Cybernetic Conception: ROEing on the Blockchain, WADEing in Tokenized Water

“Tokens are for cybernetic reinforcement learning programs.” 

~ Alison McDowell,

[Writer’s Note: This is not an opinion piece on the pros and cons of abortion (it would be an understatement to assert that it is a complicated issue, see here and here), nor speculative with respect to who may be responsible for SCOTUS opinion leaks. While it is healthy and necessary to self-reflect on matters of immense significance — such as the conception and development of human life — entering into related debate keeps us in polarized states of mind and behavior. Watch here and here for a savvy perspective offered by my dear friend, Alison McDowell, on the real agenda and the intricacies behind potentially forced and contrived polarization, involving the strategic application of signals intelligence (review accompanying slideshows respectively, here and here). My aim is to explore deeper inquiries into the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision (striking down state laws restricting abortion), and potential upcoming counter-decisions (Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization), such as: How do events surrounding Roe v. Wade fit into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the Spatial Web, and the World Brain agenda? Why now?]

Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies and the Cryptosphere (cryptocurrency, blockchain, tokens, DAOs, and NFTs) are relevant to assistive reproductive technology (i.e., in-vitro fertilization/IVF), and may also have relevance to the natural progression of pregnancy (regardless of being deemed wanted/planned or unwanted/unplanned). While I have not yet identified source material that directly evidences that naturally-derived embryos have already been placed on the blockchain, I suggest that the application of datafied and gamified blockchained strategies to all reproduction (across all species, not just human) may be forthcoming in the foreseeable future. Within this emerging paradigm, the bio-cyberneticists may care very little about the definition of life, and how and when it begins or ends; but, rather, they may be most concerned about barcoding, bankrolling, and tokenizing the result, such that commodified, interoperable, and blockchained data (on which to hedge bets) begins to take on life via cybernetic conception, development, and reproduction (see Figure 4 here) — usurping natural life in the process.

Data, itself, represents life in the Machine (regardless of whether or not that life ever truly existed tangibly in the flesh), and it is precisely this quantified data that will exhibit meaning — immutably and eternally — with no regard for the intrinsic immortality of the human spirit (nor the spirit of any living organism). It is for this reason that my essay focuses on the human capital element of the 4IR. It seems apparent, as the 4IR emerges in full (nonconsensual) force, that humans (and all living beings) will be perceived as digitally entangled data to train the emergent AI, and to be exploited as commodities — no different than any object produced and distributed on a supply chain.  

In July 2020, I examined the transhumanist (AKA Humanity+) agenda, and specifically, the Global Brain, providing a link to a related discussion with Ben Goertzel (CEO and founder of SingularityNET). Nearly two years later, the Global Brain has become my research focus, as it seems all crypto roads and bio-nanotechnology avenues lead to this synthetic symbiosis agenda.

The SCOTUS initial draft majority opinion to presumably strike down Roe v. Wade was “leaked” on May 2, 2022 (see here and here). Incidentally, this was less than a week prior to Mother’s Day. Curious timing. I could not help but consider how this (controlled?) leak may be involved with signals intelligence (SIGINT) and information warfare (see Endnote 1).

The following day, May 3, 2022 (when many Twitter accounts were buzzing about this revelation), a succinct tweet was posted to the account of Monty C. M. Metzger, CEO and Founder of LCX — a digital currency trading venue:

The Future Will Be Tokenized.”

So, who is Monty C. M. Metzger, and what does his company, LCX, have to do with Roe v. Wade

To cut to the punchline . . . Founded in 2018, LCX (a member of the World Economic Forum C4IR) “developed, created and deployed” the RVW Token, which is a tokenized security backed by the gross-profits of the 2019 “Roe v. Wade” film. The movie token was issued by RVW Limited.

According to this January 2021 analysis (by Mohsin Arif) published at

Security Tokens, such as the RVW Movie Token, have different characteristics and functionalities than utility tokens, stablecoins, payment tokens or other digital assets like Bitcoin. LCX has been developing a new token standard called the “Liechtenstein Protocol” and will publish a detailed technical whitepaper in the coming months. The Liechtenstein Protocol defines useful smart contract elements in a new security token standard in accordance to financial market laws and compliance requirements . . . You can participate in the offering by registering at or

Returning to Monty C. M. Metzger . . .

Monty is CEO & Founder at LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange, Founder and General Partner Emeritus at Digital Leaders Ventures SarL Luxembourg and founder of Digital Leaders Inc.. He is author of the acclaimed Book MOBILE FUTURE 2020. As a Technology Futurist Keynote Speaker he had done research on global future trends, emerging technologies and business models provides Fortune 500 companies with a roadmap for digital transformation. As a Thought Leader he is analyzing the habits of highly successful leaders, exploring tech innovation to deepen his future intelligence and re-defining leadership rules for the internet age.

As reported (in 2020) by the The Tokenizer, LCX was chosen to issue the RVW Token (and to be the exclusive blockchain service provider) by “Roe v. Wade” film producers — Nick Loeb (son of former U.S. Ambassador and UN Delegate John L. Loeb Jr.) and Cathy Allyn. 

Entrepreneur and filmmaker Nick Loeb (who sought cryptocurrency funding for his pro-life-leaning “Roe v. Wade” film) was reportedly involved in a custody battle over IVF embryos, in which the embryos served as plaintiffs in the case. Purportedly, he brought the case against actress Sofia Vergara (together they created frozen pre-embryos), in an attempt to gain full custody of the viable fertilized eggs. I have to wonder if there is more to this story than meets the eye, and this brought to mind the notion of smart contracts, which can be utilized to enforce transactions on the blockchain — removing the need for any middleman or court-based negotiation. 

The reproductive services market is booming. As reported by BBN Times in November 2018, the global artificial insemination market is expected to reach $2.62 billion by 2025. Blockchain initiatives are being developed to address issues in the fertility health arena, including concerns around verification of reproductive materials and accountability across supply chains. Accordingly, this segues into blockchain babies . . . Yes, that is what I said . . . blockchain babies (see Endnote 2). 

In July 2021, Wei Escala, CEO of Eggschain (reportedly the first biotech company on the bitcoin blockchain), submitted registration to trademark “Blockchain Babies,” to promote “babies or NFTs.” While this may seem less than descriptive, seeing the word “eggs” (see Endnote 3) attached to the word “chain,” and seeing the word “blockchain” beside the word “babies,” gives me a highly unsettling feeling. Incidentally, Escala has stored her own eggs on the blockchain using her platform.

Earlier, in April 2021, I had discussed that IVF embryos were being digitally tagged and traced using QR coding; and subsequently, I discovered that polysilicon barcode tagging was being implemented to track human oocytes and embryos. However, I was not yet aware of blockchain platforms in the assistive reproduction space. 

To grasp the current state of mind that seems to permeate the evolving blockchain industry in this health space — following is an abbreviated excerpt from a fictional, futuristic scenario presented by Eggschain, a “pioneer in blockchain-based digital chain of custody tracking of blood, genome, tissues, organs, DNA, RNA, sperm, eggs, embryos, and more”

The year is 2099. Due to a cosmic collision of a rouge [sic] planet and earth, all men and women lost their abilities to reproduce. Men and women on earth have tried and failed to have a baby for many years and the clock is ticking towards the end of humanity…Legend goes that there are many frozen human eggs, embryos and sperm somewhere, but no one knows exactly where, because the central ledger was destroyed…the blockchain [Eggschain] can save humanity since it can pinpoint the last known location of the lost sperm, eggs and embryos…All the sperm, eggs and embryos are able to be returned to wombs of women on earth, and babies are once again being born using reproductive medicine . . . sperm can now be inserted into the eggs and even more babies are born…Since the cosmic radiation did not affect the eggs, sperm and embryos, and since they were frozen in specialized made liquid nitrogen tanks, the babies on the blockchain were able to reproduce and save humanity…Eggschain allows women and men to love freely and naturally again.

Escala (of Eggschain) spoke on May 14, 2022, in Austin, TX, at a symposium hosted by the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) and College of Reproductive Biology (CRB) — discussing “Blockchain and Information Technology in Fertility Treatment.” The symposium is a forum for andrologists and embryologists to communicate and foster collaboration in the field of assisted reproductive technology. 

Given that the vision of Eggschain is to track all genetic material on the blockchain, the company has plans to not only leverage embryos and embryo implantations, but also to register all sperm donations on the blockchain ledger. In February 2022, her company announced its first NFT auction. Their debut NFT is titled “Into the Light,” displaying the meeting of a sperm and an egg as a light projection on a dark sky to evoke an “illustration of the art and science of IVF and the potential for future life.”  

Do the cybernetic-obsessed central planners want not only the eggs that transform into babies to be blockchained, but also to datafy ALL the eggs — including those unfertilized and unborn? If so, I imagine this could feed into global impact markets (see here and here) — which may include natural reproduction and tech-driven reproduction/birth (IVF), as well as the abortion market.

So, we will now turn our attention to cyber-physical conception within the abortion arena . . . 

Cybernetic wizards behind the curtain have been very busy conceiving ways to flood the abortion market with crypto schemes. It seems this recent SCOTUS leak may have served to propel such mechanized strategies — already incubating behind the curtain — and pregnant women may be wading into previously uncharted waters. That is to say, the Cryptosphere has achieved penetration into the abortion space. 

Presumably, the first woman to break water in this new territory is Elissa Maercklein, CEO of Crypto Chicks. In February 2022, she donated 5 ETH (cryptocurrency called Ether) to Planned Parenthood — purportedly representing the first crypto donation to the organization. Paradoxically, Maercklein asserted that Crypto Chicks will harness The Giving Block, a cryptocurrency fundraising platform for non-profits, which also already enables several pro-life groups, including Alliance Defending Freedom, National Right to Life, and Students for Life of America. The Giving Block has no apparent issue dipping its feet into opposing streams. 

Additional crypto fundraising programs for abortion are being incubated, applying both NFTs and DAOs. It seems there is a quickening occurring, and crypto for abortion could become a hot trend. Interestingly, with telemedicine burgeoning since the advent of COVID, presumably, teleabortion (virtually prescribing abortion pills) is gaining traction. It is reported that 54 percent of abortions are medication abortions (as opposed to surgical).

Gynuity Health Projects launched a TelAbortion Study in 2016 — designed to evaluate the use of telemedicine for providing medication abortions to abortion-seekers. In 2021 — five years into their study — they reported that not only was their teleabortion initiative effective, they saw usage of the service double during the COVID era. Read here about the “philanthropic” funding of Gynuity. Another organization (launched in April 2021), Abortion on Demand (AOD), has also been wading in the waters of teleabortion. Coincidentally, AOD is an anagram of DAO. As I previously implied, DAOs for abortion may end up becoming all the rage. 

I find it quite the oxymoron that cryptocurrency — ostensibly awash with growth opportunities, and perceived as opening new doors — could be used to finance dead ends. But, that may be the catch. You see, the cybernetic Machine only seeks to acquire data from which to learn, and may not care much for the preservation of human life. However, if crypto is attached to a life that is never actualized in the flesh, it may potentially produce a digital life. Is it possible for a never-to-be-born embryo (or fetus) to have a virtual doppelgänger? And if so, does that digital avatar take on life in the emerging Web 3.0? Who would own that digital twin? Would the female bearer of that initial life ever have knowledge of its holographic surrogate twin — a virtual life conceived via cybernetics, and sustained solely by digital input? Is it possible for a digital clone to develop thought? Could holographic replacements be sold and traded (trafficked?) on the blockchain, or even hacked? Can bio-digital twins eventually reproduce (without human intervention) into more digital clones?

Researchers involved with developing an artificial uterus (the incubator 2.0) for premature babies are using digital twin technology — to mimic the neonate. While this reflects digital twins coupled to newborns (preemies), could this same technology eventually be used for in utero fetuses?

Is this what Norbert Wiener (commonly referenced as the father of cybernetics), had in mind, or is it the cybernetic monstrosity that he also presciently warned about? In his 1964 book, God & Golem, Inc., Wiener espoused that the Machine being constructed by humans is the modern counterpart of the Golem (an initially shapeless automaton embryo of Adam) in the Jewish legend of Rabbi Judah Loew and the Golem of Prague.

Do you see why my mind is swirling with so many questions? We have some serious contemplation (and bold confrontation) to do. While this global cybernetic Golem is not a foregone conclusion, I sense there may be very little time left to pull the plug, as very few of us attempt to open the curtain to reveal its architectural network of cybernetic sorcery. Learn more by reading here, and listening here to Alison’s recent and timely discussion with Shai Danon on the Golem.

One key component to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is managing water resources to transform the smart “enabling environment” via decentralized systems, encompassing blockchain-based smart contracts, asset-backed tokens, digital currencies, remote sensors, nanomaterials (including graphene), AI, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Central to this accelerating smart infrastructure is the production and distribution of real-time, interoperable water data. This is the crux of 21st century water management (and I suggest, this may also reflect management of all life in the near future). 

Following is a highly relevant and revealing quote by Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi (Nobel Prize recipient, Physiology or Medicine) from an essay I published in August 2020:

Since the structure of Water is the essence of all Life, the man who can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world. 

According to crypto architects, the environment (consisting mainly of water) needs cryptogovernance. Environmentalist Guillaume Chapron (who serves on the Workgroup at the Normandy Chair for Peace) suggests that smart contracts and the blockchain will guarantee that the energy being used is “clean.” Chapron and the Normandy Chair for Peace are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), comprised of 17 goals and 169 targets — ostensibly to meet global economic, social, and environmental challenges.

Amidst these agendas, the SDGs are also applicable to reproductive rights and conversely, to women’s access to safe and legal abortion

It is crucial to understand that social impact investing and Pay for Success machinations (such as this maternal health study sponsored by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health) only work when the outcomes on which future payments are based are measurable. Thus, why life beginnings (including eggs and sperm — naturally derived or otherwise) and birth outcomes need to be reduced to 0’s and 1’s on the blockchain; and hence, it is unsurprising that blockchain technology, impact tokens, and impact bonds are being employed to guide and measure intended outcomes of the SDGs, as reflected in 2019 by The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD):

Impact tokens contribute to the UN SDGs and often represent a specific impact in the form of a measurement metric such as number of vaccinations, tonnes of carbon dioxide or number of children attending school. These tokens are registered on a blockchain and can be tracked along a supply chain. They offer proof that a positive impact has been delivered, which can then be attributed to a particular activity or investment.

On the topic of SDGs and crypto . . . Sustainable Development Goal 6 is related to access to water and sanitation. One notable organization — co-founded in 2009 by actor Matt Damon — is, which claims to close the financing gap with innovative financial solutions to achieve universal, sustainable, and equitable access to water and sanitation (as aligned with UN SDG 6). To this end, Damon and his colleagues tap global capital markets. Is it any surprise, then, that Damon’s non-governmental organization (NGO) has partnered (see here and here) with the Singapore-based crypto platform (with stated aims to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency) to raise the catalytic capital?

On the surface of the waters, while the Roe v. Wade case and the new Dobbs case (as well as the “Roe v. Wade” filmmaker) dispute the birthing (or un-birthing) of fertilized embryos and developing fetuses, I postulate that there is one underlying objective — which is to assist in birthing the cybernetic World Brain — as conceived by Oliver L. Reiser in his 1946 treatise, The World Sensorium: The Social Embryology of World Federation.

In Chapter V, titled “The Birthing of the World Brain,” he asserts: 

In our formulation of the problem we describe the structure which must be evolved as a World Brain, an organ that will serve the same function in society which the individual nervous system, the cerebra-spinal axis, serves in the vertebrate organism.

On p. 201, Reiser speaks to “nourishing the world foetus.” 

If society on the human level is to make good on its promise of becoming a high-level organism, it must develop a social nervous system to centralize and coordinate the now loosely organized cell-colonies of the world (“races,” “nations,” “religions,” “peoples”) and synthesize the planetary society which embodies that unitary functioning of the World Brain. To bring about the structuralization of this coming level of social synthesis, we must foster the growth of those existing organizations that give promise of nourishing the world foetus; these planetary agencies must supply the morphological forces for the guidance of the embryo which will ultimately mature into a full-grown World Organism.

As humans, we literally evolve in water. Amniotic fluid — comprised of 98% water and electrolytes — surrounds the fetus during pregnancy, nourishing it, providing it sufficient mobility for its optimal development, and protecting it from harm. We simply could not grow, nor exist, without water. 

We are water-based beings — inherently capable of homeostasis and harmonization. What the cyberneticists desire is for water (inside of us, and all around us) to be tokenized — digitized for maximum extraction of data, enabling full spectrum domination (and digital incarceration) of our bodies and minds (artificial harmonization). We must ask ourselves, what do we want to fertilize — the natural or the synthetic, the authentic or the counterfeit, the holistic integration or the cybernetic synthesis? We still have a choice in this preeminent matter, as long as physical matter still exists. It may be difficult and scary to imagine reality comprised mainly (or even solely) of digital dust, but this is potentially where digital interventionists and social embryologists (and their comradely bio-engineers and geo-engineers) desire to lead us. 

Metaphorically speaking, are you an ostrich (ostriches are known for their very large eggs!) with your head held courageously above the sand? Will our fellow (hive-minded?) ostriches get their heads out of the sand (granted, this is a myth), and simply start paying attention to what is being constructed to jettison what is genuine and pure? There is still time, and that time is now . . . before we are knee deep in a desert of sand consisting entirely of programmable digital particulates — devoid of sacred water and life, wherein humans reside only in mythology.


1) After graduating from Princeton University — and prior to serving on the Third Circuit — Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. Read here about how the Cyber Branch (cybernetics and information warfare) of the U.S. Army originated with the Signal Corps. Applications of SIGINT involve knowledge of physics and electronic engineering, including circuits). 

2) Please see a hot take here by erudite researcher Sebs Solomon on tokenized procreation. Thank you Sebs for mentioning my work!

3) Of course, another word for eggs (specifically, in fish and some marine invertebrates) is roe. Here is Norma McCorvey (AKA Jane Roe) describing herself as the “big fish.” Oddly enough, it seems most people do not seem to take notice that the name “Jane Roe” (not her real name) was used to describe a woman who purportedly wanted to abort her naturally fertilized egg.

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  1. And,

    “What to do with all these useless people…?”

    …”You don’t need children, you can have a pension fund. You don’t need somebody to take care of you. You don’t need neighbors and sisters or brothers to take care of you when you’re sick; the state takes care of you, the states provide you with police, with education, with help with everything, in terms of ideas, in terms of religions.”
    ~ Yuval Noah Harari


      1. MTC,

        From your “Dolly” link, I was led to this initial piece by Bogdan Herzog: From that piece, I was led to this link, evidencing that J. Robert Oppenheimer was a direct descendant of Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague (whom I referenced in my post above with respect to the Golem; I referenced Oppenheimer in my previous post last month). I was then led to this finding (which I am still attempting to verify) on the Wikipedia profile for Rabbi Loew (

        Among his many descendants were Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad Hasidism. Through this paternal line, Loew is the ancestor of many prominent Jews, including Menachem Mendel Schneerson, seventh Rebbe of Lubavitch, and violinist Yehudi Menuhin. Loew is also a (paternal) ancestor of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (who was also a maternal great-grandson of the Baal Shem Tov, founder of Hasidic Judaism), and an ancestor of aerodynamic theoretician Theodore von Kármán. His descendants’ surnames include Braude, Leib, Lev, Lew, Loewy, Loeb, Lowy, Lowi, Low-Beer, Loew, Oppenheimer, Pfaelzer, Schneerson, Lowenstein, Gurary and Keim.

        In Sherry Turkle’s book, The Second Self, there is a footnote which states that several well known AI researchers grew up with a family tradition that they are descendants of Loew, including Gerald Sussman, Marvin Minsky and Joel Moses. Moses reported that a number of other scientists considered themselves descendants as well, including John von Neumann and Norbert Wiener.[citation needed]

        *my emphasis

        I find it highly revealing (if verified) that several prominent leaders in AI/cybernetics (including Norbert Weiner whom I referenced in my post above) presumably descended from Rabbi Loew (Golem –> Cybernetic Conception). Thus, the deep residing Kabbalist connection does seem apparent.

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        1. Great follow-up, Stephers, you’re obviously masterful at meticulous research!

          (I will code this post a bit, so maybe it doesn’t get too much attention by AI)
          The meme “every single time” grows on you after years and years of checking backgrounds and ethnic/cultic relations. I’ve known for quite a while now that we wouldn’t have any IT if it wasn’t for kabbalah and it’s offshoots, it’s all purpose-made, you can trace most of the insane stuff that has been going on these last couple hundred years directly to the T41mud (Tlmd henceforth), because that’s their collective memory and rather unencrypted. GMOs (they speak of giant plants in the Talmud), pasteurization (Pasteur/Pastor/shepherd) was verifiably into the Tlmd), multiple genders, you name it. I really suggest everyone at least get an overview of what stuff they believe and believed. And do be aware that most of today’s influential J3ws (J3 henceforth) are even more nature hating than their deeply religious predecessors and they all come from these “confused” traditions. Compilations of genuine Tlmdc traditions usually get purged off the web quite swiftly and it would usually be claimed that they’re misinterpretations, which is just a lie, because they’re actually obliged to lie if it could damage their (not so) little cult. I’ll list some of them below this paragraph. To understand this pernicious culture of deception, which has now pretty much gotten a hold of all of society, you have to be intimately familiar with the term p1lpul (the orthodox descriptions of it go on and on for pages, but I simply term it the art of manipulation, lying and deceit). Once you understand that, everything that’s going on will make a lot more sense to you. Islam has a similar (though not as extensive) tradition named taqiyya. It’s a very simple matter for me, such people can never ever be trusted in any regard. There is no end to the dogmatism in J3ish beliefs and they can’t go away, because they are treasured in the Tlmd never to be forgotten. The internet is very similar in that regard, just that it’s for everyone now, without the internet we wouldn’t have all these witches and sorcerers and fairies and furries and whatnot, or at least they would be confined to the elite who’ve always had access to these sources of insanity. Only thanks to the internet could they go public with their depravities, because they could gain enough popular support over the years. The madness that is to be seen everywhere now, before, I believe, was largely only present in the people connected to that cult. Please be aware that the transhumanism demise can’t be understood without understanding these prerequisites, which is why I’m posting it here.

          Here are the quotes. Let me remark that they keep changing the language, especially since translations in other languages than Hebrew were made available. They will codify names, obfuscate intentions and so on. All according to p1lpul, which is the art of saying very little in a lot of space. We are all affected by this culture thanks to their media. I remember back then in school I used to write very short essays, yet my teachers would complain and pretty much tell me that I would have to repeat myself and make it more bulky. To verify any of these quotes might mean having to go through multiple different editions in different languages and having to search for quite a bit. I already consider this aggravated assault, you will understand if you keep reading these books for a while. If someone does this on a daily basis and also is very much involved in it, I think he won’t be a human being after a while, I’m dead-serious. I will show you two different translations for the first quote, just to illustrate my point, in terms of the others you’ll have to take my word for it that they’re correct or go into researching them yourself, you will be sickened, I assure you. And I don’t really wanna know what was in there before they started translating it into different languages. This stuff is pretty much all written in Socratic dialogue, so you can pick whatever you want and if someone complains, you’ll just p1lpul him into oblivion. Everyone who has studied the J3ish “conversational prowess” knows this for a fact.

          M0ed K4tt4n 17a . If a J3 is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do
          the evil there.
          (German translation from the Goldschmidt 1929-1936 edition: Sieht jemand, daß der böse Trieb
          sich seiner bemächtigt, so gehe er nach einem Orte, wo man ihn nicht kennt, kleide sich schwarz, hülle sich schwarz und folge dem Triebe seines Herzens, nur entweihe er den göttlichen Namen nicht öffentlich. — In English, my translation, this is: If someone realizes that evil urges are taking hold of him, he is to go to a place where no one knows him, wear black clothes and do what he wilt, but not profane the name of god in public. — Sefaria Online: R4bbi Ilai says: If a person sees that his evil inclination is gaining control over him and he cannot overcome it, then he should go to a place where he is not known. He should wear black, and he should wrap his head in black, as if he were a mourner. Perhaps these changes will influence him, so that he not sin. Even if these actions do not help, he should at least do as his heart desires in private and not desecrate the name of Heaven in public. Although this person had sinned, he did so in private and in a manner that did not publicly desecrate God’s name, and therefore it was fitting that he be given an honorable burial.) You can see the mechanics at work right there, it getting ever more wishy-washy through the different iterations. Read a couple of Talmud editions, it’s 10.000 pages of empty babble, mixed in with political agendas, medical “wisdom”, endless superstitions and ample amounts of cynicism and hatred towards everything that is not J3ish.

          S4nhedr1n 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a J3, the gentile must be killed.
          S4nhedr1n 57a . A J3 need not pay a gentile (“Cuthean”) the wages owed him for work.
          B4b4 K4mm4 37b. “If an ox of an Israelite gores an ox of a Canaanite there is no liability; but if an
          ox of a Canaanite gores an ox of an Israelite…the payment is to be in full.”
          B4b4 Mezi4 24a . If a J3 finds an object lost by a gentile (“heathen”) it does not have to be returned.
          (Affirmed also in B4b4 K4mm4 113b).
          S4nhedr1n 76a. God will not spare a J3 who “marries his daughter to an old man or takes a wife for his infant son or returns a lost article to a Cuthean…”
          S4nhedr1n 57a . When a J3 murd3rs a gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a
          J3 steals from a gentile he may keep.
          B4b4 K4mm4 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has “exposed their
          money to Israel.”
          B4b4 K4mm4 113a. J3s may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile. [this is very important, note the 113 = 3 x 11 = 33, their favorite hoax number]

          Let me just summarize a couple more to spare you the agony: Jesus of course is bo1l1ng in hell in excr3ment, Christians (minnim, one of their endless code words) who reject the Tlmd will go to hell and be punished for eternity, the New Testament has to be destroyed, Adam had sex with all the animals in the Garden of Eden, agriculture is the lowest of occupations, the usual pedo stuff, no R4bbi can ever go to hell and of course:

          Men4hoth 43b-44a. A J3ish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: Thank you God for not mak1ng me a gent1le, a woman or a slave.

          Also this: G1tt1n 57b. Claims that four billion J3s were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar. G1tt1n 58a claims that 16 million J3ish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans. (It doesn’t take a lot of imagination what kind of an effect these kinds of stories would have on more recent, similar situations (this is very well documented, btw, I won’t mention it here for obvious reasons, though.))
          And again, I could keep going on about this for the rest of my life, these people have an incredibly high text output.

          I posit, again, the following: with the above described (and never forgotten) history and the ever increasing influence, possessions, global diaspora, pampering from other people due to their perpetual, brutal propaganda machinery and monetary/political hampering there came to be a massive rift in this megatribe. The exponentially growing secularization and contact with other cultures with less OCD and the mystically prescribed mission to heal the world, coming from very much sociopathic origins, must have lead to a massive clsterfck that we can obviously see by now. Let me quote Pes4h1m 111a at this point: “It is forbidden for dogs, women or palm trees to pass between two men, nor may others walk between dogs, women or palm trees. Special dangers are involved if the women are menstruating or sitting at a crossroads.” (this is no joke, mind you, the Tlmd is ripe with stuff like this) So, women, who before were seen and treated like this, would now be elevated towards positions of power and influence through the Rockefeller-induced feminism. And I still think that this wasn’t just happenstance, but rather ingeniously planned and brought forth by the hardcore k4bb4list mystics. According to Christopher Jon Bjerknes’ recent works, especially Bew4re the World to Come, we are at the bottom of the k4bb4listic tree of life right now, where Shekhinah, the female principle, which not only the J3s see as a force of chaos and evil, but multiple other ancient traditions, is to be invoked to destroy the old world in order to give room for the creation of the World to Come, the Age of Aquarius that is ruled by Lucifer, Intellect, Artificial Intelligence brought forth by an absolute lack of connection to nature and the worship of books and the intellect.

          At the same time people were made to believe in progress and hail the great technological advancements (which covertly are almost all religiously/cultically motivated). It is either solely this cultic influence (no matter if it was just a human invention or somehow induced from “outside”) or advanced civilization itself might be an incurable disease that inevitably leads to the demise of the collective. Either way, the path must be clear for him, who is close to nature. Yesterday I saw a little skit on a transgender witch, that excellently represents the predicament of, to put it mildly, strange beliefs. She had collected gallons of her urine in order to create a giant cube of it to exorcise Trump. ( These days I catch myself sympathizing with medieval Catholic measures quite frequently, but then revert back into thinking that they create and nurture “evil” on purpose, so they can defeat it as the righteous right hand path in the end, and that we’d better break out of this never-ending Malthusian cycle. Maybe I’m wrong and these forces really exist in nature, but I strongly doubt it, it goes against everything I can perceive out there. The madness only begins when you start talking to people. Man’s mind is malleable to no end and if people have “good intentions for humanity” in my experience it always ends very, very nastily.

          Forgive my endless rant under you post, Stephers, I really think it’s necessary to go to these lengths in order to have a chance of grasping the situation and moving towards greener pastures. :p


        2. That article by Herzog is excellent, he’s even familiar with King Kill 33 and the 9/11 ground zero creation rituals.

          Also, that beloved poem of Oppenheimer, incredible, I took that apart a bit:

          Batter my heart, three-person’d God, for you
          As yet but knock, breathe, shine, and seek to mend;
          That I may rise and stand, o’erthrow me, and bend
          Your force to break, blow, burn, and make me new.
          I, like an usurp’d town to another due,
          Labor to admit you, but oh, to no end;
          Reason, your viceroy in me, me should defend,
          But is captiv’d, and proves weak or untrue.
          Yet dearly I love you, and would be lov’d fain,
          But am betroth’d unto your enemy;
          Divorce me, untie or break that knot again,
          Take me to you, imprison me, for I,
          Except you enthrall me, never shall be free,
          Nor ever chaste, except you ravish me.

          This perfectly illustrates the kabbalistic principle of bringing about good through evil, being of the left hand path (betrothed unto the enemy/Satan) and sacrificing oneself, so the right hand (trinity) can prevail. The trinity is the rejoining of the male and female principle and the returning of the world to the pre-fall state (elimination of all biological life, the Shiva as destroyer aspect as per the statue at CERN: “your force to break, blow, burn, and make me new”). This is also seen in the thelemic symbol of 93, it means from duality (9 = 1+8 = 666) to trinity. Bjerknes said that the J3s despise the Torah with all its commandments (613 after interpretation) and are looking forward to not having any more after moshiach comes, because the Torah will be fulfilled, thereby destroyed and the only law will be 93: do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, love is the law, love under will. Do you feel the New Age One Love? Boy, are these people poor souls.


        3. Stephers, thank you for mentioning my post! You are too kind! Also, I was listening to Sofia Smallstorm talk about Bogdan Herzog a few weeks ago and I mentioned him on a little presentation I did yesterday on my youtube channel (it’s part one of three and it was about Golem, Theosophy, and Sex Magick, and Spiritual Eugenics) Here is a link:

          Again, thanks again. Great piece (as always, gave me something to think about). Also, I totally missed “roe” meaning “fish egg” and “roe vs. wade”–considering how much sushi I have eaten in my life, I can’t believe I missed that. And also, the “EggsChain” rabbit hole was so very dark. Recently, my research partner and I have been looking into the role of “melanin” in bioelectronics–another strange and dark rabbit hole.

          Hope all is well.

          Peace and Blessings,


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          1. Sebs,

            So great to see you here at our little neck in the (online) woods! I will definitely bump your newest presentation to the top of my viewing list! I will also pass this on to Sofia.

            On melanin . . . It is a research interest of mine. We may have to compare notes!
            Two very helpful reads on this topic (just in case you have not yet come across them):
            Melanin: What Makes Black People Black

            Dark Light Consciousness: Melanin, Serpent Power, and the Luminous Matrix of Reality


              1. Thank you for the links, I shall check them out. And yes, we can ask Alison to connect us via email (that would be great). Came across a William John Young and his paper on melanin extraction (from 1920’s)–It didn’t sit well with me.

                Click to access biochemj01180-0127.pdf

                Would love to compare notes 🙂


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              1. I will address all four points below.

                RedSeaSocialist is one (of three) of my email addresses on gmail and when I would be in YouTube chats, that’s the name that would appear. I’m not “changing my names around”–email address does NOT equal “name”–I believe Marcus wrote “Sebs aka Redseasocialist” on the title of the video you posted because when I would be in his youtube chat during his livestreams, it was with the “redseasocialist” account (which I still have and use BTW bc I’ve had that gmail address for some time).

                It’s “RedSea” because I am originally from Eritrea, which is located on the Red Sea and I grew up going to the beach there. And “socialist” because I always leaned more on the “socialist” side–as far as the fundamental principles like “taking care of those who need it and incorporating indigenous methods of land sharing and approach to ecology” (NOT the “techno-fabian socialism” using cybernetics to socially engineer humanity). And even though I believe all of natural life is connected on an energetic sphere, I respect and cherish individuality and free will–always have).

                I never had a youtube channel that I “deleted”–that is just FALSE FALSE and FALSE. Aly and I created a YouTube channel this year in February (on the 13th, to be EXACT) called “Doom&Gloom” which can be found here:

                –but that is the ONLY YouTube channel I EVER had (I’ve only been on OTHER people’s shows before creating “Doom&Gloom” but never had one of my own before this one). So, you are just flat out WRONG. Period.
                If you are referring to my recently deleted video on that channel, that’s bc it’s part of a three-part episode and I decided I’m going to release all of them together–prob today or tomorrow).

                I never had a “patreon” account–EVER. I have never asked ANYONE for money (I research as a hobby and never had a patreon). Not that there is anything wrong with getting compensation for research or work; I’m not against the idea, but you are FALSELY FALSELY FALSELY (again) claiming that I had a “patreon account” that I “deleted” and that is either a deliberate LIE or you are commenting from a place of ignorance (about me).

                Solar Tsunami was the name of my blog on medium, I changed it to “gnomes4truth” within two months of having “solar tsunami” (Solar Tsunami created July 2021 and gnomes4truth created September 2021). I changed it bc I like “gnomes4truth” better and it has a personal meaning for me (digging for truth like a gnome–of the earth). All of the posts I had on Solar Tsunami (like the one you posted in your above comment) are also posted on the “gnomes4truth” medium AND ON THE INTRO IT VERY CLEARLY STATES:

                By: Sebs Solomon—Originally Posted on July 12, 2021 via SolarTsunami

                It says that ON ALL OF THE SEVEN POSTS from Solar Tsunami that were reposted on gnomes4truth.

                Below are the six other posts (in addition to the blockchain one you posted in your comment) that indicate where and when they were ORIGINALLY posted at the BEGINNING

                Exhibit One:
                Tigray Defense Forces, Chemonics, & Ethiopia’s John Bolton
                By: Sebs Solomon—Originally Posted on July 3, 2021 via SolarTsunami

                Exhibit Two:
                Sauntering Down the Rabbit Hole: Jack Dorsey’s Crypto Campaign in Ethiopia
                By: Sebs Solomon—Originally Posted on July 28, 2021 via SolarTsunami

                Exhibit Three:
                Zong Massacre, Sinister Origins of Maritime Insurance, and Human Capital
                By: Sebs Solomon—Originally Posted on August 9, 2021 via SolarTsunami

                Exhibit Four:
                Eritrea, Syria & the “Truth Teller” Industrial Complex
                By: Sebs Solomon—Originally Posted on August 16, 2021 via SolarTsunami

                Exhibit Five:
                Future of Healthcare, Digital Ethiopia+China & Global Technocracy
                By: Aly Alexandra & Sebs Solomon—Originally Posted on August 26, 2021 via SolarTsunami

                Exhibit Six:
                Crypto Cuba, Nanotech Revolutions, and Behavioral Economics
                By: Sebs Solomon—Originally Posted on September 7, 2021 via SolarTsunami

                So, perhaps just ask me or do a little more investigation before making false claims about me or insinuating that I am “suspect”–I’m not trying to hide from anyone or “rebrand” or “operate under different identities”–

                I just wanted to make that very clear. Thank you.

                Peace and Blessing,

                Sebs (aka Redseasocialist aka SolarTsunami aka gnomes4truth aka NOT SUS)

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                1. Sebs,

                  I am extremely grateful you are here to speak for yourself – although I wish you had not been placed in that position (of having to defend yourself). If I could “heart” or “love” your reply (instead of “like”), I would have done so.

                  Both you and Alison are intrepid researchers who are willing to place all topics (including individuals, organizations, companies, religions/traditions, mindsets, etc.) on the table – never any hint of blind spots, gatekeeping, or obscuring. This is beyond rare these days, and the very reason I look to your diligent research.

                  I very much appreciate your persistent efforts to unveil the dark and dirty deeds of the controllers/culture-creators lurking behind the scenes, and you do it with a measured, graceful, and humble approach. From what I have observed of your conversations and your writing, you have a very independent and nimble mind.

                  I look forward to connecting and collaborating in the near future . . .

                  With the utmost respect,



                  1. Stephers,

                    I am always ready to defend myself (or anyone) if I see dishonesty or laziness in an approach to criticize–I just cannot help it. Actually, I wanted to apologize for having squabbles on your comment section (lol) and turning it into a mini sub-saharan telenovela–I saw what was written and then my name, so I had to set the record straight or, at the very least, give my explanation.

                    Thank you again for your kind words, I will reach out to Alison for your info today. And next time, I will try to keep my comments about the topic pertaining to the piece and not the “story of my life” (again, LOL).

                    with love,


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                    1. “mini sub-saharan telenovela”

                      Bring it on. Sounds entertaining and enlightening.


                  1. MindTheCybernetics, please mind your manners here (at the very least, on my comments thread). I urge you to take time to listen to the discussion you linked (and review the links graciously provided by Sebs), if you care to comment any further on this. I suggest you are barking up the very wrong tree. Given your moniker, I sense it would be most helpful to dig into the research and fruitful, insightful, and compassionate engagement offered (for free) by Sebs.


                  2. One:
                    Exhibits are not only for court rooms (there are art, science, and plenty of other types of exhibits). I was addressing all of your points (section by section). And unless art, science, and courts are strictly Marxist then what you are saying doesn’t make a whole lot of sense (marxist training?–can you clarify what you mean by that).

                    Labeling people and ideas with the word “communist” on anything with which you disagree or don’t understand is intellectually lazy & gets boring pretty quick. So, please, stick to the substance, unless you plan on clarifying (in detail) what you mean by “marxist training”–

                    Yes, Dr. Jared Ball had me and Tunde on his show to talk about Ethiopia and Eritrea on July 9, 2021 (I come on at 20:48)

                    The link you posted:

                    -was a conversation I had with Jared Ball on July 14, 2021 (almost a week after the initial talk about “Africa” related matters).

                    As I stated in my previous reply, I am from the East Africa, so I went on the show to share my thoughts about what was happening in a region with which I am directly connected). Born there. Had a childhood there. I pay attention to what happens there as much as I can.

                    I became acquainted with Jared Ball through another Eritrean person whom I know (named Filmon). I know many Eritreans (and East African) in general. Just putting that out there. I’ve interacted with all of them openly on twitter–(including Filmon) so, it’s not a “secret” or on the DL. Idk if your intention is to “shame” me with the links to the Black Power Media appearances or the post on Hood Communist.

                    Which brings me to my last point–

                    After my second appearance on Jared Ball’s show, a nice young woman who runs Hood Communist (Erica) asked if she could publish my blog post about Blockchain tech and coercive surveillance of the global south on Hood Communist; I told her “of freaking course” because I think it is an important topic and I want more people to be exposed to it. So she published it on their site on July 22, 2021 and I even tweeted about it here:

                    -I was quite thrilled she published it, actually. Ill post a link below–it’s basically about blockchain technology and the nefarious ways it can be used (thanks again, Erica):
                    Blockchain Technology and Coercive Surveillance of the Global South
                    Also on gnomes4truth blog
                    And my sinister authors page on Hood Communist. insert evil laugh here

                    Again, I don’t know what you mean by “it’s all a bit too transparent”
                    –when I am quite literally being as transparent as possible by giving **CONTEXT.*

                    If you have already made up your mind about my character, then I wish you well and I will go on my merry way; but moving forward, please be more thorough in your investigation when making such serious claims–because this has been sloppy and incomplete (to say the least).

                    Peace and Blessings.

                    Marxist Training Post-Graduate

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                    1. I have no idea who this “Mind the Cybernetics” person is, but these disparaging passive-aggressive comments are in very poor form . Not sure what this person was trying to accomplish, but they have made a terrible impression.

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          2. Stephers,

            Here is the link to Part One of the three-part episode (I took it down last time, so I could upload all three parts together). This one starts with the Golem.

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    1. he is actually right, you know. It’s the biggest problem ever. How to keep all the people busy when only a small part of them is necessary to keep everything running. Everybody wants to do something of value in his life. Having a job to make a living was a constant for the majority for a long time. Even the elite was always looking for something to do to be proud of and such. And it is always the others which decide if what you do is of any value.


      1. It is only consequential, if you see nature and life as something flawed, evil and in need of repairing, absolutely.


  2. remember the begin of stock exchange? The first companies had to print them on paper and if you bought stocks you had them in the same way like you have “bank notes”. Then they allowed trading and gave permission to the banks to keep the stocks in their safes so traders could gamble more freely. Then they allowed to keep the stocks in digital form as numbers in databases without ever printing them, then you just could buy and sell this numbers with “real” money without ever see any stock yourself. You may think, when you own stocks you own a part of a company but when you own something you can decide what to do with that. You can’t decide anything about a company no matter how many stocks you buy. Only certain people are allowed to buy enough stocks to have something to say and this people don’t come from the market. The same thing regards cryptocurrencies. It’s just numbers in a computer and you pay with “real” money for the numbers just not having the illusion that you actually own a part of something valuable. It’s just gambling. Blockchain is a technology which allows to hide the tracks so banks can make all kind of transactions without leaving any traces. You won’t be able to “follow the money” anymore. You of course cannot hide your tracks when you buy cryptos. No matter which ones. Everything else they say about tokens, mining, algorithms and such is just BS being written and rewritten to distract from what this is all about.


  3. A special shoutout to James Sims IV for his creative pushback:

    Following are the lyrics to his song (my emphasis):

    We used to be chained to block, now they got us on blockchain
    Niggas getting played, but its not a game
    Its A lot of suit and ties, that Got us choosing sides
    Refute lies to live like the Most High, not fruit flies
    Hand to mouth, lands in a drought
    Conforming to a system that recruits you if you standing out
    Cant be no individual wins…
    When they tryna make our children into digital twins…google.
    I rap rhymes…and live like frugal
    In the end times, my lines are like a bugle
    Country like a jail, turning minds into tombs
    Panopticons been designed for the wombs
    Reading our emotions, face scans on the Zoom
    Atlanta in surveillance, but we dance like buffoons
    Division between mans and womans
    and the children looking for us to stand…
    and niggas Stan over coons?

    Japanese Moonshot Goals at ya dome
    Smart furniture being moved in ya homes
    Synthetic humans, getting fused with with ya clone
    But you think africans tryna get you out ya zone
    Niggas so caught up in last years struggle
    When opps plot to make your whole family a hustle
    Folks been so groomed to live their life full of fear
    They overlook pipelines from cradle to career
    Career to the grave…they got it all made
    And even then…they turn your avatar to a slave
    Acting hard aint gonna get us nothing but a bullet
    Rebuilding what we need will help us live to the fullest
    Miltarized games at USC…
    Weaponized narratives will have us doomed at sea
    Speak in Code for all the geniuses that groove like me
    To help illuminate the underworld that you don’t see

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    1. A crucial and pertinent read authored by Leo Saraceno (May 24, 2022) at

      “Blockchain, Digital Twins, and Global Brain Economics – Part III”

      My post directly intersects with Leo’s, as I hyperlinked to Celo and Ledgard – both featured in his astute analysis. It was Leo who initially informed Alison of Ledgard’s “Interspecies Money,” who then informed me (hat tips all around).

      Interestingly, musician Peter Gabriel (of Genesis, founded Interspecies Internet: (which spun out Ledgard’s Interspecies Money project

      Click to access HASI%202021%20Program.pdf

      I have been meaning to write about Peter Gabriel and “Genesis” in relation to George Church and his Regenesis. Esoterically, Re-genesis links back to this concept of re-defining and re-shaping human beings (eugenics) . . . (see my reference to Regenesis) (see my reference to Regenesis)


      1. While tangential to the core message of my post . . . I just wanted to remind POM readers about who Henry Wade (of Roe v. Wade)
        was – in relation to the JFK/Oswald narrative: His intimate involvement with information warfare surrounding that event in November 1963 may hint at some potential chicanery involved 10 years later (1973) with Roe v. Wade . . .


  4. Very compelling narrative in this post, Stephers.

    Trying to wrap my head around some of this digital nomenclature, and more importantly, the uses to which these “entities” are put.

    “decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO”

    Interestingly, the DAO’s mentioned in this linked article are “non-binary” in nature, somewhat apropos to this post.

    Even less relevant, but still a little bit related to the subject, is the following short story:

    Last summer, my scythe (yes, that monstrous grim reaper tool) was stolen from my garden shed. I was surprised recently to see one advertised on craiglist, nearly new, and being sold by a young woman attached to Oregon U. I bought it, and came to find out in the exchange that she, a single woman, was caring for a newborn that is the result of an embryo transplant.

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    1. OM,

      Strangely enough, as a holistic wellness practitioner, I was solicited in 2018 by an online “wellness social networking” company called DaoCloud. When I link to the company’s website from the 2018 email correspondence (I did not oblige, btw, even though the company was persistent), I see the company has since changed its name to ( Nonetheless, their use of the “Dao” and the “Cloud” may have deeper implications, and thus, may have been too transparent (?).

      Personally, when I see DAO, I see the Taoist Tao/Dao ( – off which the online wellness social network was most likely riffing (on the surface). I think the Dao/DAO gestalt is intentionally subliminal, and applied to hijack the core/pure essence of life, as well as birth “life” into the cybernetic behemoth.

      “The TAO of DAO” (April 20, 2022 by Liz Wald)


  5. Thank you Stephers for sharing this excellent work and offering us this free education! I will be spending some time on your links. I just wanted to share one more here that I think is relevant on the social engineering aspect of the synthetic life agenda which some readers may not have come across yet and looks quite comprehensive:


    1. Nice link! No visit to a Global Future Council symposium is complete without stopping by the Techno-fascism tent, and a peek into Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard…

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  6. This all strikes me as rather dystopian. It has an “we’re almost out of time” feel about it. Just as we were warned in the 70s that a new ice age was upon us, and from 1989 forward that the planet is burning up, we seem to move forward.


    1. MT,

      I hear what you are saying, and I can appreciate your groundedness. I will give this more consideration. In the meantime, here are my initial thoughts…

      Admittedly, my writing (including this post) is typically hallmarked by an intense cautionary (foreboding?) tone. I think I have been fairly consistent in this respect. Even so, I do not feel that I lean into catastrophism.

      On the contrary, my intention is to inform about the advanced strategies that have already been employed by the powers that should not be – without our full knowledge and consent – so that we can begin to define the real problem at-hand, and hopefully create real solutions (excluding online/digital strategies). To this end, I feel that by telling this story that I have been tracking and dot-connecting since 2018 (albeit, not a pretty one, but it helps to explain the covert rationale linking nearly every pseudo-event since the JFK fauxsassination), it is actually an inversion of the catastrophism narratives (unfounded) presented to us – such as coming ice ages, global warming, rising sea waters, scarcity of resources, and over-population.

      While a gross oversimplification, it is my position that the Club of Rome ( set into motion these false problems, in order to hand the ball over to the Club of Budapest ( to be the savior to spin out their “unifying” solutions – including the artificial noosphere – AKA World Brain. (Note: Barbara Marx Hubbard featured in Kensho’s link above was a member of the Club of Budapest, led by Ervin Laszlo.) Again, this is only a nutshell description, as many other organizations (such as the UN and The World Future Council) are spearheading this weaponized narrative to achieve their goals – eventually leading to their coveted Singularity.

      It seems that the aforementioned organizations (which collaborate with a plethora of private companies, such as Palantir, Blackrock, and Vanguard, to name only a few that quickly come to mind) are intent to design a utopian civilization (comprised of digital citizens, based on models in Estonia and Astana). But many of us perceive this as dystopian (as we should, in my opinion). One person’s utopia is another person’s dystopia.

      The rapidly accelerating digital transformation is very real, and this is easily evidenced. That said, the 2050 targets being proposed by the Japanese Moonshot project (of which the U.S. National Science Foundation is directly involved) – and their main goal of “Realization of a society in which human beings can be free from limitations of body, brain, space, and time by 2050″ – do seem unrealistic, and hopefully, unattainable. Nonetheless, concerted efforts are being implemented to reach their objectives.

      I think this four-minute explanation in March 2020 (by Pascal Lamy – just prior to the official COVID kick-off – offers some hints as to how they wish to attempt to accomplish deployment of their 4IR (and 5IR and beyond) methodologies. Lamy instills the notion that while their goals are mainly aspirational, the key is to sway public opinion (gain trust by changing hearts and minds, so to speak), in order to make their lofty dreams a reality. Of course, the controllers need to present these moonshot goals as being “for the good,” so as to gain collective support (by gullible citizens).

      Regardless, we will move forward. I am not claiming that we will vaporize into digital dust at the snap of fingers. What I am attempting to express (in my potentially hyperbolic manner?) is that, overtly, life may not look vastly different in the not-so-distant future, but our bodies and minds will be surveilled down to the nanoscale, and the level of granular control will far exceed that which we are consciously aware.

      I see tangible evidence all around me that this panopticon is coming at us fast and furiously. But I do not think many others are able to perceive it. It kind of reminds me of the geo-engineering phenomenon. I look up in the sky nearly every day and observe the thick, heavy grid lines blurring out the sun. I have tried to get others to notice, but somehow they don’t. They just see what they perceive of as natural clouds. It boggles my mind.

      In any case, I really hope I am very wrong about all of this. Nothing would make me happier than to know that my children, and their children, and their children, and so on, will be free from the clutches of a full spectrum dominating digital panopticon; and free to think on their own, without being hive minded as thought nodes on a decentralized blockchain. It is not by watching dystopian films and TV shows that I conjure these concerns – all I need to do is simply observe the stigmergic behavior of extended family and friends and neighbors over the past couple years. With the exception of a few very close friends, it seems to me they are already getting some type of download (as metaphorical as that may sound).

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      1. Once there were eastern banks with branches out west, but due to distance owners had no way to control employees. They could not know they were on the job or that the banks were even open. Keep in mind this could all be fantasy. We don’t really know how people lived then, or if there were storefront banks. I am referencing Marshall McLuhan here, kind of a mush head with brilliant insights. The telegraph came along, and with that it was necessary when a message was sent that it be received, that someone had to be standing there decoding. There was no storage of messages, all real time. The receiver had to be there. He was not free to be wandering the meadows or fishing that day. He was on the job.

        McLuhan’s message: With every advance in technology comes a corresponding loss of freedom.

        I know what is going on. My phone is a tracking device. I have a navigation system in my truck. It tracks me too. Not done by humans, of course, and the only use of this information would be in reverse. If I committed or witnessed a crime, they could reverse engineer my movements,and prove where my phone or truck (not me, not my body yet, which is what you write about) was. With every advance in technology …

        We just changed insurers, and State Farm asked us to put a chip in our vehicles to track our driving. According to our Grandson, this system screwed him over, as he brakes and accelerates more than he should. It cost him an insurance discount. The insurance guy said that it would lead to discounts on our rates if we prove to be good drivers. I really have no fucking clue what is really going on here, but went along with it anyway. He said people don’t like it because they do not want to be tracked. I said that if you have a cell phone and a navigation system you are being tracked. I have nothing to hide, but that’s not really the point, is it. With every advance in technology …

        I hear your dystopian warnings. I am not deaf. I’ve lived a privileged life, self employed, only at work when I chose to be, no one to answer to, and able to keep cash flow. The first thing I realized as an independent CPA was man, I can make more money this way, at least twice as much, as someone employed! Then I realized that if I minimized my living expenses, my time was my own! Nothing lavish about me, hiking the mountains, taking two hours at lunch for a run, meal and shower, no one in control of me. No boss. I’ve lived an amazingly fortunate life. Because I was never, since age 36, under control of a “boss”. *** As you might see on this blog, I think my own thoughts, as best I can.

        And so do you, using this blog. I hope this continues, you, me, Steve, maybe Tyrone, ad infinitum. Free thinkers. As best we can.

        *** Oops! Forgot to mention child support and alimony. The price of freedom, which was real, was for many years quite a burden. That was the price of trading that old life for the new one. Worth it.

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  7. Awareness is the first step to (fill in the blank). “Modern” rational/intellectual thought all too often is missing self-awareness and discernment, two important elements IMO. We always seem to be running out of quantitative, chronological, or sequential time, or (Greek) Chronos. However, Kairos (Greek) or the qualitative “right time” is seldom considered anymore. Kairos, on the other hand, signifies a moment time in which something of significance happens. How we perceive time may affect how we feel, negatively, or positively. Time never “runs out” in Kairos.

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  8. State Farm offered me the same bullshit. I drive about 85mph (4:30am) on I-55 into my suburban Shitcago job. I drive necessarily aggressively on both ends. “No thank you.”

    You could ditch your phone, and your modern automobile – but you’d still be tracked by your license plates and a million other sensors scanning everything everywhere. AI knows all (and worse: can FORGE all). If I am able, I will decline the transhumanistic alterations to my body. In the meantime, what, accept this shit world? Surely you have witnessed the mental acuity of those around you… who will resist? Who will know to resist? Of those who do actually resist, how many will go all-in?


  9. I got about halfway down this post before I started losing the will to live and had to stop. All that jargon, all those weird concepts, all just far too much to take for me

    The people pushing and managing these schemes are clearly insane. In fact the Western world is now run by insane people who think that they can play God. I’ve got news for them, they can’t and they never will be able to. No human can play God and succeed, it’s utterly impossible. They will get a rude awakening one day, I’m certain of that. Their schemes deserve to fail and they WILL fail

    There is a Russian author called Dmitry Orlov. Born in Russia, lived a decade or two in the US and returned to Russia a few years back. He lives in St Petersburg now. He is an expert on system collapse. He observed the collapse of the USSR from close up and is now observing the collapse of the UKUS Empire of Lies [Crown/City of London/DC]. It is happening before very our eyes right now. The UKUSZio Empire [12% of all humans] is in it’s death throes, it cannot impose it’s will on the other 88% any more, and it knows it. The rest of the world is saying “NO!”. There are far bigger issues in play at this time, other than this cyber stuff

    Orlov has also written a book called “Shrinking the Technosphere” in which he posits that there is a battle to the death going on alongside the collapse of the Empire of Lies. It is an existential battle between the Biosphere and the Technosphere and it is also happening right now, right in front of our eyes again. The Biosphere is that small space between the Earths crust and the upper part of its atmosphere. The Technosphere is self evident and it includes all the sort of madness covered in this post. We’ve no choice but to reign in the Technosphere if we are to survive as a species. It’s as simple as that

    I’ve no idea which will win but I certainy know whose side that I am on. It’s rather like the only sensible Convid stance: I do not consent, I do not comply, Go away and leave me alone, NO!


    1. Pete,

      I understand this material is a lot to absorb. However, I sense that if we do not properly define the problem, and lay bare individuals and organizations pivotal in its construction, then we will not have the opportunity to say “NO!” As you have boldly asserted, we must not consent, nor comply to the building of this digital prison – which may potentially suck the life force out of the Biosphere.

      On Orlov . . . I have been planning for some time to pen a short series here, which I tentatively titled “Tales of the Technosphere.” To this end, I must clarify that my definition of the Technosphere does NOT align with the vague definition presented by Orlov in his Shrinking the Technosphere. Given that Orlov is intimately connected to the Post Carbon Institute (a là Richard Heinberg), his definition of the Technosphere is a veiled reference to climate change/global warming. Most of his book warns about the dangers of fossil fuels, radiation, nuclear war, rising sea levels, famine, Islamic terrorism, war, and mass shootings. I find most of these issues to be false constructs. While I appreciate his principled stance on the potential harm of GMOs, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology, he does express his support of vaccines (which directly conflicts with his position on genetic engineering and nanotech); and, not once, in his book, does he mention blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital twins, AI, cybernetics, or the Psi field (he considers the Technosphere to be purely physical with no metaphysical/Psi component). I think he completely misses the boat in this regard – whether due to naiveté or intentional obfuscation (I lean into the latter).


      1. Hi Stephers

        I find what you say about Orlov, to be thought provoking, thanks. I have not studied his bio in any depth, but I must say that one of the key impressions that I had from his book, which I read a few years ago, is that his position on fossil fuels is broadly as follows,

        1 Other than nuclear, fossil fuels are the ONLY existing source of power for an industrial economy

        2 Fossil fuels are limited in availability and are being depleted quickly

        I specifically challenged him about 2 via his blog, citing William Engdahl, who said that they are NOT fossil based, but come from deep within the Earth, and are replenished naturally. Orlov shot me down in flames, and I bowed to his superior knowledge and intellect

        So, if he is correct then, there is bound to be a post carbon future isn’t there? No choice about that if we survive as a species IF he is correct. So, as ever then, the context of his position is essential to understand. Believing in post carbon does not conflict for me in that context, it’s logical

        I enjoy Orlov’s writing so much that I pay a small subscription in Rubles to his new blog which is in Russia [naughty boy Pete, that probably gets me on the radar in these crazy times when it is de rigueur to be overtly racist about Russian here in the Empire of Lies] I find him very interesting and very good value for money. His style is crisp and clear and, rather like Mr Mathis, he has a turn of phrase that often makes me laugh out loud

        His current focus is his long standing interest in the collapse of Empire, currently in the context of the manufactured “war” in Ukraine. As ever in this Empire then, the media generally regales the exact opposite of the reality. They even managed to get lots of unthinking morons in the West to cheer loudly for war! As if its benefits them! Of course we know that ALL wars are bankers wars, oligarchs wars if you like. None of them benefit ordinary people in any way, none of them, ever

        Also Orlov recently made it clear in a blog post that his definition of the Technosphere in his book was inadequate, as you say. Orlov is an Orthodox Christian and he admitted that his definition was inadequate in a recent blog post. An excellent, very funny, post that included his critique of all forms of monotheism. His treatise on atheism was a joy to read, he destroyed the position of modern atheists in a few short paragraphs

        Finally, I have no memory of much discussion about “radiation, nuclear war, rising sea levels, famine, Islamic terrorism, war, and mass shootings” in his book. But I accept that I might be wrong about that. Certainly none of those featured my takeaways from his book


        1. Pete,

          Orlov is associated with this resiliency (post-carbon) website, which states: “Think Resilience features twenty-two short video lectures by Richard Heinberg, one of the world’s foremost experts on the urgency of transitioning society away from fossil fuels.” Here is a two-minute clip of Orlov on that site:

          Presently (as he did in 2014), Orlov presents a picture that the “war” in Ukraine is very real (?). Accordingly, he has claimed there are real deaths that occurred in Odessa. He also seems to be a huge fan of Putin, as if Putin is really pushing back on the Machine (?).

          It is my understanding that the collapse of the USSR was a controlled demolition (a là social engineering, etc. via the CIA/global Intel – as per Steve Pieczenik, who claimed to be pivotal in that regard). I get the sense that if the Western Empire is destined to collapse, it will also be highly controlled (as desired by the central planners). This seems to be occurring as we speak. Is this what Orlov is espousing? Moving forward, amidst an information society with e-citizens geofenced in an open-air digital prison, there is no need for brick-and-mortar government/monarchy/empire. The networked AI will serve as the dominating/colonizing force.

          Perhaps I am missing something, but I am not getting a clear handle on Orlov. He seems to believe in the climate change/global warming narrative, and I have not seen any reference in his work of geo-engineering (?). His background in computer engineering, applied linguistics (AKA machine learning), electrical engineering, and “high-energy physics” is curious, don’t you think?


          1. These people don’t believe in anything, they do what they’re told. You can’t be honest/genuine in Russia, it’s impossible, every single Russian YT channel has to tread a certain line or they’re out, we’ll get there as well, no worries.

            Also, I’m pretty sure oil is regenerative, Pete, read a lot about that back then, there was a book about it by an insider, which got buried pretty quickly. Guys like Orlov are trained to destroy you in a conversation, they will always fuck with your head, better not to get involved with anyone who makes a living through media. They need everything to be electrically powered for their self-sustaining AI system, that’s why the started the oil shenanigans, they absolutely can’t allow any freedom/autarky for the people. Also, very large amounts of oil will always be needed for the production of goods, if it was running out, you could rest assured they would have shut down all gas stations 30 years ago.

            And like Barb said, the shootings and everything else you see on TV are 99 to 100 % fake, don’t let yourself get pulled into that. Most of the serial killers are supposed to be Jewish if you look into them, but it doesn’t mean that they’re monsters running around killing everyone, it means they’re actors, close to intelligence and freemasonry and fake this stuff to “improve mankind”.


          2. Great perspectives on Orlov, Stephers. Writers write. I have always considered him more as a writer, as opposed to a prophet, journalist, or leader of any ideology or philosophy. He tells a good story in the “non-fiction” category, if that’s still a thing. I like his citations to older generation wisdom in books I can actually read as a lay generalist. I suppose that’s not saying much about my ability to follow technical reports and scientific research reports, but I do try to get the gist of the train of thought. Orlov could be a lure/honeypot for the great, AI learning program, but what the AI would want with my disjointed, unorganized, random data is far beyond my comprehension. I’ll take what makes sense to me, and put the rest in the “catch and release” bucket.


            1. I think the AI (military, etc.) is very interested in your disjointed, unorganized data and thoughts. My sense what is being studied here is spontaneous human organization, and how that can be directed/manipulated. Humans as a super-organism, like a bee colony. What inputs engender which actions, what is the eb and flow of the organizing dynamic, can it be attached to a greater sphere of influence, both natural and manufactured.

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              1. Kensho,

                On bee colonies . . . Did you know that “During the 1905 World’s Fair, Uvalde, in the Texas Hill Country, was honored as the Honey Capital of the World”? See here and here The cyberneticians love their hexagons (, and the Freemasons and Merovingians love their honeycomb/bee lore: It is all about optimizing swarm intelligence (AKA stigmergy).

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                1. I did not know about Uvalde, how interesting! I do know of the honeybee lore and symbolism a bit and thank you for the links and this new word for me ‘stigmergy’, will look into that. Much of the robotics uses the same language as the bee research community, which is how I got interested. A simple search of scientific research on swarm intelligence lists hundreds of articles, many now decades old.


          3. Mark, the following, which I have tweaked slightly, was posted a few hours ago but it was lost in the ether and never appeared. If it is in moderation then no need to release it

            “Thanks Stephers, more food for thought there

            I have a good understanding of the primary topic in that short video of his. Orlov did a series of blog posts about the Russian stove some years ago. It’s an amazing piece of low tech that is incredibly effective. I see nothing at all to criticise there. Also the vid was 5 years ago and I know for certain that his views have evolved since then. Nothing wrong with that surely, mine certainly have

            You should perhaps also bear in mind that many independent media folk don’t question lots of orthodoxy, likely because that would be career suicide. If your career is blogging for money, which his seems to be then, you surely need to push the buttons of your audience don’t you. No point in being a puritan with no readers is there

            Your main response seems based on theories that are not proven too. I’m already aware of the things that you mention but I cannot be as certain about any of them as you are. Assertion doesn’t make them true, I need more than that. For instance, no real deaths in this war? That is a massive stretch for me that I see no hard evidence for. I know for certain that Ukraine has lost population to this ongoing destabilisation, I’ve met Ukrainians who fled to the West because of the situation there. But I’ve absolutely no way of being certain about the death count, first casualty of war being truth and all. But I can’t buy no deaths without something more than assertion. The drone footage that I’ve seen is extensive and shows absolute devastation in some very large urban and rural areas. Is ALL of that pure Hollywood as your statement implies, hard for me to believe that

            Also I’ve seen no evidence whatsoever that Orlov believes in the “the climate change/global warming narrative” as you put it, none whatsoever after a good few years of reading him. I’m sure that would have rung alarm bells if I’d seen it from him, I’ve been a climate change sceptic for many years now, a long, long, time before I’d ever heard of Orlov

            Finally, I can’t give you a clearer handle on Orlov. I just know that he is good value and very interesting, sometimes very entertaining too as I said earlier. I don’t really care if you are 100% correct either. If I was to reject commentators based on puritanism then I wouldn’t listen to anyone. Like Steve I take what I like from them and leave the rest hanging

            So let’s leave it at that, shall we? Nothing is served by an ongoing tit for tat with entrenched positions, I’m not precious about anything any more, so that’s my last on Orlov. He’s not exactly on topic with your post either is he

            ps Thanks Mindthecybernetics, some good advice there in your response


            1. Pete,

              I am content to leave it at that in this thread. If you want my detailed perspective on Ukraine, you are welcome to peruse the comments I left under Mark’s “Wag the Dog” post, where the dialogue is more relevant (and where I actually concur with massive destabilization, mass forced migration, and devastation of buildings/infrastructure – no Hollywood chicanery in that respect): All good here. Thank you for your insightful response. All my best to you . . .


              1. Thanks Stephers, we’ll leave it at that then. I will have a look at that link. I really do appreciate your great in depth work here at PoM, I’ve learned a lot from you and I am really grateful for that
                My best wishes to you, and all at PoM, Pete

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  10. So wonderful to hear from you, Pete. Just, plain, NO! does it for me too. Also, I have a big interest in Dmitry Orlov’s writing. The age-old battle rages on, but I have a garden to plant, a boat to row, and miles of trails through the forest to walk. The
    remnant can’t be bothered with the particulars of the daily blather, however entertaining the noise may sound to zombies, clones and robots. Glad you’re still “rockin’ on.”


    1. Thanks Steve, much appreciated and best wishes to you and yours

      Same for me too, although I don’t have a boat. My garden is productive and I’ve got 2 dogs to walk at least twice a day. I’ve also got a small VW camper van for luxury camping, most definitely not a mobile home. It gives me easy access to the UK wilds, in the north of England, where I live, mainly in Scotland. So I’m out in nature a lot of the time now

      And I’m far too old to worry about all this cyber stuff. But it’s important that the dangers are brought to peoples attention of course, and Stephers is doing a great job of that. But, judging by the supine acceptance of the recent pseudopandemic by the large majority here then, I’m not optimistic that this knowledge will penetrate the brains of the zombies, clones, robots and unthinking morons who are all around me in this crowded island. I tried very hard to explain the fundamental nonsense of the pseudopandemic to my many friends and neighbours, but with very limited success. My main success was within my own family, my three kids and all their families, none of us took the clot shot

      So many in our profoundly sick Western society seem mesmerised by it all, and can’t see the wood for the trees. They seem lost in their screen worlds, their peer pressure is relentless. They definitely need to get out in nature more. In fact nature may need to intervene herself to end this nonsense


    1. John,

      AI/cybernetics (and tracking/surveilling children) is directly involved with this event:

      The following links provide a starting point: (perhaps best to incorporate their own terminology – Integrated Capstone Event) (Social Sentinel headquartered in Burlington, VT) (founder/CEO of Social Sentinel)–b1dcc138 (Navigate360 acquired Social Sentinel) (Nicole Hockley of Sandy Hook is on the Advisory Board of Navigate360) (Navigate360 is aligned with CASEL) (ALICE Training® is now part of Navigate360)


      1. John,

        Any chance you were tipped off by the mention of “Erick Estrada” (listen to the clip here of Estrada speaking to Anderson Cooper See here about actor “Erik Estrada” (who played a fictional cop in “CHIPS”) becoming a real cop: and Interestingly, the first article I read referencing Estrada of Uvalde “mis-spelled” his name as “Erik Estrada”:

        Could this Erik/Erick Estrada fictional/real-life cop phenomenon be a veiled reference to mixed reality – AKA the Spatial Web/Sentient World Simulation? Have you seen the brothers Elrod (of Uvalde wearing their (matching?) sunglasses?


        1. Re: Outrage at the cops

          I’m seeing a lot of that on facebook, from people who are aligned with the “anti-thesis” part of the dialectic. That is, they’re skeptical of media, government, and all institutions. They’re gleefully pouncing on this confirmation of their biases (not unjustified, but manipulated in this case.) So I would say that part of this op is working. It seems to fit into the framework provided, the way they laid out the plan to tear down the old institutions and bring in the new (not unique to them of course, but they articulate it very well.)


  11. it’s a show people. Look at yourself. Do you have to freeze or are you hungry, do you walk around in dirty clothes? That is what makes a person poor. None of this applies to any of us. The life is getting better even if you can’t live as you lived yesterday anymore. There still is a lot of poverty in the world and TPTB are taking care just of this. It means of course that we the wealthy ones have to give up a little but it still is only a very little IMO. This entire talk about the dangers of the NWO, be it Transgender or Transhumanizm or whatever is to scare the sheep into obedience. To keep control over the masses. Nothing else. And it works as designed. In 10 years, when we look back, the life still will be better than it is today. And today’s life is better than the life 10 years ago, if you’re honest to yourself. I’m not nostalgic, I don’t consider the past as something worthy to go back to. that would be horrible. I look forward to the future. Whatever it brings.


  12. The Global Brain concept must be what the recent Westworld series was referencing in its last couple of seasons. In that show, when the heroine (an android or whatever) escapes from the theme park, she finds that the “real” world is being run or managed by this giant “global brain” computer – a huge sphere headquartered in some Asian megalopolis. She allies with a human in this world, and we learn from his story how the Brain has controlled and planned his whole life, limiting or expanding his opportunities based on predictions about his future likely choices, motivations, capabilities – as it does for everyone.

    IIRC, the Brain’s creator is being held in a detention facility, due to the likelihood that he will try to destroy his Global Brain creation at some point – according to the calculations of said Global Brain itself.

    As a side note, it seemed to me that the robots “waking up” to their theme park existence was intentionally written as an allegory of “truthers” “waking up” to their artificial world. Maybe by way of promoting the “anti-thesis” narrative of losing trust in institutions, fighting the system, escaping the matrix, etc (I recommend the show to anyone who’s intrigued, although it is far too ponderous and portentous, faux weighty and profound, for its own good, much of the time. I mean that sort of thing can be entertaining, but a little goes a long way.)

    And your mention of friends and neighbors already seeming to receive downloads reminds me of another dystopic sci fi thriller (apparently I was spending too much time on them the past couple of years..!) – the “Jane Hawk” book series by Dean Koontz. It’s very tied to your work in general, since, in that series, the entire agenda of the villains revolves around their breakthrough nanotechnology. This tech is injectable self-assembling nanobots, which allows them to mind control whoever is so injected. And to issue mass “downloads” or instructions. But it tends to deaden the personality of its recipients, to make them bot-like and “off” to people who are uninjected.

    It’s a puzzle to disentangle whose side these shows/ books may be on, whether they might be pushing the “anti-thesis” side of the equation, as I said above. If I were just going on gut intuition, Koontz’ book series really seemed humanistic and well meaning, not like covert subversion to crash the old and bring in the new. (While the social commentary and sci fi concepts are interesting in relation to current events, they could all be summarized in 10 or 20 pages. I cannot recommend it to anyone except as excellent escapist suspense fiction.)


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