Playing with the numbers

“A man with an internet connection” (MWIC) wrote a piece called Covid-19: What they Don’t Tell You at the Miles Mathis blog. I am not writing this to criticize it, as it is a worthy effort and I am glad he did the legwork he did.

However, in the piece he inserted two tables, a comparison of death rates in countries with and without lockdowns. He got the information at a site called Worldometers, and the information on lockdowns from a BBC report that is now over a month old. The tables are shown below the fold.

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AIDS: A contrived ‘blood and sex plague’

Some years back I read the book Inventing the AIDS Virus, by Peter H. Duesberg. At 704 pages including footnotes, it was a challenge. In the front, a former owner of the book wrote to a friend he had given it to “A must read! If Duesberg is correct, the powers that be have even more control than we could have ever suspected.” Indeed.

I originally wrote most of what follows in early 2019. Since that time we have had the coronavirus hoax, and I’ve been challenged to understand more about virology, and have developed, I think, a better understanding of how they pulled off the AIDS hoax. Consequently, I am making some additions and deletions, and republishing this article. The similarities between AIDS and COVID-19 are striking, almost as if AIDS was the working model on which they are running the current hoax.

Keep in mind, however:

  • I am not a scientist, a molecular biologist, a virologist. This stuff can be complicated, but that does not mean I cannot grasp any of these fields or form conclusions based on the solid reasoning of others.  But it does mean that I can be easily misled by someone who intends to mislead me. So the writing is difficult. I will try to stick to the basics, and allow readers to explore on their own rather than relying on me to bring ‘the truth’ to their platters. If any of what follows troubles you, if you think me wrong, then by all means get going. There is a lot of material to cover.

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COVID-19: A new superimposed reality

By: POM commenter Stephers

I am positing that COVID-19 is a fictitious and factitious disorder being imposed on society, in order to create an artificial scenario in which to implement an even greater superimposition of something called Sentient World Simulation.

A New Superimposed Reality (Part 1)

Superimpose: to place or lay over or above something, i.e. superimposed images

What follows is hypothetical. Technocratic plutocrats seem to think this way. Back in 2015, Bill Gates listed his top favorite book picks for the year. Two were How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff and What If? by Randall Monroe.

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Happy slaves

Dear Valued Patient,

We are delighted to share some very encouraging news regarding the reopening of the Conifer Dental Group.  Last Monday, Governor Polis announced the transition to “Safer-at-Home” from “Stay-at-Home” which is set to expire on Monday, April 27th.   One provision of “Safer-at-home” is the return to routine dental treatment and we are so very excited about the prospect of seeing you again and resuming your care.

While the actual date upon which we will resume your treatment remains unclear we want to assure you that it is drawing near.  Our dental team is spending a tremendous amount of time upgrading our infection control protocols to comply with new CDC standards designed to minimize your exposure to Coronavirus 19.  These changes are quite extensive and your visit will have many different new facets, including screening patients prior to the appointment (as well as staff members throughout the day) and a travel pattern aimed at reducing congestion in the office.  It is our goal to provide you with the safest possible dental environment.

One of the variables in determining our reopening date is personal protective equipment (PPE).  As most everyone has heard, the Front-liners have required a tremendous amount of PPE and supply lines are only trickling as a result.  We have received much of the equipment needed to move forward but some things remain on backorder.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and support during this unprecedented time.

Stay safe and healthy!

Dr. Wilson and the Conifer Dental Team

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