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Recommended reading: Faith Dealers

“Kevin,” in the past has spent tedious and long hours investigating the background of celebrities. This link takes you to the first of four papers in that series. (Hint: no one gets famous on talent alone, and often enough talent … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Occult

I have written about this before – sun worship, the basis of Christianity, probably all religions. Satan and Christ are merely two sides of the same coin, sunrise and sunset. In fact, the Egyptian version of “Satan” was even named … Continue reading

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Fake Rodeos

Ah, so discouraging to watch as we endure yet another election contest, as if … after November, nothing will change. Nothing. Party politics has no effect on public policy, foreign or domestic. Those policies set to be implemented in the … Continue reading

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D.M. Murdick, R.I.P. (??? – 12/25/2015)

I knew this was coming, but it hit me hard nonetheless – Dorothy M. Murdock, aka D.M. Murdock, aka Acharya S (teacher) died. The email announcing her death was dated January 22nd, but says she died on December 25th of last … Continue reading

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A tale of two religions

It does not hurt, if we are going to be discussing the lies of our own times, to reflect on times past. The humble assumption is that people alive now are no smarter than those who came before. I assume … Continue reading

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It’s just a ride

Lest the post below be taken as a slam against mythological belief systems, I wish to recount a conversation with my late brother. As part of this studies for the priesthood, he was required to read the gospels in their … Continue reading

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The unnaturalness of celibacy

Those who know me also know that my older brother was a Catholic priest. He died in 2011. Anyone who knew Fr. Steve Tokarski also knew that he was a man of impeccable character and credentials. Nary a hint of … Continue reading

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About them hats

It just keeps getting weirder! Now they are saying that men in a profession that does not allow marriage or women and features flowery effeminate costumes and hats that oddly resemble a phallus … might also be gay!

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A Christmas message from Tulum

Phew! We made it! I didn’t want to go out of this world being wrong about everything*, and so waited to see if we survived 12/21/12 before writing this. The mythologies of the northern hemisphere are based on sun worship. … Continue reading

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Barbaric practice deemed illegal

A German court has ruled that religious circumcision is a crime. It’s about time! The practice, irreversible, ought to be delayed until the boy has all the facts and the judgement needed to make his own choice. I’d go a … Continue reading

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