Shall we play a game?

Below is a brief dialogue from War Games, the 1983 Cold War science fiction film (see the movie trailer above), in which a young computer hacker, David Lightman, unwittingly accesses a US military supercomputer. In the film, Lightman gets the WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) supercomputer to run a nuclear war simulation, believing it to be a computer game. But the computer is connected to the U.S. nuclear weapons control system and unable to distinguish simulation from reality. 

Falken (The WOPR creator): It’s a bluff, John, call it off.

John (the operations head): No, it’s not a bluff, it’s real. 

Falken: General, what you see on these screens up here, is a fantasy, a computer-enhanced hallucination. Those blips are not real missiles, they’re phantoms.

John (to the General): Jack, there’s nothing to indicate a simulation at all.

Falken: General, you are listening to a machine (referring to WOPR – the supercomputer). Do the world a favor, and don’t act like one.

Alright, are we just being played? Are nukes, and the potential for a nuclear war, a bluff? Are pandemics a bluff? Is police brutality a bluff? Is the population control agenda a bluff? Is the Singularity a bluff? 

Is all the national and geopolitical strife that we continually hear about simply a simulation to keep supercomputers in learning mode, with the medical military industrial complex following their every lockstep — while the masses get hyped with paranoia? 

Keeping us in a heightened state of perpetual preparedness amounts to amygdala hijacking, and programs humanity to be robotic and desensitized to emergencies and catastrophes. In this sense, we begin to no longer care about preserving what is most important — our shared emotional connection, and our intuition necessary to discern what is real from what is simulated. Another reason to keep society in disaster mode — by utilizing doomsday simulations and creating a race of “first responders” — is in the name of “Continuity of Government,” thereby providing a rationale to overstep Constitutional bounds (in the U.S.). On a global scale, the agenda to keep society in ceaseless fight-or-flight (more specifically, “fight-flight-freeze”) is seemingly evidenced in the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s September 2019 document, “A World at Risk.” Therein, they outline the need for continual simulations of pandemics worldwide as encompassed in their “whole-of-government” or “whole-of-society” approach.  

Near the end of War Games, a military minion in the war room exclaims, “There’s no way you can win that game.”

Lightman responds,“ I know.”

Then WOPR states, “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

I perceive strange games are afoot, and I suggest that we are living in a global B.F. Skinner Box of mass operant conditioning, as indicated by my personal daily observations of compliant citizens who are continually being molded, leading them to their potential demise. How did we get here? Well, it’s likely that world-renowned scientists, like Skinner and Pavlov, played a hand, as they studied animal behavior, and applied their research to engineering the human herd. See Episode 145 of The Corbett Report from 2010, “You are Being Gamed.” 

If all the controllers want is to play games with one another  — simply to keep the “Game” going with no winners (as Miles Copeland alluded too, but perhaps fell short, in The Game of Nations) — then we may need to recognize that as such, and withdraw our attention from their scripted games. If the controllers want to play games with us, then maybe we just DON’T PLAY. 

What is involved in a non-participation strategy? Do we live in a cave with monks? Is there a way to mentally retreat to that cave for temporary respite, while still maintaining an engaged life with all the “normies?”

With the exception of hopscotch and jacks back in the day, I am not one for playing games. If we are currently being subjugated to what I perceive as a running simulation, with its accompanying fear porn, trauma bonding, anesthetic fog of group think, and grandeur of delusion, then I am not going to play by their terms. I refuse to play their guileful game of “Simon Says” (I always despised that game for demanding that one follow the leader). 

Admittedly, I am not in a position at this time to sever all cords to society’s womb. I still drink from the system’s tap periodically. However, I will exercise my right of peaceful non-compliance. I will stay detached and preserve my dignity by holding onto my inner sense of sovereignty of mind and freedom of spirit (utilizing my energetic declaration of non-consent). Although, if (or when) mandatory vaccines are implemented, I may need to re-evaluate how I will exercise my free will.  

There is a song that comes to mind when I ponder these possibilities and potential impasses . . . “Freewill” is the second track on the 1980 album by Canadian progressive rock band, Rush. Synchronistically, the album was called “Permanent Waves.”  

A planet of playthings
We dance on the strings
Of powers we cannot perceive
If you choose not to decide
You still have made a choice
You can choose from phantom fears
And kindness that can kill
I will choose a path that’s clear
I will choose free will 

As I mindfully navigate this global hot mess of phantom fears (resulting in potentially phantom civil liberties), and I possibly concede that there seems no feasible and instantaneous way to constructively change the system, I continue to reflect on ways to hack, withdraw, and escape the imposed infrastructure. I consider how I can make changes to myself, and effect change in my family, and in my local community. I never underestimate the power we each have in being a tiny pebble that can manifest impactful ripples in our local ponds. 

What ripples are you generating? Feel free to share in the comments. Thanks!

33 thoughts on “Shall we play a game?

  1. Stephers, You are closer to the truth than you know:

    Of powers we cannot perceive
    If you choose not to decide
    You still have made a choice

    We were all thrust into a world where we are automatically under the bonds of sin and Satan (who is about to experience his last 7 years of power). The way out, of course, is to make the choice to believe that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price and died in your place (and mine). The rapture of believers is so near that it would astonish you. God always rescues his children before judgment strikes (see Noah and the flood and Lot being taken out of Sodom and Gomorrah). The angel says to Lot, who is clearly what we would call today a carnally minded Christian – I can do nothing until I remove you from this place. Everyone knows what happened next.
    So we find ourselves in this strange deteriorating world. Everything we know and love is crumbling. This is particularily stressful for Americans who have always had it pretty good. But God is keeping the Antichrist at bay and holding off on the events described in the last book of the Bible, the end of this world as we know it. (But a new heaven and earth is coming with a new righteous and true Ruler – the King of Kings.) If you still miss the rapture, the playbook to get a hold of is Revelation, but the caution is God himself will send a strong delusion to those who refused to believe the truth when they had a chance and He will cause many to believe this lie. People will adore the Antichrist and believe he is their savior, but he is Satan and he came to kill, destroy and steal (he especially wants to steal your soul). So take advantage of this time of grace – God is waiting for that last Gentile to become a believer in Christ, then He will rapture the church and turn His attention back to the Jewish nation which is the main purpose of these last 7 years.

    I know this comment will generate a lot of hate mail, but perhaps one person will get saved. Totally worth the hate mail.

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    1. Characters in the Bible are figurative personifications that speak to us all through the moral lessons of the story — the full scope of human potential, which ranges from hero to heel, from grace to utter corruption, or from love to hate. It’s time to think more metaphorically, not so literally, for greater clarity. I’m not buying for one minute that bible characters are REAL historical figures. So sorry. Character lessons are to be learned, not through proof of “facts and history,” which is falsified routinely, but by and through understanding the characters’ exemplary role (your potential role, in other words) brought to life in parabolic stories told in scripture. My opinion only, of course.

      Again, it’s easy to lose the whole “picture” for the individual elements; beware of fractals.


  2. Haha, trapped in a global game of Simon Says.. And everyone playing along. Too funny.

    Simon says, wear a mask. Simon says, stand 6 feet apart. Simon says, inject this chemical cocktail into your body…

    I still wonder if there are factions among the “peerage” or various elite families who stand to lose from all this as well. I know the “conservatives” are controlled opposition of some sort, but at the local level they would seem to have a lot to lose from these centralized control schemes. I’m not certain they would all be on board. Even if they feel they can’t openly try to “wake people up,” I wonder if they would prefer to use their narratives to impede the progress of the ultra wealthy global elites. And practically speaking, they might be better able to reach large numbers quickly and effectively (vs “waking people up.”) Many “anti mask” or pro freedom people come from that framework. They never went for global warming for instance– controlled op or no, their propaganda pushed back on the mainstream propaganda. Currently they are pushing back on this one, in a practical way that reaches many conservatives. But I don’t know the inner workings of that sphere enough to be sure where their interests really reside.


    1. It’s so hard for those like us to do anything through the American political system.

      I agree, local level Conservatives are probably the most attuned to our beliefs, but I think Stephers was more driving at non-participation. How to disconnect. It’s a paradox of sorts that we seek to not play their game, but there are very few ways to truly disconnect. We are each a small, individual part of a system we completely disagree with.

      There are going to be difficult decisions for those like us in the near future.


    1. Fauxlex – Oh no, you can count me out on that one! I am not a fan of “gurus”. Now you’ve sent me down an “Osho” rabbit hole . . . Thanks a lot (sarcastic)! Ever look into the Rajneeshpuram 1984 “bioterror attacks”?


      1. Pardon my bone dry sarcasm here. Was completely a joke, but I quite enjoyed thinking of what the “Piece of Mindful” separatist village would look like. Perhaps giant pictures of MM posted everywhere? The Dear Leader will return!!

        Have you ever seen the mockumentary show “Documentary Now!”? They did a very funny mockumentary of the Wild, Wild Country documentary on the Rajneesh thing. Yes, I definitely had my own rabbit hole on that one.

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        1. Funniest episodes of that season, loved how they came up with their cult names from scrambled Pittsburgh steelers player’s names and no cult member was the wiser.


            1. So, Fauxlex, after watching the mockumentary (so funny) of Wild, Wild Country, and watching some of the original Wild, Wild Country (almost as funny if you get the inside Intel joke), it just re-affirms for me how the “Cult of Corona” was established. You know, “If you build it, they will come.” This concept was clearly laid out in both the mockumentary and the documentary. Without getting deep into dark occult here (can discuss more offline), it seems to me that the edifice this Corona cult was built upon started with an “egregore” (heavily infused with fear programming) – only then to be reinforced by a layer of a superimposed digital creation of said egregore, to then be further cemented by a layer of “representative” genomic sequences digitally entered into the GenBank database (which then got digitally linked to the RT-PCR “black boxes”) . . . and the synthetic layers continued to build as “Mount Corona” got constructed. So it would seem the “discharge” of Corona was literally dreamt into a reality – from the aether, to the digital, and then into the minds (and then even some physical bodies via the nocebo effect) of the people. It seems their experience building cults throughout millennia really paid off for them in this instance. It certainly helped to have the advanced technology in place this time around. I suppose one of the Corona Cult leaders could be named “Ra-Tesag”, or another could be named “Ra-Cifau”? But, as you know, cult leaders are only the front men for the backroom architects who know precisely how to hack the backdoors of the psyches of unknowing accomplices, in order to proliferate tyranny in the name of “the greater good,” thereby altering the collective perception of reality (Black Magic 101).


  3. I definitely think nukes are fake. Some are just cgi and some are actual stacks of tnt bigger than houses. I’ve seen the videos showing them stack the tnt. That’s also why they always relate a nukes strength to tnt.


    1. The nuke hoax and the virus hoax are subsets of the particle hustle. Start with bohr’s “light and life” and schrodinger’s “what is life” paper. Schrodinger was the pedophile that gave us the psi wave equation. If the you look at it the function it will collapse( please note the psi symbols on the world trade centers and dealy plaza) of course. Beware though that if you look at the wave function and actually believe you may end up in some superimposed other world(please note the multiple worlds interpretation).

      Dr. Psi also is the wizard that got the whole world to believe that life is code. He overturned vitalism in one fell swoop with a simple story.


  4. The problem is that this time their little game has left the screen, and is significantly impacting our real, everyday lives even when we choose not to play or participate.

    Face muzzles are now ‘’mandatory’’ where I live, but I cannot bring myself to wear the muzzle because it just feels wrong. I bought some see-through beard protectors on Amazon that I keep with me just in case, and both stores I went inside yesterday employees approached me and let me know that I must wear the muzzle or I could not shop there. My beard protectors passed the COVID test, but I don’t like myself when I wear them because I know on a small level I am giving in. Almost everywhere I go now 100% of people are in masks, even in 90 degree parking lots where they aren’t ‘’required’’ to wear them.

    I tried to take my daughter to a new karate school, and as soon as we entered the door an employee scanned our foreheads (didn’t even ask first) and then handed me hand sanitizer to use and said I needed to wear a mask. We left.

    I simply refuse to live like this, but we are such a small minority that it’s now become my ‘’reality’’ because I am forced to play the game or basically withdraw from society. I try not to worry, but I wonder if we will ever be able to fly again? I will never consent to a COVID test or a vaccine, but what will that mean for me realistically? I know TPTB are not going to just ask us all nicely to take it and then respect those of us who decline.

    For now, I will go in the very few businesses that I can, and just do grocery pick-up for food. I am blessed to have a nice, comfortable home and great family to share my life with. We have a small garden and a group of neighborhood friends so things could be a lot worse. But man, it sure does feel bleak out there right now.

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    1. Haley, I got emotional reading your story here. I completely empathize and share your sentiments and concerns, and I am in a similar situation.

      This is a 7-minute video released yesterday by Truthstream Media. It may resonate.

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  5. My last contribution here…there is a chess term for the phenomenon that was described. Zugzwang, or “a situation in which the obligation to make a move in one’s turn is a serious, often decisive, disadvantage.”

    It is almost like they strive to keep us in a constant zugzwang. To make a move is to our disadvantage.

    I think you are saying that if they are playing a game of crooked chess, we should walk away and play our own game of Scrabble.

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  6. Yes, Fauxlex, this really sums it up astutely. In fact, Zugzwang should have been the title of this essay – although no one would know how to pronounce it! Most often the best move is NOT to move, or as you put it, we should simply walk away and play a simple harmless game, like Scrabble, amongst ourselves. Although, I’ve seen Scrabble players in my own family get quite irate! Eh, I never enjoyed Scrabble. And I never learned to play chess. On a more serious note, the controllers have fine tuned this ploy in such detail, so as to leave nearly no wiggle room for us, and very little choice. I have studied a bit of game theory, as I always had a special interest in John Nash – that’s a whole other story. I have sensed from the beginning of this that Nash’s work was highly integrated into this operation, and that the supercomputers have learned from him over the years – prior to his “exit”.


  7. I feel like I’m embarking on a new and exciting challenge, how to divest from the system as much as I can and still build relationships with the people around me. It feels really good, that despite the fact in my area we are facing some of the toughest restrictions in the country just recently imposed that I’m actually happier than I have been since this whole thing started! I almost feel like thanking them. Almost.


      1. I agree with Stephers on this, I got frustrated with Facebook and pulled the during the 2016 elections and only recently created a new one to try and bring some sanity to the comments section of my local news paper. Boy was that a mistake, but maybe I got through to some people that were just afraid to speak up for fear of being shouted down and ridiculed.


      2. There’s a fb group called anti-mask 2020 where people post their experiences and views about it. One commenter had worked in a testing lab and was knowledgeable about the technical procedures.


  8. I don’t think any effort is ever futile; however, I, for one, do not recommend engaging on Facebook. Perhaps you could explore connections there initially, but move your interactions offline?

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  9. Ah the band Rush, anyone into rock n roll has heard of this band, been around since the early 70’s. A lyric from one of their songs Limelight:
    “All the world’s indeed a stage. And we are merely players. Performers and portrayers. Each another’s audience. Outside the gilded cage.”
    Great song, really like that opening guitar riff.
    Neil Peart the drummer and who wrote most of the song lyrics, died earlier this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if he faked his death. Looked like he was in excellent shape the last time they played, very wealthy, he stated in an interview he was tired of touring.

    Seems as spirits we choose to enter this world into a predetermined life, and we have freewill to an extent, yet that freewill does not alter the overall planned existence . Even though we have choices, one would not know those choices are predetermined and have to play the game within the context of the life we chose to enter into this world.

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  10. I agree w/the OP on the time frame of Satan & his minions TIME (Cronos) being up w/7 years to go. Anyone reading not commenting ever try and tap into the other side? And I mean the dark side. If you really are sincere about it , you will never forget what you felt. Does not take much time, but the cost is great. Bible not real? We are looking down a ‘take the ‘chip (mArk of the beast) or be shunned from work/money/society. These idiotic masks are pre runners for that. World Heath Organization? World Bank? NWO needs no introduction now does it? PS, saw RUSH in 1979. Wow. And their lyrics were clues, yes.

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    1. I gave you all the only real option: physical withdrawal; you cannot stay in that world and not breathe the air; but you have ignored me; what? do you think I am some sort of troll or spook?
      Get out…stop eating their food
      stop using their gas and oil and so on

      you will come back to me and say:
      “but here you are david on the computer. What about that?”

      what about it?!

      15 minutes a day, if even that…

      after being outside all day earning my living cutting wood , growing my own food, building my own furniture , fixing my own tools etc etc…
      and answering to no one…NO ONE…

      well everybody has to find their own limit and their own way but you folks seem pretty trapped;

      you cannot even eat if you do not say “simon says”

      so david has to wonder, what gives…


      1. oh well I do have to answer to someone: my wife

        And you know, come to think of it, maybe you guys are the spooks.
        now that is a thought!!!


      2. This has definitely become an even more annoying country… Not so easy to just up and leave though, for many reasons. Plus, this borg-hive is already fairly global. Might they reach even such backwaters as you describe at some point?


  11. Two of my favorite things from the 70s and 80s…the movie WarGames and Rush. Don’t even get me started on 2112:

    “We have assumed control We have assumed control. We have assumed control.”

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