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I got an out-of-the-blue email from Don Jeffries, as did Fauxlex. Don is both a blogger (Keeping it Unreal) and does a radio show on the Truth Frequency Radio Network every Friday at 5pm EST called I Protest With Don Jeffries. The link below is to the show that Faux and I did with him today.

I Protest with Don Jeffries

We were the first hour of a two-hour show. I had a good time. Faux was lively and interesting, and Don, while chatty, did not talk over us or enter into debate. He gave us the forum, and we were able to make our points.

Don, as it turns out, goes way back in the rabbit hole, the Kennedy Assassination. This is where I cut my teeth, though Don authored books and did serious research, while I merely read books and did the old hand-wringing exercise. I do not know where he stands on the event now, but I give due credit to Miles Mathis for setting me free of that whole affair.

We did talk about MM, most often with respect for some of his early work on JFK, John Lennon, and the Lincoln assassination.

It was a fun time for me. We are grateful to Don for reaching out to us. He is a follower of the blog, and I am now a follower of his work. You’ll find him in the links below, tomorrow at the latest.

If you listen you’ll hear real voices of real people. That does not often happen in blogging.

15 thoughts on “Don Jeffries radio show

  1. Don was an excellent interviewer! I had a great time Mark. Worth a listen for everybody, we hit a wide variety of topics. If anything, worth it just to hear the “real” us.


  2. Very nice to hear your voices guys, well done! Really enjoyed the talk.

    The part about the Taos guy had me in stitches 😁 it’s so true that by his own standards he’s the spookiest one haha

    Btw, a black woman, Candace Owens made a video on FB I think- I watched it through an Italian blog as I don’t have a FB account- where she talks about Floyd and his crimes.
    If anyone can post it here and tell me what they think, thanks.
    She’s pro Trump.

    Have a nice Saturday all!


    1. Anna – So, I think this is the video you are talking about. Since no one has replied yet, may I offer up some of my thoughts, for what it’s worth? I won’t get into details here about the content. I will say that hearing this reminded me a lot of Seymour Hersh, and his book, The Dark Side of Camelot. Similar to the way Hersh brought to light the “darker” side of JFK – by highlighting the “darker” side of George Floyd, it serves to make his character even that more real. It gives him more texture and more “life”, so it only serves to reinforce how “real” this scenario must be. I would guess that is Owens’ role here – to reflect even more on this character, “George Floyd” – again, to bring him to life for the story. If she is addressing all of his criminality and flaws, then he must be a real life person, who really died under the knee of a cop, right? It would seem to me that Owens is front and center to make the event seem even MORE credible. As always, as long as we believe there is a death, it does not seem to matter so much the how and the why, and whether it was justified or not. That just keeps everyone looping, rather than questioning if it even happened at all. I hope that makes sense, from how I described it here.

      I have watched Owens a bit over the past year. She has risen very quickly in fame since transforming from a liberal to a staunch conservative. The biggest red flag with respect to Owens, in my opinion, is her father-in-law, Lord Michael Farmer. He is a trustee (Vice Chair) of the Council of Christians and Jews, whose patron is the Queen of England. Hmmmm. Does it get more globalist and elite? I can’t seem to reconcile that with her nationalist and anti-elite persona. The irony here is palpable for me, particularly given that the Council serves to protect and prevent Jews and Christian from prejudice – mainly anti-semitism. Owens spends a lot of time castigating other blacks for having a “victim mindset”, yet her father-in-law serves to reinforce victim mindset. I should say that I am a born and raised Jew, so, in no way am I implying anything else here except to point out the irony, and perhaps underlying motives. It just doesn’t seem kosher to me.

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      1. If I were to address the content specifically, I would add that she claimed in the beginning of her video, that Jews do not martyr Jewish criminals, as blacks do. I would offer that that is precisely what Jews did with respect to the alleged assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1990. He was hailed as a hero and martyred by many, and perceived as a convicted criminal by others, and there was mob violence surrounding his supposed death to top it off. So, once again, it’s challenging for me to reconcile her views, as I see a parallel here. But, I could be stretching?


      2. Dear Stephers,

        Thanks a lot for posting the video and sharing your thoughts about it.
        I had bad vibes straight away while listening, I knew it was just misdirection as usual.
        I totally agree: Give people a name and a fabricated life and past and they’ll start identifying with the victim and let their emotions take over critical thinking.
        A well known and tested strategy.

        I’d never heard of this woman before, so thanks a lot for providing a bit of her -fishy, to say the least- background.

        Like you, I think that as long as people around the world believe there are real events with real dead people, they’ll be trapped into what Freemasons call “the magic thinking”, that is they are like Alice in Wonderland, thinking that what they see and experience is real, not realising it’s all just an illusion.

        The few times I tried to say nobody died on 9/11 and in mass shootings, people told me I’m totally mad and deserve a psychiatric treatment, haha

        So happy I found you guys!


  3. That was a fantastic discussion. I agree with Anna, it was so nice being able to place your voices with your names and writing. It just makes you all the more real. Love it. Mark, thanks for the shoutout – that was really not necessary, but very kind. What I loved most about listening to this show was the synergistic vibe among the three of you. I have to wonder, Mark and Fauxlex, if you guys would even consider creating a PoM podcast, in which we could hear more of the two of you together. I think it would be very successful, and probably lots of fun for you guys.


  4. Your physical voices seem so perfectly consistent with your writing voices. I wonder if this is something the A.I. developers think about.


  5. A wonderful, intelligent and enjoyable interview. I hope this is the start of more to come. A podcast per Stephers?


  6. May I also dare to suggest that “Miss” Owens has a lot of ,shall we say, “opposite gender markers” ?
    Another red flag perhaps?


  7. Great interview! I really enjoyed listening.

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed elsewhere on the blog, but I am wondering what you all think the end-game is here with this new nationwide ‘’defund the police,’’ agenda. I’m no fan of the militarization of the police, but in light of everything else going on I can’t believe this is not somehow connected to something else nefarious.

    A new ‘’global’’ police force? Would love to know what y’all think is actually going on here.


    1. This is the ultimate question, isn’t it? For one, I am not sure that the “defund the police” will go anywhere beyond this brief, passing fancy. The public attention span is incredibly short and can be re-directed at a moment’s notice. My gut tells me that this is all just part of the same “total information control” system by which they operate.

      They want to be in complete control of what you see, think, and feel. The only way to do this is to fake events. As mentioned by Jeffries, the media does not seem to really cover “real” events anymore. They exist to cover the fake ones, which exist in a perpetual cycle so that the public at-large is completely controlled.


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