Many years ago when I lived in Montana some friends and I were driving the countryside around Billings looking for birds. It’s still a hobby of mine, and I’ve never gotten very good at it, which keeps it interesting. My friend Jim was a self-trained expert, and a good guy to have along anyway. He was full of surprises. We crossed a small bridge, and down beneath were pigeons (since renamed “rock doves” and then again “rock pigeons” by experts who must earn royalties on new bird books). They were hunkered down, and Jim said it could only be for one reason. Look up, he said. Sure enough, soaring overhead was a red tail hawk.

Power is like that , but not openly visible like that hawk. It is seen in the behavior of those around it. I am new to this game, only awakened since 2015 or so, before that time stumbling through a mystifying swamp of inexplicable events and behaviors. Most befuddling were the behaviors of public people, openly lying yet never fearing exposure. The lies were understood by all around them to be an essential part of having a public life. Where once I thought there must be some threat of violence that kept them in line, as with our pigeons above, I later assumed that they are simply actors and probably oath-bound to keep secrets, not afraid and often enough not even lacking in moral character. The red tail hawk is not evil, just part of nature.

For those new to this website, I will explain a little of our history, some of our amazing discoveries along with mistakes of enthusiasm. I think it might have been 2015 that I stumbled on a YouTube video claiming that the Tate/Manson murders were a hoax. I cannot find that video now, but it stayed on YouTube for the ensuing years even as that medium grew more censorious. One purpose of the video, I realized, was to direct traffic to the Miles Mathis site. (henceforth “MM”).  There still exists on YouTube, even in our day when it removes anything that violates its “community standards” (while never revealing the community it is referring to), videos claiming the Manson Family murders were a hoax. Like this one. These videos are still directing traffic to the MM site, as seen below.

Curious, it is.

I became familiar with MM and his work, even traveling to Taos in 2016 to meet him. As with any new discovery, I was in a state of elation at what new information he had uncovered, the most important of which was that the JFK murder in 1963 was a hoax. This removed a dark cloud that had hovered over me since reading Mark Lane’s Rush to Judgment while in high school. He wrote a paper about Elvis Presley which, based on two live birth certificates, claimed that he was set of twins.  He suggested that something similar might be going on with the business around Paul McCartney (the “Paul is Dead” phenomenon). It bore further scrutiny, but oddly, MM did not look into it himself.

The importance of what followed was not so such my finding that McCartney is indeed a set of (easily discoverable) twins, but that I was capable of doing my own research. I did not need experts. Mathis would eventually disown any connection with me, claiming that I am part of MI6, laughable. Such accusations are gobbled up by his devoted following.  They need to remember the bumper sticker from the past, shown here. They, like the general population, are overly awed by authority figures.  

Anyway, I wrote an amateurish paper on the McCartney subject and submitted it to him. He rejected it and published his own paper based in part on my research, referring to me as a friend in Colorado. When I and a few others met MM in 2016 he claimed with some sadness that his McCartney paper was his most widely read until that time. (Since that time I published my own work on the subject, called “Sir Faul.”later “Sir Faul revisited.” My writing and research skills were improving, and I did not plagiarize a word.)

To this day, I do not fully comprehend the MM phenomenon, and choose simply to stay at arm’s length, taking the good. Regarding the JFK assassination, I was able by use of my own brain to confirm two important aspects of that hoax, that the morgue photos and the famous LBJ/Jackie swearing in photos (part 1, part 2) were both the product of high quality darkroom fakery. I set off on a path of discovery that has not stopped to this day, making important discoveries along with mistakes of enthusiasm due to overconfidence. The blog is now cleansed of those posts that harbored those obvious mistakes. Even so, I do not imagine that everything that remains can be validated or that in the future I will not make similar mistakes. I only claim to do my own research, and urge others to do the same. We all have brains, and only need to practice using them. (You should have read my McCartney paper that I submitted to Mathis – yikes!)

I had it in mind that the pressure of putting fresh material on a blog on on a regular basis would be better handled by a group, and I reached out to commenters who seemed to have depth and writing ability. For this reason we have a small stable of writers here now, three of whom besides me are currently active, and one whose posts from earlier this year has caused our daily readership to mushroom into the tens of thousands. That has simmered down now.

I am always on the lookout for new writers, but treasure the ones we have. They bring fresh insight that my aging brain cannot achieve. One of the antidotes to aging is to stay mentally active, but aging goes on anyway. I can tell my age by the number of faces I recognize in US Weekly magazine – maybe one or two. These younger voices will, I hope, be the voice of the blog in the future. I have my eyes on others as well.

I have written that the JFK revelation set me free, gave me a sense of floating above it all. Work that I have done on the Waco Massacre, ColumbineTiananmen Square and Jonestown and so many other hoaxes led me to suffer a new illusion – that the deep state, the cloaked forces who run the planet, are benign. They create hoaxes, but (perhaps due to karmic fears) do not really commit murder.

There was at least one obvious flaw in that reasoning, AIDS. Imagine the following:

  • A healthy man is tested for HIV, the retrovirus falsely claimed to be the cause of AIDS, and the results are positive.
  • He is now faced with two problems: 1) If he has unprotected sex knowingly carrying HIV, he can be prosecuted for attempted murder in some jurisdictions, and 2) if exhibiting any signs of illness, he will undergo treatment.
  • Even if he were symptom-free, the antiviral drugs used in treatment would make him sick. In that case, the treatment IS the disease. The drugs are toxic and lead to the same set of symptoms that AIDS is supposed to cause.
  • The poor schmuck who was only HIV-positive will now have “full-blown” AIDS.  Couple that with what he took to be a death sentence anyway, and his health deteriorates.
  • Then he dies of some other opportunistic infection, like pneumonia, tuberculosis, or cancer. Because he is said to have had AIDS, his murder is covered up. 

The AIDS syndrome is real, though not connected to HIV. If you are foolish enough to undergo treatment, you will die at the hands of clueless doctors and nurses. In legal terms this is not strictly “murder.” It is manslaughter. At the center of it are virologists. I have come to regard their profession as at best, pseudoscience, and at worst quackery. I regard virologists as corrupt, corruptible, or Uber drivers, their only real career path choices. I now refer to our medical personnel, brainwashed as they are in germ theory, as ducktors. Quack quack, doubleplusgood duckspeak.

The deeper I got into AIDS, the clearer it became that I was dealing with evil. I could not float above it and chuckle as I did with Waco or Tienanmen. AIDS was a three-pronged hoax meant to kill off gays, spread fear and distrust among us, and to slow down population growth on the African continent. Men like Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier, who announced with great fanfare and without evidence that HIV was the cause of AIDS, might well be corrupted, but they might also just be pigeons.

Pigeons are all about. Murray Rothbard, writing about Étienne de La Boétie, referred to “vast networks of corrupted people with an interest in maintaining tyranny.” AIDS is such a network, and participants include medical professionals, virologists, the news media and government officials. Most are simply clueless, victims of their own indoctrination and propaganda and unable to break free. Many know or suspect the truth, that AIDS is in fact a syndrome caused by self-abusive lifestyle, hemophlia, malnutrition and the toxic drugs used to treat it. It is not contagious. They are afraid to speak up, as they will lose their livelihood. I go into a state of fugue as I see evil and corrupt people, names unknown to me, cloaked raptors, who manipulate all those around us and who possess astonishing power. They do not just control the narrative, but enforce it with extreme malice. People are cowed into submission, removed from their jobs, pilloried by the news media. A man of honor, like Peter Duesberg, receives the following notice from Wikipedia:

Peter H. Duesberg (born December 2, 1936) is a German American molecular biologist and a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is known for his early research into genetic aspects of cancer. He played a pivotal role in the AIDS denialism controversy as a proponent of the belief that HIV does not cause AIDS.

Duesberg cannot be fired due to tenure, but has lost all funding. That word, “denialism,” plays a critical role in not only AIDS but in every major hoax currently in play. It’s both a psychological tool, like “conspiracy theory,” and a bludgeon used to intimidate and isolate people capable of independent thought and judgment.  It works. I mentioned La Boétie above. He wrote in the sixteenth century about the state of humanity and wondered why people voluntarily submit to tyranny. The answer is twofold – one, that people do not trust their own abilities, the other that they are lazy. They don’t want to fight. It’s easier just to go along.

If AIDS involves murder, another feature of modern medicine is only less brutal. People indeed die (SIDS, just one example) but are mostly just injured. This is the practice of vaccination. We cannot begin to know the death toll, as it is shrouded in the fog of medical propaganda claiming that the practice is a life-saving endeavor. Early in 2019 I sat through what was to be my last annual physical. My physician, a PA, brought in a young ducktor who did some routine procedures. Then as he stooped before me, bouncing a rubber mallet off my knees and feeling about my joints, he did a sales pitch for vaccination. I needed two, he said. He did a hard sale, but I refused. I realized that my PA, having failed with me, enlisted him to talk some sense into me.

Ducktors are brainwashed on germ theory and vaxxing. Were that not the case, they, like honorable virologists, would be driving Ubers.

I realized as I walked away from the clinic that day last year that there was something very wrong with modern medical practices. In 2018 I submitted to what would be my second-to-last annual physical. In that one I showed an elevated PSA score (prostate-specific antigen). Fortunately I had read up on the subject. Here, again, people are not being deliberately murdered, but men are being mutilated. I was referred to a urology clinic, but did not make an appointment. Instead wrote a letter to my PA explaining that 1) the PSA test doesn’t give us useful information, and 2) two other factors (one of them recent vigorous exercise) having nothing to do with prostate cancer, affected me. I had worked out at the gym that morning before the exam. I explained to her that I might indeed have prostate cancer, but the PSA test was useless and anyway, prostate cancer is common in men my age. We mostly just outlive it and die of something else. I told her that I chose to live my remaining life in a healthy state, and not accompanied by impotence and incontinence, a common and direct result of prostate removal. Urologists are in the mutilation business.

I don’t know how this all comes together, but when the Scamdemic uncloaked, I knew immediately that it was a hoax. I did not know how big it would be. It was never a matter of trying to understand what was being done, but rather how. That sort of writing has consumed this blog, and thankfully the other writers are doing great work. My only reflection at this point is to wrap up on what I wrote above, that the medical care profession is utterly corrupt, its practitioners brainwashed. Covid-19, like AIDS and vaxxing, is a deadly scam. People are being murdered, right now older people being euthanized by means of intubation, ventilators, comas and antiviral drugs. Many, if not most, would have died anyway due to comorbidity factors, so that the ducktors and nurses merely accelerated the process. However, many could easily have recovered from a cold or the flu and been watched over with a mere oxygen clip on their noses. Because of the brainwashing/Uber-driving factor, again we are not dealing with murder. It is manslaughter. And, as with AIDS, they have plausible deniability.

At the upper levels, where people like Anthony Fauci (swine flu, AIDS, Covid), Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier (AIDS), William Catalona (PSA), there appears to be premeditation. These men and others appear to have wanted the outcomes described above. Maybe, because I am allowed to know their names, they are mere pigeons. Real power, after all, does not show its face. But these men were at least used as the drivers of major hoaxes. And they easily got away with everything. There are no standards of fairness or justice in this medical system, no accountability.

It’s late now, not in the day, but in the game. The landscape now is filled with zombies wearing masks, not unlike the Borg as portrayed in Star Trek. I am reminded of Doc McCoy’s words to Kirk as he leaned over a corpse, “He’s not just dead, Jim. His brain is gone.” That could be a Casablanca-like false memory of a famous movie line never uttered, but my point is that people are not normal anymore. Their eyes are vacant, their mental abilities stilted. They are going through the motions. I cannot get their attention as they go about their duties, ringing up sales or stocking shelves. They put on their masks with not just resignation, but with complete absence of mental process.

Occasionally I encounter one of two capable of emotion, but it is only anger at me for not wearing a mask.

We are still here, you and I, and the overlords know about us. I’ve seen signs of awakening in some places, as when the Idaho House voted to overturn the governor’s state of emergency. The Idaho Senate overturned that resolution. The governor of Georgia eliminated mandatory masks. Our recent trip through Wyoming was mostly free of Covid paranoia, no “stand here” signs on the floor or plexiglass jungles.

But now I see where the State of Massachusetts has made flu shots mandatory. It is ironic that it is Massachusetts doing this, as that state was at the forefront of mandatory vaxxing for small pox in 1855. Even then, when it was obvious that vaxxing was harming people and doing nothing to stop smallpox, the medical profession carried on just like now, oblivious.

If not oblivious, they are knowingly harming people. That is my point here. They are good at fixing broken bones and wounds, but they do not know what causes disease, and they cannot cure it. They are harming us with their drugs and vaccines, killing us with remedies for AIDS, euthanizing old people, and standing by doing nothing as the largest scientific hoax in human history has turned humanity into the Borg.

“They’re not just dead, Jim …”


32 thoughts on “Ducktors

  1. You mentioned MM, Massachusetts and Red-Tails so I feel compelled to comment. I’m a 35 year old guy who lives in Agawam, Massachusetts. I was born and raised across the river in Springfield and lived there most of my adult life. Agawam is so close yet so far away…it’s a pretty nice place compared to Springfield, though I do have pride in the birthplace. I pop into POM probably daily. I don’t comment often. I commented as Greg from Mass at Cutting through the Fog but Josh cut me off. That was after Miles “outted” me as a shill or whatever and telling the group my name wasn’t Greg nor was I from Massachusetts. I shared local stories that challenge some of his theories such as kidnappers not existing and pedo priests being a hoax. I don’t pretend to have my finger on the pulse of any grand topics but I’ve lived these years surrounded by a corrupt local government, in Springfield, that is very well documented. It involves mafia, mayors, city council members, school committee, police and fire dept, district attorneys and clergy, for damn sure. That’s in shitty Springfield Mass. I see no reason for the corruption to shrink as one goes higher on the rungs. On Red Tail Hawk…they are abundant around here. I used to marvel at their hunting skills, but now I’d rather see a group of Sparrows gang up on one and scare it off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you chimed in. Always good to get a wider perspective.

      I’ll tell you a story having nothing to do with anything except red tail hawks. My wife and I were walking and doing a little birding in a large park nearby, and we came upon a guy doing the same and chatted. He was trying to lure some birds out by making their sounds. I said I had seen a hawk earlier that had flown his way, had he seen it? No, he said. As we spoke off to my left and a hundred feet away the hawk flew and I said “There it is!” and he glanced at it and said “Oh yeah, red tail, immature.” I said “You’re pretty good at this stuff!” and he said “I have to be. I am the project leader of eBird at Cornell University.”

      Very nice gentleman and all, in town visiting his parents. But my wife and I still joke on seeing something we don’t recognize, which is often … “Oh yeah, red tail. Immature.”


      1. Reminds me of the type of inside jokes between my wife and I.

        It’s weird metropolitan Springfield is only a few miles away but Agawam has some decent wildlife. I see a bald eagle from time to time. It’s been a while though

        We haven’t had a problem using religious exemption for our kids going to school unvaccinated, but I’m still going back and forth with the superintendent about them not wearing a mask when they go back to school. She is pretty much ignoring me at this point.


        1. Man, that is tough. I don’t want to be there in your shoes. I think Andy Kaufman is setting an example for us, never masking, along with Steve Kelly, who writes here, who simply walks out of a store when they insist on a mask. If I need something and don’t feel like a fight, I slap on my “This mask is useless” mask, but Kaufman and Kelly are doing it the right way.

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          1. I’m kind of the same as you. At first I wouldn’t wear them in any stores. Now I find myself not wanting to be an annoyance to a simple shop keeper. I work in decontamination of cleanrooms, specifically hospital pharmacy. Full PPE is a regularity. I work in most major hospitals in Western Mass. I should be keeping a journal because I feel like my perspective is unique to this situation. I’ve analyzed how hospital security and personnel have changed their response to visitors and vendors from the beginning of this. All of the hospitals have a different attitude even within the same Health System. I’m not sure if I’m a contact tracers dream or worst nightmare, but if this were a real pandemic I would be infected.

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    2. Greg, here’s a shout-out to the lowest residential ZIP code in the country. Agawam is on the nice side of the Connecticut River. There used to be a great ice cream place out in Southwick or Granville. I wonder if it is still there. It is a beautiful time of year you are entering there in Western Mass. Enjoy!


      1. Hey thanks Maarten! Isn’t it a strange factoid about Agawam, the zip code? I guess the guy who started zip codes lived here or something like that. I believe Granville and Southwick both have a good ice cream spot, but the one you’re thinking of, I bet, is in Granville, past that general store that has the awesome white cheddar.
        I love it around here. I could smell that beautiful time of year this morning. It’s the best. Are you familiar with Springfield?


  2. They DO know what makes us sick. Vaccine alone is causing many, many diseases. It’s a military operation to depopulate the planet. Please read the book
    ICD-999 by Patrick Jordan. I’m on a second reading and the evidence is overwhelming, if not irrefutable.


      1. Right on, Kenneth. I made the change. “Mixed dominance” or “dyslexia” or something like that is how I do that, at least according to “medical experts.”


    1. I found the book – a hefty price tag, but based on your recommendation, I sent for it. Vaxxing is like every other major psyop, shrouded in intrigue, lies and lying liars who tell them.


    2. Thanks, Steve. I ordered the book as well. I love book recommendations from the people on this website so if there are any others, particularly books about vaccines, please share!

      Two books about vaccines specifically that I have read and found interesting are Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries (believe it’s been mentioned here too?) and The River by Edward Hooper. The River is written with the assumption that AIDS is caused by a virus, but I still find it useful because of the sheer amount of research it contains.


      1. I’ve been reading What Really Makes You Ill (Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease is Wrong) by Dawn Lester and David Parker. I think I’ve been reading it for months now … 800 pages. I got it on Kindle because when I tried to order it way back earlier this year the delivery time was weeks out. I don’t care for electronic reading and might get the paper book … after I pay for ICD.

        It’s a very thoroughly researched and detailed book with pages upon pages on vaccinations. I consider it a reference.


    3. Patrick Jordan is truly a hidden gem, his YT videos are worth the time spent as you have to really pay attention. Hoping to purchase one of his books at some point.


  3. Speaking of MM, I clicked on the CDC link he provided in his latest CV post here; but instead of statistics, the following message appeared; “Resource Not Available. The page you requested cannot be found at this time. It may be temporarily unavailable or it may have been removed or relocated”.

    Guess the CDC must be readjusting the co-morbidity #’s.


    1. It is there, and denials regarding the re-framing of the data are all about, being “fact checked” and “debunked.” CDC and WHO are up to their eyeballs in fraud, but not everyone who works for them is dishonest, quite the opposite. The fraud is done by those who spin the narrative, not those whole collect the data. The only conclusion to be drawn from the restated numbers is that those who died of the “comorbidity” factors actually died of morbidity factors, use of that “co” word merely a cover story for the simple fact that Covid-19 does not exist.


  4. Great piece Mark. And thanks for naming the beast. People just don’t want to see that, if they suspect for example something wrong with the current covid bullshit, they won’t go any further than “they do the best they can”. Evil, that’s it. Surrounded by brainwashed ducks.


  5. Since I’ve commented only twice before and have a horrible memory, please forgive me if I’ve already spoken about this.
    The HIV /AIDS thing touched me personally and I’m still furious about it. It and all the others, but it the most. My husband and I live /lived in Italy. Milano, which is supposed to be in the “progressive North.” He’d been diagnosed as being HIV positive 30 years ago. He stayed far away from all of the so called “therapy” for it and was doing just fine. At a certain point (I’m making a long story short), he was coerced into taking the therapy by being told that neither of us would be treated at the excellent hospital very near our house anymore if he didn’t accept the “therapy.” He gave in and took it. He was dead of cancer two years later. Maybe I’m just making a connection that doesn’t exist, but as a ‘truther’, I tend to make connections that many other people don’t.
    The financial gain from this farce is enormous, as you know. The constant visits, tests, blood work, and on and on, are real money makers for the hospitals and doctors involved. My late husband’s medicine alone was €1600 per month!! I won’t even go into the incredible cancer experience we had. LIVING HELL, especially with the doctors, and thankfully we didn’t have to pay for it because Italy has national health.
    I’m glad you talked about this. I’ve kept up with the whole HIV scam since the 80s, but find that it’s not talked about as much as it should be. On a separate note, while I’m here, I just wanted to say that this site has been my spot of sanity during the Covid farse and even before that. I don’t think there’s a post that I haven’t shared with friends and on Twitter.
    So, let me thank you big time for this post and all the others!!! There are so few places and people who really tell the truth nowadays and you guys do tell it, so you’re site is important to me. Thanks!! Ciao from Italy!!


    1. Thanks for your valuable input. You have lived it. I just write about it.

      I do not know why your comment went to SPAM but WordPress has algorithms that I do not understand. If it happens again, just be patient or contact me at mark at mpthct dot com.


      1. Hi! The important thing, in my opinion, is that you were kind enough to have looked for my comment! Many people would’ve just blown this off and left me in a frustrating situation. You didn’t do that and that makes me like this site even more than I do already, which is pretty difficult since I hold you authors in very high regard. I’m convinced that I’m having a technical problem with WordPress.
        Thanks very much for everything!!!!


  6. This johns hopkins epi claims excess deaths for 2020 are at 200k….

    He uses that claim to downplay the recent report that 94% of covid deaths had co-morbidities. I can’t find the CDC charts and data for all cause mortality, myself… They seem to have no clear site map? Just lists of reports breaking down mortality every way except overall. I’m sure someone with better skillz than me can find it…

    Regardless, a commenter there makes a great point of logic: that would mean that ALL covid deaths, 188k alleged, were due to covid and would not have died otherwise; PLUS an additional 12k.

    But just a month ago we were seeing all cause death on a par with previous years, by their numbers. And deaths recently have been less than in the initial onset, so how could they suddenly be showing 200k excess?


  7. Also: does anyone know if they nreak down flu stats to show co-morbidities? That would be an interesting comparison with covid stats.

    Seem to recall hearing that annual flu deaths are only estimated though, not based on direct hospital reporting… Maybe because they are counted based on the immediate cause of death, even if flu is considered the precipitating factor?

    I’m guessing that there’s no consistency in how the data is all being handled, given that covid is a “special case,” ie scam. Or bigger scam than usual.

    As it stands, if you take 40k flu deaths as really “flu” (and not a co-morbidity), with only 11k “pure” covid deaths, then their own numbers show the absurdity of the response. Though they do argue that some of the co-morbidity cases (eg respiratory failure) are induced by covid.

    (Just examining their own logic, not saying I accept the premises.)


    1. Thanks, that has some good info about how the reporting standards changed suddenly for covid. From a linked older article there-

      “If each state were publishing comorbidity data, and if each state used the CDC’s 2003 Revision Handbook as they do for all other death certificates, the actual COVID-19 fatality totals would be approximately 90.2% LOWER than they currently are based upon an extrapolation of the data that is available.”

      And now, 94% lower we could probably say, based on the more recent report.

      It’s extremely damning obviously that they would institute new reporting standards that drive the numbers 10x higher. Why is the public too dense to be suspicious of such obvious malfeasance? Right out in the open. No subtlety, really, except that the mainstream just doesn’t mention it.


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