A fun podcast with Ab and Gaia

Ab at Fakeologist contacted me and offered me three dates this week to do a podcast with him. I chose last night, Tuesday. Participants were Ab, Gaia (speaking from Colombia), and me.

The podcast can be found here. It is 90 minutes, all free. Below is a short list of things I learned last night.

  • I need to listen to and read Matt at Canadian Patriot.
  • I need to understand camelistic Kabbalistic Androgenim androgyny? I think that is what I heard.
  • Castrato is the word used to describe any singer boy who is castrated before puberty, thereby preserving his/her childlike singing voice. Thus did we have a Vienna Boys’ Choir.
  • Andrew Wakefield has a new movie out called Infertility, A Diabolical Agenda. Here is a podcast about it at a website called Against the Wind. You can watch the movie itself here and for free. [I watched the movie … someone noticed a ’33’ lodged in it, and it is co-produced by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Just sayin’.]
  • We talked about nuclear power. Neither Ab nor Gaia think it is real. They gave me insight into it that I consider enlightening, so to speak. I had heard before that it is fake, but drifted back to my old beliefs as a result of my exposure to right wing websites like Heartland and Cato.

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Blank slate

This post is just an experiment. If you are reading it, the experiment produced encouraging results. The idea is that I am sitting down with nothing on my mind, nothing to pore over, nothing important to share. The Ukraine thread is ongoing under “Wag the Dog,” and they are keeping it lively.

Chainsaw Bob

We have been inundated with snow lately, which gives me lots of time to fill. We have a 330 (is that a 33 I see?) foot driveway, and I have a 26 inch snow thrower (Is that an 8?). It’s a very good machine. However, whenever I need expert advice, I know of only one expert I can trust. His name is Chainsaw Bob. He is off-putting to many people, but I like him. As I told one of our neighbors the other day, Bob looks like an aging hippie and a drunk. But he does not drink. He may be the former, as he does have shoulder-length hair and a beard. However, I like to think of him as merely counter-cultural. I like that in a person.

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