“Regime change” + “make the economy scream” = neoliberalism = death


As we approach another yet another fake ceremony pretending that 9/11 was not an inside job, I’ve been thinking of the coincidence of that date and the other significant events that happened on that date.  September 11 is not just a date to remember because of the 2001 razing of the Twin Towers and Building #7 in New York City.  It also commemorates the anniversary of 1) the birth of neoliberalism and 2) the military coup in Chile ordered by Sec. of State Henry Kissinger and executed by the CIA. 

Duly elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende, was forced out, replaced by General Augusto Pinochet, and later assassinated.  The primary objective of the September 11, 1973 coup was the neoliberal economic transformation, which led to rapid price increases for basic goods and looting of the nation’s most valuable natural resource, copper.  But even more important, perhaps, was the denigration of national sovereignty – creating a vassal state ruled by a puppet dictator.

Not much has changed 46 years later.  U.S. Empire is still pushing “regime change,” using proxy military forced to hunt down left-wing resistance ie. the “war on terrorism,” and imposing economic chaos using sanctions, bribes, and an array of less obvious military weapons ranging from vaccines, geoengineering drought, GMO food and kidnapping to the use of depleted uranium ammunition and landmines, just to name a few.  Full spectrum dominance now includes internet censorship, drone attacks, and words twisted to turn human minds into zombies.   The pattern of abuse has been continuous.  Nation states are being dismantles everywhere you turn.  Churches and other places of worship of every denomination are being burned or bombed with clear intent to ignite WWIII.   

I think Clint Richardson said it best the other day: “In researching for my upcoming documentary, I have come to understand that this not only a war on our mind, body and soul, but a battle of words.”  https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2019/09/06/your-child-is-retarded-not-autistic-and-heres-why/  

Does privatization deliver as advertised?  How about deregulation?   Are wages going up, or down?  Ever experience the effects of austerity?  Well, the “free-market” looting of nature is ongoing and accelerating rapidly in most countries worldwide.  Brexit will never happen.  And our own country (or, rather, corporation posing as a country) is not being made “Great Again,” it is being pillaged, liquidated and turned to rubble, like all Empires of the past.  Everyone has a choice to make.  Be a spectator or join the growing number of dissidents who aren’t looking for a new president, or a better deal, but a whole new respect for human dignity and the preservation of nature (creation). 

“Church and state” no longer have the power to lead true believers in resistance.  Their mission is lost, their message incoherent.  The evil cult of capitalist parasites is firmly in control, with few exceptions. 

Our friend Vexman just put out a dynamite piece directing our gaze where it rightly belongs  https://vexmansthoughts.wordpress.com/2019/08/14/parasites-of-the-modern-society-or-who-needs-capitalism/  

“The capitalist parasite redirects the anger and pain of these communities to those least responsible for their suffering.  The disease progresses and controls the media mouthpiece through all telecommunication systems and redirects all the anger and pain of the nation to those not accountable for their economic and physical suffering.  Both lie and prevent truth from reaching those who need it most and keep populations attacking each other instead of attacking David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Lloyd Blankfein, George Soros, Lester Crown, Jeffrey R. Immelt, Andrew N. Liveris, Lewis Von Thaer, Hugh Grant, Werner Baumann, Bob Dudley Jame Dimon, David Koch, Charles Koch, Erez Vigodman, Yitzhak Peterburg, David Cordani, Marillyn Hewson, Dennis Muilenburg, the decendents of Otto Ambros and Co. to name just a few.  They are the true enemies of the State and the World.  They have successfully prevented the nation from fightihnggoff their lethal infection.”

The leaders of Empire removed all pretext and are now openly exhibiting to the world that they have no allegiance, no morals of any kind except to their global private-finance cult in worship of the God of Mammon. 

11 thoughts on ““Regime change” + “make the economy scream” = neoliberalism = death

  1. When it comes to regime change, add 11/9/89. 9/11 in German writing. The legend goes, it was a peaceful revolution, that just happened, with some help from the church. Nothing is as it seams. Here in Germany, the rumor goes around, we got the GDR back, including a medial complex, with rose red glasses, like in the GDR. The eternal chancellor, A.M., is from the GDR. We are told the GDR just disappeared, and the giant intelligence apparatus too, just over night. Same with the Soviet Union. No, these institutions did not miraculously vanish. The EU is just another US. The US is socialist. War is a socialist undertaking. They got one goal, international, socialist unity. Same with Islam, it does not know race or nation, it is socialist. Socialist states got one party, like the third Reich. The party was called NSDAP, “S” for socialist. Hitler is known to have been admiring Islam. But all started former. The Pergamonaltar was shipped to Berlin, and made public in 1901. They are renovating the exhibition right now, and lately a new entrance building has been opened.


  2. Thanks, Horst. We may have picked up some fascist spooks along the way. SS — OSS– CIA — 5 Eyes — 13 Eyes, and onward to “The Internet of all Things” (self-surveillance). All connected now. Must not forget to smile for the cameras.


  3. Steve it does seem nowadays more than ever the concept of maximizing exploitation within every type of framework reigns highly supreme. It’s just not enough anymore for things to go there separate ways and giving time chance to heal all wounds or whatever if needed. Nowadays the item of the day is punish by destroying the other side in the right or wrong by any means necessary namely social media and running to an authority telling larger and larger tales or embellishments once it’s clear the listener is down with sadism bigtime care not right or wrong. Conversely true the other way is nobody believing a word anyone says ensuring doing nothing about the most unreal of wrongs when faced with truth about an experience so much stranger than fiction sheer exhaustion takes over or hidden sadist or masochist impulses take over all thoughts of untangling it by those who lived it and those told about it the wound left alone to be willfully forgotten or rationalized into less than it truly is accepting its irreversible scar. In other words those doing truly fucked up things to others get away with it hand over fist while somehow getting handed enough rights or ass backwards support to appear as the victim. Once rare all of this has become the sick and twisted norm. Great artwork sadly worthy of framing by the way.


  4. Talking of 9/11 — RT news said this morning that the US government gave the Taliban 43 million dollars in 2001 afore 9/11. Taliban were invited to the Whitehouse and gave a press conference, and there were even talks of a pipeline.


  5. Imagine getting peak at master copy of TPTB to do list. The enormity of it staggering. And being blown away how many years back it’s dated. And how well organized it is. With contingency plans included. Not to mention whose laying out new scripts future assuming those are added years ahead of time but how many years. Is anything newly drvised ever put into motion or is all of it unchangeable set in stone god dammit don’t ask any questions keep suggestions to yourself just get the fucking thing done like it says verbatim now get the hell out of my office. And it seems impossible day is ever taken off and if there was we’d feel it. Perfected imbalance or imperfect balance both are beyond dizzying. To think every current messed up condition put upon the world to deal with or not was dreamed up who knows how long ago is being made more complicated by the fact new fucked up things are right around the future’s corner. Hard to put out all the fires when new ones are always pre planned to be lit. Big wheels keep on turning proud mary keeps on burning. Thank God for sex drugs and rock n roll.


    1. Nature always bats last. That’s the team to be on, if one ‘s awareness of reality remain’s an option. There’s only one (self-evident) truth, cloaked in dense layers of bullshit. TPTB clog our bullshit detectors and immune systems. A good cleanse might be just what the doctor ordered.


      1. Booze-Dope-TV Programing are the go to move today. EL (Satan) EL ITE already destroyed the Truth (God) w/dogma (Roman Catholicism) religion way back when. Watch


  6. Cannibalism ( CAIN & ABEL) is being pushed into the spotlight now. On hold for now is a movie made over 4 years back called ‘The Hunt’ where elite hunt down white, Christian conservative (mostly southern) white folk for sport. They used a familiar catch phrase in the movie ‘Make America Great ‘Then the Donald used it in his sideshow of a campaign. That is art imitating life for it was called ‘the most dangerous game’ back in the ’70’s & 80’s w/the likes of Dick Cheney & Co. Remember when he shot that poor guy in TX while bird hunting? The buck shot pattern told the real story.


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