George Floyd, The Stiff Who Came In From The Cold


In previous posts, I have postulated that the death of George Floyd was a fake media story. This is still my belief, and in this post I hope to demonstrate exactly how simple it would be for such a hoax to play out. Most people dramatically inflate the number of participants who would need to be involved for such a hoax to play out, and the complexity required to make it happen. Take the following scenario as evidence to the contrary, and my own personal theory of what we might be seeing. This theory explains the maximum number of real details with the minimum amount of complexity. Also, it explains how they are displaying the real body of the real George Floyd, among many other things.

This idea begins with a story that is actually floating around social media. In it, a Texas lawyer claims that George Floyd actually died 3 years ago and was buried in a pauper’s grave there. He says that he was Floyd’s Guardian Ad Litem, dating back to their time playing college football together. If you want to look this up yourself, the lawyer’s name is Timothy D. Japhet. My theory feeds on this concept…that George Floyd died years ago. This would explain why they have seemingly legitimate autopsy results, and it will explain why a real body will be displayed at the George Floyd funeral next week.

UPDATE: I was correct, they do have an open casket at several of the Floyd visitations.


I will begin my theory with the most outlandish concept first. If you can grow to see this first idea as possible (or even feasible), then the rest will lock easily into place for you. Basically, I begin with this: imagine United States Intelligence Agencies keep a reserve of frozen corpses from homeless people “for a rainy day”, so to speak. This could be cryogenic, or it could be as simple as a meat freezer.

There would be far more uses for preserved corpses than you might imagine, especially for a government Intelligence Agency, especially if the person had no family or friends. Intel might need to plant a body at some scene, for any number of reasons. A favorite might be to fake a death in order to send an agent undercover. There are a multitude of possible operations, psychological or otherwise, that might require the use of a real corpse.

When thinking about George Floyd’s upcoming funeral and his existing autopsy, it got my mind racing. How could there actually be a corpse here, if the event we witnessed was fake? Interesting problem. The answer became clear for me through the Texas lawyer’s story of Floyd having died years ago. What are we left with then? An actor. An impostor actor, posing as George Floyd. There are real rumblings on social media from a person who knew the real Floyd that the man in the footage does not resemble him. In terms of matching corpses, there would be a special interest in corpses with distinguishing features, such as Floyd’s especially wide nose. This kind of feature would allow for easy misidentification. Only those who knew Floyd very closely would be able to spot the fake.

My theory is based on one very simple concept: how do we know the guy in the video really is George Floyd? What if he is not the real Floyd? Apart from a very cursory glance at basic features, we cannot tell. A close comparison is impossible. His face is squished against the concrete in the images we see.

In this theory, we end up imagining the sad death of the real George Floyd…a fentanyl addict and meth smoker who died homeless on the streets of Houston with no close family or friends. The fentanyl/meth detail is true by the way, yet amazingly you cannot find a news article mentioning this in the headline. Floyd’s sister is supposed to have come and taken the body, but according to Japhet she never shows. This means that the real Floyd died without anyone other than law enforcement being aware of his death. This is where Intel steps in (as local law enforcement is packed with Intel), and they store his corpse in one of their generic cryogenic tanks or freezers…set aside for a possible future use.

Cut to about a year later, and US Intelligence is in need of a new project. This project is for the same old reason. Divide and conquer the population, perpetually. To do this, an Intelligence agent matching Floyd’s general description is hired to show up in Minneapolis and make some friends there. He does so easily. This is a simple and cushy assignment. Who would imagine some random guy making friends in Minneapolis is actually an Intelligence agent? Nobody.

Then a few months ago, the fake Floyd gets word to prepare for a new wrinkle in his assignment. He is going to be “murdered” by the local police. By a fellow agent, actually. A friendly… someone he knows from his cover job as a bouncer. The two agents even discuss the particulars of this upcoming event during their time together as bouncers at the club.

The plan is very basic…on a specified date, when the police officer is known to be on-duty and in range, “Floyd” was to make sure he got arrested. He rides along with two unwitting friends to a local grocery store. To get arrested, he tries any number of things. First, he pays for his transaction with counterfeit bills. When this does not work, he begins acting drunk and belligerent. Effectively, he is begging to get arrested. He knocks things over, hints that his money was counterfeit, and generally acts threatening and intoxicated. The owners of the store finally relent and call the police.

Returning to the car, his friends say they want to split but he insists that they stay. They linger outside the store until the police arrive. When they do, “Floyd” realizes that his fellow agent is not the first police squad to arrive. Did he get arrested in the wrong area? He stalls. Struggling a bit with the first two cops, he acts belligerent again so that they will call for backup. Being a bad actor, he randomly falls down for no reason (seen on video). Finally, his fellow agent arrives on scene as planned. The real plan is now underway.

Floyd goes down again, and the cop Chauvin (who is actually Intel) places his knee on the neck. He does not apply real pressure, but the visual effect is compelling. The knee stays there for 8 minutes. Their Intel superiors have made sure to get a few “bystanders” on scene to get quality video of the event, and Floyd screams his predetermined lines on cue.

Within minutes of the knee on the neck, a false EMT is already en route. This EMT is not real…it is a false crew of Intel agents set to take the body away. They arrive within about 8 minutes of the agent holding his knee to Floyd’s neck, and within just 3 MINUTES of “Floyd” becoming unresponsive. This EMT seems to have been en route before they could have known there was a medical emergency! No call for an ambulance is heard on video of the event. Nobody notices this ambulance’s magical arrival…it simply shows up out of the blue, as if on cue. The fake EMTs (wearing the wrong uniforms) feign to check for a pulse, and ultimately carry “Floyd” off into the sunset.

During the time Floyd was being held to the ground, the police officers other than Chauvin are simply acting as they always would…helping to subdue a belligerent suspect and keep the crowd at bay. They are not Intel, not “in on it”, so to speak. Only Floyd, Chauvin, the EMT crew, and a few plants in the crowd are Intel. They also made sure to hire a fake girlfriend, just for good measure. That’s it.

The EMTs pull away, and disappear into the Minneapolis streets. The men head off to a specified “safe” site. The Floyd actor is swapped out with the body of the real Floyd, and they appear at the hospital with the subject DOA. I have not seen enough to know whether they actually appeared at an Emergency Room or not. The signs of rigor mortis from the real Floyd may have been stalled in the cryo process, or perhaps the body was sneaked into the morgue without an actual stop at the Emergency Room. Either way, it was easy at this point.

The magic trick now is essentially complete. There is now an actual corpse of George Floyd sitting in the Minneapolis morgue. None of the people involved at this point would have any indication that this was all fake. There will be a real body (warmed up in advance of the event, obviously), and real evidence that this person has just been killed. The family, who had not heard from the real Floyd in years, actually do believe that this is how he died.

The fentanyl in the real Floyd’s system will be more than enough to exonerate Chauvin at trial, and Chauvin would have known this going in. They knew the results of the Floyd autopsy before any of this played out. He is at very little actual risk of jail time, and as an Intel agent the charges against him are likely to be dropped anyway. He will now be a hero among his fellow secret society pals. You might think he would be a pariah for the rest of his life, but the truth will turn out to be the opposite.

They didn’t even bother having the real guy turn up for the mugshot. This is not the same person, clearly. Note the ear shapes and hairlines. And hair growth, supposed to be just 6 days worth.

This entire scenario involved one small-ish crew of Intelligence agents, and the knowledge of nobody else. I would guess maybe 5 or 6 people with direct knowledge. This is not an unfeasible scenario. Easily within the capabilities of our Intelligence establishment. It was actually a pretty simple operation.

It is up to you, dear reader, as a freethinking person to determine whether you think this scenario (or one like it) is more unlikely than the story we are presented with. I for one do not believe it is far-fetched at all, when taking into account the facts at hand. With one basic sleight-of-hand trick (“Frozen Floyd”, or “Floyd on Ice”), we can explain virtually all the anomalous details of this case. Trickery of this magnitude has happened before, and will happen again. We tend to exaggerate how complicated these magic tricks are. As I have shown above, this would not have been difficult at all.

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      1. I have a few thoughts about the Spivey analysis:

        ALL of the time/date stamps on the camera footage are off. All of the video which we have been able to see is an edited version with plenty of gaps. What is being hidden? How is that not suspicious?

        I don’t have a problem with the short time the original officers were in the Cup Foods store as they wanted to make sure to apprehend the suspect.

        “According to NBC News there is no footage of when Floyd first arrived…”
        Complete BS statement. Isn’t security camera footage ALWAYS filming? This is extremely suspicious if the official story truly is that no camera footage exists for when Floyd et al. drove the Mercedes SUV to where it was parked there on 38th Street. I remember noting that the security camera footage begins and right at that point the Mercury pulls up behind “Floyd’s car” and just sits there.

        The bald officer grabbing his flashlight (which was turned on) did seem odd. Was he thinking he might need to use it as a club on Floyd?

        I was initially swayed by the uncertainty of the movements by Floyd’s associates as taking those to be concern about having to deal with the police and possibly getting arrested. I still believe that to be the most likely interpretation of their movements and body language; however, if they were taking directing cues from across the street as to where to be and what to do, they might look much the same as they do in the security camera video footage. It does seem odd that the police were not the slightest bit concerned with the man’s backpack.

        “Floyd’s vest appears to have a yellow or beige trim.”
        I’m having trouble seeing this. The screenshot in Spivey’s post does show something like that when Floyd immediately comes around his car, but that could be digital compression errors as I’m not able to see this lighter trim in his muscle shirts anywhere else. I don’t see this as being any sign of funny business.

        “Is Floyd bald or not?”
        Again…I don’t see this as being an issue as he could have hair one day and shave his head the next. However, the guy in the video does look different from the well-dressed Floyd we have been shown in the two pictures released publicly. Can we see others pictures of him or do we only have the two (Corona and Brick wall)?

        Good analysis of the strange behavior of the police cruisers that move just a couple of feet at various times. Definitely odd.

        This is the first time I’ve seen any mention of certain parts of the video being blurry and does seem strange but could also be digital compression errors.

        In the first photo shown of Floyd on the ground with the four policy officers around him, it looks like his head does not extend beyond the back of the car to where the “Frazier footage” could have been filmed as the Chauvin character is well in front of the rear bumper and tail light. This is not conclusive as the angle could be deceiving as to the true perspective of where Floyd is in relation to the vehicle.

        “Floyd can clearly be seen moving his head in the video” in a way that shouldn’t be possible if Chauvin is putting any weight whatsoever on the knee applied to Floyd’s neck. GOOD POINT!

        “Finally, cops do not pose for photos and video for 7 minutes while squeezing the life out of someone.”

        BINGO! This to me is a sure-fire sign of this being fake. There is just no way that the cops would stand there and let bystanders just record everything that is going on. It is worth noting that there were others there who had their phones out and were recording, yet we have only seen the Frazier footage.

        In the audio of Floyd saying he can’t breathe, does it sound like he has a foreign accent? It does to me.

        The Chauvin mugshot photo does look like a different person than the cop in the video with his knee on Floyd. There are lots of similarities though, so I can’t be sure. The mugshot guy looks a little younger, less gray hair, slightly different hairline, shorter chin. Just a little more fuel for the fire.

        Other questions that deserve answers:

        MERCURY SUV:
        Who was in the Mercury SUV that filmed the brief footage?
        When did the Mercury arrive on the scene?
        Why were they there (as there is no evidence that anyone ever got out of that car)? Why did they abruptly leave only to have their phone footage instantly be available to the public?

        Mercedes SUV:
        The license plate number is clearly visible on what appears to be a Minnesota plate (though something looks slightly off about it). Has anyone looked to see who this car is registered to?
        Again…why is there no security camera footage of the Mercedes arriving to its parking spot?

        Sorry for the random thoughts and lengthy post.

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        1. There’s a high definition version of the video when they first pull him out of the car. His tattoos match the tattoos in the porn video.


          1. If intelligence is going to drop off a fake George Floyd onto the streets of Minneapolis, I am pretty sure the tattoos would have been matched as part of that process.


  1. Nobody died, nobody got hurt, period. That’s my take on the #GeorgeFloyd story.

    Of course there are genuine ramifications involved in the ensuing ‘riots’. There is clear evidence that some people have gotten hurt (and perhaps even died) as a result of, for example, getting trapped underneath trucks while trying to loot them.

    An under-analysed element of the GeorgeFloyd narrative is the names involved. GEORGE foreman, FLOYD mayweather, darnella FRAZIER (the girl who supposedly filmed the footage). Three names all tied in with black boxing legends. Then you’ve got the CHAUVIN character whose name literally means somebody who believes their own people / kind to be superior.

    Come on, this is ridiculous, man.

    There is of course more to the story. Darnella is said to mean ‘hidden nook’ and Derek is said to mean ‘ruler’ (according to google). So the camera which caught the action came from a ‘hidden nook’ and the Chauvinist who killed the innocent guy is a ‘ruler’ by name.

    This is all just out-in-the-open mockery of the idiotic masses, as far as I’m concerned.

    Same as the image of the ‘lunar lander, which a well-taught group of middle schoolers could outdo:

    And the promotional poster for the film The Dish:

    For those interested in this kind of thing, consider the significance of the names involved in the major Baby Hoaxes of 2012-13: ‘Sandy Hook’ appears on a map in a scene in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises; one of the bombers of Boston was named Dzhokar (pronounced similar to Joker); and the Aurora Shootings took place at a screening of Batman (with an assailant supposedly coloring his hair like Joker).

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as many readers of this blog are already well ware. We truly live in interesting times.

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    1. JLB – Funny, that was the first giveaway to me – the mockery using the black boxer names. Right when they used the name George…and Floyd…and then I saw the use of Frazier – it was so in my face. I met a well-known black boxer when I was very young – did a mini “mock” boxing round with him in his practice ring (speaking of mocking). The gym said it had to be quick because they put some type of chemical in the ring that was deemed unsafe for young children (said it could burn my eyes?). I met his “bodyguards” too (they were much smaller and scrawnier than him!). In any case, the controllers always give themselves away in these staged events.


    1. Not only that, the link provided in the first comment does an excellent analysis supporting the idea that it’s not the real Floyd in the video. Wild stuff. Maybe my theory is not far from the truth.


  2. Totally off topic, but uhhh, why does the new M² paper keep referring to George Floyd as “George Lloyd” even though the prior paper (which he supposedly added notes to) gets it right and calls him Floyd? And what freaking American doesn’t know the name George Floyd right now? Confusing it with Lloyd is as good as outing himself as a foreigner. Zero Americans make that mistake right now, and you don’t get it right one day and wrong the next if you are actually just one person. It must be a group of foreigners…the previous paper correctly referred to “Floyd” within the green notes. Now suddenly today he uses the wrong name “Lloyd” as the entire basis for the Hindenburg paper? Yikes. Am I missing something? This is the slip-up of all slip-ups. Unreal.

    Newest paper:

    Previous paper:


    1. Hey — it’s not Miles’ fault the mandela effect kicked in between those two papers!
      Maybe a self-doxing has occurred. MMG is the Welsh Underground, hence the obsession with Anglo-Saxon peerage. (“LL” in Welsh is a weird consonant so I think the names Floyd and Lloyd are the same originally.)

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      1. ”Most modern variations of Lloyd/Llwyd originate in the Tudor period, and are largely “corruptions” of llwyd.[1] Variations include: Ffloyd, Flewett, Flewitt, Flood, Floed, Floyde, Flowitt, Flude, Fludd, Fludde, Flude, Fluett, Fluat, Flyd, Flyde, Lide, Lhuyd, Loud, Loulld, Luyd, Llowyde, Llowyd, Lloyed, Lloilld, Llwyed, Thoyd, Thloyd, and Thllewyd.” Wikipedia


        1. I’m not saying that there isn’t a connection between the names, as truthdecay already pointed out. What does not make sense is referring to the man as “George Lloyd” (not his name) and it especially does not make sense a day after his “notes” in the prior paper say Floyd. If it were about the root, he’d have said so. He did not, rather he simply referred to the man as though his name was George Lloyd. Preposterous to make an excuse for this one.


          1. Faux reasoning. It’s simple to understand if y’re not on a witch hunt. He first learned about Floyd, which most probably triggered his further research where he alluded to Floyd=Lloyd connection, which ya seem to downplay. Also very likely, his Hindenburg paper was written before Floyd guest paper, but was published afterward. Anyway, plethora of possible answers, any single one of them holding more water than yrs. Think harder.


            1. What a load of bollocks, Welshman. I have no problem with the connection between the names Floyd and Lloyd. I haven’t downplayed it a bit. This is a fine explanation IF it would have been explained by the author as you just did. This is not what we see. No, no. Instead, we see an author who is seemingly under the impression that the man’s real name George Lloyd. From the beginning and with repeated reference, he is “George Lloyd” to this author. Would you write a paper on Hitler and refer to him only as Hiller? Of course not. You might explain the connection, but you are not going to refer to him only as Hiller. A person’s name is what it is. The name Floyd appears nowhere in the paper. In the author’s mind, the name is George Lloyd. This is plainly obvious from an honest reading of the paper. What does the paper possibly being written before the event have anything to do with anything? The only question is whether the author was under the mistaken impression that the man’s name was Lloyd. And he was, without question.

              Keep spinning, though. Why not a few more clever bits where you use the word “faux” against me and try to confuse people into believing your bad excuses?

              🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

              PS- I’m not on a witch hunt, they just keep screwing up!


              1. Check once again the timeline y’re suggesting. Guest paper was publishded as 1st and he wrote there : “Chauvin and Floyd not only knew eachother but worked together at the same job….. They are actors.”

                In his next paper about Hindenburg he refers to Floyd, THE ACTOR, as Lloyd. While it’s true the gullible public knows only about Floyd, any one of Miles’ longtime readers knows he’s after him. With the suggestion he made, Lloyd=Floyd becomes a transparent actor. And he continues to write about Lloyds as one of the chief spook families, which is sxactly what they are. That is what he was alluding to, imo.

                But we can disagree, sure. Just think again about yr what yre suggesting one more time. What exactly are ya saying? That since he referred to Floyd=Lloyd , yre looking at some kind of proof about Miles being a group of different people? Gee, man. I thought and understood as if ya were his regular reader. I guess yr not or ya’d know how to read between the lines, not expecting him to explain every single line he writes. Do some thinking and follow-up research on yr own. It’ll lead ya sxactly where it’s supposed to – making a connection Floyd=Lloyd. That’s the most important conclusion. The way ya wrote about it makes me believe yre downplaying his finding and association he made with it. Think about it for a moment. A still tongue makes a wise head, mind ya.


                1. Whoa whoa whoa. “The next paper about Hindenburg he refers to Floyd THE ACTOR, as Lloyd”. What does “The Actor” have anything to do with the name confusion? Nothing. In the first paper, it refers to Floyd only as Floyd. In the second, it refers to Lloyd only as Lloyd. This is the entire problem. The entire ridiculousness. This connection that you assert is there just…isn’t. You are trying to gloss this over by connecting the two papers with a single line of thought, when no such line of thought exists by an honest reading of them. None. Never once does the author make this connection, and prior papers go bonkers explaining such connections. As I said, you wouldn’t write a whole paper about “Adolf Hiller”. Explain the connection, fine. Otherwise, nope. Especially when the Floyd/Lloyd error has an actual linguistic explanation which places the author as Welsh.

                  In the second paper, we suddenly, inexplicably just have an author clearly under the impression that the man’s name is George Lloyd. This is no tongue-in-cheek thing. He is not being cheeky, he just truly believes the name to be George Lloyd. He absolutely would have explained the connection first, if this were his idea. He would have said that the name Floyd connected him to Lloyd. He doesn’t. He really just thinks the man’s name is George Lloyd. It is obvious.

                  Don’t tell me to “do some thinking” as you are actively trying to scramble the thoughts of anyone reading this. You have shown no connection here whatsoever, while oddly asserting to have done so. Gee, where have we seen that before?

                  The most common group of people on Twitter who have confused the name as “George Lloyd” are those in the UK near Wales. Do some thinking, eh? M² has been accused of being British before, and has been accused of being a committee before. What am I saying here? This is crystal clear evidence of both. We have an error placing the author as Welsh, and as being unconnected to other claimed comments by “Miles”. A pack of foreign writers, it is. (And don’t get me started on how your IP address doesn’t ping back as being genuinely in America, although it attempts to appear that way.)

                  Your effort here is to those muddy the waters, and it is clear as day. You have shown no connection between the logic in the two papers. That is because there isn’t any.

                  This error fits a deduced pattern existing from previous errors to finally paint a clear picture for at least part of who is behind that particular site. To ignore these things at this point is akin to willful blindness. If you are willing to use half-baked excuses to explain away the plethora of solid evidence that site is not what it claims to be, then you are choosing to be willfully blind. Eyes wide shut.

                  All we keep seeing from you is “he deserves the benefit of the doubt” over and over and over and over. It has worn thin, just does not hold water anymore. You would be better off ignoring me, being glad I did not give this topic a full post, and moving along assuming very few people have noticed this.


                  1. What does “the actor” have to do with the name confusion? Seriously? How about this for an answer: everything. Actors have monikers, people have names.

                    Being glad? Just cut the crap, please. Ya can post anything ya like. Many times over, I couldn’t care less. And it sounded like somekind of a threat. Which should’ve made me scared or worried? Gee, man.

                    Whatever ya think yre after won’t change anything though. Or it will, but not in the way yre eventually hoping for.

                    I’ll stick to my arguments. Adding, ya didn’t address my argument of timeline. Ya dodged that successfully. And ya still can’t answer the question of what exactly ya think ya have found.


                    1. Actors have monikers, ergo I am going to inexplicably refer to a person with an ever-so-slightly wrong name for an entire paper without reference and I ought to be given a free pass? What a load of crap. So it’s “he deserves the benefit of the doubt again and again and again”. I repeat, no…he was not just being cute. It’s CLEAR from an honest reading of the paper that he actually believes the correct name to be George Lloyd. If you’ll explain this away, you’ll explain anything away.

                      The line you are trying to draw between these two papers is simply…not…there…

                      (By the way, very nice switching back to the old VPN. Much better than the Opera browser VPN with the location set to North America!)


                    2. MiniMe be working harder than an ugly stripper, trying to obscure an obvious lapse over at the MMC!


                    3. At CTTF, Miles made it clear that his followers should not read POM. You’re being very naughty, MiniMe.


  3. The key people in these fake deaths are government pathologists. They can lie to order, on paper, when leaned on. Or it’s their core job. They will find a ’cause of death’ when required and write a long fake narrative. A lying cop will have decided who the ‘deceased’ is. Coroners are lawyers, they see no body, they’re there to accept other liars’ statements as fact in court: who the ‘deceased’ was, how they ‘died’. All ‘known’. Away it goes. Oh you’ll need a malleable funeral parlor too but that’s the easiest part.

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    1. I have actually been to a malleable funeral or two…

      Seriously what could anyone find about funeral parlors to be spooky as it were?


  4. You know what I like about you Fauxlex, and in general about this blog?
    That you never dismiss any idea, even the “craziest” one but you always keep an open mind, which in our world- and by “our” I mean the world of people like us who gather here and on other blogs like this one to question & expose the Matrix and its lies- is oxygen.
    There cannot be any spiritual evolution without critical thinking.

    So that’s right, how do we know the black guy’s name was George Floyd?
    Which is exactly the first thing I thought about Osama Bin Laden back in the day: How the hell do I know who the bearded guy in a cavern really is?
    Same goes for Obama, whose name always looked to me too similar to the Osama one.
    Turned out I was right even before his real birth certificate appeared on the scene.

    The idea of frozen corpses ready for Intel use isn’t peregrine at all to me. I’ve been thinking for years now that the same thing happens in Europe and my country.
    Back in 1985 a doctor involved in the Monster of Florence case was killed and thrown into a lake, the body rescued a couple of day after wasn’t his, there was a body swap as a decoy, people had to believe the guy had drowned where in fact he’d been killed first and then thrown into the water.

    And I agree with Grahamsdiffusion, without corrupt pathologists and of course corrupt police all this wouldn’t be possible. Think about the coroner in Tate’s case or any other major cases in the US. They’re all accomplices and that’s enough to come up with a big scam. Other people do not need to be involved, it suffices to tell them they have to shoot a video for some educational or whatever reason (like in the Columbine school) and voila, it’s done.
    Every pyramid step never knows what’s going on at the higher step, it’s not necessary.

    Haven’t read the Taos group’s papers for a while now, but from what you posted here Fauxlex I’d say you nailed it…George Lloyd?? WTF?
    Give us a break guys and tell us the truth on who you are!


    1. I forgot to mention the quasi-masonic clique at the top of the EMT/Firefighter structure. They have to play along with any intel psy-op that’s put on in their region.
      There’s no chance they won’t go along with it! Eventually they’ll get their reward in retirement.
      None of these phoney fake events will move without the nod and cover-up from this layer of top, state funded brass.

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    2. Well I appreciate your sentiment. Thank you, Anna. Not sure my point was related to what his name was, per se, as much as that we have no evidence the man in the video is the real Floyd. In this scenario, George Floyd was a very real person whose name is not in question. The agent/actor’s name is irrelevant.


      1. Oh I know Fauxlex, and I agree with you, sorry if my comment wasn’t clear about it.

        A name is important to the élite for various reasons: Giving people someone to identify with, so that the emotions take over rational thinking -which is exactly what they want- and send messages through the esoteric significance of those names, as another person was pointing out under the other post, Maya for instance, Chauvin etc.

        Ergo, the actors’ real names are, as you say, of no interest whatsoever.

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        1. In the scenario I laid out, a matching chest tattoo is not going to be particularly hard to duplicate. Thank you for finding and sharing. It is interesting either way.


        2. And actually, honestly, I am looking at the main image of your link and they look subtly different to me. Again, it’s interesting either way.


          1. I agree. Tattoos like similar, but are different. Tattoo in porno goes up higher on the right shoulder and is much more detailed than the tattoo shown in security camera video.

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  5. Agreed 100%.
    They know how to do their job, they’ve been practicing for thousands of years.


    1. Steve,

      Wow, it never occurred to me for some reason that the lower-level perps in these psy-ops may be foreigners for some reason, but it makes total sense. Maybe it’s easier for them to justify their participation when they have no allegiance or affection for the US or Americans.

      It all just makes me feel sick. I don’t know how any of them can sleep at night. As far as I’m concerned all of these ‘’agents’’ are essentially terrorists, and that goes for their sidekicks in the media as well.

      Perhaps they justify their participation in their own minds because no one is actually killed, but I would argue that every single individual involved in these events has blood on their hands even if they don’t physically harm anyone in the making of any of their sick, twisted magic tricks.

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  6. Well, one good thing about the new racial psy-op/ media frenzy is that it seems to be distracting the mask nazis a bit.


  7. I can believe every bit of this, Fauxlex. The cryogenics is a worthy concept. I mean, just back when I used to watch movies, Hollywood was instilling this in our brains and our children at school (Wag the dog – Spock with ‘the needs of the many is greater than the needs of the few’- the matrix with the sleepers – Magneto saying ‘Did you really see what you saw’ etc. Programming.) But I am curious about one thing. I didn’t watch the video (nor will I) but from a text read, comparing statements, the police had reported that the officers had noticed medical distress and called the ambulance. The articles state that of the four officers, two were holding the suspect down, one was watching the crowd, one was applying pressure to the neck until AFTER the ambulance arrived.

    At anytime, while watching the video ( and I have reasons i do not watch the distracting visual effects -predisposition temptation kind of thing and giving honor where it isn’t due, etc.) did anyone ever actually call for an ambulance? Did they precall?

    My point in all this is, obviously, the story of the police report conflicts from the video seen (which is exactly what they would want for rioting, etc.) but I was wondering WHEN all of these busy bees took the time to call for the ambulance. To my knowledge, they do not automatically show for every arrest, no?

    And, for transparency, i totally believe it is for enslaving the people. Always have. But sometimes the true trickery, after being caught at trickery, is to not trick, so those who are awake, will have the conditioned response to find the teickery, will follow false strands looking for the trickery and train themselves to be predisposed and less logical. I do not so much look for the object that hit the water anymore as I study the ripples and see the affect of the tsunami. Just me… takes all kinds, I guess.

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    1. My argument also includes that the ambulance arrives way before it would have been clear that there was a medical emergency. I completely agree.


  8. I still have to read Chris Spivey’s take on the story so I apologise if it has already been said, but I was thinking about a news I read days ago: VISA has filed a patent for a worldwide electronic currency which they hope will be adopted asap. No more cash.
    Now, this may be another link to the George Floyd’s hoax, think about it.
    A further excuse to eliminate cash, as notes can be forged and this may lead to homicides like in this case. Weeks ago European governments were talking about eliminating cash cos notes may be contaminated with Covid19.

    Maybe it’s too much of a stretch of imagination but the 20 dollar forged bill bullshit makes no sense if taken out of context, whereas it makes a lot of sense if we get the bigger picture.
    How to kill two birds with one stone.

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  9. Actually the timing makes sense, given the fact that many states were starting to “re-open” at this time. How will they keep us cowering at home after this episode is forgotten?


  10. Sorry Fauxlex,

    I’d posted a comment earlier today about a thought I had regarding the possible link between the fake 20 dollar bill in Floyd’s story and the fact that a few days ago VISA filed a patent for a worldwide electronic currency to eliminate cash for good.

    Would you check if it’s gone to spam by any chance?
    Thanks a mil!


  11. Faulex – I like this as a murder mystery plot but allow me to suggest an even simpler process. Using the Spivey analysis, the footage looks for all the world like it was shot on a typical on- location movie set, complete with road blocks, prop cars and scattered extras. Continuity errors suggest a typical re-shoot to provide what’s know in the movie biz as ‘coverage’ in order to sell the narrative in clearer visuals. That would suggests multiple days of re-shoots. The participants may have been told they were making a training video and have no idea this footage would later be used in this current op. When they see it, they certainly won’t risk their pension and try to talk openly about it.

    This footage could have then been deposited in an image bank for later use when other elements of the psy-op were put in place. I would bet the house there are several versions of white cop/black victim videos staged with crisis actors, and for Minnesota, this version was deemed the best fit.

    Once the op goes live, the footage makes the rounds to Intel outlets on Twitter, YouTube, etc. and then picked up and further edited by the news services.

    George Floyd, perhaps an actual corpse in a potter’s grave, does not have to be frozen. It’s his paper trail, from birth certificate on, that is of value. The crisis actor playing Floyd in the photos, like the shopped Corona pic, could be anybody on an Intel call sheet. He gets the job because he closely resembles the actor in the video that was shot months or years before. Perhaps just after the dead junkie Floyd’s paper trail was secured. The actor then gets “sheep dipped” and has this real dead person’s persona attached to him. He infiltrates Minnesota life as “George Floyd”.

    As for a funeral corpse, that could be handled in many different ways, most likely with more staged footage, wax injections and make-up.

    Why Minnesota? Culturally conservative, politically progressive, where many white libtards reside, they also have a large Somali immigrant population. This is a perfect admixture of well intentioned fools and desperate young men who have a history of throwing rocks*.
    And to most white people who have been indoctrinated with a simplistic black/white understanding of race, even a little bit black means all black. Meaning, Klay Thompson is as black as Dikembe Mitumbo, though they mean that in a bleeding heart all blacks are equally oppressed fashion, not the racist form of condemnation that, say, the Klan observes. Both approaches, though, lead to easy manipulation.

    *I think of the Cuban Marielitos of 1980 when I see immigrants acting up like this. A deliberate infiltration of thugs and cowboys, along with the innocently oppressed, being given access to advanced Western societies for later activation. I suspect many of these violent immigrants will then be sent off with a hefty fee for their services and disappear into some other world where they will go unnoticed. The same will happen to “George Floyd” and “Derek Chauvin”.

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    1. I like it. They are absolutely capable of the kind of thing you speak of. My theory was an attempt to demonstrate that the sleight of hand required isn’t even particularly challenging, while limiting the number of players and allowing this to have actually played out in real time. If one advanced trick like my cryogenic/frozen aspect allows everything to fall into place, it is meaningful. Your concept is absolutely possible as well, and I like it a lot.


    2. This makes a bit more sense and doesn’t require the mental gymnastics about frozen bodies. But the cops are wearing COVID19 masks … so – does that mean they filmed a drill with masks, held it in the vault and then planned it all out to use it at this particular time? I still think there’s a more logical explanation that has to do with intelligence running money laundering and counterfeiting crimes at the nightclub and there’s some evidence to support that theory.


      1. I’ve seen you don’t like the theory. That’s fine, but I think you overestimate those mental gymnastics. A damn freezer might work just as well as a cryo tank. A meat locker. We know they have the old “body farm”, so I don’t think a frozen corpse is really all that wild. Certainly less wild than the idea they filmed multiple takes of this footage on public streets without anyone, bystander, shop owner, etc. becoming wise. You don’t think someone would come out and say “Hey, wait a minute…I saw them filming this! They said it was a training video.” Granted, I agree…it’s POSSIBLE. But I find the explanation for how they will display his corpse a bit hard to swallow as well. My theory is just that they’ve got corpses to use, which they do. I have seen you are not a fan, but don’t pretend mine requires wilder mental gymnastics than this. Those in power are capable of all these things and more.


        1. I don’t think there’s any concern with there being an open casket now that Floyd was determined to be positive for COVID. That should make things much easier to handle as his body will never need to see the light of day again.

          I also agree that a frozen body is more complicated than necessary to make this thing work. However, I do think all of the cops have to be in on it. It’s strange that there was a “spokesperson” for Cup Foods, but nothing like that for any of the cops who were fired. Why no explanation as to what they were doing with the body since we can see the photos and videos of three of them on the ground doing something?!?


          1. Let’s wait and see on the open casket. And I still disagree. You guys all imagine they’re able to film multiple takes on a public street but you find one stiff too complicated? Sorry, but I get a kick out of that. If it’s open casket, my theory gets the edge.


          2. And yes, I chuckled that they combined the two. George Floyd positive for COVID? Of course.


          3. Basically, nobody wants to imagine that the magician has wax on his finger, or whatever. “Oh, a frozen body? You don’t need that! It’s all a movie set!” does not acknowledge that if you add one frozen body to the equation, it all could have truly played out in real time.

            Sure, the frozen stiff idea is outside the box, but the magician WANTS you to not consider they might be using this-or-that method. For me, a dead and preserved Floyd sure locks a lot of other things into place. All I’m saying. Of course the footage could be totally fake, but to me that reduces the need for critical thinking. “Oh, they can fake anything” means you are not thinking about it very hard. The frozen Floyd theory at least would be one of many possible solutions, and not nearly as far-fetched as you seem to make it, compared to the others.


            1. The problem with your theory is that there’s no evidence to support any of it, other than a poorly written statement by some “attorney at law” on the internet. Are you not considering that could be a red herring? Does this “attorney at law” have any documentation to back up any of these claims? If he was his lawyer, he surely would have some paperwork, no? Any evidence of this George Floyd playing football where he says he played football? There should be a team photo somewhere, no? (Yes, I know photos can be faked, of course) … we have nothing.

              Any evidence of a Death Certificate or SSDI entry for George Floyd who died in Texas?

              Is there ANYTHING at all that supports any of this, other than imagination?

              Look, I agree there’s definitely something off about this, and it’s a psyop no doubt. There’s a few interesting tidbits in Spivey’s analysis but there’s no real smoking gun there. For me, the tattoos look exactly the same, so I can’t just write that off.


              1. The attorney’s statement has nothing to do with my theory directly, and I never said there was evidence. All I have said is that my theory allows the situation to have actually played out in real time, while still having been fraudulent.

                Are you considering that all the date discrepancies in the security cam footage are the actual red herrings? Attempting to make you think this is all a movie and fake footage, when actually there are a huge amount of witnesses who can attest to that this actually played out in real time?

                There is a huge amount of evidence that Floyd played football. I do not know why you bring that up specifically. But, I am not saying that there is some mountain of evidence supporting my theory. I am saying that if you accept just one fairly unusual sleight of hand, Frozen Floyd, then it allows the rest to lock into place.


              2. Yes, Samitee, this is something that I made up as a possible explanation. You do not like it and that is fine, but you are treating it with more hostility than you ought to. It’s just an idea, and of course I do not have evidence. I never claimed to. This does not mean that the idea itself is without value. My goal was to show how a limited number of participants could have pulled this off in real time. That is all.


              3. I mean, you mention SSDI. Do you really think Intel would be stupid enough to file the death certificate in my theory? This is where I am saying you are looking for reasons to disagree with my concept. Of course there wouldn’t be a dang death certificate if Intel was keeping some guy in a freezer. I can’t believe I have to point that out.


      2. Not to mention, this “movie set” concept dramatically multiplies the amount of fakery and participants required. It would mean that all of the footage is fake, all of the testimony is fake, and more. They clearly would have needed to be shooting almost all day. And would this mean that the shooting did not happen on the actual day? What about the eyewitness accounts and what about all of the video footage?

        I favor a theory that allows us to acknowledge this did play out in real time, if all you need to add is one frozen stiff. My theory allows for the situation to have actually played out in real time with a small number of participants. It would also explain the ability to produce the actual corpse of the real George Floyd. If we start believing greater and wilder fakery, the possibilities are nearly endless. But if we are restricted to an event that actually did play out in real time, then my theory (or something like it) must be towards the top of the list.


        1. Have you forgotten all of the fake street footage from 9/11 ? Weren’t there hundreds and thousands of people alleged to be running around?

          Where are all the thousands of people that would be saying “Hey, wait a minute…I saw them filming this! They said it was a training video.”

          But we know those scenes are fakes.


          1. Fake footage on 9/11 does not mean that every event such as this includes fake footage.


          2. Not to mention you are comparing apples to oranges. The assertion on the 9/11 footage is that it is completely fake, like CGI. What I am being told by people here is that this amounts to a movie production with them shooting multiple takes. This is different than 9/11, and the idea that there were random bystanders here for Floyd really does go against the movie set idea. The confusing time stamps could be the actual red herring, sending conspiracy theorist down blind alleys imagining that footage was filmed on multiple days.

            Be careful about tunnel vision or thinking that fake footage in one place means fake footage everywhere. You seem to be selecting towards a preconceived conclusion here, or working hard to select against my conclusion.

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  12. Congrats, Fauxlex, you hit the bullseye about 9/11 twice now. It gives me great comfort to find corroboration of what I saw coming from people on this site who have no way of knowing what actually happened. I’ll explain but first let’s start with your analysis of how easy it would be to fake the Floyd case. That links directly to how easy it was to pull off 9/11, when I say easy I mean 8-12 people with the right amount of influence did 9/11 not some grand conspiracy of thousands. One person to stand down the military jets at the local AFBs, same one who tells the White House to do nothing, one to order the NYPD to block the West Side Highway 30 minutes prior, same person also stands down the NYFD, the guy who controls the mayor, one person to shut off the landlines, cell phone towers and alarms in lower Manhattan, one person to rig tower 1, one to rig tower 2, maybe even the same person, to make sure the detonation went according to plan, which it did. One to display the hologram planes and falling man. Once the second tower is down, release all the pawns and let them sort it out, it’s all over the evidence is melted along with the steel beams. Your first bullseye was asking me if I saw into an orb which freaked me out because the orb you so casually mentioned, that is a staple of bad sci-fi and horror, was the payload of the prop plane that showed up on 9/11. The plane didn’t crash. A giant glass orb crashed at the base. I heard two sounds. The plane approaching and a lot of glass shattering. Not metal. Not concrete. Only glass.That crinkly, crescendo popping crash you get when you drop a large glass object onto a hard surface. I didn’t hear the plane moving farther away from me so I thought maybe it crashed but I don’t think it did. I think it carried something with it which it delivered to ground zero where someone was waiting for it and then it went back to where it came from which was out of the blue. When I tried to see the base of the towers I saw the troops marching which Anna also saw, which freaked me out. I feel better now because other people have some of the pieces too although none of us know the full story. That orb that crashed is where the instructions to leave earth came from. The elite would like to know the future and be a part of it. Their ability to become part of the future is what keeps them in power.


    1. Hi Boethius,

      Just to clarify, I haven’t seen any troops.

      I know that what you experienced still haunts you, which is totally understandable.
      My work at the moment is trying to figure out what the future holds for mankind;
      we all know at this stage what their MO is, and that Covid is a bullshit bug (at least the way they depicted it, it’s a flu, full stop), what doesn’t add up to me is that they seem to have rushed their plans, whereas you confirmed under the other post that the elites can wait thousands of years to achieve their plans, they’re in no hurry…Until now.
      What scares them so much that they have to pursue the total control of mankind within the end of this year? They want a vaccine by the end of 2020, why?
      This is not their usual MO, they’re exposing themselves and they know it.
      So what is their goal, the real one?

      I have an idea or two, will have to ask my sources and see what I can get, maybe what we both think is right, who knows. Time will tell. But do we have time?

      P.S. Thanks Fauxlex for restoring my comment.


      1. Anna, Covid-19, like 9/11 is real and fake, and like 9/11 I was there too. Sometimes around 2005-2007 I had a near-death experience where out of nowhere I stopped breathing. I couldn’t get air into my lungs. I thought I was going to die so I called 911 barely able to speak with the intent on having them find my body immediately and not in 2 weeks since I was living alone at that time (still in NYC). Ambulance came, found me collapsed on the floor, took me the emergency room where I just got better and left about 12 hours later. I don’t remember ever being given a diagnosis or cure, I just got better and it never happened again. At that time I was riding my bike 50-100 miles a week (from Manhattan to Bear Mountain, NY and back for example) so I wasn’t a sick person normally. My personal feeling these days is that Covid-19 is a cover for the death of people who are being tested for adaptability to either low oxygen (off earth) environments or a mutation that enables us to survive in low-oxygen environments. There is no virus, flu or sickness. It’s all deliberate. I my local paper there was a guy saying the same thing happened to him which is why we need ventilators. I didn’t see the orb on 9/11 I only heard it crash. I saw the orb in a vision around the time of the breathing problem. Only after I had the vision did I realize it came from 9/11, the orb/ball/object that crashed. Trump wishes he saw it, I’m not sure how many did. So yeah, I’m like the Forrest Gump of conspiracy. I left America I was so freaked out by everything that happened to me and by everything being fake. For the past 10 years I’ve been overseas and would have stayed there except I was forced to return and now here I am back in the US. I’ve been to every online blog you can think of looking for answers but this is the only one where I can find confirmation of my experiences whether on purpose or by happy accident. I saw two futures: the one where we’re invaded seems like the worse, the one where we leave the better, but no timeframes.


        1. Boethius,

          You’ve experienced a hell of a lot in the last 20 years, things that would have the average person go off the rails and end up in a psychiatric ward.
          But in your case, which I’m glad about, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” as it should always be.

          I’ve got some urgent questions for you though, was thinking about that last night (it’s 8:40 am in Italy):
          How do you think they operate? You said this thing is deliberate, ok. But how do they do that? Do they decrease the amount of oxygen in the air every day and wait to see what happens with random people around the world? I can’t figure that out to be honest, it would imply the use of very advanced machinery hidden underground…maybe HAARP, Area 51, 52 and so on?

          In psychology, a persistent state of fear (conscious or unconscious) leads to hypoxia in the lungs and in some cases, to death.
          In the summer, the air where I live becomes so hot and damp that it’s very hard to breathe. Always though was due to some law of physics, but I do not trust modern science so I dunno.

          Honestly, I don’ think they want to bring us all to other planets, why should they? They consider us their livestock, the only thing I can think of is that they are testing us to see if they can survive somewhere in outer space, we’re their rats in a lab and they believe they’re the chosen ones.


          1. Anna, it’s been a crazy ride but it’s all better ever since I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. That is I accept who I am, where I came from and where I’m going. Thanks to miles’ suggestion that I research my family history. As if I needed a reminder they painted a huge “Black Lives Matter” on the street in D.C., my hometown, that ends right at the monument to my family across the street from the White House. When Michael Moore asked me off camera my why I worked on Wall Street I had no answer, now I do. It’s to see the struggle, not between stocks or even the market but the struggle for control. I make my money by siding with whoever wins the day, a battle which resets every day. There’s no long-term winner only a continuous series of battles. That’s my family’s story for the past 1,000 years and it looks like I’m another apple falling from the tree as they say. Will the travelers from the past return to take over? Will the Elite leave earth? Is science fake? Yes. Do nukes exist? No. Is religion fake? Yes. Are presidents elected? No. Are wars real? No. Is corona virus real? No. Did people die on 9/11? No. What’s the conspiracy behind the Kennedy Assassination? Probably the same one behind 9/11. There are people either living in or using another dimension, a back door into our reality and they come and go using events like 9/11 or 11/22/63 as windows. I don’t see them as aliens, only people, like me and you. As I said before I’m pretty spooky and it looks like the path ahead for me is only getting spookier.


            1. Boethius,

              Thanks for replying.
              See, I have a degree and a bunch of specializations (which never helped me find the job of my dreams, now I know why, I didn’t in the past and I suffered a lot for that, nevermind), but I am a simple person living a simple, happy life. That means I’m not into spooky families, although I’ve been studying and researching Freemasonry and esoteric symbols for many years. But one thing is studying these things, another thing is being part of “those” families.
              And I always thought that being part of them meant to know from birth who you are and what your position in the world is. You said instead that you researched into your family roots after reading the Taos group, which I find very unusual to be honest.

              Also, if you’re spooky how is it possible you don’t know what happened to you on 9/11 and years later? Are you not the first ones to know everything even before it occurs?
              You’re part of an exclusive circle that plans these world events well in advance, after all.
              Did you really need to go on blogs trying to figure out things when all you had to was give a buzz to a 33 or 51 degree Grand Master and simply ask? I suppose you know at least one or two.
              Or maybe modern Freemasons know nothing like John Snow…

              Look, if I’d read your comments years ago I’d have thought you were trying to fool us, test us, misdirect us or whatever, now I believe that the time of spooky families is over, they never had any power except that given by parasites and sleepy masses, and they’re well aware of that just as you are.

              The Matrix is finally collapsing.


      2. Anna – I can only speculate as to their real goal(s), and I can only speculate as to why they seem to be in such a hurry. But I think they are racing some astrological clock, and the timing has to be just right for them. I get the sense there is some vibrational window of opportunity in which they need to get all their ducks in line.


        1. They may be in a hurry to slam shut the “vibrational window of opportunity” that would allow us to evolve beyond their sphere of influence.


          1. Hi Stephers & Les,

            Yeah, that’s one possibility.

            Don’t remember whether I already wrote it or not here, but I had the info that our solar system’s been entering a new zone of the Universe in the last 50 years + where a new energy is radiating all planets, even more so the Earth, and this energy will be at full strength by 2022. They don’t have control of this energy that apparently will help us evolve as we never have before, and they don’t like that of course.
            This energy is already causing great distress and discomfort in all those people who have never been very spiritual and I think it’s pretty evident to all of us that many people in the last few months have been acting erratically. This false pandemic has been the ultimate test for mankind, and it’s like in agriculture: you sow thousand of seeds waiting to harvest when the time is right, but only the strongest plants that have been able to adapt to the soil & environmental conditions will bear fruit eventually.
            Same goes for mankind: only the strongest will survive.

            Last but not least, the “gods” the elites worship are energy parasites, and they’re feeding themselves with mankind’s low emotions right now, as they’ve been doing for thousands of years. They probably think they can destroy us all by 2022 and perhaps that’s what had the elites rushing their own plans. The biggest the harvest before the new energy hits, the better.

            Thanks both for your contributions.


  13. C’mon. What are they up to? Georgia Guide Stones #1 on the to-do list. 1. Reduce the worlds population to 500,000,000. That means the USA is going to be a vacant, burned out strip mall in a year or so time frame.


    1. If they wanted to wipe us out they would have done it in March and April. And yes it was possible, kinda upset it didn’t happen, was wanting something significantly Doomy and now appears we just got a Gloomy. Looks like everything is going back to normal now, so I guess we can come back in 5-10 years for another mind screw event.

      Were ya all scared? Did TPTB fool ya? I don’t think Mark was scared or fooled.
      I was a little bit around the week of March 19th, they got me! But with the help of all of you at POM I realized I was being hoaxed. Sure we can speculate about the vaccines and near future, but I really think many were woke up by these events and many eyes will be aware for the next one.

      I think it goes back to our regularly scheduled mall shootings, wealthy pedo rings and axe murders.
      Another stimulus check would be nice, although probably not going to happen.


      1. They need/have to get the masses to give in by free will. The witches brew in the upcoming mandatory vaccine is key. Contact Tracing is another Big Brother device coming this summer.


  14. A riveting account that sounds like Oliver Stone’s next movie draft. But quite overcomplicated, with thin margins for unforced errors. Whereas the tight, controlled Hollywood-type McCloskey version “movie-shoot-as-training-day” cuts as sharp as Occam’s razor.

    And why would Intel need cryogenics? For some Michael Crichton script with spilt formaldehyde as the banana peel? Then let’s see, the chauvinist cop gets botox right before being slain on daytime television, between the adverts for masks, facials, Purell, and Corona, by the rhinitic ghost of Jack Ruby who keeps sneezing on his Zyrtec-groupie allergist wife, played by Sam El Jackson, defended later pro bono by Alright, Alright & McCohnaughey, who drives to court in a Lincoln during a global warming brainstorm that melts his bleeding heart, then marries Mr. Judge, played by a gender-reassigned Eric-a Garner, to happily-never-after smoke weed together while remotely learning that -1 plus 9 is not hate, but racial prejudice is rebranded as a genetic defect caused by our covId. Did we miss anything at all?


    1. I’m still puzzled by this take. You can’t see the value of Intel having a meat freezer of unattached corpses to use? And you find it more compelling that this didn’t actually play out in real time, but rather somehow was shot movie-style with multiple takes on a public sidewalk with bystanders? OK. Whatever. I am tired of this take. People are getting a little too quick to the wilder fakery concepts. If you reject that this played out in real time, I don’t know what to say. And the Feds are known to have corpses. Body Farm anyone? Getting tired of this. One stiff is far less complicated than this being a movie production, it reduces the amount of fakery and lies required dramatically compared with the movie production concept.

      C’mon guys. This is POM. You can’t accept that Intel would have some unattached corpses to use in an old meat locker for a rainy day? Give me a break.

      Occam’s Razor? The bystanders. The footage. This movie production concept is MAGNITUDES more complex than my theory. It has all the same difficulties with my theory and much, much more. It’s better to have the reheated body of the real Floyd than no body at all. What about the autopsy reports? The morgue? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s a joke to call it simpler than what I laid out. It’s immensely more complicated because it suggests this did not happen in real time, the footage is all fake, the bystanders are all fake, the autopsy report is fake, the body at the funeral will be fake. All these required fakes are actually real in my idea.

      There seems to be a weirdly consistent message in some of these comments.


      1. I agree with Fauxlex.
        Chris Spivey too warned us to not fall into the trap of different dates on the footage cams, it might be misdirection and I think they’re both right.

        Aflatoxin, what do you think authorities do with homeless people, junkies with no relatives and people with no ID when they die on the street or in some dirty dump?
        Give them all a funeral and bury them in some county mass graves?
        I don’t think so.
        So why dismissing the whole idea so quickly? Don’t get it.
        I thought here at POM we could all keep an open mind and I usually enjoy your comments which I find clever, but this time around I’m not following you.


        1. I liked Faux’s post, plus he also does a whole lot more work coming up with ideas and angles than most, which is thought-provoking and appreciated. As is his not clinging rigidly to one particular theory. His last post about the empty coffin was quite suggestive, too (perhaps they’ll have Pink at Floyd’s funeral, or a tail-wagging labrapoodle tailing the procession, while Marlon Brando gives a stern warning to us about racial divide, scratch that, he already eulogized Bobby Hutton).

          In any case, run-on idea-repeats seem to be the ptb’s m.o. since they are uncreative and reuse the same elements all the time, also knowing that repetition works most of the time for most people.

          So, you see dead people with no relatives? What happens? Quite simple: visit a gross anatomy class studying dissection at any medical school, for instance. As for cryogenically reusing bodies, it seems like the same mindgame as people being “kidnapped” for “harvesting” their liver and kidneys (garlic, onions, Hannibal?). I DO remember though when Christiaan Barnard was ready to tie the knot with Gina Lollobrigida, which gives one pause about transplants. Lung? Kidney? Heart? Liver? Yeah, and they cannot (will not) answer why people have a “common cold”. Their AI dog keeps slipping on the banana peel, for god’s sake, while not even the dumbest real pooch would.

          So my take is, vampire stories are one thing, dreary dull gov’t ops are another. As they told us in Wag the Dog, we won’t have a war (body, funeral etc.), we’ll have the appearance of a war. Cheaper, cleaner, neater, and infinitely more adjustable. Dissipate youthful male energy by putting the boys on obstacle courses in endless military training, as they blow things up (occasionally maiming each other by accident), and have nice narratives written by the writing teams telling you all that did not happen and wasn’t so. But “real” is better limited to toilet paper, booze, and Claritin (a tricyclic antidepressant-derivative, they get you one way or another!)

          Forged footage by a 17-year old about the slaying of one gentlegiant character by a chauvinist monster (who worked for 17 years at a nightclub, sometimes overlapping with the slain one) is minimal visual or factual evidence of anything at all. It’s the prerequisite spark for the written and spoken narrative, which is all the public wants. Looking further, like Floyd past blending into the Minnetonka terrain is like chasing Oswald to Russia and NOLA, a colossal waste of time, a videogame that never ends. The mere appearance of anything is enough for almost everyone in the audience.

          As for the unclaimed dead, there probably are endless science experiements they use bodies for, as societies have done forever. Leonardo? Vesalius? Hippocrates? Imhotep? And who knows how far that line of inquiry stretches back. But cryogenics seems more like a medical thriller than common gov’t op with mediocre plots spruced up via endless promotion in the media. Take that away, and what do you have? Footage conveniently recorded of some actors starting at 8:08 (they have changed the Wiki, but history of the article shows 100s of versions with that time stamp as start; they’ve also gotten rid of Darnelle completely in the few hundred most recent versions, you know the Wikipedia articles that Jimmy Wales’ “public” contributors edit for “free”), and wrapping up the monkey business 8 4 6 later. As the McCloskey analysis suggests above, the repository of footage and images is likely vast, and constantly juggled as new ops are unleashed. Trying to hold on to them is like chasing clouds with a net.

          Never add more to your stew than a working recipe calls for. WHY worry about producing a body when you don’t really need one? All you need is appearances and the star pathologist who at 29 was already chairman of the Forensic Pathology Panel at the JFK ’63 disappearance show. Faux is right, it is a magic act. But a convincing trick primarily works on your senses, in your mind.


          1. I appreciate a lot of the sentiment here, but I still do not understand how one single preserved body is adding more to the stew than it requires. As you said, I am not rigidly adhering to my theory as being God’s honest truth for what happened. If they had actually presented us the actual corpse of Floyd at the funeral, Frozen Floyd idea would be right up there in terms of plausibility. The real benefit of the idea is that it allows the action to have taken place in real time, no complex fake footage required. You would just need some actors to have put on a little show on the street, get carried away by the EMT, and the Frozen corpse explains everything else. It is not adding too much to the stew, it is simplicity and allowing for the minimum amount of overall fakery.

            The concept that all of the footage is actually a movie production dramatically multiplies the fakery and complexity, when a simple sleight-of-hand is all we really need. What does it matter that there is a huge collection of possibilities to do fake footage when we are dealing with actual security cam footage and actual body cam footage and actual cell phone footage? Faking this is multitudes more complicated than the idea that they simply had the preserved body of the real Floyd to drop off at the morgue. If you see David Blaine doing an unbelievable magic trick on TV, which is more likely… that there was some hidden sneaky sleight-of-hand, or that the footage itself is completely faked? Sleight-of-hand! It is a fundamental aspect of magic tricks, and all these events truly are at their heart are only magic tricks.

            The Frozen Floyd concept still fits with what you are saying from Wag the Dog, having the “appearance of” a death.

            Alas, this is all moot if they never actually display the corpse of the true George Floyd. This would make frozen Floyd unnecessary while still allowing for the action to have played out in real time. Incredibly easy! You just need one little show with actors on the street and the fake EMTs to carry the body away. Maybe a friendly doctor or medical examiner. That is it. I still question how they have legitimate autopsy reports with the Fentanyl and meth detail. This was another thing that the Frozen Floyd Theory helps to completely account for.

            People dramatically overuse the Occam’s razor concept. This is something that I have long planned to do a full post about, so maybe I will bring it to the top of my to-do list. If anyone thinks that the Floyd event being a totally faked movie production (not actually occurring in real time on the streets of Minneapolis) would be simpler than ONE sleight-of-hand concept like a frozen corpse, then they are not applying Occam’s razor correctly. The truth is, Occam’s razor is rusty and dull.

            Also: remember that they have MANY tools at their disposal. Just because they have the capability to fake footage does not mean that every fake story is done with fake footage. Think of NASA and the ISS. Just because sometimes they use wires doesn’t mean they’re always using wires. This is a case where fake footage is more complex than necessary, and it specifically goes against several known details of the case (eyewitnesses, public location, store security footage, body cam footage, autopsy report, real 911 call, etc.).


            1. Occam’s razor regards the solution with the fewest assumptions as the correct one (all other things being equal). So perhaps ask why your “eyewitnesses, public location, store security footage, body cam footage, autopsy report, real 911 call, etc.” aren’t mere assumptions. New “real” footage miraculously seems to surface every day now. Extended coverage?

              None of us were at 12th & 33rd (or wherever) at 8:08 or whenever we are to believe events transpired. Like with all these things, why believe this happened when, where, and how it is subsequently being presented? All we get is a story, rooted in arguable visuals from which they weave a yarn. Why all the matted-out areas and limited field of view and low quality and jump cuts and inconsistent audio and other artifacts, in 2020 when everyone is born with a deluxe iPhone Y? So, the sleight of hand you talk about in magic?


              Sure, the illusionist practices with his hands and with objects and people in real space, but his primary advantage over you is advance preparation for full control of the trick. Why bother with real-time physics, real objects, even faux-cutting the lady in half when you can now use visual magic in a controlled environment such as an editing suite? Indeed, David Blaine time-shifting or mind-reading is more likely to be fake footage, while basic physics or chemistry would be limited to his drinking wine underwater (not hard, though may be surprising). No extra effort unless you must. The very notion of impressive magic is what Occam’s razor would call into question here. Like Beeyonce lip-sinking the national anathema, the broadcasters’ trick supersedes the need for old-school talent as practised in real-time magic. These event-tricks on today’s TV and social media are really not impressive, considering that professionals are involved.

              Take, for instance, the hot-off-the-presses Buffalo fallback and the convenient “video taken by WBFO, a local radio station” (NYT) of an elderly (stunt?)man thrown back by the evil power of teenage-thuggish storm-troopers (the audio completely mismatching the visuals). Had that much blood leaked from an elderly head in <2 seconds, he’d be both in the Guinness Book of World Records and the morgue. BuffaloStunt

              In fake context, the story/footage may be compelling. Viewed without such background baggage, it is hinky. Who flies back (conveniently off screen while the radio-video is fixating on the storm-troopers), then lies motionless like a man avoiding a bear by playing dead? Why does he have a black helmet? Why the crossed legs? “Cuomo also called out attacks on police officers, saying, ‘You have incidents of police getting hit with bricks in the head. Who are we?'” (CNN) To which one could respond: we do NOT have incidents of police getting hit with bricks in the head, only Cuomo’s words and the media claiming such violence against the police, and footage that can be faked the same way as footage of violence by the police. Prepare all/some of the footage ahead of time under completely controlled circumstances (which is why they appear so contrived) and unleash them in the media for maximum effect, by “going viral”.

              Indeed, I am for maximum parsimony in interpreting all such “events”, not necessarily because their makers are so clever and efficient, but because complete control requires the least number of steps possible to avoid mistakes (which still happen). If you allow “real” events “really” unfold with what you’d call real “eyewitnesses, public location, store security footage, body cam footage, autopsy report, real 911 call, etc.” you begin to take chances.

              The magician never takes chances he does not need to. Box office was guaranteed before Jaws hit the screens, just as popular outcry is guaranteed for Rodney King the Sequel, or Eric Gardner II, or the Return of the Unabomber. Casket? Public viewing? Faking a body? A face? Yeah, because so many observant, sharp people would recognize anything fishy at all, let alone be allowed to discuss it on public forums or on major talk-shows. So no, tptb use blanks, which are filled in our heads to plug in the holes, so we end up seeing the whole complete package just as they intended. Much of it is truly missing in physical reality, because suggestion sparks the imagination better than seeing it played out. Ask Alfred Hitchcock.

              If you had complete control of mainstream news and social media, and released news of a brutal slaying at 8:08 at the intersection of 88th & 8th (OK, Central Park West, so as not to be too obvious), hijacked dull people’s eyeballs and saturated their mind with shocking footage and a vile written narrative…why would they doubt you? They cannot possibly disprove you–even if NOTHING AT ALL happened at 88th and 8th at that time. Narrative programming works, visuals deceive, cryogenics not needed, onto next hoax.

              Faux, the magician really did not make the elephant disappear from the room. The elephant was never there.


            2. FAUXLEX, I’ve really enjoyed this back and forth between you and Aflatoxin, all the more so because it’s been a civilized lively debate.

              Like others, I like the way you think outside the box and consider unconsidered possibilities. But, as others have said and you seem to realize, they don’t need a real body. And as an actor who has worked in live theatre and on films, I must say your conviction that videotaping a guerilla theatre performance in “real time” on the street would NOT be simpler. Not by a long shot. They wouldn’t need to add many (or maybe any) extra, in-the-know personnel to film it in advance, under controlled conditions, where multiple takes and reshoots would be easily accomplished. It would be easier to control, and I think we can all agree that these folks really, really, really like control.


              1. Again, I completely, completely disagree.

                These events most often actually do play out in real time, and if there is video fakery it is typically just around the edges. Very rarely is all footage entirely fabricated, ESPECIALLY when the event played out in a public location. The street theater is perfect because it creates real eyewitnesses who can support the idea that the event actually happened. It’s immensely more complex to imagine that all video from multiple sources and angles are somehow ENTIRELY fabricated and the event did not play out in real time. You are all just wrong about this. Actors doing a little choreography on the streets is not more complicated than top to bottom fake footage. You’re all wrong on this, and it is a hill I will stand on. How on earth do you think that a couple of actors are more complicated than literally ALL footage being fake? This take continues to baffle me. We need to slow ourselves from IMMEDIATELY going to the most unlikely possibilities simply because they are theoretically possible. For a movie production, what about the store surveillance footage? The body cam footage? The NUMEROUS cell phone footages? The bystanders? Do not tell me this is simpler. This event DID almost certainly actually play out in real time. I’m just baffled by the persistence of many of you on this point.

                With a closed casket, I agree the frozen corpse is no longer needed, but this does NOT feed into the “footage is entirely fake” concept. It just means that a little street theater would have been that much simpler to explain the whole thing.

                Street theater with Intel actors in real time is without question simpler than the idea that this event did not play out in real time and all video footage was universally faked. I am not saying that it is impossible the footage is entirely fake but it is a question of SIMPLER. The street theater is simpler, and I don’t know how so many of our commenters are so dead set on this footage being entirely fake.

                You are incorrect. Street theater acting by a few agents is much, much simpler. It is not even close. This is why I questioned the use of Occam’s Razor, because it was being used completely upside down, to support a theory that actually multiplies the complexity.

                We need to be careful in making the distinction between what is POSSIBLE and what is LIKELY, in any given case. Just because 100% fake footage is theoretically possible does not mean that it is the most likely option for every single event. If this were the case then you would have to tell me every single fake event is 100% fake footage, because hey…apparently to many of you guys totally fake footage is more likely than a few actors. This is a dangerous position to advocate, and I strongly disagree with it. Fake footage is a very real thing, but it’s not always necessary. This Floyd event was magnitudes simpler than that. Entirely fake footage is complete overkill for such a simple fake.

                Google “George Floyd witness” and tell me they’re all lying. I do not get deceptive vibes from these witnesses. One of them even describes an unreal feeling like he was watching a movie. You will all say this is proof of your point, but I will remind you that this man’s testimony proves that this event was happening in real time and it also proves that he got a strange sensation like he was witnessing actors play out a scene. This does not support a movie production, it supports actors playing out a scene in real time.

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                1. This isn’t a hill I would die on, and I’m entirely open to the possibility that you’re right, and to me, it’s really just an interesting side discussion.

                  As I’m sure you know, technology has evolved to a point where it’s pretty easy to make live actors appear to be in a real-life location that they aren’t actually in. If I conclude this was prerecorded in a closed-off location, I do not have to tell you every single fake event is 100% fake footage. I don’t understand why you say I would have to do that. I’m stating the embarrassingly obvious when I say that using a fake location for an event set on a real Minneapolis street in 2020 would be infinitely easier than, in 1963, using a fake location for a fake event set in Dealey Plaza would have been.

                  If I say the Tom Hanks appearance on SNL at Home was a deepfake, I don’t have to say every instance of an impostor being passed off as a famous person is a deepfake, do I?

                  The only reason the question is interesting to me is because of Stephers’s theory about the creation of a Sentient World Simulation. The more conditioned we get to seeing total fakery as reality, the better… right?

                  All that being said, you could easily be 100% right about the Floyd footage, Fauxlex. I haven’t watched any of the eyewitness interviews, but I’ll take your word for it that they are convincing. Keep up the great work–I have nothing but respect for your point of view.


                  1. Also, it occurs to me that I’m being unfair and obtuse with the Dealey Plaza analogy and that you were talking about all RECENT fake events.

                    The case for a fake location in this specific psyop is what appear to be discrepancies when the same details are viewed from different angles. As Lofcaudio mentioned, in the security camera footage, Floyd’s head doesn’t look like it extends beyond the vehicle’s bumper the way it does in the Frazier video. This was the big thing I noticed. Discrepancies like this suggest multiple takes, which would be difficult or impossible to pull off in a live performance on the actual street with unsuspecting witnesses. The specific blocking and details of the action, and the capture of those specific details from different angles, are important for this psy-op. In other fake events, such as the mass shootings, all we need to see is a lot of violent, scary-looking chaos, which could more easily and effectively be staged at the actual location–the details don’t matter as much. So that’s another reason that saying this is a fake location doesn’t mean that all recent fake events have to be 100% fake footage.


                  2. Scott,

                    I agree with you on this as I was thinking about all the TV series and movies where some guy has his hand or leg amputated and hangs around with a stump.
                    I mean, if they can fake missing limbs it’s a joke for them to fake a location.
                    Let’s think about those special effects that just require a green panel behind the actors that in the post production phase will be filled with whatever the scene needs, such as monsters, dragons, a castle on a hill.

                    I like your take on the story cos I find it feasible.


                    1. Anna, again. No. The bystanders. They can fake a limb, ergo they faked an entire live public environment with bystanders? I’m really disappointed in you all here. You’ve completely overblown the complexity required on a thing like this.


                2. Interesting. Now, a footage…with Intel actors…would that not qualify as…”fake footage”?

                  And why would you place such faith in the non-fakeness (that is, completely legit nature) of “store surveillance footage…body cam footage…NUMEROUS cell phone footages..the bystanders”? Such coverage is convincing, especially if staggered over several days, in building up and reinforcing the narrative. Why wouldn’t these be part of a simple script? Like “reality” TV.

                  This does not support a movie production, it supports actors playing out a scene in real time.
                  Now this seems plain silly, since you’ve just described a movie production. Nobody saw this “real time”, only hours or days later. We can agree to disagree, but to many, this is a key element of cinema: altering perception by delayed and edited presentation of a carefully pre-planned script. Why would “real” witnesses be NEEDED to increase believability? Here is where Occam raises his blade, trimming the fat to avoid overplaying the magician’s hand. Too much forced “convincing” turns the whole thing into a farce.

                  Could it be done they way you propose? Sure, if you don’t mind risking accidental footage that could contradict some major plot point, such as Floyd walking away from the ambulance, or the cops laughing, or a pissed-of bystander stabbing an actor with a hatpin for real. Why not just create some indistinct commotion (say “filming” or “news coverage” or “911 call”) at 12th and 33rd, then release a mix of pre-edited footage (perhaps all off-location, perhaps some on-location and some off-), to be reinforced over time with more of the same? Who could possibly tell the difference between what had really transpired (if anything), and what we are later presented with?

                  It is also clear from shows like “Let Him Be” where they use multiple faces to confuse you about Lennon, that imbalancing your perceptions is a main m.o. 2-FacedLennon
                  In this outtake, Lennon at :59 and at 1:18 is not the same as the central thin-faced singer-guitarist stand-in. Aint that a shame?

                  The objective is a mental image implanted in millions of minds, not “real eyewitnesses” to assure you this or that really really really did happen. Who doubts the authorities’ account anyway? A thousand people? Ten thousand? While tens of millions fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Movies already tell you that real eyewitnesses are unreliable, some may even recall Floyd being white or a girl, so why bother with “real” witnesses? Control, control, control.

                  But our original point of contention earlier was the handy-dandy frozen body, which still is a very workable (and spooky) idea, though quite unnecessary here. Perhaps they’ll use it at a future wake with an open casket for some politician or celebrity. Wait! They already have: CelebOpenCasket At least it’s reassuring to know Marilyn wore more than Chanel No. 5 on her way to the other side. Cheers, and keep it up!


                  1. We have both more than made ourselves clear on this point. I continue to completely disagree for the reasons stated. Your concept multiplies complexity by several magnitudes beyond a few actors playing out a scene in real time. The fact that you are pushing this so hard and seem to be recruiting people is very concerning to me, because we do ourselves a great disservice by immediately jumping to the more unlikely scenarios. By your logic, I cannot think of a single event that should ever have to actually play out. They should simply create fake footage and release it into the public for any given fake event. If in your mind, this is simpler than a bad Intel actor, you are just wrong about this.


    1. Nope, we don’t know yet. This was “the first of three memorial services prior to his funeral next week”.

      But if they DO stay with a closed casket. My goodness, this would have been the easiest thing to fake.


      1. Gotch ya… I haven’t been paying attention much because it’s boring and predictable but you are right let’s see what happens


        1. You are 100% right about that. And if they are doing closed casket now, it’s likely to remain so. This really means that all they would need to do is have actors do that little stage show on the streets, make sure to get some usable footage of it, and you’re good. People are so fooled by this. How much do you want to bet that coffin is empty? Who’s got the shovels?


  15. Closed casket was likely the in the mix. No body needed at all. And they cash in a cool $13,000 dollars for Mr. Nobody. Ever question why it is ’13’ thousand? Or that ventilators mean 39G’s? 13×3 more mixed signals. You all should buy a firearm. Going down swinging rather than be a soft tartget to these early release prisoners/hire thuggery.


  16. Was there something about the gasoline prices displayed on the gas station behind the alleged crime scene? Did they not match up to the prices of that particular day? I saw a lady mention them in an edited video but it cut out before she went into detail. I couldn’t look up the full video because it is on F book and I don’t have an account.
    Found it so strange that none of Mr Chauvinistic’s three colleagues thought of telling him to get off the suspect, especially when there were civilian witnesses who were filming.


  17. Story updated to reflect that they HAVE in fact been doing open casket visitation for several Floyd memorials. This is a MAJOR point in favor of my theory.


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