Use of a virus as a means of shredding the constitution, or what remains of it

C-19 from Kaufman

The above photo is an electron microscope image of the (supposed) Covid-19 virus, supplied on a 38-minute video by Dr. Andy Kaufman, given to us last week by a commenter named “Michael,” who’s not been around since. The video is beneath the fold. I urge that you watch it, but know how that works, so at the end of this post I have supplied a timeline so that you can fast-forward to any part that interests you.


I am writing this to get it off my mind, as it has been bugging me. I originally offered it to Fauxlex for use in what became A Cohesive 5G/Coronavirus Theory & Timeline. Faux opted not to use it, more or less downgrading Kaufman’s skills as a physician. It has become my practice to ignore CV’s and résumés and to judge a person by the content of his thoughts and skill in delivering them. A smart person makes complicated subjects understandable, and I have found Kaufman capable in the manner, both in this and other videos I have seen.

So I am presenting the Kaufman piece here, with the understanding that my disagreement with Faux neither makes him wrong nor me right. As I have continually said to him and others, we’ve miles to go before we sleep on this issue. It’s very big and taxing, and we’ve surprises, mistakes, dead ends and detours – many, no doubt – ahead.

Since learning about Kaufman I have listened to several hours of interviews with and by him. I have come to like him, as he is not a regular MD. In fact, he is very critical of the profession and the way that doctors are trained. He has a different take on disease. As a practicing psychiatrist, he strives to get people off antidepressants. That’s a high mark in his favor.

I do not imagine that I am qualified to say he is right or wrong about things. This whole fake pandemic has been a crash course in virology mixed up in a stew with agitation propaganda. As David Parker, co-author of What Really Makes You Ill, suggests (paraphrasing) – the pandemic is nothing more than an excuse to introduce draconian measures of public control. They would not be able to pull this off without some perceived world-wide threat. It is, in that regard, what the Club of Rome wanted from their Global Warming/Climate Change agenda:

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that .. the threat of global warming… would fit the bill.. the real enemy, then, is humanity itself….”

This pandemic more or less is pedal-to-the-metal on that agenda, speeding up what was otherwise going to take years, to use Climate Change as a means of enslavement. Maybe now they will at least shut up about it. I get tired of the lies and lying liars who tell them. If you remove “virus” from everything going on around us, what you are left with is “police state.”

I’ll summarize the Kaufman video. He suggests that what are being tested positive as Covid-19 viruses are really “exosomes,” known particles in our cells that operate to protect us when we are invaded by pathogens or toxins or are injured. He says that exosomes can be the result, as well, of stress and fear. That, by itself, given the news media-induced panic going on, could by itself explain many, if not most, of the positives tests for Covid-19.

I suggest, ever so humbly, that Kaufman is wrong about that, not about exosomes and Covid-19 being identical particles seen via electron microscopes from Petri dishes, but rather that the photos said to be Covid-19 are knowingly being advanced as that as part of the ongoing fraud behind this induced pandemic. They – CDC, NCBI, WHO all know there is no “Covid-19” virus, and are not honestly reporting testing results in the population. Instead, they are ginning up the numbers on a planned schedule as part of the rollout of this pandemic. My view: Number of infections to this moment: -0-, dumber of deaths: -0-.

That’s why the fake electron microscopic shot of the “virus” that is really an exosome. They needed something to show the public. Forget for now the debate over the existence of viruses or whether there exists a real photograph of any or even one. Right now it is enough to know that there is no virus going around except fear, and that testing being done is likely being ignored by the principle players, as they know full well there is nothing to test for. If laboratories doing the testing confuse a virus with an exosome, so much the better for the planners.

For those who choose not to watch the video in its entirety, here is the timeline:

0:00-2:15              Introduction, credentials, acknowledgements

2:15                        Review of Wuhan Fish Market

4:00                        Chinese scientists first suspect bacteria, but then jump to virus without examining other possibilities

5:00                        How Chinese “proved” it was a virus (it was never ‘purified’, i.e., isolated from contaminants and noise)

7:00                        The “PCR” test, nature of the test and defects, 80% false positive results in asymptomatic people (no “gold standard”)

16:30                     Introduction to EXOSOMES, what they are, why they are relevant

19:00                     Comparison of exosomes and Covid-19 (identical in appearance)

22:00                     Dimensional comparison of exosomes and Covid-19 (identical)

25:00                     Why does the body produce exosomes (response to “insult” – toxins, illness, stress and fear too)

29:00                     What exosomes do – protect cells from foreign attacks (electron microscope photo (colorized) reminds me of PacMan)

30:30                     A review of current treatments for whatever people are getting, hydroxychloroquine and Vitamin C, a bit of a sidebar

34:30                     Conclusions:       1) This is a mild pandemic, no cause for panic; 2) The testing being done that says people test positive for Covid-19 are actually testing for exosomes which are there due to stress and fear, a head cold of the flu or toxins; 3) Covid-19 is actually exosomes which are the RESULT and NOT THE CAUSE of illnesses; 4) There is no conclusive evidence of any virus.

Note at 36:00 is a brief discussion of the effects of 5G.

Note also that Kaufman (in this video) does not deny the existence of viruses. He simply says that Covid-19 is not that.

31 thoughts on “Use of a virus as a means of shredding the constitution, or what remains of it

  1. Please do watch the video, everyone.

    It wasn’t omitted on my end because I disagree with any conclusions therein. On the contrary, I believe that Kaufman is correct…especially about the electron microscope images being generic exosomes rather than individual COVID-19 virons. This is important stuff and you should watch.

    Please watch.


  2. Hi Mark.
    I’ve been reading your blog, from Australia, for a number of years. I don’t tend to comment on blogs because whenever I have in the past I’ve got commenter’s remorse soon afterwards for being too wordy and irrelevant. But this issue is, as my wife would say, a first world problem. So when I stumbled upon the Dr Kaufman clip I thought your readers may be interested in watching.
    I read a paper a few week’s ago about exosommes. But it was too technical for me to understand. But I guess that paper led me to Dr Kaufman’s clip.
    I’m none the wiser about viruses just a little better informed, I guess. We all get sick, especially in the cooler months, so there has to be a cause.
    There is a Dr Thomas Cowan online. He claims when his peers make it to their observational limits and still have no answer they proclaim: well what else could it be but a virus.
    I have seen a Romanian woman. She claims no qualifications other than being a mother and researcher. She says that a single cell in our bodies has more intelligence than the combined intellect of all of mankind. And our cells communicate within the body and without. An interesting woman: Feli Popescu.
    There is much we don’t know. But we do know medicine has at times used leeches, and blown smoke up the rectum to try to cure what ails us. In a hundred years people will probably look back in jest at our medical era. And, let’s face it, there will be much to laugh at. If only our medical authorities didn’t take themselves so seriously. And obey so willingly.


    1. Doctors didn’t just use leeches they were(and still are apparently)quite literally leeches…

      “physician” (obsolete, poetical, or archaic), from Old English læce “leech,” probably from Old Danish læke, from Proto-Germanic *lekjaz “enchanter, one who speaks magic words; healer, physician” (source also of Old Frisian letza, Old Saxon laki, Old Norse læknir, Old High German lahhi, Gothic lekeis “physician”), literally “one who counsels,” perhaps connected with a root found in Celtic (compare Irish liaig “charmer, exorcist, physician”) and Slavic (compare Serbo-Croatian lijekar, Polish lekarz), from PIE *lep-agi “conjurer,” from root *leg- (1) “to collect, gather,” with derivatives meaning “to speak (to ‘pick out words’).”
      For sense development, compare Old Church Slavonic baliji “doctor,” originally “conjurer,” related to Serbo-Croatian bajati “enchant, conjure;” Old Church Slavonic vrači, Russian vrač “doctor,” related to Serbo-Croatian vrač “sorcerer, fortune-teller.” The form merged with leech (n.1) in Middle English, apparently by folk etymology. In early Middle English also of God and Christ; by 17c. the sense had so deteriorated leech typically was applied only to veterinary practitioners, and soon it was entirely archaic.

      …feckin charmers.


      1. In ancient Egypt medicine was not science, but magic.
        Science is, but the mere art of trying to cure people by trying to determine the symptoms, never the cause of those symptoms.
        Anyone who still believe science to be more than that and put their lives in doctors’ hands are totally misinformed and even worse, deluded.


        1. The narrative is blatant. Asclepius was the son of apollo and coronis(otherwise known as aegle or the bright light)…

          “Captain Hank Brandli knew a terrible secret in the summer of 1969: the U.S. Air Force meteorologist had classified information indicating danger to the Apollo 11 crew returning to Earth from their historic mission. They had done it—the Eagle had landed. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had walked on the moon, raised the American flag, collected samples, and then blasted off for a perfectly executed lunar orbit rendezvous with Michael Collins in the command module Columbia. Now they were headed home on the final leg of the trip for a July 24th splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. However, from his highly classified weather forecasting work, Captain Brandli realized that instead of a heroes’ welcome, the astronauts could face a watery grave.
          Brandli worked at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii as weather tracking and prediction specialist, with an NRO satellite known as 417, a program later re-designated as the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP)1. This weather satellite supported the top secret Corona reconnaissance satellite program—one of the Cold Wars’ most closely guarded secrets. The Corona satellites photographed “denied” areas, such as the Soviet Union, China, and other areas of interest, from Earth orbit. Program planners knew from Rand Corporation studies and early mission results that imaging success depended on accurate and timely meteorological forecasts of the Eurasian landmass. Indeed, initial Corona missions flown during 1960–61 delivered some very expensive photographs of clouds.”

          …and if our spaceship cowboys don’t mind quarantine who am I to complain…

          I don’t have to tell you what Medici means of course…

          “Europe in the 14th century was a downtrodden place, ravaged by war and a plague that killed nearly half its people. Florence was hard hit by the Black Death, but those who survived tended to be rich as well as newly critical of absolute faith in religion. The conditions were ideal for a cultural transformation, according to historians.
          One of those wealthy families was the Medici, who made money first as merchants and then as de facto rulers and bankers of Florence. By the 1400s, the Medici was one of the richest and most powerful families in Europe.
          The Medici were just as proficient in cultivating culture as they were at amassing their fortune, however.
          At the time, artists survived only on advanced commissions and needed to be “adopted” under the patronage of one person or family for long periods of time to continue working. For their part, the Medici took on Renaissance masters such as Michelangelo, da Vinci, Botticelli, Raphael and Brunelleschi, resulting in grand works of art ranging from the Sistine Chapel to the famous Duomo.”

          …the master class will give us some psillier stories, shinier movies, and even more white coat and fancy-pantsed psience and we’ll all get to indulge in even more forced indolence.


          1. So basically the Coronavirus takes his name after the satellite that just happened to take photos of Russia and China?
            I didn’t know that, but doesn’t surprise me at all.

            About Medici and history…These people know how the human mind works too well and have never missed a single chance throughout the centuries to make us the perfect slaves to the delusional world they created for us.


  3. I only watch one TV show–Better Call Saul–and I watch it through Amazon’s streaming service because I hate commercials. But tonight, I watched it on AMC, and holy shit, the commercials were more disturbing than anything in the show. Every one of these expensive national commercials had the same message: Big Corporations care about you. We want to help you. Your world is falling apart, but we will protect you. Certain phrases–like “during these challenging times…” kept repeating from one commercial to the next. How could anyone who has ever watched a futuristic dystopian movie not see through this?


    1. They’re really getting shameless about it. The celebrity commercials. The giant corporations. Exactly right…THX 1138


  4. CDC strikes again:

    Click to access vsrg03-508.pdf

    “In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot
    be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances
    are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it
    is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as
    “probable” or “presumed.” In these instances, certifiers should
    use their best clinical judgement in determining if a COVID–19
    infection was likely. However, please note that testing for
    COVID–19 should be conducted whenever possible.”

    I suppose when testing is not feasible, or convenient, a WAG (wild ass guess) will do. But like good Paperclip-fascists, we must conduct surveillance and report back to our fearless leader(s) in great detail, even if the data and analysis is “garbage.”


    1. I’m seeing stories of initial projections being massively revised downward. Of course there are predictable excuses— “the model didn’t include cower in place, etc etc”— but it’s still stunning that they are so openly in error.

      Does it suggest that maybe the numbers are generated by reclassifying normal deaths from other causes? Rather than pulled out of a hat and entirely scripted?

      Amazing that to believers this probably won’t shake confidence in models one iota. Drastic policies can be made even when a few weeks later those models are already admitted to have been worthless.

      My impression from reports is that current projections STILL show a “hockey stick” increase if measures are not maintained— brought to you by the same people who did the previous (faulty) models.

      So they don’t even have to fake that their models are accurate! They can just keep crying wolf over and over, and never get called on it.


    1. Man-made laws are only as good as their enforcement. Without violence, or the threat of violence, these fake emergencies and their hidden agendas will eventually be ignored. Expect police violence if the soccer games in Mexico and Brazil continue. Violence only works for so long and then the angry masses begin to cry: “off with their heads.”

      While campaigning around the state as the Democrat Party U.S. House nominee in 2002 , often sharing soapbox time with Sen. Max Baucus, I always tried to work in a little bit about Louis the XVI with images of pitchforks and guillotines. Never went over that well, especially at the country club events. Squirming all around.

      In the final analysis there is only the law of nature. Silly rabbits.


    2. I think we already have a police state and a very good one at it btw. My queston is: Why bring economic devastation and social impact now? I know, at this time, 04/2020 you are not seeing quite the devastation and the social impact yet… but the keyword here is “yet”


      1. What if the downward spiral is unintended, and this is the “fix” or next great resuscitation effort? Capitalism, neo-liberal style, cannot survive without “growth.” What’s left to inflate? Collapse (or planned demolition) is built into the global economic system. Crash landing or soft landing, the pilots seem to be running scared and have limited options in their bag of tricks.


  5. Thanks for the article. Andy Kaufmann? Seriously? The comedian who supposedly faked his death? Here’s a fascinating read about the Spanish Flu and German biowarfare in WWI. I suspected the Germans bioengineered it. The article also talks about the German terrorist attack on Black Tom prior to the US entering the war. You can draw your own conclusions…

    I think we all can agree this is part of the agenda. My biggest concern is that they have already mentioned this “virus” will come in waves. The Spanish Flu’s second wave was horrific. I recently also read that this coronavirus isn’t acting like a normal virus(go figure) and that it appears to not be mutating anymore. That is not how normal viruses work. So, what do they have up their sleeve?


    1. ” that is not how normal viruses work” ??
      Well first of all these wonderful scientists of ours need to purify and isolate a virus before we can even begin to quantify its behaviour. Not been done so far. Why’s that?
      Thanks for the video Mark. Good find.
      There are so many learned scientists right now doing YT videos , some for and some against the existence of the virus in general and its difficult to know which ones have ulterior motives. I’m sure many do.
      For me the choice it’s pretty simple.
      1. PRO VIRUS:
      I can understand the mileage inherent in a population believing in a pathogenic virus. Just look at what is happening currently in terms of fear, control and finance. Certain sections of society certainly stand to gain and others to lose.
      2. ANTI VIRUS
      What would be the advantage in denying the existence of a real deadly pathogenic? Bearing in mind that it’s supposed to be deadly and being taken unawares is not going to save anybody.
      Any ideas anyone?
      For now, along with a thousand other reasons, I’m a virus denier. Is that still allowed or have the sneaked a quick law in to make it a fineable offence?


      1. It is still allowed to not believe in viruses, dunno for how long though.

        Viruses were a creation of pharmaceutical corporations, the same that provide books for future doctors to study on and that still lie about the real causes of cancer.
        Why? Because viruses and cancer are those companies’ biggest sources of profit worldwide, being both mankind’s greatest fears. Nobody likes to suffer or die, so why not taking advantage of human nature and make big money on it?
        Nixon used to say that he’d find the final treatment for cancer, and trillions of dollars have been spent since that day to no avail. Or better, to no common people’s benefit. Politicians and bankers seem to live up to a very old age, maybe they follow the same principle I do and know better than chemotherapy?
        I guess so.

        These things work on unaware masses, and will keep on working until all people realize it’s all an illusion.


  6. News today, Germany, pathologist of Hamburg declares no one died from that virus alone.

    The RKI, named after Robert Koch, on the other hand, wants everyone dead fitting the picture counted, tested or not.
    I see reports like above as preparing an exit door, if the thing blows. Even the public broadcasting did so, by interviewing Wolfgang Wodarg. Maybe they even know.
    Meanwhile, the DVI (German IC union) does not publish numbers anymore, since Saturday.


  7. I just have to add one last thing: You can’t have a “killer pandemic” without another “tragic Kennedy death”, right? Come on! Who in their right mind would take themselves and their child out in rough waters without a life jacket? It appears they weren’t wearing them or else they would probably still be alive; but in reality I a sure they still are alive. It all gets really, really old…


      1. All Kennedys ….….or possibly
        All Kennedies.
        NEVER all Kennedy’s………………….unless you mean
        All Kennedy’s ( bodies ) go to Heaven. But that would be
        All Kennedys’ go to Heaven.
        Just lighthearted banter. Dog knows we need it right now.


  8. Wish I could read German, but I am an American and was taught only one language. These days kids are taught Spanish too, a good thing. Is a translation available? Or must I run it through google, with its awkward and stilted phrasing?


  9. You offer a valid question … how to pluralize a proper noun. I just happened to remember a catchy little tune from a Beatles’s album, 1234567, all good children go to heaven. And a rock group called Dead Kennedys, spelled without the apostrophe, I just learned. So delightfully tasteless! And Dead Kennedys fit nicely into the Beatles lyric.

    I am not aware of any Kennedy proven to have died a non-natural death.


    1. Things are just getting more bizarre by the day. I’m seriously starting to believe absolutely NOTHING!! Yesterday I read about an alleged murder of three women by a “33” year old man, his name appearing to be Middle Eastern so he’s got to be a horrible, murdering Muslim, right? Guess where this took place? Strawberry Plains, TN. Or is it Strawberry Fields? Nothing is real…
      Take care guys! I’m sure we’re in for a hell of a ride!


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