George Floyd & The Counterfeit Story of a Counterfeit $20 Bill


A “guest writer” on the Taos blog recently took up case for the George Floyd story being fake. While I agree with that conclusion, I find the paper as a whole to be an incoherent mess. That kind of thing does us more harm than good. With that said, the paper does make one solid argument and it is the same argument that stood out to me immediately upon first hearing the script behind the George Floyd event. This pertains to the counterfeit $20 bill, and its existence at the center of this narrative.

Full disclosure, while in college I briefly worked as a bank teller. It was work that I found very enjoyable, actually. I am very good with detailed work, and being a bank teller was something that I was quite good at. One thing I became especially good at was spotting counterfeit currency. I became something of an expert at this. It was my favorite aspect of the job, because banks have to send their spotted counterfeits to the Secret Service. I thought this was cool, and I pride myself on having a sharp eye. What can I say?

My best catch was actually a determination that a bill was NOT counterfeit. While working as a guest teller at a different branch than usual, I ended up speaking with the girl who was the other teller. One way or another, we spoke about counterfeits. She just so happened to have spotted one recently, she said. Immediately, she pulls a $5 bill out from her drawer. What was remarkable was that this bill, you ask? It was TINY. Perhaps 60% as large as a regular bill! Very strange, I thought.

Asking to see it more closely, I found no flaws in it whatsoever beyond its unusual size. I declared it to be a genuine bill. She and the other girl who regularly worked the branch were incredulous. It was the cotton in the bill, I said. US currency is actually made up of cotton fibers, and I deduced that the tiny $5 must have gotten stuck in an industrial drier for perhaps several years. Not believing me, the girls submitted the bill to the Secret Service.

Months later, I got an email over the company server. It was from one of the girls, telling me that the Secret Service had returned the bill as genuine!

This story is only told to give you an idea that I have experience spotting and dealing with counterfeit currency. How does this relate to the George Floyd script? Well, as stated in the paper on the Taos blog, it is utterly absurd that someone called the police on a guy for passing a single counterfeit $20 bill.

When this kind of thing happened to me, I would actually apologize to the person trying to pass it. The implication is that they have been duped, and it is a bummer for them. There is no implication that they are attempting forgery. I worked at a BANK and we never called the cops, yet we are supposed to believe some urban grocery did about a single counterfeit $20? That would be pointless. The whole concept of counterfeits is to get them into circulation. If you encounter someone with a counterfeit $20, the idea is that they themselves have likely been taken advantage of. A counterfeit bill is like a hot potato, and whoever is stuck with it has to eat the loss.

As long as you don’t accept the fake, there is no harm done to you…the business owner. You just tell the person that you are sorry, but the bill is fake and you cannot accept it. Personally, I would have told someone this if they were Black, White, Asian, Latino, whatever. No store owner is going to call the cops about a single counterfeit $20 that they spot. They would consider it bad luck and move on.

One puzzling aspect of the George Floyd case is that the store is said to have accepted the counterfeit $20, yet somehow immediately realized their error and knew exactly who to blame for the offense. Then you have Floyd and his two buddies listlessly hanging around outside of the store, after having just successfully passed counterfeit currency. Some getaway. Does this sound like the actions of people who had just intentionally passed a counterfeit $20 into circulation to you? Of course not. What this sounds like is a tall tale created by Intel script writers for there to be a justification to get the cops on scene.

And wow, did the cops ever get there fast! In 7 minutes, according to the Washington Post video. For a single instance of counterfeit currency. That is some impressive police response time! Who wants to bet that we will never actually see a copy of this counterfeit $20 bill? I would gladly take that bet.

The only way the cops would have been called is if this had been a repeated effort, several counterfeit bills had been used, or they had reason to believe that the person was part of the counterfeiting operation. In this case, we keep hearing of a single counterfeit $20 bill. If it is believed that George Floyd was some kind of counterfeiting mastermind, we would have been told that by now.

No, instead we get this silly story of a single counterfeit $20 bill being fed to us. This story, itself, is counterfeit. A bad excuse to get the police called onto the scene. Why did the store miss the counterfeit for long enough to have accepted it in the transaction, yet notice it fast enough to be able to link it to a specific customer who…thank God…just so happens to just be listlessly loitering outside of the store?

Pair that with the remaining collection of weirdness surrounding the event. The neighbors of the cop not knowing he is a cop. His being married to Mrs. Hmong USA Minnesota, or whatever. The immediate international media hype with organized protests. The officer being on his knee, hidden hand in pocket. The EMT’s who were not EMT’s. The garbage can with the 6’s on three sides. The fact that the cop and Floyd worked the same security detail at a club, and therefore knew each other. It all points to fraudulence.

The average person will never understand this logic, because the seams are too well hidden. They see the magic trick, and they believe the person has really been sawed in half. If you show them the placement of the smoke and the mirrors, this is not enough for them. They still have been programmed to believe that the magician is actually sawing the person in half, and actually putting the two halves back together. The George Floyd magic trick was very well done. We can only guess about the placement of the smoke and mirrors. I suggest you not get too hung up on that aspect of it.

The only thing we can hope is that this too shall pass. That this is NOT the big event. The looting being permitted now is only for a public facade of chaos, not actual chaos. Keep that faith. Last night, there was a great amount of glass broken in Manhattan. They are just the shiny storefronts of the ultra-rich. I do not condone the looting. In fact, I fear it plays right into the hands of those who seek to institute martial law.

Hopefully, this is still all for show. A counterfeit story. Do not let it alter your beliefs about anything. The power-mad military and police are exactly what we thought they were, and the poor, young roving bands of looters are exactly what we thought they were. This cannot last infinitely. For now, grab the popcorn I guess. Just whatever you do, do not be truly taken in by it. If you start feeling the phony outrage at the police or phony outrage at the looters become real outrage in your mind, they are winning.

Update: I am now finding that the “33rd” street may have been a deliberate falsity planted into this story on YouTube to ensnare those like us. This actually occurred at 38th street, but 38 is easily manipulated into 33. Several of the initial YouTube “conspiracy” videos drew specific attention to the 33rd Street sign. This must have been planted as deliberate deception.

There are now reports from the Cup Foods spokesman that both Floyd AND a friend used counterfeit currency. I reserve judgment until this is verified…it does not seem there is any information about Floyd’s friend being accused or charged by police. File this under strange inconsistencies for now.

36 thoughts on “George Floyd & The Counterfeit Story of a Counterfeit $20 Bill

  1. Nailed this, FAUXLEX – in all regards! Just truly brilliant insights and analysis here. You’ve elevated the discussion, and I am taking note and learning…


  2. What tipped me off to the fake incident is that the “cop” who is in custody looks nothing like the “cop” who had his knee on Floyd’s neck. In fact, the kneeling cop has an IMDb page:
    Also, the video doesn’t make any sense. Had there been bystanders yelling at the cops, wouldn’t the cops have ever looked in their direction? In fact, there seem to be multiple different cops coming and going as if the video was spliced together. Also, why would the cops drag Floyd from one location to another? Someone also mentioned that Floyd did some acting (porn). Finally, it is incomprehensible that a “cop” who probably knew Floyd from working at the same club would murder him so casually when he had not resisted arrest. None of this makes any sense, except as a psyop to spark phase 2 of the destruction of the United States and bring on martial law.

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  3. Best argument yet on the Floyd play. The video that has been released is interesting and supports that a real arrest was being made. For example, the security camera footage of the initial altercation is all pretty believable (along with the private footage from the car that was there). The two other passengers in Floyd’s car look concerned and uncertain as to what is going on. That part looked genuine as do the actions of the two cops. BUT…

    Who were those two passengers? Why have we not heard anything about them? How was the private cell phone footage from the car behind them so quickly available? These seem to be questions which should be easy to answer, but there is simply no information which provides this information. I find that to be dubious.


    1. We could drive ourselves insane asking which people were “in on it”, but I find these items mostly peripheral and irrelevant. Such an event could have been pulled off with as few as 4-5 people. Floyd, Chauvin, the fake EMTs, and the top brass of the department. The buddies likely knew nothing. The other cops likely knew nothing. As I said, I am not sure how valuable it is to get caught up in this kind of granularity.


  4. I agree with Anne and Lofcaudio, nothing makes sense in the videos I watched.
    Talking about the two passengers, shouldn’t the cops have asked them to get off the car and show their ID’s?
    I mean that’s what happens in every single country, especially if they’re in the car with a possible criminal, as they might be his accomplices so the first thing cops do is ask all the people in the car to get out and move slowly then identify them.
    As they seem to have disappeared, which is ridiculous as they are eye witnesses, the whole thing is clearly staged. Many people in Europe believe that this is being done to get Trump in serious trouble and get rid of him so that Biden can win the elections.
    I don’t think it is about martial law.
    It’s more Soros with his Antifa against Trump, the way I see it.


    1. Certainly, Biden seems to have arranged his entire campaign strategy as though he knew this was coming. Just like the bettors during the Democratic Primary seemed to know Biden would win before any votes were counted!


    2. Anna, the security camera video does show the passengers getting out and being interviewed by the original two cops. At least three more cops arrive on the scene.

      All of this appears to be on the up and up. (Interesting to note that the police body camera footage redacts all humans.)

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      1. Agreed, and we can really discredit ourselves by being too quick to claim this-or-that aspect of it is fake. Like the video footage. I already explained how the stop itself being genuine does not mean that there were not shenanigans at play.

        Thanks, Lofcaudio


      2. Can anyone explain why the body cam footage is from May 26? Is it possible for the date stamp on a cop camera to be off by a day or is there something more there?


      3. Thanks Lofcaudio, I watched the video.

        Are regulations about Covid still in place in Minnesota/Minneapolis? It doesn’t look like it on all the videos I’ve seen.
        No face masks, crowd gathering next to scene, nobody scattering them, so many cops for just one guy with no weapons, the cops footage dating May 26th as Miss B remarked, the two passengers aside on the street and then nothing…
        In a word: Surreal. It’s like watching a B movie.


  5. They were both likely involved in a money laundering / counterfeiting scheme at the Nightclub which is a front for other shady business operations. Read the indictment, that is why they were called, because he was passing fake bills.

    But what’s the real reason? They obviously knew each other, so maybe they were afraid the counterfeit bills would open the box on their crimes, so they took him out.


    1. This is interesting as conjecture, but it wouldn’t explain the immediate international media cooperation and coordination. Sure, if they wanted to get rid of the guy and really kill him, that would be a great theory. But the evidence tells us that the aims were much larger than this.

      I doubt the existence of the counterfeit $20 in the first place. On the Washington Post video, the Cup Foods store is only saying things through a spokesman? What urban grocery store has a spokesman? I question the entire narrative of the counterfeit bill and whether it ever existed in the first place. Would be very curious to see an interview with the Cup Foods employee who supposedly made the call to police. It certainly shouldn’t have had police rushing to the scene.


        1. VERY interesting, thanks Lofcaudio. It really sounds to me like Floyd was trying to make a scene and draw attention to himself. If he were actually working for Intel and he was trying to set the whole plan in motion, this could be an explanation. It would also explain why the underlying situation is so bizarre. A call related to counterfeit currency is not going to bring the cops in 7 minutes, but they report him as basically being drunk and belligerent. Which again, I question why a person who was attempting to pass counterfeit currency would draw so much attention to themselves and then basically linger outside of the store for 20 minutes waiting for the cops to arrive. I smell a rat.


      1. Why do you doubt the existence of the counterfeit $20? It’s right there in the indictment –

        Also, have a look at this story from January – “CBP officers seize $900K worth of counterfeit U.S. currency” – they were counterfeitting $1 bills? The only place I could see using $1 bills to launder money is a strip club, which is where these 2 men worked.

        Look up El Nuevo Rodeo and Omar Investment Inc – The Sabri family and the FBI’s fingerprints are all over this.

        So, what if they decided to just take this guy out to protect their assets and then use it for a larger purpose on a national scale by turning it into a racial issue with a cop who murdered a man in broad daylight?


        1. In other words, they just piggypacked the psyop onto a real crime. The psyop of a random white cop killing a random black civilian is the cover story for the intelligence run money laundering and counterfeiting crimes that are happening behind the curtain.


        2. Saying that it’s in the indictment is tantamount to saying that it’s part of the story. Does not mean we must take it for unquestionable truth. And I’m not sure why you think the $900k in counterfeit money means anything. I’m not questioning the existence of counterfeit money in general, obviously.

          Look, your theory is interesting. I just think this goes wider than that. Perhaps he intentionally dropped bad counterfeits, drew attention to himself, and stuck around because he knew what was to come?

          I find the whole story fishy, and that was the point. Your idea is far fetched, but possible. The real question is whether he’s actually dead.


          1. I don’t think we’ll ever know the answer to that. I do agree with you that documents can be forged or they can put whatever they want in the documents. But it is evidence, whether it’s true or not is up for debate, so why not at least look at it? I do agree that it goes wider and bigger than just a local crime.

            So we have a 911 call, an indictment and another story out of Minneapolis all referencing counterfeiting that seem to be linked. Counterfeit $1 bills links to the strip club where they both worked (or so we are told). A cop working at a strip club for 17 years? Pay was that good?

            The nightclub’s owner’s name is Maya Santamaria

            Maya means “illusion” or “magic” and connotes a “magic show, an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem”. (WikiPedia). It’s a front.

            Ownership of the club connects us to the Sabri family which connects us to all sorts of crimes and interactions with the FBI. If someone decided to take him out, is it that far-fetched to hypothesize that they decided to use it for a larger psyop and turn the whole thing national? I don’t think it’s any more far-fetched than assuming a mannequin was used, or CGI … the video seems like a real person to me.

            I think theories about 2 Derek Chauvins are more far-fetched than this. They both look like the same guy to me.

            I think it’s reasonable to say there might be some smaller crimes happening here and they decided to use it for a larger, national psyop to cover for intelligence and create the fake riots and all of that.


            1. Oh, trust me I like your theory. It’s very clever. Would put a lot of pieces in place.


  6. It’s going to be fascinating to see whether his funeral next week is open casket or closed casket…


    1. Even if open casket, they can always place a 3D-scanned/3D-casted precise replica (ie – a Lifecast BodySim) of George Floyd. Real simple these days…


  7. Great point about the single counterfeit bill! The “instigating incident” makes no sense!

    Also, the timing of this mega media event is hilariously suspect. Just as people were emerging from lockdowns and realizing that the economy was destroyed and looted while pretty much no-one had so much as a cough. Just as people were starting to do a little post-mortem debriefing of the ride they were taken on by known liars in government and media. All of a sudden there’s no time to think about the Coronavirus! Onto the next disorienting crisis! Classic agitprop.

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    1. I don’t think the Covid scamdemic is over, too much money and time invested in that event to just move on to another fear mongering. They are reporting increased Covid19 cases and predict more because of these large social gatherings. Dark winter is still in the cards. They want those vaccines in people and I’m not sure people are ready to volunteer just yet. They also need the USA military presence which includes the National Guard OUT of the country. Syria conflict this summer will do just that. Then they can bring in the UN police force.


      1. This would be the worst-case scenario, as my gut was screaming at me yesterday. Full blown martial law. Though I must say, I’ve never bought into the whole “UN police” thing. The UN may have a sinister agenda, but compared with the US military their forces are a joke. I don’t think UN police could control anything close to entire USA. Odds are, this is just more artificial chaos to keep the populace scared and controlled. I do think that Biden is being favored through all this as well, quite intentionally.


    2. I agree completely. They needed a buffer of sorts to ease out of corona. Can’t have people thinking too hard about it.


  8. Let it build as the summer heat wears on, then bring in the snipers. I wouldn’t rule out NATO forces either. Think “color revolutions” in Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. They (NATO) have experience trashing nation states.


  9. Last I entered a store, most people were still wearing masks. Strange times. The crisis is not over. It is still going on. It must be. People are still frightened.


    1. It’s crazy. Infections are disappearing…as are deaths. Yet the restrictions continue and in some instances, getting even tighter. There is no question that people are still irrationally fearful. Assuming that everyone is potentially an agent of infection that will kill is hopelessly absurd.

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      1. What is causing the scamdemic to be believed by so many? TV. Its the bible for the west you know.


  10. Why have we not heard from the other two people in the car w/ George Floyd?
    Has anyone run the tag on the Floyd car? The tag # is obvious.


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