John Lennon family photos

We have found with some performers that their family backgrounds appear to be made up. Jim Morrison, for instance, appears to be pasted in to his family photos as a youth, this one for instance. And here are Janis Joplin and John Denver, obvious paste-ups. Neither belongs.

The question is why? In Joplin’s case, since she was a twin, it could be that she was given a new family to conceal that fact. With Morrison and Denver, perhaps such musical talent is rare in spook families, so they adopted them, or Langley placed them in foster homes for minding. Admiral Morrison would then be “Jim’s” case manager, as would be Lt. Col. Deutschendorf for Denver.

Music is simply too important to be left to random talented people. It has to be controlled, and so spooks are brought in to manage talent, or even to pretend to be talented themselves, the davidcrosby effect. It does not take much to be a rock musician – some voice training, learning an instrument. Everything can be faked in the studio. Fans, when attending a concert, are hearing the recorded music in their  heads as they tolerate the live music.

Here is something seemingly unrelated: The Pete Rose scandal, probably fake, was used to convince the public that baseball is a clean sport, policing its own. It is reverse psychology. We see the Hit King taken down, and assume that the sport is squeaky clean. This builds a wall behind which the corrupt enterprise functions on gambling and fixed games. Why would Rose participate? Wikipedia confesses that as a youth he was a member of the Order of DeMolay, a Knights Templar masonic group, and so pledged to secrecy. He could easily have been used in a psyop, sacrificing himself (for a hefty price) for the greater good.

I suspect the Milli Vanilli scandal served the same purpose for music – it served to convince the public that the voices we hear on recordings are actually the artists seen in public. The music industry polices its own and appears squeaky clean. Both happened around the same time.

But why spend so much effort on music? Just as television serves to put the viewer in an hypnotic trance, music has the same effect. The messages it bears is usually subtle, sometimes not, and influences our dress, attitudes and behaviors. Take just one song …  the Beach Boys’ Help Me Rhonda, that has a boy asking a girl to have sex with him to get another girl out of his mind. That is tame by today’s standards, and that is the point. Music has shifted over the years, gotten less melodic, more resembling a tribal beat. Within that hypnotic atmosphere are implanted all the messages our rulers want us to have. It also carries with it our hair and dress style, and because our parents naturally cannot stand it, creates a generational divide.

Music pushes standards, erodes values. It is patient, constantly moving forward.Most groups are illusions, a bit of talent here and there but more about dress and outlandish style. Everything in music can be faked. Everything. And that is sad because there is real talent all around us, playing coffee shops and local gigs [and symphony halls] … never getting a break because a poseur like David Crosby cuts in line.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but our leadership, our rulers, want it to be that way. That is why music has so long been under watch of Intelligence, and why Intelligence has provided us with the artists and the songs. That’s why the biggest musical sensation of all time, the Beatles, was an Intelligence psyop.

Daddieuhoh recently came across a batch of John Lennon photos, and is too busy right now to be spending time with them, so offered them up. I will give it my best shot.

Just to get us up to speed, we are told that John was born in 1940 to Julia (nee Stanley) and Alfred Lennon. Alfred was basically a deadbeat dad, and when he returned home after the war found Julia pregnant by another man.  He attempted to take John to New Zealand with him, but the boy chose instead to stay behind. He ended up living with his Aunt and Uncle, Mimi and George Smith. Julia was hit by a car and killed in 1958.

So the story goes. Now, the photos. First, I pulled Lennon head shots out of all the photos as there was some suspicion that they might have used different boys for the photos or a set of twins. While some do not match others, they match randomly in such a manner that I think they are all of him at various young ages. But I am not at all sure. It is very difficult to work with dark grainy eye sockets. It creates distortion.

If you start at the top left and number them 1- 7, 4 and 6 are not sure things. Due to poor quality, I don’t think it is safe to draw conclusions. There is a hint of twins in photo #5 (see down further on the page), and that could well be the dissembling factor among these images – two boys, not one. It is not certain.

Whether he or anyone else is pasted in to the photos – another matter entirely. Now the first photo:

1. With cousin David and Aunt Harriet

This is a straightforward photo, no monkey business that I can see. I don’t know who David is, but both boys are wearing the same prep school  uniforms. John’s hat emblem has perhaps been darkened to obscure it, even blot it out. Daddieuhoh thinks it is because of inconsistent lighting, that John has been pasted in. But why? The lighting does appear to be different on the boys, with John having a dark shadow on his right cheek, where David is lit from above. These jacket and hat emblems appear in many of the photos to follow. And the question … why?

2. Aunt Mimi

Aunt Mimi, said to be Julia’s sister, looks like a relative. But in this photo John’s head does not look right to me, hair perfectly coiffed, skin airbrushed smooth, as if  posed for a Beatles publicity shot. The black line around the bottom of Mimi’s chin looks unnatural and makes it appear that her head has been pasted on a body, but that’s not a sure thing. It could be a real shadow. With John the dark shadow under the chin falls the other way, so we have inconsistent lighting. He appears to be fake – that is, one or the other (or both) is a paste-up.

3. Outside Mendips with cousin Stanley Parkes

“Mendips” is an area of beauty in England, what we would call a national park here. But that does not look like a park setting. It could be a service building, like a lodge or administration building. Mendips is nowhere near Liverpool, so young John was on holiday. The photo looks OK to me, but there is that name again … “Stanley.” More later on that. They are a nicely dressed family in all photos to now, always properly attired, as are most upper class Brits. John was not a street kid. He was well-bred, apparent in these photos. [Daddieuhoh sees inconsistent lighting on the faces – I missed that.]

[Addendum] A reader below has set this house in its proper place. “Mendips” is said to be Lennon’s childhood home in Liverpool, and important clarification. [This would explain why the photo was staged. They are placing John in his “childhood home” as part of the backstory project, misdirection all the way.]

4. With cousin and boarder

Here it gets interesting … who allows a boarder into a family photograph? Look at the placement of his hand. I wonder if this man in this photo is someone other than a “boarder.” He will appear again later. Her white is too white, sleeves too straight. She has been pasted in, it appears. She also appears in photos #5 and #6.

5. With cousins and aunt and uncle

I take it that the woman in the plaid jacket in the middle is Mimi, so is that George? He appears closer in age to Mimi than the gal he has his are around, our friend from #4 and #6. John appears younger here while she appears older. However, if we are dealing with paste-ups, then relative age of the people in the photo can vary, right? The photo looks OK to me, and the kid on the left mugging for a family photo: I totally get that. It is one of the duties of young boys.

The two boys look identical in age, and look at the shoes they are wearing – the same. This might be the photo that created suspicion of twins. Again with the jacket emblems … now we are talking a near-high school boy and the two younger ones. And again, I cannot make them out. Why do the words “prep school” keep going through my head? Do all British boys attend schools with jackets and emblems? Or is that something for wealthier kids?

6. With cousins and lodger

This appears to be the same girl cousin as up above, in #4 and #5 above. I don’t know who the guy cousin is on our left, but he looks like he should be holding a pipe, to the manor born. And again the boarder/”lodger”! He seems to have worked his way into the family.

That smile on John’s face looks natural, as if he is happy. They almost look to me to be father and son. It all has a good feel about it. Honestly, this appears to be a family photo, with the manor-born guy on the left pasted in – his head is way too big.

Why would they paste this guy in? As with #4 above, they are pasting something else out. What could it be? What are they hiding?

My guess: A twin brother.

7. John and Mom

John (or his twin) not so happy here, mugging, acting up. Mom is angled away from him – if it were a real photo, that would indicate discomfort being close to him. But it is not a real photo. It is a paste-up. Does that hand on his right shoulder look like it is attached to the arm behind? If so, it must be a foot longer than her other arm. Her apparel looks pasted in. The lighting appears off, directly above for him, and more like 2 o’clock for her. The black line under his right arm looks to be artificial, as does the right side of her dress. This photo is also the one that Wikipedia cropped as “Julia Lennon.”

8. Julia and John

This woman does not appear to be the Julia, seen in photo #7 above – I checked as best I am able doing a face split, and they do not line up. She might be Aunt Mimi, but that is hard to tell. She is not Aunt Harriet. That appears to be John, but it is the John in photo #4 and not the one in #7.  It’s a real photo.

Miles Mathis is finding that John Lennon is not at all who he claims to be. The “Stanley” name (remember his mother was Julia Stanley) is prominent in British history. Miles has traced it back to John Stanley, “a landed magnate of immense power” who died in 1504. Oddly, Obama’s mother (if he is indeed her son) was a Stanley as well. Who was it said “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” Oh yeah, – Henry Morton Stanley, 1871.

So it comes down to parentage, and scrubbing. I wonder if Julia ever existed. If John was from another family entirely, then Intel would have to invent his background,  and so gave him Julia and Alfred, and “killed” her before we had a chance to meet her. Alfred then would have been a hired actor, Mike McGear-style. They made Alfred a deadbeat to justify sending John off to live with another family, but that family would not be Aunt Mimi and Uncle George, who were real, but props. Rather, John’s real family is the small group in photo #4, perhaps a sister or real mother and a dad … and a twin brother as seen in #5.

And if that is the case, I wonder if his name is really “Lennon.”I am thinking that is an invention. If his name is not Lennon, then what? What could it be? John Stanley, I presume?

It is all speculative at this point, and nothing can be firmed up until I locate the other Lennon twin. Straight wants me to check out Mark Staycer, and that is looking more like a solid lead all the time.

Remember, Paul and Mike McCartney were twins, and Tyrone tells me that there was more than one Ringo running around Liverpool. This group was assembled, trained, given its music, their appearance, its screaming fans. There is nothing spontaneous about them. Everything, from the long hair to John dissing Jesus to Paul pushing LSD was written out before it was acted out.

To be continued …

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  1. Nice work, Mark. It’s clear that there is waaay more going on with Lennon than we ever imagined.
    In the photo above with the adult John and older aunt Mimi, it looks obvious to me that John is the one pasted in. There is a clear black line/border around his white shirt and his right cheek area.
    Looking forward to the rest of your analysis!


  2. Interesting research, though I’d like to make a couple of points from a Brit perspective. Firstly, the photo caption ‘Outside Mendips’ could refer to a house named Mendips and not the Mendips hills. Even modest pre-war houses often had names like this (though it does look a sizeable house, with a side bay window). As for the school uniforms, they were standard and compulsory for British kids from all backgrounds, even up to my 70s schooling and also for many schools today. The uniforms in these photos were thus no indication of class, and even people from dirt-poor backgrounds tried to dress nicely in the 50s. I come from working class roots and looking nicely scrubbed-up was a mark of honour back then.


  3. Very, very nice work. Provocative arguments abound. One more observation on picture 3: the lighting is very inconsistent. The shadow on John’s face is much lighter than the shadow on his cousin’s face.


  4. There’s nothing in these photos to suggest Lennon would grow up to be the sarcastic swine he apparently was, although people cover for him by saying he was “authentic”- Ironic in the extreme, that-
    Here’s a Ringo sampler for anyone interested, for once, in the Funny one-


    1. Damn! Another project. Too many head angles here, but I’ll see if I can find photos of similar head angles and do an overlay. Would be nice just to get two direct side angles, 90 degrees. Nose and ears will tell the tale.


      1. The left eyebrow of number 1 doesn’t match number 3- And tapered eyebrow number 1 pops in and out through the years- Number two is as tall as the rest of them- Not so after releasing records- Then we get short Ringo the rest of the way, though today’s Ringo looks like just two guys- Also, study neck length if bogged down- One day he’s a giraffe, the next day he’s normal- A buddy of mine who has been to Liverpool says Ringos, Pauls and Johns are everywhere, making me think Ringo, at least, may have been a cattle call, no bloodline needed-


        1. Like I say, a project. I tremble at the prospect, but then as I get into it and things begin to clarify, it is a lot of fun. The time commitment is stifling at times, but when I am working this stuff, time takes a back seat. I get absorbed. You know this too. Everything you wrote here is noted. Your comment on his height struck a mental image for me, as I remember him being taller at one time. But original Paul was shorter too.

          They needed comic relief. They had cute, troubled intellectual, and animal magnetism. So they invented Ringo with the rings, and made him the punch line. Good planning.


        2. Ringo seems preternaturally young, at least judging from seeing him recently on a PBS tribute show. Since you guys are finding generational look a likes, could it be they can replace these “legends” with slightly younger models to stretch out their shelf life? Keith Richard would be another example.

          I think the best meme I’ve ever seen on Facebook was a picture of him with the caption, “Pretty soon we’ll have to start wondering what kind of world we’re leaving for Keith Richard.”

          Are these long careers just because they’ve maintained popularity? Or implying the drugs et al aren’t so bad for you after all?


  5. Who’s to say you guys aren’t just disinfo agents yourselves?

    I ask this in all humility. I’m a seeker for truth too, and you have prompted me to raise a few questions about you. I would really value any clarity you can shed on these questions.

    The big revelation, which you guys are open about, is that Intelligence creates and controls many famous performers as a way of shaping the culture.

    But instead of really focusing on the whys and hows of that, you spend all this time worrying about twins and zombies. Using twins is hardly the real crime. They used the Olsen twins out in the open. Using hidden twins for the Elvises and Justin Timberlakes of the world is just good business.

    The more time you spend on twins and zombies, the less time you spend on WHO is behind all this and to what end. Which is the real story. Why so focused on the trees? Looking to distract from the forest?

    My doubt popped into my head with your bit on Jim Morrison here. The big revelation about the dark hippie Lizard King is that, like so many of these pro-drug tragic hero underminers of the anti-war movement, his dad was senior military intelligence and had been directly involved in a now-admitted false flag, the Gulf of Tonkin incident. That is plenty damning. But now you come with this somewhat pointless new twist. What if he wasn’t the admiral’s real son, but a fake son? Even if true, it’s a side point.

    The real question is…who is behind all this? Who wanted to destroy traditional Christian morality, middle-class America, the family, local communities, nationalism, etc.? You don’t suppose there are any powerful ethnic or religious groups involved in the entertainment industry with these goals, do you? 😉 Who’s working for who? Did Admiral Morrison hire all the producers and agents and writers and directors and studio heads and entertainment moguls? Or did they hire him? You guys don’t talk much about the, ahem, underlying interests.

    As for tactics, this facial matching technique is a bit odd, don’t you think? Why have I seen it nowhere but on your blog? If it’s as valid as you claim, wouldn’t this be used by law enforcement? To match security camera footage with database mug shots. And, who the heck are you guys anyway? Do you just know each other virtually? Are you seriously promoting each other’s work in this loose confederation without verifying each other’s identity? Even if some of you are on the up and up, your little gang of posters could easily include a disinfo agent or two.

    I know this all sounds challenging, but I’m seriously interested in what you’ll say. Not because I’m looking to out you. (Rather, I’m looking for someone to trust.) But because I legitimately want to know.

    And if you ARE on the up and up (and maybe even offended by my questions) then I have a recommendation/request: maybe you could write a summary post about what you have learned so far/hypotheses about how the world really works. Postpone zombie post #40 (not that that won’t be good too), and write a broad post in which you share some summary conclusions. It will help you and your readers connect some of the dots so far.

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    1. I don’t know any of the folks here, but what they’re uncovering is pretty staggering. There are plenty of people writing about the question you’re asking, but as you say, no one else is focused on the facial matching (at least genuinely). But these matches have profound implications for understanding what we’re up against, and the levels of deception going on.

      So while it’s valid not to trust anything on face value, it’s not valid to relegate these efforts to being trivial. They are revealing tremendous insights. We can now see why Dallas Goldbug was sent out to black wash this stuff well in advance. The PTB must have figured technology would enable people to expose this.

      Creating division is their stock-in-trade, as are arbitrary litmus tests. Take this work for what it’s worth, but don’t try and pigeon hole it in false categories.


    2. Aurora, I don’t care if you think we’re disinfo. Your tactics to plant seeds of doubt are completely transparent. And in any case they are irrelevant: you shouldn’t trust anybody. If you are looking for someone to trust, then you are a sucker waiting to be fooled. Trust your own intelligence and your own instincts on what is true and what isn’t. We have nothing to prove to you or anybody else. If you think we’re not addressing the “real” issues, then you are more than welcome to start your own blog and do “real” research on the “real” issues. What’s stopping you? Once you do that, then you can come back here and complain about what we’re doing without sounding like a whining hypocrite.

      As for the police using this method — haven’t you ever heard of facial recognition technology? Our method is a low-tech version of that. We require pictures that are more or less straight on, whereas facial recognition algorithms are far more advanced nowadays — but still include many of the measurements of invariant facial features that we use here. According to a recent MSM story, FBI facial matching databases apparently include half of all adults in the US (though that could just be a false statistic used to scare us). Thankfully we don’t need any special tech to recognize professional JTRIG disinfo shills. You guys are so obvious you out yourselves.

      EDIT: Oh, and the reason you’re not seeing our method used anywhere else is because all the other sites that do anything like this are all disinfo, designed to blackwash any rigorous analysis of twins, zombies, replicants, etc. I imagine we will summarize our work at some point, when it suits us and for our own reasons – not because some blowhard comes busting in the front door out of nowhere demanding answers. In the meantime you’re welcome to look through the last 9 months of posts and comments and come to your own conclusions.


    3. I for one, think you sound sincere. You raise some good points, particularly about the WHO. Maybe you could write an article from your own experience and ask these guys to post it? That’s what I did. If we’re all here searching for the truth that’s all that should matter.


      1. Yeah, I don’t think we’re going to be doing that anymore. Really hard to know who to trust around here, and clearly some of the people here are trying to conceal the truth and muddy the waters. But if the content is good, who knows? Meanwhile anyone wanting to be heard is welcome to start their own blog. It’s super easy to get up and running. Phil, you can have Christine help you with that. I know technical matters are not your strong suit.


  6. Minor point, photo 3 outside Mendips is in Liverpool. It looks like a classic early 20th century semi detached house, which indeed it is.

    Here is the link on goggle maps:,-2.8835677,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x487b1fea4a0f03c9:0x37ee8ff7ba7ab791!8m2!3d53.3772423!4d-2.881379

    You can see that it is the same place from the photo, and goggle says that it is Johns “former home”.


  7. I’ve been thinking about this statement from the second paragraph: “With Morrison and Denver, perhaps such musical talent is rare in spook families, so they adopted them, or Langley placed them in foster homes for minding. Admiral Morrison would then be “Jim’s” case manager, as would be Lt. Col. Deutschendorf for Denver.”

    But if these pictures are all faked, then there really is no reason to think that Morrison or Denver or any of these people were raised by or ever lived with these (apparently) otherwise real families. In fact, just the opposite, because if they really were raised in these families, they should have real pictures. The Morrisons and Deutchendorfs weren’t case managers or minders or anything like that. They were simply people willing to have their names used in connection with these stars, although it’s quite likely they never even met. Admiral Morrison and Lt. Col. Deutchendorf’s task was simply to say that they were the fathers of Jim and John. Or not deny it. I know John’s mother was paraded out on occasion to talk about him. So they may have been tasked with more than that.

    In any case, I propose the term “Potemkin family” for one of these spook-y families. (For those unfamiliar with the reference, look up ‘Potemkin village.’)


    1. I agree there is no reason to think that Joplin(s), Denver or Morrison spent even a day in those households. (Joplin’s “dad” was an engineer for Texaco.) On the other hand, there is no reason for the Admiral or Lt. Col. to merely allow his name to be attached to the kid. That makes no sense either. It draws unwarranted attention. How much easier just to assign them to low-level spook families.

      What I speculated (and it woudl also work for low-level spooks) is that the relationship between the “dad” and the child was military chain of command, that he would be charged with reviewing public behavior, administering discipline if things like substance abuse or philandering got out of hand, maybe even critiquing behavior or delivering new orders. The Admiral had to be in touch with Jim when it was time to fake his death, for instance, delivering instructions on where to be to be removed from France and where he would be delivered to and who to contact and how to stay low.

      That being the case, them being seen together would not be regarded as odd.

      Best I can do.


      1. Topping my index is that no one knew who Morrison’s parents were until the connection was invented and published in the 1980 Jim Morrison bio ‘No One Get’s Out of Here Alive’ by Danny Sugarman- It’s a spook authored book with compliance from the Admiral, who in retirement took that assignment- I think he was interviewed once or twice but that is the only “evidence” presented until the photos started surfacing on the net- And we now know what those are worth-
        As far as controlling the movements of spook entertainers, someone is their case officer and it’s probably their manager-


        1. That sort of undermines them as managers, and the coincidence of Jim fake-dying right when the Admiral retired. And duh, of course the manager is also their case officer. So I have no answers as to why they used prominent families.


          1. Loyalty from blood and discipline from the military would be the best guess as to why a George Morrison would be tapped- He was already all in with the Gulf of Tonkin- Trustworthy- An oath taker- I doubt just anyone would be asked to join whatever group and swear to such conditions- It can’t be just greed- The true, disciplined believer is what they are after, I assume- The perks do help, of course- I have never sworn a lifetime oath- I have no idea what it is to live with that burden- It has to be blood related as much as anything- No clear answers from this quarter, either-


  8. Whoa! You’ve misinterpreted my questions. I said I was asking with humility and not trying to be aggressive or challenging, but apparently my post still “read” as pretty aggressive, and for that I apologize.

    So, a quick follow-up.

    1) I agree that you don’t owe me anything.

    2) While your skepticism about my sincerity is understandable (and in a way mirrors my own skepticism), I assure you (for what my assurance is worth, which I accept is not much) that I am not a disinfo shill.

    3) You are mistaken that I am trying to plant seeds of doubt. Rather, I was trying to share my questions in a constructive, kick-the-tires way. I was thinking that your answers to my questions would actually strengthen your arguments for me which would help me on my own search for truth

    4) Indeed, on some key points, your response does help me better understand and accept your arguments.
    a) Good point that law enforcement uses facial recognition
    b) Good point that a lot of photo analysis/facial analysis out there on the web is disinfo (a la Dallas Goldbug)
    c) And, I accept that what you’re doing here is unique–it requires the initial hypothesis that comparing facial features of current celebrities and supposedly long-dead celebrities could be revealing. Which is a hypothesis that law enforcement doesn’t go around testing.

    5) One other area where I communicated poorly and came across in ways I didn’t intend was in my suggestion of a summary post. I didn’t mean to suggest that you owe anyone that. I just thought it would be interesting (when and if you want) to do a summary like that because you’ve connected so many dots.

    I understand why that sounded like a demand from a blowhard, because one of my challenging questions was basically “How do I know you aren’t trying to distract us with all this detail?” I WAS asking that question as a challenge, and I was curious what you might say about it.

    But my suggestion of a summary post was meant separately, not as a demand for proof but rather something I thought you guys and your readers including me might enjoy.

    (I HAVE read through the last 9 months of posts and pieced together some conclusions, but I wondered how you guys would summarize because I think the original researchers/writers might connect more dots and better than I would as a reader.)

    I also get that it’s an ongoing process. You’ve consistently talked about twins and zombies, but it seems like you’ve recently talked about some newer ideas regarding all this, along the lines of stud farms, bastards, etc. etc. So the conclusions are evolving to the extent that a summary post would be just another milestone along the way and you’d surely want to revise it a few months down the line. Still, I for one would love to know (at some point) what you guys think it all means.

    6) (I repeat–you do not owe me anything. What I am about to say is meant as a helpful musing, not a demand or an attempt to sow doubt.)
    I think some interesting hypothetical dream next steps for this work over time might be:
    a) For someone to try to get their hands on some good professional facial recognition software. Maybe not easy, but probably doable for the right person–either a hacker or a person with good law-enforcement connections. It would just be interesting to run some photos through the software. It would also be interesting to figure out which features/measurements the software thinks are the strongest indicators of matches…i.e. how do the algorhythms in the software work
    b) Further down the line, and even more difficult, but powerful if it could ever happen, would be getting hands on some of the big databases. If we could compare photos of suspicious deaths of suspicious-message-promoting entertainers to huge databases, we could maybe find some people still alive but not yet reassigned. Or stumble upon other matches we never thought of.

    Anyway, thanks for the explorations so far! It’s all quite fascinating.


    1. If you read the Start Here post above, it summarizes as you suggest we do. This adventure started with Dave McGowan’s book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, wherein over seventy deaths of musicians and actors are chronicled. We thought it odd that so many died from such a small sample, in fact, thought it absurd, and realized they were Intel agents on assignment, much like you, and that they had faked their deaths. We started looking for them in SSDI and other places. The question was, where did they go? My initial thought was that they were in Barbados or southern Brazil. I questioned the death of Bill Hicks in a comment, and was led to Goldbug, and the Alex Jones matchup, which turned out to be true and bait for an Intel blackwashing scheme. That opened the door, however, even as we quickly realized the Goldbug too was an agent, as was (is) McGowan.

      Since that time we have been piling on discoveries. We’ll get better, keep working at it, expanding our capabilities, as we go, and making new discoveries. Why you feel a need to advise us is at question. Anytime someone starts with the assurances of non-spook, I think “Spook!” Ingratiating, buddying up, insincere praise is all part of the Spooks job if he is ever going to work his way inside to do his damage.

      No need for you here. Move along.


      1. Yes, I had read your Start Here post. I liked it and it’s exactly the type of thing I wish you’d do more of (on your own terms and on your own timeline).

        As for your spook paranoia…maybe it’s well-founded. They are everywhere. For the record, though, I didn’t “start with assurances of non-spook,” I gave them in response to daddieuhoh’s false accusation. I also didn’t start with ingratiating–I tried to backpedal and be nicer after daddieuhoh mistook my questions for an attack.

        My spook paranoia is well-founded too. Which is why I had questions for you. Surely you have opinions on WHO is behind all this and to what end. But you tend not to “go there.” Which makes me wonder about a limited hangout/distraction.

        Your messages are similar to those of Miles Mathis. “Intelligence” is behind everything, all art and entertainment is controlled, no-one who isn’t “in on it” should ever bother being creative because they won’t get anywhere, there’s all kinds of complex “analysis” to wade through before we can come to any real conclusions about the who and why, there are no actions to take, just lots of future analysis to do, etc.

        Perhaps most of the truth-seeking sites out there are blatant disinfo or limited hangouts. I do use my judgment to try to figure out who is telling the truth and who is going to take the truth all the way to its conclusion. It’s not that easy, because of the whole limited hangout thing. And because of what Miles Mathis described as the false gurus one after another all the way up the mountain in that link you posted.

        In my opinion, with all this stuff, the most interesting questions are “who,” “why,” and “what should we do about it.” And I can’t help but feel like I’m getting the runaround from sites that avoid those questions while going deep deep deep on the “what.” Your findings so far mean that the world is quite different than what we’ve been taught and than most people think. It’s hard for me to believe that you guys aren’t obsessing about what it all means.

        I find you guys promising and I’m trying to kick the tires in hopes that you are one of the good ones. In a world of disinformation, it’s not rude or evil or bad for me to ask a few questions to help me make the best judgment about your work. I’m not “feeling the need to advise” you, I ‘m asking you for clarification like a student would ask a teacher. I’m challenging you to go further because I can’t wait to read more. And what I’m getting is, “you’re a spook!” “get out of here,” “we don’t want to write about the implications, we want to search for more twins,” “move along,” etc.

        Anyway, in all seriousness, I do appreciate your work. I wouldn’t be wishing for more of your conclusions if I didn’t like what I’ve seen of your analysis, your writing, and your world-view.


        1. I agree with your comments and the way you presented them. I really don’t understand the paranoia either. And, even if you are a spook, who cares as long as you’re not causing undo trouble?


          1. I just have to chortle when conspiracy theorists start flinging around accusations of paranoia. Hypocrisy much? It’s especially rich coming from you, Phil.

            Anyway, if the info Snowden leaked is in any way credible, then there is ample evidence (not just from him) that TPTB have invested vast resources to infiltrate all on-line forums, Facebook, etc. They want to dominate the entire spectrum of communication if possible. Miles had a good paper on it: And then there is the gentle person’s guide to forum spies. It’s hardly paranoia.


        2. Aurora, you wrote: “Your messages are similar to those of Miles Mathis. ‘Intelligence’ is behind everything, all art and entertainment is controlled, no-one who isn’t “in on it” should ever bother being creative because they won’t get anywhere, there’s all kinds of complex ‘analysis’ to wade through before we can come to any real conclusions about the who and why.”

          You obviously haven’t read Miles’s work very carefully, or you would know that he more than anybody has pointed fingers and named names, painstakingly going through genealogies and showing the families involved and how they are related to each other. He argues argued that the major players are Jewish bankers and industrialists, many of whom married into the aristocracy and/or have appeared to adopt other religious beliefs (so-called ‘crypto-Jews.’) These are the people who control “Intelligence.”

          I myself named names of some of the wealthy Jews who appear to have been behind behind the Dreyfus affair: So your accusations are way off base. We don’t do much of that here on the blog. Miles views it as important, and he is doing the heavy lifting. But there are only so many hours in a day, and it really is painstaking work. You are welcome to put your nose to the grindstone and focus your energies on whatever aspects of this topsy-turvy world you want. If you did, it would give you a lot more legitimacy to go around kicking other people’s tires, casting aspersions and planting seeds of doubt. Until then, GTFO. Your tactics are transparent.


      2. Mark,
        I remember that McGowan’s name came up a few times at MM’s conference, and I seem to remember you mentioning your suspicions about him at the time… even suggesting that you believed he may have faked his death.
        Personally, I am conflicted as to what McGowan was up to, and I would love to hear your thoughts on him in greater detail. Also, is your belief that he faked his death just a hunch, based on your conclusions that he was a disinfo agent? Or have you looked into his death in more detail and found some anomalies?
        (Sorry, I realize this isn’t the place for an in-depth Dave McGowan discussion. But I’m still really struggling with reconciling all the great work he did, and some of the red flags that potentially “out” him)


        1. Brandon, there were a lot of things rattling around in my head, loose ends I guess. I knew that Janis Joplin was not a drug user, as she is still alive in the form of Amy Goodman. As an Intel asset, drug use would be frowned on. But she was portrayed that way to presage her death, predictive programming. McGowan smoked like a chimney, made a point of it in interviews, and then gets lung cancer at a young age. Very easy to fake being a smoker. I thought predictive programming there too, plus the ever-so-subtle hint hint, as with Bill Hicks, dead of cancer at age 32, that he had been injected with cancer by some means to eliminate him due to his writings. That was the whole point of Lee and Me, by Judith Vary Baker, not so much her love affair with Oswald, but her research into cancer and how it was made a weapon. She was a psyop too. Knowing what we know now, no JFK death, Oswald twins, it is easy to see her tale was disinfo, leading us down the weaponized cancer route.

          Then there were his writings … his 9/11 stuff was not good, Boston Marathon stuff derivative, Lincoln stuff pales compared to Miles, and his moon stuff, again derivative. His only original works were Laurel Canyon and serial killers, and in each he treats every death as real. In Laurel Canyon he exposed quite a bit, military connections, how the groups were not that good and how they miraculously assembled. But he only slightly questioned Jim Morrison’s death, and accepted every other death as real. In other words, he missed the really important stuff, that the serial killers were fake, and the Laurel Canyon deaths too, especially Sharon Tate. In other words, a limited hangout. Spook.

          And if limited hangout, spook, then early death and lingering suspicions as to cause are probably planted memes, and the death itself fake. He’s been reassigned, just like all those rock stars he wrote about who faked their deaths.

          Probably more than you bargained for. Hope I answered your question. I am never sure I am on the right path, as we are never allowed certainty.


          1. Mark,
            Thanks so much for your thoughts regarding McGowan.
            I guess I’ve always been able to imagine him as a guy who honestly believed in his research, but just couldn’t go all the way down the rabbit hole (ie. fake deaths, etc.)
            But it could very well be, as you suggest, that he purposefully avoided going there.
            As far as his writings, I still consider his Boston Marathon series as very powerful and thorough. I’m curious what you mean by “derivative,” as I haven’t seen anyone else study as many photos as McGowan, tracking the key “actors” throughout the event.
            Anyway, assuming you are correct, and McGowan was a spook, I find it amusing to think about all the people that his writings helped push along the path that we are on… and ended up discovering all the “fakeness” that we believe we have. I would argue that McGowen’s Boston series, as well as his Moon Landings series, both promote the fake event theory quite well. I know that, for me personally, those two articles were my first exposure to the idea that events like these could be faked. That being said, I did find it curious as to why Dave could believe the Boston event was fake/staged, but that he couldn’t (for instance), admit that the Lincoln assassination was faked.
            On a side note, I remember thinking how different McGowan came across while speaking during audio interviews, than he sounded in his writings. He seemed much more eloquent, humorous, and, frankly, intelligent, in his writings, than he did when speaking aloud. I realize that some people are better writers than speakers… but it always struck me as odd, and it could be evidence that the person speaking, was not the same person who wrote the “McGowan” books/articles/newsletters.
            Oh well… until he turns up as a zombie, I guess we wont know for sure!


          2. You’re right, I just realized, that it was the McGowan stuff that kick-started our work here, but I don’t think that was his intention. Usually the limited hangout wants to jump out in front of an existing movement and derail it by siderailing it and putting the stops on new research. So the Laurel Canyon stuff was already percolating and he jumped out in the lead but did not take us anywhere new. A man with a mind as sharp as his surely is going to trip over more than Jim Morrison. Look where Miles took it! His Tate paper was groundbreaking, yet all he did was read the evidence, all available to McGowan.

            By the time I read his Boston stuff, his Moondoggie stuff, I was already steeped in all of it, and didn’t find anything new in his work. But if that was your first exposure I can see why it inspired you. I was still wet behind the ears, did not grasp the concept of leading the opposition, no did not know how widespread it was, all the way down to local political races. So later I came back and assembled the pieces and gathered that McGowan was a man in a mission. So I looked at his serial killer work in the same vein, and realized that there again Miles had taken the same evidence and unraveled the mysteries, while McGowan stuck to official truth.

            But we never really know, do we. We just have to keep our eyes and ears open and be open to both people being genuine and false. I had problems with Miles, one of the reasons I was in Taos, wanting to know if he was real. In the end I decided to trust him, as if it turned out to be a mistake, it would be easily undone. So far it has paid huge dividends. The insight he offers us far exceeds anything offered by any other researcher anywhere.


            1. That’s pretty cool that you went to one of Miles’s events. And it sounds like it helped. I get the impression that you probably would have decided to ultimately trust him anyway based on his work, but seeing him in person appears to have bolstered your confidence in him further.


          3. By the way, Brandon, you’re a bright person with an inquisitive mind. If you like to write you might want to consider signing on here and tossing in now and then. Daddieuhoh, Straight and Ty are not bound by any stifling rules and are free to pursue their own ideas using this forum (we all agree on Flat Earth – it is not a rule from above). I may have founded it, but it has taken on an identity if its own now, and I am just another writer. Give it some thought. The more, the merrier.


            1. Thanks, Mark… that’s a very generous offer. It’s somewhat intimidating to consider attempting to match the quality of work that the four of you contribute here. I do enjoy writing, and I admit, I am tempted to give it a shot at some point. As you have mentioned, the time commitment is substantial, and my job is particularly busy at this time of year, so it would probably be a bit further down the line. But I’ll keep your offer in mind and reach out to you if/when the time feels right.
              In the meantime, thanks to all of you for the hard work you put into this blog!


          4. “Me & Lee” is promoted by controlled opposition Jesse Ventura as his quote on the front cover states “It’s just thrilling to read.” Looking at the cover of the book just now I noticed that Judyth’s face is split on the front cover and spine of the book, creating a “one eye” visual. Even though I now see Jesse for what he is I have a soft spot for him as it was his controlled opposition “Conspiracy Theory” series that inspired me to look more into these topics on youtube and “poof”, nothing was ever the same again.
            Also noteworthy when I reflect upon my childhood how angry, hurt, and sad I was when I found out that what I had believed was true was a lie. I remember praying in the movie theater that The Karate Kid would win at the end of the movie (no one told me movies were not real and static), crying when watching WWF wrestling and a wrestler was taken to the hospital due to a severe “figure four leg lock” (didn’t know wrestling was fake), and my CCD teacher telling us that Genesis was not to be taken literally (why didn’t they tell us this before!?).
            People take for granted that their children understand that TV is not real, or that they understand what it means when they are told that TV is not real…
            And what a bizarre world now that I know that not only is wrestling fake, but so is most other sports, history, news, and politics.
            Thanks for all you do at this site, contributors on this site (& intelligent authentic commenters) all are like my “gifted & awake” older brothers who give me comfort that I am not alone and strong awake people are out there making a difference. Much appreciation!

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  9. You know I think Nirvana said it best in a song called “Smells Like Teen Spirt” and with that being said I say, “Smells Like Jewspiracy” to me….Time to start a real blog where people can agree to disagree and no one gets upset over comments….See ya!!!!


    1. Just curious, however – you’re upset because you can’t flat earth here even though we are blue in the face from explaining. That kind of makes me think that you probably should do what you’re doing. Safe travels, don’t fall off the edge.


    2. This is one of my big questions. A lot of what we see out there is suggestive of a conspiracy that at least involves some high-ranking Jews.

      But a hypothesis involving Jews is scary stuff for researchers. Accusations of anti-semitism are powerful. They can kill careers. They can attract unwanted attention.

      So sometimes I feel like researchers are reticent to “go there” because it’s scary. Other times I feel like researchers really don’t believe it–they have other hypotheses (e.g. it’s the military. or WASPs in the CIA.) And other times I feel like “researchers” are working to protect the perps with distraction, limited hangouts, etc.

      But I would love to see more discussion (doesn’t have to be here–I acknowledge that Mark and company can focus the blog however they want) where people debate the theory of Jewish influence in all the psyops. Where one side lays out the case fearlessly, and the other tries to shoot it down with logic, not avoidance or dancing around the issue.


  10. See that’s where you are wrong my name was brought up in a conversation I had nothing to do with…get over yourself….you guys can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen….


    1. Let’s see, I suggested to your boyfriend that he can get technical help from you as he has in the past, and suddenly you start shouting “Jewspiracy!” Are you for real? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Feel free to take your boyfriend with you.


  11. I believe we may never find out how the power structure functions exactly. There are probably a few oligarchical families (made of tens of thousands members) that intermarry and probably control all major religions (religions probably created by them in the first place). As outsiders, we can only guess their true doctrine and who “they” are exactly. I exchanged a few e-mails with daddieuhoh where I told him about some of my beliefs and what are some of the great difficulties if you want to track these families (like the problem of fake chronologies).

    I have to say that I am not interested in these singers, actors etc. But people posting here and Miles Mathis made interesting and important discoveries. Music, movies, theater,sports and other various media are very important when you want to control the people. I believe the posts made by people here may help a few become more immune to the spells of the media wizards(Magi from Media). These oligarchs are much weaker in a physical sense (consider fake nukes, their limited number, fake geopolitics), but their manipulation is much stronger than what many aware people want/dare to consider (without the need of MK ultra mind control). The posts made here shed some light on many important aspects of the control scheme.

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  12. funny the drummer from phish – john fishman, had an “aunt mimi”. they used to have bday parties for her in the dewitt, ny area. these appeared to be modern day acid tests, mid 90s


  13. The control scheme, as I vaguely start to understand it, is almost hilarious. It’s sinister–we”re essentially being farmed. But, as you say, we are less threatened physically than we think we are given that nukes, serial killers, deadly viruses, terrorists, etc. are all largely fake; but we are MORE thoroughly misled than we think we are, with schools and media and news and politics also fake and based on endless lies.

    One thing I’m interested to know is HOW the entertainment and news media is so throroughly controlled. Like, I wonder what percentage of, say, television script writers are

    a) fully aware of and fully “in on” the mission, whether that mission is propagandizing CIA “heroes” or trying to undermine family and religion by promoting homosexuality and promiscuity to degrade the American family;
    b) Jewish writers who are only vaguely, subconsciously aware of and in-on the mission, but instinctively go with it
    c) Status-signalling liberal dupes who are happy to always promote the latest degeneracy or victim group….not with any conscious sinister purpose, but out of a desire to status signal their progressivism or out of genuine political belief that white men are evil and lesbians of color are better people
    or d) just writers trying to tell a good story without any politics

    So I wonder what combo of the above you’d see in a typical writers room on a tv show, and then I wonder how the powers that be influence them. Is it the studio giving notes? Is it the hiring, where they make sure that the head writer can steer his co-workers?

    Take Arnon Milchan—known Mossad asset and mega-successful billionaire Hollywood producer. When he hires people for movies, does he a) already have a stable of people to hire who are already on board; b) take the new Jewish director in the back room and explain what subtext must be included in the movie; or c) hire someone, keep them in the dark, but use his position as the big boss to subtly steer the project through “helpful feedback.” And who is giving him orders, if anyone?

    tl;dr: How much of fake entertainment and fake news is tightly controlled, how much is loosely controlled, how much is just the result of status signalling liberals run amok, and how much is uncontrolled—just the free market trying to entertain people and sell tickets and or advertising?


    1. It’s a good question. I don’t think any of us are in a position to know. Miles seems to rely on the fewest and most straightforward assumptions, so he might say everyone is in the know. I don’t think everyone is. And even many who are ‘in the know’ are still kept in the dark about a lot of things. I am not sure about both of your B) points because I don’t think the writers and directors have to be Jewish to be in on it or go along with it, although many if not most Hollywood directors and writers are Jewish.


      1. I’ve been given a glimpse behind the Hollywood curtain on occasion and this is generally what I’ve seen:
        Being Jewish doesn’t hurt but it is not the be all and end all- Consider Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese and Robert Altman, some of the last contributors to decent American cinema- All Roman Catholics-
        Producers, executive and otherwise, are alpha males- They are salesmen who define themselves by their negotiating skills- They wrangle large budgets because they take a “fee” off the top for their services- The larger the budget, the larger the “fee”- No big mystery, that- They are full of bluster in a town of alpha males- They do smoke big cigars, all of them-
        Nepotism is rampant, but most industries practice that- How many Jr.’s have played Major League Baseball? Nobody complains about that the way they complain about Hollywood- But Hollywood is loud and sexy and obnoxious and so people complain because the product always pulls their chain and they want some say in it- People shout “Jews!” Well, they should think about shouting “Mormons!”, too, hard as that is to believe- Hollywood is after all an intelligence operation- The Twilight vampire series was written by a Mormon, i.e.-
        Writers have the shit job- If you are a neophyte writing on spec and happen to pique a producer’s interest, he might buy your script for the minimum, which 20 years ago was $45,000- It could be more now, but I knew a screenwriter back then who was just getting started and that’s what she told me- She also said most first scripts are shelved and the writer is tasked with adapting something else that producer has under option- Usually a novel that has already been approved for its agenda serving content by one of the big publishing houses- The writer is a slave, essentially- Well paid, but a slave- An Aaron Sorkin is a handsomely paid slave, wins awards and the like for serving his masters- An individual’s subjective world view does not make it to the screen, no matter how talented- That’s what You Tube is now for-
        David Mamet has written some useful things regarding the life of scriptwriters-
        Indie cinema isn’t indie- No one shows their film at Sundance unless they already have a studio deal- Therefore, the films in major festivals have already been vetted and agenda approved- Again, You Tube is for dissenting opinion-
        We now know the stars are all manufactured from the womb so if you do find yourself in a movie, you are traffic who had a friend who had a friend somewhere up the ladder- Enjoy your 15 minutes-
        Jews, Mormons, Catholics, Prince Hall masons, gays of all flavors, what you see on screen is the overlapping interests of these groups- Right now, friendly fascism is selling- Super Heroes maintaining the collectivist ideology of the technocratic utopia of the perpetual adolescent- But Hunger Games is coming- 20% of China, their elite, live in walled enclosures to keep out the peasantry- California may be next-


        1. But Tyrone, even the top 3 you mentioned are crypto Jews. That’s at the top of the ladder. I’d like to have a dime for every Catholic Jew. Hell, they started the Catholic church. We’re not talking about religion here, but race.


          1. Again with the crypto Jews- Let’s just call them Illuminati or Reptilians- This crypto-Jew stuff is Miles’ weakest plank- It’s unprovable and fogs the windows with its lingering stench- It’s the hoariest of tropes-
            How about this: My mother’s maiden name is Bergman and my johnny’s clipped- Now she’s actually Swedish and there isn’t a drop of Jewish blood in any direction of my family going back to the dawn-less past, but for crypto-Jew hunters, I probably qualify on points-
            Sorry about sounding contentious, but I’m actually laughing, as are my colleagues as I write this-
            PS: Technically speaking, Charlemagne started the Catholic church-


            1. You don’t know that and Bergman is definitely a Jewish name. I only found out 10 years ago that my paternal grandfather was Jewish. And, just earlier this year I found out that my paternal grandmother was half Jewish. We thought they were German. They were, German Jewish. But, who cares, we’re not talking about people in power. No one, including Mathis, is saying that all Jews are part of the TPTB. It is important that those we thought were WASPs are actually crypto Jewish. It’s my personal belief that almost, if not all of TPTB are in fact Jewish. I think that’s an important fact.

              On the other hand, this whole Reptilian and Illuminati thing is nothing more than a ruse, a dead end. I’m not trying to be contentious, I just happen to want the truth no matter where it falls.


              1. I don’t know my own family tree? Tell me what else I don’t know about people I’ve known my whole life? If it helps you get to sleep tonight, my mother’s father was Bergman so if a mohel actually absconded with my jimmy-hat, like Mark, it doesn’t count- Christ almighty!


                1. Apparently, you don’t understand what I’m saying. My grandfather was Jewish by race. He was a Catholic by religion who converted to Methodist to marry her. Again, I don’t even care what religion they are. It’s race that I’m talking about. My father probably never even knew his father was Jewish. Although my grandfather probably knew because he changed his name BACK to Solesky after he got out of the service. It had been Modzewleski. I’m quite sure your family is oblivious to it as well.


                  1. So you’re saying Jews are distinct race? If that’s true then you and Tyrone are members of that race (and so am I for that matter). Yet I fail to see the relevance of race to the discussion of TPTB.


              2. Yeah, here is exactly the problem with the ‘crypto-Jew’ argument: are all these crypto-Jews aware of their Jewish ancestry? Do they practice Jewish rituals “in secret”? What exactly is it about their Jewish-ness that plays a role in their actions? The notion of “crypto” means they are hiding their true beliefs. And “crypt-Jew” means they follow Judaism. But all the evidence we have to go on is people’s family lineage. Which means that according to evidence based on genealogy, both you and Tyrone (according to you) and Mark and even Miles are crypto-Jews. So for me that is the main weakness in the emphasis on this notion of “crypto-Jews.” It’s way too squishy and probably doesn’t speak to the heart of the matter: which is that these people appear to be united by lines of kinship and blood relations. I seriously doubt that many of the families that Miles has identified as being up to no good view themselves in some way as Jewish let alone practice their faith in secret. I don’t know how they view themselves, but the focus on crypto-Jews conceals at least as much as it reveals.

                And yes, it is a problem that focusing on Jews immediately blackwashes you. I don’t like that fact, but it is a fact. And I think if we want to get the word out, we should at least consider how to make our arguments more readily received by readers who are open to considering twins, zombies, conspiracies and the inter-generational transfer of power via blood relations, but who will be turned off when they hear people shouting “Jewspiracy” from the rooftops.


                1. I mentioned why it is important in my next message (below). Depending on what percentage of Jewish blood denotes Jewish, I would say that better than half the population has at least 25% Jewish blood and those that the Jews would consider Jewish (from the mother’s side, a ridiculous postulation) are way more than 2%. If you stop and think of why it’s relevant, simply reverse that and think about why it’s been presented to us just the opposite. In other words, if you are one of the very few Jews at the very top, why would you have to disguise yourself as Gentiles? Especially WASPs. Even mock your own race? These aren’t religious Jews. They don’t believe in God. I think this is very important to figuring out our “history” and I totally understand why it’s important to Miles Mathis.


                  1. Phil, I don’t see your other comment about race. But it seems like you are talking about specific familial blood lines. Which is not really the same thing as race.


          2. Agreed. I tend to suspect that the whole Jewish trope is a diversion, that people in power can be anything in private but act as they do in public because their institutions govern their behavior. This is right out of Chomsky, I realize, but suppose the head of Monsanto decides to come clean and say he is taking the company away from GMOs and pesticides … tomorrow he is looking for work. He doesn’t run Monsanto. It runs him. This is true up and down and all around, and I fail to see where being Jewish, a race or a religion, has any bearing. I have deep respect for Mathis, but agree with you that this is his weakest plank.


  14. Okay Mark and Tyrone, but look at it this way. If what I’m saying is true, then think of the way over 99.99% of Jews who are thrown under the bus by TPTB as a diversion. It’s very much like the Italians have to endure with all of the fake Mafia BS. My mother had to endure a lot (being 100% Italian) from my father’s family because of all the fake movies and so forth. Granted, many dumb ass Italians relish in living vicariously through the fake Mafia, but we never did like it and in fact resented it.


  15. Two thoughts:

    1) Good point that the writers are powerless. So they are incredibly easy to control without clueing them in. They always feel “lucky to have the job.” When the producer tells them to make one of the romantic couples gay, they do it without hesitation even if they are secret homophobes.

    2) You guys are WILDLY underestimating the degree to which the media, entertainment, and news businesses are controlled by Jews. Yes, they EMPLOY a few catholics and mormons and gays. But the OWNERS are the Jews. I mean literally every big shot, every Chairman, COO, etc. of the Big 6 media conglomerates is Jewish. Every movie studio exec. Every news head. Every TV network head. Most agents. Most producers. Most comedians. Most directors.

    Of course most Jews aren’t in on the world elite conspiracy or the dominance of media/propaganda. But most of the members of that elite conspiracy in media (and other key areas like banking) ARE Jews.

    Yes, all industries have nepotism. Especially Hollywood. But given the current power structure in media Jews are the ones overwhelmingly benefitting from that nepotism in media.

    “To learn who rules over you, notice who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    Jews are a unique ethnic group. Very smart. Very verbal. Persuasive. Funny. And SMALL enough to be organized. In my opinion, Jewish loyalty to their co-ethnics, to Israel, and to their paranoia about being expelled from countries would be a much more powerful motivator for propagandizing Americans than whatever motivation a bunch of military intelligence types would have….”Fighting communism” or even “keeping the money flowing to the military industrial complex” is not nearly as powerful as the pull of blood, the desire for advancement, the desire for survival.

    You don’t NEED crypto-Jews to make the case that Jews are extremely well positioned to be behind a lot of propaganda and a lot of power. Just look at the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations. Just look at Wall Street. Just look at Hollywood.

    To me, pooh-poohing this obvious point suggests that people are either scared of the truth or of retribution or of accusations of anti-semitism or of an emotional topic distracting from their research which can proceed more smoothly without taking on this sacred cow.

    But if we are REALLY truth seekers, we wouldn’t want to side-step this hypothesis. It’s one of the most reasonable explanations for a lot of what we see in the world. Who wants to undermine the church, white Christians, nationalism, etc.? Jews who want to make sure they can keep power in the U.S. and globally? Or Christians who are just meanies to their own people? This question is not easy to dismiss. I often see it ignored. But I rarely see it honestly considered. And I NEVER see it convincingly debunked.


    1. I agree with most of what you wrote. But, what I’ve figured out in the last two years is they’re NOT out to destroy Christianity, in fact, they are behind it. They just love to keep the contention going between Christians and non-Christians.


  16. P.S. I am not suggesting that elite, powerful Jews are evil. Rather that they are looking out for their own interests. As one example, I think some powerful Jews, looking at a history which involved repeated expulsion from Christian countries, think that propagandizing Christian Americans into welcoming Muslim refugees and El Salvadoran gang members into America makes the Jews safer. They won’t be expelled from a melting pot with a rapidly diminishing white majority the same way they were expelled from some all-white European countries in ages past. You can see their logic.

    Certainly some progressive Christians are also ALL ABOUT welcoming Muslim and El Salvadoran immigrants. As are some powerful Democrats looking for a permanent majority. But the facts don’t show Jews as disinterested bystanders in this matter, but as strong leaders, proponents, activists, financiers, and propagandists for rapid large-scale immigration. Wildly out of proportion to their 2% of the population.

    Similarly, a number of dual citizen Israeli-Americans played major roles in calling for “a new Pearl Harbor,” “Regime Change in the Middle East,” the “War on Terror,” “Homeland Security,” etc. Funnily enough, they got everything they pushed for. Did redneck Americans welcome the war effort? Yes. But who carefully planned and propagandized and willed it all into existence? The NASCAR crowd? No.

    Look, we don’t really know who the ultimate powers are in this world or who is behind all the fakery and the zombies. There are multiple possibilities. Royals, old rich families, WASPs, Intelligence, the military, secret societies, globalists (CFR, Bilderberg, Trilaterals), “the rich,” The State, etc. etc. etc. But we would be remiss in not considering the Jews. The richest, most successful, and most politically influential ethnic group in America. Maybe they are just courtiers to the WASP royals. But we should note that in 1950 most banks and law firms and university faculties were stocked with WASPs. Today it’s Jews. So they’ve made progress in the WASP areas. And, due to the Holocaust and anti-Semitism, criticizing Jews or even really noticing them is THE no-no. Criticizing the old WASP families is much less frowned upon.

    This blog is largely about HOLLYWOOD fakery and psy-ops. Jews dominate Hollywood. Freud invented psychiatry. His nephew Bernays invented the modern form of propaganda. You have to work extra hard NOT to consider the Jewish role in all this.


    1. Okay, just this once and then no more J-talk from this quarter- What exactly are you going to do about all these sneaky Jews you are seeing in your delirium? Rally Jew controlled Congress to, what, write up new Nueremberg-ish laws? Have Jew controlled banks pull the money plug on Jew controlled Hollywood? Have Jew controlled science admit the Earth is as flat as the Eucharist? Have Jew controlled Jews convert to Christianity once Jew controlled academia admits all of history is a Jew concocted lie to undermine Christianity, which apparently is a Jew controlled opposition? Oh vey! If the little ol’ Jews are so clever as to run the world, I say good on ya! You win! Now, have mercy on us goyim and retire Woody Allen cuz his movies stink-

      I’m reminded of a joke: A rabbi boards a street car in Tel Aviv and he sees an old friend reading a newspaper- He sits down next to him and is gobsmacked that his friend is reading an Arab paper-
      ”Shlomo, Mein Gott en Himmel! Vot are you doing reading such trash?”
      “Chaim, my friend, vhenever I read a Jewish paper, its pogroms, bombings, synagogues in flames, persecutions everywhere- When I read an Arab paper, we own and run everything- Much preferred-“


  17. Typical. Not even a conspiracy blog about zombies and replicants is willing to entertain the “theory” that Jews control Hollywood. It’s just too “out there”?? Something crazy people see in their “delirium”?? LOL.


    1. Frankly, I agree with you. Jews do dominate Hollywood, and I don’t think that point is arguable. My reason for not wanting to discuss it here is precisely because I think it tends to turn people off and discredit the other work that goes on here.

      The psy-ops against “anti-Semitism” have been so successful, that it becomes something of a trap. I think it is much more useful to point to specific families and specific names without worrying about whether they are crypto-Jews or regular Jews or not Jews at all. I don’t think the Jewish angle really helps us to understand what these people are up to. And for all we know, they are actually Zoroastrans that infiltrated the Jews and brought their belief system to Judaism with the Babylonian Talmud. Or they are some ancient Egyptian sect that has managed to hold onto the power in different disguises throughout the Millennia.

      Ultimately, the question is: what does recognition of Jewish power and influence get us in terms of an explanation; what does it not get us; and where might it lead us wrong? If you pick a Jewish person at random, the odds that they will be involved or even aware of any of this stuff is exceedingly small. Thus the emphasis on Jews to the exclusion of other characteristics is likely to lead to painting an entire ethnic group with a black brush, which I believe is dangerous. Miles made a good point in one of his papers: if all the Jews and crypto-Jews behind these shenanigans suddenly disappeared, non-Jews would fill the vacuum in a heartbeat.

      So the other problem with focusing on Jews is, in my opinion, that it actually obscures our understanding of the motivations of TPTB more than it illuminates. Or at the very least, it is a question and an issue that has to be considered very carefully and handled very delicately. I frankly do not trust the anonymous commenters on this blog to bring the necessary care and delicacy to that conversation. It is much more likely that they are here to paint us with the black brush of anti-Semitism in order to discredit our work.


  18. One last post about this question and then I promise to drop it. I’d love to read a response if you have one, but either way I will respect your preferences and I won’t say anything further on this.

    I understand your concern that if you begin to consider the Jewish Question even in comment threads, you run the risk of being tarred with the brush of anti-semitism. Which is a deadly accusation. “Normies” or independent truth seekers coming to your work with a new but open mind really might be turned off by even a whiff of anti-semitism. Because, as you say, the psy-ops against anti-semitism have been incredibly successful.

    (That success in itself is a clue, though. I think you’d have to concede that it really WAS mostly Jews who created the psy-op against anti-semitism. So we at least know that some Jews have the mad skillz to pull off successful psy-ops.)

    Miles’s point that the elite controllers/hoaxers would be immediately replaced if they all disappeared is interesting. And largely true. But that notion overemphasizes “the system” or “money” and overlooks the importance of blood. And we’ve seen from Miles’s own papers that these elite controllers/hoaxers are obsessed with blood and bloodlines and DNA and “old families,” etc. Family ties are at the core of a lot of your work and Miles’s. You’ve showed us that a huge percentage of famous people are actually secretly very rich and secretly related to each other. These aren’t winners of talent searches, these are people born into the right families.

    Ethnic nationalism and nepotism are very real. They’ve been beaten out of white Americans in many ways…genetically, culturally, legally, psychologically. But minority groups in America, including Jews, tend to feel justified in “helping their own.” You’re absolutely right that the vast majority of Jews are not aware of, or in on, the control system or the hoaxes. But, running a secret control grid with lots of hoaxing etc. is clearly made easier when there are tight family relations among perpetrators. Being “rich” wasn’t enough to get people invited to Lookout Mountain planning meetings. Or 9/11 planning meetings. Miles repeatedly shows that all the perps in hoaxes like the Salem Witch Trials or the Lincoln assassination are related to one another.

    Given that, we have to consider family ties in all this and that includes ethnicity. It’s being deliberately obtuse to suggest that the perpetrators are primarily linked by some other factor (wealth? film school training? government jobs?) and it’s just a coincidence that they are all cousins.

    None of this means that “it’s the Jews.” And, again, I take your point that it’s certainly not most or even many Jews. Really, we still don’t know who is behind it all or why. There are all kinds of possibilities. Maybe the perps ARE linked more by wealth or military intelligence service than by family ties. Maybe (some) Jews are involved, but at subsidiary levels–maybe it’s really Royals or CIA WASPs at the top of the pecking order and (some) Jews play a subsidiary role by, for example, pulling the levers in Hollywood. Maybe the perps are linked more by Masonry or other secret societies than by any religious or ethnic connections. Maybe it’s a big group of people who have intermarried–top Royals, WASPs, and Jews who have combined into one set of elite bloodlines. (This is what Miles often seems to suggest…that the Royal class and the merchant class (somewhat Jewish) combined…partly through some crypto-jew marriage into Royal lines, and partly as a conscious power combination to strengthen both the Royals and the merchants at the expense of the landed aristocracy and at the expense of religion (which can distract from commerce.)) Maybe, as you suggest, the Jewish religion was infiltrated by some older special group like Babylonians the same way some people claim that, say, the Jesuits were infiltrated by Jews.

    You ask “Ultimately, the question is: what does recognition of Jewish power and influence get us in terms of an explanation; what does it not get us; and where might it lead us wrong?” You say, “Focusing on Jews….actually obscures our understanding of the motivations of TPTB more than it illuminates.” This feels like an excuse. If the perps are all related, then looking at their bloodlines wouldn’t obsure understanding, assiduously avoiding the topic would obscure understanding. Avoiding a powerful hypothesis (and its supporting evidence) because it involves forbidden “badthink” is not the way to get all the way to the truth.

    It seems that your real motivations, which are totally legit, are more about the risk of your work being blackwashed and the risk of turning people off who have been trained to recoil from anything that could possibly be construed as having even a whiff of anti-Semitism, even in the comment threads. I also respect your point that “at the very least, it is a question and an issue that has to be considered very carefully and handled very delicately. I frankly do not trust the anonymous commenters on this blog to bring the necessary care and delicacy to that conversation.”

    So, I understand and respect your position and your right to focus your blog and its comments section as you choose. And I think you’re doing it thoughtfully. The Jewish Question is like a hot potato or even hand grenade, and it CAN mess up other good work if not handled delicately.

    (But I find myself unable to find thoughtful truth researchers looking into this question. It does seem to me that arriving at a good understanding of what’s going on will ultimately require some investigation of the forbidden topics of ethnicity and religion in all this.

    I have no axe to grind against Jews. I have tons of Jewish friends. I know the vast majority of Jews aren’t involved. And I’d personally prefer if it “Jewishness” turns out NOT to be a relevant characteristic of the hoaxing, controlling elite. But I do want to know. I want to explore it and figure it out one way or another to the extent possible.

    In my own search for truth, I started as an anti-statist. I believe that the government, “The State,” is largely an evil institution. But as I’ve dug deeper over time, I realize that the American powers that be don’t just want to control us and extract energy and money from Americans. In some cases they want to destroy America as a country and usher in global government. In other cases they want to destroy the white Christian American majority. Some of that is just Democrats importing immigrants for more Democratic votes. But some of it seems to be an attempt by an elite to weaken the group most capable of resisting banking scams or oppressive government or global government. (Not because White Christians are so great, but because they are armed, entitled, and numerous.)

    At a certain point, some questions come into focus….is it POSSIBLE that some elite Jews in America have goals other than personal advancement or the greater glory of America the historically white Christian nation? Is it possible that elite elements of a tight-knit, small, intelligent, and uber-successful minority could ever organize around certain goals? And is it possible that some elite Jews may form at least part of the core of the hoaxing, controlling elite?

    What I’ve realized in my pwn search for truth is that a lot of the freethinkers whose research I am drawn to start with incredibly open minds. They demonstrate a willingness to consider forbidden thoughts…to push past the initial objections like “our government would never do that to us” or “there’s no way they could keep a conspiracy secret for that long.” They consider multiple hypotheses, including some that “sound crazy.” But when they get to the question of who is behind it all and to what end, they become surprisingly closed-minded. Lots of these truth researchers have 500 posts and they’ll confidently consider anyone BUT elite Jews as perps.

    They’ll blame “the government, Intelligence, royal bloodlines, the media, Satanists, Masons, globalists, bankers, etc.” But they refuse to explicitly consider Jews. Even though Jews are clearly prominent bankers, media owners, political kingmakers, globalist organization members, etc. “Jews? What? No way. Couldn’t be. That’s….a conspiracy theory. They would never do that to their fellow Americans. They couldn’t keep it a secret.” Funny how quickly these truth researchers adopt the language of Intelligence when an uncomfortable topic comes up.

    And then I can’t help but wonder. Are these disinfo agents working to protect the real perpetrators? To reveal 80% truth but then misdirect the blame? Or are they all just too programmed or too scared to let their open-mindedness extend to this group which must not be named? A unique group, which is simultaneously rich and successful, a victimized minority, and too powerful to be criticized. Which brings me back to the circular logic—if the elite Jews aren’t the real powers that be, then how did they convince the world that it is “wrong” to ask any questions about Jewish power?)

    Okay, that’s it from me. Thanks for letting me think out loud. As I said, I respect your reluctance to link your excellent research to topics that aren’t necessarily related and that do risk blackwashing your work if you indulge them too far. I will not bring up this topic again. The things that you are finding are damning enough and interesting enough without prematurely trying to jam them into a particularly contentious unified theory of the world.

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    1. That is a well-written comment, well thought out. For your information, as I think Daddieuhoh can write a much better response, in the post we just published on commenting policy, “Jewish Conspiracy” was going to be a forbidden subject, only because we fear blackwashing. But better minds prevailed, and we left it off. As long as we make it clear that we know Jews are like all other groups, almost all good and decent, and are as much victims of the current set of rulers as any other group, then we should be OK.

      Daddieuhoh’s most poignant point, as I saw it, was that these people, Jews, crypto-Jews, whatever, are not secretly practicing the Jewish faith in closeted meetings. To that I add that the modern-day Jew’s roots cannot easily be traced back to the middle east. So we have people who don’t practice the religious faith and don’t have the bloodline. And they call themselves Jews. What’s up with that?

      Not a rhetorical question.


    2. Gull, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I think you make a lot of good points, and I also appreciate your willingness to beg off this topic for the reasons we stated.

      I do want to respond to one point specficially. You wrote:

      “You say, ‘Focusing on Jews….actually obscures our understanding of the motivations of TPTB more than it illuminates.’ This feels like an excuse. If the perps are all related, then looking at their bloodlines wouldn’t obscure understanding, assiduously avoiding the topic would obscure understanding. Avoiding a powerful hypothesis (and its supporting evidence) because it involves forbidden “badthink” is not the way to get all the way to the truth.”

      Later you say that focusing on bloodlines is a dodge, but here it seems to be OK. Perhaps what you mean is that we can focus on bloodlines, but we should also recognize that those bloodlines appear to be Jewish (at least originally). I agree with that. But I think saying “Jewish” is too broad. Perhaps it would be better to say “certain Jewish bloodlines” or something like that.

      My response below to Vexman fleshes out what I mean by focusing on Jews obscures more than it reveals, and that is mainly with respect to belief. What do we mean when we say someone is Jewish? Well usually we mean something about their religious beliefs. Can we say at all that we know what TPTB believe? In most cases, no, we can’t. Miles argues that many of these projects are about weakening the power of the Catholic Church. In other places he says it’s about weakening Christianity. But some people would argue that the Jews are behind the Catholic Church and many Christian sects. In the case of the Salem Witch trials, he says they were running an operation to weaken the political power of the Puritans. But it looks to me like the Puritan movement was itself a project. In other places he said they wanted to weaken all religious influence that got in the way of trade, including Judaism. But if that is the case, why did they launch Puritanism in the first place (assuming they did?)

      So where does all this leave us? It leaves us with very different (and somewhat contradictory) interpretations of their motivations. If you want to focus on the power of Jews, go ahead, but I think we simply need to be very careful and open-minded about what we mean by that term. What does it give us? It can help points us to families and individuals involved in all the hoaxes, etc. But does it help us understand their motivations and beliefs? I’m skeptical. We need to be careful not to let it be a blinder, just as much as we need to be open to considering its role.

      Edit: see my paper on The Dreyfus Affair for more of my thoughts on these issues.


  19. Hi all. I’ve been following this blog for quite a while now and I respect all that was revealed. And a big thank-you-all for a new skill I’ve been developing since – photo analysis. It is amazing to be able to observe the world without my pink glasses on…

    Anyway, I just had to chime in and say a few words, as this hot topic of Jewishness is my favorite recently. Mark, your most recent comment was a bit surprising to me, I really thought that after all you’ve read about this particular subject through Mathis’ work, you should have a much sharper and clearer picture about what is going on here. That is, a big picture. Every time Mathis touches anything significant in history, it turns that the perpetrators are of Jewish origins. If anyone read Sutton’s, Brenner’s, Coleman’s, Solzhenitsyn’s books on this subject of Jewish perpetrators, noticing something peculiar about this jewish religion in connection to ruthless ruling is nothing new in this world. What is new is that the voice of criticism has become such with a critical mass or volume, it can be now heard without the critics being burned or gulag-ed for it. And since it is and will be possible to reach out for such literature (the sources are much more numerous than those few I mentioned earlier), it is just a question of one’s ignorance to see how the world really works. So, to say , I quote : “As long as we make it clear that we know Jews are like all other groups, almost all good and decent, and are as much victims of the current set of rulers as any other group, then we should be OK”, is not a particularly good viewpoint to rest upon. Considering what is being revealed here by you and fellow POM writers and many other’s respected thinkers everywhere in the world, for centuries long as it appears – only an extremely ignorant person would deny to see that being of a Jewish origins gives one an advantage by default. It may not have been like this i.e. 1000 years ago, but it most certainly is for the last 100 years, in particular within politics and elite decision-making positions throughout the society. Controlling positions in our society worldwide are mostly and nonproportionaly occupied by people of Jewish origins. There is no discussion here, I believe.

    If this is a reality, why should any of you guys, who are more than just brave in my perception of reality (and modern Man), with all the subjects that you cover or, better said, uncover, be afraid to say “your truth” about things in connection to Jewish rulers ? Does it really matter what closed-minded people would think of you because of naming the names? Connecting the dots and making bold arrows pointing straight to the Devil himself is a good deed. Of course, anybody saying anything edgy about Jews in power will be automatically labeled as antisemitic. And for them, I’d suggest you should firstly educate them about how wrongly the term “semitic” and “antisemitic” is used and who are the nations that Semitic populus consists of. Anyway, if expressing your thoughts about who our rulers really are does not call for violence, racial intolerance or similar , I really do not see how you could be blackwashed for saying the truth about this particular subject. To be a bit provocative, what are you really afraid of?

    Personally, I strongly object any violence, racial supremacy bullshit and all nationalistic lowlife forms of life, yet I think that many people should learn a few details about a Jewish religion in general. Especially what and where do these people read/learn their beliefs from, many would be left with their jaws dropped after learing about it themselves. I can help with a few links 🙂


    1. Vexman, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I want to make three points in reply:

      1. You disagreed with Mark’s statement that most Jews are good and decent and as much victims of the current set of rulers as any other group. I understood from your statement that you agree with the first part (most Jews are good and decent) but disagreed with the second part, because Jews are actually advantaged now compared to other groups. There is certainly something to be said for that. But at the same time, they are also the victims of the major psy-ops against anti-semitism. As you know, I was raised in a (reformed) Jewish household that was only a hair’s breadth from being a secular household. Yet when Trump became president, they were genuinely afraid that Trump would usher in a new era of anti-Semitism. Of course that’s nonsense (or if it isn’t, then it would be another psyop), but the vast majority of Jews are blind to any underlying reality. They only see the surface, and it affects them deeply. So, while they may be privileged from a socio-economic standpoint, they are not necessarily privileged when it comes to hoaxing. They are often specifically targeted by these psyops, as I argued in my paper on Dreyfus.
      2. Why should we be afraid to say our “truth” about things in connection to Jews. I don’t know if I speak for everyone here, but I think the reason is that we don’t really know what the truth is in connection to TPTB. So there is nothing to speak, since we remain highly uncertain. Many people will point to the Masons. Others to the Jesuits. There are some reasons to believe that these groups were infiltrated (or created) by Jews, but the evidence is far from conclusive. Some would tell us for example that the Jesuits are the ones who control the Jews. I used to think Loyola was a Marrano Jew, but I’m not so sure about that anymore. I am not saying that any of these theories is correct. I am just saying that the truth is not as clear-cut for some of us as it is for you.
      3. “I really do not see how you could be blackwashed for saying the truth about this particular subject.” Well the picture where you’re from might look somewhat different. But it’s very easy for me to envision how we could be blackwashed in this way.

      4. “I think that many people should learn a few details about the Jewish religion in general. Especially what and where do these people read/learn their beliefs from, many would be left with their jaws dropped after learning about it themselves.”

      Yes, you’ve shared some of that with me in the past. I agree that much of what can be found in the Talmud is reprehensible. The same can be said for the Koran and the New Testament and the Old Testament. Your point raises a very important question: what do these people believe, these wealthy industrialists and bankers who apparently run the world, all or most of whom appear to be Jewish or descend from Jews? Do they hold that the original teachings of the Talmud should be followed? In my experience only the most religious Jews follow the “letter of the law” as found in Talmud (always with disagreements), and those are the very Jews who appear least likely to be involved in all of this.

      Do powerful Jews believe in Judaism at all? If they created all these splinter religions like Quakers and the Mormons, are the crypto-Jews assigned with these projects secretly holding onto Jewish or Talmudic beliefs while pretending otherwise, even centuries after the project was started? Or do they believe in Luciferianism or Satanism or some other occult beliefs as we are often told they do? What if the occult beliefs and practices of some ancient Babylonian religion wormed their way into Judaism by way of the Pharisees, and it is these beliefs that the current Jews with power actually believe in? How can we say we know anything at all about what they “actually” believe?


    2. Vexman, interesting comments. I read a book by Koestler on the subject, not realizing that in reading one book on the subject I was being routed down a dark alley. That was enough to convince me that the subject is far broader than I realized. I hope to profit from exchanges between you Daddieuhoh, Gull and others in this topic. You never know … I might even read some of the authors you list. As it stands my only worthy thought is that there is good in everyone, every group, and cynical manipulators of ordinary people in every group. Perhaps these manipulators are Jews, or perhaps they merely protect themselves by applying that label and then shaming anyone who mentions it. I’ve much to learn. Glad you are aboard.


  20. It might help to make a distinction between culturally different forms of Judaism- It appears that the descendants of the Ashkenazim of Europe are the accused that rabid Jew hunters are after since they constitute a large majority of all Jews- There are arguments based on DNA surveys that indicate the Ashkenazim may have originated in Saxony in the eighth and ninth centuries, CE- Over the centuries that group has been flavored with other groups, such as the remnant of the Khazarian empire*, sometimes referred to as Levintines through Turkey, and from the Sephardim of Spain and Portugal, another group within the catch-all term “Jews”- I’ve heard that Ashkenazi and Sephardim don’t always play nice with each other-

    *I am of the opinion that there was no mass conversion of Khazars, but that the royal lines and their chief associates were probably converts and that it happened incrementally over a few generations- What remnants did migrate west as that empire collapsed were the converted elites who ingratiated themselves with other elites, especially those that had a gripe with Rome, such as the Venetians- Since those elites of Khazarian extract also controlled the media of their time in power before the Russians ran them off, the idea that the empire was converted en mass might have been a self-serving myth-

    Lately I’ve been wondering if the Venetian ghetto system was for protection of such mutual elite interests rather than a quarantine- But, if it was as said in mainstream history to restrain the Jewish culture from integrating into the Venetian culture, which was nominally Catholic, it is interesting to compare the treatment of Jews in this ghetto system with the treatment of native Americans and the reservation system imposed on them- After all, it was the Venetian backed excursions to the new world that ultimately lead to European conquest of the Americas- I don’t think it coincidence that the native Americans were given the gambling concessions- It feels similar to the usury that was allowed Jews, but was looked on as sinful- But it was a way to give both groups a financial position within the culture and affect some loyalty as well as dependence, rather than fight them to the last man- Obviously the American version was much worse, given the numbers to subdue and expanse to corral relative to a few blocks of one city in a lagoon-

    With this in mind, arguing over the validity of the term “anti-Semitic” is just semantics-

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    1. Many things you stated are very close to my reasoning. There are two facts I’d return for you to eventually consider.

      Khazars and what was left of them when they politically disappeared from the map, were not just infiltrating European royal courts afterwards, some of them were ‘imported’ to then (and now again, coincidentally? ) Crimean peninsula, which happened around 11th century AD. It is thrilling to read the history about those people, who were of Jewish religion and how they in time infiltrated and took over Russian empire. I’d refer you to Solzhenitsyn and his book ‘200 Years Together’, which in majority as a matter of 1350+ footnotes to sources, confirms what Mathis was revealing about Russian revolution(s) and complete 20th century era.

      Semantics can sometimes be the issue itself. We could be describing a glass half full or half empty, but it would depict equal fact. Problem arises when words are not correctly used to depict a fact, I could be accused of intolerance towards Jews as an example, but certainly not as an anti-semite. There are some words that equally require to be re-invented or re-defined because they are just wrong by definition, anti-semite is just a mere example of such..


  21. Daddieuhoh, you’ve made some intriguing points in your reply.

    Before I continue with the thought in reply, a few words on semantics. When I personally use the word Jew / Jewish, I consider them as people of Jewish genealogy, descendants of those elders, who considered themselves as Jews. Regardless of whether they pray or practice religious beliefs or visit sacred places on Sabbath. If I learn that one in power is both, Jewish by genes and religious as a Jew, I automatically see a potential living malice. If on top of that I learn that he/she is hiding his/her’s original names, I get irritated. I will never understand that part of hiding one’s family names, which in my place of the world represents a part of man’s dignity and honor. I never noticed anything like that in any other world’s religions, but it’s possible that it so just because of my inexperience and lack of better knowledge.

    Firstly, I never suggested that all people of Jewish genealogy are equal and thus malignant and mean as the rulers prove(d) to be. It is true that most probably vast majority of Jews are the same suckers as we all are, but that’s how things happen around here. When few individuals do something bad, they throw a bad light on everybody in connection – their relatives, village, neighborhood, friends, nation, religious group they belong to, etc… I did not invent this, it is in our human behaviour to exclude misfited, I believe, furthermore I see it as a benefitial evolutionary skill to be able to do so.

    Secondly, I agree only partially. While we cannot confirm ruler group’s name(s), we can still in majority of cases confirm that mastermind is usually a human with Jewish genealogy, hiding his/her’s real ancestor family name and possibly openly religious. I see the discussion about the name of the ruler’s group as a misdirection, it’s as if we would be arguing which legion within an army is a true dominant force. They all are, equally. Although it’s still unclear and cannot be confirmed, I bet your mentioned Masons, Jesuits, Puritans, even Lutherans, Protestants et alle, are ruled from the same ‘office’. And although it cannot be confirmed, I bet this office is occupied nonproportionally by people of Jewish descents.

    Thirdly, you may be completely right. If I can’t see how you guys could be blackwashed it doesn’t mean it cannot actually happen. Life is after all full of surprises. I’d still be ignorant of those blaming me for saying the ‘truth’.

    To be completely honest, I personally don’t know and don’t care if any of those self-imposed rulers practices religion and obeys its teachings. All I know and read about was that those same rulers (and hoaxers) belong nonproportionally to people of Jewsih descents. Their beliefs in the end can only more firmly confirm something peculiar about it. I hope I’ll live long enough to finally learn this answer…

    It surely cannot be denied that in hypothesis Jews are being exploited – their religious identity stolen to futher blackwash them. But in this cas, after all centuries of such misdirection some truth about it would reveal itself. Yet I’ve never read a single thread of text in my short life that would be insinuating so, what is to conclude then other than what I tried to imply in my words? There is something really sinister going on with those BAD Jews and I do not know the cause for their bad deeds. As much as I can’t deny your suggestion, Daddieuhoh, you can’t deny this one just described. Maybe it is this circular on purpose, who is wise enough to say for certain? But don’t blame anyone who comes to conclusions similar to mine, like I said in the beginning, it is in human nature to deduce logicaly consistent observations to a ‘fact’.

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  22. **What do the elite believe?”

    I think the question about “religious” beliefs is a distraction. It seems clear enough that TPTB, whoever they are, believe some combination of these things:
    – they are in charge
    – they deserve to be in charge
    – people outside their elite circles are human cattle to be exploited
    – it is fine to exploit the human cattle using: taxes, usury, looting, government fraud, banking fraud, war profiteering, “health care” rackets, legal chicanery, crony capitalism, secret nepotism, bailouts, protecting monopoly rackets from competition, etc. etc. etc.
    – it is also fine to exploit the human cattle by creating false realities for them, by controlling the media, controlling the culture, controlling education, controlling art. And by lying, hoaxing, terrorizing, creating fake events, creating fake history, inciting fear, instilling false beliefsetc. etc. etc.
    – family connections are everything. all the plumb positions in society are for people with the right bloodlines. Even entertainers are selected on the basis of blood not talent
    – the elites deserve to stay in charge across generations
    – the elites are a chosen people, who deserve their positions because of their bloodlines, not because of their merit
    – it can be fun to exploit the human cattle, to steal from them, to lie to them, to manipulate their minds. it can be fun to signal and wink to each other while hoaxing the human cattle. there is pride and honor among thieves…it is fun to make the rules and tilt the playing field and conspire in secret. and there is no obligation to compete honestly or transparently.

    So, who is this group? Maybe it’s not a group of elite Jews. Maybe it’s a multi-ethnic mafia descended from whoever started setting up these rackets and hoaxes centuries ago. Whoever they are, they are born into it now. Whoever they are, they believe themselves to be elite by blood. Whoever they are, they do think of themselves as a chosen people who are not subject to middle class (human cattle) morality or rules. They don’t believe in competing on a level playing field, they believe they have the right (and a responsibility to their heirs) to tilt the playing field as far as they can in their own interests. They don’t believe in ruling or demanding tribute openly, they believe in conspiring and operating by stealth.


  23. “How controlled is the world?”

    One big question in all this is the EXTENT of the control.

    Certainly, the amount of looting and hoaxing is FAR beyond that imagined by most people.

    Most people would be shocked to discover how money really works, how much money the government really steals, how little political power they really have, how misguided and self-destructive their opinions are, and how hard they’ve been propagandized into having those opinions.

    BUT, we independent researchers do sometimes run the risk of assuming even more sinister control than exists. I know some true elites. And while I suspect that they ARE in the know about SOME sinister doings, I also know that they tend to spend their days in mundane ways and that they often believe that they are doing a lot of good in the world. Some of this is normal cognitive dissonance….it’s hard to go around thinking of yourself as an evildoer even when you are in fact doing evil. A lot of globalists actually believe in globalism, for example.

    Anyway, this is a question I have. How much is total control, like we’re living in the Matrix/Plato’s cave? How much is the elite getting us to self-police, by, say, faking a story about the NSA spying on everyone always? How much is the elite overseeing lightly managed chaos, doing things like fomenting dissent between black and white or male and female but then stepping out of the way and letting human nature kick in to keep the targets fighting?

    To what extent is, say, Trump vs. Clinton a completely choreographed TV show with every detail decided long in advance, vs. a lightly managed chaotic process to which the elite is somewhat indifferent because they pre-approved both candidates.

    Miles Mathis sometimes sells a story that feels a bit like disinfo to me…a story about how the ENTIRE world of art and entertainment has been coopted and ALL famous people are part of the big con. Even though he may be largely right, he’s not entirely right. There are Internet artists and internet stars who do good work and get it out there and the elites don’t stop them. He’s right that the independents almost never get rich and almost never get the distribution and marketing push from Intelligence that the fake artists do. And he’s right to be mad about that. But is every single actress we’ve ever seen the daughter of a billionaire or a Lieutenant Colonel? Or are some of them just really pretty girls?

    Anyway, it’s a big category of question that I have. And it has some big implications. Do we have ANY control over our own lives? Should we ignore the elites or fight them? How many people are involved in the conspiracies–if we live in a total control grid, millions are in on it. If we’re living in more of a lightly-managed chaos situation, the number of conspirators could be much smaller. I also wonder about the different roles people play….from full-blooded elite mastermind, to sort of “professionals” working for the elites (Intelligence), to useful idiots who become true believers in various hoaxes (e.g. Marxism if we believe Miles that it’s fake), to victims of the disorder, like men and women fighting with each other because the elite have sown the seeds to encourage discord. I also do think compartmentalization works wonders. Many intelligence agents really may believe that they are working for Uncle Sam rather than for trillionaire families. So there are more people working FOR the hoaxing and looting than are fully AWARE of the extent of it.

    Anyway, as we continue to search for truth it will be interesting to understand more about how it all works and how far it extends.


    1. I think the CIA complicity in modern art should be regarded as doping is in sports.

      This covert support have manufactured a skewed art history, and those who gained most benefits of this “support” should be carried out of the museums. But the story of this complicity does not get out. The media doesn’t bring it.


  24. There is a podcast where Michael Collins Piper says that king Bulan of Khazaria may be an ancestor of Anne Boleyn (mother of Elizabeth). He also talked about Cristopher Bollyn (they had some dispute but I am not familiar with this Bollyn). When you deal with Khazarians you must be aware of fake chronology ( ). Gunnar Heinsohns already says that Khazaria=Huns=Sarmatia. I suspect that Khazarian confederation is related to Cumans (Mathis connection Basarab of Wallachia was probably Cuman also (star of David on the flag of Wallachia). Gazaria can also be interesting. Mathis made some connections with Genoa in his Napoleon paper.

    I believe that the family and the people close to Akhenaten are the ancestors of the elite (Freud thought that Akhenaten was Moses). Ralph Ellis (freemason ) made some connections Again you have to take in consideration fake chronology . Kiya one of the wives of Akhenaten may have been Mitanni, but Mitanni = Persians (In Isaiah 45 Cyrus is called the annointed of God=Messiah). Another interesting connection is that Joseph was married to the daughter of the priest of On/Hieropolis.
    The obelisks erected in London and New York are from Hieropolis ('s_Needle).

    I just wanted to list some random connections but relevant to some of the comments above.


  25. Since the “elites” no doubt look at us as livestock, part of their belief structure is likely to be that they’re doing us and world a favor by managing us. And if we are no more than slightly more intelligent animals, who could argue with them? We could quibble about the methods being used, but that’s merely about details.

    Inherent in the belief structure of the people on here, and all those who genuinely seek the truth, is that there is something valuable in the individual, and therefore freedom and ability to run one’s life without this manipulation. The evolution psy op was an attempt to train us all that we’re just animals, and designed to destroy the foundational Christian understanding of man as created in God’s image. While the churches have been corrupted like everything else, it’s not all a psy op. It’s inherent in the foundational structure of the universe.

    This is why truth can obliterate lies, like light destroys darkness, why one loving person can outweigh all the negative people we experience in our lives. It’s possible for truth and love to be the spark that would “set fire to the earth” that Jesus wished for.

    It’s this fundamental imbalance in power in the world that is our lever point, and why pursuing the truth is so essential, in spite of the overwhelming odds. It also has to keep the elites and their minions uneasy at some level, however deeply in the recesses of their minds, that they’re a pinprick or struck match away from a collapse.


  26. I want to send a photograph of Paul McCartney that in my view is adulterated, the child sitting next to him, I think he should be his twin brother, and they changed his face.

    2016-12-04 15:35 GMT-03:00 Piece of Mind :

    > Mark Tokarski posted: “We have found with some performers that their > family backgrounds appear to be made up. Jim Morrison, for instance, > appears to be pasted in to his family photos as a youth, this one for > instance. And here are Janis Joplin and John Denver, obvious paste-ups” >


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