-aware people.

      Being alert for outside physical, but also mental dangers, is the task of the male. Especially on the most basic point; food. Good video series indeed, and the US is crazy.

      Luckily Colombia is much more aware of the natural source of food. That fake food they are experimenting with (first video of the channel), only people who lost their natural sense of skepticism and completely embraced whitecoatism would go for that. The more important it is to keep pointing out this huge part of Transhumanism in our Age.

      There seems to be a common misconception that there is “A Transhumanist Age on the rise/coming/ahead”. This is wrong; we already live in the Transhumanist Age. Our role in this age is to first identify our “transhuman footprint” and then act upon that knowledge to reduce it.

      “It does not matter what is true, what matters is what is perceived to be true”


  2. Off topic: talk radio is abuzz with this shooting in “White Settlement”, Texas… A story of good guys with guns stopping a bad guy… No comment needed. Ha.


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