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Taylor Tomlinson’s imaginary illness

I watched a performance by comedian Taylor Tomlinson last night. She is young (currently 28) and having lots of success. She’s also blue, that is, quite a big of her act involves sexual experiences and attitudes about sex and guys in general. I suppose part of that is that she is very attractive, so as with, say, Iliza Shlesinger, there is an element of imagined accessibility for guys. Neither are stunners, but both exude raw sex appeal. Most guys would fantasize that they perhaps have a shot with her. That type of fantasy does not happen with true knockouts, where guys realize they have no shot.

That’s not why I am writing about her (them). Both are very funny, and I wish them both long and prosperous careers. During Tomlinson’s act, she talked about being “manic depressive”. For anyone who does not know, that condition, sometimes referred to as a “disease” and treated with antidepressants and antispychotics, probably doesn’t exist. It is like the hundreds of disorders promoted by the DSM-5, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition. There is no physical or blood or urine test that would give any indication of illness, no medical test of any kind. Like so many of the “disorders” promoted by the psychiatric profession, they are voted up or down. It’s based on symptoms, things like bouts of depression or spells of anxiety, erratic behaviors, or substance abuse.

The important thing to take away from this symptomatic analysis is that these behaviors can come and go during various times of life. People mature, internalize past behaviors, maybe benefit from relationships, even talk therapy. The aging process, if we face life squarely and don’t detour around pain, will “cure” almost anything.

At a certain point in her act Tomlinson polled the audience, asking for applause from people who were on antidepressants, etc. I would say more than half responded, and I found it shocking. Maybe it is selection bias, people who have been through the psychiatric mill self-selecting to be Tomlinson fans. But I had to wonder – could more than half the country be on mind-altering, even mind-damaging drugs? More about that below.


Poof! And the Debt is Gone

I am reading a book (at last – it’s been a long dry spell) by Stephanie Kelton called The Deficit Myth. I am happy to announce that even though Kelton is a polished writer and a very smart economist, I already knew this stuff. I have long figured out that the National Debt could vanish overnight if we just wished it so.

This goes back many years, back to the mid-1980s. I was at a luncheon and was seated next to Jim Bennett, the president of First Citizens Bank of Billings, Montana. He was chatty and interesting, and at one point talked about war bonds. They were massively promoted during World War II, with people having withholding from paychecks and children urged to use piggy bank savings to buy them. Jim said that the reason they did that was to get money out of circulation, since there were not enough goods to purchase. Everything was going to the war effort. But savings bonds did not support the war effort. They merely sold bonds to suck excess money out of the economy. 

Years later I studied the Social Security Trust Fund, said at that time to be in danger of going bankrupt. I slowly realized that the real Social Security Tax that was and is collected has no special designation. It’s just a tax, a way of pulling money out of the economy for various reasons. FICA taxes are not paying my Social Security, and the “Trust Fund” is nothing more than a record of taxes taken from ordinary workers. (FICA basically exempts the rich from paying it.) It’s just a number. During the Clinton era there was a lot of scaremongering about Social Security, to the point where most young people then and now think it will not be there for them. But it will be, if they only wish it so. (They did, during the Clinton era, see a need to reduce benefits for retirees. They did the old front-door-back-door trick on us, threatening immediate cuts to benefits to divide people, while at the same time creating a tax on 85% of benefits that now affects almost all retirees. At the time of passage, it affected hardly anyone. That got the job done. Man are they slick.)

Anyway, I am only half way through Kelton’s book, and recommend it for anyone who thinks that deficits matter or that the government should be run like a household. She refers to her philosophy as MMT, or Modern Monetary Theory. She tears apart mainstream economists like Paul Krugman and Milton Friedman. She holds Clinton and Obama up for ridicule, blaming economic downturns on their austerity. The National Debt is now over $30 Trillion, or something like $91,000 on each of us. But rest easy. It’s funny money, not real. They do like to scare us with it, but it could be wiped out by the Fed in a heartbeat, never seen again, never harming us.

The true purpose of debt and deficit-mongering, as I see it, is to prevent spending on things like infrastructure, or relieving kids of student debt, or truly doing something about our health care mess. Too expensive, we are told. It raises the deficit! And yet, when it is time to go to war, the debt floodgates open.

The only thing to fear from federal deficits, as Kelton repeatedly reminds us, is inflation, as we are experiencing now.


Child abuse: Telling kids they have no future

Another book I want to promote is Climate at a Glance for Teachers and Students, assembled by Anthony Watts (Watts Up With That blog) and James Taylor, edited by H. Sterling Burnett. You can get it for ten bucks at Amazon, or download it for free here. The authors have assembled 30 easy-to-understand topics, from crops to coral reefs to droughts, wildfires and polar bears. For each topic it is a simple recitation of factual and sourced material showing that things are OK. The planet is not heating (in fact, has not heated since 2005), the oceans are not rising or becoming acidic. 

Those things are, put bluntly, flaming lies.

The book is 81 pages, and man do I wish I could get it to my grandson. While adults may be a little too incredulous to buy into the climate scare nonsense, the real target is school kids, who are being brainwashed into thinking their futures are bleak.

That is child abuse.


It is the psychiatrists who should be lobotomized

Another book I am now starting to read is called Toxic Psychiatry, published in 1994 by Peter R. Breggin, MD. It can be had for $25 at Amazon, and for much less at used book outlets. I am only 20 pages into it, a 400 page book, but like the tone. Since I opened with Taylor Tomlinson and her manic depression, I note that chapter six is titled “Understanding the Passions of “Depressive” and “Manic-Depressive (Bipolar) Overwhelm.” I’ll write more about it as I get there, but each of the topics he covers, including ADD, schizophrenia, phobias and obsessions, all now treated with drugs, are treated with disdain by Breggins. He holds the psychiatric profession in contempt.

A couple of quick tales: I watched and listened to the late Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, on TV one time as she addressed an audience of … fans? She was talking about a medical procedure called “lobotomy,” which she allowed to be done to her to make herself feel better. [CORRECTION 5/9/22: Fisher did not have a lobotomy, She had repeated electroshock treatments. Each has the same effect, to dull the response of the frontal cortex, creating a zombie-like fugue state.] She was promoting electroshock! This too reminds me of my oldest brother who was diagnosed by psychiatrists as “manic-depressive”. I was just ten years old, but noticed that he left our lives for a period of time. What happened was that he went to Denver and was given electroshock treatment. He was never the same. He wanted to be a poet, but could barely sign his name. He died in 2011, and I thought at the time that this poor man never enjoyed even ten minutes of happiness in his life. Electroshock fried his brain, destroyed his personality. Yes, he was a troubled young man, but that was no answer.

Both Fisher and my brother were victims of the psychiatric profession, and of medical malpractice. Are lobotomizing and electroshocking still going on? Most likely. The profession of psychiatry never left the dark ages.

Thanks to Jon Rappoport, who promoted Breggins’ book in a recent column.


Check your homeowners insurance!

Some of you may have heard of the Marshall Fire which destroyed 1,100 homes in Superior and Louisville, Colorado last January. It was a tragedy, of course, and also a triumph of first responders who were able to evacuate thousands of people in such a short time. Winds were over 100 mph, and grass was ablaze and moving rapidly towards housing subdivisions. (Another tragedy: People were forced to leave their pets behind as they evacuated.)

There is yet more tragedy. Colorado has, like some other areas, been a destination during the Covid nonsense, people immigrating from the west coast. This has driven up housing prices here – our home value has doubled during that time. That’s beneficial, and would be even more so if our house ever sent us a check. What it does is increase our cost of insurance.

This article claims that victims of the Marshall Fire were underinsured to the tune of $179 million. We just doubled our coverage to keep up with building costs. What about all those people caught short? Quite a bit of money has been raised in private charity to help them out. There is a disaster fund that will help them. But most likely they will have to take out additional financing to cover their shortfall, in other words, a new mortgage on top of the old.

The Marshall Fire: The fire that keeps on taking.

The Best and the Worst of Jimmy Webb

Finally, to end on a lighter note, if you have time, you could do worse than to watch the above video, 22 minutes, by Fil Henley of the band Wings of Pegasus. The man is a very talented musician, and has been offering videos on various artists and sounds now for quite a while. He’s very intelligent and enjoyable. In this particular video, he is analyzing Glen Campbell singing Galveston, a song by Jimmy Webb. Campbell and Webb collaborated quite a bit during Glen’s career.

I never paid much attention to the song Galveston when it was popular, coming out in 1969, when the Vietnam War at a high peak. I was all Beatles. But I noticed some lines in the song that, after viewing Fil, grabbed me. One of the most potent was “She was 21, when I left Galveston.” The song really has nothing to do with the city of Galveston, which Webb might have selected for its lyrical value. It’s about a young man called off to war, and having to leave the girl he loves. As these things go, she’ll probably end up with another. In the meantime, the young man who is the subject of this song is in Vietnam hearing canons roar and cleaning his weapon.

Galveston, oh, Galveston
I am so afraid of dying
Before I dry the tears she’s crying

The song is thought by many to be an antiwar song, but I do not see that, nor does Fil. It’s just a story about a young man who wants to go home. It is tragically sad.

Interesting thing about the song is that it is written in a major key. If you know anything about music, and I only know a little, minor keys are usually used to invoke sadness. The power of Jimmy Webb is to invoke sadness in a major key by deft use of lyrics.

Dave Berry was a nationally syndicated columnist back in the 1990s, and is still producing stuff as far as I can tell. He is very, very funny. In 1992 he published Dave Berry’s Book of Bad Songs, and as I recall, ran a contest through his newspaper column to decide which was the worst song to come out of the 1960s. I remember when he announced the ‘winner,’ so to speak, the attitude was “Yeah, Barry nailed it. That’s the one.” Here are some of the lyrics to that song, called MacArthur Park:

MacArthur’s Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don’t think that I can take it
‘Cause it took so long to bake it
And I’ll never have that recipe again
Oh no!

What the hell does that even mean? Does anyone know? Jimmy Webb, God bless this talented man, maybe he can ‘splain. He’s still churning out songs.

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  1. We have never heard this term ‘blue’ to describe such a woman. Where does that come from?

    I have had a few girlfriends of true beauty in the past and I did not envy them in the least. Their experiences with men were not as you describe. They were inundated with unwanted attention from boys and men (and sometimes women) of all types, constantly. Unless of course they did not try to accentuate their beauty, but opted to tone it down. Amazing how fast glasses instead of contacts, no make-up, and plain clothes will throw the scent right off you, no matter how beautiful, from most men. Modesty, a lost art? “Hot” is an attitude and ‘a look’ of availability far more than it is about real beauty. Just look at what passes for hot these days! Raw sex appeal means she is trying hard to capture eyes, even as she knows she’s no real beauty. Anyway, never heard of her, is she funny at all?


    1. I enjoyed her show, thought she was funny.

      I don’t disagree with a word you wrote. I only meant that to succeed in comedy, these two women have to exude sex appeal. If they just get up and tell jokes, ala Seinfeld or Demetri Martin, they won’t make it.

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      1. I do so love a good comic, so I will give her a shot! My standards are high, I can’t help it. I do think I woman should be talented enough to succeed without sex appeal, just as the most talented male comics have had to do. George Carlin tops that very short list. But why do you think that is, just as a personal question? Why has sex appeal become so ‘de riguer’? Because it attempts to blind? Like bad science??


  2. I only know MacArthur Park from a snippet in the last Tarantino film. There it has a wonderful lugubrious quality and those odd specific lyrics, said to be from an incident in the writer’s own life. Maybe used by T for the color green, which is a motif in the movie. His soundtrack selection overall makes the movie a real treat.

    I learned about MMT from NakedCapitalism, which used to run many articles on it, including by Kelton. She was part of a school of heterodox econ profs out of UMKC. The rest of the profession is dogmatically orthodox. It has gotten some mainstream attention lately though, and I rather suspect if it takes off it will be because it’s useful to UN type agenda items. Though it certainly seems to be more useful to anyone seeking actual economic understanding.

    Off topic – Elon Musk is a “self-described free speech absolutist.” Now, could you possibly come up with worse branding for your supposed cause? You’d have to call yourself a free speech extremist or free speech fringe radical. Just say you’re pro free speech! But this way, your opponents can claim to be the “moderates,” pro free speech as long as it’s not extreme, absolutist, etc.


  3. There is a blood synthesis condition called Pyrolle Disorder or Pyroluria which has been found to cause many mental health problems, including bipolar disorder.
    Mention Pyroluria to an orthodox doctor and they will stare blankly and shrug shoulders. There is no chemical concoction that can bandaid the symptoms, much less, treat the cause so the medical establishment play three monkeys with the subject. And that leaves management of the condition to integrative doctors who after confirming the disorder with a simple urine test recommend the vitamin supplements, Zinc and B6, which fall outside the petrochemical orbit.
    In Australia the medical establishment are in the formative process of de-registering members who delve in, wholistic wellbeing, which is all that’s needed to provide legitimacy to Pyroluria.
    My wife, though not knowing if the disorder is caused by childhood vaccinations, can confirm that legitimacy a week or two after I decide I’m tired of swallowing the supplements every morning. Not that I am unaware due to my blood boiling when stress rises which is certain when contemplating the monetary ponzi schemes of the world amongst the myriad of other archontic scams that keep us entertained in this, what surely must be, low level of consciousness.


    1. There is so much they do not understand because the remedy is not expensive and debilitating drugs. They are on the wrong side of the paycheck, the side that endorses. I suspect that much of mental illness can be laid on childhood abuse, and Freud made very clear, anything that happens before age five will be suppressed and manifest in what we call other problems, including manic depression or schizophrenia. I’m picking up a lot from Breggin, the way schizophrenics can reason on a high level, almost as if a ship has been torpedoed and is listing in the water but is still seaworthy. I suspect, bottom line, that my oldest brother was abused by my father, who was abused by his father, yada yada yada. I will never know.

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        1. Actually, I’ll take that one step further. An empath experiences abuse even remotely, beyond time and space. I’m not saying you are an empath necessarily, but just that we really underestimate the impact of abuse in our culture.


          1. A lot of stuff went on in that household. I spent my whole life trying to understand, process it all. They are all dead now, so I try to put it all behind me. I am married to the kindest, most empathetic and authentic person I have ever known. There is a reason we are together.

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      1. MT,

        This issue hits very close to home.

        I have not previously discussed here my intricate and colorful history being a psychiatric survivor. To keep my story very short – in 2006, I was involuntarily committed to a private psychiatric institution for 10 nights (it was initially 9 nights, but I was committed an extra night due to my “misbehavior” – which entailed attempting to refuse medications). The first 3 nights, I was locked up in solitary confinement – in a fully padded room. The remaining 7 nights, I remained on a locked down floor, with a guard outside my room. While I have never spent time in a prison, I have to say that what I endured as a patient locked down on a psychiatric ward – with a psychiatric (mis) diagnosis, accompanied by being physically forced to take medications (a cocktail of Lithium, Risperdal, and Ativan) – had to have been worse than what any prisoner (in the American system) has experienced. It was nothing short of abuse, robbing me of all dignity. I would not wish it on anyone.

        Despite enduring short-term (with some long-term) brain damage from the incredibly dangerous psychotropic medications (which I was on for nearly 3 weeks in toto), I am one of the lucky ones. My story has a happy ending.

        Once I was discharged, I was fortunate to find my way to a highly skilled and compassionate physician – specializing in both orthomolecular medicine and classical homeopathy. Within 4 days, I was recovered from what landed me in the psych ward (a story for another day), and less than a week later, completely weaned off of the medications that were forced upon me. Gratefully, my new holistic doctor gifted me her personal copy of a book titled Spiritual Emergency (for more info, see here

        Following my traumatic experience, I literally purchased and absorbed nearly every book related to toxic psychiatry and psychiatric abuse – including all of Peter Breggin’s books. I definitely considered him a champion in this regard. In 2016, however, I learned a bit more about Breggin – related to his intimate involvement with cases of school shootings. It was around that time that I had determined that there was not enough evidence to demonstrate that these school shootings were real; and I began to question his role in the greater scheme, involving these psychodrama events. I have never really reconciled this conundrum – even though, I recognize his role in bringing much needed awareness to the medication madness that exists in our country. Here are a couple sources about Breggin and school shootings: (2018) and (2016).

        From his website,

        Dr. Breggin has also been a consultant or medical expert in several high-profile mass murder cases including the Columbine High School and Aurora Theater tragedies in Colorado.

        Subsequent to discovering Breggin’s curious involvements (in 2016), I discovered the work of Paul Levy (of Dispelling Wetiko), which resonated much more with my personal experience and insights. Levy also seems to have some blind spots, and some curious connections; yet, I have felt a kinship with him, given that my personal experience paralleled his personal account in many ways.

        In summation, it is my personal belief that mental illness is not a valid diagnosis. I have seen nearly every instance of a labeled “mental illness” being rooted in either a physical cause or a spiritual cause (I include parental abuse here, which contributed to my inner conflict). Over the years – given my experience as a psychiatric survivor, and also having family members being successfully treated (holistically) for neuropsychiatric symptoms, I have dedicated my own healing practice to assisting others in healing themselves (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). It is my passion – having my own battle wounds to show for it, enabling me to empathize with others.


        1. Thanks for the update on Breggins. And of course, I sympathize/empathize with your ordeal with the psychiatric profession. There is a case to be made for habeas corpus, or produce a body, a British common law tradition used by courts to prevent people from being locked up and disappeared without due process. Had you contact with an attorney during your ordeal, that person could approach a judge and demand that your captors and you appear before him and sort things out.

          Locking a person up, forcing drugs on her, punishing her for refusal to submit, is barbarism. Our people are brainwashed to believe that such atrocious practices happen in places like N Korea or “Red” China or the USSR or wherever the demon dictator du jour resides, but here it is right here under our noses. The psychiatric profession is out of control, literally.

          Alexander Cockburn, the late pundit/columnist/spook, long before my awakening, told us that Harris and Klebold, the mythical assassins at Columbine, were on tricyclic drugs, and that there had not been adequate investigation. I can now see that it was classic misdirection, getting us to ask the wrong question. The right question: Were Harris and Klebold even real persons? I hope Breggins was not part of that. Rappoport said he and Breggins had many serious disagreements despite JR’s admiration at Breggins taking on the psychiatric Cosa Nostra … I wonder if that was part of it. I wonder if Rappoport knows that Columbine was fake fake fake.


          1. Stephers: you have identified one of my very few fears; the other being torture (via internal application). Horrendous. I would say though, that you need to update your view on just what goes on in the prisons of the U.S. (beyond unimaginable – in MY view).

            “The psychiatric profession is out of control, literally.”
            You can surely add “legal profession” to that as well.
            And, AND, the combination of the two is frightful indeed.


            1. DSK,

              What you perceive of the U.S. prison system may be accurate. I have only had one opportunity to visit a prison, and that was in college, speaking to a small group of men who had received life sentences. From my observations, they seemed very well cared for – despite living the rest of their lives in a maximum security prison. From the few people I have known who were incarcerated (short-term sentences), their respective experiences were quite fulfilling, actually. They engaged daily in yoga, outdoor exercise (basketball), and arts & crafts, and were provided with decent food, classical books, and current issues of magazines. None were physically forced to do anything, let alone be heavily medicated – nearly to the point of unconsciousness (which happened to me, as I was being dosed the same amount as a 240-pound guy who stood in line beside me at the Rx counter, as was required). I am curious as to how you have come to your insights on life in American prisons. Can you share?


        2. So sorry for what you had to endure, Stephers, including long-term brain damage (I see no evidence though :)). What an interesting life you’ve had. Very interesting about Breggin’s connection to school shootings. I think people can be genuinely unaware though even when they research fairly deeply. It might seem hard for those of us in the know to imagine it being possible but when something is outside your paradigm of how the world works it’s really very easy not to see it. I mean the majority of 9/11 truthers – some of whom have been researching the event for 20 years – still think death and injury were real … when the clues for fake are everywhere you turn. I myself believed it for a few years even though my awakening to 9/11 was just at the time fake shootings and bombings were going on galore and I realised they were completely fake … and simply thought 9/11 was “different”.


          1. Petra,

            Thank you for your sentiments. Perhaps one day I can elaborate more on my experience. It is fascinating, actually. One interesting tidbit – as synchronicity seems to often occur hand-in-hand with spiritual emergencies – of the 11 individuals who lived on the lockdown ward (we all became very close), three of us shared the same first name (Steph) and same first initial of our last names. That always stuck with me as being uncanny.

            In any case, on the topic of Breggin (albeit tangential to school shootings, but nonetheless relevant) . . . I suggest reading his COVID-19 and the Global Predators. In the Kindle version that I have, “Trump” is mentioned 447 times – in a VERY positive light (as a savior archetype), I might add. Three notable frontline physicians (also pro-Trump) – McCullough, Vliet, and Zelenko – contributed significantly to the book – all of whom heavily promote pharmaceuticals (and the virus narrative).


            1. Well, I guess I won’t get that book after all. Only 447 times?…..somebody told me today that I should watch the film “2000 Mules”. You know, as in get back the vote and save the country (perhaps by giving it back to savior Trump?). He also said that after watching it I should spread the word.

              Those are disappointing revelations about Breggin. I encountered him on Ytube years ago, as the sane psychiatrist who put the knife to the profession, and his message was Talk, not Drugs. I met many college kids, all on depression and psyche drugs, and some seemed to have a clue that they were being mis”treated”. I would write Breggin’s name on a piece of paper, and tell them to look him up on the tube and hear the message.


            2. Three of you named Steph with same last name initial is indeed very coincidental considering it’s not a very common name.

              Does look as if Breggin’s controlled opposition – hope you don’t mind if I pass on your suggestion, I don’t have your fortitude. Can’t get away from these people. When it seemed obvious to me that Collateral Murder was faked I contacted Veterans for Peace / Veterans against War groups for confirmation – no one responded and I started to suspect they were front groups. I then sent a message via Messenger to a US Veteran for Peace, Vince Emanuele, I’d gone to see speak in Sydney in 2013 who I listened to hanging on his every word. I got no response and so decided to check out the speech he gave which just happened to be recorded and posted on YouTube. I could tell what he said had the quality of psyop speak and so I messaged him what I thought about him. Finally he responded and his response definitely confirmed he was an agent. Our exchange here:

              I also called out the guy who runs (or used to I don’t know what happens now) Stand In the Park in Sydney. From chatting to him I had no doubts about him whatsoever but as I was watching him in a video on FB talking about being in Afghanistan as a tourist I noticed he was talking in psyop speak – didn’t add up – he mentioned being on the street in “steel-capped thongs” (thongs in Australian English are flip flops) while watching an Italian Armored Personnel Carrier driving by with a 14 yo soldier popping his head out of the turret covered in a balaclava and goggles. I asked him about his steel-capped thongs which got the annoyed response from him that he was making a joke. He asked me if I thought he worked for ASIO but all I’d done was ask him about the steel-capped thongs.


              1. These people must sign NDAs that are unbreakable. None of them talk out of school, ever. Getting them to respond without ridicule is impossible. Ridicule, the lowest form of argumentation, is their only weapon.

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                1. No doubt ridicule is the technique they’re told to use but I somehow felt both guys seemed genuinely annoyed that I’d called them out. I mean, they were they ones advertising the fact that they’re agents – it didn’t require great perspicacity on my part – if they hadn’t advertised it I wouldn’t have had a clue. It’s as if they’re like, “Hey, we’re going to push it in your face, we’re going to talk in nonsense psyop speak, but don’t dare call us out for it even though that’s how we justify what we do – we let you know so you can call us out … but don’t actually call us out, that’s not how the game is played. We want to have our cake and eat it too – we let you know but you aren’t supposed to work it out or – if you do – don’t come back to us.”

                  Another guy I approached was Paolo Bolognesi, Italian MP and president of the Organisation for the Victims of the Bologna Station bombing of 1980 organisation. A guy in the comments on Off-Guardian gets most upset with me calling out staged death and injury for 9/11 and Bologna and challenged me to contact the organisation as they have a webpage – 40 years later! – I was like, “Sure,” so I rang and got Bolognesi’s contact details and emailed him – wouldn’t you know it – no reply. He’s written a book entitled Ordine dal Caos – yep, Order out of Chaos, the good old motto of 33-degree masons. Interesting list of books he’s authored or co-authored (not all listed are his but if you click his author name in Amazon you don’t get all his books). I wonder what “Pasolini a political murder. Journey between the apocalypse of Piazza Fontana and the night of November 2, 1975” is all about. I believe Piazza Fontana was a staged bombing just like Bologna. I’ve seen an Italian film by Michele Metta, “CMC. The Italian undercover CIA and Mossad station” which focuses a great deal on alleged Italian involvement in JFK’s assassination. It had me all agog but, of course, if he wasn’t actually assassinated it’s just all seeming intrigue that’s really complete misdirection baloney.

                  Michele Metta film


              2. Petra,

                Well . . . Right off the bat – from reading your exchange with Emanuele – it seems you have MUCH more fortitude than I have ever exhibited. Kudos to you for your persistence and courage.

                You can see with whom Emanuele keeps company here (including Noam Chomsky):

                That said (and what I have previously expressed here at POM), I have no sacred cows. I was quite hooked on (dare I say, enamored with) Veterans for Peace (particularly Ray McGovern) for a number of years (beginning around 2012, if I recall – and based on some of my old email files). Over time (by around 2016), I began to notice some cracks in their behavior (during interviews and staged protests/escapades) – which seemed to be signals of psyops. Of course, the cracks were always there, but I simply did not have the eyes to see through them.

                I think many in this truth-seeking hobby describe this evolving lens as “dropping veils.” Once the layered veils drop, we begin to perceive that individuals (such as those implanted as “anti-war” activists) are playing scripted roles – even if we do not grasp the underlying motives, nor what part of their presentations are indeed reflective of truth. We get a mixed bag of info/disinfo, and are left to ourselves to practice (and implement) discernment. This is akin to building up a muscle. Over time, discernment muscles get stronger and more defined. I know you have been working out for many years in the truth-seeking gym – building these discernment muscles.

                Here is Ray McGovern in March 2022 speaking about the “Ukraine War” (It seems he and Mearsheimer have been placed strategically to cement the idea that war – and resulting death – is very real and very scary): What I always find interesting, when listening to McGovern, are the little tidbits of his history that he admits. For example, he discusses herein (link above with transcript provided) that he visited Chernobyl: “I was at Chernobyl a year after the explosion. I went in with a bunch of American and Russian scientists . . .” So, my question is, why was McGovern really there (if that is the truth)?

                Meanwhile, I am still trying to tease out the real story behind these nuclear physicists, such as Panofsky of Stanford ( – referenced in the McGovern interview, and whom I have been researching of late – and what the Manhattan Project was really all about (as I think it has very little to do with what has been claimed, and remains to-date an ongoing classified project).


                1. Thanks for that juicy tidbit on Vince, Stephers. I don’t know any of the names in the collective 20 other than Noam and Vince’s but presumably some are agents too – if not useful idiots. So interesting. I don’t think Noam’s an agent, I think he’s a useful idiot – God they abound and make it more difficult to work out who’s who – which is, of course, the aim. I engaged 25 email rounds with him about 9/11 and an agent wouldn’t do that I don’t think. If Noam’s an agent, hats off!

                  By the time Ray McGovern’s name started cropping up I’d become well aware of CO and somehow thought he couldn’t be anything other than that so I’ve never really bothered to look at him. As someone said most emphatically in a video, “No one is ex-CIA, there’s no such thing as ex.” McGovern in Chernobyl, Hearscheimer, nuclear physicists, so many rabbit holes … way over my head.

                  What are your theories on the Manhattan Project if any?


                  1. Petra,

                    On the Manhattan Project . . . In a nutshell, I sense it was always (and still is – as I perceive it is ongoing) about replacing the intrinsic, interwoven planetary nervous system (to which all living being are tethered) with a counterfeit version – the world sensorium, or Global Brain (the artificial Noosphere).

                    Beginning around 2015/2016, I started to recognize fabricated events (which I considered to be hyper-realistic pseudo-events, but could be better described as “Noopolitik”, and I could see how (based on the actors involved) they had one common denominator – the Smart Grid. I had no idea, then, what Smart Cities were all about – at their core – but, nonetheless, each staged event revealed more and more about this common denominator (which also included cybernetics and AI). Something very synthetic (and synergistic) was evolving directly from the execution of these interconnected psyops (playing out on the Screen – for many decades). I did not have the words to describe what I was sensing – that the world in which we were living and breathing was being blanketed with a superimposed veil. I did not grasp fully how this veil was electromagnetic (and plasmatic), yet I could feel it.

                    When COVID arrived on the scene (and screen), I was beginning to identify some terminology like Sentient World Simulation (SWS) to better explain what I was noticing – both intellectually and viscerally. I think to better understand COVID, and nearly all psyops – again, at their essence – it is necessary to link together all forms of engineering – social, bio, genetic, geo, etc, etc, etc. Hence, at the core of the Manhattan Project lies a complex and intricate engineering feat and agenda – in all ways imaginable, and yet to be imagined. It is mad, mad science and R&D – that continues to be implemented by the cybernetic wizards behind the curtain.

                    In any case, from the research I have discovered collaboratively with Alison McDowell (with the help of Jennifer Lake, and Sofia Smallstorm) – and circling back to the Manhattan Project – it seems the agenda (as instituted syncretically, among scientists in various disciplines) has involved the highly intentional modification of the atmosphere/environment/living beings (including the vital being that is Mother Earth) via means such as radio-eugenics and electro-magnetic polarization (artificially induced).

                    I will link to this crucial piece – posted today (May 7, 2022) by my dear friend, Alison, who is much more adept at articulating this: Thanks in advance for listening, and I am grateful for your inquiry.


                    1. Awesome summary, Stephers. I try to relate this cyber-madness back to the commercial deep-ocean “draggers” that kill everything to make a buck.
                      Or, the “chainers” killing everything to make a buck on cows.

                      Why would possessed, cyber-evildoers — subjects of/to the “god of mammon” — not kill everything human (mind,body, spirit) to make a buck too? If dogs and cats could operate 5G “smartphones” they would be at risk of annihilation by the same means (electro-magnetic) as we humans.


                    2. Steve,

                      The darkest, most heinous irony being conjured and constructed (with respect to animals and smart tech) . . . [h/t Alison]
                      “Interspecies Money” by Jonathan Ledgard:

                      Interspecies money will be an expansion of the nodes available to the internet, but it could be larger and more culturally important than that. The Bank for Other Species will be the first of many digital platforms for nonhumans. What begins as a practical attempt to count, classify, and protect biodiversity may develop into an economy and culture beyond our present imagining. Breakthroughs in neuroscience and communication may, in a few instances, allow the chasm of misapprehension, blankness, and predation that has characterized our relationships with other species to be crossed. Given the diversity, number, and deep biological time, nonhuman insights are likely to alter our somewhat utilitarian understanding of the world and our place in it. The still larger question of the interspecies will be human-nonhuman-machine cohabitation. If life on Earth is to survive, machine intelligence will play the mediating role in mutual care and comprehension.

                      By 2030, thousands of species will be able to spend L-marks [digital currency] to make themselves better known in the world. They will pay for their own veterinary and arboreal care (just as mountain gorillas already have greater access to medicine than many humans). They will live longer lives, with less pain . . . Moreover, the system capable of regenerating diverse life on Earth will be self- financing and beneficial to the extreme poor, who also lack identity because they lack money. In this sense, interspecies money is a radical venture for financial inclusion and closing the informational asymmetry both of other species and of the extreme poor who benefit from living alongside them.

                      See Figure 5-1, as per Alison:

                      This is cyber-madness – animals in the “wild” (tragically, the wild will be no longer be such, but under 24/7 surveillance/control) paying for their own drone surveillance and satellite imagery. (Kind of sounds like us?!) It should be appalling to anyone with any respect for natural life. People (and most sadly, “nonhumans”) have no clue where all of this is heading . . .


                      Ledgard in February 2022 (from the link above): We need to immediately finance and execute pilot projects in order to test the validity of AI and computational governance elements of interspecies money in the wild.



                    3. Steve,

                      Additional excerpts from Ledgard’s “Interspecies Money”:

                      It is proposed that the Bank for Other Species (or, more likely, its private-sector settlement agents) will create a digital twin for other species that will serve as their identity online. In practical and legal terms, it is the digital twin that holds the value—the equivalent of a few cents, a few dollars, or even a few tens of thousands of dollars in LM (rare life-forms may hold sums equivalent to a rare Rolex watch). Computational and human proxies will allow the nonhuman to express simple preferences. Money will be spent or invested based on these preferences.

                      Because the richest biodiversity is in the pantropics, it is the poorest and fastest growing communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that stand to gain the most from interspecies money. Effectively, other species will become a source of income and investment capital for humans. Indeed, in some cases, income earned in LM will match direct cash transfers as an affordable and effective way of reducing poverty. Taken together, interspecies money will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals for reducing poverty (SDG 1), hunger (SDG 2) and improving well-being of communities (SDG 3), as well as to increasing life on land (SDG 15) and life underwater (SDG 14).


                    4. A highly relevant comment posted yesterday (May 6, 2022) on Twitter by Alison:


                    5. Okaaay. Wow!

                      How can I never have heard of SWS before? Very illuminating point about linking all the types of engineering together.

                      So I see the notion of a one-world totalitarian organism was hatched quite awhile ago. How on earth do the curators of this idea find it attractive? It just seems so boring and anti-human for whoever’s involved at whatever level. Whyyyyyy?

                      I’m sorry to read about Alison’s child response to her path. In communication with another blogger she lamented the same thing with her oldest son – but at least she has the “luxury” of 11 children! and so far he’s the only one to revolt from his think-for-yourself inculcation although a couple of others were on the brink. Despite the fact that my parents and I didn’t necessarily have the best relationship I was never going to revolt from their inculcation to think for yourself and to not have any great faith in or respect for authority. I guess that’s something I’ll always be grateful for. I find it strange when I see people feel safety in knowing they’re obeying the rules and doing as others do. While I don’t feel entirely safe being accosted by police on the train or at the airport for not being masked I certainly wouldn’t feel safer complying so if I’m going to feel unsafe I may as well feel unsafe doing what I think is right rather than what is wrong.


                    6. Stephers, thanks for your last response with a link to your article, COVID-19: A new superimposed reality. So very illuminating. I cannot get over the fact that I haven’t seen SWS before. I checked OffG for mention of it but only see it once in a comment. I would’ve thought that it would be an ideal phenomenon to broadcast as it comes from them – it’s in Wikipedia! – and shows exactly how one can see what’s going on through the SWS lens. I will try to get my head around it some more. You and Alison are just so much further down the rabbit hole. My brain can only cope with relatively simple.

                      Just to say I think it’s pretty clear that James Corbett is controlled opposition – he’s one of those at the very highest level. Of course, he doesn’t say it was just a big exercise.

                      In an open letter to JC, Allan Weisbecker points out how he uses NLP, ridiculing those who talk about a missile into the Pentagon while – although he doesn’t say it directly – mentioning “Flight 77” hitting the Pentagon 11 times. James also pushes the Dancing Israelis video which is so obviously BS.


                2. One of Luis feckin Alvarez’s other protégés is more fun than Panofsky. His name his Stanley. You might have heard of his daughters…

                  …Luis’ partner in the bubble chamber hustle was glaser, he co-founded Cetus. That’s where eukaryote mullis invented the pcr to make use of all the extra oligos living about.


                  1. I meant protégés at Leland junior’s farm of course. Luis had more Nobel hustlin protégés at Berkeley of course.

                    Daniel Clint Gilman got the Berkeley hustle and the Johns Hopkins hustle and the cold spring harbor one too. He was founding tres. Of the Russell trust of course

                    Starr Jordan was in charge of Leland jr’s farm.


                    1. SMJ,

                      So, in June 2021, as part of a deeper dive into Donald Glaser, I came upon this paper (but, admittedly, I don’t recall reading it): I will try to give it a whirl in the next day or two, and perhaps we can compare notes (?) . . .

                      From this memorial commentary (that I had also found in June 2021) –

                      In the 1980s, Glaser turned his attention to the field of neurobiology and spent a semester at The Roland Institute for Science in Cambridge, Mass., where he began psychophysics experiments in human vision, investigating the way that the brain processes what it sees. Based on these experiments, he developed mathematical models that he simulated on a computer, said neurobiologist Tomaso Poggio, a professor in the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who first met Glaser as he was changing fields in the 1980s. “He was a great human being and a close friend who was incredibly kind,” Poggio said. “He was always able to see the world in a different way, and make remarks that were refreshing, original and very often witty.”

                      I suggest that Glaser did not “change fields,” per se, but, rather, may have been incorporating his “particle physics” research (whatever that really means) with psychophysics – hence, leaning once again into the agenda of the cybernetic World Brain (as potentially related to the Manhattan Project, and ongoing classified R&D/experimentation).

                      Click to access Glase_NatureObit.pdf

             (company at which Poggio is a Scientific Advisor)


                3. Here is Ray McGovern in March 2022 speaking about the “Ukraine War” (It seems he and Mearsheimer have been placed strategically to cement the idea that war – and resulting death – is very real and very scary

                  Still cranking out this demented nonsense nine weeks into the war? No, war is not real and never has been. It’s just some mind fuck they show you on TV to trouble your mental state of enhanced consciousness and distract you from the pursuit of pure truth and the realization that nothing is real except strawberry fields. Frankly, Stephers, who are you trying to fool with this idiocy?


                  1. Lumi,

                    If your definition of “war” comprises the callous displacement of millions of innocent civilians (who become fodder for impact investment and biometric tracking/digital ID schemes), and the strategic destruction of buildings/public spaces (for the 4IR build back better gambit), then we concur that this may be occurring. I have seen plenty of evidence that seems to demonstrate this.

                    However, if you define this Ukraine crisis as “war” involving authentic person-to-person combat, and casualties of civilians (and military personnel), please provide evidence of such from sources which you deem to be credible.

                    At the very least, please offer up a couple of sources that you have vetted, and from whom you are receiving what you consider to be genuine reporting (Is there a chance they include any of the following: Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris, Graham Phillips, Gonzalo Lira, Patrick Lancaster, Jackson Hinkle, The Duran, or Redacted? If so, do you trust them because they ostensibly provide an “alternative,” more “trustworthy” narrative than the mainstream media?)

                    I will keep an open mind, in so far as you make an effort to substantiate your position.

                    In the interim . . . Since you mentioned strawberry fields (“Strawberry Fields Forever” was chosen as a top favorite track by the Edge earlier this year: . . . Here is the Edge with Bono performing in the Kyiv subway (May 8, 2022): and They were joined by the Ukrainian music group, Antytila (AKA Antitila), who performed previously in a music video with Zelensky: and

                    *Brief addition (but warrants more exploration) – The father of the Edge (Garvin Evans was employed by British electronics, defense, and telecommunications company Plessey: As I have repeatedly suggested – based on my collaborative findings (and reaffirmed here, once again) – these psyops (including COVID and the ongoing Ukraine happenings) involve radio-eugenics. Unknown to the general population, it is my position that semiconductors (including those at the nanoscale, and potentially self-assembling) feature heavily in these classified projects:


                    1. SMJ,

                      For the time being, I will briefly (and tangentially) respond with this analysis:

                      Personally, I have not yet done my own deep dive into the Wojcicki family (Stanley et al.). That said, back in May 2019, I did do some superficial digging into Luis Alvarez. It seems I did not get too far. Thanks for the homework assignment (wink, wink). I will see where the information leads me, and hope to report back soon. I will reach out to Alison (McDowell) and Jennifer (Lake), as they will most likely be of great benefit in this regard, probably having some of this information already under their belt. I may end up deferring to their efforts.


                    2. SMJ,

                      Dipping my feet into the Wojcicki water . . . RE: Esther “Woj” Wojcicki

                      Esther serves on the Board at the Exploratorium – the brainchild of Frank Oppenheimer (worked on the Manhattan Project with his brother, J. Robert Oppenheimer, who was its director

                      What a small, small world – further evidencing the intimate relationship between the Manhattan Project and gamified learning/machine learning (; hence, the cybernetic, blockchained world brain (built on the backbone of radio-eugenics). All roads funneling into this swirling Global Brain vortex(h/t Alison for this term) seemingly lead back to Manhattan Project R&D, which is why Alison and I recently visited the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ (synchronously, the very week that Christopher Nolan was there filming “Oppenheimer”).


                    3. Highlight of Hugo Talks presentation…Boris Johnson being given the ornamental cock by Zelensky.

                      And what’s up with the Wojcicki family?
                      Stanley Wojcicki is the husband of fellow educator Esther Wojcicki, whom he met at UC Berkeley. They have three children and nine grandchildren.[9]

                      Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube.[10] Google’s first office was started in her home.[6][9][11]
                      Janet Wojcicki, assistant professor of pediatrics at UCSF.[9]
                      Anne Wojcicki, founder and CEO of the genetic testing company 23andMe[9]
                      In 2010, his daughter Anne and her then-husband, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, endowed a $2.5 million chair in experimental physics at Stanford in her father’s name.[6]

                      Susan must be the one who deleted my comment under the highlights of a women’s tennis match. One of the contestants was a man pretending to be a woman. My comment was “Good to see that the woman won”. It got several likes before Susan pulled it.


                    4. Alvarez’ hustle is one of the deepest of the 20th century. You could start with his mentor Compton and his claim to fame(besides the Manhattan project)proving onestone’s quantum. Never mind luis’ Nobel for the bubble chamber. Dude delivered the gadget to tinian, flew on the great artiste, worked with the atom smasher himself, muoned a pyramid, was the magic bullet guy for the jfk film, and he was(along with son) the dinosaurs were killed by a flying space rock guy.

                      Shouldn’t take more than an half an hour to see thru luis’ bullpsience.


                    5. By the way Chadwick was the rep in America for the brits for a bit during the Manhattan project, smh. I reckon he reported to that infamous eugenicist Charles Galton Darwin though. Francis Galton taught us to say eugenics of course.


        3. you kids are so funny…as if wetiko is not just another name for the devil.
          If you would get an education beyond your new age mumbo jumbo, you would see how man just keeps rebranding the same old psycho spiritual truths to fit their decreasing inability to think, thereby making their version of psycho spiritual truths increasingly narrow….thus wrong


            1. sure i can always spare a moment but what can a moment do if one is asked the explain the profundities of ontology, assuming even that i am that well educated and self aware; i am not, but it does seem to me that even to believe in a multiplicity of devils might be a sign of the degeneration of the idea of (d)evil. I mean what are we really talking about here but the evil that man is capable of, the dual consciousness within each man that even allows him to say “When i was young….” for when saying “when i was young…” there is already two of us inside us, the unchanging observer and the one who can register the change…
              wetiko seems to be the negative aspect of our ego, , our “shadow” , our so so so easy ability to deceive ourselves and so on…what other devil is there….? the fact that we can discuss this is quite devilish, dont you think?


              1. I do not know. I am just another foolish human.

                However there seems to be a healing mechanism ( “spirit”?) embodied within wetiko’s mind-parasite spell/power. I believe there is always potential to reintegrate with forgotten parts of our whole self. I also believe there is what some who have done vastly more research on wetiko say about a certain consciousness; another potentiality — to imagine a co-creative process (with Creator/God) . Invisibly, the forward ( and perhaps simultaneously upward) thrust of this engagement holds sychronistic powers to ripple outward, revealing a path or direction that can shape our future. For the better, of course. At the worst, the better is revealed, no? At the peak, collapse is just around the corner.

                Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


                1. i do not disagree with anything you have said;
                  i only claim that all wetiko says has been said many many times before:
                  old wine in a new wineskin.
                  It does not hurt to update the “eternal truths” for the present age, but what actually happens in most cases is that the old wine takes on a new, less true flavor once it is poured into a new wineskin. Thus what i said above about being more narrow and fundementally wrong. I cannot prove this even if i had the ability to prove this because if was was to prove it, it is still the kind of thing that could be argued against; I work by intutition and i just do not see that the name change wetiko has made any advancement on the old idea, that eternal idea that man has to know and accept his dark side and once he does, he can defeat and reutilize that dark side for the god..opps i mean for the good. and so on and so on….
                  look lets face it: words can outworn and people no longer want to use them…devil god and so on
                  by the by just read any of miles mathis papers and every time he uses the word “Nature” and “Muse” replace it with “God” and “Christ” and you are half way there…
                  i guess if a change of words gets you through the day, then more power to you


            2. According to the narrator in the YT video posted by SK the talking snake is nowhere in Genesis explicitly linked to the Devil also known as Satan.

              Very peculiar…

              It is, according to Genesis, Lucifer who, in the guise of a serpent, tempts Eve to go against the one commandment God had imposed on the first two humans. Because he sets himself up as an adversary of God with this act, adversary is the title he gets as a result. That is literally what Satan means: adversary. There are repeated references in the Bible to the serpent/Lucifer being called Satan and Devil.

              Satan is not a name but a title. Because, according to the Bible, Lucifer was the first adversary of God and thus brought adversity into the world, he is called The Satan, but he is not the only one to be given this title, just as more entities are called devils.

              The amount of blatant deception about all things biblical on the Internet is overwhelming. The Bible is called the least-read bestseller for a reason, but all the nonsense that is spouted about it is apparently very popular.


          1. Godfly,

            I do not consider Wetiko to be just another name for the devil, but rather, a state of mind that reflects the personification of deceit, narcissism, and destruction.

            From my personal experience (which parallels Jung’s framework), it represents the projection of one’s repressed shadow parts onto another being: Essentially, it is archetypal in nature – ostensibly appearing so that it can be resolved and integrated through acknowledgment and confrontation (making the darkness conscious).

            In my opinion, this notion seems much more similar to the concept of Tamas in Hinduism, than to the devil or Satan in the Christian sense: Accordingly, in Hinduism, demons (and cruel people) are said to be possessed of tamas, but even they can overcome this darkness by purifying their mind through association with sattvic matter/personalities.

            As you are well aware, throughout centuries and millennia, there have been many names conjured across a plethora of religions and sacred traditions to represent not only the “devil,” but also evil spirits, in general.

            On “rebranding” and “new age” . . . I suggest it may be the Christian notion of the devil (ascribing to a paradigm of duality – good vs. evil) that fits this description. If one believes that Christianity originated with the Bible (debatable), then, indeed, it could be considered a new age religion – relatively speaking, compared to religions that preceded it (and some of which it “borrowed” – or copied – its tenets/practices): Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Judaism, Sikhism, Jainism, Shintoism, and various pagan religions, such as Druidism and Animism.

            In the Zoroastrian religion, Angra Mainyu (from the Avestan language, meaning: “destructive spirit”) refers to the concept of evil. Viewed as a negative force pervading the cosmos, Angra Mainyu, is also called Ahriman in the Persian language: This seems to be more closely aligned with the devil (of Christian faith).

            It could also be argued that many indigenous cultures (also pre-dating Christianity) had various names for a similar notion of a dark, unruly side of the psyche needing to be tamed (more attuned to the notion of Wetiko, than the concept of a devil).

            I cannot imagine declaring any version of a “psycho spiritual truth” as being “narrow” or “wrong” – as you asserted. Given the assorted items on the “menu” (c/o Steve K) of religious practices/belief systems, who is to say which is right or wrong, or what constitutes “mumbo jumbo”?


            1. sounds all very impressive to the uninitiated but unfortunately i am familiar with everything you have mentioned, the pre Christian religions, Carl Gustav Nietzsche opps i mean Jung,; and the three Gunas and so on; you slobbered in there many impressive names, as if you know something about them but i will bet you my left testicle that you know nothing about, for example, Shintoism. You miss my point entirely since you try to dive into subtleties which are non essential; I stuck to the general on purpose. And i will stick to the general still because you do not know anything really Stephers; I have looked at all the books you claim to be moved by and you fail to notice that they are all extremely contemporary and all singing the same song in the same note; they are pop spirituality and that is what your knowledge of spirituality consists of which makes you able to drop etymologies and names so glibly.

              Now, while i do not abide either, by someone like a Rene Guenon , at least he sings in a different note; why not try him on for 50 pages and see how he feels, but then since you are someone who still thinks Nietzsche was just a fanatical proto Nazi obsessed with power because he was secretly an impotent weakling, i can easily imagine what you will make of a Guenon, who despite everything was still a powerful thinker, truly unlike your new age goopy and goofy feel good spirituality masters

              as for who is to say what is mumbo jumbo and narrow and wrong: well, I am, and i give myself the right to speak for myself.


              1. Godfly,

                I do not claim to be learned. The notes I sing are also in a “different note,” as they are more primal in essence – existing before any written word. Like Guenon, I consider myself a metaphysician (albeit a lay one). Unlike Guenon, I have not been formally initiated into secret orders/occult doctrines. (In addition to dabbling in Freemasonry, he was a self-proclaimed Sufi master – presumably adopting the name, “Abdel Wahed Yahya” I am a de-occultist at heart, and a metaphysician simply by nature – not via intellect, nor academic pursuits. When I speak to “spirituality,” it comes directly from my lived experience, emanating from something which I cannot articulate intellectually, as it seems to stem from a primordial gnosis at its root, and cannot be attained via studying. I do not wish to be initiated into any belief system. I do not serve, nor follow, any master – new age, or otherwise. What I have experienced in my life (which many would consider “spiritual,” yet I lean more into energetic) is not contemporary, nor “New Age,” nor originating in ancient/traditional Asian sects. My experience transcends prophetic words and academic wisdom (in which it seems Guenon excelled).

                By all means, Godfly, please do continue to speak for yourself; however, I request you avoid speaking for (or about) me, about whom you know very very little.

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                1. well…. you had a good 9 hours there to skim through some websites about guenon and make yourself look presentable.
                  And thanks for reminding me about what he dabbled in, and his Sufi name; gee that is important and I had almost forgot!!
                  It is refreshingly asinine to know that you are an anti intellectual metaphysician, as if such a thing were possible.


                  1. Godfly,

                    If you recall . . . You actually introduced me to the work of Guenon on October 9, 2021 ( Back then, I had a bit more time on my hands – and I collected some files. I am much too swamped with stuff like proms, graduations, and additional ceremonies (hallmarked by loads of superficial pomp and circumstance) to spend any more time and effort in this unproductive exchange. My humble regards . . .

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  4. Hallelujah my comment published! Mark, I’m so tired of my comments not publishing – I know it’s not your fault but drives me crazy. Hope this one publishes.

    As you’re a comedy fan, Mark, I thought you might appreciate this video I just watched from cockney comedian, Mickey Flanagan, about how 9/11 got him “out of the doghouse” in a very interesting way.

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  5. I might be pushing my luck here but I’ll try for a third comment. As you’re a fan of Wings of Pegasus I wonder if you’ve seen his video on Paul McCartney. I’m afraid I think he does a very good job of debunking the idea that the original was replaced.


    1. You’re “afraid?” That ‘s kind of an inside joke Fil is doing there. By the way, is Fil related to Don Henley? Aren’t they all related? Paul did not die, was not replaced. That was misdirection. They were hiding something else. “Paul” was two men, brothers, twins, who stepped in and out of each others shoes. As time went on and the differences between them became harder to hide, the Paul who was known as “the cute one,” a head bobber and a good singer (a crooner) was retired, and his brother, who I call Mike, became the guy we know today as Macca. Mike is a very good stage performer, Paul was not, so he was the odd man out. He reappeared briefly as “John Halliday”, taunting us as they like to do. I do suggest you read my work on this subject from 2016. It tells me that the Beatles were a Intel project, recruited and trained in Hamburg. Some say John Lennon is also a set of twins. The evidence there is sparse.


  6. Please, just read the piece I wrote, Sir Faul. Inside show business, none of this is secret. All he has done is to show us that Mike (Macca) was performing throughout, avoiding the fact that Paul, the cute one, was too. That proves nothing. Again, read the piece, don’t argue without reviewing the evidence.


      1. Here we go again. Again, I suggest you re-read the piece, and be specific in your critique. It’s top of the blog right now, as I made additions and improvements last night.


  7. Stephers,
    It’s beyond cruel, vulgar and crude how you and others seeking medical help are treated. I am so sorry for the horror you experienced at the psychotic hands of those who should have been themselves locked away where they could do no more damage to others.

    This inhumane practice, of course, seems to lead back (1841?) to “the Royals” and London. Check out the coat of arms on this dandy group of delusional “professionals.”


  8. Stephers – During a particularly bad episode of panic disorder years ago I joined a local anxiety sufferers group. There was a woman in the group who sought out electric shock treatment. As a group member she presented as okay as an anxiety sufferer could but her torment must have been horrendous.
    On the subject of torment I have suffered Incubus Attacks, or Sleep Paralysis, since age 19 (63). For years they scared me witless. One night after another brutal bout in self defence I asked the thing what it was doing here. It said it could pierce the fabric of my world. Sadly, I didn’t ask its name. I’m pretty sure I was afraid of hearing it say it was me.
    For a number of years I had wondered if the attacker was a manifestation of my inner self – the dark side of my mind/consciousness. And was attacking me to remind me that I possess that dark aspect.
    I have since associated the Incubus, rightly or wrongly, with the archontic force/weitko/djinn/flyers. Our minds, individual and collective, are something we will probably get to know more about when we enter that dreamy world beyond. I hope so, anyway. So I can maybe apologise to the Incubus for kicking it so many times where it hurts the most.

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  9. Stephers, et al.

    Couldn’t help myself, I had to click on the Kevin Kelly tweet comment at the bottom, and found this: Tweet
    See new Tweets
    Stewart Brand
    An excellent summary of the benefits that biotech is bringing to wildlife conservation.

    By one of the pioneers of the field.
    Quote Tweet
    Long Now Foundation
    · May 5
    Read Professor Beth Shapiro (@bonesandbugs) on the role synthetic biology can play in saving the natural world, including @Revive_Restore’s work on black-footed ferret restoration.

    Oh Beth, that’s quite an interesting a pedigree.

    Let me get this right. We killed everything to save it, and lied/failed. Now, believe us (the same greedy, power-hungry, elitist, “Royal” scum) when we now say that using synthetic biology we’re going to save the natural world. Not believable, not real, not happening. This is way too weird.

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      1. Steve,

        I am copying/pasting a relevant comment I left from March 6, 2022 (I had to scour through WordPress, as it seems somehow many of my comments were sent to trash at some point – not by me – and are no longer visible in the comments thread).

        February 2022: The Passage of Pluto and the Palindromes


        This is fascinating; and I get the sense it is very, very important. Thank you very much.

        In exchange for your generous and pertinent offerings, here are some relevant and timely links (offered respectively by Alison McDowell and gnomes4truth

        h/t Alison:

        In the words of Stewart Brand, a founding board member of the foundation, “Such a clock, if sufficiently impressive and well-engineered, would embody deep time for people. It should be charismatic to visit, interesting to think about, and famous enough to become iconic in the public discourse. Ideally, it would do for thinking about time what the photographs of Earth from space have done for thinking about the environment. Such icons reframe the way people think.”[2] (source – only for subscribers:

        More here . . .

        “A traditional clock depicts time in the context of our lives. This Clock depicts our lives in the context of time.” Dan Wolf [48]

        The main characteristic of the Clock is its linearity. It treats one year absolutely like another, oblivious of Moore’s Law accelerations, national fates, wars, dark ages, or climate change. [49]

        From the very beginning clock were simulacra. [66]




  10. “The true purpose of debt and deficit-mongering, as I see it, is to prevent spending on things like infrastructure, or relieving kids of student debt, or truly doing something about our health care mess. Too expensive, we are told. It raises the deficit! And yet, when it is time to go to war, the debt floodgates open.”

    As we’ve seen before, the United States itself is a corporation (as are all world governments). As such, its policies are meant to benefit the interests of its corporate overlords (commonly known as special interests). Corporations (at least for-profit ones) are set-up to ultimately fulfill the goals of its owners and overseers, which is primarily focused on money. This includes profiting off of massive debt, which is great for industries such as “higher education”. Clint Richardson goes into great detail about this.

    But they realized the venture would be more profitable for them if the masses believed it is a legitimate representative government established to represent the interests of the “greater good”, so they invest time and resources into brainwashing them via their ‘public’ schools and media conglomerates that “our” so-called government is here to serve us and it’s only fair if we pay back the favor – as proud tax-paying consumer citizens – with their fiat currency printed by their federally-chartered central bank (Federal Reserve). Otherwise, how could their corporate socialist con-game work so well?

    The taxes and other penalties they impose on us are simply administrative fees we pay to maintain the corporate power structure and its profitability, as well as to pay for benefits and services they provide us (when they see fit). Think of it as being a member of a union with a pro-corporate stance, and as union members we (or our middle-management, rather, which in this case is the electoral college) nominate people to run the union of behalf of its top-brass (America’s ruling business class). And it’s convenient that U.S.A., Inc. is also known as the “States of the Union“.

    Plus, since their main economic agenda is to maintain financial hegemony and an upward flow of wealth at all costs, they’re obviously not going to invest tons of money in the lower classes. It’s no longer profitable for them to do so. It’s also about weakening the buying power of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, so from their perspective, this can only be achieved by raising costs on us and providing little in return for what we pay, meanwhile they take the lion’s share of the wealth for themselves and spend the rest on hugely-profitable investments in Fortune 500 companies (e.g., the CAFR/ACFR reports). That way, nobody can do significant challenge to their monetary might.

    More importantly, such fiscal policies also play into their broader destabilization project, which is essentially about restructuring our world system to reflect a fascist technocratic future. By reallocating wealth from areas that benefit middle and working class communities into the hands of the ruling class and their projects that amplifies socio-economic degeneration (vaccines, diseases, garbage food, propaganda, etc.), they can effectively create a scenario where people from all walks of life are so conflicted and resentful of the current state of affairs that they will accept their “new deal”.

    They’ve played this game before with FDR and co. during the Great Depression and WWII (which they manufactured), so they’re confident that this will work again (and so far, they’re right). During that time, we’ve seen the rise of state-sanctioned pension programs like Social Security, which broadened more opportunities for the ruling class to splurge on the public through. In recent history, we had a similar thing happen after the economic recession of 2007-08 and the staged H1N1 scare with the passage of the ‘Affordable’ Care Act (ACA), more commonly known as Obamacare. The program was a massive giveaway to the insurance industry (albeit in a slightly different form), and like Social Security, Americans were required to have it until the mandate was repealed in 2017 by the Trump administration.


    1. But that is the point of MMT, that it is all funny money never to be repaid. If they were to simply write it off, nothing would change. The reasons for not doing so include political leverage, the ability to convince the public that we cannot afford certain programs, such wiping out student loan debt or creating universal health care. Such policies as they are represent bondage. That is what policy makers want.


      1. Exactly… No offense, HPM, but it sounds from your comment like Mark’s post bounced off you without registering.

        But that’s often the case with unfamiliar ideas that go against years of indoctrination, plus even our intuitive or common sense understanding of things. Back when NakedCapitalism and sister sites were pushing MMT hard, it was a perennial topic among true believers – how best to spread the MMT gospel. They tried analogies, memes, stories, cartoons, short videos, etc. They were like “truthers,” frustrated by the blank stares or hackneyed responses of all they talked to. I didn’t try much, but when did, it was hopeless. My dad (who’s roughly your age MT) gave it a fair hearing, but it just went in circles. He had years of libertarian/ conservative ideology about government spending, and nothing I said got through.

        A key point I think is that “common sense” is correct so far as state budgets and lower level government goes. They tax and spend, or borrow. But the federal government prints – even if they use sleight of hand to hide that, and call it borrowing. Their constraints are “real” – labor, natural resources, etc.

        The objection is always, “you can’t just print money! There will be runaway inflation!” Again MMT says it’s just about the real world constraints. They can print quite a lot before problems ensue it seems, and taxing is one mechanism to manage those problems.

        But while it sounds quite rosy, that we could use this power for good instead of evil, I suspect that if everyone “knew” about MMT, and demanded the goodies, it would just turn into some other horrible mess. Certainly, if the necessary PR campaign were waged to inform everyone, it would only be for nefarious purposes. The public would never both properly grasp the idea, and grasp the levers of power, to responsibly act in its own best interest. Would they? I probably sound like some arch cynic or anti-populist like Bernays.


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