Sunday stuff

Taylor Tomlinson’s imaginary illness

I watched a performance by comedian Taylor Tomlinson last night. She is young (currently 28) and having lots of success. She’s also blue, that is, quite a big of her act involves sexual experiences and attitudes about sex and guys in general. I suppose part of that is that she is very attractive, so as with, say, Iliza Shlesinger, there is an element of imagined accessibility for guys. Neither are stunners, but both exude raw sex appeal. Most guys would fantasize that they perhaps have a shot with her. That type of fantasy does not happen with true knockouts, where guys realize they have no shot.

That’s not why I am writing about her (them). Both are very funny, and I wish them both long and prosperous careers. During Tomlinson’s act, she talked about being “manic depressive”. For anyone who does not know, that condition, sometimes referred to as a “disease” and treated with antidepressants and antispychotics, probably doesn’t exist. It is like the hundreds of disorders promoted by the DSM-5, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition. There is no physical or blood or urine test that would give any indication of illness, no medical test of any kind. Like so many of the “disorders” promoted by the psychiatric profession, they are voted up or down. It’s based on symptoms, things like bouts of depression or spells of anxiety, erratic behaviors, or substance abuse.

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Blank slate

This post is just an experiment. If you are reading it, the experiment produced encouraging results. The idea is that I am sitting down with nothing on my mind, nothing to pore over, nothing important to share. The Ukraine thread is ongoing under “Wag the Dog,” and they are keeping it lively.

Chainsaw Bob

We have been inundated with snow lately, which gives me lots of time to fill. We have a 330 (is that a 33 I see?) foot driveway, and I have a 26 inch snow thrower (Is that an 8?). It’s a very good machine. However, whenever I need expert advice, I know of only one expert I can trust. His name is Chainsaw Bob. He is off-putting to many people, but I like him. As I told one of our neighbors the other day, Bob looks like an aging hippie and a drunk. But he does not drink. He may be the former, as he does have shoulder-length hair and a beard. However, I like to think of him as merely counter-cultural. I like that in a person.

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Monday minutia

Marc Maron is a comic, former alcoholic and cocaine addict, by his own admission. His comic routine is narrative and kind of free-floating. He might have a general idea of where he is going in any set, and a few punchlines in mind, but I doubt even he knows for sure exactly where he is taking us. His career has been a struggle to get to the middle. He was once known as the angry comic, and the image to the left fit him very well. I generally like him and do not change channels when driving if he comes on. But he is known to toe the line, ridiculing people who don’t see any Climate Change going on, and also any who refused to vaccinate and wear a mask. He can be doctrinaire, arrogant, and blind.

Long before so many others, like Conan O’Brien and Dana Carvey, Sarah Silverman and David Spade started doing podcasts (a result of the Scamdemic), Maron settled into the format. He is a good interviewer, and he does his homework. I was shocked to learn that he has done 1,315 episodes. He has hosted some of the biggest names in show business. I wondered what it was that made Ted Danson get up at 3AM on a Saturday to travel across Los Angeles to sit down for an interview in Maron’s garage. He has some kind of magnetic attraction to draw big names like that.

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