One-World Scientism and its “Trust the Science” Refrain

“It’s no surprise that modern civilization, intellectually based on a fool’s version of ‘science,’ has built science as a new religion, with all the restrictions that organized religions have enforced . . . Talking news heads are feeding the population fast-food COVID science—a manufactured product consisting of synthetic bullshit about cases, deaths, the virus, the vaccine. It’s cardboard. And no dissenters allowed.”

Jon Rappoport, September 28, 2021

Dangerous speech verses free speech mobs of ignoramuses

Collectively (POM writers and commenters), we have analyzed and decoded this long-running, persistent, and egregious event called “COVID.” While a daunting task, there is some unique allure that draws us in, and very strangely, excites us. Before I get judged or berated, please allow me to define “excite” in the way I perceive it. 

Let’s look at the Merriam-Webster definition of excite:

Definition of excite:

1 ato call to activity 

b : to rouse to an emotional response

cto arouse (something, such as a strong emotional response) by appropriate stimuli


3 : to increase the activity of (something, such as a living organism) : STIMULATE

Would you agree that this definition of excite describes what you have exhibited since March 2020? In other words, have you been provoked or have you intensified your emotional response consistently over the past 18 months? I have. I readily admit to this. I also think we can agree that we have not been excited in a positive way.

Most human beings are naturally sensation-seeking, or excitement-seeking. Essentially, it may be an innate trait to desire novel experiences. Perhaps it is our brains that motivate us to want to cultivate new and unfamiliar circumstances, despite the fear and anxiety that typically accompanies them. My sense is this drive for excitement resides much deeper than our brains; it’s wired into the very consciousness that informs us — in order to provide opportunities for growth and evolution.

Why am I leading with this? Well, because the spell-binding and mind-blinding phenomenon we have observed since this operation began may be summed up in one word, excitement. Can you see what I am getting at? I am attempting to describe how the masses are actually excited by this induced trauma. I would go even further, and propose that the hypnotized populace is possibly being pulsed with external electromagnetic fields (through computer monitors, smart devices, and televisions) aimed to stimulate and accentuate excitation and sensory resonance.

Would you agree that most people in this country live fairly dull and repetitive lives? Most of us go from day to day, attending to our jobs (many living paycheck to paycheck, and rent payment to rent payment) and attending to our daily tasks on our own, with family, and/or friends. For the most part, it’s not all that stimulating in every moment. Fast forward to March 2020, when “lockdown” occurred . . . Even if the lockdown provoked fear in most people (leading them to a questionable response ostensibly to an imaginary pathogen), it still seemed new and different, and something to focus upon. It got the juices flowing, so to speak — an adrenaline rush.

My position is that the common thread woven throughout this operation can also be summed up in another word: science, or rather, two words: weaponized science. To get even more specific and to the nitty gritty of this exploratory essay . . . I purport that if we combine the two — excitement + science — we end up arriving at the cult-like phenomenon (like a religion) called Scientism

If we return once again to Merriam-Webster, we get this definition of Scientism:

Definition of scientism:

1 : methods and attitudes typical of or attributed to the natural scientist

2 : an exaggerated trust in the efficacy of the methods of natural science applied to all areas of investigation (as in philosophy, the social sciences, and the humanities)

I would like to emphasize the phrase, exaggerated trust, in the definition above, which inherently implies a pattern of excitement, as well as over-reliance on scientific results. What this also reveals is that scientists do not present facts, but, rather, theories to be proven. As a science geek myself, I can tell you that this is what makes science so much fun. It is always changing, and is rarely ever constant. What may seem valid one day, may be nullified another day. What makes science so invigorating is the incessant inquiry — leading to un-foregone conclusions. By its very nature, science can never be settled.

I think the main distinction I would make between Scientism and other religions, is that Scientism seems to leave NO room for dissent; whereas in many religions, there is subtle and sometimes even significant dissent that is not only permitted, but possibly encouraged.

It’s no secret that interest (AKA excitement) and trust (sometimes “blind”) in standard religions has waned in recent years. Perhaps this has been accomplished by design? Would you agree that it seems this is a ripe time to attract many into a new quasi-religion? And what is the reductionist beast system offering to the common folk who need respite from the spiking of their cortisol levels, due to living in this manufactured stress bombardment? It’s become abundantly clear — “Keep Calm and Trust the Science.” Speaking of Keep Calm memes — including travel mugs that say “Keep Calm and Trust the Virologist” — do you find it curious that they are often presented with the symbol of the crown? How is that for predictive programming and revelation of the method?

After all, who do you think has always had its hungry hands in the science cookie jar — the Royal Society, of course! As stated by the Royal Society, it is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence.” Moreover, guess where its origins lie? The very first “learned society” was purportedly founded in November 1660 with the “invisible college” of natural philosophers and physicians (see my July 2020 post in which I referenced the Rosicrucian-based Invisible College and its impact on Scientism); and from 1663, it would be known as “The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge.” Ironically, its motto is Nullius in verbatake nobody’s word for it.

Moving on . . . this July 2021 discussion on Scientism with biologist Rupert Sheldrake may evoke a sense of truth in one regard — that this world has seemingly gone off the deep end — into this quasi-religion of Scientism. However, I felt this interview was an epic fail, in that Sheldrake looked weak and sounded tepid. This is not how I remember him in years past, when he enthusiastically shared his out-of-the-box reasoning, seemingly to the dismay of the scientific community. In my opinion, what was severely lacking, unfortunately, was a deep, discerning inquiry into COVID. He claims that he willingly received the COVID injection. One has to wonder why Sheldrake (like many others of his intellectual caliber, who previously challenged scientific orthodoxy) neglected to offer reasonable skepticism about the alleged pandemic, and why he felt the need at the outset of the interview to shut down so-called “conspiracy theories.”

Nonetheless, I have chosen to link to this July 2021 interview, as we may be able to incorporate small offerings from Sheldrake, such as acknowledging corruption in science and recognizing the pitfalls of both mechanistic materialism and narrow dogma. But we must move forward on our own, in contextualizing a more discerning framework around COVID, thereby diving much deeper. I suggest that the You Tube Channel, “Infinity,” starts us on this path in their August 2021 presentation, “The Secret of Trusting the Science with Rupert Sheldrake.” It is less than 10 minutes long, and worth the time to watch (given what I have asserted, please do not allow the title to preclude you from examining it).

For those who are reluctant to watch videos, here are some choice quotes that I pulled:

  • Science is a never-ending search for new knowledge . . . Science is not a constant but rather an ever-evolving quest for better answers.” 
  • “. . . biased scientists that [sic] receive funding from corporate interest, might make misleading statements and conclusions . . .”
  • “In order to be a good scientist, one must always be skeptical of its findings and processes.”
  • “We need to stay open-minded and thirsty for more NEW KNOWLEDGE . . .”

What has happened to our friends and family? Have they been converted, or ritually coronated, and possibly physically and mentally (and even spiritually) altered indefinitely? How often have you heard the religious mantra (trust the science, or alternatively, follow the science) spoken by someone you know? If you haven’t been on the receiving end of this refrain (or serenaded — see the little ditty I wrote at the end), then count yourself lucky.

What I observe of most jabbed adults I know is that they believe themselves to be woke via this obsession with what they believe to be “science.” They have been captured and herded into this new messianic mindset, in which their deliverance has come via a syringe, and the holy word dictated to them by the CDC and FDA priests. Hence, this reality-distorting monopoly of fervent Scientism leaders and, in turn, their apostles, subjugates the populace into acceptance of policies and actions that not only brings them to genuflect, but rather, to beg for these false prophets to literally and metaphorically call the shots — even if it may result in harm. This is what has become of our society, whether we want to accept it or not. 

To epitomize this infatuation with “science” (even when questionable, possibly invalid, or downright fallacious), we can look to the Kavli Foundation, and its Kavli Prize

The Kavli Foundation was launched in 2000 by engineer and innovator, Fred Kavli. Based in Oxnard, California, the motto of the Kavli Foundation is “Advancing science for the benefit of humanity.” The global organization elaborates, “We are a catalyst for advancing scientific research, strengthening the relationship between science and society, and honoring scientific achievement.” Its main fields of inquiry include neuroscience, astrophysics, nanoscience, and theoretical physics. 

Kavli is no stranger to big data and its relation to human behavior (see more below) and genetics. In 2015, the Foundation introduced the Kavli HUMAN Project (KHP), in an effort to aggregate and analyze longitudinal data (“massive discovery datasets”) reflective of the “bio-behavioral complex.” In the domain of nanoscience, in early 2021, the Kavli Institute for NanoScience Discovery (Kavli INSD) opened at the University of Oxford with a $10 million gift from Kavli. It currently operates five institutes in nanoscience.  

It should come as no surprise to readers who have followed my efforts (in collaboration with Alison McDowell) in exposing the “graphene agenda,” that the Kavli Energy NanoScience Institute at UC Berkeley is intimately involved in researching graphene as applied to digital and quantum computing. To boot, in 2012, Mildred Dresselhaus — dubbed “The Queen of Carbon” — was awarded the Kavli Prize in Nanoscience for her exploratory work on carbon nanomaterials and nanoscale electron-phonon interaction. Dresselhaus pioneered Raman spectroscopy, which is utilized to characterize nanomaterials, including carbon nanotubes and graphene.

According to Kavli, the Kavli Prize recognizes excellence in research in three of its domains of inquiry: astrophysics, nanoscience, and neuroscience (known by Kavli as “fields of the future”). Each award winner receives a medal, scroll, and one million dollars. The Prize comprises a partnership between the Kavli Foundation, the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, and the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. As per the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, “HM King Har­ald is the Honorary President of the Acad­emy. HM Queen Sonja, HRH Crown Prince Haakon, HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and Fred Kavli are honorary members of the Academy.” Incidentally, Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon was a member of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders network from 2005 to 2010, and subsequently served as a member of the Young Global Leaders Foundation Board until 2017

Strikingly, though, where Kavli seems to shine is in the scientific realm of human behavior, and what one may even surmise leans into the nebulous territory of mind control. Just prior to the Corona kick-off, in August 2019, the Kavli Foundation committed $3 million to support ongoing neuroscience research at Salk as part of the joint UCSD-Salk Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind (KIBM). This gift was matched by an additional $3 million from Salk, which added $6 million to the KIBM Endowment, enabling their faculty in neuroscience to further understand the “origins, evolution and mechanisms of human cognition, from the brain’s physical and biochemical machinery to the experiences and behaviors called the mind.” The Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind was established through a $15.5 million endowment commitment from the Kavli Foundation, shared between Salk and UC San Diego. That’s a whole lot of dough being applied toward better understanding the brain’s circuitry underlying emotion and motivation.When we start to discuss emotion and motivation, we circle back to the notion of excitement and its counterpart, keeping calm. As I have posited from the get-go, this event seems to have much more to do with the mind — examining the mind and social behavior — than any suspected germ or public health concern. Thus, do you see why I might consider that if the Salk Institute (founded in 1963 by the polio vaccine inventor, Jonas Salk) is intimately involved with Kavli and pursuits into how brains can go haywire, then perhaps it warrants our attention?

To conclude — and to finally cut to the chase — when the COVID cult choir bellows their refrain, “Trust the Science,” what they really mean to sing is:

We worship the scientists

Who are funded by the corporations

That are run by the banks

Which are owned by the Royals

Are you down with the Crown?

Let’s all get down with the Crown.


Trust the science

Follow the science

Trust the science 

Follow the science 

Are you down with the Crown?

Let’s all get down with the Crown.

La la la la la la la  . .

It is clear that I do not have a future in songwriting. Add your own tune to my capricious little ditty, and feel free to add your own lyrics and share in the comments if you are inclined; and of course, continue to question, question, question and challenge consensus narratives!

For further exploration:

The Science Delusion by Rupert Sheldrake  

Rupert Sheldrake (banned) TED talk and Debate

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic field from monitors” U.S. Patent, application granted on January 14, 2003 to Hendricus G. Loos

The Mysterious Hendricus Loos and His Nervous System Manipulation DevicesTop Secret Writers, November 13, 2015

Episode 406 — “Trust the Science!The Corbett Report, August 10, 2021

Dean Henderson: The Nephilim Crown & The Secret History of PowerThe Higherside Chats, April 19, 2021

Breaking The Spell: The Scientific Evidence for Ending The COVID Delusion by Thomas S. Cowan, MD

PLannedilLusion News Alert – Joan Shenton Takes The JabRumble, October 7, 2021

”World renowned documentarian Joan Shenton who was also founder of the Immunity Resource Foundation as well as HIV/AIDS debunker and COVID19 activist, has made a shock [sic] admission. She took the jab last May in order to travel. Dr Kevin Corbett joins PLannedilLusion to unpack the significance and inmplications [sic] of her decision to Jab given her standing as a current board member of the RA/UC which has worked hard to uncover the COVID scam.”

59 thoughts on “One-World Scientism and its “Trust the Science” Refrain

  1. Your piece made me think of C.J. Hopkins’ article The Covidian Cult (Part III). … I think you link to it elsewhere on the blog.

    He talks about how, in the world of Global Capitalism, individual and even collective ideologies and beliefs don’t matter. It all boils down whether you accept, or do not accept, the absurd reality that the authoritarians tell you to accept. This article changed my approach to everyone in my life who accepts this nonsense as real. I particularly like this quote:

    You can show them the facts until you’re blue in the face. It will not make the slightest difference. You think you are having a debate over facts, but you are not. You are threatening their new “reality.” You think you are struggling to get them to think rationally. You are not. What you are is a heretic, an agent of demonic forces, an enemy of all that is “real” and “true.”

    Also, your reflection on the word “excitement” got me thinking about how we human beings may be addicted to the excitement of–the FEELING OF– being “right.” Over the past two years, I’ve had so many conversations–online and in person–with people who swear up and down that they are driven by logic, by facts, by reasoning. As soon as I point out the utter absurdity of any aspect of Covid (I’ve usually talked about PCR), I can see on their face, hear in their voice, deduce from the words they say or write, that they are completely invested in holding on to the FEELING of being right. They will say anything–no matter how absurd, lame, or illogical–in order to hold on to that feeling.

    I catch myself doing the same thing. But I’m beginning to realize that a big difference between myself and the majority of people I know–maybe the majority of the people in the world–is that I catch myself. I think this addiction to the FEELING of being right is something most people are incapable of recognizing in themselves. The propagandists behind Covid know it, play to it, and are betting everything on it.

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    1. That’s true among peers – ie on an equal status basis where no one wants to “lose status” by being “corrected” about anything – but the official authorities constantly pull the rug out from under all their followers… They love to troll them by getting them deeply invested in some idea – and making fun of the other side as idiots for believing it, even – and then, a few months later, turn around and say “New information has come to light…” or even just “On further reflection…”

      Hilarious how they feign ignorance as to the ego ramifications on their followers… Who now all attempt to ignore this new official reality as long as possible, while the “other side” does a big victory dance and makes memes about their vindication.

      Eg, something like this was starting to play out when they reversed course on “Wuhan lab leak,” and decided it was officially okay to consider as a possibility. But there are all sorts of flip-flops like this. Someone here recently mentioned how in Orwell’s 1984, they switch enemies during the five minutes of hate, and no one misses a beat.

      So yeah, you can’t change your friend’s mind, but they’ll spin on a dime if Big Brother tells them to… As I’m sure you’re aware, just felt like elaborating the point : )


  2. Also, as far as songs, I’m still proud of the song I wrote and put in some other comment somewhere near the beginning of this madness. It’s the theme song for the Davos crowd–the elites, the PTB, whatever you want to call them–as they usher in their “new reality,” sung to the tune of the theme song to “The Jeffersons.”

    Well we’re movin’ on up
    To the End Times
    To a deluxe apartness in the sky.
    We’re movin’ on up
    To the End Times.
    We finally got their piece of the pie.

    It’s a lie and no one’s bitchin’.
    Means they believed our shills.
    Took a whole lotta tryin’
    Just to get their free will.
    Shoot up with a vaccine!
    Take the world by fiat!
    If everyone who lives thinks they’re dyin’, baby,
    Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

    (Repeat refrain)

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  3. Going over Stephers’ lyrics, and then reading your comment, Scottrc, I had a flashback to an ad tune from the 1970s. “It’s the real thing,” don’t you know.

    Some major psyche-tested, focus-group washed, dried and folded, in this Coke ad. Hard to imagine how much better the craft is today. Well, they did finally do it; the whole world is self-isolating, self-surveilling, self-masking, self delusional, injecting unknown substances and self exterminating. Humans, as a new and improved vegetable. Marvels of modern science at work.

    Stephers, thank you for another interesting exploration into reality and unreality ripping down the shoulder of the highway on a bicycle built for two. Could not find the right tune to go with your lyric. Poetry is great too. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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    1. It would require a lot of massaging, but Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues immediately came to mind. “The Pump Don’t Work Cause the Vandals Took the Handles.”


  4. I do not see anything new in people these days. They have always been hypnotized, in fact we all have. Only a very few can break free. I remember on 9/11 thinking that it was all real, and feeling a strange sense of detachment and unbelief, not realizing that I had been put through a trauma in order to induce a psychotic break. That’s hypnosis, I was hypnotized. I since got better, I like to think, but upping the dose of existing states of hypnosis is not difficult. People did not have to be convinced to “trust science,” that is a long ongoing project. Every TV doctor is a god, from House to Doc Martin to Marcus Welby to Dr. Kildare and Ben Casey once upon a time. It has always been about selling allopathic medicinal as real and solid. Once that attitude is in place, selling Covid, or AIDS, or Zika or ADHD is child’s play.

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    1. i am with mark on this one: what is new really? Again, if i may mention the old books thing, i swear to you that i have read authors writing in the 1920s who you would not know are writing 100 years ago; they use all the same terminology, more or less, even the word “new agers” speak of the mechanization of the world, the hypnotic trances of the masses, the chemicals the mass media tricks and so on… what is new here? something i admit but it is more quantitative than qualitative; are we not perhaps just coming to the end of the game? More people on board means also more people resisting. If there are many exceptions to the rule today it is because there are more people today, but it is all “variations of the same theme”
      The only way out is inward

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      1. though…from another deeper perspective, i would like to say that something is different now but it is more qualitative than quantitative…samesame but diferentdifferent.

        let me introduce you to Rene Guenon….he a trip
        read “the Reign…”


  5. Wissenschaft, the German word for science, literally means making (schaffen) knowledge. It works by making models of the world we live in, these are helpful for engineering, but not knowledge. The real knowledge, the real connection to source, has been abandoned, in the so called enlightenment. Science always had an occult part, known to initates. These forces now use science to alienate us further from the divine. The virus and the climate problem are death cults. The big bang theory depicts well what all this is about, an explosion, all moving away from source, into the void. The death forces try to alienate us further, they take it to another level by abandoning the principles of science, replacing science with a religion, mimicking science. It’s pathetic like religions without spirituality. Many people fall for it, but not all. Awakening happens, is inevitable.

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    1. I appreciate your comments, and kindly solicit that you expound upon the assertions you state regarding the enlightenment and the occult. I particularly appreciate your characterization of the big bang theory for its poetic justice. Please share more, especially with regard to your final statement, as it pertains to our current or future situation.


  6. Interesting material you linked on the low frequency pulsing from monitors. It is very hard to shield against very low frequencies… I’d imagine that a monitor (or software driver?) could be designed for the capability to block that sort of pulsing. Perhaps there is a market for monitors which can block these low subliminal frequencies with some sort of digital filtering. I have not seen any mention of such, but I suppose scamsters could try and sell rocks, pendants, glasses or whatever to claim you can be protected from subliminal em pulses from your monitor.

    I tried to explain to a gullible friend once why it is so unlikely that a magic watch (being sold online) that you could strap to your wrist could block ELF waves that can pass through mountain ranges.

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    1. Alan,

      You may be interested in reviewing this material relevant to ELF frequencies and mind control/targeting: I can link you to plenty more if you have continued interest. I have been studying this material for about 7 years, and I still have yet to determine a viable means of protection. I have done much experimentation (spending way too much money on such modalities – including rocks, pendants, plug-ins, orgone, etc!), only to turn up short. I can offer no tangible advice – at least not with confidence and evidence. That does not mean there are no viable solutions available. I am still actively exploring . . .


      1. Alan,

        Here is more info on ELF: I actually need to modify what I stated above . . . There is one technique that I have found to be somewhat neutralizing and helpful in restoring natural frequencies in the body, and that is applying the Schumann resonance. I have done this in two ways – via the BEMER mat, and via the Spooky 2 machine (a personal rife generator). Both can emit 7.83 Hz (the Spooky 2 also emits its corresponding octaves, still within the range of Schumann). Granted, I should do this more often, and this online correspondence serves as a gentle reminder. The times I have been inclined to use the Schumann resonance is when I have encountered acute illness or injury, and the results (while anecdotal, of course) have been very promising.

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        1. Alan,

          Of course, I should add that the simplest way (at NO cost) to resonate at 7.83 Hz/Schumann (which potentially neutralizes ELF/EMF) is to walk barefoot in the grass or on the beach. Again . . . something I don’t do nearly enough. But when I do this, my energy undoubtedly shifts, and I become more centered and at-ease. This is purely anecdotal and “unscientific”, of course! That said, I can say with considerable certainty that we would all be better off (AKA healthier in mind, body, and spirit) if we did this regularly.

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          1. Oh Boy! More links… 😮 This will take me a few days to get to.
            The Schumann resonance is determined by the size of our planet, and the waves go through everything, and may even shake the ground level of a Faraday cage. I’ll look into the Bemer mat some more, but I suspect the devices you have found helpful are not doing much to affect your Schumann resonance sync. Walking barefoot probably helps for other reasons.

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            1. The negative charge on a perfect sphere is all on the surface of the sphere,but the Earth is not perfectly spherical and not equally conductive. As a thunderstorm moves a patch of statically charged ground moves beneath the thunderhead, so in the positively charged Van Allen belt above there must also be areas of moving uneven charge. This charge is not moving at the speed of light, but moves like we can see the aurora lights move or the thunderhesd move. As a whole the planet is a spherical capacitor with the negative plate the ground and the positive plate the Van Allen belt. Lightning bolts cause the capacitor to ring at the Schumann resonance frequency, causing a low frequency wave to travel in the charged region between the capacitor plates at the speed of light, so the frequency is determined by the circumference of the capacitor. You can estimate the frequency of each planet by calculating its circumference.

              So the planetary resonance is a bit different than the local static charge distribution, although they are related phenomena.

              The blood is a charged fluid and though waves may travel through it at the speed of light, the charged ions are only moving as fast as the blood is being pumped. This fluid is being spun in vortices within the heart leading me to speculate that the heart may have an unknown sensory function.

              The muddy thinking around so called “scalar” electronics involves those parts of the solutions to Maxwell’s equations in the often disregarded constant (the scalar) which is added to a sum of sine waves. The sine waves are mostly moving at or near the speed of light while the constant is more like an unmoving ststic field more like gravity. There is a vast area of stuff that electrical engineers miss when they simplify assumptions by disregarding the constant in their equations.

              This part of science is advanced far beyond my undestanding of it, and is not being taught, so far as I know, in the universities. There is talk of scalar weapons and probably a minefield of disinformation confusing the terminology. I am certainly not an insider in this work and had to figure out these tidbits on my own.


              1. Alan,

                Fascinating take . . . thank you . . . Have you read anything by Philip S. Callahan ( He is brilliant, and most of his material is above my pay grade, but it will surely be up your alley, given your professional expertise. I highly recommend his Paramagnetism: Rediscovering Nature’s Secret Force of Growth (particularly Chapters 5 and 6; Chapter 6 being on ELF and Schumann). Following is a pertinent excerpt:

                “The so-called ‘Schumann’ waves, which would better be called atmospheric ‘brain waves,’ occur in the 8-to 30 Hz region. Since they exactly match the human brain waves (8, 14, 21, 27 and 33 Hz) I consider that the EEG brain waves are actually the low-frequency atmospheric waves ‘in the air’ of our brain. We are, after all, mostly water and air. The organic molecules of our bodies are only little photonic oscillators that fill the spaces between the water and atmosphere of our body. It is highly unlikely that the exact match between low-frequency atmospheric ELF (8, 14, 21, 27 and 33 Hz) and so-called brain waves is accidental . . . Mathematics is a beautiful and elegant subject which should be utilized to design systems based on nature, not utilized by high-tech technocrats to confuse the public with computer models that have no relationship to what is observable in nature . . . In summary, every living human being is like a sponge in a bowl of jelly (the atmosphere). When the atmospheric jelly shakes (ELF waves), then the jelly in the sponge also shakes at the same frequency. The organic photon oscillators of our body superimpose their messages on this atmospheric brain/body continuum (think about ESP) . . . Since the covering of the ionosphere around the earth creates a giant resonant cavity, resonant standing waves of energy in the ELF (extremely low frequency) and VLF (very low frequency) radio region occur. I have been able, with my detector, to detect the brain wave region (8, 14, 21, 27, 33 Hz), the electrical anesthesia region (600 to 4,000 Hz) and the lightning region (25,000 to 50,000 Hz) . . . Trees, because they are excellent dielectric antennae, resonate very well to ELF and VLF frequencies and even the higher broadcast frequencies . . . your body is an excellent antenna/amplifier in the radio portion of the spectrum . . .”

                I could go on and on . . . As I have said, I am a bit of a science geek, and this stuff excites me. That said, there is much of what Callahan writes that goes right over my head. I wish I grasped more.

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            2. I have done a lot of work with electrostatic air cleaners and observing how static electricity moves around in the air and on sufaces with low conductivity. I learned to make a distinction between the waves that travel through a charged region and the movement of the charge. In biological systems organs and fluids are charged by their chemistry, and static charge is stored in cells across capacitive membranes like the wall of the cell or nucleus.

              A pine tree looks to me like an array of pins that would discharge static into the air. A field of grass likewise. Charged air particles move only as fast as the wind. But within that field of charge em waves can pass at near lightspeed. Lightspeed is not actually a constant, since we know a prism works because light slows down a little inside the glass. The speed of light in the atmosphere is a bit slower than in vacuum. But the movement of electrical static around us is much slower in comparison. With your bare feet on the damp earth your entire body becomes a slow conductor of charge moving upward.


  7. I have a strip of electrical tape over the red eyeball on my ipad that points in my direction, it is a symbolic gesture, no doubt. I had read sometime ago, a few ipad iterations back, that the latest ipads would have image capturing tech in the display itself. Who knows how long that tech has existed, well, thank you Stephers for linking to the mysterious Hendricus Loos for a clue (anagram = “scoundrel” for 50 points). I believe 1984 was written in 1948 or thereabouts and when I first read it in 1981 was certainly aware of the mind controlling propaganda that spewed forth from television, as well as the subliminal messaging embedded within that technology. I had imagined that the two-way telescreen tech was not far off, now I have no doubt the future is here and even more “exciting” than I had imagined. It is a sad irony that we rely on this technology to fathom the scope of the frauds we are subjected to, while that same technology is simultaneously mapping and exploiting the most intimate and essential aspects of our humanity to further ensnare us within a prison we are only beginning to comprehend (thank you again, Stephers and Alison).

    Tonight I braved Bezo’s Bazaar (Whole Foods) for a few overpriced luxuries (food) and with an innocent yet resolute grin on my unmasked face went about stocking up on essentials. No sooner had I reached the produce section than a helpful yet stern voice over the intercom reminded shoppers (me) of the mask mandate in force, regardless of vaccination status, to self asphyxiate for the welfare of all. I was soon after accosted by a member of the butcher staff asking if I needed a mask, I replied in the negative and kept moving as I thanked him for his concern. Most of the shoppers I encountered gave me a wide birth and thankfully none of the way- too-physically-fit soccer moms cold cocked me as I made way to the self-checkout. It was a small victory as I am sure my face has been scanned and recorded as has my license plate and no doubt my recent credit score nosedive is not a happy coincidence to my sustained disregard for the sanctity of science, principles of ingsoc, etc. etc.

    As someone (thank you, Mark) opined not so long ago (paraphrasing) it is surely better to die on one’s feet than to live on one’s knees. I say, “Damn straight” to that and however insignificant the act we must defy the imposition of this ever encroaching enslavement that is being enacted in full sight for those with eyes to see. While we still have the capacity to recognize and resist this obvious onslaught on humanity itself, the time is now. Drive a stake though your television, drown your smart phone in the toilet, and say hello to everyone you meet – we are all dependent on each other, in the still extant physical realm, if we are to survive this war. To paraphrase again, “Fuck the Crown”.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. They now have AI cameras on aircraft to warn crew of someone “removing” their mask.

      One needs an XXL white T+shirt to cover entire “entertainment” (is entrapment) system.

      Me? I prefer to look out the window vs “screen”.

      Reality is so much more beautiful…


  8. I’ve traveled the US by car…and can say with all honesty “they” are pushing the African jungle theme, even in small town Nebraska.

    Go ahead, turn on the radio…I have no doubt in my mind you will find it.

    Illiterate jungle beats with no musical beauty behind any of it. Pumped into (or shall I say polluting) the airways.

    Go ahead, turn on your FM and I guarantee you will find it. 110%!

    You will find it there in Philly, 2000%!!

    And one shall believe there is a “demand” and a “market” for this??



    1. If you are referring to “gangsta rap,” then you are waaaaaay late to the game. After a provocative but positively uplifting and inspiring beginning, by 1993, the hip-hop message had already devolved into bitches, hos, bling, and MFers. I submit as evidence the “artists” MC Ren, Too Short, House of Pain, Diamond D, Redman, Common & Geto Boys.


      1. Nooo, NOT “Gangsta Rap”… I am talking AFRICAN $@$” &!!!

        As in illiterate AFRICAN “music”.

        Tune in, you will find it!!

        Its way beyond garbage American negro ” rap”!!

        Trust me..
        Its AFRICAN!!!


      2. A long time ago, I saw or read something where Oprah described the revelation she’d had when someone told her that if you don’t listen to or care about rap music, you don’t care about black people. I laughed and laughed. Guilty as charged, I thought, but since I also hate country music, I guess I don’t care about white people either, so it all balances out.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. #MeToo! I guess that’s why I’m anti-social. Does the fact that I don’t listen to or care about Death/Thrash Metal mean I don’t care about Satanists? That would be a shame.


            1. I’ve never watched the Great British Baking Show ever, but nowadays the same clique of folk appear on nearly every programme on all main U.K. channels, none of whom are indigenous Brits but usual suspects: crypto-Jews, Jews, Africans with peerage names, etc – the Asian ones even brag how they are related to Indian kings and princes, like Roo Irvine and Rajkumar ‘Raj’ Bisram. (Rajkumar, definition:- Late 18th century. From Sanskrit rājakumāra king’s son, prince.)

              The ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ programme always reveals that the subject, if black, is descended from some aristocratic slave trader/owner, or if Asian, was one of the main leaders for independence from Britain who almost immediately gained U.K. citizenship! Spooky!

              Nowadays, only deviants and immigrants are now allowed on t.v., especially the adverts, were ‘Spot the white man’ is now a popular pub game. Thankfully I have complete series of Columbo, Ironside, Cannon, Banacek, etc to fall back on…


              1. That’s interesting. Heterosexual couples are a rarity on the GBBS, but most participants are white. In fact, the current season I am watching has only one black. I do notice that women with sex appeal seem to manage to hang on much longer than they should – in season four, one gal, a Mediterranean beauty, botched two assignments, massive fails with cakes collapsing to rubbish, but managed to hang on to the final four.

                GBBS is a joint production of some British outfit and Netflix.


  9. Crank,

    I only ask one “seek” (meaning taking an ounce of effort) to find something uplifting and positive.

    As you say, what is “served” is garbage beyond repair….Ho’s, Niggas, and assorted Garbage.

    What may I ask is wrong with beauty??

    Anyone? Where is the beauty? Nigga Gangsta filth?? I don’t see it.


    1. Beauty is indeed in short supply these days. I used to defend things like hardcore rap and death metal as “freedom of expression” until I realized it was all manufactured, controlled, and used to steer society.

      Like everything else, the best tactic is to not “feed” it with your dollars, although the effectiveness of that approach has long passed. This society will have to implode upon itself before any real change happens.


        1. Thank you, RRR. I also appreciate your (sometimes) off-topic, non-sequitur ranting couplets, though I sense I may be in the minority in that opinion.


  10. Those “Keep Calm” slogans with their crowns always confused and weirded me out…sort of like those “Salt Life” stickers that I thought said “Slut Life” for a while. And Monster Drink. WTF! Where does this crap come from? (Rhetorical question for readers of this blog).


  11. “Unsurprisingly, quibbling in western Christian denomination has always been associated with ‘the devil’, and the quibblers in literature were ‘the devil’s advocates’. A nation of quibblers, on the other hand, cannot be deterred by ethics or morality. Hence the Americans’ relentless digging the ‘the rule of law’ from under the rest of the world: At one point, the freest people in the world employed 2/3 of lawyers on this planet.” By Thorsten J. Pattberg for The Saker Blog

    Frequency adjustment can also be as simple as digging in garden soil. I’ve been digging dahlia tubers for the last two days trying to beat the next sub-freezing event. Obviously, not the right “zone” for dahlias. Got the tulip bulbs in too. Feeling it, but may need a massage too. Always beauty.

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  12. More on Kavli, neuroscience, human behavior and emotions, and nanotechnology . . .

    RE: Rockefeller University’s Kavli Neural Systems Institute (launched October 2015)

    “Meet the Leaders of the Kavli Neural Systems Institute” (from October 2015)

    This was the prompt/premise of the linked interview:
    “How do signals between the body, the environment, and the brain come together to generate, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions?”

    This is part of the response from Jeffrey Friedman, MD, PhD (who was Co-director of Kavli Neural Systems Institute at that time):

    “. . . we’ve developed a number of methods, but one that I wouldn’t have anticipated is a nanotechnology that allows us to control neural activity in living animals using radio waves or magnets. The technique essentially involves hijacking a heat-sensitive molecule in neurons of the tongue that acts as a sensor of thermal pain. When it gets activated, the neuron fires. We found a way to tether this molecule to an endogenously produced iron nanoparticle called ferritin, whose job is to prevent iron from causing toxic effects by sequestering it. We found that when we insert these constructs into neurons in a living animal, exposure to radio waves or magnetic fields activates the ferritin and noninvasively activates those neurons . . . We’ve also figured out how to make a version of the construct that inhibits rather than activates neurons, and we are using this to activate some neurons in the circuit and inhibit others and monitor the behavioral consequences.”

    For greater context (and relevant to my August 2020 post, Friedman’s colleague at the Kavli Neural Systems Institute (at Rockefeller U) was Dr. Cori Bargmann, who was one of the architects of the BRAIN Initiative, launched by President Obama in 2013 to create neurotechnologies for the next generation of brain research.

    Here is a link to one of Friedman’s patents which is relevant to the linked discussion:

    “The present invention provides methods and compositions for the remote control of cell function based on the use of radiofrequency waves to excite nanoparticles targeted to specific cell types.”

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    1. On nanotechnology from a “mainstream” perspective (and for nanotech naysayers) . . . “A Big Bet on Nanotechnology Has Paid Off:
      The National Nanotechnology Initiative promised a lot. It has delivered more” (October 9, 2021)

      If you read between the lines, you may catch some key reveals, including some indications of “Revelation of the Method.”

      {After reading the linked article (some key excerpts below), and viewing the graphic at the top of the article, watch this clip (from the 1:35:43 timestamp to 1:38:33 timestamp) from “The True Healing Conference” (streamed on October 10, 2021) featuring water researcher and hydroglyph creator, Veda Austin (, for added value and potential (and pertinent) revelation: For those who want to watch the livestream of Day 2, the conference begins at the 25:00 timestamp.}

      “We’re now more than two decades out from the initial announcement of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), a federal program from President Bill Clinton founded in 2000 to support nanotechnology research and development in universities, government agencies and industry laboratories across the United States. It was a significant financial bet on a field that was better known among the general public for science fiction than scientific achievement. Today it’s clear that the NNI did more than influence the direction of research in the U.S. It catalyzed a worldwide effort and spurred an explosion of creativity in the scientific community. And we’re reaping the rewards not just in medicine, but also clean energy, environmental remediation and beyond.”

      “Before the NNI, there were people who thought nanotechnology was a gimmick.”

      “There is a beautifully simple principle at the heart of modern nanotechnology research. Bulk materials become brand-new when miniaturized or restructured at the nanoscale. Their properties change in strange and marvelous ways.”

      “What the NNI did was move nanotechnology into places it had not significantly ventured before, like the medical, chemical, optical and transportation industries. Size-wise, the nanoscale is comparable to biological structures such as proteins, viruses and DNA. This realization has allowed the preparation of unique classes of hybrid nano-bio structures that have fundamentally changed how we study, track and treat disease.”

      “Indeed, some of the most exciting developments of the last two decades pertain to medicine. Many powerful new diagnostic tools have been developed and commercialized based upon nanoparticle probes. Early nanotechnology research was at the foundation of rapid tests that made it possible for schools and society to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the powerful nucleic acid and antigen tests that definitively diagnose disease are based upon nanotechnology platforms. Also, dozens of new nanomedicines, based upon the concept of restructuring drug or vaccine components on the nanoscale to make them more potent or capable of crossing biological barriers, are now in or will be in clinical trials for psoriasis, debilitating cancers, neurological disorders, diseases of the eye and even COVID-19. Specifically, spherical nucleic acids, nanoparticle structures densely modified with short snippets of DNA or RNA, are new forms of the “blueprint of life” that interact with living systems in ways not observed before—ways that allow them to access and penetrate tissues and be used as powerful new genetic medicines. The ultimate components of the biological gene-editing nanomachine CRISPR-Cas9 have been identified, isolated and reconstituted as medicines. Many of these nanomedical tools are highly modular, allowing for rapid development for a variety of different targets.”


  13. On information warfare and portrayal of Scientism . . .

    If anyone has some extra time on their hands, check out these short clips of “Dr.” Sanjay Gupta: (October 1, 2021) and (October 8, 2021).

    As I said before, it seems apparent the COVID project is more about HUMAN BEHAVIOR than about public health, for even CNN spells it out clearly on the ticker at the start of the second clip, “CDC DIRECTOR: ENDING THE PANDEMIC DEPENDS ON ‘HUMAN BEHAVIOR’.”

    Here, again, is Gupta (with Stephen Colbert): (October 8, 2021). Can you count how many assertions were rattled on, and how many of them you think could be backed up with real science? Hmmmm.


  14. Human capital markets are dependent on manipulating behavior. If you can be “triggered” you are susceptible to manipulation. That is why the “true self” can observe without being sucked into the endless parade of false (material ) narratives that trigger unconscious reactions and unconscious emotional expression. Here’s a wonderfully simple video of how it all works. The most important observation is of “Self.” Pure energy. Spirit. The Real YOU.

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  15. From the website, TALES OF NEW NORMALAND, a poem published today by Nico (October 16, 2021)


    A short poem i wrote this morning

    They want to “Build Back Better”
    My friend, don’t be deceived
    For very little matters
    To those who form this creed

    They come from every corner
    Their only god is Greed
    Their power knows no border
    They cannot be redeemed

    They talk about ‘conspiracies’
    A ‘pandemic of misinformation’
    If only their legitimacy
    Wasn’t based on manipulation

    They claim to speak the truth
    Like gatekeepers of reality
    But even Truth herself
    …ended up being a fatality

    They tell you not to question
    Put your trust in their assessments
    May I put forth a suggestion?
    Take a look at their investments

    They’re ‘concerned about the planet’
    Blather on about the climate
    Did you not hear my suggestion
    How’d you think they talk in private?

    They say ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’
    A couple of years to flatten our lives
    It’s no more than we deserve,
    For believing all their lies

    —Nico 16/10/21


  16. On Kary Mullis and the Royals (aside from his Nobel prize) . . .

    “Loxbridge in $7m joint venture with Dr Kary Mullis to develop novel therapeutics” (October 2011):

    What this linked article does not reveal is that Loxbridge is headquartered at the Royal Institution (see here and here The motto of the Royal Institution is “Science Lives Here”:

    More info on the multiple business holdings of CEO of Loxbridge, Charles Edward Selkirk Roberts (who became President of Mullis’s company, Altermune):

    Returning to the 2014 clp article above:

    Loxbridge has been actively collaborating on the project with coinnovator Riley Ennis, who was selected as one of the ’20 under 20′ by Peter Thiel, PayPal cofounder and early Facebook investor, for his fellowship program. The fellowship aims to mentor and develop young entrepreneurs in building innovative scientific and technical projects, in order to create the defining companies of tomorrow.

    The technology has potential for use in treatment monitoring and companion diagnostics, and may eventually be applied through the use of cloud computing and mobile applications (my emphasis). is already in early discussions with interested pharmaceutical companies regarding the use of the platform to enhance clinical trials.

    “We are honored by Verizon’s recognition of the technology and plan, and the benefits it may bring to patients through earlier diagnosis of life-threatening conditions in the future, said Charles Roberts, MD, CEO of Loxbridge and cofounder of


    1. The Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Institution (noted in my comment above, in direct relation to Loxbridge/Mullis) is Sir Richard Sykes, which circles us back to A*STAR/Singapore (highlighted in my bio-digital convergence series, and Imperial College, no less:

      Sir Richard is Chairman of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust . . . Prior to that, he was Vice Chairman at the Swiss life sciences company Lonza Group from 2003–12, Executive Chair of Circassia Holdings Ltd from 2007–12, Executive Chair of Toumaz Holdings from 2005-12, was an advisory member of Siemens Holdings plc from 2008-12 and was on the Virgin Group Advisory Board from 2010-12 . . .

      He has over 30 years of experience within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, serving as Chief Executive and Chairman of GlaxoWellcome from 1995–2000 and then as Chairman of GlaxoSmithkline until 2002. Internationally, he is Chairman of the International Advisory Board, A*Star Biomedical Research Council, Singapore and a Board member of EDBI. He was awarded Honorary Citizenship of Singapore in 2004 for his contribution to the development of the country’s biomedical sciences industry.

      He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and Academy of Medical Sciences, and Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Royal College of Pathologists and Royal College of Physicians. He is also President of the R&D Society, a position he has held since July 2002. He is a Fellow of Imperial College London and Imperial College School of Medicine, King’s College London and Honorary Fellow of the University of Wales, Cardiff and the University of Central Lancashire. Sir Richard received a Knighthood in the 1994 New Year’s Honours list for services to the pharmaceutical industry.

      That’s some serious royalty going on with Sir Richard Sykes . . .


    2. On Centauri Therapeutics (previously known as Altermune and its alphamer technology (initially launched in 2010 by Kary Mullis, with early collaboration in 2011 with Victor Nizet, followed by Mike Westby being brought into the fold as CEO of Centauri in 2015, and its potential connection to graphene oxide . . .

      In 2017, during this interview, Mike Westby discussed (around the 2 minute timestamp) the three components to their alphamer technology (ostensibly based on “programmable immunity”): the aptamer (targets and binds to the pathogen), the alpha-gal epitope (immune recruiting sugar), and one proprietary linker. Accordingly, it is interesting that graphene oxide is notable as a nanocarrier for these types of applications ( – specifically being used as a “planar linker” in bacterial/microbial immunosensing (, as well as being conjugated directly to aptamers ( As noted in the linked paper on aptamer-graphene oxide conjugates, they can be utilized to detect dopamine – which circles us back to excitement ( as highlighted in my essay. I think this is pertinent, and should be further explored, in relation to this COVID event and Kary Mullis.

      Returning to Victor Nizet (referenced above in relation to Mullis and Altermune/Centauri), it is curious that he and his 15 year-old son, Oliver, were featured in June 2021 for their alleged participation in COVID clinical trials:

      For more background on these players and their alphamer technology:


  17. Incredible work, Stephers. The Royals have had science by the throat for a very, very long time, IMO. That comment above should be a real eyeopener for many of our readers. Thank you.

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    1. When I think of the desire to do something, how it continually tickles and excites millions of young Europeans, who cannot endure themselves and their ennui…i conceive that there must be a desire in them to suffer something in order to derive from their suffering a worthy motive for acting, for doing something. Distress is necessary! Hence the cry of the politicians, hence the many false trumped up, exaggerated “states of distress” of all possible kinds and the blind readiness to believe in them. This young world desires that there should arrive or appear from the outside…not happiness… but misfortune, and their imagination is already busy beforehand to form a monster out of it, so that they may afterwards be able to fight with a monster. If these distress seekers felt the power to benefit themselves, to do something for themselves from internal sources they would also understand how to create distress of their own from internal sources . There inventions then might be more refined and their gratifications might sound like good music: while at present they fill the world with their cries of distress and consequently too often with the feeling of distress in the first place! They do not know what to make of they paint the misfortune of others on the wall; they always need other! And always again other others! Pardon me my friends, I have ventured to paint my happiness on the wall

                                                                                                          written 1880


  18. Not just in Europe I’m afraid. These expressions come from fear and fear is global or universal. Our false image of perfection is often the reason we reject ourselves; why we don’t accept ourselves the way we are, and why we don’t accept others the way they are. Self-abuse comes from self-rejection, and self-rejection comes from having an image of what it means to be perfect and never measuring up to that ideal. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be this way.


  19. From commenter, Diego, on my “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle” piece (, and my reply:

    December 5, 2021 at 2:44 am
    Look how “funny” things can get to be:

    December 5, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    Thank you for this helpful background info on Heiko von der Leyen, and his connection to biotech/COVID. I will also post this on my Scientism piece, where I have focused on the “royal” connections:

    See a photo here (posing with the classic masonic gesture) of Heiko’s ancestor, Friedrich:

    The agenda becomes even more transparent when we see the wife of Heiko von der Leyen, Ursula von der Leyen, also bred from royalty.
    Ursula was not only the Defence Minister of Germany, she currently serves as President of the European Commission. That is quite a lofty position.

    Interestingly (and potentially relevant to biotech), Heiko’s royal family were silk merchants, and Ursula’s family were cotton merchants.

    Here is a link to Heiko’s biotech company: And a link here explaining its Tel Aviv connection:


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